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Shreveport semi-weekly news. (Shreveport [La.]) 1861-1862, December 02, 1861, Image 4

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hJe * In-n- W MtthI t
Convention Between the Confeder
ate States of America and the
State of Missouri.
Whoereas,1t is the common desire
of the Confederate States of America
and the State of Missouri, that said
State should become a member of the
Confederacy; and whereas, the ac
.complishment of their purpose is now
prevented by an armed invasion of
the territory of said State by the
United States; and whereas, the in
terests of both demand that they
should make common cause in the
war waged by the United States
against the liberties of both:
Now, therefore, for these most de
sirable objects, the President of the
Confederate States of America has
conferred full powers on R. M. T.
Hunter, their Secretary of State, and
the Executive power of the State of
Missouri on Edward Carrington Ca
bell and Thomas L..Snead, who, af
ter having exchanged their full pow
ers in due and proper form, have
agreed to the following articles:
ART. 1. TheState of Missouri shall
be admitted into said Confederacy on
an equal footing with the other States
ccmposing the same, on the fulfill
ment of the conditions set forth in
the. second section of the act of the
Congress of the Confederate States,
entitled "An act to aid the State of
Missouri in repelling invasion by the
United States, and to authorize the
admission of said State as a member
of the Confederate States of America,
and for other purposes," approved
August 20, 1861..
ART. 2. Until said State of Mis
souri shall become a member of said
Confederacy, the whole military force,
material of war and military opera
tions, offensive and defensive, of said
State, shall be under the chief con
trol and direction of the President of
the Confederate States, upon the
same basis, principles and footing as
if said State were now and during
the interval a member of said Con
federacy-the State force, together
with that of the Confederate States,
to be employed for the common de
A-I. 3. The State of Missoluri
will, whenever she becomes a mem
ber of said ConLtderacy, turn over to
said Confeiderate States all the public
property, naval stores and munitions
of war of which she may trien he in
possession, acquired from the United
States-excepting the public loan
on the same terms and in the manner
as the other States of said Confed
eracy have done in like cases.
ART. 4. All expenditures for the
prosecution of the existing war, in
curred by the State of Missouri from
and after the date of the signing of
this Convention, shall be met and
provided for by the Confederate
ART. 5. The alliance hereby made
between the said Cuonfederate States
and the State of Missouri, shall be
offensive and defensive, and shall be
and remain in force during the exist
ing war with the United States, or
autil superceded by the adlmission of
said State into the Confederacy, and
shall take effect from the date: hiereof,
according to the provisions of the :lta
section of the aforesaid act, approved
August 20, 1861.
In faith whereof, we, the Commis
sioners of the Confederate States of
America and of the State of Missouri
have signed and sealed these presents.
Done, in duplicate, at the city of
Richmond, on the 31st day of October,
in the year of our Lord, one thousand
eight hundred and sixty-one.
S(Signed,) R. M. T. H=UNTnR,
TuoMAs L. SNsaD.
To Remove a Crystal .Stopper fron
a Decanter.-Drop a little oil with a
feather between the stopper and neck
of the decanter, holding it near the
fire, and working the stopper about,
or at least endeavoring to do so.
This plan is sure to succeed, with
Tomato TVine.-Superior. wine is
said to be made from the tomato,
with no other ingredients than the
pure juice of the tomato and sugar,
which very much resembles Cham
pagne, and has a light transparent
color, with a pleasant brisk flavor.
Broiling Beefsteak.--lrnise till
very tender, then put over -a good
bed of coals for a few minutes.
When cooked a little, take it off,
dredge slightly with flour, and but
ter will finish the working, then add
half a cup.oPcold coffee to the gravy,
and you will find a gravy good en
ough for any of your liege lords.
.Cure for Chilblains and Frosted
Feet.-Apply common tar to the parts
affected, and bind it up with cloth,
so as not to interfere with wearing
the stocking. Wear this four days
or a week. This 1 know is a cure.
through it does not cost much.
In the city of' SIreveport buyers
are offering for tirit qualilt . 40 cents
l tb., second quality 25d,-35.
