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Semi-weekly news. [volume] (Shreveport [La.]) 1865-1865, March 11, 1865, Image 1

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'h.1.1 le-tte~r t- (1) ed October ::U, 1-:IS
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-ittti's.. prlitit- tatle - mud : p1rt 1 i, It Ii' T
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.1~itit u 4101-tlt in.~ It * bu1,1 it IVI
11."'"1f1 ti l:ibl t or havet grotna -~it41i
s tkt of th ltter, ital. ort- llit-Ie. tit
t~ boi tt'ht l-.- I' whihll . le oti-bl c t," U
aI' the *turAe Ft:ou,:."."'1. tatt.ou
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lS-I',ws 1 h to n,(.trIt' - "Illiit, It ,
.i~uitettib w rd it. o :ht '- l t ii altlt I t
t1"11,i t artl~o~f tipn ~tLI~t :.,til,. le ii
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Voue i rU tAlRC 1u186
Volume 1. SHREIVTEPORT, MBARICH 11, 1865. Number 1
- I~- II I - • ---- I- i- / I I-·- .,----------- ---------- - -
'rba! t'illi'wilrg IIhi, its re'porteI in 1
I the l'*."ai.i't (..ngr~a'at. on I iaa Itaija'ct
of ra'coat srila't iota, w(. inu'art fior the
})mnisfit of'tlhuse :'soft -eiaa'artad parrionHs
whola waauld, ottert all t lieu Yiankee I.
have' dlour far to', r. 'sk tihe. fiitutre oaf I
tIii- coiiiuitry iu their baniids. If tii,' '
Call ,-wa31 ow tihe pill lear"' pa. 'aar:Ia'd.
henthenaI tiy ara' wrilliring to. summalnit to
iane v la'au tliletlt, l,. aaijcai. mineatral,
vaga-tialal, aor h/ay.tauiua/. i'*opl' of
the~ Smaith, (it, yoeu acc..ph tile pia I
k now il' t -it would~ h," it,,, tastill -
re'ad andl ai~oreafr f~r aair'1 lve'a'
'I'Ib# biIl for " raa'i'aotrazeti "ag'' the'
C(a"ertlflDwult of the 'r,'I,'·lljoiu 'at:ita..
wvas il ltOtlteed' i. tha' l".aia·raal ( 'art
ari'-s 1 riday. Wet find tlhle helluwiaiug
4 Salunmtai o uIts pr'aa'isaioia)i' ill a later
mauuaha at it h TrihlilU ae
tile I'aa'-iif'ult af pi.a ly-'jiaaaah (ava'rra-t
oars at r. 11 i Stairl-, a It ,-hall -a'. that
t t i t .' '. t ' t a '' I -l a' . ", t l t , - r e 'h ait lj'e t n r e'
''at~itat'. Bu~at re, laiw or ri- i''-r,
'''az.izn' -*'va'ry ahiah baa re'a'aagrioa'i l
by :tt,\" .,tli , , t" ""t' e. ,ut . In 11.eh . t: e?.-1
It li t tnnlta}r'i'a'a lit -li atala s in -u'
Stit "" 4 I 1. Iij t'I ' Jir l l" :- "it .' iiit -wi~lI
V,1r ". .."t' l. 'i ir-,,: -a arv. to service' oiil
}n " ~ . .t l'e'itter-h1}I.''l'i t
alt. r a11 '- to i' , i-.v l'ili:ii li'. '-i'
t""'-.,n: . Itlat 1 r" r'- ..I
ai.'," fratl ti'' . "nai !."rtI h r ti -
' I a'i';a''- ". s a ti.' I:.! . 'alia.'aa- .,t 'i'e
fa . "r.i a, " Ial p. 'i }' .,n11 -atli't,
Il alt . w}1,eas- '. ' a~ in " t hav tiji
I-' '' i t-111 11"A an,: r . .v It , a
"1 i;," C.a, , alt 'ies a la''. r t'g "i I ~ IIt , (1,
. n air, A r , l ' 1.'
