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]",urs.'da: at.l na rt l tl. mor1,.n ,,
•ix Month,,
Lhre " : I "
Ix p,ubliiaed every Tucsciczy mator,,ni
Per Year : $. ,i.
81ix Months : : 1 .0i
Threu "
Singlq,topy ten cents iu .specie or tM o
dollars in current bills.
AdVtertislagn--Fr each insertion 1(1
cents per Jine.
Curreney taken at its market vnlwn.
l'rovilous and grain of ev..rv o ..ierip
tion taken at all times for Subscripti-on nwil
Job Werk.
Obituary antices. marriage-i , cnt's ft
public meetlags, etc., charged f,,r a, oil:.e
advertisements. Jot'. I)tr('ex`."i
Editor and l'ropriw i
The Preist and the Piper.
Father Ambrose M1Sih,rrv, puart, -
priest of Knocknashee. iii tih. di..
c'ese of Ardah. Ireland, wau on-, o
the best men, generally spl.aIki;u. II
that ever existed in any culn'ty ,tf ..
of the world. JBelov-d !lv hii own
people', and revered by 'otlhri,- I . \
diffirt d from him in hi.. ,,.igiui I,
opinions. lie passed hi, lit' in th. r,
bumble discharge nt hi: clhri:al dii- f
ty, preaching the Gosl.I t~ tI,. p1,.,,
reproving vice, ilI .chani1, vi tu,.. tl1
and doing good to all. "c liut d:s is
tinction of creed, or dread ,tl rh. 1, ,-
titical enemies by whon II,." t n: '- u
rounded. He was Liuni,, . 13.,",,,.
pious and benevolen.t. 'rlive, to h. ','
pitality like the e.nrly tn:th , ..,f t.it
church, whose good e'xaml1l. I .... vri I
emulated. lie wn- : I- l ,. o' r , ,,,i
u.n, no matter of .hait ,.i, lttoll .-' fi
tion- a lover of his .,u'i11:it . ni ..,
d, spised and dow-n tr i,, I 1-- " ,,,, ,
sumunIat- schllar- -an - ha.1p, nt i , ..].b- , i
er, who spoke Iis own un, .- t,,;;1. :,
with great tluency., nt,I1 ii.l I, .,'
Puppress the evil i1fli, 1,',w :ir -:t
from Irish wak .e., ft,..r:-l. n1 - .
day dances, than any oth ,r pl.: ,"
his dlay. 'To t h,- wn'. .,i n mn.o
his hospit.hle , di,, was ,"." "i" : i
with that g;,ý n r.,a., 11a.t::,-1,.,.,r l ,! ,'
inedel fulra. p culi:,r tou Ii- :ai i,..
'-l,.. 'To the c·4h1 t ,,1 ',,:, , h,, i.
--rring, and 1h,3 di-n r . ..... . . tiC· ,- 1. ' '
1i.ly count- lI. 13ia i:,i -: , . .. - :,k t .
,a of i(ilead, l. h in I . 1, . t
.-o'lth,.' rech:lirn '.hn r'i I . I L r "
1 d t tIt
:d1 u.iugled ,. r " , .,
nc. ow \ :h all :11 1111 H ," , t, ...- 1 ... t, i
" "1,. In ,ou,. $h,,rt ' .-t:'<,,+",' '":it !I. ,"
!..I3:13 .0 t,r", 1 , . l '... 1"
i th.. at pcu t It- 21 t l'ir i i',i ,i , '. .
ti,. mtost Ei:1gItt:,t" 11. ,-t,:, : " ,
, .-r tigurvd1 in li.-h : .. . ,:
, . I '- at ick ., .:,,' ,, " .
kwln i n t4,, t . - :
,, ic "b -r :t11t , ni, t l '.. . " '
. ate 1.o .k, 1 n t,.,. .r . • 1
'a ll lg JOit f.er t . , ..
t.ll'tIst de t . o xiei., ntii -' ii . 4
nokiog, ,I d i,:na .. ",""
toflleii any I .- r
.-nlarknel',, , r ,ro n .da .,ni-.,i..
