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SThe * Furniture * Establishfment
CrEdgar F. Riviere,arm
.... MAIN STREET,....
* *
The Place to Buy
Paints, Oils, 0
Harness, anR
0 * Agricultura[ Imp1ements0
-Ie AT
H. Riviere & Co.
'Phone 108. Cor. Mfain and Green Sts.
Is now prepared to furnish the best and cheap
est brick in the market ..... ...............
One million bricks on hand ready for delivery.
The house and lot situa
ted on Narrow St., near S.
P. railroad. Sale on account
of removal from Thibodaux.
Terms cash. Apply to
MIrs. Clothilde Naquin,
or C. O. Dantin,
Choice Rough Dressed
a Cypress Lumber,
All Dimensions Sawed to Order and Delivered.
Lafourche Crossing, La.
18th Judicial District Court-Parish of
FaAxcols DERAMES Vs. NO. 3534, AL
to a judgment of said court, render
ed and signed on the loth day of Janus
ry, A. D., 1901), and to a commission to
me directed in the above entitled and
numbered suit, I will offer for sale at
public auction pursuant to law to the
last and higheet hidder, the property
held in common between the plamtiff,
Francois Deramee, and the defendants,
Albert Danosse et. ale., to effect a parti
tic bly lioitatton, at the Court House in
the Town of Thibodaux, on
between the hours of 11 o'clock a.
in. and 4 o'clock p. m. the following
described property to-wit:
The property to be sold to effect a par
ttiton, being described as follow, towit:
A certain tract of land, situated on the
left descending hank of the Bayou La
fourche, in the Parish of Latourche, at
about forty two miles below the Town
of Thibodaux, measuring one and one
half arpents front on said barou, by a
depth of forty arpents; bounded above
by Estate of Estival Savoie, and below
by land of Eugene Daigre; Together
with all the Improvements thereon,
rights, ways, privileges, and advantages
to the said tract belonging.
On the following terms and condi
tions, to-wit : For Cash.
JaxwM BRAar,
Sheriff of the Parish of Latourche.
Attorneys of Plaintiff.
F,.h. 3. 1900.
Where ran you get your noney's
wn' th? where is the chl'pest pl:ce
tm buy your go~ls? where do they
tmy to plehee you best? our answer,
g. to he "VARIETY' STORE.
2nd Justice Court of C. A. Engerrsa
Parish of Lafourche.
To Edgard Legendre and to all others
whom it may concern.
der a writ of provisional seizure,
issued on the petition of Mrs. Susan
Harvey setting forth that she had a
lessor's privilege upon the property
hereinhelow described, which had beenr
abandoned in her house and premises
leased from her by the said Edgard
Legendre, whose whereabouts are un
known to petitioner, I have provisional
ly seized and after due proceedings and
the legal delays elapsed will sell accord
ing to law to pay and satisfy the claim
herein and costs of suit, the following
described property, to-wit:
1 Stove and cooking utensils, 1 Safe,
I Lot of crockery and Tinware, 1 Exten
sion table for dining room, I Looking
glass, 1 Bed stead and spring, I Clock
1 Lamp, I W'ash stand with Bowl and
Pitcher, 4 Sitting chairs.
You are hereby cited and summoned
to appear within fifteen days from the
publcation hereof before the said seo
cond Justice Court of C. A. Engerran,
in the towun of Thibodaux,on Thibodaux
street between St. Philip and St. Louls
streets, to answer the petition herein
Herein fail not under the penalty of
the law.
Witnees my hand ofcially at Thibo
daux La. this 2tth day of Pebruary A.
D. 19&).
A. Roozn,
Constable of said Court, 2d Ward Parish
of Lafourehe.
WANTUD--Agents and depositarite
for Polyni·ee Oil (see the ad elsewhere)
Write to Eug. Desses, 835 St.
Joseph Street, New Orleans. general
sgent for Louisitana.
Jury Venire.
ed, that on this Twenty-ninth day
of the month of January, in the year of
our Lord, One thousand nine hundred,
Pursuant to written notices issued b
the Clerk of Court, In and for the parish
of Lafourche, and addressed and given
to each of the Jury Commissioners in
and for the said Parish, as by the said
Clerk's certitficate hereto annexed more
fully appears; we, Henry Riviere, Jno.
