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Edlt rr and Proprietor.
Britisah Neutrality. -
We clip the following from the
'ew Orleane True Delta, of May
hd. 1865.
The Northern lapers are giving
:opious extracts from the second vol.
ame of the Diplomatic Correspond
nuce for the last year, which has just
)een published. The volume relates
mtuirely to our relations with Great
Britain, covering the sudjecta of tihe
surrender of the pirate Se-rmen andi
sie crew upon the destruction of tlhe
Alabama, the border troubles in Can- I
ads, and the general question of
British neutrality as practiced at
bowie and in her co!onirs. Mr. A dans
aor Minister at Londoun, appears tI
have displayed great sangacity and
skill in the managrrement of the' monty
ir-licate questions which have arisen
during the yPar, and itn some ins-an
es },roved much mor-e than a match
for Earl Russell. In his letter cnm
plaining of the rencu. of Se-mtm a by
the owner of the vnclit )Deerhound,
after the tight with the Kear-age,
Mr. Adams showed conclusiivel-y thatr
the Alabama way in all esseintial par
ticulars a Britih vye-she-l, harintg bi..
constructed, r qr:i ip'd, ft ir aletnd
manned by 3rit,:sh t iejliec-t rut Of
British jpott; tlint tI.- 1p-rsontu- twho
escaped from tlil - vete+l thills tiite-d
rut by jlritiish itt:hi cts ng. rig.i in
in tmakitig uttiaiwfula war igiinet the
United $:ustees after vnluertary strre-n
h-r ass i-'ttittrs of '-ai. by c-tae.on of
the ernla fill intervention cf tih- com
mande-r of tire Britia yracht L)e-:.
hound and the cotvet auac "f then
within the jurislictonn of Great Br li
tinu, ougl:t to be deliceretl up t. the
Unite d State-s ; anr that t hi- c'r 'ti
ne-l be.towal of p-ecuniary:aet titt
.. Seu t-plies upon therte off- nd ri by
y iriti-h jntrt.i ei or nubject
a irtie-vanc- e ict whicit Wu e .ot
V tlle-d to stlk a re-rae1iv in their
prompt cl-nv ictlnr an-I putnishe ennt
In reply to thiu letaajitc, Earl It slBell
declared that thle ti- itishl.tG .v ernmtuent
Iend no lawful eowerr to aree-t and de"
liver up the pe-r.on? in questiot, andi
conclteed by committing leiinit-f to
the fol'o wing o tate-tent. di- gi:e1 tu
vindicate the general cenwt -e af his
Gi-vrranment touccitig all t'c: c nnett
terE :
** Las t , in ,"a t tre-eit l t 'e rrgr, t
cf 11,r MInj- st' t Gc.c1 rrmaiu:: t that
terv cehaul I tntind :,un eive, ear:cbi
-ocomply witht an' apip c-vi . t' bhic
'hIo Government of tie l';ij.-d States
may have tch u.ght tiher[:r lvs e ti itl di
to anke, I cantoit refrtitn ftotu .
serring tia her .Mejesty'e ctovern"
mient have been more a tteceo ful in
nreventing breaches of neutrality
with regard to the titting out -f cc uis
era to take pert in the civil war in
North Anmerica than the Go- r::r-t
of the United State- were to Jpreveut
ing the fitting out if ships of-war to
id the South American Rcpubeic in
their revolt agaitat pai , whcich
Lt"weve-r. then stood in the position of
a cetral authority resisting insurrec
To this Mr.-Adams rejoined in a
meest logical argument. He pr-sented
in the very strongest colors the falsity
of Great Britian to the neutral duti'R-a
and obtligation she hald assumed.
Afier reiterating his previous state'
ments as to the aid furnisheI by
British suijeocts to the pirates of hoj
Al..bama, ir. Adame said :
SWere it expedient, at this late
date, to enter upon an examnination ef
the relative merits of the two govern
ments in the two very widelv dliffer
ent stages of their condition, in ac
anitsng themselves of their obliga
tions of neutrality under circumstances
of difficulty. I am not aware tlhat atny
r-sult which aight be arrived at
would have an effect its materially
varying the views that should be
taken of tbo shortcomings of either.
Very fortunately. I am saved the
necessity of fnrthoer ditccnasion of it by
pointing out to your Lordship a cir
aumatance which seems to have en
tirely escaped your attention.
