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rh< Weth thihiodmiAt thisnOffic
Offioi& Journal of the Parish of Lafourohe and Guardian of the Interest of the Town.
.m n 0
Cor. Market and Narrovw Stl.
L.. ********************
Local Mention.
e In and Out--Those we EMst
sad Those we Hear of.
The "Regent" Shoes are the he'.t on
for the money, all sty'les $3.50.
ae, Job printing of all kinds, call
s or write to the SENTINEL.
Miss Laura L.egendre who spent
.sepl weeks in town visiting friendls
ad relatives returned to her home
b Lobkport
A Democratic ward meeting took
-i last Sunday afternoon in the
btu ward of Ttrehbnne, anld was ad.
,bmoele by Messrs. W P. Martin, A.
y W. Connelly sad Judge Cailltout.
Thre was a large attendance of the
tMers of the ward and a great deal of
. best on earth is a Hannan
-ha Smile J. Brand. proprietor of
tibodaux Shoe and Hat. Store. sole
asmt 12-ly.
Have you seen the beautiful line
w bandle? nothing old style. We
Mave vases, cups and sacers, plates
sad pretty oruaments. Only 5 and
tk. Come soon.
The proceedings of the police jury
a~pear in this issue.
Seward a high class chocolates and
bonhous in oun lb boxes at Caudy
:itcheo. 34
[lon. W. W. Heard and %Mr. W. S.
Irazee amrrved here unannounced
'Wednesday afternoon, and were quasi
ally received undl driven to their ho
it They stole a mnruorh on the ('mor
sittee who had male all th. Ie'(',sa
ty preparations to we;come the fu
tIr governor of Louisiana on Thurs
iy noon.
But that is Mr Hear.r's plain, un.
lA.-toas way, which chlaracerizes
L-ass a man of the people.
Aeie ITi Kind Yet He Ahwas Bauptt
siegent" Shoes, $3.50 Buy them
ouwant the best. For sale only
St The "Racket Store. '
California Fig Per|fecti.n i, 5 and
1i boxes at Candy Ki.tchen.
That was a heavy rain which fell
tnrday morning.
il ecean you get your noney's
I where is the cheapest pllce
*bsy your goods? where do they
t- please you best? our answer,
1'alRepublican Fusion Party" is
rns of the combine ticket, and
dpbant, Its emblem.
Ab assin g of the name is known.
tthenolorof the animal Is unde.
4i it is suggested that it take
tiagated hue of the Alexandria
EaWSS-rwhite, black, and caf4.
S  spobleans of Indiana are up
Naai5st the Porto Rican hill
Tmeld is the House by the
majority, under the party
lbuds the bill has created'
. pIsl among toe rank and
i party that it stands an I
(tace of dying in the
U St being amended beyond I
It would seem that there
meain the rank and file of
i a p. who put partriotism
parttenanism than it
m Banna and the other bold
that paltr had reckoned e
ai in order for local Repu
Ogaia who h:,d opl'enedl their I
** Nm'uvrat lelpresU.ntatlive
- dl against the Porto lhc.i I
they believe it violates
Ofatitution. to turn their
l. the many prominent I
t their own Ipar!y, in con- '
tlOUto itO, wLo olpo.e the .
I ot d&oolate, coff.e, coffee milk
ha Tea at Tlhtlodaux T)rug
Hot chocolate, coffee and coffee
t milk at the Thibodaux Drug Store.
Fine White Bod Spreads only 60c
85 & 1.00 at The ' Racket 'tore."
TO TIlE IDEAF.-A rich lady, cured of her
Deafesae and Notes in the ilead by D)r.
Nicholson's Artifiial Ear i)rutrv. gave
1 $140.r,0 to his Institute. so that deaf people
unable to procure tfie Eat )rlulls may have
them fror. Address No. 4096 Tht Nicholson
Institute, 7Th, ilghth Avenue, New York.
Is The Republican Fusion people held
IC their ratification meeting in Houma
last Wednesday week. We are
k informed that the meeting was not
e of very large proportion, although
many Democrats went to swell the
The speakers advanced ,he usual
f arguments in stock on their side,
except Senator Caffery who, it seems
ventilated to some extent his ultra
free trade ideas, to the indefinite
e disgust of many of his high
protection auditors and the evident
dllcomf-rt of those who had invite-.
, him to the 'good land" ot our sister
u parish.