The quotations of this commodity
in the City of New Orleans, ar&r 50
0 55 cents V Ib for American.
Cattle Market. -
Carefully r.-vi zed by the lrte:,t N.
O. papers.
Arrived on, the 2, : '.t., :3-"!
Texas cattle. Sales, 411 T'*"x ex:r
tie, 30 hogs, and 150 v.ea cattie.
Stock on salet, 1118 Te'xa c: ttle, :39
hogs, 3S0 sheep and 110 v:eal cat
tie. The quotations are:
Texas, r `bead, lstqty 30 00G-wj 0t1
2d rqty .......... . 20 00~c::0 o
Veal Cattle, P' le.ad .. 11 0(0 'a. 13; t
S~hop,'e VLead, lstqty I 004'i .3 0t
Infierior........... 50. . : 0
lHogs.' 100 1hs gro"-'. 10 OG.I:; onI
Milch Cows. '4 beand. :; 00'"oz, tso
2d quality....... 't 001 '::0 00
Corner of T,-xas and Edward St
IJAVING permnannutly lcate d in
Shreveport, I am pre.pared to umn
ufacture from the raw mautt rial, and
right at home.
Of every description,in the best work
manlike mnaumer.
TIhe undersigned h-aving mnale ar
ranglements with thel in:rtallntturers,
is now prepared to order every de.s
cription of
suitable for enclosing buimdings, gar
dens, .cemetery lots, etc., also
for galleries and lalconies, which
will be sold at MANITFAC(ITUERS
PRICES (adding transportation).
Purchasers are invited to call and
examine the various styles, at the
Southern MAarkle Works of
Corner of Texas and Edwards Sts.
My Post Office is Shreveport, La.
no 6-dly.
Job Printing Office.
Panmphlctt , Blanks",
WEDDING INv 17T_4 Tx'It.s
CA T;1 L0 UBS('J,
£5.rT'ITL:i) Bf"lT!) NIL 7NE$S.
t bur 2"º'.il lit i' t4 ifor doin~g ,job Rof.>
are tibi~,A, v any 'r~tabli'4in.'"nt
:(: i~f: ct ~ant will h(". given to tho~.e"
w~ho may lato-nr m vi thi theirpjntro'ittgt'
W."* hLil oii ban.[ a goodt( article of
:eU~ ad a. r;1 :tý1'tti~l('nt of title, bus.ine~3tt
SMA'!' N.\
and CHINA tiurfaced.
- ew `paper Ad'crti dua..
AI ni
('I) )IAE( "I I N G AG F"N'I ,
tUiýj. ct1rxj'r (C'" in' iht. andt E~a~
1". N.ti , .O
Nivw (i )ii~. NN. LA.
X~eeklv Pity~ 4'rr toxn~ n« jin
Engli-h. Linl (1(1 'trio ut and Sp:, i
Xiv JOllnato' -- itu'i-la(io I v-Ai-rv-~
NewO r]flai : Mati :-- +.." k1 -A:rrive-.
1'zItiz«.I , 't'}Inr-,I V ... i:nle :tt on
na aIn.i).ar dn3-.1. pLR S 'an
I' 4aI-SeaBIii\X I i
days atr· IO I- to
2?l to 6 p.lit.~~ iircoir:j~b~o
StlntyA trout';; L~~~( S,_ nlr1tn 9 arhcnt
HntI. H1·~.,1 Nwc·I&'iii· Pcuid·r M~:
LF'Low state of Red River nodrrawback.
Attention Publishers.
AM lPublishers of Newspapers
' t in North Louisiana, and
Texas, who may wish to
dispose of their establishnients in
whole or part, by sending me partic
ulars, and locality, will fiud it to their
advantage to address me as below.
Persons desirous of establishing
Newspaper or Job Establishmonts in
the interior, will be furnished with
.Estimates free of charge, by address
ing me. And it they order Printing
1M aaterial or paper, cards and card
hoards, through me, will be furnished
-for cash only or its equivalent-"
the best bargains, at Foundry prices.