Whatever may have been the defi
ciencies of the United States int the
instatice alluded to, compeenation
therefor has been made to Spafti,
and her foll and free, reteaso has
been given under the aanction of her
hand and sole-ecn treaty. hlttnoever
Her Maujeety ' C Govertincent shall ac-1
knowledge itrelf prepared to perfi ct j
the parrellcl. the example tonuy he
cited against the Iuited Stater. but
nit until then.
Neerlhing could have been metre
happy than thia retort, and no ctate
mont could have demonstrated more
--oclusivel3- our claim te compensa
Si for l-ebsA ar et:tainedl ttahrO'taCh thm,,
a- -.an - f B~rie'-h 'anetr'u '
Volume 1. SHREVEPORT, THURSDAY, MAY 18, 1865. Number 20
Tihe afalr at Lisbon
The foreign journnals have full par
ticulars of the movtementc of the
Confederate ram Stonewall, and the
U. S. vessels, iagara and Sacra
From a correspondent of th*' Lou
don Herald.
I herein hand you particulars and
informatiou concerning thie Conltf d
crate steam ram Stonrewall, and the
United Statces fiigate Niagara and
acrew corvertte Sacriamento. about to
take part in a naval enggemsrn-t ofi
this port. 'Jihe two last naitmied ve.s
eels ar: at present iin C'aruizia, dii
tanut about 11 ntiicb frotm here.
They have both had steam up ii
board for somne we*ks past, .Ic'hain
night and day for thei app.'itarua oft
the Stuntlewall. The a'Xcite'ntttt hlerl'.
and in Cornnatist is i n-Cnse. T'tI'
symptaity of the Spania.tis is e'itc."
ly with the Conf.'deriat,'a.
The Stonelwall put into Cormanitn
on the 1t Iof kFe'bruary lta.st, frt,
Bordeaux, having expri. t'e..d 1had
weather atul Sprutg a leak aft, al rh"
the 3rd of February. Sit ;'ani, itt .
F.'rrol for repairs in the gIlt nta. it
arsenal here.. Albuut tean dayti Iter
her arrival here tlht Ni g;IaLc --mitc , ii,
being t'followedl by' tI' S tr:lunntiL
the f'ollowing dliv. Aflter tiihy ha
been hben h ere tr PO-MaO tive, tiiiy.
the .Admiral cotin:nint in g I'L"I led
die Fed'trals to la;,i th. l.,1 r . w hirt
they~ .accordling..y dirt, leaki~ng ,,.,
Cot unitiia, a here 7ltey rmiuia l-1 itt
a.nchor w' itlh st iorn 'tp mlaii tIi' 14t -
lout., when they weighed atchor Lou
cruise~d aboutrt ",utshtrtth il t purr th it
-tuotit two dlays; bal w.-:a r icrting
,"n they" again " -no tre I' .t,run a. nold,1
ru~a ie now :tw tiing Ihe tit''C r ." ,.1
the 'ato gn'nio fin' th ti n 1d " In
iha',V taktt? I Li.L.L% 'I~1 :ii tI:
for tilt 5 11. 8I;' I 1ii . ite r - I .: ,
frot the . t n Vhest. t o. . iii!
cit.ra of tL h.i. ! r. - tllii i
1 :*)111 d ' Lt' th l:*. ! , rl"1. i. 11
nut t -mrt ro'il' it tr tn, ,.;t r i tw int "i..*
priii" ' 1.1 1, . :1, : 1"' :I `;,I', 1(0111 1 t~l.
the .. 1.1ariv.d I 1', tra l' Lir tw. L
woay e " 91 ,:nd lui i:i ,"l " rl ti. te,
itil. t Ai .if .ia It the I A uir LL to .,I
.' hai tt O.: : tg . I .l't a LIl ll y Ll il . -1
wernt. 71' . 1 . n. 11 a: ;run p'
tt d vrila.t.l o , ut r' - lci l "ni I t ul ,rI
:t rn sa. - 1.1nu. 1%I ,tare, :rid ' IL, tr
IV "-: .iLg. I.Ir aImL:un L-n: nc o t
Sisth Of ,.." thri hmtu 'ir' " ('1 n1 er
AIrIl re i, r .t. glutll i riki " I r4t I arI
arnit 1\l:iaiL1 .tl, : .1 il, wili er ( rLel
:n+ " 4*V nee :t i "t,"i. r . rr~istro,, .
