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~VERTI8E fin u t lI~n t~ *~~tr I
j.The Sentinel. ýi
VOL ýXgJV. THIBIODAUX, LA.. 8ATUBJ)AY. MAR 3. 1900. __ ___Nb3
Oar. :Caa'rkt anL Nrow et.
agasgg Na. mmSIDENOS 1 it
L0a0 Menation.
ma Lad Oet-Theme we We.
mnd see vwe lear eo.
Il- mn of primary eetioe l
uiber tesims.
be wster is rapidly rising to the
et jo printin of all kds, call'
s mi wto to the 8sarrnas..
seh a s ssbetred in b coldi
t tMhere was o harm dose.
l . Coastantiu, of Lockport,
shbere drn ing t week.
Sbesmoerath Natonal convea.
go w meet toin Kansas City, No.
Ir. td. Vignerie was among our
S*rs hfso Bouma for the carnival.
MImw A. . lA 5Segoe and Jles
abbelm, of Racelsad, were in town
Iha WIednsday.
the esearsion to Lookport last
blsoy was not esteNaively patron
id from this town
If yo believe mn buying at ..Rtnwk
besat prices" von II have t^ see our
sea. "The Racket Store."
Many Assamption and Terreboone
p/mple wenre amo the spectators
dlof st Tuesday's festiv ttes.
Miss Laurs Bourg, of Bouno, has
been speding somettme here with
her ater, M4rs J J. Daigre
Miss iBelie Naquin vtisted the
Craes~o t City this work io the in
trest of her SL Valerie Storm.
Mr. 8imoe Abraham, a prominsent
baumes. man of Raseland, was a
eb ietr to our city on Thursday.
Mr. Alphonse Ga4ud, a prosperous
bcrt living near Lockport, paid as
Sagreeable visit during the week.
Tom get a habdeome gift with
yperhaseb of $25.00 at "The
' Whr ean you get your noney's
r? where is the cheapest place
o bay your goods? where do they
Sby i pleras you beet? our answer,
Sr. The IL Roger, of Rome
(ge, visited Yew Orlesm lese
ndmy as business, intending to
mm lto-day.
lhee are a great many eases of
a. ' OW town among chlidrn.
uisatly the disease is of a light
e~hpe thime.'
T best oa earth m a gama
i Sile J. BrInd, propdeeor of
SMte*i oSe sad Bft 8ort, ale
Ott Illy.
IL W.. .Bryan spoke in Baton
ad BShreveport during the
B e was etheIssiostly we:
1*W is both cities
V4 t. J. seeresu, the popular
p l phbysiela of Laba-I'eville,
"*Nesvenal day. is tow. the be
oftel the week.
h MaNue ,ole, a  accomplished
adly of As umptouo, is visiting
Min. dgar Morvaet at the
rease t beautiful Hm
r.) mt rahng old stylek We
gi? peranamento. Only sad
deshoes, of acquiirng town
E '__ de well to cosslt Mr. i. N.
an a esats agent See his
is aSther eolumn.
_IB V. Gut, of New Oretas,
I her sister Mrs del.epoly
the .mes codsd to her room
....miwa, days by skknse.
. r ourr, the popular
esr dof Terrebone, and
S gene~s of Dr. and
& uI lor the carnival.
Cetwa. I
lot choeolate, coOs and coffee
milk at the Thibodaux Drug Store.
Mines Les and AliMa Naquin, two
of Brman most chsrminr yonmig
ladie were in town this week. having
come over to witaens the carnival
Mr. and Mr. Be', Foret, of Lork.
port. spent the carnival on Leighton
plantation, the guests of Major and
Mrs. U. Legarde, Mrs Fo et's
Hot Lemonade. Clam Booilln and
Beef Tea at Thabodaus Drug Store.
Mr. Chares Daspit, one of Houma'.
most prominent young buiness men.
was in towa Tuesday to witness the
carnival sights and also atteneed the
dance at might
The Democratic campaign opens
forma:ly today in DosiMdeonville.
The fusioniats openedtheire Thursday
in Franklin, the home of the boy
from 8'. Mary.
White & Major's celebrated line of
Ladies and Gents' Umbrellas. Erte
. Brand, proprietoS Thibodnu 8hoe
and Hat Store, Sole agent. 12 l.y
Mr. Peter Fey as again in the hotel
business in this town, having asume
ed charge and management of the
Franklin House. where hhewill be
pleased to accommodate the public.