A But, then, that is just Don
SCalery's way ; he is always liable
to go off half cock'ed or
to shoot in the opposite direction
y from that in which his gun is pointedl.
Whether through dhs-ign or pure
d "cussedness," we know not ; but he
does It all the same. Tru'y, for a
smart man he is a curious one.
Something New
u 'res i.iiisl without mcedleine. It it falls
we r. futni )your mnole. $1().otKO t, back our
guarantete. A sre pre'vntative it ,our
druggist do,"a not keep flte Ir King ( hill
Pad we will mail you one on receipt of price
$100. THE It. KINti UHILL PAl i'o.,
lemptnh is. Tenn. 9-Iv
5Having hbardl that some one hi.
been circulating rumors that I was
selling out the Empire Hotel. I take
this opportunity to inform my friends
and palrons that said rumors are en
tirelyv unfoun led and are circulated
hI malicius i,,.Rsons who are antag
1 onistic to the. Emnlire [louse.
C a s . a 0 A L ..
aI i the The Kind You Ha Always Bmfst
The neatest and best work
done at this office.
Card of Thanks.
The Thibodaux Carnival Club de
sires to thiank all persons who in any
way contril:uted to make the first
carnival celebration in our City so
grand a success.
The a-sistance tendered us by out
enterprising citizens is highly appre
elated, and we assure them that it
will ever be kindly remembered.
Our special thanks are cendered to
our worthy aid dlignified King-Mr.
T. Gordon Reddy. Jr.-and our love
ly Queen-- liss Ma1nie WalIh-who
contributed largely to the brilliancy
of our undertaking.
R. J. NAQc~N,
Committee on Resolutions.
There is more Catarrh in this se
tion of the country than all other
diseases put together, and until the
last few years was ulupilosed to he
ipcurable. .'or a great many years
doctors prVou'need it a local disease,.
and pescribed Jocal remedies, anti by
constiunlly failing to cure with local
treatment, proourced it incurable.
Science has proven catarrh to be a
tonstitutioual disase, and therefore
requires constitutional treatment
Halls Catarrh Cure, nanufactlured
Iy F. J. C(heoey & Co.. Toledo. Ohio, i
is the only cosostitutional cre on the ,
market. It is taken interjally in
doses from 10 drops to a terslspo~onful.
It acts directly on the blookd and
mucols surfaces of tile system. They
offer one hlundlred dollars for a'yI
case it failb to cure. Send for circu
lars and testimonials. (
SAddress, P.J. CHENEY & CO.. 1
Toledo, O.
Sold by Driggists, 75c.
Hill's Fazily Pills are the best I
The Banding Force of Primaries.
0 The Vindretor News, the original
f Caffery organ, objects seriously to
the rule of the Democratic Committee!
of St Mary, binding all who partiei.
pate in the primary election to abide
a the result, and to support the
We wonder how any honorab!e
man can object to such a rule? It
is in consonance witn good morals,
with justice, and with good politics.
In fact, the obligation
to abide the result of a primary and
support the nominees in the general
election, is the one undertaken by
S every participant by the very nature
of the act of voting in the primary,
e and he is bound, regardless of any
specific rule adopted by the com
Primaries are held for the purpose
of ascertaining the will of the majori
' ty of the members of the party, and
thc tacit agreement unnlerlyir.g this
party action and inderstoii by all is
thatparticipants shall be bound by the
results, by the will of the majority.
d"The rule of the majority" is the very
a corner stone of the Democratic fabric
e and is so familiar to all that it seems
strange that an organ which has,
until so recently, claimed to be
e Democratic, should have so forgotten
it as to inveigh against it.
If this were-not the rule governing
primary election, pray, what would
s be the object of holding a prima-y
" electiou? If this were not the rul-.
e what would become of honor and
good fai:h, among the members of a
t party, and on wuat principle wonllt
you rest party di-cipline ? Argue as
r you will on the point, you cannot
get away from the proposition that
bouor and good faith bind all whj
participate in a primary election t,
r abide the result acil support the nom
i-ees. That is the only honor'abie
course left to participants to pursue..
The only way to avoid it honorably
is to keep out of the primary election.
Whoever goes into it, binds him
self by the nature of his act, to t
abide the result and to support the
Just received 1000 up to date
lid.Winter clothing samples. They
are novelties and you will order.
Dre-s well and look well. Remem
her.we are the cheap.st'loople in
town an iguaranteC a fit everytimr, or
no pay.