tagr t. T h"l-l tbr L" or till' Crl- a ti.
adntto tbe cg rr ill. ji t. i ll tit, : ~o
the "lwin -et^"" " i.ci lti h : ;;t a t
veF'el abouit 111 1!i~He. 11" r owni
r ft.i'' a, I t '.IttL Li'.. iI h il il-' :a l
tighty rt . n, il1 t1ii l. Th' ft a'"- " -
11:`' " .1 .u- ~",+ . ., tuwn w i":L t.Jong.,t
to tilhe al:hnlLLnt ,tn d F lida. t.:0 IL
rag-e lowt night Iall di the c1-w1 a(tI
alnd, aftcr .. phonling tilt -ituattionl ",f:
a'ci:ra, .-. i) :fat :. th.. Co''t,"d.-tijc
ha rd pit l Lc1 nti l, .rt' - in O i .e N r'ii -
U tAmericaI-o they Iha er; ut'I' fiL their
tuor.- t.. cAu 1 -r fir tae L j n i' :L ' i
All 11,: gurn.s ix d t ia L I. ' v
been lowh red, aoItL eLii t i tt Itn
boru d p t ii Ii leg if in. c T hio ti it. r
w'uld not turn to lant fight. hit wIIre
lup the wh. b l eight, S i;,In g pi ari tic
outs. Ali on it-,ar1L i. ti "' ln i . I:i".f
sucn.-, ; tOi tNig- iarhtain co',iward.
.It is itite , tli ' Iuit/ t-IL Ilris.I f Litn
the large gin. T tie e , 'lt e"r
nicely 011 Nuccn e ." b i nnltg, 111." rain
wnti or ar i'g to rr'
The pit iegar's It, cmithr yI t.
Couimuthe, ('r'aven. :ýhte tun ,-'
twevL' two hutwore p b:i-.hr Parr'ti
gun,. Slte :n t i:ui talent 1`. ' mile, .
but is very long. and catlant tutu
roun i in le, s tioan t alf a eiuut . to b ere
s thi rain cam turn in her Cwn
Tilt Saer.i.nento carries eleven : an
be- rdre-ii ur m ar:ir guns, anl tr
liar a clef; ,f aboiut rliý, I- ,t h..m ,r i
maen; thl' Niagara has a cr ata Li 45,t
tktun. It ii, tof g' teral pttitiot dit
Ston.poulI va'ellrd sneiJe Ill wihed
uimsn e' ".hriili ert
Thr arttSti I i.t rout t'rmnh l'.rrca
w, c.tin to I~acctt, wly tI~r.he' rL i'u
h.oI Ida inl tlrdLr Niagara tillin may a
OT.e gIt p i¾ LL thi, U.rt hav. be'AIen
rols Etteldtii II l'IttoVL brea tut:u-h
iprthi'CuLzi.* IV~tt th ctl ntph, any then
the Niaigain wna kil ed. The Lon
i;;r 'Titpi:- ^F 4March 20th has the
fitliow.in- 1.aragraph
A letter from ULnpt. Page, dated
Lisbon, antuenc.-s the arrival at
t"at pnrt of the Confederyt. iron
clad Stonewall. On liavinF Ferrol I
theil topmiasts were struck and theI
ship cl-'ated fir action. T'he captaiin
Sent his pape.rs and money on shalre
far saf-ty. Th'I'e crew were in h'gh 1
spirites. expecting an etgng,'rn-ilmt, 1
acd cinfLr't a9 to it results. IThe
Niiga:ra and the -at-ranento, bow- e
ovtr. avoided conflict. The Stone.- t
trll haiis rt w sc-aews, whith-h ill tih'
evont of a tight with theas two ve.
sela. will be. of imnnense advantage
to }her.
The ftllowing disp:etches will t.-il
the rtist. f the story.