..z : rt:..r ·
a taa. utairf 'par " a' s- }.r
,,., '- et a ' :."" .I,' ý a .."!!, .. 't "
Ai i. 'ir , , " : , . :!lii .ia
t. en t i :1,, !t. >It.I I,, ! lj l I!i ·l· l iIe.k ,"
it a.u .1. 1'. I.t1 I j 1, taI
U ' I ." 'I it l'-Li 'it I aa,· 'a''.it.n
!.." e" : 1._ . ' I l. fiit r - i.. i !
'~,' .I 11
1 !r,. ii I~ t I u
,". .. r~". a 1111 , '11 a,.. - , ? . -.
L.,- e "n1. b":u""111. ,.. a 1 1- .; I- felt tie
.a. '!'I I Ili (h i ·It _ ,, Ii a Ii a '
. i t at' , :.,,. i a t i a . :l ti . ,.. 'Ia a!
1Li6. it d i ii - t.iar
Ia il I. \ i i
1ý. - I "1 ,ail ,"'It\ ' aaaa "I , I ' iii
- I, U.. t". I lit- 'lal i a;-.iiti ~ibl -
tt t Ii . ' · aa 'ia
-t !u."."- r lat" 14"aI t, ti ti' '-."1a i rla - i
Sttlt 11l 1. Iala l ,a- aifhi i1.- luriii'' 11
ala'r a I a:'''a I lai' ,a." ., -' t . 1'b.
a" - lisso a la rli i all'- i"v - ii -1
'rlii '"in vl aal iia' air . au aia'a. \\':n" w :'.'a~
:a .Z:,'1"" +11t "",I..ii l I., l,~ 't ' , , t atla a
an,. tighl and ye,,u are fIree." D)oni't
press them-i, for that will make them
rune way, arnd they will be found tight- t
ing Against uIs, insteand of fr us. Ase
yet hblt Ione sitde is told. The Yan-mp
kees can Ieat itus from tie beginning t
to thei.' emd of thet ye'ar, inaking ,har- n
gain-. Le.t us stop the, negro f'rom t
rentiiilig liver to Sheirmcan, by saying. (
"if you go ever to the TLIankee,~i youil
will geti your freeet'lo, bult you will (I
perish frout off the' ftace of the ecirth,
for you cannot live in that cold cli- L
mate. Fight fir your lneante-rs, and o
you shaill lhave your freedot i whithou t
incurring the other dl.ittger." l.et ius i
Ipromlise; the' llegreo iin good faith, that
it Ihe- wi I fight fer us he halla have
his freedoml . [A voice: "Let's try i
it."j Ye1,. l.t'., try it. i. (tlle espe.ak- a
.:') h-I1 nlev.er lived in anyt but a sl'ave
,oItIIu ryv, ii11 imosi t iof his laudie'lt('',
dutmtle'--., h1ad his lalcek muniman t
e.ee.'. a
lVi}iat State' will lea, in sendling
lthe bleclk IlicitI t thl e l id lof (,i'-l. Iee?), p
(C'ries of "'Virginil"') \Vho gave c
birlh to I..e, .,sio,,- nd led of1 fl in tie t,
fict  l r Ie llli e 1 i ., ' ft' thl'' r,-e hllt ioJlil n
m'ith (':"1oliei , tie l ' ntie afte' r anii lth- il
,"r tl., Snti h,,r' l Stat .e.. . . 1whe. -Id ilt, '
lit --. \'irgini l hlie h:eeck. e l;r her lov"e It
if-r Ill.- I eli . wu -- .: - -tro l g ntd as.i 1
ware lll : tll t l.eti-eliaite. its the lev. i ofd ri
L meut.ell.l tr he. r clhild. T eh' p.eopile , Ia
e,,egall to t-k, wliat oi f V'iriuiae?- (i
1liceic e Ine aI t.eIegraphl saying tchat p
Virgicnia was geeing tol ,Lilaelol n .