r,,:tdy w it a ,, xpgl til 1'1 . .l'"-'l ' I 1:1. .t+. "
,,t' a eirt-r itn,.nt l lu trI.-:: " ' . '
At the tia n f i. hti. 1 "i -, i .. l' 1i
dv wdas about f ii': . rih- ,. . . 1
hbest pipr o I . his d " . ? ,.. . , .t
greate-t topei s to " ii i ' t. :'", in .I.nti
|part of Ire l:uaa d i t i. iI . 'i: \ ,.l'
,arduin'y perf ti1m.t. .3 . "u-t : , i.,
pips, ho, was ti, It," , t1,, 1 :
th'h wedd eing 'wh.r'. i-. Ii.. .. • :.
Whenis ay lovrweor trd,e.' 1,' .tnl. .'
ten miles around. the pipdr w.,. :l.r
to be there ad ; t'a i it , t '1tr5
y the deceased we.- rich po,,f: :'
able-to procure lots ,t' wuic-ky, l'a:t
was in his. elment, " t uan t1.1e1 tilh
wake house resound with uiiti"
and merriment. It :a- 1,i w1 1 '"I l :
then tht it. et ,pluit, ,til I' a ll. v r' t
piper" should b ý,"';,: <", ,~
by the pion s pa'ier t.jil dI- all in
his power to reform tli , ittl,' t -il.
toper, but to nor phpo. L. iki , -i
tion's devil-
'lie's harden'dl more t t w i ,.l e :l.n' ":- ;,
By the pions exerti-ng of I t:,her
Ambrose, Sundhay '3.1 nci .ý :n I ti:
exczesee praetic.,l at w+.11., dtu~l fu
nerals gradually b.gan to t1,l way1
so that in a little time l'a,ldx's craft
was in danger and hi- dr,,ll,.ry in
little demand. With ,uch a gl,,,,my
prospect in the localtly that -:i-.ve
himn birth, no wonder h," shol-ll t'o .I
disposed to enlvr,,: hi p pit' ,"l
action, and to try bh , fCItu I ,. it 1 .A u
chips more remote. where hth bht
his musical talent w.utld re It- r.n" al,
After a little piping among tht.
hamlets in the adjac"ent p trish,.
with no better suCn,'' or ;hr. atllr ii
dulgonce from the cler'y, h., t,,k I
into hio hoead to vi-it pot, .taut -
land, where he fim!ip b-i-t r..al
and better eating, bit a lot ,; - .1 v, .,->
all that, thought tie pipi.v, wich,."
whisky and the cong'enitl . ,ii v
Volume . SHRVPORT, THURSDAY, MAY 4, 1865. Number 16
voiunme 1. s HnEVE onrT, THTr8Aw hY, MAski Q, is ~~~~~ ~iii ~- -~ ~--~`t~jyc
thin oi, tiipiiin,i 1,. 1,v d. ln t
Ind Wn r n . old cl .i , tiitry .nugh. t.l l .
1." '4n1 , a land flowing . it i, lk andni
iotnyi, ai tther Anmhi' " u.'d t, I
-ly t il Ih the i,! .ul, ol. f I'; ian , bI ut--I
pitt", it a li-ky \vtw - in 'oot ito 1 olant.
tinr 1 ,ih wit il St) r,.olat n il.ti'tnie I
a. at im ,'. In a le.' w ',k- tihe. pi-I
]"r g''t h.art-sick of m,'rry I* gihalnid
al ..-o i lv ti to return hioul' to thi
1l..-." , 1 ., "o. ,n,, "f hi- Iativ, ::n. 1,.