Lislbon. .1arch 2t;.-'Te Confed- t
e-ate lain Sto.newall hav arrived her,
from .-'.I wlhere -he Il:ft tthe F.-d
eital war st. ttfl.i 1 Niagara atil Suit- t
r tn,"mo, whichli are reported to have
6hmn-ud a conflict. t
.The Y'oitv igtse aru thioriti ts ta-e
o.rdl"iere th." Stonr~ewn! to leav~e thir*
Iarbir, and have manned the fjrtt t
'fhlI Sacramento is bou, IV ex
Lisbi-n Tuettsd-yy. M ire! 29.-Tice
Contieel.raterain rti.ilit ed baa Viitld
friom this p irt. u1'i." 1*-.r:i wrti
-tlaint- , N i:girs and San-r:atiti-u i
ha .ve trived lire. '1 he P1orttigi'oi.-
a Ith , rities Vroli --it thl ir v Failing fo r
''tventy-f':* r ho'Hr' t
1.ishon,. Wednesdl"ayl , .tM arc s0.
The* F',der'.l frigatei \ii:;.era and
-arll itt o a --niptedI to sail before
the expiratin ofl the tinle ft.- rl by t
fir. , t ot by th L tlrie.", Fort. ia
- ty*v aý, -'tru k ".{ r,: the *
+ ,.".u :, 0n --".un u: v. a: 1.l 1e08.
Th. v.us a hrop: ac:0
A wI II'-' a . I at
-it lo . -int e trti N ". ) i tus,
,rm w l:tr .r" te t I L, 700 ifu:-t, rl"" 1a r , . 1 . " h t re tler
a : st .-r."* triing. Mien', in aeilli e ie
-all .. " n c.-: ei ,, that n
Ikn,- not il o i. iy wi:ere':: ti - e -
lay'.f. r, i h t.ool) frola. Tit.-'
it.:", gr t'lu rimy ;i . tth.* r proprerty, at
ruineed rcate. ord ! >v, rty awl eta, t
e1 ii i -i . Were itf n itrhntI,
itrrl i, tii -ti'wo i-t : : a lt ,- ouitsl
tio t -at ,'i t'ri l- :-as iti :: in thei
lit -r, ti l Inv I :ii 1 to t,- i achi a
ii . itir - i::L'i l. i i l.:: s't I t a' .
ulribr- *ne . I ta n' t ih 5ltl: nat:
I"".: 'inc.., wi'h t oilt color:' Id to tler
t l:.f t- --h.. -. t c t th i t"rvti j i hie, ar
Wa tuii- iititilil i
: t, i ult" tural till t timrimun. ri .
: i~ i the iortn" r o' .t. wiutu iou it rI
-t -i'i fiiriva t t tbe glad to g-tI
ýth~at much.Il.
I lTit liI in il r iicit o f to':.. Louist.
,. .11 I 'ck- .p-ru e i
Ti1'c1: i:ite ot ilt-In of i h ii.P -i.th
April ch k.ttan. extrha, to. i-a - "lt r p''t
of t1:. A. A. Gi.. 1,t 1.ron"tie:" 1)trc
of ,ti aehievenwatt "I01 -h trte troo~p.;
i' t1 t til i -istr'i in vnjnction with
:t i t.. .., rt t1 1. .i . firana ,a lt: 1.
110r:"i~it,''s tr'unti.*r r,'ginwae~r, uml ,i'r
Lt. C"L. Ihul",mnd. onu Honda}- !orn
i t:e. 3-1 April.
A tiand' If (l, -"rters iron th.i C Sl
Amt i: ,. whitptl hto oh e: it
th.- rtn-h f",r xm ut0 aril Vn . ".: . n n-*
h."rii Ig to. it ii:,t). "I1i ".l l n i
,. tn 'tl tk, ill \Vitiu'itt i ti . I t k Ii -I i
;i ft r ; i::;; hr;r,,-s :u p m 1
.[-ring for a t w ::ill::-.. t, k ut,, :[-.
lice ..f .1ar -h fur V:cturin I',";k
M on.ltag i. county . !'alt, 1'ick':r.''t
W s**s county. Stat.- .:. p s. Wit I1
zn S tiuitay, April 1-.t, all f wat
join:.,l by ;.p'ains S 1 ..": ak. ' n :,
=11 lOll-"n with a i"' t,'o: it :llr.&
cotnatundsh, to tki,:; at. .tt 70 State 1
It, nc ap . '(I:- y k.-pt 1::e colt:,- tiil
:rundav ev,"ning,. tel n It luma'tn," ."t" I
St':lt, t:,.tm Ih.' ý1i p . that :1! ,f,,r"-r
sort"rs. w v, r ." :.r in the.ir tuftt tce,'
andi' < .elp . P'ic .'tt ,"riseld a It. t to'
r. -t th. l bur~s-s art, await th" arrivail
1)'a.,[;an',::'. '- !t, jointed ithe ex
l. h:lt 0in tb- re.tt ""v""ninog and a--+
-:,lbwed the .- t:ri t'~ni a .a:* t-f lirt
Sid-es. andt t i.e deserters asked for a
pairley. Col Diamiond advanced, Inmet
some two or three of thl.ir number,
and demanded a surrender; but
while in thi midstofthe parlev, somen
eiglht or ten of the more desperate of
the dt:serters ran firward, and prs1
aenting their gon. forced Col. Din
mond into their camp. 'I'hry threat- ,
ined to kill hiin if lIn dlid not give up
the hors.-s; and whilst a prisoner.