I - --.ow- ~-
Mr. Henry Aycock. formerly of
this town, but now braking on the
S. P. railroad, was in town Tuesday.
Fnend Henry remembered our eanc
tun- and favored us with a very
p!esanet visit
Mr. Henry W. Frost, the euterpris.
lug merchant and lumber dealer, bhas
purchased the Bohert McBride Louse
aud lot on Jackson street, on which
be intemlds to build himself a commo
dloes two storied family residea~e.
Hot chocolate, coes, enrumilk
sad Beef Tea at Thibodaux Drip
The tde is changing in the South
African war; the 1aglish are now
preeng the Boer.
Gen. Urlge. after a heroie rags
tance of several days against vastly
superior numbers, has ,seredered
with his army. A elm beeased great
rejoieig in nglnd.
With hersepatior frle it was sa.
ways a foregon esusi. that
angland would win in the eas
Among the improvements goling
on is towan My be mentioed the
remodelalig of the tahres hoese, on
saal stret reenUtly purchased by
Mr. Jos Clandet, ad e tuilding
of another story to Mr. Desk Cle
meet's store at orneer o Jadksoi sad
St Mary streets
Mr. Clay Cdlonoet having per.
chased the residence on the Clement
lot, will occupy the same as oom as
Mr. Clement has moved into les new
readksae, over his stor.
There I more Cstarrh In thas see
tin of the cotry tha allI other
diseases put togtbher, sad until the
last few years was snpposeedto n
inceursble. For a Igret many year.
doctrs pmrosonseed it a local disease,
sad prescribed local rmedes, ad by
constnly failing to eae wibth loral
treatmen, pmeuaed it inserabl
tince has proven catarrk to be a
coestiltutoi al disease, ad theefre
requiena cosat&toal teatment
Hall's Catarrb Csre, maofactmed
by F.. .Cheny & Co. Toledo Ohio,
is the aly corstlttioel ae on the
market It is Lhen nternally in
doses from 10 drape to a tespooeshl
it acts lreetty oee m blond and
eAar ens hUanded dollow Sor any
case It fati to eure. Seed far sies.
lasre sd testilmosala
Addresm, F. J. EgNICE & CO.,
TolIdo, O.
Sold by Drluggits, 8ti
RHal's Family Pts are the bet
The Oartvaml to Th1boteds.
The carnival elebration in Thibo.
dax is now a thing of the past The c
general verwdict I, that it was a sue
Th te-stirikes cnommented Monday 7
•aight with an illuminated bicycle pa.
rade, which, th.ugb gotten up on
rather ih.brt notice, was quite credits
ble and uatrded much amusnement
On Tuesday, Mardi Gras, the peo
pie bega. early coming into town,
and by the time of the arrival of
King Sucrose an imeuse throng i
filled the streete
The king with bhs retinue arrived
on the Str Lootistana at about 1:30
o'clock ton the afternoon, and was
greeted by utw big crowd of people
at th a.teamulost .'mding, who blend
ed their cheers with the booming of
the canone and shrill piping of
team whistles.
The king and his courtiers were
driven o chariots to the city hall
where Mayor Zereott wek'omel him
in a rw't ilaseb c ea tarwwd over to
has the keys of the tow. They were
then driven through the prindipa
streets of the town, and taken to the
Strangers' Hotel, to await the night
The sight parade was the feature
of the celebration. There were eight
'lat., all tastefully and artutlUaaly
decxrated, and retrementing, after the
Kings Chariot, the "Earth." "Air,"
-Water." "Ice." "Fire," the "Mona"
and the "8tSn," subjeats well coneiv. i
ed and executed. The costumeo ofi
the masqueraders on the Goata aMl
on boelmack were gorgeous, and the
esueic efcct good. The electric die
play made by some of the priscipal
busines homee sad the illumination
of private residences along the line
of march added greatly to the splen
dor of the pageant.
At the opera house at the conelu
sioe of the parade, the kitag ecowned
Miss Mamie Walsh. the accomplisbed
laughter of Capt. J M. Wa-lh, as
Queen of the Carnival, and she chope
sa her maids of hboor Misses Lucy
FPont, Bertha Foret and Lillian Roth.