Iv t1.. to, rt p i.kt. I1 ." l]il 1, .""1
1,t'..,,. 1 n id ticlimit g th.'re a Inhili,'
hi ..r ,,i hi-, wa: -, anti a 1 1.,, r. hil
lini , , hii , kt. 1 . i . ,i \,d to ill
tl-ul," i ;tt Ia t "" '" , - i,. [I f "r.- 1111i 11
ti ;g f, ,." vre th ] ha ,l ot' ('rzom .v,,],
111'1 . "r -.~ V n .' i.. 11.- . F l ,
tt.t , :- drunk -- "tk alr,, al.n.d l t t
,,1,. tnl m.a, Iin on I' llLit lrL; l -ida-,
hi p1:i" . hi -i" , i al ;i n Ut ' :.i :
. . , , 'l ,,v 1 t i- t .-t h,
w r:I fo tn i , by hi , t o eroli:tint '', .
i" I to ha ' ll h .' f , in th.i it l ' I n" lili
r,'ur ,l. .;:h :I l 1..1 1, 11 , . t. :,
i,. ' :: h. h th;'i
it ~ , Id , Ii1. 0j 1 ,ilt 1
• i :. , .. t ,, ., ,i ,. \ 111 ".-,'"
-il ,. 1 , i- ,. .It it" ,, t . i, i ', " "'
tr I i r .
• . , , , it ' . .... ,, I I,.. ,. 11 ! ... . . ,
,, , I ,.! .-,. - ; :!ri Li 1 , f :
l\" 1"; .k_  " ' 'n i
.. i ti. l.s ". i
!, ,, '. 0 .
, U L -,i ".. . -t ..i ,
*, lita . - I it
t '. "' 1 t 1 -' ,, . : . . .
S i- . .. 1 : .
1,i , ' :1 •i -
1 k i . . 11 1.
. ; , .
S. ' - I t . .
\W 1i j
.. f.\ c' 1 . , .L " i,: . L 'lit t i. .
i.. I i' t , I i_. ;,lo
tI .It .1
hit ;;..f whisk he quick, `hr
vit'll t pmrll Ihrinistone."
'T'le jii ,,Wi I) pruditcd, antd a Btitl
)~nu ',,.ut d Aout awl1 Yrp.rt-ttd tO tilt,
pip' I.
.I)- - 'hat gi.' tll, lie to yo ur ,
.4i. t. iit( dtleftair of Snritl. anil
'.:u 't h I" t I lirr ! itt mock chief' u itt i
1 A)' \itik at liipa, ,lJI vomuhtuipuii lt
. ito'tdt , it dm .6 that, i your Iti' nrtnk,'
I...'tiell z'l i.-t ut . o' f 11 ii-ic ":'ttt1 ifo t
I :i-: hart: ini Klloclknnsh''t itgain t
ll ''itd 1,-,itttr .l Iiie. a wiordlt t)k vt
ii. p *t'f't 'tci-t lie'. soul, prke ! v'
jul ttk Pat e a gain. ha " ito it. :iui..lti
,ý"vit' t r 1,Ii,'I'.'i - a 'i vi i' til tut
,.i'I'nt f..' 1 "i ally,-".1 o takl· Ili. hrtnk- i'i
'ast hi'l' I coai t Ing i 'litr .
''it Iti
L . U Iik ,, ;:,t'" 1... i' i t
f". t ~ " t o
I ic, ''''uluh '." mtt'' porkt steak i
, , t' hi s 1 'itt p :
itrII tl ii~ ij '.; ii 't.iIl ;:t 1:1 1
it ii
.ut "l att r eatiii L lt. n c til I. Whic
il l, hungry ',il''. ' did * allipi." ,I amtic.. r,
t, it. }.1. i' .r. - ' ra''' '1 (Pit. 4 14
'I 1
LLi}11 inirh N iotiii"i a:,l IT'' i' ini i' i ,''
-'1 t,-r txi- 1 l i i"r it'. nj .rlt
ii· II I T ' ' T
'a.t.l\., ~ ,,.two . or t r 'r . r ,
tIt ,' '. . '- k
u,, n L a - r 'i n , , ~
:L.I 1111. j~·( i. i:.I 11
i, :I
ali" tit :t',,,,1' -1:C ~t' " . !· t ct ;.: .: -'k ,
'I n ;o- emu i ,c. . n.1 tat'~"1' Alt
:l\ ~,t ( - ."
t , . .. l . n " . I . t ' n . .,
11t ýr~ j.". si'i = w. I e' t' n. anal
,1 Lit tl. . .t 111 l,. ,··
I1 . l' . " ,
Frnom the Wastington Telegraph. L
Addmress of P. P. Piltchlyan, l1
Printripail Chief of the Clhoc- a
taw Nationo.