he isaned an order to Capt. Pickett,
req nir.ng him to deliver the horses
except the st len ones, andi pernit
the ileerters to retire. This, Capt. i
Pikr:l.tt refu-ed to obey ; and after <
i mne time spent in comning to terms, I
,he des rters finding that other troops
were coming up, surrendered. The Ii
itinther captured wis 88 men and
150 horses. The prison-s-, :with1
tih"ir arms. horses, &r., were takn to I
;Gainmsville. L'he deserters were well
ntmed withI six-sh ootr and lonir
range giuns, and rnich better mnounted
than their pilursuers. The cttsuial
tif- were. one deserter lshot through
tihe thgh. ine horse kill-d, nod two p
other It irs's. b".)lotting to State1
troops, wounded.
Federal" .Newr4 Itemss.
On the 14th ult.. huth branches
of thi- Arkntisas L'gislatturn intni
t. usly Orppoaed the preops"-d a'nend
netit of ios National Constitution,
abolishing sluvery.
It is Iielit e.1 rt Little Rock that
tu;h Arknnri·: P't·r,"s.ntarives will betl
adir ':tr li tn. i t .s-atIs n Congress
early the nmi.xt session.
Brownlow, has is -aild a proclama
tion for a thaik-giving days, in which
hIt reeotnained - that "'ninn conme to
ii.' hiou-e of prayer witli fielings of
.-xUlritjtioin.iver a fi.lln toe, but with
a ';irit rt ' r'iv,"v."a5 '
i',, ntai-l court-nartitial which has
I ii eni, iIga:t t at -sliingion, in the.
trial of C(aptaitn C . of the \\'au
chii-.tt, fir cap:nring the Florirla ini
i il:zli :i par, hals rlonsd its. lavors
T',.' tinding willi au.tb't mrar'e kncwtt
titr-ugh tlh: Yavv I)epartment.
C ii. I: 'nlot.. comttmanding in
Arkansta., lots o.th.red (.rant's terins
if-,urreonle-r to (}tns Fagan. {
Since 1`160) no 1"-s than e sn
Siutsamand briganrds have b-ien kiled
Wounded ai.id captured in Ithlav.
A 11 ,-toill strt.'ke'ip"r the oth r
lav -tiuck tupont lis door the laconic
a lvertiae:enttil, " A biy iantd."t
The ter-t rr'rnirig cn opnii -ng the
stu.e he fwl A it a itle trclhit in ia b1sx
ket, inlb, lied, ' IlHere, hr is. "
An :t:ipntl :n anliike ruigt in N -a
Y, k s:ik a ktif " in his landii{tdv '
I lk ftir pr'-"-- ring her little bill
Plht,'' Vil Y'atki-.' lnatdla ii-s hecomn
rnor couish.ilrun in .'
11-.atr I. S. noote sa:
"1 1r. 'i- -. a'--,ing it any time ofi
I bolt 1 I rt a ýnl'nt in or al: la':
Ith to bI=a' I m pib in -n
I'"t i t h. 1'- ,.1...
Tok- Wit. L til- Ri p ii blt:an Iay?
lt: i . tn Litt lt c- 'i"-tu i -apgurane'
iI 1t ,f -: WitT w ti . 1i itl i th O ca o er
at M. n o- .T. ta - ln r"", in Car-il
im, 1L -it .i riti r 'in' itading thill
1: .a; tiug las die i:t. ct it broke
,.ti It se in ipt up again, and
t.a.e on h.i st c-nd tiht on tt"
d ý '.r :i:e"; Li-i e"' was kill - rd.
ithe fir. lshiui of th tinit.