S. Seely, Jos. M. ¶Lefort, Alex. Theriot,
Henry W. Frost, Jury Commissioners
duly appointed as such for the parish of
Lafourcbe, under the provision of Act
No. 135 of the General Assembly, ap
proved July, 13th, 1808, and promulgated
by publication in the State offoial Jour
nal on July, 29th, 1808, and all duly
sworn and qualified as such Jury Com
missioners in and for the said parish of
Lafourehe: met at the Clerk's Office at
the Court house in the Town of Thibo
daux, and in company with Charles J.
Barker, Clerk of said Court, ex-offecio
Jury commissioner, duly sworn and
qualified as such; then and there, in the
presence of Messrs. J. Otis Knobloch
and Emile J. Legendre, two competent
and disinterested witnesses of lawful
age, competent to read and write the
English language, residing in the parish
of Lafourehe and summoned by the
Clerk of said Court for the purpose;
proceeded in accordance with Section 6
of said Act No. 135 of the General As
sembly of the State of Louisiana of 1881,
to examine the original venire list on
file in the Clerk's Office, and having
struck therefrom the names of such
Grand Jurors and regular Jurors as
have so served, as well as the names of
Sothers on the list who are known to
have died, removed from the Parish,
become exempt or disqualified to serve
as Jurors, since their names were enter
ed thereon; and the names of those who
have died, removed, become exempt or
disqualified were also taken from the
General Venire Box; after which we
supplemented the original list and the
ballots in the box, with the names of
the same number of good and competent
men from the qualified jurors of the
Parish, as have been taken from the
box and erased from the list, so as to
keep the number of the names in the
General Venire Box and on the Jury
list as the original standardi of three
hundred contained therein: each of said
name so placed in the general venire
box having been written by the said
Clerk on a separate slip of paper, to
gether with the number of the ward or
place of residence of such person.
And immediately after completing
said general venire list, we selected
therefrom the names of the following
twenty citizens, good and competent
) men, possessing the qualifleations to
serve as grand jurors prescribed by Sec
tion 1 of said Act, taken from different
parts of the Parish, as far as practicable,
to serve as grand Jurors at the session of
court beginning on Monday, March,
12th, 1900, and until discharged accord
ing to law, to-wit:
No. Ward.
1. Harris Fontenelle 9
2. Albert Morvant 1
3. Trasimond Clement 2
4. Benj. Birdsall 7
5. Henry Morvant 6
a. L. Albert Daunis 1
7. Theophile Torres 6
8. Felix Delatte 5
9. Arthur Legendre 7
10. Paul Scott 3
11. Joseph Rossignol 9
12. Edward Regglo 8
13. Scott Williams 2
14. B. V. Caro 2
15. E. J. Brand 2
16. Elms C. Delaune 4
17. Alfred Chauvin 3
18. Louis J. Trone 2
19. Edgar Barrios 4
20. Charles Larkin 10
And having so selected the above
named persons as Grand Jurors, the
name of each was written on a separate
slip of paper by the Clerk, in the pre
sence of the Commissioners and witnes
ses, and all the slips so containing the
names and number of the ward of each
of said Grand Jurors were placed in an
envelope by us, Commissioners, which
was b1 _us sealed, signed and endorsed.
and laeled, "List of Grand Jarors," and
placed in the Jury box as hereinafter
After which we proceeded, after the
slips contained in the general venire
box had been well mixed, to draw from
said general venire box, the names of
thirty persons to serve as petit Jurors
for the first week of the session of said
Court, beginning on Monday, March,
12th 1900; the names being drawn from
the box one at the time by Henry RI
viere, one of the said Jury Commission
ers, in the presence of the other Com
missioners and of the witnesses, and
which names so drawn, are as follows:
No. Ward.
