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To I
'Tht .entinet Es;tablishlnent t.rns out up-to-dlito work.
Ltimates solicited "n any Cloas of Printing."
" Proceedings of Polico Jury,
Thibodaux, May 2nd, 1i')0. 4
The Police Jury of the Parish of I,.a ,
fourche, met this 'day in regular seeio. n.
Present. J. L. Aucoin, President. and J
Messrs. F. U. Morvant, M. Bergeron, J. `"
O. Toups, L. J. Troselair, and J. L. J
Absent. J. L. Rodrigue, Jules God- I
chaux, I,. Falgout, and J. M. Iollinger. 11
tIn motion duly made and carried the
minutes of the session of March 7th last
were' ordered approved ,rit~out reading. (
Nurmerons Bills against the ,parih A
and Petitions for penion. were read
and referred under the rules to the j
Committee on claims. E
mucnh as some of the members of the T
Jury desired to take part in the Fire- o
men's parade, it might be wise now to E
Whereupon, on motion of Mr. Le- L
Blanc seconded,by Mr. Toups the Jury
adjourned to tomorrow at 10 o'clock C
H. N. ('ouwo , J. L. Aucoix, aS
Clerk, President. C
Thibodaux, May 3rd. 1900. D
The Police Jury met this day pursuant H
to adjournment on yesterday, with the
t oilowing members present:
J. L. Aucoin, President, E. U. Mor
vant, M. Bergeron, J. 0. Toups, L. J.
STroselair and J. L. LeBlanc. f
Abset,--J. L. Rodrigue, J. Godchaux, of
L. Falgout, anu J. M. Bollinger. t
The minutes of yesterday's session
were read and approved as recorded.
6 Mr. Morvant, of the Finauce Commit
tee reported as follows:
To the Presidels and members of the
Police Jury of the parish of La
Gentlemen :-Yob committee on Fi- by
mance beg to report that they have care- a
fully examined the Books and checked $
all touchers il the hands of the Parish th
Treasurer and found theta to correspond
with the report submitted. Tr
Respectfully submitted,
E. U. 34)RVANT,
Chairman Committee on Finance. thi
Report of A. J. Braud Parish Treas- ha
Surer, in account with the General Fa
Funds of the parish of Lafourche for Nc
the term beginning March 6th and Jo
5w ending May '=d liJ0 to1
By amount overdrawn
March 6th 1900. $1024 gl
]eceipts sloe the
March 13th from licenses ýr
of 189 5500 ne
Mch la from licenses 1900 865 00 '1
iMch 13 from taxes 1899 712 02 on
April 9 from Bridge rid
Revenue 100 00 $0
I April 21 from licenses of a
,1900 1080 00
April 21 from taxes 1889 1848 ti To
April 21 from taxes 1898 65M
Total receipts $5Sll Lo
Disbursements aid
]aid for Jurors fees 3860 95 rea
Witness ~ 10 To
Election Expenses 500
" Jail 261 30
" Sheriffs salary 33
' Janitor and Hounds 18 00
" Road 2385 me
" Road Inspectore 15) 00 ful
" alary of officers 108 3 the
' Mileage amd Per Diem j 00 the
" Pensions 2 0or
" Tax Collectors Comnt. 3121 21
S " Justices Peace fees 70
Constable fees 105 ) dv
" Conveying prisoners 112 50 the
" Conviction fees 135 00
4. " Board of Health Ex. 275101 con
  " Incidental expenses 244 05 bod
grand total disbursements 90089 40
From which deduct receipts 5614 .
Amount overdrawn $165 18
Respectfully submitted,
A. J. HRArD,
Parish treasurer, T
Recapitulation m
May 2nd Amt. to credit of A
Ischool fund 10844 54 p
May 2nd Amt. to credit of or a
Drainage fund 217'9 8 po
(Grand total $131 24 0 disa
Less and overdrawn by (Oel,
fund 465 I14 ait
Amount on hand $15
tespectruly submitted,
A. J. BRAUD, witl
Parish treasurer. and
1. Report of A. J. Brand, in account opir
with the Drainage Funds of the arish to
of Lafourche for the term beginning the
March ith and ending May 2nd 1900.