. T''His family 'te Incisting :t, prtGs
* nt 't hits wife, two"" F'11 :sean two
dauught:r=. at'.- rrsi..ng in N.eylhrill"...
Navin 1 :"."t I - triv' ti ito tier i o' -s
in Eas~t T *,nn,"esee ( t1r--s .l"hn
Ien. a 1iti.irit ii, ia fle acting al.
Iiri-tia in ti t carmtt di- hrfn
,tcro Lr hirt and killed. t[akiout twOl
year- it"' c.
St . iret tie, of te: tAli ticr In-t
1 riti atid ·ii~ir bv'i't ki ii vl~ tin~
Ii tan, hi sairii.d he onuld okn d t
.I etce on Linctru' is wiman, eha b1- r
ic.- te, ,d, tie ixtcr:-s paod labor;I
en the f it ttiicat ien ad 1
.4 1 esker in Mhe Interes'r o' 6;o"1
ant iI IIrnat t.-.iii ex-Juditte ap l
rtpubsthe iin politician of a tive and
I r attenden t ltvnn u, fur Uits dtint-'
guti -e "m n.n. not very loaf a,,) ex
cite td titS . i' iratimi of bis it h lthe:J
a ( N ? cli ti ap r in f't i mciii
Itt t('d, by le.d fibr lity with which
h. rt eI rp ti tlie cars in.t do -trinert
"as of i-.:i o m-i'citte apllittl
iTilluirtii i-tril s A cOsbhantudte hnd
kli- i- tim e m y of r theu h
olrsan lila jblane tirsopi tmacti
un'in the' tr. c is paathe to bugrtiv'. ti'
<tsCrer.- ttndth uut.Pm
"igslhtisag around Matatoros.
Matarnoros, April 30, 1865.
En. Nerw.s :-'l'he forcesof Gen.
Negrete, about four thousand strorg,
known to have been advancing upon
Ihe city for some days, arrived within
two leagues last night. For the past
week heavy forces have been at work
erecting fotrts and throwing up breast
works ar,ltud tie -ity. On Friday,
the forces under Cortina, made an ad
v;nce, but was promptly mut by the
Imperial forces under .Gen. Lopez
and driven back with Emall. ,css on
either side. A goene-al conscription
of horses, mules, drays and drivers
to k place. The artillery was fur
nished with teams, and the drays put
to work carrying the cotton, seized
by the g.,vernmtnt. from the yards to
the outer line of defenses. The cot
to b, ing exhausted, tlhey have been
,iuce last evening taking the thous
ands of bale-s of bagg ng that the
owners have been counti tg their loss
es on for the past sixty days.
A general exodus of women, chil
dren and patrots to Brownsville. be
gan yesterday morning and is still
g ug oer..
A battle was looked for by th'
people last night, but no general en
g.,ag.mnent has yet taken place'-3
o'clck P. M.-although the armies are
within two miles of each other. A
continued skirmishing is kept up be
tween the pickets and advance gnards.
All Geni. Me'jia's troops are in readi
uess for action outside of the city,
while tie custo,m-house and other
public offices are guarded by the citi
z n-u, among whom is a general con
scriptior, to-day. Thle M ,xticans
takinlg Mexicans; the Germans their
coun;rytmn and the Frenchm ut theirs.
R,,unor says the steamer Gov. Bagby
was chartered Ey the Imperial gov
ernment and proc.ed-d from this port
:, 'eara Cruz and that she returned
yesterday with reinforeemnent~, va:i
ouuly estimnated at frnl seven to0 ten
hundred m.n, the majority of whom
're' said to be Austrians If they ar
rived esePrday they may be in time
for the d.efense of the city to-night.
I am tolttthe fighting is mostly done
at night There are various opinions
as to tie resu't, but all agree in the
opinion that Gen. MeJia will prove
trute to the Empire and should he get
a thousand more troops will be able
to defend the city successfully.
.5 P. ..-Battle hast began. The
autillery has open.-d fire. The Impe
rials ha've 50 guns ; the Liberals 16
C:l. Eddar the State agent for the
State ,,f Arkansas, died in Browns
villa- last night, after an .iloess of
abh'ut a week.