For Infants and Children. •t
The Kind You Have Always Bought'
Bears the
Signature of ýý / 0
Chocolate Roasted Almonds 10ve
per box at Candy Kitchen.
Tae New Democratie cutiveC Oom.
mittee Organi d.
The members of he new Democra
tic Executive Committee of the par
ish of Lafourche, electionof Pelruarv E
19th. met here last Thursday week fL
and effected its organization by n
eleeling Capt. .J. M. Walsh, president; d
Mr. F. W. Nicholls, vice president; T
lion. H. N. Coulon. o
There was a pretty- fuill attendance, tr
twenty six members, out of a mem. T
bership of thirty five, being present ti
A sub executive or campaign com- w
mittee of five namely, Capt. J. M. ar
Walsh, Albert Morvant, Judge L. P. g
Caillouet, F. W. Nicholls and Henry ir
Riviere, was then appointed and w
given full charge of the coming w
campaign. w
--- *Q *1 *-1,----g
Oourt In Sesion. o
Distrtct court opened Monday in II
regular jury see-ion. Th@ following vi
graunl jury was impoanelled to serve w
until the O'ex jury session, vis: tl
Messrs. Edward Reggio, foreman l<
Cha(s. La:rkin, Henry Al,rvant, Louis T
J. Trone, l'Pal Scott, Trasiunoud Cle- e
ment, Elma C. Delaune, Edgar ts
Ba, rnon, Alfred Chauvin, Scott in
Williams Theophile Torres, and Flix al
)elatte. ci
The grand jury adjourned Wednes ti
day. after .uresenting its final report is
ir, which it congratulated the people
of the parish upon the decrease in aS
crime, and mulde s'veral suggestio' s ei
te the p)olice jurors as to needed re- .
pairs on public buildings, t
In the case of Matthew Tablet the o0
grand jury returned "a true bill" for t(
murder, while in the case of Charles ri
Gilbert, charged with "not a true
bill." tt
Good Shelf Oil Cloth only cbe a yd. d
at The "Racket Store." t
The Democratic Rally.
at Thursdla was the clay fixed for
to the grand rally in Thiiodaux. All
e nc,*essary preprarations had been made
fir one of the gan lest Democratic
rallies ever held h re, and had the!
I weather not interfered the bosts of the
Sounterrified Democracy would have
assembled here in such numbtie as
'e had never been witnessed before.
tlBut the old Frenu h proverb says:
"lp'homs e propose, meis Dien dis
pose;" and that is just whathappened
* last Thursday.
n The day wia ushered in with a
d blustering wind and a pelting rain,
l which lasted, with slight intermission,
throughout the day, and culminated
with cold raw weather by night
e with a freeze yesterday morning.
The weather was so bad, that even
y dentzens of the town were loath to
venture out.
Notwithstanding this iinaepportable
state of the weather, when the meet
a ing was called to order at the
i- appointed time, there were some four
or fle hun Ired voters assembled in
the Opera House, eager to hear good
o:d Democratic doctrime. Many of
these voters had come on the Steamer
e iouis·ana all the way from the
r. Cut Off and even from below that
p~oint, and many from various points
between the Cut-Off and here.
The meeting was to order by Capt.
s J. M. Walsh, chairman of the Parish
Democratic Executive Committee,
e who called the Hon. Andrew Price to
presidte over the meeting and appoint.
ed Messrs Paul Meyer, John B.
Taylor and Francis L. Kuobloch
Mr. Price preslded with digrity
f and ability, making apt ropria:te
remarks in presenting each speakers I
oA) the audience.
The afternoon meeting was ad- t
dressed by lon. W. W. Heard, Con
gressman R. F. Broussard and Sena- º
tor S. D. McEnery, and their address
es were listened to with marked at.
tentlon and evident interest and sym
pathy. They were geuerously and I
repeatedly applauded.
