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and ADVRT I "i eke.
The Sentl I ne.At this Office
Official. Jwazlzaof thes Zarish of Laiouzohe .nd~ Giazrdian of the Znt.z..t of the Tow.
ýLX. 1(XX. THIIiODAUX, LA., SATURDAY, MAR. 24. 1900. - -.
Oor. M.arkt and Narrow Stta.
Local Mention.
q TsIs asd Out--Thos we we Meet
sad Those we Hear of.
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J tacelsnd were here list Tuesday.
l'eThlbodaul Carnival Clua wilI
Sapgrand fair at. the Opera House tl
ri AIl .15th and 16th to raise L
,l- fnr next year's celebration. o
Th ebest on earth is a liannan
eam. isile J. Brand. proprietor of ,
a'lsu daURSh and Hat Store, sole
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The RstotratL returns thanks to
er brilliant ColIgressmnan, the Hon. I'
. F. Broussard, for mny valuable I
_ks_ and documents sent it.
Messrs. Frank Zernott Jr., anod
Oaeton Aucoin, two young men of I
tIhs town, visited the town of the
Aockport last Sunday.
Seward's high class chocolates and
boabons in one lb boxes at Candy
Kitchen. 34
R. W. Hammond. charged with
linrgleriling Mr I,. C. W,t.rhiry s
-oce, was tried by jury last Wednes
day and acquittod. He was, how
ever, kept in custody to be transferr
1 to Houma to answer a charge of
burglary there.
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T'b old building of the Mount
Cmel Convent, facing St. Charles
Ut, to being demolished, to make
-sm for the new modern building
which the Sisters contemplate erect
leg i its stead. Mr. Frederick, of
New Orleans, is the artichect. We
itad soon to give a description of
bI plus of the new building.
Clitrsia Fig Perfection in 5 and
It hases at Candy Kitchen.
lThe primary election is not bind-.
lg a sany one" 'ay the apostles of
h me creed of political debauchery.
We duay the proposition; it is too,
hed is terms.
The primary election does bind
MUrs e; it binds every man of
tssarsad principle who took part in
I Tree, it does not bind men de.
rid at honor and principle, but,then,
tus is nothing which can bind these,
-athastrong arm of the law, and
*-I tbe they sometime escape
b technicalities or repreheunsi
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TO THR DRAP.-A rich lady cnred of her
Deafness and Noties in the jendi by Dr. an
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$100,00 to his Institute, so that deaf people
unable to procure the Ear D)rums may have th
them free. Addraes No. 4096Tht Nicholson
Institute, 7a0, tighbth Avenue, New York. BU
V. __ pr
The Opelousse Courier, says :
,"Washington's bitthlay, Feb'y 22nd,
was celebrated in Abbeville, La., by i
the marriage of ten couples-Father o
Laforest performing the ceremony
of all ten at the same time. Ten a
marriages at the same time in the A
same church beats the record. Abbe
ville is entited to the blue ribbon on m
the matrimonial record."
(7God shelf Oil Cloth only 5c a yd. li
at The "Raellerltore."
The philosopher of the Morgan
(lty Review thus reminiscently soli.
lo luizes :
To see the moon Ind fifty two mil
lions stars over your right shoulders dl
in winter, is º sign of ice on the f
pavement. Ih'immer, it signifies a P
baanna skin. 'ti fld a horseshoe in t
your omelet is a sign that the cok is a
absent minded. If you sake up in
the night and think you hear burglars, a
and find instead a black cat. it is a
ago that the free and unlimited coin s'
age of swear words goes into effect. b
Something hew! I
Cares PLill without medicine. If it falls
we refunI your mosey. $100,001o to back our
g-uarantee. A nsre preventative. It your a
druggist does not keep the Dr. King Chill s
Pad we will mail you one on receipt of price
$100. THI Di. KING} CHILL PADl Co.
Memphis. Tenn. 9- IT
caSwozoA. o
wsas the iteY YADo s Ian g h
The State Pair. t
The managers ot the State Fair e
I Association are making extensive o
preparations for the coming State 0
Fair in New Orleans. They
intend to make this year's fair at
grand success, fan surpassing that t
of last year's which was a pronounc- c
eft success.