A privat,, l,.tter dated Brownsvill.,
Ma. 1st.. saysv: Fighting cr,mmenced
in M;ratmn :last nig!, antd ec.;in
utnd all night. with what rsalt is iiot
k;iow:n. Negr:te attacked the city
wnilh 4500 Libera-ls, and is opposed
ly 3-lj:a in comnmand of 3500 linpe
rialitat-- iIostton Ne-ws.
W7e extract frotm a letter to a citi
z-n of this city, says the San Anto
nia News, dated Eagle Pas6?, April
"Just as tlhe sun wais sttting to.
day, thei gory . t tl .f Imperial tsCi)
ertlhin -t vai i-,hbed, anld such cr:i ln1 -
llng to get acroa th.- river has niln t ri
betoir,, taken place h,.r,.. Atft,.r lin
n--r the garri'o t at Pi, drat N, gr:ts
cumllrtencted ma:king Ilr'ltlarantons to
! evacuate the pla:ce, ibt lhetor the,
had l lit p:'t--,,d over th-ir eIf.c.'t. a
cloudt oft a5t i-ot:et distan:ie ,f"t todr
I~th: the. enemyrv were c,,r.ing, and
very s~",u their cavalr" w."r. , ,-n on
lthe. a;.k ,I the rvivir just below town:
but ilu so, ,"u.r haid It,v mad,: tlheir
a:ppa!irat c;e than t!~i' lnp-p.rini : rtl..
CalZe ,, -trmin g :down the bank and
:naking tracks for Dixie; this was
seen by the Liberald-, who gallcped
up tihe banki of t1h. river. f'ir thie pur
Olse of' ctting of their r,.treat; they
c tlllne by olies anit twaos, andm sutcceed
etd in -:,'iping all hoit abohut 0 or 60.
Iiu'antr. and cavalry were ail mixed
iup in the 'r v-,r, hilt nitiny wiere stop
p.- aft-r thy ha-I got some dis
tace ith) it. 'l'iere we're not mnore
ihi.n filty or sixty shots fired. I
hiav hear'd of a nuimber i eing killed,
Cbut I was cloe :o the,, water on the
S.iver ,ba'k, and eothld observe th~e
whole as well ,as any one, and s w
n, one killed, thouugh I thought I
saw ,one body floeating below the
crossig. '1The txcit:ment did not
Ilast more th"-n 15 or 20 miuntPs,
whn, aii was quieit, an-l Piedrras Ye
gras ontC. mire in the hands of the
Liberals. 'You have heard, no doubt.
Ithat 1Ionter,.v is iu their hBards, and
Sexp:,ct that, by :i::s ;n,, thy
have all of the fronti-r. 3 ast of the
ctci:als of Prlueras Ntgras had the,
plasutirc of looking on themovicmecnts
toltrm t is sid, of the rii'er.
.'tene.-ece is thlt) twe,:titih fttte
ihat has, adio-,ted the Constitutio'.al
I. Mr. Joo. H. Brady, the last of -i l
!taue prie'Onn're at Fort itta-'
e'a-a rA'.-ai r,'- 'e*" :'(:e- ,'v
"The New York Herald, one of the
most reliable weathercoeks extant.
"The - Monr6o Doctrine is the
grand rallying point for North and
South to meet on. "The point upon
which at~h Noertl. and South tan
come together is the Monroe Doe.
trino, one of grand ideas that the
South contributed to the common
greatness of the Republic; and .the
noble argument that will glve em
ployment to our armies is the en
forcement of. that doctrine on the
whole extent of this continent,
against Entgland. France and.Spain."
. On the 10th of January, the same
projoct was broached in the Yankee
Ilouse of Representatives by fbr.
Fernando Wood, of New York, iss
the following preposition: "That if
the Southern States will return to
the Union, the Northern States cr
people will, in ttrn, recognize by
Constituticona amendment the sover
eignty and independelnce of the
Southern States over all questions
not expressly delegated to the Gen
eral Government; and that thereupF
on the Northern and Southern peo
ple shall pledge themselves to ahear
ty support of measures peaceable or
forcible, for the acqnisihc, of Cana.
da, Mexico and Cuba, and the free
dom of Ireland."
Ostensibly. nothing came of this
motion in Congress. but theo -same
proposition is understood to have
come to and through a member of an
important family in-the Trane-Mis
sisisippi Department, and to have
b:rtinmade directly to Gen. Slaugh
ter of·. the Confederate .army, by an
emnearsy of the Govoernment at
Waslhington, on the Rio Grande.