The King was Mr. T. Gordon Redldy,
Jr., of Bowie, and his aidb were
Messrs Frank Harmon, Ernest Thbi.
bodasu and Nic. Carriers.
The celebration ended by a ball d
which lasted until the small hours of I
the sext morluing.
White envelopes 60 for bc Good
note paper 6 sheets for Ic. Staf
ford's Ink 2 bottles for bc. Pens 4c.
do. Lead pencils Ic. Slates pen
die for lc. Table Tumblers 2 for
e. Gueud. "Boste" on" tes sO
Tooth Brushes, Combs Sopes, Face
Powders, Perfume.,, all at e.
uik s OritaMbl..
There is one thing which deserves (
Mntice, and that is, uith the immense
throng oif people is tows last Tue .
day, with all the salnoes opes and
well altronniasd, the utmost good (
order prevailed throughout the day
and night While all were gay sadI
in good humor, bthere were no dreunk
to make themselves disegreble and I
to disturb the pleasure of othes,
Kr atas ol u ma M
r rd Yn n els
The Demoertie Indaeast and seas. I
tlorsl nvestions have beos called
,to meet here om Thereday, the eighth
inlstuL  Tbdelegates to these two
comventlos wall plee ma~kr o notoe
--- ,,
The tr ve lust Funday at 8..
Slaveur ball, for the benat of the ,
Immacelatoe ooueption Coevnt of,
lanekport proved a Ianseial mocoe.
The at reeipt were SS. ,
Just received 1000 up to dat.e
Mtd.WiSter clothin amaple. They
are movelties ad yoe will order.
'Drees well and look well Remem
ber we are the eheapest people Ia
town and guar'nte a St everytame or I
so pay.
Charming II Lea IKneObloch,
who has bes atteding school at
tibodeauz for eeveal mooth past,
returmed home a couple of weeks ago
to asearpt a poition as aisetast is
the pebic hoeol at 8watd Bend of I
which her fathe & r, Pro . A. lmo
isoo, i prineipL Herw may frienele
Sem delghted bw ascome .r t -ae .i
eassl ose e W saf me tal by d .
Sl Ibsh Aih AMe" . T .
]lslgai, USI. Sisa Aveauna, eLwTest.
am aigoans. A
The Lefourche Cs 1iut s ens.
cludes a review of the vote east for B
judi. ial oSers at the primaries:
"Caillouet received 686 otes in
Terrehoene asd Winchester 57: is.
Iafoeuch. Caillonet got 122ý1; Win- d
clsster, 361. At the Thibotaz poll a
Calloet'a majority over Wiacbester i
was 118. At the Houma poll Wla- a
chester' majority over Cailloset was ~
115. I
Major W. P. Martin, the emaidate N
tot district attorney, received In the p
two parishe 2354 votes.
The hanedome vote given Messrs.
Callsuet and Martin by their fellow- -
citises in the two parishes ows that
thy will easlly defeat Las oppoition is
at the April election. They will a
both .e a credit to the iightseath
Jedicdal Distrit." It
At the time o the primsse the e
registeried vote of the two parisas Jt
w. 4650. Of this Mertle red!wl a. a
msajoilt of 99 The cmbeegm vote a
for ladge wsw aSn, r a im rilry of a
0bofthnwegistered vot. Itisfair 1
to suppose that the grat bulk, if sota
sil, of the WiaCiheter vole will p to a
Judge Cailloset is the t - et ese s
tios, that is the eaga mes whik ch
Demoust aarticipatig Is a primary
tabs. It wueld thu appar at t tthe a
eaealeeoe rehed by the Casee tlr
well foeaded.
Netw uthy mAbre.
is the line of Maic are the comtoeet
aim of the old Music H ae of
Before starting tearing down old a
osilding. great lmdrccm.nts will bea
ofered to Piano purchasers.
LEAN", La. Satifaction as assred. i
Oii'O azA. +a
ofb to
At the rrimary lction of Februa.
ry 19tb, the folloing permsms were
elewtl memberees o sstbve Demo.
crite kizecattve committee for the
pariLsh of Lafurbe, viz :
For the srish at Large -:W. H. .
Price. Aubert P. Hebert, Thomas J.
Knobloch, Henry Rivere, Camille J.
Frou the varioes ward--ward 1. d
Philip Lagarde, Albert Morvant, F.