1. Klebert Morvant 6
2. Firmin Thibodaur 3
& Charles Dupre 2
. Edgar Bourgeois 9
5 Alidor Martinez 6
6. J. eIon Idet 7
7. Sosthene Keller 5
8. Edgar Toups 4
9. Joseph Brand a
10. Eugene Fleetwood 2
11. Felix Cantrelle 4
12. Fergus Falgont 8
13. Tucker Adam 1
14. Klebert Legendre 2
16. Frank McCullom 2
16a. Henry Molaison 2
17. Prosper Bouterle 4
18. Hector Morvant 4
19. Felicien Boudreaux 7
20. Klebert Schexnyder 1
21. Albert Maronge 2
22. Sidney Coulon 2
23. Alex IRpine 7
24. D. J. Bsbin 2
25. Claiborne Toups S
28. Alceste Bbudreaux 8
27. Lambert Keller I
28. Paul Delaune 2
29. Thomas Roger 6
30. R. P. Darden 7
Having placed the names of the fore
going thirty persons drawn as petit
jurors for the first week of the said ses
slon of court in an envelope, we have
signed and sealed, and endorsed and
Iabeled it,-"List of Jurors No. 1", to
serve for the said first week of the ses
After which we proceeded to draw
from said general venire box the names
of thirty persons to serve as petit Jurors
for the second week of the session be
ginning on Monday, March, 19th, 1900;
the names being drawn from the box
one at the time by said Henry Riviere,
one of the Jury Commissioners in the
presence of the other commissioners
and of the witnesses, and which names
so drawn, are as follows:
No. Ward.
1. Ozemee Boudreau 6
2. Wilfrid P. Baye 2
. Wm.Wilton 4
4. Charles Bergeron I
5. eIsonard Legendre 7
6. J.B. Ldsignan, Jr. 2
7. Louis Bourgeois 2
8. Cordelins Clement 1
9. Franklin Grifin, Jr. 10
10. Etienne Baye 2
11. Firmln Gadde 4
12. Paul Seely 1
13. Arthur Thibodauxn 2
14. Loviney Naquin 1
15. Augnuste Rossi 9
t16. Edmond Bourgeois 4
17. Elole Sevin 4
18. C. O. Ronussea 7
19. Edward Dantia 2
20. Whitney Webre I
21. Stephen O. Delaune 9 4
2'. Anaole Borne 6
23. Aurelien Ayo I
24. Abdon Price 7
25. Syvrise Kraemer. 6
25. Ilebert Lagarde •
27. C. L. Hime 2
28. Clinton Falgout 7
29. J. A. Braud I
30. Wm. T. Seely I 1
Having placed the names of the fore-a
7oig thirty persons drawn u urors
-or the second week of said seon of
eurt in sn envelope, we signed d
sealed the same, and endorsd and Ia-.
beled it,-"List of Jurors No. 2, to serve
br the second week of the session.
And thereupon we have placed the
said two sealed envelopes, together with
the sealed envelope containing a list of
grand Jurors seleted as herein-above
I et forth, In a box provided for the pur
pIe, labeled: "Jury Box", which was
thereupon locked and sealet, and placed
in the custody and keeping of the Clerk
of said ('curt, for use at the next ensue
ing session of court, and subject to the
orders of. the District Judge. And the
said general venire box was also locked
and seal- d and- delivered to the said
Clerk of Court, a- the custodian thereof;
all in the npr,.t-nce of the said witnesses.
In raitn whereof, we have signed this
proce. verbal of the drawing of the
jury, made at the time, on the day,
month and year first above written, in
the presence Of the aforenamed wit
Original Signed)
J. O. KnoLocar
B. J. LnovDan
ALax TwaHnor
J. M. Laroat
Jso. 8. SmELY
Hrxa Rivrzaa
H. W. Faner,
Jury Commissioners.
C. J. BAarna,
Clerk of Court, Ex-Officlo Jury Com
Read and filed Jan. 20th. 1900.
(Signed) C. J. BAnrNa,
Clerk of said Court.
"A true copy"
In Testimony Whereof
- Witnese my hand and the
L.8 impress of the sealed of m
office, at Thibodaux, La., this
0th. day of Jan. A. D., 1900.
P. J. AucoIx,
D'y. Clerk of said Court.
Act No. 4.) 8. B. No. &--By Mr. Cage.
Propdsing an amendment to the Consti
tution of the State of Louisiana rela
tive to ratifying and carrying into
effect a special tax levied in the City
of New Orleans for eertain improve
ments, and to establish therein public
systems of sewerage and water, the
issuance of bonds therefor and
providing ways and means to pay the
principal and interest of said bonds.