Bal. on hand last report $2175 46 amo
Cash rec'd from taxes col11
during term 942 08 la
Grand total for term $3017 witt
Disburnements ever
Paid out of Dist No. i, $78 56
Paid out of Diet No. 3. 6 04
Paid out of Dist No.4. 3 45
Paid out of Dist No. 5. 61 10
Paid out of Genl. Drege
boat 8 10
Paid out of Special drain
age 680 44
Total paid out 837 69
Bal. on hand this day $2179 86 ton
Distributed as follows tion
To credit of Diet No. 1. 155 M fo
e To credit of Dist No. 806 46
To credit of Diet No. 4. 654 3
To credit of Theriot Dist 371 02
To credit of Dist No. 5. 37 2
To credit of Genl. Dredge W
boat 5080 8 Bla
To credit of Special then
Drainage 61 17 useo
Making a total as above $2179 88 exe
District No. 2 is still indebted to OGenl. tce
Dredge boat fund to the amount of moth
Special Drainage District owes s per i
records in my office to Bank of a. k
fourche the sum of 1500,00 plus the in, of thi
terest from May 4th 1810 Irmt, to $40.00 said]
total $540. the 1
Respectfully submitted, tor is
A. J. BtAUD, Ju
Parish treasurer.
On motion duly made and carried the er of
foregoing report was approved. Sow
Mr. Toupe, of the committee on claims the re
submitted the following: was d
Thibodaux Ia. May 2nid 1900. on L'
To the Police Jury. formi
Gentlemen-Your commltte on claims of Drr
* To th
E I on the
e We
0lic them
in the
- ereon
f: )d~oX ~ th
__ We fieB'
- croiSId
report favorably on the followini claims t
ry xamined ,v them and found to be u
justly due acd owing. We also recomn
i mend the following indigent poor for I
Pnsions in monthly amount aet op- I
positte their names.
ul). I'. A. Engerrani J. P. fees .:t 7
A. Roger con-t fe4es ;s _.
wa O. L. t'aro J. P. fees t, tk ,
"l. ()a L. Caro Election exit. D oni
iti, d M.ax I)upre con, t feest. 4(1 I
, J. E. P. Ikbrnard J. P. flete-" b
. LJ. D.Hernard constist f,.t-. n et)
odj lteriff of Orleans crilm exp~. i
adt- .fmes le:ary lf.angi:t; exp. .,i I t
Sthe I)ep-ty sh'l riff eletion exp. 170 Il ti
tr H. e U. 'l'uker .1uror of Inq ( I:d
C'hls 'ha iSs lyre .. of Inq (Ale.k) M1
ri Arthur o1,ups juror of Inq (I J
read uidry) 21N) J
the J. T. .e)etune .1. of Inq ( I iuidry 2 0fL
Emil, LeWort, J. of Imiu ( . Guidry 2 t(M
t J. Bollinger, J. of luq (J. Browne 2 .l
the T. D. Kent, J. of Inq (.i. Brown) 2 (19
Ure . Angelloz, J.of Inq (H. Jones) 2 (Ml
Ernest Naquin, J. o luq (H. Jones 200
Aubin Crisioni, J. of Inq (H. Jones 2 00
Cur C. 0. Rounseau J. of Inq (eo
SChas Thibodaux. J. of Inq (H. Boel 2 00
M. F. Dunn, Assessors Books 21 45
t M. F. F. Dunn, Clerk of Court 19 30 3
hat. Ca J. Barker, Clerk of court
Juror cert. 30 80
Com. of Election, election Exp. 548 00
Thibodaux Drug store S. Pox 41 30 0
00. Dr. S. A. Ayo, i. Pox 141 00 ti
cant R. A. Frost, per T. Kent, election
the Exp 15 00 s5
4or Total $147 $ is
L. J. Your committee have deemed beat to
not approve or recommend the payment ti
ux, of any further Pension, and therefore,
all Petitions to that effect now before
don thei are referred to the next Jury for Q
snit- Respectfully submitted,
J. L. Atrcoxh, t
the Jos. O. Torres, a
LA- Committee on claims.