We have received a copy of thi.s g
i viir.-i, derlivered tc the Ginti
(',lunlcil, in ,xltra .-esion at G-odtl t3
Wat,,r 4eminitry, on the 2ed Monday L
of Augn-t last. It contailns many
excetllenit thinga, which we regret we L
caiuti.l plublisl in full.
''Th' ftullowing 1,ass:age " hi. in- s
tr lrtlictry rer.arks is worthy of any Cc
-tat.,nlna in i any country. .e
" Civil governlment derives its force P
i'rotl th hse social and moral institu- t
tiom, which cri;ate a public opini, in
that iiii'part to 'lw all it.s virtiit. and
pow,.r 'lhii,,e civilizing and moral- A
.-zing inlthtnces are init.ftlcrive when
civil goveritmnelt is noUt tparamilount ini
it- own sph."re of action to itli mili
tary, and s- p,-,.-lly in this case when
tii, sodli,.ry " no.mt lsubjected to the
most rigid discipline-.
When disc:pliue is lax. the 'ol- m
dicry be-cotmes iiceiutious, the citizen fo
uiscrtpilts aitd sellish, and too p
uituny ,-iubrac,, _, <,lpostunit o or. -
i,.nt-. I, hV- uch statn of" sotittvy to act L
.s hi n h the pub ic mnisfortiun. .- it
;,l az-id Ih, itivasion and rubbery of' z,
pI. at,. rig' h:t,- oti itndividuals. ' uch at
..l., onnit .1 v our own prof;.sst.id ',"
1;i , ,l-,, a", ,iot only\ ill- gal aind op- f'
pr.,--tve, biu tit y lead to anarchy tio
u.l a spee.tis ,t tiespult ant- mnor, intol- tt
, ;;tibl, toI t t u: ii'i (It II omett.T than the it
n,, ,- , . o f all vl:.s,.s to ti,. th
ul.. of j 't i..-t.. those v. hol.otne , th
td -altitalry ri-traints. civil and ill
nlitr \', \\ I ilch give ample protec- Si
't, , ,.cur,- socitl order, preserveu s of
:U lti teaituliliii -mz - tlt.; popular mind
u.1l p-.i-at-'- on tth" in lividual char- ii
it-ir Iv in.rm t:.ing his abilit'ns to 
S...!,1,int1Ie t.tlhe g-ni ral w ,eltare.-- in
1I,,1,.: ly ctau.-i-lred, theire is no sub- L
, t. "-, t ual imiporitance to that wh th li
whtllrnc's, th.. I n-i,. i-+rati, mli , tl
i,lrpti,>l, of -,me 1p !icy 1Iy which the tn
\:-iti,i: al I n Viil'rtlt ilnt iiii he con- itt
Iun ed, i ll ll its vig, r, p tonalprop- tl
1' i pr ,t : t-.ti, ti i't o rii'cio es- dhevtl- fr
,l,"l .r' 1 r111 7,z" It f the pr,- ier- tt
: x.i o tf w I p. ,1, . a ,l "i' . ,ret...r thxb- te
.iir fith.- i:tito al arnt of deft nce, tl
'IT i,1t:ito L.li ott.jet so desirable pm
iit ,ti'u o i C, it is .lsggested that tl
i. ,g;-. : -a,, ,i ad i tl.. as will v
, it , -,.17",]] :liit! iiixl t:lr" anit Ol- t
",.1;"rl : ."i" i1 :1n,1i military auithior- ti
ri., ,' , t-. i t, i the tn, ti t fficiient Si
,-rl -I .t0ri- i ell' d eani orc :n i it of ilaw
;x ci.-t t all I,t. l 1' -, w h,:t ,,r I l ui r'
ti. a ',i,... -.U'i ,, tI xious b.
