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Shreveport semi-weekly news. (Shreveport [La.]) 1861-1862, December 13, 1861, Image 4

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Childhood's days now pass before me,
Forms and scenes of long ago,
Like a dream they hover o'erme,
Calm and bright as evening's glow.
Days that knew no shade of sorrow,
When my young heart pure and free,
Joyful hailed .each coming morrow
In the cottagoe by the sea.
Fancy sees the rose-tree twining,
'Round the rough and rustic door,
And beside the white beach shining,
Where I gathered shells of yore.
Here my nmotlher's gentle warning,
As she took me on her knee,
And I feel again life's morning,
In the cot: age by the sea.
What though years have rolled around mr,
Though 'mid fairy scenes I roam,
Yet I ne'er shall cease to love thee,
Childhood's dear and happy home.
And when life's loung day is closing,
Oh! how pleasant it would be,
On some faithful breast reposing.
In the cottage by the sea.
Presercing .uttcr.-A patent has
been secured by W. Clark, of London,
for the following method of preserv
ing butter: Th'I'e butter is first well
beaten in the usual manner after
churning, then placed between linen
cloths and submitted to severe press
ure for removing whey and water.
It is now completely enveloped or
covered with clean white paper, which
is coted on both sides with a prepar
tion of the white of eggs, in which
fifteen grains of salt is used for each
egg. This prepared paper is first
`lried, then heated before a tire, or
with a hot iron, just prior to wrap
ping it round the butter. It is stated
that butter may be kept perf.etl.
sweet without any salt for two montlihs,
when thus treated, if placed in a cool,
dry cellar. The submitting of lutt tr
to pressure, as described, is a good
plan, and one which we recommend !
to all our farmers. They can easilý
practise it with a ,nall cheese press.
To Rcmore Frerk/r..-You ina v
generally remove freckles withcut
using cosmieties, (whlichl are ottentimes
dangerous by reason of their contain
ing mineral ngexmts,) by macrely timun
lating the asorbeut vessels of the
skin to take tlen up and carry them
away as refuse. Any smart sti muulnnt
will act in this wnav; but it has been
found that the safest are t;tkcn froml
the vegetable kipngdom. One of the
best and easiest is the lotion made of
a tea-cupful of sour mi 1k and a small
quantity of scraped horse-radish; let
this stand from six to twelve hours,
then use it to wash the parts affected
twice or thrice a day.
A Curey fr /hc Earache.-Take a
smiall piece of cotton hatting or cottan
wool, make a depression in the ccii
ter with the end of thie finger, and
fill it with as much ground pepper as
will rest on a five cent piece, gather
it into a ball and tie it up, dip the
ball into sweet oil, and insert it in
the ear, covering the little with cot
ton wool, and use a band:age or cap
to retain it in its place. Almost in
stant relief will be experienced, and
the application is so gentle that an
infant willnot be injured by it, but
experience relief as well as adults.
So says an exchange.
The Hinds Country Gaztte says
Mr. J. G. Austin gathered 1200 bush
els sweet potatoes from two and a
haif acres of land. One of the pota
toes presented to the editor wIighed
81 pounds.
A young lady being asked by a
politician which party she was most
in favor of, replied-"I prefer the
wedding party."
The Millodgeville Union mentions
the fact that a couple of gentlemen
had passed over the South Carolina
railroad who were removing their
negroes from the coast to the interior.
They had fired their dwellings, and
out houses, and destroyed their cot
ton, as far as they were able to do so,
and were seeking safety for their ne
IF you ste a wife carefully tfooting
her husband's stockings, you may
con'clude it will niot be difficult to
foot her bills.
HIlow sacred, how beautiful, is the
feeling of affection in pure and guile
less bosoms! 'The vain may sneer at
it, the fIasbionable call it fable; the
selfish and dissipated nay affect to
despise it; but tIhe hly passion is
surelr divine, and is made evil by
the corruption of those whom it wouid
bless and pres)rve.