Another meetisg was held at 8 t
o'c'o k which was fairly atterWled. 
notwithstanding the bitter cold wind i
and damp weather. It wasadlressed t
by Gov. M31. J. Foster and Judge t
Guinn who made stang speeches. I
Gov. Foster took occasion to
answer Mr. Sholars's attack on his a
title, and did it so successfully that he t
sqi!elch.d most +ff-.ctivcly the "lro i
digy" from Ouachita He also an t
sweredl and r, fut d attacks made on f
him and his alministration by senator t
Caff-ry and Senator Caffery's Son j
and by our distinguished fellow t
citizen, Judge Beattie. The Govern. u
or has given all these gentlemen a
plenty of food for reflection, and we a
won I not be surpris.ed to hea:r Sena- k
tfor Catffry and others inquire : a
"WV'here atm I et ?" as Senator did in d
his opening speech. u
Owing to the latenes of the house, s
Mr. W. S. Frazee, who was to speak y
at the night meeting confined himself ti
to a few remarks, expressive of his
pleasure at meeting the Democracy ,
of Lafourche and returning his a
sincere thanks for its ardent support, F
of his cause in the nominating con- g
ve ition.
Taken all and in all the meeting ti
was a decided success.
WA S -- --O N L T E -
(Prom our reqularOorrespo~nsdet1.) T
WAsHINGTON, .MA. 2, 1900. &
The Republican leaders of the
House are still shaking from the
fright given them by their 1
narrow escape from a humti:ating *
defeat on the Porto Rico tariff hill.
The figurative sack cloth and ashbes
of Ash Wednelsday came very near
to being real for them on that day.
They amended the hill by reducing
the tariff from 25 to 15 per cent,
which Representative Berry aptlyj
said merely changed the ce ime from
grand to petty larceny, and by limit- 54
ing its operation to two years, which T
was an acknowledgement that the p
whole principle of the bill was a
wrong one, and then they could not
get the votes needed to pass it with.
out resorting to every 'known form
of political bltdl dozmg and cajolery.
Had the republcans of the House
voted their real sentiments, the hill
would have been defeated by mo e
than a two third' vote insteal of A
eing ipasse by a vote of 172 to 161
The Co~atitutihbl unestion inv. Iv.
ed in this bil will not down. . it will
be heard when the bill is taken up
in the Senate, and it will be heard
all during the coming P'esidenti&l
campaign. and like other great que.
tions, will never ne settled until it
is settled right,
Alirich .xp!:ined the gold stani.
ard hi!l agreeI upon by the Confer,
ence Cmmittee, to the Senate, but
he did not attempt the impossihle B
tass of definhung the measure, which I
ought to ,e offil.lally entitled "A bi:l
to put minney in the pockets of tne
rich at the expense of the poot."
Within 24 bours of the time that si
the House was passing the bill to rob i Is
poor Porto Ricans by imposing a ft
duty upon the products they have
to sell the Senate was taking the firsti
step towards making Hawaii a State,
by passing the bill providing a teri
r torial government for Hawaii. If
I there is any logical rteaon for m:ik
e ing this unjust distinction between
I prosperous Hawaii and half-starved
a Porto Rico, it hrs been carefully
concealed from the public.
The House Military Committee has
t endorsed two pet schemes of the
administration to provide promotion
for favorites-that to give the Adju
- tant General of the army the rank,
1pay and a:lowance of Major-general
which will be in the nature of a
i reward to Gen. Corbiu for his sub
, serviency to Alger, and his under
hand attacks upon Gen- Miles, his I
I superior officer; and that authorizing
t the Preidilent to select a retired brig
adier general for promotion to major
general, which is intended to give Gen.
'hafter the difference between the
pay and emoluments of a brigadier J
general and a major general, retired,
as a reward for the Cuban campaign, .
the greater part of which he spent (
lying in a hammock. "Funny" old
Representative Bailey, of Texas,
made the closing spaech on the dem- -t
ociatic side against the Porto Rico 1
tariff bill, and it was a powerful plea i
for the maintenance of the Constitu
tion as its framers intend it to he
maintained. His last words, which 1
were received with uproarious ap
plause by the democrats and the t
occupants of the galleries, were: .
"When emotional " statesmen were
asking who would haul down the
flag, I dared to say that I would take
it down from any place where the 1
Constitution could not follow it. Do D
you desire to pre- ent the anomaly of a
government restrained by the Consti •
tution in one quarter of the globe, 1
and possessed of a despotic power inu
the rest of the world ? How long is
the Constitution to shield us and our 1
children if its protection is withheld -
from the humblest inhabitant? Let
me borrow the words of Lincoln: j
'This republic cannot endure onehalf
free and ont'half slave.'. We must
all be cttizens, or in time we must all
be subjects. I did not want to as.
similate these alien and inf.trior races,
and 1 pray God to deliver us from
the task. But if you would take .
them, they must share our destiny k
with us."
