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and ADVERTISE n i Br'' hh
,js The Sentinel.
Ofoial Journal of the Parish of Laourohe aAd Gluardian of .the Zntrsmt of the Town.
Vol -X-V. T--- HIBODAUX, LA., SATURDAY, MAY, 26,. 100 NO44
Cor. Marr.t n.d ZhNa.rrow 8t..
SorgILUA TruHn:t: THI3oo@Aut tsLPmorn:
N*sIDACE 43. *uosavact t1i n
Esinsa asoetu
Local Mention.
ies Is and Out--Those we eet
dA Those e w ear of.
" Im from Washington Is to the
pt that Loulaiana may secure a
Li gery. Get out your rod.
s. h ear line of Men's Negligee, and
Mo style colored shirts, the '-Racket
W. C Lorraine of the Cut-OT, was
"-the teacbhers who attended the
ui-ste during the week.
C(heolate Roasted Almonds 10e
pr bos at Candy Kitchen.
Mastern Louis Robichaux and
Sbte Toups returned from St.
~Ty College. St. Mary Ky., the
usiag of the week
TMl best on earth is a Hannan
e Emile J. Brand, proprietor of
ithbodanu Shoe and Hat Store, sole
qut 12-1y.
The Kentucky gubernatorial cam.
.p will soon begin, and in a ve y
bert time It will be roaring hot.
evw would you like to live in old
Rave you seen our "Regent shoe"t
W'e a besauty sn't It? well why not
try a pair, once worn, always worn.
For sale at The "lasket Store".
Miss Eva Stark, who has been
visiting the fally of G. C. Addison
at Rays., for the past few months,
staurad to her home ir Thibodaux
ast Saterday.
Where can you get your noney's
with? where is the cheapest plnce
bsby your goods? where do they
by to please you best? our answer,
WstcA oat for the eclipse nest
salsy. If the weather is fair it
will be a grand sight. When the
a.rksss comes don't make any
~attike and go to bed.
$asuan's high class chocolates and
e~mh insl one lb boxes at Candy
Ms, (Dr.) L. A. Clark, of Iota
~s parish, and her bright little
Y,'tr luth, arrived in Thibodaux
'Ms y, and will spend some time
e hwr sister Mrs. H. R. Dupre, on
Slt ~rget steet
S"Isget shoes" all styles, one price
Sa The "Racket store."
SWsknowledge the receipt from
tglh amd gentleman of a communic-.
All oa the question of "Po:itical
," but as Mr. Godchaux
mnad his own defense e canuot
e epts oee for this communics.
M the asme line.
W h that's a swell shoe you have
1ite so pertetly, what did you
bor 'm ? 5.00 I guess I Oh I no
--a "Regent" only 3.50, but they
+M Mt "good as any 5.00 shoe
. I bought e'm from Charles
-l-brwx; he is the sole Agent sou
Swas made, not to command
is or lawful pleasures to fulfll.
aS ad woe to us, it we our
I'" obey ;
s dbasoth with the horseman
, Isay.
u.mai Fig Perfection in 5 and
i at Candy Kitchen.
he hrm'asL takes pleasure in
kW gng receipt of the follow.
siud ira Dav. d Smith request
PrW 5co at the mamrage of
aigbter Lilite, to Mr. Louis F.
-- tueteen hundred, at eight
Odre, St. Laudry Catholic
tr Opelo'ns L
" M mu sad ePoster.
Samu e D. llejery and
% i11. Foster were unanimously
, this week U. S. Senators from
Poster to succeed Senu.
tIl March 4, 1901, and
to #oeal himslf.
"A Negro Lynched in Colorado,"
such was the news which flashed
across the wires this week. Lynched
for the crime of murder; dragged
through the streets by a rope around,
his neck before he was finally hung.
Note well, sill this in Colorado.
What will the Northern papers say
about it ?
samths Th1 Ild Yes h lgo
'Grateful, but not a casnidate,"
such is the message which Mr. Lin
den E. Bentley, the talented editor of
the Donaldsonville Chief, sends to
the Donaldsonville Daily Times and
the Piaquemine Daily Journal which
were zealously advocating his nomi
natIon as the Republican Candidate
for Congress from Third Congression
al district.