I offer the following estaclishnments
tor cash, or good negroes with unen
eumbered titles.
An old established 'Book and Job
Printig Office, in a large city. P'rice
The material of a Job office, in a
city. Price O5000.
iThe Ciheapesst
Printing Materials and
A Newspaper establishmnet and
Job Office connected. Price $2300.
A Newspaper establishment and
good ,Job Office connected. I'rice
A newspaper and Job Printing es
tablisthm ent. Price 84000.
An Adr.m's Book Power Press,
second hand, in good order, mediumt
size. Price $1000.
A Ruggles Card and Bill HIead
'prets, will print any ordinary size job
at the rate of 1500 to 2000 impres
,aons per hour. (New.) I'rice X225.
A luggles Card and Bill 1 cead
press, old size, second hand. Price
Fino Print,'rs' blank card(s, China,
satin Enamelled. and India, from $1
to .;3 per thousand. Funeral, Note.
and othe.r paper.
. I' Non, but cash orders will re
c"ivr i'any attintion. Paper 24x:;G
to arriv'.
I hal-: also for sale, the following
u"wt,'mud hn materit:ls :
A font ef 1500 lbs. Brevier,
" " " 1.30 " "
.. • 510 " Long Primer,
6 fonts 2 line Tirevi er.
4 " Long Primer Condensed.
Together with the column, head, ad
vertising and dish rules, leads, &e.
Also-A Medium Printing f''reis,
Roller Moubl, &c.. all complete, and
the following materials used for a
short tiume in the publication of a
weekly paper: About 850 lbs. of
Iourg..ois and M miniou. with two line
lette.r; eeluun, head. adverti-inug and
dash rules, canes, cl'aises, etc.
l'lh'es materials will bo sold low
for cash.
All t' requiniiti, materials for a
liaa.r 21 x:2, will he furnished for
7:50. decidedly che :ap.
An entire ot fit fir a paper 26 410,
I have the die ipo-:L of, for thI., excc,'i
ingly low eric- if 81000.
' he, .,,1b Typye of a well :Ssorted
,Joi, ( tils' . toge";ei," witli thiio calbinet,
ntdl ,Job res-. . aen aud Brass l.ulc
('utte. ·.c. P'ri.-,- :(0.
"s:d'2 i-relp',.!,rt, i.a.
l ut .ji.'-l c ii V\ic,. ,.-llurg. Alis.. lv
NI. Sh:inu ntn. 'T',-us, in telvanec.
I)::ilv l"r annlumnl . ,S; W 1 tkly, hi::
Smtlucribrs who do not gi v'x r,.-s.
ill:ie'o t) flit. contt 'ary, are ctrin t-i . ld
•s wishing to continte the -ulcr.
It tubcrihers order th:e dii'contin
uauct of thir lpau rs, tie , ipblisli,
iay ciiitinuet to s'eud tin-'m il all ti;t
5 du( h. h pi,.
w ithiout inflrmv ini the liublii.,h,.r. a ,,d
the r ·upr is sent to hate tornt-r dir c
tion. the'y are held r.'sponslilh.
ThlIe- coulrtshav Ut idiiiid :ihaint re.u-s
i g to take a iaper or periodicad fromn
the oifice, is prrna facre evideace of
Shrveport It ric I.:'Jurrou .
Corrected Ezpressly for the l. Uil Arr
StOX AR........... d 14.
