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I1i ii -; I. LVIIY ," . t , AY i
J ' 4.'ILLULEO'l'. I'rop'r and Pub. I
SI:. I. 1'I'PlE. - Bu.iiness Manager.
jicltal Jouriual of the Parish of
La ourehe.
j. ered at the 'Posl Office at Thilbdatex, Lea
oa strond claiW ntdter.
Panlt Yk;l, IN AD'ANCe ,.........2.0
All communications should hi' ad
dresed to The TnIBODAU SENf £iNEIL
'bibodaux, La.
,orresponaenee on snbteets of general
Interest solicited.
'To insure notice of theircolutntini('tations,
.~ riter must furnish tlheir real nalle. even
houghb they should desire to withhlo!d its
p*.blicatlon, as an evidence of good falth.
Matter intended for publication shouldl Ib
written only on oine ide of the slieet, alnd to
Insure insertion I the wee's Iissuu. 'olll- a
unlestions should reach this oillet by
ednesday's mail of that eek.
Robscribers who tail to receive their paper I1
On tone should nottify us without delay. o
-- _L- .---- - -- - t
iWFully prepared to do job work i
,of every description.
8ATUIltDAY, JUNE, 2, 1900.
The New Adm;nisteation. '1
As a~ readers knowthe new state ij
adloinistration is now installed in 8
pfice. Goy. Heard and Lieut. Gov. r
Jstopinal were sworn in last Monday
week, andl the other state officials
have qualified ; so that the adwinis
tratiou has begun its official life.
It has come into lwer under
extrsordinary conditions; it has an
puited party at its back, a general t
assembly entirely Democratic, and
pemocrltic local administrations I
\ hroughout the state. Under such 1
favorable conditions much will be
of it; Will it respond to the
eral expectation ?
SENTINEL believes it will.
Gov. bIard is a man of much execu
tive abilSy and firmness of charac.
ter, patriotic and devoted to duty,
qualities whidb go far towards mak
ing good and Oecessful executive.
He is thoroughly' .familiar with the
finanoes of the Stab and his ex
perience of public agts, gained in
his service as auditor duying eight
yers, will prove invaluable to him
in the administration of the abirs of
State in the wider field of 4ra
tion to which he has been promot.
Already Gov. Heard has given in h .
message the key note of his adirinis
.ration:-the faithful and impartial
Rexecutloi of the law. Those who
know the sincerity of the mi"n ! :"i
an abiding faith in his public ; . ...
tions, an.d know that this promise is
not an idle one.
The Uovernor will have able asse
tants in his corps of State officials,
all of whom have been tried and
found not wanting. In Judge Guion,
Lite Attoiney General, he has a dis'
cruet friend, a wise and conservative
legal adviser, and an indefatigable
All things cousilered there is
every reason for predicting that the
administration just started will be
wise, conservative, progressive, and
result in much good to the State and
to the inhabitants thereotf.
"Positive Principles."
Mr. Bryan was asked the other
day whly he d(eclsrwi :
"Tihe people are with us this year,
and they are in sympathy with thŽ
principles which shall be embodied
in the Kansas City platform, and
which represent the feelings of the
great mass of the American people."
Anil his answer, which appeals to
every American citizen who has the
wef:tnre of his couqtry at heart, was:
"Bicause ever, principle of tlhe
lemnocratic party is a positive prn
clple of the Democratic party is a
aosittve principle, more positive than
was the declaration of the Republi
pan party in 1896, and while to its
tirner adhlerence to prnnciple and
ipoitive declara:tion, the Repubhcan
i,,r'y is 'tr'kking' in just the op
posite directLion. It is less positive
nltI its a:dlerence to its own hereto
fore fixed declaration of faith is now
A Trust's Cold Bluf.