The enterprise deserves and, we ,
believe, will receive the substantial
encouragement of the country, as its c
success will redound to the general
Chocolate Rasted Almonds 10<
per box at Candy Kitchen.
Senator Caffery says the question
;s, shall our right to vote and to have I
I our vote counted as cast be pre- I
n served t
r Well, we reckon so; that is what
the Democratic party undertook to
do when it eliminated the bulk of the
I negroes from the electorate, and what
it is now determined shall be done.
With Taylor Cdule, Dennis Sholars
- and other bulldoz' rs and ballot-box t
f stuffers out of the Democratic party,
we fail to note any good reason why I
a the Senator's question should not be
answered in the affirmatlve--in fact
I there is no doubt, that if the Demo
f crate have their way in the matter as
R we think they will, it will be answered
' with an ewphatic "yes."
SThere is more Cstarrh in this eeC
teon of the country than all other
Sdisceases put together, and until the
last few years was bupposed to be
incurable. For a great many years
'doctors pronounced it a local disease.
e and prescribed local remedies, and by
constantly failing to cure with local
treatment, pronmoucced it incurable.
Science has proven catarrh to be a
constitutional disease, and therefore
requires constitutional treatment.
[t Hall's Castarrh Cure, manufactured
t by F. J. bheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio,
y Is the only cotstitutional cure on the
i. market It is taken internally in
s doses from 10 drops to a teaspoonful.
e it acts directly on the Idood and
. mucotus surfaces tof the system. They
I. offtr one hundred dollars for any
case it fails to cure. Send for circu
Jd ars and testimonials.
in Address, F.J. CIJENEY & CO.,
I- Toledo, O.
, Sold by Druggists, 7Tc.
SHail's Family Pills are the best.
Where the Danger Lies. e
The Daily Leader (Ruston) wisely the
remarks : to
"It is from Congress, rather than e
from the courts, that the suffrage ,
laws of the Southern States, aimed at Ir
the illiterate negro vote, have reason ala
to tear the attack.
And yet, there are within the con
fines of our own parish a few deluded
men who are unwittingly aiding the
Cfatlery onspirators to so place our no
State that a Republican Congress lea
coulil, and would, easily override this the
or any other organic law which might val
be distasteful to them. Allow the
Republican Fusion party to win in
Louisiana, and the negro at once be. the
comes a factor, a dark cloud that
would obscure the bright sunlight of l
Democratic advancement, and devel. tip
opment, and prosperity, andl throw
our State backward at least 25
In truth, the harm is done already,
to a considerab'e extent. The attacks at
upon the constitution by the Cafferys miti
and their gang cf political freeboot- th
era will inspire the Republic.ns of Dc
the North to try to overthrow our ur
suffrage system by which the negro is er,
practically eliminated. Should that
unholy baud of conspirators against a,
the welfare of the State succeed m,
in electing their ticket in April next, ap
the overthrow of the suffrage clause efi
of the constitution will be almost an wi
assured fact N
When voters go to the polls on ne
April 17th, let them bear this in ih
mind. Up.m them will rest the res til
ponsibility. re
If they want to return to the times in
of radicaiisim,!et them vote the R -pub. w
lican ticket ; if not, let them vote
the L'emuocratic ticket.
".-- * * -- - it
Sample of Radicalism. oi
In his New Iberia speech, a few in
days ago, Mr. Heard showed in p!ain w
figures that when \Varinoth came into w
power his first message to the legi-la 01
ture said that the bonded debt of the 11
state aggregated $53.000,000. lie a
showed also that the D)emocratic ad
ministrations had reduced tbhi to ft
about $10,000,000. awl that not a 0o
sin&le dollar of the dielt co,ntracted ei
by the Dermocrats is left unprovid
ed for. What better administration ii
could thi people expect ?-Mansfiell c
Hot chocolate, cotffe, coffee milk b
r and Beef Tea at ThilLodaux Drug ii
Store. P
There is a certain candidate on the I<
Republican ticket in this parish who
has acquired a suddlen reputation for is
great philanthropy -we will not of. t
fend truth by calling it charity. lie
is said to have taken a liking for
families in need and it is reported
that he has been distributing provi
r sions to some worthy people. His
e only sorrow seems to be that he'had
e not discovered this great field for I
' good prior to Ils nomination, but,
a then he can make up for lost oppor
t tunities after he has gone down in
- defeat on the 17th of April nixt, d
and achieve gre-.t glory as a dislater. U
'e sted philanthropist.