On motion of Mr. Morvant, seconded
Pt- by Mr. Bergeron the above report was
pproved, and an appropriation of le
ked 01.65 was ordered to pay the accounts cc
rish thereon contained.
ond Yeas-Aucoin, Morvant, Bergeron, pl
Trosclair, Toups, and LeBlanc.
r, President Aueoln, stated that aince P
ice. the last session of the Police Jury ho
eas- had received the resignation of Mr.
eral Falgout, as road Inspector of District
for No.4. and that he had appointed Mr. Ai
and Jos. T. LeIlanc to act as Road Inspec-si
tor for said District in the meantime.
Whereupon on motion of Mr. Toupn A
4 % seconded by Mr. Troselair the action of GQ
the President in said matter was ap
proved and ordered continued until the
next election of Road Inspectors. y
The Navarre Bill for making Bridges t,
on the road leading from the Chacbay
ridge to Baton Pilon, was approved for
gio.,0 and an appropriation covering S
same ws or!ered by the following vote.
Yeas,-A2tooin, Morrant, BergegLn, I
Toups, Trosclair and LeBlane. 1)
The twq petitions from the village of
Lockpnrt signed by the Mayor and the da
a9 ertnena teroot were submitted and ad
9 To the Honorable the Police Jury of the E
Sparish of Lafourche, and State of th
100 The undersigned, Mayor and Alder
men of the Village of L~ockport respect
00 fully request that you will allow them Ta
I2 the use of the lock-up at -Lockport, for N.
Im the purpose of inearceratmrn therein all
00 offenders agaipst the poliee regulations sul
of the village wlo may be convited, ftot
2 and for the purpose of leeping in custo
Sdv such prisoners as may be awaiting
Stheir trial for municipal offenses. M
00 Hoping that this application may be bis
01 considered favorably by your honorable
05 body, petitioners will ever pray. tim
Very respectfully,ig
S. mayor. A
JoA. O. Tolus, ma.,
18 (G. D. BARIos,
Aldermen. for
To the Honorable the President and vi
members of the Police Jury, of the
Parish of Lafourche: 9 S
The petition of the undersigned, May- joll
or and Aldermen of the Village of Look- the
8 port, Respectfully represents:
That inasmuch as the revenues at the Pat
40 disposal of your petitioners, for pur- '
poses of local improvements and for
Ix administrative puroses are very limit- mils
ed, they do heorcy respectuly ask diet
your honorable body to turn over to
them the taxes and licenses collected BIl
within the corporate limits of Iock rte gre
,r_ and if your honorable body should be of
at opinion that they czn not, or ought not tao
sh to grant petitioners request in full, ing
then, petitioners pray that you will at Ian
Sleast turn over to their treasury the
4 amount either of the licenses or taxes cool
collected within the limits of the VII- ju
08 lae of Lockport,g
Hoping that this petition will meet
with your approval, petitioners will ered
ever pray.
I ery respectfully yours,
C. J. RIcaato, thei
Jog. O. ToursmI aee.
(. D. BARIlOs,
A. J. Pawc,
We, the undersigned committee, of
your honorable body do hereby approve gig
the aboe petition n its reference to
licenses and recommend favorable ac- ecc
Stion by your honorable body on peti-cOmn
tioners' request as taxes. This grant to
be for a period of forty-five years. a
3tarch 10th, 1900. n
Joe. O. Tours, Sa., dct
Committee, whic
Whereupon, on motion of Mr. Le- e
Blanc, duly seconded by Mr. Troeclair,
the prayer of the Petition asking for the rock
use of te Lockup, was granted, whilst wan
the prayer of the Petition requesting
exemnptlon from Parish licenses and ePi
I. taxes failed for want of second to the aod
if motion of Mr. Toupe, to the effect that
it be granted for 10 years. big r
r Mr. Toups, exteuded the thank. of the Inioe
4oekport Brige Co. for the extension it
Sof the time for the completion of their
0 said Bridge and further announced that thit
the Bridge wars now complete and ready d
for inspection by the committee of this
:. Fd. Auoin, Drainage cmmission- an
a er of thed District reported the over
ow of the Coalee Bayou L'oaurs during t
m the recent heavy rains, and that same Ip
was due to want of capacity of the By- t
on L'Ognlon, whereupon, the Jnry IA
formed the commissoner that question Tb
a of Drainage rested entirely with the like
tDrainage commissioners.