T'wo ' sptonfids of finely powdered
charcoal, dlralik in half a glass uof wa
ter, will, in less than fifteen minuIites.
give relief to the hu-ad:whce whNen11 can -
ed, as in nmost cases it is, 1 y a supe.r,
abunidance ofacid (on thle stomiach.
In the cit o Sh 'viert liitver'
are offering for first quality, "10 cttiit
]? T., sc~cc'tid quality '254?8,1.
Tihe quotations of this. cittuintudit v
in thie City of Nw«" Orleans, atre 45
r L0 cents y 1!, forr A t rican.
N..ýw ()uIlelna ý
Cattle Mail -t
O. 1rpes
A 'ric i luc~atit 7lt and -eli i
i'exas ctitle~, ;')t \\ i:-! tn a- J
hr" (c, atul 27 veal c attlfe. :d.
'J'.xas ceattle, i<, 1 ho-,-.. :c I
Veal cattle. tack l .aiI 1.. 1
1eJa.catti'-, 59 w ct "-rn ,O a, 1: -:
i~es .5.ýt) siteop and( I .' 4t 1 (a -
tic. ''lt,- ([untal hills art
Teas la-had, I .-t uItv ý(3 00;, 4tt (It
hij cty............. 120 OU.,.:;o 01
veal (. attlt, P l(ad.. II (}001
~i~ p, 4 litad, lt-t qt}- 4 0041- 5 01
Iloj~= °P 1.00 ttl(-.10 00a 1:1 0(1
2d qualityv....-.....16 00'cc2O U0
SQOL 11Lh'\
(CIorner of 'TlIxas anid IEdward I
IAVJ X1; p:ermnwunt tly 1.ted in
ýhrt e jport, I am lwep'}ared to, nuin
Lif;ctur'C f 1'ro t th1 raw imlaterxia, :tni
right at limei'c .
)f everyºý dt scrijption, in the best work
ii:tnlii m anunter.
T1'he undle'rsitgnted harin- made ar
r'ai.ementIis with the maniidul.c $.
is now pr epared to order i'very des
eription of
suitable for enclosing biuilding, ga'r
dens, cenmetery lots. etc., also
for galleries and balconies, which
will be sold at MANU IrTFACTUERS
PRICES (addrling transportation).
Purchasers are invited to call and
vxatmine the various styles, at the
Southern Marble Works of
Corner of Texas and Edwards Sts.
My Post Office is Shreveport, La.
no 6-illy.
Job Printing Office.
(1A ii)S.
IULL.t< 01' L.l DLV';.
('.1 T.'11(1(:'~
C of j.I~ ( 11,' I;!) t irv ",in li.t ( rývi ( ss.ý ,ý
( )nr ,':t.. for di,iin jttb wvork `
;1'. n;,-(n ;: l va tht .it !ttrtlnir*'
-t iltV 1" :1 g ,niutI :d' t 1,:13(
11lv\i'I =\N.1I1' iI:t '::1ý"
S1'd ol 1111A N sufit~d
I.-1 1 I ) I. 1
N (º \I' -'1:I
'I:CIIN. ~ lN''
*o ,- , nrnrr ('nt! St. a :i' L tt;
\' ., i;. (.' it I; V-.rr u1;. 'tc. it
* ki'n ttv (ilt .ntitiii
1:n: rli-1l. I Inchl, ( ,.riiinu and pan.
'fill: MTAIL.&.r;~c~d
N\":wi I(t.tLa i, o c S' i tni-w v. at i.,"
dayt-~ an St niav at· 4' i.l;"l lncn.-;
MCtrocl~s l 31 niln-I )ai I v··li\-Arri vt's d:ii
A1lbtiiy Mnt~i-ISt'nli-X~c: n'kly-Ar-1·
rivci~ 'l'l'ieday.-i aia~l Sa~turdays ax~t 6
p. iii. 1)ttpavtst Jliidav'is and Unr
dayvs at I, a. ira.
Nl;rtr~hit ch(5s MaIti--~Vee'k1 y-Arrivez·~
'I~hl~s~cyat iii1. Depla;frts hurTS
Oflicu hlours~-FIrro S to 12 a. in.; fr~oml
2 to 6 p. in.
