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...In The Sentinel. ll Bnh
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oi# JcaI of the WPaih Iof Laourche Gad Gi ardea o the Ttma of th TOW=.
¥u1, \ŽxU1V. , THIBODAUX, LA., SATURDAY, MAR. 10. 1900.
Cor:. 2arket .ad arrrow s+.e.
-~~~~CI~ b rSIiDENCEL 113
L..""""" '~-s" w
Local Mention,
Ysitars In and Out--Those we weet
sad Those we we ear of.
The "Regret" Shoes are the beat on
eaub for the money, all styles $3.50.
Goad Democratic Rally at Opeis
losm Thursday March 15th. Go.
For obt) printing of all kinds, call
ea or write tA' the SZrTIlNL.
Dr. John Gazzo. President of the
Parish Board of Health, was in town
Ir. Dominick Hnrang, the owner
of the Choctaw plant!stion, spent
Wdaeseday and Thursday here on
Grnad Democratic Rally next
Thamday, March 15th at 2 o'clock
p. Opera House.
Misses Daisy, Eva and Gussie
Adams, who were guests for several
days at the home of the Misses Bou
trie in town, returned to their home
la Houma.
The best on earth is a HaInnan
Ohe. Emile J. Braud, proprietor of
Thibodaux Shoe and iHat Store, sole
agent. 12-1y.
Misses Cornelia and Ondine He
bert, after having spent several days
in town as the guests of Miss Clara
Stone, returned t: their home in Na
District Court will meet on Monday
to regular Jury session. A grand
jury will be impanelled, and there
will be several cases of a criminal
nature before the court.
The negro who is supposed to have
.hot young Charles Scally at La
foerche Crossing, In July 1898, has
bees captured, and upon his" prelim.
ieary examination before Justice C.
A. Engerran was committed for trial
before the district court.
loe. W. W. Heard, Senator 8. D.
Ihnsery, Gov. Murphy J. Foster,
Jaue Walter Guion, Congressman
I F. Broussard, Hon Albert 'sto.
pleal and others are booked as the
speakers at next Thursday's grand
Democratic rally at the opera house
a this town. Don't mia ; meeting
wiI opep at 2 o'clock p. m.
Don't Forget Grand Democratic;
Rally next Thursday at Opera House,
t4i town.
ave you seen the beautiful line
we hsadle? nothing old style. We
bare vases, cups and sauners, plates
and pretty ornaments. Only 5 and
Ie, Come soon.
The Republican Committee of this
perish met here last Saturday to
aepLete the parochial and ward
Mt. A number of vacancies on
"1e ward ticket were filled. Our
i-emsation is to the effect that the
ammltes will not run any one
 -l-ast 3Mr. Barker which is very
Thm~rly was Democratic Day in
i'hiboidal. The Parish Executive
- 4ttes met on that day and
Sd and the senatorial and t
S onventions sat and made
--latos. ,All (thee parishes
pslloa , Lafourche and Terre-t
, w.re represented by full dele.
of their representative Demo. i
t4ad there was much enthus i
l baghout the proceedings. c
hllu1 the next few weeks PILras
La, Ltd. of New Orleansn offer
i pQat laducements for purchasu. E
- Pmano or an Org:tn And pros. c
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=5 tLhem at on~e. [u writing, I
maN. how you want to buy and- ,
W b prie. It will save time i
Wedein, Ltd is the Oldest
. g Music House in the j
sIlmelhlag hewl II
* . t litg wilott Smntieine. If it faill
- bew oney. $100,0o0 to back our
 w'5 co PreYenctave. It yonr
aLi _..se. krep the hr. King ('bill
l yOu one on receipt of price
,-mm tm. . •
Hot chocolate, coffee and coffee
it milk at the Thibodaux Drug Store.