tII~ Seeth, that ccie w"a- leck--war, it
e-Ici-ltant, awil Ic .hIic bacek.- ip
" Vit"e'-. who 1, h.hell her back " 1' beeit b
.e.t cut helh.-r tleI-grain infrnteed us l '
thi:t Virgi.ia wae witl uit-, and like I
' -enci h ( '"ur-,li lia.
lW. ar. e lohkting to, hr toe lead in at
the- le.-w lina-url- of iwari polVicy, ' hih
i- in,.- lita ,le, anle l c',enie it tn -.et-- tl
\Vhe. .hall it ee eleet.- j',,ices.,,
"Noee w" ew, clew!"J Ye-1.,i iow. A-k ,.
,ill I .' il tiinu"i to pts reu.soletiolli
r.e-e tll le il. tie- i,iaesure' lto ( 'tag- I,
r -. iet in tw,.ntet ela ,-,- neral l " e
ecll h. r,. ite ,rr ,d e ee I i ,eci4 tee'll - i-I
l' h,- s' - ak, r wi-. IHo ..-. -ittioualist. i1
.. al:aiitll-t. lIe . I eIt Cell.' te tih.-'
: ,. in; t,,. e the very purpo.... .i giv- i
teue r-ecece to oon' di-tlste ul ,i
trnth} \\W Il h.,,t ih," ad ,optio, ot :
i i, , -i, e' -i \ ' e lt e', i tir c In, sllre' like. i,
Sti l, t e e -r, w e, eleinge.r-ei' i dlliger, a
re :,v, 11 t ,ic h, i-i-er e h i, - so lih a i
\ Ll i. i tan . th. as a Lo,,nisia ianl. l
I-',e .i - il c t -~it h i -' te etcke his l
..-t -:Iiiic e--. l.oui ci "a w ill fIlowl
l"1e e'i h .* ele t t.k.- .e.1 r
.te iip t. 1..-1 -. t ~ ill tiot fel- i
I 'i; -cIv ii fe-rit,,l i , i> pr.-,e - .te ,il
: l lir i, e, t i -I light thill,. Y:ianke.
,i one 0 e e - . ir thev wcill take 1.
tIin :e.li hiihl th.et- ac - -i shi-ed. light- t
liII u- ~itith tl .ir i- .leanil triosI lpre,'
li' i. a i i,, i ' il i i t , e.. . ,.l it th,.'te- hei
;,1 h i,::u,, :,- h.ll oIt ,.ait'h, th,.n it
toul I, ill-,-'ret.--l ,vy otl e t" litiote.
"T'hi- i, l.ru 1le over..' aei n"r Iuhjugia- I
r i,,n acnpli-hed, our slaver tred
, la ' S. V at ith,- Yalnk,,.".
P ' p . . . li iv ;It.- c, all.l , - litl ti ,
r --- , e. ,. i h .ti . -,,t I. I ni ',- t S liatil t
S , tool t it th . fta l to ', l "l* ll*r ti- to I
1 , e- i tat i e.- t ii t ih e \'ir_' nia I a 's I - t
it, , 1,1th. and clo.sd w\% h l t all ,
"I /'- . n t l i ... - to -- .i. k..I il
I- I ,-' Ii"tile l otie 'uie tii11 1"" .i -i
, iLe ,1 ltc I .,. r ,e , i-. i..," to t h,
- - lii-'- tli . hof ,'ii.-'lie li lo ii -' -Ih
. e- I". t, C-Cluel," r, c.. dltlle' :
1-'ti-i lIt.-% he, r.ie ,i ll ,,- n h eil' I
t- i r s it k - - t i l a ., t . , r i s ,- t h , ' , 11 1 -
ilt tr. 111 1 .i , t t,,,,i , .t t . .. , il ,l; i n -
, -l.i t Ie- let ecll; ',r r;, ' iiza i , .n
'l,I t t'.I 'lii .til i- this po t, i, ' r ali I
-it- i e lt C ith ' -t tiein ,c. it i cal lii
-,'i t" , rt:u . roI u-li, be.1, of aC
1-, ' i 1 ii i, ii. la ii , c - tei . Al lli iI
tili- ti cl. - ,l ,e ci'r tc', . "Fir- c - ',
ait I,.. t-i, ill r', itei ly a.-I k tliihat t ,'-'
rv d i,, t t,,. aboli ,-h el a pr,.ln " i .:
uar. c ,-l liiiloni . lut, a- lil Souti h i
S ,,,!A t h. hn h.- it a r.,nlitiin to ,lis
at n . . .t. -  ii n if n t,, . f re,.t ., .