We may well ask, with the Weekly,
"Whither are we drifting? Not, we
think into a war with all Europe,
for the benefit of the North.- For:
eigt powers have treated us shabiiy
w3 "kn,w, but how have we been
treated by the North? Let facts be
submitted to a candid world." We
will not attempt to anuwer by any
attempted flourish of rhetoric.
The Burning of Columbia, South
Carrlina.-A reliable person sent iii
to Columbia to ascertain the condi.
tionu of-that unfortunnate city since its
occupation by the federals, repor's
that he found no difficulty in rmach
Sinog it, Shertran hav!.g tarried in the
plce only three day.,-long enough.
however, to leave what once was a
floarishing city a mass of ruins. The
federals upon entering the c'fy im
mtdiatel applied the torch to all the
public buildings and to many stores
on Main street. Whether it was as
the resu!t shows, or whether- their
malice was directed solely against
public buildings and public property.
is not known.
U13t one fact is certain, that three
turths of Colttmbt - have- been des
troyed. All of M,'ait street haves
been destroyed on both sides, with
the except:.in of one single building.
From Main street.. the fire spread .in
'the dirotion of the Charlotte rail.
road depots, covering three entire
.qquares in that direction. upon the
whale length of Main street. The
Catholic Convent churches, and all
,rblic eand private buildings within
that space, all were consumed by
fire. 'The enemy not sa:i::fied with
thi wh,-lsa: l d~,struction, visited
the urburbs and applied thel torcl"
to the residences of Gen. Wade
Hampton, the late Col. Frank IIantp
to,. and Col. Christopher Hampton,
andt many _,tLmr private reidenct.
onr Arsenal Bill.
Many private dweAtings nt con
sanecd by fi e. were visited by druc
k,!i soldiers. %, h,, despoiled the manl
and '.manlt occuantit of their jewel
rv, iiver and other valuables; inclu
=h,-ed. wht:: tlh,"v .id not c..d:'ry of
1'i: T p erter : ,1 that severr*.! ?tou.
t::;t wxm.n, ,ibil:lren ad a:g ~rl metna
• v:h Jn shelter--mia of sub
anc v:n to depend up-n thu
n,-ic:hi ; ;rana surrouutnling ec,,ntry
C , is: m ,: ,. ', net-of th_: c'.r
mv, heI:,totrr, c'mmitted. ed:tals in
bit lbarmt a, i' te u Irrdeiig which
it htas et til .-, t,& lrst L-rpetrated
at Cohbintttit
For State Treasurer.
Wi' are 'i &;riz, d to a',noincc Uo ontio
flSS F. 13UKI i of t!. '" '-i of \ mtebi
:cc~t'a.:li a c tn4.iiadat fiýr St..tiz Tri .a.ire'r
;et> - w·r w-t'it
\V.' a-r aith bircl to a1oi6t:cC .I ijt:
L~ , ni piaperac copy [AI.ril t;
ST'lE\ on the night at tbe G'L inat..
CBA IY ` L Ye rFiu" kr-o ' r
n-i!, jlL.e. I ' 'o't4 Toot UCicb one u~i;dc wha!,.
wide "hiM~li
footo. iic N n Ic s hod, t acitr- ': vc--i i
1,out 'tnt corks beihici. Mane vt;-v hciv
and tr~m'nd citd on bi" rigb t tbi;r'u JAi'
tfeuican brar ud. Tao abhvo re urwad oif'
h" psti Toor his diitveryt to the I jitot ^F
thi , per.
if itra~aeb1 id mile' from 8!t~evý pat t 3
F tciles front ,oringoport. and H Ours frort
Alb:,nj. This prn;,ert' s'il h.' old noJ
0I )l ot to tetrms. or tiho u5se ofi tL-::i t.,'ia p
be bad at & loin rent :o nay oy e rib, ",ei'i
keep it in oood ordier Enauirt at this of
[ace. <pt ii1; 1 iw.t t' if
Fit R ý:1Gti,
} RE-P t :tpl:ly rt Crr`Rr J nit; Lette;
I' ap.r. P icz i ni. -elo pet, at Lt~e
1'a=L of icc ?-or - 1ae.
F~or Sate.
NE ~t;17O 130Y I·:n:r"ýc 13 R-12 14
4 v e n of ar_ I thi c'{

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