Have you seen the beautiful line
we handle? nothing old style. We
have vases, cops and sau'ers, plates
and pretty ornaments. Only 5 and
10c. ' Come soon.
 e 4 o-m- -.-....
Mrs. E. M. Goode of Dallas, Texas,
arrived here Teesday morning and
has spent the week here on a visit to
Mrs. M. K. Fulford. She was ae
companied by Miss Mallie Holden, a
daughter of the late B. F. Holden of
this town.
Mrs. Goode is well known here
where she spent the best part of her
life, doing good, and has many
friends, who have no doubt enjoyed
the opportunity of meeting her once
TO THE DEAFr-A rich lady eared of her
Deafness and Nolmes in the head by Dr.
iebhoIson's Artificial ar Druse., gave
S100ao to his ineiltute. so that dea people
unable to procure the Ear Drum may bave
them tree. Address No. naTbt Nicholson
lanstitte, 750, Eighth Avenuue, New York.
Brother Moody of The Republican
Idea thus gives vent in rhyme to his
distress of mind :
"These are the melancholy days
The sidest of the year
When it is too warm for whiskey
And too cool for beer.
Cheer up, old man; it will soon
be warm for beer, and for beer on iee
at that.
nwo mYoau Uma AChU
Hears the
Dr. Paul Thibodaux, of Philadel
phia Point, and wife and children,
left Monday for their home, after
spending one week here at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Tbeophile Thibo.
dasu, the Doctor's worthy parents.
Dr. Thibodaux enjoyed his sojourn
at the old homestead very much, as
it was not only a source of great
pleasure to be with relatives but it
also affordled him an opportunity to
lake much needed rest after having
gone through a small pox siege of
long duration prevailing among his
- .. --0 -
We endorse ths sentiment of the
Daily States:
Thus it all resolves itself into this,
that it we had the dictating of the
Democratic platform, we should say:
"Pretermit all other questions, and
declare simply that the whole end
and aim of the Democratic campaigu
of 1900 is the salvasto4 of the Re.
Under this platform all friends of
free government can samemble, and
all an marceh under the standard
and keep step to the drumbeat of
the Democrato party.
Just received 1000 up to date
bMld.Winter clothing samples. They
are novelties and you will order.
Drews well and look well. BIseme
her we are the cheapest people in
town and guarantee a it everytme or
no pay.
Raceland, La., May 16th 1900.
To the dlitor of the Thibodaux SasturatL.
Sir,-Under the heading of "Polh
tcal Inotolerance" you printed to
your sheet on last Saturday various
statements which may mislead the
general public; and it is with the
view of placing before your readers
such facts as hear upon the subject
in question that I ask you to give to
these few lines the same publicity as
you have seen fit to give to the phan
tom complaints so readily dilated
upon in your sheet in the recent
These few historical statements of
facts are not made as an explanation
to the writer of your editorial ; but
they are made with the keen sense
of the writer for fair dealings toward
all men, sand. with tha unieviating
desire to ar to all clases, the labor,
ing classes especially, equal opports.
In your editorial you make state.
ments that in themselves are concwi
sive proof of the fact that you have
not investigated the charges made,
but merely jumped at conclusions,
and taken advantage of your position
to heap into your columns liuellous
You state that since the election I
have ceased to allow peddling to be
done through the quarters of the
plantations of the Company that I
represent. In justice to this ompa.
ny, whose standard of integrity and
fair dealing is unquestioned, it is but
fair that I should make some state
meat in their defence, and in refuta
tion of the impression your editorial
may have among the laboring classes
outside of our places.
On none of the Plantations of our
Company do we operate Plantation
Stores, bat lease them to outsiders.
As a gurantee of protection to these
tenanes the Company agree in their
oontrast to prevent peddling through
their plantations. It is needless to
go further into details as this custom
is generally practiced on Plantations
in this Parish and all over the State;
and as this privilege forms the ooiy
advantage that storekeepers have in
tenanting stores of large plantations.
