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Shreveport semi-weekly news. (Shreveport [La.]) 1861-1862, December 31, 1861, Image 3

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I LMXi¶,I f&P CS!i h4 'I B4
I "º'td 40 oI: loVe o rv;e 1 lice AVt ,vel c
1.,l, iii.i* Oiej year. 'U1l)boe J(l IILU
:v.i. ti iii :'t reivct pW li r III iott Yae.1.
ii;Ti: t i)Ii: et JI lltl I : -milll alai 1orst.
I J:), iitdi X50 pier y 4i-r iwl ChIC ees..
J1, .4... .i.i: I 4111, 4i.41j0 to v i ( from e11
.4.4 .:ill lCr toif 45.
.. ie 111.x li.~ Iapauly will e:iabkc the
liili io)4 to hiavu ciaJ eut ellatu4-'sol
4V,41, 0It t I !51 311Y Huddler troutlL o4 or
III iv(- wilI t) reetKved by the Ii.:"cruit
in; w.i it1 the, viewV 1)1 1orliii1n1
:ciA'. ti±r 1.ily. Tim ratdin4ll2
:1'1{ 1 W1i41ell soldie;rs h\ave tlll sted,
1)rw-,": fi it" oon ur 1attai(;z wil
44111. 'I'.1l::= Battalion haFs gone into
v:-:t ite F1,:rIters near
4 4 (4)i.t'y, 'Texas. W ;,1It ai~ cX
41.1ild 0t id oli.:O.r the 1r44 n.)4i
I )reJJ.i1i cc:' tc, ;ietac ves )f1" a .
J tO 1 .. -; i1lill . 144j:l!t. T1'-40 wipshý51
I-t wi 'e reai..y with hersg ' andcl
4r..'. 4.' (jI. tI WI -Darrl SIlt 1:1, i'" lire,
t:a41 it It .-M 1 r:ce of Vistula.
f )tii c).nl :4 d14.i tlg 411c4 :", d i.ti a
Ii -l.44.4 44 444t.94t[ In 14 the tix.1c4.., \var,
4.44 :4 4~l lts,\i41 'li 1441Pti:1r4'i tCo
tn-K:' eturV or de ath, are walt~t d beV
:2 .v~t.:la cillist the ItravI! oxil'. o u
't=114 1 i,4 .4 is Mi444 ri, wet'u thle
!.,('414 -ll: Pric [Lca~veul g:4,.e
:la la1.11.' .1 c. it~r.ed hiinselt' with
iii 4" 11.411' W1013- It S-j~1e110
:'t41114 41u Iltli mchl gr~eater fluin
4 r.; 1114 victor"4)iou wii~the caiiInjaigll
x.:1 1.- I it11-ti114f tlt 114li1:l-, t1 Il-ýCiV
a~t '1 .4J.4 end Liosatles w1ill he '
i i, u_ p'..I;:-" 1441-ever readit a14(1 :1_l
4a1 Ncvi141 wvil hisi live stUCCet44.
-t4:, to li :sn ttii Sthito 1,c ftr
l i4t' b:mtrt;u (,f 1t: xingýto a,
li::a ''].l_ \\ ill 11,)t. 144 sar
it -' " 1i\. Iri (rj tits1. It
'.14 I 4,t Ii' adta vitil the aill h.;
I - i44'.' ex
..ilthus lo~eufit t140
.'! 1 (.): 4,14444t 1 444 1'v' Iallol, to. (Cali
II l . 4 i2L t 'I\Il laii4..(4
41 ilt ot"i 11. /tin.- 411
L 41 .' 4et444V i. 11411111.44
t q,444!144414 s:;\411 l1 ! 1)t tell:::;14I4
;. I~l~ 'tain t i 444tl 'I-ICr gl-1.I I alt S)ONS
,,. . i:"4 : 111 ' i i. 1'"..i this Cil-,.i:," V.11
;ive4414"l cr4t-all-i 141 bear-~ air 1!"1-'1 t:j
4)t 11 ` Y4 ! ti4 14 4iIt r''u 'O n nil'.
,t'. , 41't lilt are h --err hi't' sW4va.
44424 lan14ds th 140 Slcri ice. Coimm
-- '!J ' ft OA -e
w':3I iRebel 3sTs. aders,
ai jpuara:u Ie t4ri t Ii. public)
' ill riVcv al l itertauinncit
iFor' thi Bencit of' tle Iolunteers
V':uiu tle p:lish t (Caddo,
N tIe evening ot tlheu S4 I of Jaii
uzirv, cons~iisting ol Vocal and
Ii struntlttnal .MLticze, u1Irlesques, etc.