The following report of the Grand struc
Jury for the March term was submitted Ui
ad ordered spread on the minutes.
To the Hon. L. P. Caillonet, Judge ofAver
the 18th. Jodical District Cort, who
paish of Lafourche.
Your Grand Jyora duly tmpaneled powe
on the 12th. day of March, 131 Obegi floent
leave to hand thisb, their final report. try
We are glad to report the fact that
serious crimes seem to be on the de- in re
crease In the Parish, and that we pre- with
sent only one true bl for murder.
We have investigated the several pub- towa
elic uIldings of the parish and report ,at g
fhem In good conditlon. We bave be. t h
dupcatie iuperblueet of lublic
Educatton, e find that the several outiK
schools in the Parish show a grand of so
total of attendance Ia chldrea amouat
ing to 3~l,41 and as far as we are able to hoiz
Wec.rtin are prospering. of Vt
t e have t no complaDint mde he- ct
fore us about the public roedt of the
Parish, and as far as we know they are of in
kept in good condition.
The Parish treasurer has made hist
report to us in writing, and for a great- (slant
er eertainty of his report, we herewith Islant
annex it to our report uas he gave it to cor
We beg to call attention of the Philes Fr
shr tothe fact that there are lsk In rr
the court house in the litub.rg snm and
in the Jw roose also to the rraecking and powet
at/t of the editi,. We would also sug- levia
gest that there should be more comfor
table cots in the upper cells of the Jail. stage'
We find that the sieriff of our Parish is Ithe m
crowded in his office to transact bu:t- I
ness in, and wolhi suggest that ample; we w
rmen be given him by renmoving thie of mo
wall further toward the record vault, of I *
the c lerk' othemile. 'Imt e irwepu pver tj I e
seat where the .ourl sits, we sugget to' ten (li
stms the Pollte Jury should he changed in
i be order to have a k,-iter appearance.
enin- We thank the several officers of the
r for Parish awdl the Distrlct Attorney for
up- kindnuesees rendered during our ,eeºsion.
Itespectfulty submitted,
.13l I (nigned) ED. aIte.or0,
1 . FPoreltman lmrand Jnuy,
"4 ,12 Filed March, kHth, 15t0.
*5 to (Ntgned) P. J. Ar('ot.
SW D'ly, Clerk.
b 87 ".o true c((eye"
n e) in Testllmolny Wher'ot,
I it Wlttie.s, mlly hanll1 and the Impress of
Sat o, the ~,alI of m othe,r ' at 'l'hft Kdaux, La.,
;o Jl this .LtnLr day of March A. I1., 1t410.
'. J. AIItolN,
2 1N) WIy. Clerk of C(ourt.
2 N There being no furlber business the
Jury adjourned to the brs Monday to
2 ul July next.
2 to . N. ('euan, J. L. Areonw,
2 t) Clerk, Presddent.
2 5U
The Press Association.
2 W The Twenty first Annual Conven.
2 on tion of thl Louisiana Press Associa- I
2 t lion was held last week, May 1, 2
19 s 3, in the progressive little city of I
New Iberia.
1 Although not attended by members I
it so of the press as it should have been, (
00 the session was interesting as well as 1
is 0o successful, anli it goes without say- i
Sing it, that the visistiug members of
1 tothe presse gang were royally eqter- i
reat tained and feasted by the warmheart- I
e ed4 and hospitable people of the a
for Queen City of the Attakapas.