Fine White Bed Spreads only 60t
85 & 1.00 at The -Racket Store."
n !. . . ,. n, - -- -
noThe rathushek Piano
is used and recommended by mans
of the Gareatest Artists to the Coun
try. A card will bring prices and
New Orleans, La.,
e TO THE DEAF.-A rich lady .ered of hbe
D eafness and Noises in the head by Dr
SNicholson's Artificial Ear Druers, gave
:100,00 to his Institute. so that deaf people
unable to procure the Ear Drums may have
them free. Address No. 4006 The. Nicholson
r Institute, 78, E ighth Avenue, New York.
t .l
V Mr. Arthur Gossin, the saw mill
owner doing hbueiness about two
miles below Lafourche Crossing. paid
as a pleasant call luring his visit to
k town Wednesday. Mr. GOssin is an
tiup to date business man and believes
In the use of printer's ink. His card
e will be found in our advertising
I columns and we sl-ecially invite the
- attention of our readers to it.
We take pleasure in recommending
Mr Gossin as a upright business
man, and have n ..,ubt that he will
give entire satisfaction to all who
will deal with his.
The fusionists are in a peck of
P- trouble about the proper appellation
a of their ticket. The child is born.
a but there is a possibility ot its
- p-rents quarelling over its name.
Mr. Caffery don't like the name
"Republican", the Populists to the
Y compact could like for it to bear a
1 cognomen by which their identity
e will not be entirely lost, while the
Howell-Herwig end of It know that
if the ticket go by any other name
Lthan that of 'Republicau" the stake
they are playing for-recognition at
Washington-will go ag'iermering
Sinto the limbo of dashed hopes
Truly, it's an unhappy set, these
A friend has shown us a letter
from the Cut Off containing the
information that Wednesday week
about 4 o',loek in the morning a
terrific gale or "yclone struck the
dwelling house of Mr. John Larkin,
I at the Cut-Off with such force as to
carry it off the foundation and leave
it almost a complete wreck. The
furniture was badly demolished and
nearly all of the family sustained
slight injuries except, Mr. John Lar
kin who received a severe scalp
wound. Besides Mr. John Larkin,
there were in the house at the time of
the catastrophe, his daughter, Mrs.
P. A. Thibodaux, her two sons,
Roy and Eads, and Mr. and Mrs.
Charles 8. Larkin. All these were
asleep at the time.
The Opseing Uon of the Campaign.
The Democratic State Campaign
was opened last Saturday in Donald.
sonville. There was a monster mass
meeting, said to be the largest ever
held at that point, at which Hon. W.
W. Heard, Senator 8. D, McEnery,
Gov. M. J. Foster, Congressman R.
F. Broussatd and Judge Walter
Guion adlressed the people.
The greatest enthusiasm prevailed,
and the echoes of thnt first Democra
tic gun have reverberated throughout
the State.
There is more Cstarrh in this sec
Lion of the couantry than all other
diseases put together, and until the
last few years was ,upposdd to be
incurable. For a great many years
doctors pronounced it a hloal disease.
and prescribed local remedies, and by
constintly failing to cure with loai
treatment, pronounced it incurable.
Science has proven catarrh to be a
constitutioual disease, and therefore
requires constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured
Iby F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo. Ohio,
is the only constitutional cure on the
market It is takes Internally in
doses from 10 droip to a teaspoonfuL
It acts dlirectly on the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. They
offer one hundred .dollars for any
case it fails to cure. Sead for dren.
lars and testimonials.
Adidress, F. J. t'BENKY 4 CO.,
Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 76e.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Tae Democratic Nom'nes for the
The Democratic Senatorial Con.
vention, which met here last Thurs
day, chose well when it nominated
Col. W. H. Price, of Lafourche. and
Mr. Alcide J. Bonvillain, of Terre
boone, as candidates of the Demnoors
tic party for the State senate.
Col. Price is widely known through
out the three parishes of the district,
and popular everywhere. While he
has never held office, he has always
taken an active part in politics and
in affairs of state, as every good
citizsen should, and has a personal
acquaintance with nearly all the public
men of the State, a fact which will
be of value to him as a Senator.
Being a man of an observing turn of
mind, he is well acquainted with the
needs of the State, as well as of his
e distract, and will make a valuable
member of the Senate.
His colleague, Mr. Bonvillain, is
• not so we known outside of his
pariah, where he stands very high.