t 'ioililil et"-lg i v.ri ile t' tie-Ic it L
lr ilti hit' ita-lc itn li t all. - bi ie le
-iii - Ill- " as - wll1 e hr deth., r malini
it ic', t ,th hei rsll lei , td ll d l ti"'k tIl hu r
ii ", Leiiiii lii* ii, e lt W i-e L c Il lir-icti°.lt
i;:. i- !t tll tleii - d,'- li i.-' , t Ich" t it
I i il, li lt e e -h-i, h . t. i tli-' ele t li Ct., o
L ite II iii h A Ve'11 t icelel-c' rlllu - et
Sll-Icc w - ttie " lee-c i-. cuI -tC. h , teel.- ,eer
cli'e' - ' e , i ke. 1o-i |hi" c e-l r s urcl ,,t
intw- . >ihL hic tinc- C il't i- tic e i
'ity e I Cliit lliier-c, ti eha - {liew eel
ratn sixtecn and tlhree'-qeuecrte-r knioti,
oIr dh" n it l nit'tie'fln tc'l Ie" a ten hi'rte.
Slavery Abolished by Cosgress
We find in the Memphis Bulletin,
the following:
T he GConstituttional Amendmen.t
piassed.--Thie House of Rlepresouta
tive.s, yesterday, by a very decisive
majority, voted to re-ronsidtr the ac
tini by which the amendment of the.
(Constitution, prohibiting slav iry
:hrough'uit the United Stats,. was
cletf ated lahut winter, anrd .:pon the
mllii question adope.d the ama'n:dment
by ayes 119, nays i56. The friends
itf tihe mieasuire throughout the coun
try will hbe greatly surprised and re
joiced over a result so unexpecteid. r
It seemed doubtful whethelr the
preisent housi would reconsider its
prwvinus action, .,r, if doings ,, would
ad',pt tihe anmendment prolposed, aml
by niarly it aHa. thought .'xpe.di.'nt 1
to detf'r action until thi. nrmeetinig of
the wi.' xt I '.ngress. ThJe louse, 1,i - ,
its pre.snit acif ,n, how',ver, has ta
ketu to its-.lf the cr,.drit of adoptingl
an anieulndiaut which virtually comin
uiits th.' whole t..,eti,,n t th, i pen
ple fir final d& cisionl. This re.suIlt
cohld not have b,-,na rac.tid wiitliot ,
Ithe coieturrnce of a ,oiisiii.rahl,'
i Inulnzber of I ).emocr;atic tnintll-ll:rs, wlil,. 1 t
last year, in d.lubt a, to the opilionii
of thl.ir rn'ii titu.iits, voted aganistr,
r.t"rr.. It t, ih.. re.port ,of ',,l ir.r--sion
atl ptroc.'dinig-, fir details. It is eed- a
tlrd tlnow oily to savy it is the tionstim- t
poirtant p 'litical nmeasure passed . up,, n
I-hy thi. pre-.i-.t C.inigress, which, hav
lug r,f.'rred the qtu.stin t toi- p,.'
ph...hoult iw be able- t. dlipatch
butinss with ilt co'ntiuot ,lUs di.seCs
>,inii on the r'lu.istion oft' slax-.erv.