W. Ni.holla b
Ward 2.-H. N. Coma0o, John M. s
Walsh, Edgar F. oiviera
es-Jos. M . Left, Thees t
Folse, FPat Scott
Ward 4.-L A. Belanger, John S.
Barker, B-ulamin Knight.
Ward 5 --Theorule Bourg T. D.
Kent, Alcide Toups
Ward 6.- Paul Laudry, Oeippe i
Chieso, Thopbhile Torres.
Ward 7.-Zephirio Toups Jr., A.
J. Hebert, Pbilip Knobl~ocb.
Ward 8.-Rd. &ggio, H Lagarde, c
Chrie lliott
War.l 9.-P. N. Rs, Leea J.
orles, F. L. Barillerex.
Ward 10.-E-ie Ducos, Fraeos
Dewuramde, Julie Lefort.
There will bea far m Apr'l 15th, I
at the ola School, a short dieanee i
below acelesd, for the tsmdet of
Clintom Iaan, a aive this town, !
Wua lid to ret iN St. Jobn'0 Epieo.
palemedy ar the airivrl ofth
tratn last Tuesday. The deatsid
wboen aesof Mr Jimes C. Rlb
gWa d se Thielt Ana euls, his
wife, a ot quite 31 y nrs ot e
at te time hbi dath.
The 81nrmLl esteedi is ossdio
ear t hi breairved rebtirA.
T bert. liep bi -c d tle
Harome .-d I retatlvu at WLmaes I
day with an inadluihrait ul elauee.
omly 15 per st ot the pesat tsri i
oe Import from other eosates.
Smarl a I is, eve t.at beve
wdll e strieem ir the etteu boirt
a uouattmlP.l, hboul as poperJ
ea g up beore the Sipree Court
or the JuiLsBl Starese.
Amyo e0sl e Dosof buyinrows
lob impoved or sLeiproved will
pleae apply to.
H. N. CIomi
Real sat Age Thibadalux La.
- L
We hhe o e ol, h rsa of ietng I
Caprs . N. Taylor oCrowley io Id
below sadduhte, or mahd nrs. H.
I.h 1cproo ThL.Cps i a o I
aswsemp era havig be.r for men
ealli. the pte morta ofed er tie
gitkmBau wa weldts of hls tpew,
His lb to ret eas 8 Joha'es plway
olr emmuity in he tfralght ith
plae asre d h- r Jes
A Orewtse Visitor's Impremsse of
the alodauz Carnival.
Editor Sentinel :
I cannot forbear complimesting
the Uarnival Club of your quanlt and I
attractive little city upon the splea-.
did saoaess they achieved in the
celebration of mardi gras on Tuesday
last As as initial movement in the
organization of a home pagesant to
amuse and entertaI the "Cat get
-sways" to the arnival season in
New Orleans, t is deserving of all .
praise sad shows beyrod all question
that the citiaens of Thabodaux have
all the requisite artistic taste, culture
sat liberality of resources to get up
carnival attratios, second only to a
large city and sach as will satisfy the
most aesthetic taste
I have atteanded several carnivals
in New Orian and witnessed several
etrste a pageanats i the ooaetry
tmwos, but I must coale that I was
aot prepend to see each maguiiest
and oruats Soars sad splendid cos
tsame as made up the parade on
Tuesday night I ceasot better
express it than to my : "It was New
Orlesm in miaisate"-o a smaller -
seal but lmost equal is design and
The theme--"Te Blemeots"
earth, air. water, Ire, io, moon, sau.
with l Kg Sucrose" sad his snuts
was most graphically, artasticaly.
and appropnately illustrated by
eight loats with superbly oostume:)
pesoars to typify each subject, was4
most happily coaceved and succes
fully executed , I doe't propose to
attempt a detailed description of
this entertainrtig ad oeautiful spec
ta-le as that proper y belongs to the :
better capacity of your loual papers
whi.h are more familiar with data
and circumstance that apired" the '
oesebration. I Jleire to say however,
that from the arrival of his majesty, I
King Sucrose ia the boat, his recap
twoe, his triumphant procession with
bi* loyal subjects through His capital
city, the crowning of the beautifal
and gra:.ious Quees by Rex surround.
ed by his brilliant court and the I
charming maids of hooor, the admirt.
able grouping and splendid scene'
effects in the tableaux at the Opera
louse, made a zaleidoeqic scene M
of enchanting pictures that will not =
soon be forgotten by the hundreds of
spectator of the occasion. The
b.autiful decorations of the show.
windows, boDting Gigs, and the colors
of His majesty, illuminated by bhun
dreds of iumntdeecent lights from the -
business h,ouses on .Main stree and
along the line of march on otherI
streets, added a glamour and beauty '
to theseew probably wseer
before in your city.