He is a young man of fair education,
a successful and large sugar planter,
y a first class business man, full of the
. energy and push of the "new man'
ri of the "new south." Well acqusinted
with the needs of the district, pos
seseed of a laudable ambition and a
. desire to promote the general welfare
of his native State, he, too, will take
good care of the interests of his
e constituents in the State Senate.
e Truly, the convention did very well
' in presenting to the people of the
district for their suffrages two such
splendid young Democrats, so fully
II identified with all the material inter
Sesats of the State, and we believe the
r1 people will show their appreciation of
o the work of the convention tit the
n coming election by electing them by
a an oveiwhelmiug vote.
e Just received 1000 up to date
Mid.Winter clothing samples. They
are novelties and you will order.
SDress well and look wall. Remem
bI er we are the cheapest people in
n town and guarantee a it everytime or
no pay.
l MMrw Yt Hm Ahnr It
sears the
L Our Lecal Tieket.
I Ils iis e we pulish ths Dem.
o cratic local ticket from district
Judge down to ward constables, se
lected at the recent Democratic pri
The candidates for tih various
principal offices are well known to
our people, and need no introduction
from us.
Some of them are the present In
cumbents of the various offices to
which they aspire, and if the mntelli,
gent, honest, conscientious and faith.
ful discharge of official duo'es be any
recommendation for their retention in
,,ffice, they will certainly receive a
flatt.ring vote in the coming election.
In thus warmly supporting the e
efficient and faithful officials, the
people will not only discharge an act
of simple Justice in recognizing merit
but will at the same time promote the
public interest. and consequently
their own, by insuring the election to I
offie of men who have been tried
and not found wanting.
The old cry about changing offcers
is all ell sl n, good in its way, but
the wise man will think twice before
changing a 'ried, true and faithful
servant for an untried one, who
comes only with fair promises to re
commend him.
The observance of the old admoni
tion "to let well enough alone" has
many times saved people from a
world of trouble.
As for the candidates on the local
tickets who are not now in harness,
the SKNTINsL will say that they are
all honorable men, chosen by their
fellow Democrats for their respective
offies, and in every way worthy of
the surlages eof their fellow men in
the coming election.
Hot chocolate, coffee, coffee-milk
and Beef Tea at Thibodaux Drup
Thursday, Mar. 15, 1
Opera House,
AT 2:10 O'CLOCK P. N. i
The neatet and best work
done at this ofice. 1
e The Democratie JudiIeal Coan tion.
The Demooratic Convention of the
20th .ludicial District was held here
last Thursday afternoon, and nomina
ted the sucessful candidata at the
recent primary elections.
It was called to order by the Hon.
Thomas A. Badeaux, chairman of the
outgoing committee. Mr. Charles
W. DuRoy, of Terrebonne, was elect
ed chairman, and Mr. A. J. Brand,
a of Lafourt he, secretary.
After organization, upon the report
of the chairman of the results of the
primaries in Terrebhone and La
fourche, Judge L P. OCasloet, was
declared nominated for Judge and
Major W. P. Martin, for District
Attorney, of the 20th Judicial Dis
The convention then appointed the
following judiciary committee, to
serve during the ensuing four years,
viz :
Mes-re. C. W. DuRoy, clmirman,
Thos. A. Badenau, P. P. Calonuet,
Leonard Webre, A. W. Connely, F.
A. Aycock, J. D. Wilson, Wellington
Hebert, Leopold C. Roger, T. H.
Casey and C A. Celestin.
o .mca m Z -5a .
,"Regent" Shoes, $3.50. Buy them
if you want the best. For sale only
at The "BRacket Store. '
Card o[ Thaks.
The Sisters of the Immaculate Con
- ception of Lockport take this method
of returning their sincere thanks to
:all persons who have contributed in
any way to the success of the fair
which was recently given for the ben.
ift of their convet. While sincere
ly thanking all patrons, they desire
to mention specially the ladies and
gentlemen who organised and held
the fair, viz.
G. D. Barrios, Chairman, Thomuas
J. Foret, Treasurer, J. F. Larose,
Secretary; Finance Committee; 8. 8.