COFFEE.......... 00 0 ('0
BAcON, Shoulders. 14 'av C,
lHaum .... 18, r 00
ide..... 00  '2
LARD...... .-.'. 2
ROPE ........... 00 ,r -'.,
IRO.N........... 5 h 7
I RON COTTON 'I'i- s, 0 10
CANDLES......... 00 ) 5o
C HEEs E .......... - . 4
SPVNA..R N....... . 27 -,
, A..'.,L A .......... ýI 'a) , n
WnIISKV, 4 gull.. 75 '"' 1 OS
MOLASsES.. .... .. 3 0, 40
Oz., Lard...... SI 50 :
Linseed.. . . I 75 -
FLOUR, barrel.. 0 (1o C&0 0A
11 'Texas , 100 Ib" a 0 0 /a; i ,0
Vonx............ 28 00 'di::0
LINEW............. 5 00 'i -
ViveF:A R.... ... 5 5 50 ; .0
CEMENT ......... ( 00 '
POTATOES, '' barrel 3 50 d 0 00
BAGINo, India... 00 x00
Kentucky O0 ' 2a,
CORN, '' bushel... .; 00
O)A'rS............. 00 /' 00
BRAN, Pb cwt... . 1 .5 '
HAYv................ 2 7.5 'a
I'owrnR, P( Keg.. 20 00 ra23 04
NAILS ............ 00 ra; 9 00
HEi'r, balg ..... 2 374a0 2 ;3
SAI.T, P Sack... o 00 014 00
Ur FREIJ;ITr...... 1 00 v 2 04
)owN, COTTON .. 0 00 d-
Shroveport Cotton Mrkhet
Corrected Expressly for the Daily Ye er.
Intferior ............. O 0
Ordinary............ 0 . o
Good Ordinary .......0  r 0
Low Middling....... 7 a, 0o
Middling ........... i ,d a
Good Middling....... 9 .. -,
New Orleun1f I'rices(. Curr .
Stc: an ............ 4 ' )
0_'O 'E ......... 00 'ii 5.
RI ( E............... 5 r r, j
1BACON, Shoulders.. 00 0 0on
Huams.... . 2,5 '~, '27
Sides ..... 00 r 00
LARD............. 00 ra.6 ?
toUE,............ 23 ' 23
Inx, ....... ..... 5 . a ;
('ANoILES ...... 50 0' 5.
'IIEESE.............. 00 a0 o0
i'UNYVARN....... 00 0aa
LEA.D .... ... .... 14 'a 1.,
WVIIKsy, 4 gall.. 95 0, 1 01
Mic.A -s Fs ........ 26
LA.xRi )il....... 0.. 0 'a 2 G0
Linseed, ... a)1 2 50
Fi.otUR, i barrel.. 0 00 011 :?-;
"I'iK .,........... 45 00 00 OO U
I.ll. ....... ..... 4 00 'a 5 Q'J
VINI.:c;A ............ 3 00 ' 5
C':.i..T.......... 6 00 a
I't'TrTO:S. I bbl. 5 00 fa 6 G0
B.dItaN,, India... 24. a, '2
Ke.ntucky,. 00 G; 24
Coit-, 1' bu.-shel... 'a 1 25
....s ............. O 00 0 1 40
LEiAN, 't 100 lbs .. I 95 0) 2 15
1.Ay, ·. tonll..... 20 00 0 3.5 00
i'ow\\I:n, keg... 00 00 a00o 00
NAIt............. 0 07 0 10
Snier. V hig...... 25 r 3 50
SA.1I.r, l ack..... 0 00 .11 50
I-hrevepor't Il ide Marloket
t 'orrected Daily by N. G. 7ryon
I)nv 1IIi'............... 6 0 8
(:1 ..I: N & do .......... ea r
1I!:1:1 iSKI.N ....... 10 d 122.
(' Ns 1|o ........... . , i 10
I;'ri:. " ............ 25 al 00
i is l. X. ............ 20 0. 22
ITAI.I.,.w ............. 10 0 12' )
- 1 ,1 undrs.igned wishes to b
taii a; situation ais T'acher of Elng
lish and Maithliattits ill some well
e-illi .hd Male or F'enalc School,
,r :a lrivate illnstructor, h. Ihas
l,.'en st'eest)dfully engaged in tec(ili
in" ilurinl the l;ist six ywetrs, and hau
relas'nl to explct :a liberal salary.
H1i" refers ti all hi.s pa1i4s here.
a¶id to thle .'aculty of the G(orgia
Military Institute., lie prctfrs a it
uation in Louisiana.
Quitman, Wood (Co. Texas, Oct. 17.

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