1 Just now there is a tinge of suspi 1
s cion as to the di.interested nature of I
il his acts, which somewhat beclouds
his philanthropy.
Just received 1000 up to date
Mid.Winter clothing samples. They
n are novelties and you will order.
e Dress well and look well. Remem
ber we are the cheapest people in t
town and guarantee a fit everyttme or
it no pay.
it The Republican-Fasionists are at
e. tacking the suffrage clause of the
eonstitution. What will they suheti.
I tute for it, should they succeed in the
'. coming April election ?' God only
Iv knows. If Senator Caffery has his
e way, he wil limit the suffrage to
tL those who can read and write and
Sown property to a certain assessed
s value.
kd If the Republicans have their way,
and they follow the doctrine of their
Sparty, they will have manhood suif.
c frage pure and simple, and put the
er neg'o on the same political plane
he with 'ie white man -just as it was
e before.
SWhite men, these are the chances
e. you will take by voting the Republih.
by c:n ticket at the coming election.
al Think well on it.
Th Seed lies Nn or sle.
u. The undersigned has for sale 400
sacks of Honduras seed rice, raise
., last year from mported seed. F r
further particulars, ddress
P. V. MoRvANr,
33-!er. Laurel Grove plantation.
The Republican dove cot of this
Senatorial District was fluttered by
the declination of the Hon H. Dugas
to stand for the Senate on their tick
et, brought about by Mr. Don CaUf.- lit
ry's unprovoked attack upon the
levee woards as political machines. t
M r. Dugas is a member of the Atebaf- th
asaya Basin Levee Board, and he
showed his manhood when he declin.
ed to stand on a ticket whose head ne
so unjustly denounced that boly. o
Since his announced determination
not to stand, the local ]Repahlican
leaders met in this town to canvass
the situation and to endeavor to pre so]
vail ulon Mr. Dugas to reconsider f
his step.
We have not learned the rasult of
the conference, but Mr. Digas will Sit
certainly not enhance his reputation of
byv now deciding to remain on the trL
Why Should ae Object. to
Senator Caffery seems indignant 01
at the fact that some 300 negroes Al
attended his meeting in Shreveport,
the other day, and charges that the a
Democrats' of that thriving city put i
up a job on him and the other speak
era who addressed that meeting.
Truly, the Senator is blessed with
a short memory, else he would re.
mcmh:r that he is fiddling for a men- of
agerie wLose leaders, when they th
effected the celebrated Howell Her
wig Combination last January, in m
New Orleans, specially invited the to
negro to join them. All opposed to
the Dmocratic party, withoutt dis- r
tinction of color, race, nativity or
religion, were extended a cordial n
invitation to jump into their band
wagon and ride on to to glory.
Again, if his memory were not so
de.fective, he would recall th.e fact
that some negroes-some twenty five P
or thirty, in number-sat in the Al- "
exandria convention and par!icipated u
in the nomioattom of the ticket fr
which the one he is now supporting
was substituteed, and in the naming
of the committee which helped to put
u11i his son as a candidate for Gover- ti
If poor Sambo was good enonugh t
for all this, why should our fastidi.
ous Senator object to his quiet pres. E
ence at a Republican meeting? h
Again, the Senator is siml,ly an
invitttd guest in the Republican
c mp, if we r.re to believe his repeat
ed denials of Republicanism and
proifessi,ns of Democratic faith ; does!
he not violate all rules of p:opriety a
in thus pub ily objecting to and
protesting against the presence of e
,ther invited guests at the Republican P
love-feast ?
It would seem so; but, thee, this c
is only aneoher one of Senator Caf-t
fery's ways.
.A. OZ0L Z. e
S...6. t 1e ties VI lis tAgr0Im
White envelopes 50 for 5c Good t
note paper 6 sheets for 1c. Stat- b
ford's Ink 2 bottles for Sc. Pens 4c.
doz. Lead penctis Ic. Slates pen
cils 5 for 1c. Table Tumblers 2 for
5e. Genuine "Boston" Garters 20c.