We do not compel our hands to pur
chase from any particular store; but
issue to the men Cash Orders, which
%re cashed at the store, and are
merely subject to the store account.
Any man not indebted to the store is
paid the full face value of his Cash
Order, and is free to purchase else
where, your Third Ward merchant
not excluded.
The writer does not feel under any
obligations to make any explanations
to tie writer of your narrow-minded
editorial but merely ask that the
above tatement be printed as an ex
planation to my friends who have
asked me to put myself on record
against such vilifying expressions of
the public press.
It has been the writer's set princi
ple to pay little attention to vitupers'
tion and mud s:inging; but he feels
that under the present circumstances
these few lines are jutifiable.
The writer is much grieved at the
fact that the Proprietor of the Thibo
daux 8sarTINaI, having a personal
acquaintance with the personal char
acter of the undersigned, could over
step the buonds of fair dealing Y to
allow his Newspaper to assert that
political revenge could prompt me to
such action.
In placing myself before the pn.
blic for election I did so with the
full knowledge of the political advan
tages of the opousition, and have
malice toward none for my detet.
My political action in the campaign
and since are beyond reproach, and I
challenge eontradicton. The very
fact that the Third Wa:d Merehalnt,
as well as all his brothers aod his
father, all of whom are in my em
ploy, were strong supporters of mine
places your editorial in such a light
as to make it a sulbject to be ignored
rather than one that should receive
this attention from me. The writer
regrets that your editorial was not in
the form of a communication so that
it eould be treated uas is deserving of
all such malicious, petty, peevish in
sinuoatons,-with contempt.
Very truly
The Supreng Court rendered its
decision last Tuesday to the csue of
the State of Louioosiana vs. Aldolp
I Vicknauir. afrming the ju:lgment of
I the District Court.
A lPree Scholarship to ask County.
The Carnegie College, a new:y
incorpobtsl institution at Rogeri,
Ohio. ii order to introduce its meth
ods of teaching by correspondence,
will give one Free & holarship to
each counooty in our Rtate. The Free
Scholarship grants to the student
free tuition in the Normal and Acade
mie Courses, sad also In the Busi
ness Courses, including Book keeping
Sand Shorthanld. All the instruction
- is given by mail at the student's
I home. 8tudents makinog application
rfor Free Scholarshipa shookl write at
once to the College and mention this
paper, and also the county and state.
The AIunion of the Ooefaderst
There was cheerfulness, bustle and
stir in our little city last Saturday. 1
Early in the day men began arriving I
from all directions, and soon took 1
possession of the town. They walk
ed, acted, and looked as men who I
owned the town; and they did, too, c
for that day, for it was tAm'r day, the
day of the reunion of the Coalederate
Veterans, and they were ts veterans.
Near the appointed time for the
public meeting, they wended their I
way to the opera house, and aseem. i
bling there, they formed into line
and marched two by two with their Bag 1
and the band at the head of the column,
to the Planters' Club to receive Gen.
F. T. Nicholls and accompany him to I
th0 hlll.
Here, as the General made his
appearance he was enthlsmestiealy I
cheered by the audience.
Addresses of welcome on behalf of I
the Danghters of the Confederacy by
Miss lMamie.Waleh and of the M yor,
and town council by Major W P.
Martin, with response by Capt. J. J. 4
Shafter, Commander of Braxton
Bragg Camp, then followed, with I
iuntrludes by the band. At the con.
clusion of his interesting address, i
Commander Shaffer introduced Gen. I
F. T. .Nicholls as the orator of the i
Day. The General was warmly and I
enthusiastically received, sad deli.
vered a very touching and patriotic
For a fuller des~cription of the
ceremonies, we refer the reader to a
communication on the subject appear.
ing e!sewhere.