Sundays, cram S to 91 a.m.
11. HUINS1C~KIR, P. M.
Lui -Low state of Re'd River no drrawback.
Attontion Publishers.
Puublic iiis of Nerwspiaiperst
in North Louisiana. an(ui
'itxas, wvho iay wish to
disposer of theltir vs tahlihii,,trnti, ini
u1ar , andut ltcality, will fiud it. to their
Jitil(lllut ag to Iildklre-ime i1.' bel"ow.
Nu..ivxptjitj i r Joih.I sttibliishintiit$s i:
tit(, interiou. w,~ill lie t rl~i~lhu~ withI
I=1:tinluater /i-c (' nj e'/ctr.Tr · , 11v caclllc·"-s
iou'ni. Anil it hity '. idir 1'rit'itir
yl:attvrial oTi laijcr. t"iirSls :aolai. i
1".tar(Is~, tiinrotlr i iit", A·i-l 1 lit- iiirni- lio·
-4""ub~rst 1,:e-i oii[s ,It Ifoundry prlices.
1 o-1111 t lie fullo\% in'. (;tari-lhliitiits
Au r ·a;li .. otr orLd ueIroeTs withi uneit
't~llht1 ''lr*ii titli";
Aui ol((1 stalrlisil d lIiutik at'd .1 oh
I -intig ( tibt', iii 1 largo city. I'rice
SI) Li.
I'het" m:it"iri:tl O~f a Job iiitce, in a
rites . l'ritce x.;0t0.
P'irntingr Materialss andd
1! E II-N ()JFEsJ& ED).
A N ewsiwpalir t'stahlishnieuit :iicud
.1,11) ( )tlict coiui" ctiCIvl. i 62:0O.
A't Nu"nv-p:(le ir t.staullisut.-ui.it aitd
11.11)1 . Uflice lii iti'tl. ]lice;
1i `111)
A. niixvspapi.r told .1 oh Pri-ntinug tts
I a) ii .,hrn lit. Pice1, $4000.
An Iru%., Iril IA' Bok owr Pit'-.,
-c'(4it1)(l 1i:unid, illi g rrd niirulor, uu-ditcil
4"iz,. lPiice. -S 11)00.
A 1t uiggles (':aerl antit Bill Ileac]
at? the' rajte If' 1.:j);) to :20100 iuiinl~."s
atsiiii per Ii ure. (\t"\\.) I 'ricet 5225.
A B ug,11 CaiGrd anti .hill II i-"ad
plu."-', old ,izt', rioltui Liaud. Price
Ii iue lorini ttie-'' 1:ltik ards, I'hi na.
satin l tatluiell Ll. 1121( l~ia, firni $1
la ,-:; pi-" r ilio r .t
1: liii) ta-li '0.1 b, .. iil ti-"l;.i' ::1
:1it \ arrive. ol.1'tl~"1x:
I hay.- :ri-o fri ":Llt .. tltr- fol.lowing
A tout tit f.110' lb-i. lh"vi, i-,
~I. ! 1;111(, I.,)
" ,II) ] r.ling 1'rilt r,'
-I'.,9 1" I. - W it I i .:" (""4 111:1t1, 'tl
u~r u-lu 'sn~ arilm r r-Il i l.':- . I-um.. &c.\t
.ýl -. ` '-* t:: mlrI If ,ll llu t l'r-"n .
Iill' 1.,11V ,"11 ] t! 1,::1. 1',: - t1--"(I for
til~l" 1( 1 ,." ill li:"ti it;ii oif a1
2 n.h1i i:-. Ilmc r :,1t . a s . t, Il. t%161 t\": lien'
l."t t,"I t' i uti r jull . h r"a iall f e i-loO id
l~~l'- 2"c , '-lv i 1 b.- In-ul wlur-tl ..f.un.
'i i h -It t ]r-' 'it lit Ii a 11 1.er ei ll .i\-i\'
111' i ii 1m . Iini- i .m at 1$:J 1(mrra,
.fin " I tir. 1 ut tit I'cr a ac1ecvide i0.o
I d IN . i ilt )N.