Among the literary features of a
N, the session were several thoughtful d
P"+ and well-considered papers read on a
ms. subjects of importance to the frater.
w tity and possesaing some general in. Ii
of terest. We gret that lack of spree f
rts compels us to forego the pleasere of o
ra, placing tnese papers before our read f
ers, who would no doubt enjoy their c
nee perusal. li
ho We can only refer to them by lit.
tie. First came President Gilmore's f
Mr. Annual Address, a thoughtful and a
ec- suggestive paper; -'The Value of the a
ps Local Press to the Community", by as
a of Geo. Leon Jastremaki; "WhatComms. o
fe sion Should the Agent Receive '" by a'
Mr. Smith and read by Mr. Trimble ;C
the "Ethics of Journalism," by Capt b
for J, M. Taylor, read by Mr. Will A. tc
uEg Steidley; the "Potency of the Press li1
in Modern Life,' by the Boo. John it
l)ymood vi
of The night session of the opening in
the day was characterlaed b) an eloquent to
md address of welcome by W. F. Dunbar pl
the K-q., a brilliant young member of at
of the New Iberia bar, rapooded to by Cl
President Gilmore, and by a lecture
- on -Tae Phlosophy of the Single. ch
em Tax" by the IIon. M. H. Carver, of re
f Natchitoches. Mr. Carver had his so
as subject well in hand, and being a to
ed, forceful speaker, a thinker, and an at
ardent devotee of the Georgian ecoo wt
mle philosophy, he was throughout rm
bl is lecture very Interesting, and at th
times electrified his audience by tem
flights of true eloquence.
or. Avrv'a IsrAN AmD SALT MIN8s. mi
Wednesday was the day set apart the
m. for a trio to Avery's Island and a Br
ad visit to the Salt Mines. It was about Jo
e 9 30 o'clock in the morning when a Da
j- folly crowd of excursionists boarded th
the train, furnished by the Southern o'e
he Pacific Company, for the island. ret
The train sped its way through spi
It- miles of fertile fields in travering the fro
tdistance between the city and the got
ed aland, which arose far away as a clu
green back ground, of huge propor- "xb
ot tions, against the horisoo.- On reach. Jol
I, ing the island a most picturesque of
' landscape opened to view. The fen
as country is rolling, some hills attain. ly,
i- ing a height of more than one hou. ap;
-t dred feet, and all, hills and dale, cov- fee
II ered by towering caks and other 1
trees, then in all the freshness of ed,
their spring foliage. Nature herself bos
r seemed to rejomce at the approasoh of I
man on this beautiful day, and to unt
greet him with her blandest smile. of
SWhen the train stopped at the -
'gigante workLs at the Ss;t Mines, the
excursionists were greeted and wel
- comed by the ever genial Oen. Dud.
O ley Avery, assisted by his son, Mrt
Dan. Avery. and were personally con IE
ducted by them through the power
bouse and the big crushing mills by
, which the salt isprepared for market.
H Bere the pro~ess of converting the
e' rock elit into a merchantab!e article
was witnessed by the visitonrs and
explained to them by the General
s aod his son, from the time the great
a big rocks of salt, coming from the
s mines below, were duaped into the
fanrst big powerful crusher, and passed
t through a series of smalk r mills
sad sieves, alh operated mechanically,
tomng out different grades of salt,
as to flneness of gramn, till it reachedl
the last degree of foienes iu the
shape of the article put on the mark
et ftr table use.
The whole process was to a novice, ast
like the w iter, as interesting ant in.
structtve as it was novel. 8
Under the guidance of General
Avery, the writer was ont of a party
who ascended the tower of the huge
Ipower house. whence a most magni
ficent view of the surrounding coun
try was hai- Beneath lay the islad
in repose, hills and dales covered as
with a green carpet, while away out
towards New Iberia spread the vast
fiat green expanse of country, dot
ted here and there with dwelling and
outhouses, betokening the habtation
of man. Gn the oppusite side, the
horizoo dipped into the blue waters
of Vermilion bay, whils still nto other
directions, hevo,d the va-t expanse
of inteveuing elet arth, loomcld u:,
to view, on one side, Jffe.rson'e
(island, and, on the othber, Wteek's
Island-slandcs similar in their natur
al conformation to Avery's.
From the tower we de-end.ld to
terra firmr, "ntd otter visiting the
power house where we wivte.ed the
leviathan engines in the various
istages f their useful activily, began
the march to the -rhrt, down which
we were to penetrate into the ~owels
of mother earth.