Tooth Brushes, Combs, Soaps, Face
t Powders, Perfumes, all at 5c.
We publish in this issue the pro
clamation and the list of commission
era and clerks of election. The Re- I
publicans have one commissioner at I
Seach box, and have appointed one t
watcher for each poll. We wonder
if the watcher is put there to keelp 1
the Republican commissioner straight. I
There was no fritud in the Irimary
election. Whoever asserts that there
was, either speaks through gross and
inexcusable ignorance of the facts or
e utters a delberate falehood. Iet 1
i him choose between the two horns of!
e the dilemma.
Y It he accepts the first, he confesses
' himself more deserving of the pity
o than of the confld.nce of the people;
d if the second, he writes himself down
da mserable wretch, beneath the
notice of honorable men.
ir At the request of Rev. Father
SDaubonrg, inviting the gentlemen of
' the parish to meet him at the pastor.
e al residence for the purpose of dis
5 cnsing the ways and means of estab
lishing a Cathole boys' school here,
a noumlr of gentlemen repaired to
Ii the re-idence of the Rector of St
Joseph's C'hurch, last Sunday after
IlHigh Mass.
There was an informal discussion
of the question, with the result, that
every one agreed that it was very
desirable that a Catholic boys' school
should be established, and every gen
it theman present pledged himself to co
1operate with their Pastor in every
effort that he would make to effect
the tpurlose in view. It was the an
derstanm& g that steps would be talen
to secure profe.-aors, whether religions
or laymen to put in charge of the
Sschool. When something definite
ed will be known in regard to the mat
r ter, another meeting of the laym en
will be called tq take final action
upon the'snejeet'mstter under di.
'D. cussion.
This gifted woman departed tJils
life at the matrimonial domici;e, in
Donaldsonville, last Sunday morning
at halt past live o'clock. ler death
though expected for some days, as
the result of a lingering illness,
nevertheless proved a shock to Ihe
community in which she lived, which
hoped to the last that she would rally
from the attack, as she had done on
several previous occasions.
After the performance of the
solemn funeral services over her
remains in the Catholic church of
Donaldsonville by Rev. Father Du.
hernard, assisted by Rev. Fathers
Simon, his vicar, and Cartisser, rector
of the Smoke Bend church, they were
transferred to the home of her mother
in New Orleans, where the funeral
took place last Monday from St.
Tberesa's church.
Mrs. Bentley was a native of New
Orleans, daughter of the late Dr.,
Alfred Donnand, one of the promi. 4
nent antebellum physicians of the .
city, and Laura Beale, of Virginia. .
On her father's side she traced her,
ancestry back to the de Duches of
France, whose direct descendants 1
emigrated to Philadelphia, where her
father was born, and wt~h this branch!
of the fami;y came to Louisiana and
thence to New Orleans. On her
mother's side the family dates back
to the revolutionary war-Major
James Harper, an officer under Gen. Washington
aral Washington; the Wroes, Clarks,
Beales, Alexanders and other Virgi. 1
nians prominent in the early history
of the country.
Mrs. Bentley's husband was Linden
E Bentley. editor and proprietor of
the Donaldsonville Chief, of which
paper Mrs. Bentley was the associate
vditor and continued actively at work
uLttal a very short time prior to her
last illness.
Of h,.r surviving children th,.re are
Miss Ella Bentley, Jr., whose poetic
contrihutions have already brought
her prominently into notice and dis
tiuctiou; and G. Donnaud Bentley,
who is amsociated with his father on
the staff of the Chief.
Mrs. Bentley's mother, Mrs. Laui
Beale Donnaud Davidson, survives
her; also her sister, Mrs. Captain R.
J. Lowden, and her brothers, Messrs.t
Albert and Charles Donnand. j
When only 17 years old Mrn. Bent.
Icy was married to Mr. Bentley and o
at onces began newspaper life, helping
him to build up his paper to the
eminence it enjoys among the intenor
press and newspapers of the south.