Th,'['n li.,tn ''elegraph in "n able ..
ai ticl- liha- t.. f'ollowinig :t
S'l'h. ilitltc:atinrr are'. that afti.r t
Ithi 4th ,I March the 1'nittd .'Statesi
(iv ;, ritnl'nt will no, long"r hie regard
ed re,.-ptr.-.nting thut Stat,-s cot- to
, . i t- ('t,, i,,n d,.raev Th. - 1r. i chr l t
j,,lriails hlav,- r1.i' ntly" puit this suil i
j.1ct in a veiry .t rl'ing' light. Th,.-v
say tbat .%lr. Li .illn was first .'l.ctled
hv ,/I t/h," St,.t,. as their Prsid it t
a',r four .yearn. Dulring that lperil
th,.v ha:tve r-egardl,,I it a- a faliiily
il .iarr-l, aunit I ... iN t'.Jlt.lt to recog- t:
niz hii ,.l'tlllltt'l as the retpr-sel - rI
tative of ti-,- .ntire t.,rrittiry, audlit,
ahid, his 'flibrts to assert the l uth iori It
ity to whihli h,' was chosen - ut it
niw tll. cal-." hliar, entirely cihaing.dil
lTihe I litedI Stat,.s r.-r.einiz." its g.,v-I
,-rtllli,.utt n, olln, to be ret.\wed qiuadl
r,t,iniallv by v,,lulntai. 'v .-lctiu by
its .,r il-t.tni-nt Stat,.'. 'ITh.' gvrirn-1
ii.'lit lia. beenl so r't-inwed, bit .ex
ru.h-it,-v Iv i h .,rtherin Sthat.-. th.
sthi ,' "tat-'." having in part inor
l t in th. i .rlf tii . li. ith - will ni-;:
th ,r , i, ,r .- a ft' .r tti e th - ,t' . M a rc h r e -
g,:u', Air. l.i,n.,- ln's . w.vrni.int as
tlt" ,l n -r rlllh pr i, tin a trh"i 'l i t at-ll 'r
Stat,.-, [but will 1.l' k t. lheir owitlt
g,, v . r tt  i,,,t p r lo l, - -,ir n top r* .-lt illn th ,
, l.t -. thro, uh pt.ri,tditiual r inoiwa.il
by thI.ir tir'. u' h can claim that
iant a:t,t'llill a -r"-' gl iv'rlell in'lit whlichI
hai- -u I,-it.il . iir part ,r itr., territ,
t a ,l u"p,, , int thei- .extr i., of l ti!
te l i- ".I ' '-ctriru it it irrti th. .ngh
,oit the enti, peri,,d pre-crihb.d i;t,
il. o i r- a.'i-.itrtiilll dui ratii ab . ti:
.. . i,, l. h .-. I ,t tht hl . " ta c t.. cl r:
:ict r l.hi, h entiil, ., it t, r-tco niiti, , i
iit,, tit- t rl.'iii l- of nati gi tit."
i Thi rra-ctn i it ti . arov, iu!t
,,ti . leth i it .i .-', not ilr tw t hiat w .1
n ill l r '.<." . "g ;iz . d :t- , Ii im , ,l . in - lu i t
pilt iliI h i. fir can g.i i', Jw it in turtir
light. f rmlll th, -."t e argurnitil t, an it
Larglries n" baick to Ithe l-ttiiig pilint,!
if.r 1 f .kin at e1 , r .ul jec, t in that'
li.ht, it will b . i rt iula'.=ibility f;ri
ri.coglitiii. uitil aft,r the iexpliralti
,,f %1r. . I i-' lterl, alnd his. -tic.-ll - ."r
tiar-lt ieei lctd. Thu t'anre too latc.
S.fter th,, Ath ,,f March, p.tst, -till liat
ais its clhit iagi-trate., Je.rs,,h
that is, who hits. -roml the cilt- uc n it't"e
'hlwt, tll.cOn hpok to mh ay cltte
grA t'velal cppr clatr t
General Grant lbefore tlhe War C'om
mrttee and in the House.- His
statement concerning arrangementds
/for the exchange if prisoners.