The San Francisco Call explaius
how thle lTobacco trust suceessfully
work'd a coli b:utf on the dealers of
Los Ag,'!es iot lo.ig ago. The
methti of tdictalioi is llot litmited to
the Tobacco trust, but is a weakness
ttflictini all the oili her trust mouopo.
lit's. It is noth:ug but a legalizcd
"Stantd sud delier'. command of the
old fashioned highw:.ymen. This is
the Carll's tory :
"I'll give you jlust 15 minutes to
stopl tllhe e:!c of all ottsiile tobacco,
tndtl hLle lconily the goalds of the
Americ.|n tolacco te)ipany'," said
-IcrIU:nn Ie.ynown of ibis city, as hbe
*''.,d th, tcl,:~., d.alers of Los
.\ , .- . ". ..n in that city a
. . .• " his watch~,
i L : , ..; * . . ;. 'I , r ane , an , y
Cough h:
Compa nd.r Y o ra:
WiiJld hrry and Tar i
4 de
Cure! Coughs, Colds, he
Asthma, Croup, Throat and an
L.ang Affecti,'is. ju
50c. Bott!e. Large Bottle $1.00. to
All drug3ists and medicine dealers. 3
"We want you toi handle our good s.
and I haven't the time to argue the ki
matter with you. If you do not
agree at once to do so, all that L ui
have to sav is that I have a carlona I t
of goods lhre and 35 men employed ei
to sell them. If you do not agree
within 15 minutes to handle our
goods exclusively I'il set these men
to wirk and cut prices 50) per cent." II
And the blutt worked, ac·ordinug to rt
the story goinag the rounds, aal:d
genernaly I,el\vced in Iusiness circles.
The dealers ca:ne to time before tLhe
15 minutes had expired, and entered
into an agreementcu to handlie exclu. a
slvely the goxxis of the American I
tobacco company, wh:ch Heynteman
Two "Hissing Word" Platform. t
Political platforms, in order to be r
of value should say what they mean, t
and mean what they say. Our Re
publlcan friends are prone to take
things for granted. Thus the Phila.
delphia Press summarizes the Itepub- C
lican and Democratic platforms, up
to date as follows, without due regard
to the consequlences :
We endorse
We rejoice
We glory
We are proud-
We heartily aupport
We entrust
We commend
We repudiate -
We mourn -
We decry
We are ashamed -
We condemn
We denounce
a We disavow -
L Whereupon the Boston Herald
a remarks: "It is scarcely necessary
to say which is wLich."
Lest, however, there might be a
citizen whose arduous occupation in
I keeping bimself and family above
k abject want, should not have had
dime to solve the 'missing word"
i pbzzle, the Los Angeles Herald
comes to the rescue with the follow
10 lug solution :
. 'Wa endo a3c mpecri::liýe.
We, tIj cc--in the trusts.
is \We g uo y --in Hannaism.
We ase p:oudl-of McKinley's
record as a flpper.
We heartily support-a banking
e, currency.
d We citrust-the country to boss
We commttand -militarism.
That is the Republican platform.
re WV wndiate-imperialism.
le We uroutn-the substitution of
n., ule for Ipopiblar governmuent.
s \\'e decr~-the control of our
money systen by the banks.
'e We are ashaimed--of the war in
e the Philippines.
ad We condemn imperialism.
ad We denounce-Ilannaism.
We disavow--uiditarism.
That is th D)cmotratrc platform.
On which do you pirefr to stand ?"
-- . .L
r Speaking of the eevation of
Governor Heard to tii. high position
or, (f chief executive of the State, the
h Baton Rouge 7reth wisely remarks:
ed What an olject lesson to the
Syouth of Louisiana is presented by
,, the honorable career and the dleva
tion of Governor Helard to the high.
est position tn the State. Country
iC reared, with few advantags in boy.
: hood, we find this sonI of Louisiana
advancing step by step, relying solely
n upon his own efforts andl .teadily
a winning the reg arl and esteem of his
f ellow.cutizens, as few men have
done. Honorable ambition, wrsMonal
Sintegrity andl fidelity to every trust
has found its reward in the selection
o of Mr. Heard to be Governor of his
native State, and the hearts of thou.'
e sands of plain peiople, as well as:
Sthose of high estate, are gladdened
' that it is so."