Section 1. Be it resolved by the Gen
eral Assembly of the State of Louislana
Two-thirds of all the members elected
to each House concurring: That the
following amendment to the Constitu
tion of the State be submitted to the
electors of the State at the next general
election for representatives in the leg
islature, to be holden on the Tuesday
next following the third Monday in
April A. D. 1900 to-wit:
Article I. "The special tax or public
improvements, voted by the property
taxpayers of the City of New Orleans
on June 6, 1890, and levied by the City
Council, by Ordinance No. 15,11 ap
proved June 22, 1800, is hereby ratified,
and its validity shall never be question
ed. The special act adopted by the
Legislature at the Special Session held
on August 8, 1899, constituting the
Sewerage and Water Board of the City
of New Orleans, authorizing the City of
New Orleans to issue bonds, and provid
ing the means to pay the principal and
interest thereof, and for other purposes
cognate to the purposes of the special
tax aforesaid, is hereby ratified and
approved, specially including the there
in reserved legislative right to amend
the same; and all provisions of the pre
sent Constitution in conflict with the
provisions of said act, and with this
amendment, are to that extent and for
that purpose only repealed."
Section 2. Be it further resolved. etc.
That on the official ballots, to be used
at said election, shall be placed the
words, "For the City of New Orleans
Public Improvement amendment;" and
the words, "Against the City of New
Orleans Public Improvement Amend
ment," and each elector shall indicate,
as provided in the general election laws
of the State which of the proposition
"for" or "against" he votes for.
Speaker of the House of Representa
Lieutenant Governor and President of
the Senate.
Approved August 18th, 1800.
Governor of the State of Louisiana.
A true copy:
Secretary of State.
Feb. b.10w.
18th.Judicial District Court,-Parish of
SrecssIlow or Mar. VALzr BaRAUx,
No. 1540 PaonATas.
"toan order and decree of the above
Court, and to a Commission to me diree
ted in the above entitled and numbered
Succession. I will offer for sale at pnb
lie auction prsuant to law to the -as)
and highest bidder at the Court House
in the ofewn of Thibodaux on
between the 1- urs of 11 o'clock a. m.
and 4 o'clock p. m. the following des
cribed property to-wit:
1. A certain portion or parcel c4and,
situated in the town of Longueve in
the parish of Leafourche on the right
bank of the bayou Lafourche, at about
twenty-two miles below the town of
Thibodaux, being square or block No.
twenty (20) as represented on a plan of
said Vllge, made by Allou DHeme
court, Deeember, 25th, 18U, said square
or block No. twenty containing eight
lots of ground with a front of two hun
dred and twenty feet on Eighth street,
by a depth of three hundred feet;
Bolunded in front by Eighth street, on
the lower side or Houth by Barataria
street; in the rear or West by Seventh
street, and on the upper side or North
by Lafourche street.
2. Two certain lots of ground situat
ed in the same Village, and on the same
bank of the Bayou, and at the same
distance from Thibodaux, being lots
os. three and seven (S and 7) in block
or square No. Twentyone (21); said lots
measure Fifty-Five feet front, or in
width, each, by a depth of one hundred
and Fifty eet each, and are bounded in
front byEighth street,on the lower side
or South by lots Nos. 4, and 8, of said
Block, in tae rear or street, by Seventh
street, and on the upper side or North,
by lots Noe. 2 and tlof said Block; To
gether with all the buildings and im
provements thereon on the following
terms and conditions vis: For Cash to
pay debts.
Sheriff of the Parish of Lafourche.
BsATT-r a& BArrrTr AttysofSucession.
February 24th. 1900.
The Porto Rican bill which passued
the house, and waill most likely pass
the senate, only provides for 15 per
cent of the present Dingley taril on
iall products of that island, and that
only for a period of two yearum, at is
The Democrats in congress voted
against it because they Ibink the
'constitution follows the flag", and
that, under the constitutiou, one parti
of the territory of the United 8tates a
cannot, or at least ought not, be I
discriminated against in favor of the
leat of the country.
An issue has thus been sprung
which will he the subject of earnoeta
contention among tha people of the 1
union in the coming presidential a
It begins to look as though the
United Slates bad become possessed I
of Pandota's box by the treaty of
Paris, and mow that the lid has beeno
rised no one can foreteol the enI of I
the troubles we have borrowed.