Washington, Feb. 11.- General
Grant was hef -re thetCommittee on
the Colduct on the War, this morn
ing. The: following questions were
a-ked him:
It is stalted, upon what authority c
I do not know, that you are charged c
entire-ly with the exchange of priso
ners ?
A.nswer-That Is correct, and n
what is more, I have effected an ar
rangelnent for the exchange of the
prisoners, man for man, and officer
for offi:er or his equivalent, accord
ing to the old cartels, until one or
the other party has exhaustedl the
number they now hold. I get a great
tmn:,y letters daily from thle frienudsf
If prisoners in the South, every one
of wllich I cause to tbe answered, tel
ling them that this arrangenment has
lbe: made, and that I suppose ex
changes will Lbe made, at the rate ,of
3,00o a week, andl j nst as fast as thalve
can d,.liver our prisoners to us, I will
dli-,., their irisoners to them, and
that the Salisbury prisoners are corn
ing righ; on. I saw Col. Hatch, As- '
sistant Conlmi..ssioji.r of Exchange.
on the part of thI- S,tu th. and he tld
mn- that the <alishttr-- and IDanville
prisone.rs wouuld be corining right ont
at ,once. Il, said ,.- could brring
thet all at the rate of .,,00tl ,r 6,000 ."
a week.
Qnes! ion-Ts there no impedilnet '
in th.- way.
Answ,-r--I'Thl.r is no ipeditnment
on our side. I could deliver and re
c",.ive every one of themn in a very
short time, if they wm,uld delivmer
those they hold. We have lost same ,
two wee.ks lately or acc(,ount of ic, inl
the riv,er.
Soon after the readinlg of this part
of the, teatirnonayabefttre the ('Cmmit
teat ,i the Condluct of the War, Lieu
tenaillt (;General (:rant came into the
Iall, accomitpanied by several fri-ends.
s ,soon as lie was noticed, crowds I
gathi.rid aronitid hint to such an ex-'
te-lit, as to ittterferle with the or,ler of L
hba-in-ss. 1
Mr. Mallory maoved that the Holise t
t:al., it re,.-s tar five tiniut,-s, to pay
respe,,cti; to ;t-emIral (;rant. I'This was
intlataiiotIrlty adoptel, and the. m.rl- i
hb.rs gnttrallv tlhau thronged aroundil
hiti , anld hlit thlien c:irte t the area iii'
frtont o( thll ('le.rk's detsk, escrtel by t
RIt epresentativ'e )l-Il. M.tubers
were, frmally introduced to him by
tit. Spj-aak,.r of the HIt-se.
T'I'llhr. w.re frequtent outbursts of
:tlailalaase from the tlnor and gallerie-s.
ltpr,.-entative Sche,-nck. il orlar
that trit Lietute-nanlt rlight In official
Iv antroitutd to the- lltpr.-,entatives t
aft tahi peo.)ple., moved that he. Ih,. invi
el ;ia - escotr:-td ti the Stip-.ak.r'T
- tainl. This a ns untiaunittuslyv act
qlui,.ced ill. (:,-nHeral (:ralt was (es
eortndl by the, Stpeaker to the. stand,
t atn tiLe latter -aid:
Gt-nt titti l: I lhae the holnor to
i ntrodclicea to, you otur hf- oic dl,-tenlder
.u tlhe- field, tlh- Lieutenant G,-ltertal
.t' the arnie-s of thi,. United States. i
Slv ..--u is S. G rant.t
"Ilhe intrrhlection was succeederd h t
ain-thlitt" authliirst of appIlaue.t frtaat
thl. tI,,,r ltad galleries. ( ittiieral (lrallnt
bweil in ackniowlealgn.att taf tihet
ctapliuent,. atnd afte.r a short l)pais
retired f' rian the sta:nd. The anda
elc.- again applauded as he with
., ....