For hill psarticulas secs programmies
ut the 4:aiv. dec31
ýOntntktVsterii and G-azette publishi
I timixe and send bills to this office for
1. Pl":TI12 BA(!QNP,. ý
O)tl,'.s his services to the public,
to repair machinery and attoitd to all
oriloe. i in his busillcss. Can be seen
at Low is' Mill. d20
OL $.ri· ALI.-1htic Ndpaper eind Job
Ala~;c~rial, booksr, utid outsr~ultditl 6g'deh:t
oft ti.ý cie ict. ]Rel iul$j fur selliiun give on
aplllicltti#Ja, if desired. To i 1 person who.
viil contlilne thec prthlicitaito of the paper,
at I)za!n glemr w 1ie oi1ered. T'hLe nimtsriis
it)')t ICW, anlild tIIL' t .4is Juuticiflet stock of pa.
ce'' onauiJd to lius six or vig;it nleitth s.
.1d li l .4 ttile 1rrll ni eter. diUtJtf
2!t6li inst., at rd o'clock, A. M., at tihe
We:rllehouse of Mie.,i:s A. M. IHidI & Co.,
on the Lever:
63 lIuf kegis Powlder.
",2,44 Quarter kegs Powder.
6i Cuascs (2.iº I icuuuistettl ce ch) 1'owdt-r
2, anItd :t dlohl~lar, or ea rrent (ush oil delivery.
tdi7 X. (.:. ThtI N, Auctioneer.
VWhlwlusa~le arid, Retail 1)ealer in
!'311111.1" S 'r 1tCk'Y GUI:OCHRIL;S.
Licjvor:c i.L-ad Tobacco,
V)OA T $ B3AJ: S'ui?1;'.3.
lirt'vcvport. EI.
A `rud ) ts.,sortment of the above
'l~iinatt t 1XJC~t'S Oli~it nniIY on Jutiid.
No ti-tl1;
131t wveii 'Larket and. Edward,
A-1 l i'YERI,
IlWt1f. nlO-d!
('ini( llJd%'.tio / Ir:v'aur 1 a(.
I \ ( l l i W P'V *ii 'I -
IlL't. Pt tilt, l !' 11t of::11ii.tV tt- 11, 1Z
1o 1 . .t. (1't" 1 11(1' 3ll .'t , I i,'l
`'ý; S. ImIy s 1y
i fl Iwai jy oppjco'ite tiý
1'r,.i (.t//A'',
ýS iI~nVl~ rIºt!, LA.
TII >3 .L
'- TV: KENI)1T1;7
prcc u or1It'r 2Ikelilt :atUi Ž17i lanH sts
nf-P SFi/ eiIr t t/,fl'g'.
C;lDrcr of ii ;ir1; I ia:rii Sri .
Nn 9-.r11 V.
--SM Tl1 ~.ý LE WVJŽ,
:L)ra. s, Pliints, Oils, T irrnishecs S,,
St;:. JF TrIH GOLDEN. MORi'.u:,
Shrtivuport, 'T'exas St.
No 9-dlly
:)EING appointed 11eeivernuedui
the provisions of the aef of' the
Confiderata States of America, benti.
tied "An Act bfor the Sequestriition
of the lELstates, l'roperty and Effecte
of Alien Enemies, " &c.," for the sec
tion of the State comprising the par
ishIie of Caddo, D)o Soto, S.bine,
Uossier, C(iiborne aind Bienville, and
for which the Confederate Court holds
sssions mt Shreveport. Therefore,
all parties having buhsines: with the
ofiice will confr a fiavor by commi
nicaitng their information in writing,
as far as practicable, stating names
of aie1ns, their doinicils, nature of
'property, where situated, supposed
value, and their own riesidences or
pliaces of ibusiiness, thait they may be
called on fr furtlhir intl;,nlatioa, as
each case comnes up fir exaliniatiolr.
Fear has been expressed that per
omuptory demand will be made bfr
paymenUts of debts due to aliens, and
snumnary ileans used in confisciating
their property to the great detriment
of the coinn:unity. This is a great
mistake. Thle Receiver will not
willingly throw aLy inmptdininit in
the way of business, but hopes, ,in
every instance, to secure the rights
of the G(overnumnt without the lek-t
:detrinment to private interests, and as
much as possible without liti-ation.
Let an honorable loyalty be, evin
cedgin assisting thie CReceiver in ea
tablishing tlhose rights. Meet him
with an honest intention to do no
wr.,ng, and m on may feel full assu
rance that every facil ity, as urgently
dimnaniled by thu exigencies . otime
times, will be extended in return.