Tbe State coveatsos of the Daugh
term of the Confederacy. which a+sem
blell Ii.t week in New Orleans elected
the fo'lowiog officers -for the ensuing
President. Mrs. J. Pinckney Smith,
New Orleans; first lice presid.nt,
Mrs. T. B. Pugh. Napoleonvil:E; sec.
and vice president, Mrs Newton
Blantchard, Shreveport; third vice
president, liss Matu McNGrath,
Batou LouPge; foul th vice president.
Mr-. J W. LBbh.n, New Orleans;
Steasnrer, Miss M.lamie Wailh, Thibo
daux ; corresponding secretary, Miss
Cora Richardsoo, New Orlens ;
" recording secretaery, Miss Diana San
drrs, Fiaklin : historian, Mrs. F. O.
Freret, New Orleans; registrar, Miss
Adele Landry, Opelosas.
The SENTNEL congratulates Miss
Walsh on the signal honor conferred
upon her in electing her treasurer.
Besides this she was chosen by
" Mrs. J. Y. Gilmore as a member of
. the committee selected to take charge
of a room in the Coufederate Museum.
NEW ORLEANS, Oct 19, 1899
Da. H. R. CAnTaa, Surgeon,
U. S. Marine Hospital Service,
My DearSir:-I am directed by the
Health and Quarrntioe Committee of
the New Orleans Board of Trade,
Ltd., to ask if in your experience
covering the Seasons of '97, '98 and
'99 there has come to your know
ledge, any case of infection having
been carried to auy locality in mer
chandise shipped from New Orleans
u under the tlanta Regulations ?
Do you know. or have you beard
r of any case of yellow fever in Missis
si1ppi or Louisiana which is directly
attributable to infection from mer.
chaidise shipped from New Orleans
under the Atlanta Regulations ?
e Thatking yo*i in advance for your
promptness, I remain,
r Yours very truly,
(Signed) HY. H. SMrra,
SNsw OnRLANs, Oct. 21st, 1899.
MI. H arY H. Surra,
Secy. New Orleans Board of Trade.
Dear Sir :-In answer to your
letter of the 19th inst.. I wou!d Pay,
I have no knowledge of any infection
f of Yellow Fever having been c'rried
during the Seasons of '97, '98, or
' this one, by freight shipped under
the "Atlanta Rules;" I will say
- further, that so far as I know, no
infection has ever been ascrihed by
any one, as arising from freight so
shipped. That shippedl in '97 was
before the Atlanta Convention, but
the ru!es under which the Marine
Hospital Service then worked, were
identically the same as those after
wards adopted by this Convention.
Very respectfully yours,
(Signed) H. B CAaTrs,
Surgeon M. H. 8
westhll Bhlletla of New lass.
By Your Side.
A Rabbi's Daughter.
Breathe Those Tender Words
Back to My Home in Illinois.
The promises You Made on Your
Wedding Day.
Sweet Irene- Schottische.
Silver Jubilee-March.
Down South i.i Allabama-March.
The Roost-March.
See oar line of Men's Negligee, and
latest style colored shirts, the 'Racket
Bon. Robert 8. Perry, of New lbe~
ta, aged 65 years, died at his reel.
dence last Saturday evening. The
decessMed was one of the tew promi.
neat figures in southwest Louisiansa
who left his impress apon the State's
history during the reconstruction
lays. He was a member of the State s
Senate and served a term opon the
circuit beach. He was a promiment
lawyer, and at the time of his death
wes commander of the Robt. 8. Perry
Caml,, United Confederate Veterans, 4
No. 670, which organisation paid
military honors to the deceased. Be
leaves a son and two daughters who. 4
together with ihe State, mourn the
loss of a sterling mau.-Meridional.
Extract from Judge Ouio's Don.
ildsonville speech:
',Besides, fellow-citiuena, has it
ever occured to you or to those who
are actively oplosiug the Democratic
party that to that party is due the
crelit of having provided for the pen.
nioning of the soldier and sailor of
the "lost cause" and their widows,
anlt that an annual appropriation is
uow made for the support of the
disabled indigeit vetersan of the Coo
federacy ?
Isno't this, of itself, enongb to entitle
that party to rome recognuition, or at
least to shield ii from the shafts of J
bitter deoutnciai.on coastautly hurled
against it ?