,." (;,'n. SN-rmna and Stn, "trannt i
.11iai, ,,tet r f /tir,,ti, r ir S.aua/i ( ar i
n ,-('i,-- /,'tamret/al ,ao.,ndtt n airu prott
ia /a(.- -t. Shlrmnanii rtiienewedl the
utvarm ntiat of his flore. ft-r.i Savatnnah
las-t week. Ti .-e 1ath a-n,l 17th crtijs
" a.-t in trainsports to 1l,..atfort. onl
.a.turtlay the 14th. The 17th corps
iu, I, r 1aiji. 4n;ta.tral lilair. crt-a-da
I,. ,r-"t ItRyal Ferry, and with, a por
tiu u ft =en -'",.tel's ct. nun lid mover)
on Pa-InagaliI. Geni. lloaard coi-t
tiltalding t that wing of tlhe elynr re-
portled on Suntil-ay.
The enaety ataldotltnd his stroiing
work. ini ,our frlontt duiringl Saturtlaav
night. (tin. Ilaair'< cr-itps lnow ollct
tlis a stlr nttg tlatit ) n atcrliss thir - rail
rcall, cvtri ug all atro achs at tsatta
t:actagli,. A.lI thi sick of Gtinaral ,
Sh.lmanni's arti atitae in good hoslpitals !
1at ,i.atairt anld lihlto i tail, where
the g.ein al cli hiat a-fftards advaltttag,,s i
tar reac-v'iritag sipatior ra t t ailV t)atl.a
Th, lace, and 'order pr,-vailing at
Suavitah silc, itts -ctpa titoi by
I1 i. atnt could ittt be Sarpasa id.-
i-tat mitth are llao tat be cacti in tin
t.tareets-nothing biutt] ,is aial chil
Ilni',-u; ani a-vidl.iitce atf thi- sear'-ity of
thli- tri'irn-i-. N in.tiaatancet a disordilr
or p).rsanial iajury or intiults has oc
I curred.
LIali),ring mntt aaa.I taerchatats.
white atard black, are .eckihg 0mUltlhy
.mint. T'lhe tritps ate cheerfial and i
r-s lltactfail, and st-itt to fa,,l thein
s1ilv'tt aits tutu-h at husne ot gottd ihe
r havior as if int tIhnir own ntative town..
Trade is restricted fior thlt pres-tint to
C actual military uecessities.
M!:anv w-hip, with m-rc,-hminitse l-i.a
the North, are waitini ilto.Ij d
for permission to go to ..avanW
But Gen. Sherman bas permitted ok
ly a limited quantity of supplies se
quired by his troops. A mistake
prevails at the North. of the preent .
inducemouets for commerce in Savan
There is not yet any large poptila
tion to be supplied for ciedit or mon
ey. No commodities of exchange,
and there an be no great amount for
a considerable period; all the cotton
andproducts now within Savannah
belong to the Government, as captur
ed property. Stringent regulatiens
against supplies that might go to the
army have been made and been en
forced by Sherman.
The cotton captured in Savannah,
of which there is a good deal of Sea
Island, has been turned over by the
Quartermaster, to Mr. Draper, Spe
cial Agent of thu Treasury. The
Quartermnastar General remains at
Savannah to execute the arrange-
mr.nts for shipment.
For the News.
Sad is my heart, as the hourl roll by.
And lengthen to days that are heavy with
The future looms up on a tear-lale-n eye.
Which seeks in that fututre in vain tar
T'hotlgh nmemory brings from its glimmer
S ing shore
Full many a let:ssom of joy and de;ight.
t Yet tear tells the heart that its dreams are
all u'er.
Ani joys melt away that wereafragrant
aud bright.
Ai.tI fancy returns frnm its journey of love.
W\\'ith its pinio:is all clipped by the blade
of despair;
-'kor'the hoipe star that gaidedlit fades from
abtt v.,
And bavre ro't a sparkle still glitteri-eg
Ah!,. -;: t'ii L. de;tiny ordered belua.r,
For all to encuuiter the tempest o,, paia:
With this to console, that in time eve-'
SMu-rtm el- and ye-!d to o:j-m;e at ian.
he bosom may swell with the n'ii ofU des
Aut! t hoea 't lose :he an _h-r th et bouind
i: to life:
Plut the teme;,lst wi!. endl, and tihe breezes.
b," lair,
When L.-th has temlti,.d its c'ream on
the strife.