, . I . to,: l t i i tri ti
I s . i ti rub. ,t di--il.in . by i
,, l 1: ,.i ,- - ,d n ,-- , : .i . ai l i
, +.. .:ll,'-ý " I :i ll t.. ; ,i L "- - 1c11 l h ,,h .,r- ! `
tilt., _ 0, " . .. .. I , - i.te ti l,
tit. }c ,." ..t ' it. i ,P . - i "l i
" t l 1 1- - I .r ei
• .,. , I , . . - , ,- 1 -i ,ti .
i\ . - ,il.-, i ti il' :- it i' . i," t ,t ";,i " +i ;
..... ., .. ., ,_ ,,I- " . atton t " .t of th , ',
S.7 tri t tit" " 11. -' i., I
S .t '' iti t pt " i t lt'! , t
.i - , , i , " -' 1 l - "- - i
:l, i'i i
, . . , , i, ,
w-'. .t .. ' . ,i it ti- , n tti, , i, l -
" t .I . .r . t :. - ni1 . .n v ,:r ' ti , , ;
Nr xt;'k i tti clti itcitts lt b."tO Li -
.. "i " t ' uI _
1itt .t I,\
~. , i llo : " , . tt ll t
iL , . "- . 1 ti l" a tt, -it i, ' ti -
.. " . ,,f i en n - oil r,, ti r
mF_ [ + it u it " ll i 'i
,A : , , I1  , t l:'. an d., ,p t it i V
Let us act calmly, wisely and brave
ly. Let us take counselof our duty
and our honor-not of our danger
and our fears. Let us invoke the
guardian Spirit of our ancestors'
virtues, and the blessings of Almniglh
ty God, and, sublimely, accept that i
condition the future may assign us.
Let s it' we are destined to fall in
this struggle, with our hands on our c
hearts, and our hearts lifted sulbmis- t
sively to Him, who appoints and s
controls the course of Nations, unit- C'
edly exclaim, that " be has arevady w
lived too long, who survies the liber- a
tic's of his country.
Important Call! r
A mo,:ement for Peace--MemeLcr# .ofi a:
the Iirginia Legislature, rthe Gor- a
error and the Lieutenant Gorer- d
nor Requested to meet tIn C(once- tI
Baltimore, April 13.-The Rich- t
mond Whig of yesterday contains the
following important document to the 1o
peoiple of Virginia: Ib,
"l'i undtIersigned members of the
L:,gislature of the State of Virginia,
in connection with a number of citi- k
zens of the State, whose names are
attached to this paper, in view of the
,vacuattion of Ilicltnond by the Con
fe-derate Goverrnment, and its occupa
tion by the military authorities of
the Ulnited States, the surrender of
the army of Northern Virginia, and c
the =nspension of tile jurisdiction of to
the civil power of the, State, are of"
tlie ,,pinion that an immediate meet
ig of the General Assembly of the h.
State is called for by the exigencies
of the situation. ec
The couseut of the military author- dci
ities of the United States to a ses
sion of the Legislature in Richmond, 01
in c:,nnection with the Governor and
Li.'utenant (Governor. to their fret- de
liberation upon public affairs, and to
tlhe itigress and departure of all its tl
tn.mbers under safe. conduct has betn
obtained. The United States ani- 0
thorities will afford transportation !
from any point under their control, h
to any tof the personabefore menution- i
ed. l'hi,. nmatters to be submitted to i
the, Legislatnure. are the restoration of
peac. to thle State of Virginia. and
the adjusttment of the qnestions in
vtlving life, liberty and property, c
that have arisen itlthe State as a cou
seuttence of thi" war.