The reunion was undoubtedly the
most successful ever held, and much
of its success is due to the part
which the Daughters of the Confede.
racy took in its promotion aid Ire
There were a goodly number of
old soldiers from Terreboane, promi.
nent among whom were Capt. John
J. Shaffer, Messrs. Edmund McCol.
lam, Bannon Bonvillain, A. W. Con
nely, W. R. Dardeu, W. 1. Tucker,
Claiborne Daspit, P. A. Druilhet,
Claiborne Bonvillain, Joe. P. GOueno
and many others.
Lafourche was well represented,
many well known and prominent
citizens from various parts of the
pari-h, too numerous to be named,
attended, while St. Mary was reptre
sented by Capt. Thos. J. Shaffer and
Assumption, by r. Octave Folse.
The reunion was the occasion o
bringing together in pleasant inter
cour-e some old comrades that had
never met sine the war.
The annual reunion of Camp I
Braxton Bragg. U C. V. which took
plSpe in Thibodaux on Saturday, the
19th of May last will leave ever
pleasant memories in the hearts of
all those who had the pleasure to
participate. As an epicurean affair it I
was pronounced a success, and as
social and patriotic gathering, one
needed only to cast a look on that I
assembly of veterans whose eyes still
gl'stened with martial ardor, despite
their hoary locks and time-worn
faces to realize how happy they felt
at meeting once with their comrades
of yore, their partners in the many
hardships and trials of war.
It was apparent what emotions
filed our dear old Confederates when
the music from the band gave the
Soul-Stirring Strains of "Dixie" and
the "Bonnie Blue lmag." Yet, what
ever the chauges that have taken
place, the men of ' 61 and 65," that
mere there present must have felt
thni heart stnrngs vibrate at the
recollection of those stirring scenes
in which they were the world renown.
ed actors. Heroic times indeed,
whose memory should never be effac
ed, whose history should be preserved
as the Illiad. the epic poem of our
South land. The presee at the
banquet of our beloved Confederate
Chieftain and ez-(Ovemor, (Jenl. F.
T. Nicholls, whose maimed body bears
such strong evidence of f his valor,
of oar honored and popular ex Con
greiman, Mr. Andrew Price, of Mr.
John J. Shatter, the venerable com
mandart of the Camp, of Judge l.
P. Caillonet, besides a number of
well kuown others gave increased in
terest to the already memorable ocs
sion. The greatest good cheer and
amiable fellowshbip prevailed. At the
end of the banquet when the cha m
pigne was served, the toasts that
were made by Messrs Andrew Price
Thomas Sharfer, I. P. Callonet anad
B. N. Coulon, sltbhough extempore,
were happy in the extreme. In brief,
the day was altogether a most sue
oessful oane.
The Mi'dred Lee Chapter whose
pIleasanut ta-k it was to minister to
the wants of the veterans were eon
uionully on the alert, and ounmindful
of fatigue in the discharge of their
pleasant duty.
At their closing of the feast many
kind, words of farewell kinds words
of farewell were spoken with the earon'
est hope that all prevent could meet
again and often ounder the same hap
py auspices. Health and long life to
you old srviwvors of a lost but
righteous Cause. A Member of the
, Mildred Lee Chapter.
The Oensus nt-merator.
On the frst of June the census
enumerator will begin his personal
visit to every house holder in the
land, and as the represettatve of
Uncle Sam will ply numberless ques
tions, some of which will strike th i
average man as pertinent and others
as quite impertinent
Now, let no one think ill of the
b.oor census man if he asks questions
which appear to be Irrelevant and,
perhaps, inquisitorial; it is not his
fault; he is simply following orders
and doing his duty.
Besides, there should be no hest.
tancy in answering candidly every
questiou propounded, even of the
most private or personal nature; for I1
the information is sought for a useful
purpose and not through idle cunosi.
ty. It will not be published asgiven.,
but clasilled sad summed up is a
general way, without names or places'
being given. So that as soon as so
utilised, the returns made by the
census taker will be buries: in obli.
vion and will never see the light of
The SaIVTINEL, therefore, suggests
that instead of imreding the census
taker in his work, every householder
should facilitate him in every way
possible, so that full and complete
returns may be sent in from La
fourche, that our condition may be
presented in Its true colors.