Mrs. Bentley's poetry, through her
contributions to the local press and
leading newspapers and magazines of
the country, has made her famous for
originality of thought and beauty of
expression. 5
The SENTINEL extends to its es
teemed friend, the bereaved editor
and proprietor of the Chief, its sin
cerest and most heartfelt sympathy
and condolence to his dark hour of
trial and tribulation and trusts that
he will find consolation in meek re
signation to the Divine Will, the only
true source of comfort to bleeding
Mrs. Geoge D. Cragin, n6e Green,
died last Sunday morning at 4 o'clock
at the residence of Mrs. R H. Alleon
in New Orleans. Her remains were
brought here Monlay f-r interment.
Her funeral took place at St. John's
Episcopal cemetery on the arrival of
the train.
r Th' dceased waJs well known her*,,
having lived during many years oi
Rienzi Plantation,.
Last Wedineadlny the remains of
J. R. Emile Lacroix were brought
Shere by the Str. ILouisiana anl laid
* to rest in St. Joseph's cemetery, after
, the customary funeral services The
deceased was a native of this Ipartsh
Swas only 30 years of age, and left
Sa young wife to mourn his loss.
e Yesterday morning, two dss af
e ter her voungtst son, Emile. ha·d
been laid at rest, all that was mor
taPt Mrs. Iouis Laerol was con
Ssigned to motLher earth in St.Joseph's
cemetery in the family vault
r The Deceased who was 69 years of
age died Inlast Thursday at her home
in the Vacherie Dugu4 Ltvaudas, I
' and hIer remains were brought over
Son the Str. Louisansua for interment
She was a gool christian woman, and
Sleft two sons and a daughter to
Smourn her loss and cherish her mem
Hot Lemonnde. Clam Boullon and
- Beef Tea at Thibodaux Drug Store.
ry The Republan-Fnuionists will
vt hold another rally ito Boua to.mor.
a row. Senator Casfery rwill not, how.
en ever, be among the speakers who
as will address the congregation. His
he free trade notions and has theory that
it sugar can be made with profit at 3
it. cents are not very "catchj" io this
en neck of the woods. That is the res
on son of his transfer to -fresh felds and
i.. pastures new" to hobnobt with his
,.gooi nod honorable friend IlHardy."
$3.50. 'i
A gentleman is never well dressed unless he has on a neat
well fitting pair of shoes, usually these neat stylish shoes
cost from 16.00 to S6 00 a pair, of course this is a little ex.
pensive for the average young man, so the demand was
S made for a
Real Gentltmen's Shoe
that would it as well, look as stylish, and wear as well as
the higher grade, and at a much lower coot. The manufae
turers of the REGENT SHOES are being congratulated up
on the success they have attained in manufacturing such
fine footwear at so minimum a cost.
REGENT SHOES ate worn by thousands of pleased eus
tomers, they are made in all the latest shapes, finest leath
era, etc., and always fit the feet perfectly. They are war
ranted to wear as well as any $5.00 shoe made.
S . We have secured the sole agency for this shoe and are pre*
pared to fit all kinds of feet. Call and examine our stock.
S. We'd like to call your attention to the fact that we have
received our Spring and Summer Samples of Fine Made to
* Order Clothing. The line is one of the prettiest we have
ever shown and consists of over one thousand beautiful t
terns in Worsteds, ('asimeres, Serges, etc., at prices as low
as can be for high grade goods.
S If you nee anything in clothing call at your earliest conve
S nience, or ring us up, and we will gadly send our Sample
Albums to yoe, so you can make selections.
Remember we guarantee a perfect At and entire satisfae
tiun or no sale.
_. .*6
" "The Racket Store,"
Main Street, Thibodaux, La. Phone 180
Agents for
Nunnally's _ Candies
Thibodeaux Drug Store,
-r -
offers its customers all possible induce.
ments in return for their patronage. Low
Prices. Largest Selections. Polite Attention
E. P. Lefort. A. J. Tetreau
Lefort & Tetreau*
Livery, Feed
...Sale Stables.
* Undertaking X
K Establlahment
' Blacksmniths and
Why Not Have a
Cumberland 'Phone?
=, as .... $1.00 PER MONTH
0 Whieh gives you free service to oar subscribers to this exchange,
is which means nearly every planter on Bayou Lafourche from Nap
at oleonville to Lockport-a distance of about 40 miles....................
3 8pecial rates for planters in the surrounding country.
Cumberland Telephone
& Telegraph Company.
." Phone 100. Bank Lafourhle Bildlag, ThlilLodanx

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