We there(ftr' request the Govter
nor, Lieutenant Governor and mern
b.ers of the legislature to repair to
,-e aun,i,.r-tauld that full protection to,
-,l"on- :titi pr p', rt;- wi-iU be at'tird,-l
it th, Stat,. and we recommend t,
;a..".elt' ! eltizens to re-main at theilir
t ,ItOe and pur.t1ue their usual avoca
tio,n-. v ,tt cu:ttilcace that they , ill
a ,: ,, interrul,t,"l-.
,V . ,naino--tlyv solicit thi. attn
itnc in Iichtollt : n o r 1,efor, the
• _.th ot April in t., of the ft .lowi ng
L' ,!, "" ' Lstizt is of" Virginia, to, c u
nt' I t- a i - t., thiilL et ul  illl ,,
,-,,i'1 r; ',",' " t, t1 ` (:t~ of Vl- r
ginia. \\'e halye pr,, m ,vd eat', cost
! ct f, im ' , .M ilit v n titi ite of
I 1 ':t t,  tli  , t, th - i to i nll ,'
!'In R A T. H t,.r.A.. T. t'er
A, t r. hm. -. Iiv. , Jhl n il .tch
, . 11 i.tua r, . L. .MnItag ,
I Vaytt, ic \I lltii, .I. 1'. II1lc 1mL ,,
\l, x.,n it.r Rn t,- . J.3 nh nt U'tr
I I.: I . :, i ;. ltrbour. W m. . L. (-,.
iF'. .ti. lt ahluwin. Ths Si. 1John
11.. \ l iti i l iiapl,.s, S.t . U . Jillner,
I i ,t. R 'uldilph, W m.ilo . . "iarle, l-.
u 01 vbr ,k,-, John Critchelr. W ,ll
l i,r t ih ,'m ii l:rt I have i , eeni pro
; ,r. ,. sawl ,oth,,rs whom we coanider
' enla ,s ', . Y t o : .u tlllioU .
si ,mt : A. .ei . - I-:-a hall. Snat)-,r
ifl.,,a l :u ' lai.rr: ,-,ihn, W\ ,"s",n, ý,n
it.,r ftr,,m i iari inlt J s. Venable, r e.n
ttor ,. lt from P'etersbulrg; David J
ut t, ol t.he It-u., ,t Delegaohns, n
It l titt1 ch:nV,,- ; Da i J. Saundet l ,
S- h, It , - ,I " of I)el e atn s, fromr
- itichen , l t'ity; L. . 1i t l1,. ,R th,.
!lio, sC of lel,.rate-; .J. J. English,
Sut'the llnu- of Dhelegaters, from lien
tc. t 'outt '; W mll. Ambers,., of th.e
II ,., ,t D O.hg htt,,. Fiot Chesti'r
,tih Icunt- A. 1 . Kitz. f. thEdi
oIf ii- "itcl ,iiit, Is, from t i eters
tir rt \Irginia; Liuiut. I. L.0ancute,r
I Ai.hmn wl" -lltb, i-t ti- IH ward. Icrk
Pet'rsburg; Thomas B. sieber, Fan.
qiier; Wm. M. Harrison, CObarles
City Coulfv; '-homasal ..,Garnet,
lings and Queeons County; Jas. A1
Scott, Richmond.
I concur in the preceding recnm.
Apparoved for -pwbicatie--in the
Whig, and in handbill form.
Major General.
War Departmeq,
N ashlington, Ari" 1,, 6 p. m. J
Majior-Gene,4slDirx, . York:
This Department, after ilpatane
consideration and conoultatloni with
the Lieutenant General upon the re
sults of the great campaigns, have
come to the following determination,
which will be carried into effect by
appropriate orders to be immediate
ly issued:
First-To. stop all drafting and
recruiting in the loyal States.
Second-To curtail purchases for
arms, ammunition, Quartermaster's
and Commissary aupplies, and re
duce the expenses of the military es
tabli.hnhment in its several branches.
Third-To reduce the number of
General and Staff officers to the ac
tual necessities, of the service.
