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Shreveport semi-weekly news. (Shreveport [La.]) 1861-1862, December 10, 1861, Image 2

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lit AE' i- TWL4. ýý.sars
TRos. ff. MANN1iIiG9,
I" I ITOI. AI)I 'LUI i)P 1c N01
EDITOR AND I' Pli01'1ZII51T01:.
To Correspondents.
We will bio ploas,,d to receivec ,:op.
tributions from our frtunds, in a:nd
arounud Shreveport. An oceasiona'
article from our plauntrs. r-elative tc
the crops, will be very accptable.
In fact, we desire correspondetnct
froim every sectioU of the $tates.
Personal articles will ilt be pub
lished, either as communications o0
Those friendly to our mtde.rta:king,
who may hear of any hecal. of othte
items, that will prove of iattrrest ti
our readers, will favor us by hanIdin1g
in the same at the oflivc of the News
In writing. be brief land co:lcise,
bearing in mind, that lengthy com
inunications are seldom upprecia ted
by newspaper readers.
Job Work must be paid for on de.
Mr. JourN W. TAIsF:, is our"..an
thorized agent in Natchitoch1es.
Mr. 1).. U. O'BRIEN, No. ti6, E
change Place, New OrIean-:s, is ouw
:authlorzel Agent for that city.
Mr. HI. C. CLARKE. lBookseller, i.
,,ur authorized agent for Vicksbury
and Natchez.
Mr. J. H. LOFTON, ia our agent
at Bellevue, Bossier I'arisl,.
I'ostanastter' caii act aw Age11tt, &
retain £50 cetnts i fron the ninlounlll
tbravarded. fir evtery yeMrly ftub.
mingle Copies, 10 Cents,
L See Ever-c.. PaI e.
We have been persuaded to change
the days of publication of our paper.
hereafter, so as to.furnir-, i:. :Iat ..
intelligac'e. Instead oft' .i:, at.;
Thursday, the News wi-i! ;Pi,t..r
Tursday/ and Friday.
T'he Mayor of Charhl-toani ihta. is
-ued a notice, that hereatft..: , 1n p r
sons will be allowed to hl:ave thi,. ci;\
without his permissiot. !( als.,
calls for a large number of laborers,
ri aid in the construction of defensive
works now progressing aroutad the
t itv.
A singular and somewhat. signifi
caut incident took place in New York
,11 the trial of a young man charged
with slave trading. McIle.un, for the
defense, asked each .jurv, uan ift he
was a reader of the Tril,bw., and if
the answer was in the affirmative lhe,
insisted on the reject ion cf the jnury-.
man as incompetent to render an i],
partial verdict:
A certain young man in ,our city
u ndertook to coinmit suicidae the other
day, by shooting his ambrotvypl : he
fired four shnts, when a friend rmushled
in and saved him from his rashness.
This is the third attempt he has made
on his . life latelvy--ca;use, broken
-leep, brought on l-v intmn.,e devotionl
t, a young lady with auburn ringlets.
The old gentlenmau who., made a
salve to take the twist out of little
pigs tails, has beeen emplovyed, by ()Ol
Abe to make a similar article to draw
his gnlboats down the Missi:n.-ippi.
The officers of the Soutlhern Plan
ters' Convention at a meeting held in
Memphis on the 29th ult., decided to
postpone its third annual session from
the 16th inst., to the 17th of Feb
For this season of the year, we
are having very remarkable weather.
The pa~t, eight or ten days it has.
threatened to rain, but as yet it has.
iin another coIllumnI will b'e out ait
syuopsis iof Abrahiamu ILine-,l's Mles
-ag'e. A, will he sI,n lh (') i de
citdellly iu tfavor of continltui,. the
war and recommeuds a plan of cllfis
eating slaves; that Congresss accept
slaves iroim the St t<s i.istead of ctl
lectit.:g direct taxes, wtitli a view ,of
liberating aaid colonizing ihemt to
getlu :" with free blacks, in somet tcr
ritory hereantfr to 1be piuehilFstd. .
For want of time and space- we ar.
pruewnted firon com1en1lting ,no this
productior, in the presentt ,umeibr .f
oulr t:tpier.
M1evucaa .eens.
,V e make ti.'. win ii:t,-v.--tiu
extracts t'l't'il ":. at:ll13 . ;1:l r c t'res
ponlenicet of tj N.ew ( reieans I 'rts
cent; writtien .A:' t 4a i i lth ult.:
'Th,' l`ocal .tit: goin., on a:t
prtesnt in. tit .'iaZ O ,,] " 'L'a T lm upliits i
the , "',ssil.g t ,o c of t cn rl':uionl
wVith '-. As 1 inl'titl d Vo ll i i 1l !
ist ltt ' the !,ijo party. or rat r {
:iii Carv ja:il palr:y, reipret..nl .ng tll;
regular < .inti:uted atu lihnor i-x t t the
'atae. t..d taakt : the town If Re, .
rnosa:.:t were Zlhel, lr',paring for a
mlarch on himumo~llrn , Sinl t" then {
new,- h,.s i)t en received that G tn.