We were taki:la ,iown by rclays of
ten or twoelc, all that tie eeievate4
r fort
'its s. r _
crow tsy.- rcxC{ 1" "-lra :,.c.. ", i.
s, would acomnmodate in one trip.c
bDoun the shaft we went a distance
of five hundred and twenty-ftve feet,
every in*h of which, except the forty
een two feet next to the sutrface, hewn
through solid rock salt. During the
1, 2 descent impnetrable darkness en
i of guted us, punctured only by the
faint glimmer of a solitary miner's
ers lamp carried by one of the workmen
en, on the elevator. The scin one wat
weird in the ehaftre.ne, and strongly
ayof appealed to a livtly imagination.
every At the botto except the fortythe a, an
ter. usual cene, t devoid of the ele
eart oughents of grandeur. challenged the
th edesight nt either able, projected a
chamber, hewn out of the solid iner'
I of salt,mp carrie and fifty or two hun
itful dred feet in length, some twenty feet
on wide and about fifteen feet high,
ster, with an arched roof. Fom ene ry
. little proectio in the walls shone -
xce forth a lighted taper, the hundreds
of of little lighvts illumininag but indf
Sfer usuatly these immense evoidergoud of the ele
ar chambers into which the glorenge us
light of day never penetrates.
lit Here, too, as one tread the rlid locky
re's floor sod explored the chamber', im
ofd agination, aided by memory, paintedo bun
the some anterestg pifteen fres. There
by arose before the minds eye visionsdre
of of the old subterranean chambers of
by ancint Rob e, into which the early
le; Christians sought refuge from the
blind fury of their penr enters, and
A. to worship their God. The weird
light reflected asb the many litthe
re's tapers, th- going to ad m of the m
Saginationrs, aided byd wme, were stri-nted
tg sg features in the picg ry ic-here
t tre, which seemed to la eyek only the
ar plaintive old stes of the sard cham t,
byo and the ome, iut deormic of the early
by Christian-, to makefuge perfect
re The com:ry ofd to astced broke the
l. charm nhid brought us hbck to the
orealityof the situ tion. The ascent wis
a forth agpe, in into th broa light of day,
an after having been buried alive, as It
an were, for a few minutes, one expe.
t rieneed a pleasurable sensation, and
at the life around seemed all the brigh.
From the mines, the- party
ma C hed ri gri pes to the hit p e pitec
ble mansion of Gen. Avery, where -
oft the Glneral, Mrs.. P.TB. Leeds, Mrs.
a Bradford, Mrs Danito Avery, Messrs.
at John and Ned. 1burienny and Mr.as Cho
a Dan. Avery rcceivd andu entertained e
ed the visitors in royal style. At 2 Fg
Fro'lock the party st to a abunte ys
repast laid on tables set und..r wide
h spreading oaks which tas pid the
be front lawn, the best of feeling and
rtgood oheer prevairs ig. At the in-. B
a clusion, Pre-ident Gilmore called thesr
r- "boys" to order and requested Hon. Lb
ut John Dymond to epress the thanksd Mr.
edof the assocsiatin to Gen. Aery and
o family for their unbounded hospitall. M
h. ly, which Mr. Dymoid did ibu very
El appropriate language. Gen. Avery
e- feelingly responded.
r The hour of dearture sothe on arri
Susioned, and, however loath to leave, all
i "boarded the traind requested on.
at Lak of space compels us to defer and
o until our net isboue the co sptintio.
of our narrative.
. TWJ OwDynx, LdA. ly
Clean, Paint, Repairge , Put
up ad take Down m
Smokestacks ,
oT, IEell NrS, c. mai
S stles Guarstee sed Charse* Low
Csv b them made by themas guoo and as
ePrthey a ea be puor ed i~
* Ma. J. I. C. GIZZO B
Cures Cancer, Palsy, Rheu
Smatlsm. Bright's Disease, V
Dropsy. DL
Medicines alone charged
esidence 10 nmilee below Thibodau, Rlight -
benk of Batoe ma kourene.
Raya. . Aciea Parish. La. 1
Surveying, Leveling, Plantation -
Drainage, Mapi, Etc .....
Twenty Years' Experiene
In U. S. Re.Surveys. Will take os
work in Lafour.he pzrish. Cor Lout.
respondence Sola.it ed...........
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