St1i - le: msczihr-u- "" :1(in1(t1i0" u
lint I .1i,1) '1i '% crlit't' Itiry, "llr anisj I, -dt((
-' due tier-v, 1"tid.t
(.c~ M3LýZ: J(. :. Al
' .irav j rtI. I"J'iI'E't ( 'urnct itt.
(:rcct'cd k;rprcsslp for tit. Ibuilt, l"t"
(.eFEU ......... 00 it 00
RiccsCio··s I!~. (I 'a. 5
BACON. .liouldl'r. } 4 '"- (Iii
;idlI; :zI z,;... . - - (1
,`;lAiS.nR ...._.. " --- .
iiNb;.................ar .;
I uA t't.E _"."." . . (i) 'a '2
I 'IN COTTN.'' 11
'V I NE' A B .. . .. -- ' i ~
V'ur ý, 'l' fasll.. ; ; 'a t
ýI<II..ýýýf:s... .... . . r 4 "1(I
( ),.. rd... .. _ tt '
1[iAot't °'Lrl . _00 a-Ot 1
I I't,(v,;:u '' 1(0 . 1 00 'a 4:
I't l 'r,.... " .. 2 .. i' ) 0 i iu ; tI
E : $1S... .. k. . . . . I a ' .
i~Fr uit u........ . .O 'a t .;1
it 'WN. 'V rr'i'o : . ;11 . 0 00 (
Krcntuul~kv 04) 'u" : t5
._....'io _ .. (.( I a Ii
IBRAN, t1r c.t. ... I'
I I ' 1 .....i 7:g.i '
i1'ii ti t."1' i t',, 00 at :: (
\ A 11. . _ .... .. ". 0i 0 v i. c ('),.
.i t AllI' bag. 2 :a. i i
i(: )I- -tt'. .. .. a. '5.
4") A N Sac ogl.'- 01) 'S) (!t)
U 1' I-:11 111.".._... 1 00 'z. t (i'
Ici\'·s, C(crr l'. .. . 00.
`iu1"ýýIto<"t ('otlun :Ill,'ln·(
I11 'A ILIor..............*j: 0' t[ )
Ort·lil:arv\ ........ .. . ' (
(;ittld (ri*... . ... n w Ot it
(; ,(,tl Jlicic idLilt*.....
.. . . . . . . . . - 1. .,
Middlin; -- " - - . i '47 O
1 ) 1. I tt.......... ... . 0 'ir 1))
6I t1I':..... 00 41. Ia
,·- --- - -- - UI
t .... t ..= . ... I it) '. I
('`W uN t l a 'a 1 ;1 ..1 ";
i1'.:±" FS+ " " .... i (0)1 r'3 i )(
I .ii'L º (.)I!5.._.. -"-- U '' ' i
F L, -iN1 R. ' Ism 1' .- !1 011 '. *I til?"
Nxtt- ............ 10 'a
1.: 00 fit 4p ..
L')I 'I I.. ..... .5- _ : (it) 't. (it)
Ii\at l 1 I I lt N: . ":t1i
it \t t u t' l~ -11) 1.. . II _ a
l )_\ t.......... ' JO
I- i ...................._ .40 ii 1 00
I'm\:,r. r:. 1-' k, 00 .. 4t 01) 01
Ix.t::1... _......... .U 0 'it "2
fu"I'. UO ',. G. . :-' cu ( !u01
It.il.0'i'i.......J (a JU ')2
I s1.'112 xunt0..igiud 0 Ul 4t II ."u
in iart tin' r it I ',-aL ýIt' i' itt Lu
liI audt" Ord liittt-ttjt''. t;. 7:ituzni
/(I.iSe stucvui'u'ttilI . ,' g:..d iI ttah
uD uin r 11 lt:x... . . - ....d Ita t
i e rt rt 1it, a ..i .... . . i. .. 'it' i 1
QuitinniiWd Co. Tixai, Oct. 17

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