Bourg. Joe. O. Toups, Sr., G. D. Bar.
rios. Arrangement Committee: W.
J. Wilton, E. A. Delaune.
So'icitors: Misses Melo and Lea
Bourg. Josephine Foret, Marie Bar
illeaux, Emma Prce, Elvira Delaune
a d Mrs. J. Briant
Ladies in charge of various
stands: Misses Lea and
Melo Bourg. Nellie Tuite, Elvira
Delatune, Emma Price, Jsephmsei
Foret, Agnes Tuite, Lucia Chauvliu.
Gracieuse Barilleaux, Melamie Forent
Marie Barilleaux and Mesmes. Felix
Legendre, W. J. Wilton, , A" De.
Does asm , A, a' !ouret,1
Theontine Barrillesux, Frank Lan.
rence, S. Chiason and W. Ledet.
Gentl men at various posts. Jose.
O. Toups, Jr., Armand Gervais,
James Lecompte, Felix ltgendre,
Clem. Hargis, Edward lane s, Jules
Dufresne, Armand Legendre, Jack
Parr, Ernest Parr, Lucten Larose and
Alidor Foret.
Good Shelf Oil Cloth only 5c a yd. I
at The "Racket Store."
amga I.. Tr (iM rt n lom
The many friends of this .promi
nent Terrebonne citiseu were shocked
last Monday by the news of his
Ssud'en death. on his way to Wash
ington. Mr. Williams was one of a
committee of prominent citizens on
thei way to the federal capital to
present the claims of the Missisippi
valley for so immediate appropria
toM for the levees of the great river,
and on arrMval of the train at Chat
tanooga he was found dead in his I
bed on the sleeplng car, death having
resulted from some heart trouhle.
His remains were taken back to
Hooma, and bonedrt there Tuesday
evening in the Cathohc cemetery in 1
the presence of a large concourse of
friends and acquaintances. I
'ihe deceased was oly 55 years of I
age, and left a wife and several
children to moorn his ois. He was
a gentleman by birth sad edueation,
and unIversally loved and esteemed.
Hewas and had be for years a
useful member ofthe Atehaftalaya
Basin levee Board. As such he
made friends in this parish by his
hard fght in behalf of our people in
the memorable high water season of i
Wtite envelopes 50 for Sc Good C
note paper 6 sheets for le. Star. I
ford's lok 2 bottles for bc. Pens 4c.
dos. Lead pencis le. Slates pen.
ells 5 forc le. Table TbTumblers 2 for '
Sc. (Gnioue "Bosotot" Garters 20c.
Tooth Brushes, Combs, 8oapa, Pace '
Powders, Perfaumes, all at Se.
Demecrastie lmaterial OmvetioL.
The Democratlo onevention of th, I
10th Senatorial district, composed of "
the parishes of Assbomption, La-.
fourche and Terwtebomue, met bhere
Thursday after ees and omleuaed I
two candidates for the Senate
The Hoo. H. N. Couloe, chairman
of the Senatorial committee, called
the convention to order, and preseut
ed the Hon. Joseph R1 LeBlano ot
Assumption, as temporary chairman.
Messrs. Abner Folse, of Assumption,
A. J. Braud, of Lafoureqe, and C. A.
Dural, Jr, of Terrebonne, were
chosen as temporary Secretaries.
Judge Guion and Messrs. Oscar A.
Folse. Charle W. DuRoy, W. P.
Tucker, Dr. Thos. Stark and r. M.
Hatcher were appointed a committee
on resolutiono, and a recess was
After recess, on motion, duly se
conded, the temporary organization
was made permanent.
The report of the committee on
resolutions was received, read and
approved, and the couvention proceed.
ed to make nominations.
The Hon. Edmund McCollam, of
Terrebonne, placed in nomination
Mr. Alcide J. Bonvillain, of Terre
bonu, and Mr. T. Goorn Beddy
seonded the nomination is the name
of the parish of Lesfourche.