Shr pt rt, F',-b. 1st. 1i;.3.
Porter'. Great 7/rpcdo.'-TlIe
New York World, in an editorial ont
Porte-r'.s torpedo, gives th8 following
Lit at the unhappy trick, so "gun
powderish and pranky." which failed
to blow down Fort Fisher:
Early in tlhe Anglo-Chinese war
the EnIglish were amused by the
IChinese artmy, which nmt tihetrn with
the sound of goings, the braying of
trtlletit, andti a corps of gyillntSts,
whII " pe:riormned all sorts of acrobatic
fe-its, dri-tss-ed in hidleorts costumes.
1'..r a ti tict the ohject of thb.s- re
irmarkable exhibitiorns was not appa
r,.lt to the European army, and it
Iwas sutpp.sed to be a custom of the
( '.lestialu obse.rved by them in all
.their battles-probably in the nature
oitf an invocation to their deities.
Aft.-r the battle, however, they cap
ture-l the- general ort.rs of the man
,iarin chief, and found that the "Chil
dren of the San" were ordered to
-rund their abominable gongs and
bliw threir trumpets wheen the "bar
btrrian," approach, d, and were
irc-tuiied tlhat tlt. eftTfect would be so
te-rrit'ying to the. E'nglish that they
woulld all fall down from t-ar; and
then thit. order stated that their
• brect.c!ies we-re so tight that they
neve-r couldl get tip again, and might
ie- easily captureld."
The ttrpedo at Wilmington evi
tently t v'a. de-igned oil the Samie
pritci'pl, , i . no, dolubt, was intci:d
d tee produce the result which the
Chlint.s-- promised tlhem--.lves from
the dreat.dttrl nrois, of the-ir gongt ;
btl. ult:.rlotuna:tcl, the- S-,crtetary of
:hh Navy did i ,ltiI con-ieiue:" that the,
. el el'-c ,i cgnrally w&e hout re.-clh-, .
:lrn. cini.-e-tt ,Iit , that they could
ge-Itt u1i a.li,- easily attc-r thle lr:gtlt
they t'Xel, trittc,'d at the ut- nis, of thic,
,xlih-it i: ; llt he th ilirst. iThe
oLilO wa'iv tli: the SeCtirttiV tha
p- yi huit rb-- 'i ith tin-l t br,.Ichres,
-i thi hliet the, fall luron e ,il-" thv
ctir let- cr tesht betrce they it-et abhle tei
et('iet Hi.torwa/ Fa't--uriil
ii trtouihes itt the re igti ut ,(harl.es
I. a uttciv girl iatuiic ti, Liwidln in
- slir tih cf ii pnllt--, ;s r, ervant.rIt ;i.
t and wa-i -e thus-- c:tlhed tub w, -
e n.,:;. The b: cwer obser-vi;tg a guld
i lukiu girl itt this low occtil)tC ii,,
r tek hrt itt hi-, fltliiily at :s -er':u -
itild itt cir ;t shl't trrtte nrrtn ried I,-.
t lIe, di:ed while- she- was a .youtrr .o i,,
y tnan. nu- lit her the 1ulk ,f hii fr
- title. Tlhe ltineh.tecs etC ef - rewitig
- dre T,,i. tuod Mr. Hyde was r--cm
n- tititle to the- yvutnig 'i'in i tas c
f -killtutl law,,er tic ar'rai,- her hes
,iaslu's affsjire. l1ihde, w'i,, was
e" m rrietd hel r. leer hi- l it iag- thlier,
-wast it It-i- is-ut, l hatt to d;uit''hte-r.
d whI w-e - afterwart-. tlit with ot
.J;ttots 11, and rnrttlrr of Mary trnd
A ltnna, t.u iteet c ftinglitrtl.
o Texac Treasury warrants we-re
sold at Sitni Amletonhie, 7ehi int-c.. at itt

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