Carvalj-l has dcotived ( eu. f :rueia
into a:n :ii11 ur-c.de it aml tli' t tjlwVt ott
I'afiie, . 1'etweteIn Victo'ia :and Tatln-i.
jiico, whIll re l: defteated :imtl,. :tiul
cau'seýi hatu I t rtetreat into ''atilpic,,
with a verv -mail fi.rce (,of c.cavalry.
'This netil is ttitih : asid to haver taken
place oni the "?:td ult., lut tin nMaa
moirals party deny that it is true..
T'he manner of achieving tilt succt-ss
is thuis given by ('a-vajal's friend-:
If yuvtl r",.unucmbtr, I wrote thai Gen.
Garmia 1h8d taken the city tif \'ictw
ria, and tltt~t his friends weiru making
jolly over the acc.ss. It now ap
tears that thle U overntr and his, part y
quietly witthdre1w frni Vitoriati, and
it u ' 1t : *ii.;lilt a : ult ,",! i tir], tw In.
t..e'::u't puo tlic btui ii l-, . Int short,
to ra hain. c'artvaial (did not se.. th,.
beauty of this arrain reitt o: and, a
dtllays are da tgerut -in way, th e .s<
about ,ontriving sou,: .klan to ,tlecoy
Garc;a out of the vey.u town h,, lo:ui
decoyed him into. Ile accordi:i-L
made tmaea flttlveeit tardt 'lo's u;t it,
which .is il the intere-: ,,(f (a;r at
hiereul , the r latters ,eut oi'l a o',, t :rI
to1, Tampico. a iu(i e tu*1 the advi1..t
of Carvajal, and nvi.int ilt , "ar~.h5
pi't ( enetra t ", u n, : .:i ,
jai in front, a .. (i r:-it. m tl l.e
url Ihl i it tha . r1,a( o. Tilt* ;no-w
wai well i itile ,to n l ,,ti -,b i;,,s. iti.
("arvajal wi- tilt -inlr ,t' (t,' ' h " , -t,.
Ile only inarch,i tl . h ilt' ,i s.- a n,
the Taisnpict, r-4'.:u, hIid h . ,t .
miarchenld tliew ar td ttic,:i. b m ri
Iupon Garcia aiett Pwanti itlanlil .e;ntlt
ing him Mh:o!tiv. N'i'is i t- li i,
told to thec.
Grande, threatoding to crblsh.i r h
danernellio inthat plte iethe rebellio
inthiatueits could releettlh tob'ar .
the 9th, as the bombardment would
open on the 10th or l1th. Your cor
rvsct(oidlt.t tiu~rufore, it, or mttigt too
bIte erxi..·.' every lll(,e1mo etl . to Iteitr
tuw tit - i li. l - e hit the tru11th IN,
sy onl I~allptJ w1 at they never inten d
to (i,) tha~it I .flail h~t cohlSidtWr tt iy
dautgel i:iniuiint·t untiL I Ihearl the
uokit1io ofiil' theal l:i nd th'. loil (,t"'
u'tt'.ket ~iv. T1he jol't vet'. 1iW"tw`v'.
:i' Bea . ,U 1 (:"le t hut Ic il the' I) 'ic~e,
,.I'll lilt, ant- flying al'tl ts the .-; "1
to n it ii f lltltc l. v !tO-i t t Ml ttl.
11$. tt I' t2."" un t l 11cc'. 0 11111 .'I
-L lIt t..et~1i
I(t' l:.el V vi: ',t i the ll-tito tor
n:Iu v: . :":1 tie tlUl . :.till Nei(-t ll*(
:12 I. :111 r art' 1..k1
I (' t t, 'e'll . .. I rit c :Ir n it
ila-I. i. Illt'lilt I a tt t . a s 1w,! form'(:Ci.
tilet.' ti' lt tr tl e et-tllllhl illd t,):
-It'" lIn :lt' 1!tl:j1 ;" tilt'l ,: Ii 11), 1'1.lt 1}
tlljt, , ;, tIl.. ll t i' t le t. I i·t' i(l"iltt N
attllJ]l i hgu Oi lt 0the, tIlt 11 Kig
I tiutllS te, 41 ty gili il ' M !Iýnll lwlth
Wit lit.u ttle"itle ot I(Ciji.A.'toltl
art i :hi (ll 1:. oatl-l o t·ri' * t ftl
1Iii;.lt 1c. *1\''ll tllit'l. Ilte it'tlli-il I '\
iIrtliitn l Ltrtile cttUOI strc ~t ti hi
'llltlt. vo111 fill itvo Wri~e rIlt tnit'.ti
oritiietui -.Ip 1 . Ic
tilupilis A ilc'9 ~l tilt 1'1 1:41 ci N v.
e are· plea-ed tr Inotice· that our
fTllow citiz- u. Capt. W'. a.. rti-anu
of tile Cmrido nt a, r'lllLs ha be n eeCat
ctI Major otf 4f4t liltb Retv1imrt1 !