FIr tlhe inforiuation of the public,
I publish the second and third see
tions of the act:
SSt'.2. Ihe it furthlir ci':ctced,
Thl:it it is and sih:il bLe thie dut'y of
ea';lh and evcry citizn oif h te Cfi;fdtl
erate ttltes speediLy to give infornmx
lion to the ociiicers <hiirgid witi the
,x..cutti.)s of this law, ,) any anl
every lands. tien.unts and hcredita
mrxents, .goods and chiattl5s, rights and
c'e+dit , w"ithlia tihi.? L',oflthe;t. cV. a;nd
or" evcrv right. :dit interetut ther..i;n
held,l 4'wn it. posses-ed or enjo,,d b,
or f'r any alien enemy, as a'oresa!1..
Hi'm. :J. Be it t'irther e nii cteil .
Thfat it shall lie the tdlly of every
::ttornetty, "ag't'l, it;+ nrtt" partnerl'l, i!",l'
te or o1hcr p'trsohl I hlin 'r
to e'.llin tny ;utii ln.i. t'.nen iwn ts or
hered.tmlnnllts, gooLs or chattel,.
-ights or ' crdiutl, 4or any ijt.rest
l:, of aiiv such clit-n emieltv,
:P',wil y t, iif;*ifn ti tilte J:ceivc, hl -. -
i itufttir pr,,vire tr le a ;int .d, ',
lit. matnw ailld 'toie1 Oer4. n wil ac dut'
thrilc" an:d, so tir 1.s 1pactinl. ic,
011 110.e e .ii 14 . ,4
14 ti ll 14' l ,s c '
4l=Lti thn :-anwl in th4 h::lds ef s .
hlecivr ; w tl rttheirul e51uh lerson11 e
.- lt a . fully 1 ,uittd , - lles l
si',iit lr prio,,rtt ia d e.tts , I
report.d old ',ed Ie. .Anld .
• utc'h peliu"n"l wilf'illy thi~ll!:. i- , o "'il,
. +wci ilitrc:' 4l:ti,, _ ad. l±nd'_ / l sLu lh
ek42 Beltingr, n rackinglien
Ili 141 1 .lt,!ll. 11 .1* tO ordo. r. illd -)ll -dl
ard cioif r.io."ii Le sila in e,
.aunl nlotI ,xc, ..lingix: 5 c :ltn-al+ iCol
lan', anid' hopirseit,. nit, lo;I:,,: ;ha,:
u,"+.t to)I/ <1,, "ee t w by I., ;!,,
Oppryvit, the P ,se-ayd ra (1 ur I ".
liaSl, to be Juied -," .-.J, <', t",,
Statlls, andi~ sublj,'cted , o r,, ., d,)utbh
thl valuey ,)f the ':.',it,., propr,, cyr ,)r
,'lbects of: the :latle enlemylV -hc!.J I"
hliml :) o bj:tlg,- to .:i: (.,,r! l
()ffic,. llranch oft C'iti;: ',.s' i',ank.
Shrevp orltt. La. ,:ct! .-t f.
(2 do,,rs blozw E". &Y, U. Jam...:.:.)
Te.,'a Strre,'. ,Shrerepr,,-,; Loui~sia:nrz.
D I/:AL.El!t IN
,. llardware, Iron, Catinags,
Belting, Packing,
Alccha.nin,' 4" Maci,,'ni.s.s' To/.,', 4".
Ca~stings- of all kinlds constantly on
hland orl m~ade to orer.t' ni]-y-d
office of Dlr, Leslie
Opposite the Pr~sh.yterian CJhurch.
Shreva.port, ,June l1--ly.
'rTera invariablb CAsi. 43-vi-ly
Horse Shoeing Two Dollars. ' noS2
After the 1st December, Terms Cash.
IWatcIchnaker and
Agent fo,
Dealer in Fine Watches, Jewelry,
Dieamorrnds, Brazilb;uz Pelile ,ec
taclr., etc. ;1// -ooid TtchCs war
ralted/fr one year.. .Iob wo, k: neatly
Texas Street, opposite Childers &
Vo!. m nip-y1 --1y.
_ ý 'Vatchunaker,
"P' BIetween Spring and Market, .
V'atches a:dl Jewelry IlPt,pi.'..d
and VXaln-antdr. 1:1-lv
Tv'ctdgmar Iron Work:o
lI:C110f.ND, VA.
Portable Steam Engines with or
iwithout wheels. Station ry Stealll
1lngiluls with !double flue. hoilors.