To my miid, teliowr aisens no lof
tier object could be conceived, no
higher or cob:er purpose aecomp!t'hed
than the ministering to the wants of
the old soldier wirh, wore the gray.
Unfortnastely there is such an
iosatiate lust today for the almighty
dollar that sentlment is regdlid al
most as a hiodrance to the mercles
wheels of progress, and yet the Des.
ocratic party. in the midst of its tri.
umphs, was not unminadful of its obil -
gation, as a liberty loving party, to
the msimed heroes of the Confedera.
cy, and out of the treasury of the
people poured what scant pensioo the
inanoces of the state could sord, to
relieve their distress and provide -
them with shelter.
What nobler aspirations or loftier
purpose. dc Iluk you, can you coo. a
ceive of" 5
irs T- .Alberti, the obliging pr.
prietress of- the .ichnever Hoael
desires the travelling public to know
that she is prepared to furnish meals
at ali tines, from a sandwich or a
cup of hot coffee to the must recher
che di.n'r. The htel is connected
hy 'phone with Thibodnlx aud I.'n
ma, and orders can he given when
you leave either town to he s.rvt;(l
ca arrival at Schriever. Hotel service
In the course of his Donaldson
ville speech Judge Ouion remarked:
Besides, who are these saviors who
propose to ref rm the politics of this
state and who so bitterly denounce
ring methods and machine politics,
as they choose to characterize the
present exsting condition of affairs
in the state ?
How was the ticket nominated, it
ever nominated at all, that is today
arrayed against that nominated at
BatonRouge, with the Han. W. WV.
Heard as its sundard-beard ?
It is needless to go into details,
for many of you are familliar with
the starchamber proceedings by
which, after several unsuccessful at
tempts on the I;art of the Howell
Herwig combine to fuse with the
populists, a committee, representing
both, gave birth to a mixed aggrega
tion of independent Democrats, Repub.
licans of the old school sad :reed and
populists, which calls itself a ticket,
but as yet unnamed. And all of
this in the name of reform and good
government, and for ofie.
If this ticket is not of the very
essence of "rnigism" and one man
power, then I fail to understand tie
full import and meaning of the term,
for the people ..pected to support it
had as much to do with its selection
as you or I. In making this state
ment, I do so with the firm belief that
the populists of this state whose
watchwosd is white supremacy, can
not li ve realiz4A that the committee
which dealt with thair reresentatives
in makirg up the ticket which they
are now asking to support was
bro,,ghl into existence by awlnd held
its authority to act from a state com.
mittee illn whirh there w,.re, at the
tinme. several ieg os, some (.f whom
have been prominent in the politics
of this state, and who had a voice in
its selection.
No, fellow citizens, I am not willing
to believe that the people of this
state, who hattled so bravely and
under such trying conditions to place
the reins of government in the hands
of the intelligent and virtnous, will
ever consent to surrender them back
into the keeping of those who once
degraded her.
Knsatuky pule sad Horses.
I desire to lnform my friende and
the public in general, that after Dec.
25, 1899, I will have at Mr. W. C.
Ragan's stable, a fine lot of Kentucky
mules and horses, whichl will dispose
of at reasonable prices, call and see
Notice To Invessors.
Any one desirous of buying town
lots, improved or unimproved will
please apply to.
H. N. Couosa.
Real Estate Agent Thibodaux La.
32 2t.
a Irass Usa ors
Lowney's Chocoltates,
8ewards Choc. & Bonbons,
W eward's French Fruits,
Runkle Bro. Cake Chocolate,
L fresh assortment of Cakes receved
every Thursday......... -
Sheet Metal Works,
Wx. Kuanz, Mon.
Guttering, Spouting, Roofing,
Sky Lights,. Ventilators, Car
nices, blow Piping. Slate roof
ing and repairog. Plantation
work a specialty. All work
promptly attended to. Satis
factton guarnnteed........ ...
SoHP nR N. N. orPO.
c-umeraUo ,o, -e. f
A. L. DOIAUD, Prep.
fFirst class accommoda
tion for Commercial tra
velers. Sample rooms
on the premises.
Afourche Croeasing, -. - La.
Do not frea
Thilodans 8,0 sail
line of the highug
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