Onl Christmas lev'. there %Nill bee
an e: hiiitiuIt of' 'l'isbi.-atex Vivanit:
at the M\iaiStitld l"'e'nt~tul ( 'tlleget.
give'tz bye the' ' e)Itlll1.Zijlisit Ila liI;
stitut ioui or thlie lit e'ti ao' ht". j etl1
aIed weiti ltel e iiLee-iiaur' :er ( fu:11 -
leutt. IKy. ]let Ivenl ii'" u er.. iii- lit
thetiS. liat'tl will be ft(.:I :nits i~t-'iii
;ittitu',-tve'r e'ightt voetU'' lutlie' s wvil
al'e t. tit` at tue ia u e ' li
can ttl ri el ' it t't~ etuiiet i:. s'lu'- ' ":t."
Iei'-r etio nI'2(' that :te'. I)eeli-Le"'.1"
"alltt t hele sitt iei, t .
III ice t t, :I'lt l -if:f at.
I':r-i 11Ž at,a laU 1.evu is..
(~ iii
I: iel lt ili t , I'-1i~t ' a'. 7l · inc ·~-c Ic
>ett. tc~hit lti-. 1'? *1lj
l aba .~. 7,r ; itt
"?ii~intf , e I I1
1S- «t fin the 1iii 1tild'lis i' (l 'itt lth
lt- e I OhUlVt~.
W,\e hit eei," I the :uii'-ive iltt 't cite
ii lastI"1 . i. ' -d y, oft ills - l te'!'. lit
laoiie'ia"'a n;i, of. e-ttlt'.' 'at'rr e'1111pe
:lilts h 'tl1e' I je'oeie- 4 1I'(Itt 'at' Wilt&
lia f ri4tlt'rj"r11-ittg. it : e ai l1," d .
tc'r for tlieUt.
Now is the tinit"lrr to al,\ivi, · ·!iiise
IcUt autid N4"\ i.i" t' Y 'lt.ine v at ilt'-.
3'hlt Setiij- \i'e'l.Jv t. ot1i'eu- ;:reat
ti elil jtje to aolvter:ismis'. :11l,. t I-'v
.la ettitl ava111 tht'atst'I1 Ye'S iti 11".' cejil it
l'riday\ a gut t11t' Ibug teec' rain (7a'ue
ill title' sty It-, ('eetttiltlilng tue' ulnlajer
't 1(11 e.1, :7;att u't fiti . 'l'ilt - t4 silct c ,I:
tilta river elen's lult ainlallit to toauch.
,it-' we atbr ltic Ia'g ult.- l tied, hwltevt r
1tia i'nlatiele' I, e.ltil to re'phrt Itii 'i'e
-eat able ti As I li'i ltniiIs have
tettieli eout-in itt their tj-ldl utteicketd,
a Clt" sInUll ate let the tail i 'ulel 11u
iiid Ie tltlt'l'illO :it i etO , t :l ilt'.
ýýL('ei I1#("t' n /i~r (,J" / I '."Ilti:P)'
et sse *'i ita of tie fill ,,t":11 _' t lejit:1
dcrteeutetit tji rteu't itie at
a'.~t Tr, )e/ 1/'J'l/ei.. e +el' !ierb'..
Fitst Ste-etu - eea-lii eh~iet ..i'e'r int
'Ihlllge" at~t tlil~ 1)t' at'111it'aat -itf l''ittan1'e
a`teilu..)Ietl''i"u.",t22 - livt It~l(C'Ufl e-ftperier'
Miniti-' t tis (;' litrn iiei l'rte avti'itiee
itie ereitr nit' i t' l ile tullowitlj :i! islt
I.xe el' n.'tc'v. Tie I 're"ijelent. ordaini:
thati the' . 'e s-.e+Ip of (hiii (-Jauf'teratte'
Braiiclh of the Citil g;!j.' iiacnX
".1 I l tI. , · : I
.,ci:: 1,1 t".(1'/:: t.' . "li I l."w.: IS
L qucrs awti Tobaclo..
(.I A l: ý
IN rt1 · 1' . i..-t
4onfederatioii P
r 'criis MU . - ;itil jJ. I
.L 1,I Ik'i-I1222.. Liz bIt iit 1 ) I XI 21II V II aI -
III 1 . 0 I Ii ,"I f+.1". l3 i'2~14 z1.le'IaCa .
Ilti '21I I t .11. V11~ii ' I !i . " s! I
itlttl tl. re t I ' W'.ithA. I. WT"i'
t. i'.i'
ý 1: 1 1QVlt 1t I it < I ' l i 't
Nt~lia"Iillt 9--divlt f.-:L
J.ºtYhc nearly oppoytc.t1h
(:L',O. iFr KENJAL I.
(Otfice, conre Mark.t tant il::zu i tw
OppQsitr the Bank.

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