('ircultr Saw Mills of thl, milt l"o( -
I ri ;:nrl i!liprov dl cCllStrul'ctifonl. ~?t
i( l:tllleng the tralti" to priolitceu a.;ll:t
ter o"r lor: etfftective article ait a lei;:
Price. Cotton (in anmil Grist Mill
ir', tin mnu r Flon vin' 31:11.
Strnuib (_in!' Mills.
India li : ltt l int, il.e.
"oodt; it- ' l N aini:lg atlil .latiiclin "
3lir: hin s."
Artiun l T. ols a:il il't., N tllr
:N : h - , stls. ,&,r.,
:uid p,.1ev ' hsariltin itustluita ion
tln te *tbof v adr acrtisenxr . wey enit
.Pat.ronize HliiiB.rc I.duar.
aiTl ,e -ivc spc: ial rtterncin th. ,anki
S.oe.s, t. Chardies and st., N. .
hopes to receive a liberal patronage in this
new enterprise. Reptairing neatly. executed
at short notice. .20-3m
..El) WAfRDil C)if
And Dealer in :
Nos. 2 Front, anid 10 Fulton-irddtes,;'
ull-ly NEW OURL ANS.
Cist~ern. 11fa(ne.
IDURINi( the absence of frj A.
Schaftlher, I will give strict attention
to the making and .putting'up. of
\\'ooden Cisterns.
()rdt'rs froun plaMlter. promptly at-,
tended to. Address,
Sash, Door, and Bliind Factory,
nlS-Gm . Shiev*eport, La..
The Era No. 6, Captain
,John Kouns, will run be
tw.ee(, this place and Now Orleans
giving through bills of Lading.
Oct. 12th 1SG1.
Texas Stage & Livery Stable,
0/n llilaam ,St. oppoasit e the arau
,dah Mlotel.
r IHEr proprietor has been togreat
J. expense to make, this the most
destirable Stabl,, in the city, it is con
,vecicnt to the $team boat la.lding.
!Ior s,.e- will he boarded by the day,
week or month, oil the most reasona
blet , erms. 'ersons visiting Shreve.
port or going to New Orleans, by
ca\ving their horses at this establish
lincilt, can rest assured that they will
lhe well attended to. Only give him
i tCdnl'anid s:atis:i yourselves.
no- J9--1y.
Vicksnirg Sun.
Published in Vicksburg. Miss., by
'T'. S. :lartin, Cha;. A. Cone, and
(,,. I1. E:iw.ii. 'i.'erins, $10 per an
nn:um f," tithe tDaily; "Weekly, $3..TLhe
-tul is the ,only paper in Vicksburg
1,ublish(.(' every day in the week.
y , R aesmaur ant.{.
ir ! : :. 7 .. , :m,1 w , uhl respecct
_ taiv i/: ,tiis. l ize ', soft O Slirevt
ý"'': :i,. ",.." :... l i e has op :ened
i Ž . IE, 1 t . ý!! T I ' l exas s tr (t,
n ,n : .ri k, , t. ",';:. he, ' l, 1reI-ared at
:;I1 tinmes t( sa ti . 1' tis friends-and,
c,::;:,,m -.-n . 1'r,,m i '"cilock, A. 31.until
. I, . ''.. -,;.:1 w.. ,, r _olod I eals.
S "', I;, : - byI; ( rnm o tll -
'. " .:: '.. 1 .  -,rt on w ill , ), mrn ( .
" ,::' _.. \ :. v -illn to join a
'l:is ('; .. i+ l'i' 'im-' ves in read
i,': r ;.:: , :.'vi('c. il lPref'ferellct
t, str i'. : ii:ia. can h:nd their
; i, . , the -, i:r of ibis paper.
, l. , a '.r :.-hiie it w ill
p S= I,
IPat .. 5,,Ja,: Ct1is'., I rG1.
T. Coun r y Publishers.
has l.: Le fe,-, it 1by [uln p ishers of
"hI "n1hr.in'(d knowing this froD,
,'ixpterieie, ias iinvenled a press ,,f
,Ii s..-...t (.-i, ,r to l1oc & Co.'s) and
.i, .rs it  i : crif't as the chetape.
in the, P1rk et. Inste t.d of a solii
o:. :-io, cvi' lt -, it is made of sheet
i rrlj ;snlt 't!.. , beis ,. a. decided im
pro'ew'.t, as it gives elasticity to
.> the celinder. The costof an or
diua:ry t.,ft 1iresv is 8$50, while this
Only $20.
Shreveport La,.

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