From what I was told there never a
was sucn a large crowd of peope
asu mbled In Thibodaux before, and
the bees of it was therewas not an
incident or accident to mar the plea.
sure of the ocasson. Every body
was Sn Ie hum, fully eh rapport
with the sp'rit of the event and had
a jolly good time. Yout isitor cer
caimly enjoyed the day and will carry,
away with him pleasant remininLocses
of your delightful city and its boepi.
table citisen.
J. N. T.
----40~ 4bt- e4
Our list of customers still itneasrme
good sign, Im't it ? If you are not
one,why not Oiwee a cbance o:
please you. "The Racket Stor ."
Fire alarms were sounded Tuesdlay
nad Wedoe'day sad quickL:y respeed
ed to by our r,.me. ots Tuesday'
Ire broke out is the ruot of Mr. O,
Nlaqain's boiler shop and the alame
was sounded just aiout he time when
ev,-ry boly was wending hi. way to
th steamboat Inding to wlasm the,
arrival of the Carnival ug.l
On Wedoneday the re had br'.ku
nout ia the bakery ~ e the lee tat
ry, sad was pat out witboet much
On such conoaslos as premeated
thm.lelwe ou Tewday and Wlae
day, with the wind blowing alanet a
gale, we ca btI apprQeetat the
eselleskcy tI both ar water woroks
rystam sad our Iredepartett.
The neatest and best work
done at this ofee.
-- - -  o --, ..
At the meeting ,f the Dask of 1,a
feourdche held FIebuary 19th, the Ot 1
lowoig dnrecors were releotmi:
T. D. Kent, N Both, C. J.
Barker, AIt4dle "eps, D. Deleuee,
Johu T. Moore. Jr. A. J. Braed C.
R Betute. W. H. Lagan, Sr. Dr. L.
K. Meyer, K. J Brad.
These sme ldireors have routine.
ooely served the bask in their pre
eut capacity since ts organl atlo,
and that they mwere all rleted to
serve nother year shows that tlh
stockho bs are wedl pleased with
uer mneginrm oft strs
We are Itfored that thm aek.
holders he dbodel to aia mse the
uearalapogs of tha b u d'..g Itoh
em- ta s l jer to s rplms
tofen, etetd of eiehalag Avi
The hear d di es relected
b' dde elt of the d Imaok, vey:
A. J, Braned, pamleiat; U J. alrk
or, vies prelm; I. J. ne,,d,
ri P. e. iLguedre, ie te emaier.
Clearance Sale
Bargains! Bargains!
In order to make room for our big spring stock,
which will soon begin to arrlve we have been
compelled to inaugurate
A Special Sale,
which would unload us of the rest of our 1hl
and Winter Boods. We hve named prices aid
made reductions that will certainty -be an in.
duoement foryoa to buy now. Thlsle fnlaudes
the rest of our
Ladies' Capes,
Ladies' Shirts, /
Child's Cloaks,
Ladies and Gents
Gloves, Blankets,
Gents Underwear
Gents Overshirts.
Remember, first come, first served ; first custom.
ere get first pick, if you come too late it will not
be our fault. Call in and examine our goods,
and you will see for yourself the many Genuine
Bargains we have to offer. .....Yours to please,
'The RacketStore,"
Main Street, Thibodaux, La. Phone 130
Agents for
Nunnally's _ Candies
Thibodeaux Drug sore,
ofers its customers all possible induce.
ments in return for their patronage. Low
Prices. I~rgestelectkao. PolIte Attetion
P. L. Lefort. A.ts
Lefort & TetreaU'
5sw.m....* U. wamusa a e.
Livery, Pesd
carria couuiagiy.
Patriot St. Cor. Leves and ~lfarlet, Tliodbau.v.
Why Not Have a
3beCumberladrlad 'PhonePhone
& Telegraph Company.
loe ao. :- fJewcsr, Duialag, Tlbojdau

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