The bill providing for the ship
subidly job [.as been favorably re.
ported to the Senate. The report "
which was made on th* bill will e -
widely circulat.'d by the republican
for the puipse of trying to create a
public sentiment for the $200,000,000
job, but it is very doubtful whether
they will try to push the bill through
until after the Presidential election,
as word has been passed around -
amang the republicans in Congress to
keep the total of appropriations
made at this s+,ssion of Congress
down as much as poseible, with the
understanding that the money can
safely be made to fly at the next
session, which will not be held un
til after the Presidential election.
Of course, the disagreeable weath
er in Washingtoe had nothing to do
with the departure for Cuba, via
Florida, of Secretary Root. He is
going to make au "official inspection"
of Cuban ports, using a government
transport after he reaches Tampa.
What part his wife, son and daugh
tr, who accompanied I'm, are to take
in the "official inspection" is a ques.
tion which he may be able to answer.
To some persons this trip looks like a
wanter junket for his family at public
?xpen e.
SuTmi IL id " 0 Alwar . li
Wuite envelopes 50 for Se Good
note paper 6 sheets for Ic. Staf
ford's Ink 2 bSttles for Sc. Pens 4c.
doz. Lead penels le. Slates pen
cils 5 for Ic. Table Tumblers 2 for
5c. Genuine "Boston" Gurters 20c.
Tooth Brushes, Combs, Soaps, Face
P~owders, Pertumes, all at Sc.
Nouthll Bulletle of New lasle.
By Your Side.
A Rabbi's Daughter.
Breathe Tho-e Tender Wordes
Back t, M" tlime in Illinums.
Th, , promses You Made on Your
Wedding Day.
Sweet Irene- Scholtische.
Silver Jubilee--March.
Anglo- American-- March.
Down S,,uth ia Allabama--March.
The Roost-March.
Hiot Lemonadte. Clam Boullon and
Beef Tea at Thihodaux Drug Store.
Seed Rico For 8ale.
The undersigned has for sale 400
sacks of Honduras seed rice, raised
last year from 'wported seed. F r
further particulars, address
P. V. MoRvANT,
33-Im. Laurel Grove plantation.'
A entleman is never well dressed unless he has on a neat
well fitting pair of shoes, usually these neat stylish shoes
cost from 05.0u to a$ 00 a pair. of course this is a little ex
pensive for the average young man, so the demand was
made for a
Real Gentlemen's Shoe
that would fit as well, look as stylish, and wear as well as
the higher grade, and at a much lower cost. The manufac
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on the success they have attained in manufacturing such
tine footwear at so minimum a cost.
REGENT SHOES are worn by thousands of pleased ens
tomers, they are made in all the latest shapes finest loath.
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We have secured the sole agency for this shoe and pre pre
pared to fit all kind; offeet. Call and exanmine out stock.
SWe'd like we have
zeceived our Spring and Summer Samples of Fine Made to
Order( lothing. The line is one of the prettiest we have
ever shown and consists of over one thousand beautiful pat
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as can be for high grade goods.
If you need anything In clothing call at your earliest conve
nience, or ring us up, and we will gladly send our Sample
Albums to you, so you can make selections.
Remember we guarantee a perfect At and entire satlsfa
tion or no sale. o
"The Racket Store,"
oi Main Street, Thibodaux, La. Phone 130
SAgentsr fort
Nunnally's 3 Candies -
Thibodeaux Drug Store,
offers its customers all possible induce.
ments in return for their patronage. Low
Prices. Largest Selections. Polite Attention ,
SE. P. Lefort. A. J. Tetreau
Lefort & Tetreau
Ue#mmor to H. TETRAU 8 Co.
Livery, Feed
. .. .Sale Stables.
Undertaking 3
R Establishment
g i eBlacksmiths andb
Patriot St. Cor. Levee and jFMarket, Thibodaux.
Why Not Have a
Cumberland 'Phone?
Se-hae ha. $1.00 PER MONTat
Which gives you free service to our subscribers to this exchange,
which means nearly every planiter on Bayou Laforche fronm Nult
oleonville to Loecport-a distance of asont 46 mles..................
Special rates for planters in the surroundling count y.
Cumberland Telephone
& Telegraph. Company.
'Phone 100. Iink Lzafourchle Bui:ding. Th"ilOdthux

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