The Hoe. Thos. A. Badeaux put
Col. W. B. Price, of ILatfourche, in
nomination, which was seconded by
Charles W. DuRo), Esq, and HBn.
John R. Grinage.
Judge Walter Guion then placed
F. A. Tete, ksq, of Assumption, in
nomination, and Abner Folse, Esq,
seconded the nomination.
A vote was taken, resulting in the
choice by the convencion of Messrs.
Bonvillain and Price as nominees of
the party.
The following senatorial committee !
was then appointed, composed of
five members at large and three from
each parish, viz :
A. J. Daigle' Edgar Aucoin and
J. Elphege leBlanc, of Assumption ;
G. D. Barrios, Dr. Thomas Stark and
Alcide Toups. of Lafourche ; Edmund
MicCollam, W. P. Tucker and H L. 'i
Wi lson, of Tea rebonne.
At Larne:--Jos E. LeBlanc Chair
main, John R Grinage, R. Bar
row, T. Gordon Red4y and James;.
M. Bullinger.
Hot Lemonade. Clam Bouillon and'
Beef Tea at Thabodaux Drug Store.
Il*4 sies for sale.
The undereigned has for sale 400
sacks of Honduras seed rice, raised
last year from 'sported seed. F, r
further particulars, address
P. V. Moavarr,
33- Im. Laurel Grove plantation.
ays the s nsma rSmasy of the
Law. I a
Hang yesterday is the Parish rJa
For the wurder of Anas Parker.
A quiet sad orderly tragedy took
plice yesterday shortly after 12
o'clock noon within the four walls of
the parish jail. Thomas Nathaniel,
the murderer of Anna Manuel, alias
Anna Parker, his concubine, suffered
the extreme penalty of the law on
the gallows. The execution took
place according to law, and as noth.
ing unusual occurred during the
solemu proceedings, culminating in
the taking by the law of a life for a
life, the SNTINIsL prefers not to
enter into the awful details.
The crime for which the unfor.
tonate man was executed was comn. I
mitted on March 10th 1899-just!
one year ago to~day Hi. victim i
who had been at work in the field on
Enterprise plantarto was resting on
a Lheadland, with two female compa
nins, after partakling of their meal.
The sacused wakel up with a bshovel
in hand, and after inquiring of the
d .ecrsed if she would go back to
live with him, and- receviong a nega..
tire answer, he stauck her a terrifc
blow on thehead with the shovel,
felling her. Thebm ensued a struggle
with the two other women who tried
to protect the victim, and finoally
trieing himself from them, he agan
pounced on Auna and, despite her
piteous appeals, stabbed and cut her
to daath with a knife.
The accused then made good hbis
es-ape, and despite all the searceh and
vigilance of Sherift Beary and his
deputies, he remained at large until
Nay. Sheiff Beary, alwaya indefatig.
able, never let up in has determination
and efforts to capture the murdrerer,
and fially loeted him at Three States,
in Missouri, etfted hlis arrest, bro aght
him back and landed him in jail here
on May 3, 1899, before any one
knew that the Sh rift had even been
out of the State. It was a clever
piece of detective work by which the
cused was lasted and arrsted.
The ecused was tled and coo
victed at the September term of
court, nd on September 28th the
derah sentence was passed. An ap
pe was at oneas taken to the sop:res
court, and the verdict of the jury
suetained and the seatenoe alrnmed
on December 4th.
The death warrast was issened on
Febrotaray 12, 1900, reoeied here on
the 14thand red by the shert to
the accaed on the lth, and yester
day the last sated was easted is the
parish JaiL
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Main Street, Thibodaux, La. Phone 180
' I
Agent. for
Nunnally's a Candies
Thibodeaux Drug Store,
offers its customers all possible induce
ments in return for their patronage. Low
ti Prices. Largest Selections. Polite Attention
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Livery, Feed
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I !Undertaking
t Establiahment
Blacksmiths and
Patriot St. Cor. Levee and .Market, Thibodau.x.
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Cumberland 'PhoneP
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Cumberland Telephone
& Telegraph Company.
'Phone I00. Bank Lafourche Dli!din-. Thibodasu

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