Fourth-To remove all restrictions
on trade and commeice as far as may
beconsistent with p.pblic rafety.
As soon as these measures cap be
put in operation, it will be made
known by public order.
Secretary of War.
The following romance on a small
scale will be found exceedingly in
It is many years since, I fell in
love with Jane Jerusha Skt-ggs, the
handsomest country girl by far that
ever went on legs. By. meadow
creek and wood and dell, so often we
did walk, and the moonlight smiled
oni her meeting lips, and the night
wind learned our talk. Jane Jert
she was all to rie for my heart was
young and true, and loved with a
double and twisted love, and a love
that was honest too. I roamed all
over the neighbors' farms, and I
robbed the wild wood bowers, and
tore. n:v trowsers and scratched my
hands, in search of choicest flowers.
In my joyous love I brought all
these to my Jerusha Jane; but I
wouldn't be so foolish now if I wert
a boy agaiu. A city chap then
ca;me along all dressed up in store
clothes, with a shiny hat and shiny
vest, and a mustache under his nose.
lie talked to her of singing schools,
tt;,r her father owned a farm,) and
she left me, the country love, and
took the new chap's arm. And alV
that night I never slept, nor could I
.-at nItxt day, for I loved that girl
with a tervent love, that naught
could drive away. I strove to will
Ih.r back to mit., but it was a!l iii
vain, the city chap with th,, hah'r
lip marrid .Jerusha 'Jane. Aud my
p,or hIt-art was -ick and sre, until
th,_ thought ,.tra k me, that just a,
go,,, fi-h renmainel as ever wat
caught ill the stea. So I went to thet
Mttlthdist church one night, and saw
a d;ark brown curl pee-ping ftrom un
tler a gips,.y hat, and I wedded that
i:r!. And many years have paste
antd ga',ne. ,il I i~h;,k my loss my
gain; and I often ,less that hairy
chap that stole Jerushla ,ane.
At thei resilence ,o the bride's nrther. on
th' :,ouits aci the 21 iuat.. by the Rev
Mr. M~osely. \h Vt. S. Ltes. of Mie
touri, to .Mi- Eta.i crtT A.. laughter of
\1. I). I'arks, E-1.. t' this place.
We wi.b oar frue,i!s a pleasant jturnoy
i t-ether througth this worll of trouble.
For State Treasurer.
\r' are author z-d to announce Colonel
E.OS I. UIL EitKEI of the Patrish it S.uchi
tlche-, ai a canIi l at f a o Pr:Le TrIa iurer,
tII the ens.uin: g ele(ction
ap4- &,w-t!e
We are :tt.,ilýrn.. 1d to anInounce Mlajo;
5. I. OLIVEi. a- a candidate for Stat.
louisi mna papers copy [April 6 t
For Sale.
I i toi pnxhtase at very re.mLrnab'
r.i;i. will apply inainvdiatlly to the Eite
,f this paper. [April 12; w&sw t
For Sale.
\ NE.GRO f.l.O1Y hbetween 13 no. 1
L \v,'ars of age. Apply at this otlile.
l 11t SALE,--A tin andll impl1totv~lnenltu.
. :itla Il mile, from Shr.v 'p rt. 3
-il,, from MbItrin Fp art.il and t mile from
Albany. Tmhi" property w.ill b, asold c,:
li herlte tertl'. 01or the lse of lit -li citan
,he had at a low rent to any uone wtho will
kctlep it , good ordtr. Euquire at thi' uf.
[April i1t: ., aw If
' " FRF-H supply of Cream Laid Letter
' Paper. Peaa and ELvelo pe. at the
lost otice. aierch 1S: w'w.
- For Sale.
oA lad ADiDLE: I otnlr, trillh
andtl sadle for sale. ,l
finqulire at tills oficc. (aprl4tt
4 T Shr,. eport Arsenal. OLD '.It\C. f.r
L whi li . lihb.r l price will b - 1 ,1 l
W Af. W Il'.

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