- -4 -
C ANeL WoC0 MLr .dL
)a cs ili Ye M m In A
An Elegant Umoker.
That is what the "smoker" given
by the Thahodaux Cycling Club last
.Monday night, at their hall. was.
All pr.sent had a most delightful
time and went away charmed and
elated. A neat "Souvenir" Card,
commemorative 3f the occasion, was
given to each participant in the
ioyous affair.
Will loas at 7 O'clock.
We have been requested to state'
that the dry gcods merchants of
Thibodaux will begin to close their
establishments at 7 o'clock p. m. on
June lst, lasting until September let,
excepting on Saturdays.
A Neeeptac. to the Techers.
The Tuxedo Club, a tony social
organization, did itself and the town
justice, in tendering the visiting
teachers a reception at the rooms of
the club last Wednesday night.
The reception was gotten up in
good style and was highly appreciat
ed by all who attended.
Teshehrs' Inastatute.
Prof. Aewell conducted a success.
ful teachers' institute this week an
the Guion Academy in this town.
The attendance of public teachers
from various parts of the parish was
good and. from rl: accounts the ses
sions were interesting and instructive.
On Tuesday night Prot Aswell
delivered a lecture in the opera house
to which the general public was
invited. The attendance was fair,
and attentive and appreciative. The
lecturer was introduced by Judge A.
F. Knobloch, the principal of the
Onion Academy, and at once ingra.
tiated himself with the audience,
whoee close attention he held to the
The lecture was replete with sa l
tary truths ahd hit off to perfection
some pecuhar characters to be met i
with in every community, ours not I
excoepted. it only one half the
lessons inculcated were heeded, much
good would be acoomplished.
Beckham Wins.
Last MWonly the Supreme Court
of the Unitel 8tates decidred the
celebrated Kentudcky case, involving
the governorship of the State in
favorof Gov. Beckham, DemoraLt
The State tolrt -ot last resort had
decided the case in favurof Be kham
sad the aSupreme Cout of the United
States has derided that it had no
jurisdiction to review that decision.
Mr. WV. 8. Tnylor, the Rtepub:icsan
claimant of the gubernatorial chair,
has practicslly gives up the fight
and has takee refuge in Indiana.
Here he is practically etes, as Gyov.
Mount of that State, has already
refused extradition papersm a the
ease of one of the parties indicted
for complicity in the murder of Gov.
While the muddle over the con
tested governorship us practically
endled, and law and order will soon
regain sway, ihe polittcl excitement
will seon revtve, as the gubernator al
campaign is opening up in that af
flieted state.
------.mS c c-.---.
Send yuur Job Printing
to this O oie. 8atisfacti'n
Shrewd Buyers
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Rush of Business
From a Whirlwind of Bargains
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Ladies Uhirt Watrst, peesty patterns worth 7S.
ltest de , styesf to 8118.
Lade Knit Ves from to to w eaob. I dles Umbellas. In tis line we wtil
We have the largest asortmeet and uphold earrputatla of havIng t
lIe vests In town. best gods o tamable for the mousy.
Ladles Corsets. red toe up iadludin. CLdrevs' PParasol from I tooc
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All White Linen Table Clot, Sea yard. PapeL from l a box up.
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gain" may signify in other stores.,
here it has but one meaning and that
See our big stock of Gents' Furnishings,
Ladies Goods, Notions, Shoes, Hats. j
"The Racket Store,"
Main Street, Thibodaux, La. Phone 180
Ae o ts for I
Nunnally's _ Candies
Thibodeaux Drug Store,
offers its customers all possible Induce
- ments in return for their patronage. Low
a PriceS. Largest Selections Polite Attention
i---~- -  " ' _ _ -
E. P. L9ort. D . TeXLrea ,
Lefort F TetFea
uoe.-eaera to H. T3rZpAU * C..
T O Livery, FeedL
I ....ATD....
S...Sale Stables.
Undertaking 5 m
iK Etablish,-lent
SBlacksmiths and

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