The Daily States. in an editorial
on the race question, says:
ns "'We have always regardedl these
ly theoretical discussions of the neg:o
of as utterly useless, holding that the
[e destiny of the negroes should be left
to to be worked out under the dynamic,
as static and re.triactive laws of the
o. human race among the people who
xl know and uuderrstad the negro best,
he and that under these laws the negro's
is destiny will be worked out either to
a higher life or to final extinction
ti For more than a qurater of a century
'o, past, first in one ncwspaler :rand then
he in another, we have held that the
ill natural condition of the. negro is one
he of swervitude; that under a vitu le he I
os is happy and c(teO!itt.l :in:1 a-q uires
a a nIiesurab:e d. gie of cal ilzti.io,,
and Christianity ; while in a state of
h,' freedom he d. yecar.,t. - ; teindi repid
y i iv to retutrn to b rlbarirsm; ij nuh ppy
o arnid discontt.nted, anl that hen,,e
e; i etuutijatto was gigantic crllle
aUaut the unfornate bigro and
natural resu.t of the inexorable law ,
of evolution, which has determinedti
the final extinction of the negio or.
his return to barbarism. The p:o,
gress of this law may be more or i:ba;
retard'ed byv cireumstances, among
them contact with the higher white
race. iit the condition of freedom
on the other hand accelerates the r
decay and progress of exthittion. 1
The point is that the negro is a
doomed race. In six thousand )ears
he has not written a book or reaiedt a
miomument or moved out of the
jungles in which his primitive ances
tors dwelt. Will he do so in the
next six thousand years ? lie is
nut the shed skin of the white race.
In some remote or unknown era of
the world the negro may have been
the higltest becausJ the only type of
tl:u above the simian; but that in
known or even fathomable histoiy he
made ab-olutely no progress except
under the lash of the master indicates
that he is doomed in the end to
Cominisioner of Agriculture and
Immigration Leon Jastremski, in his
report, recently issued; has the fol.
lowing to say of tlhe importance of
cotton factories in the South:
-*The importance of cotton factories
as an aid or adjunct to cotton-grow
iug is generally recognized. These
factories would create a competitive
home demand for the raw cotton
against the markets of the eastern
States and Europe, and this corn mpet
tjin would naturally tend to laise the
price of cotton. I believe that the
recent improvement in cotton quota
tiuns is in a great measure attributa.
ble to the factories which have
e sprung up in the South and to the
movement for their increase, which
ought to be maintained until cotton
growing and cottou.manufacturiug I
becomes synonymous in the South. a
I have endeavored in every way to fi
co-operate with this movement and a
to encourage its gxtension to manu- r
factures of all other raw materials
produced or possessed by our State,"
Educate and inform the whole t
mass of the people. Enable them to (
see that it is in their interest to "
preserve peace and order, and they I
will preserve them. The press is the t
bet Instrument for enlightening the L
mind ofman and improving him as a (
rational, moral and social being.- r
d Thomas Je.fferson.
In (ros our requlaiUrGrrespondient.)
e WASInUToroN, 3MAY 25, 1900.
. There has been lying as well as
I stealing in connectlon with Cuban
laflmirs. First Assistant Postmaster
General Perry Heath has repeatedly e
and publicly declared that he hat 1
nothing whatever to do with the ap- 1
pointmenut of .Neeiy, the head of the
looting conspiracy, and now .Mr.
Rathibone, the suspended Diiector of
g ost.s in Cuba, asserts that he ap. 1
pointed Neeley on Perry Heatlhs re.
sconuswandaulo. Tctre must tbe doe
umuntary evidence that will show
which of these men have lied, and
n. it ought to tie produced, and doubt.
less will be if 'Scnator laconu's reco
of lutiou for a Congressional iavestiga
tiou goes thioung.
r The Boer peace envoys, who have
Lbeen snubbed ollicia:y andt jolhied
in tpersonuty by the udminstratioi, are
preparing to visit a utmber of large
weatern cltaea for the puriose of try
lug to urou-e a public sutimenlut that
wil cotl;el the atdmiulstratiou to do
. something to bring th.: war in South
, Altrlca to a close beor e Eiigiiaiil a nue
cteds in Wiping the two little 'repub
lics off the mtap. Repubeicans de
of fenud Mr. MlcKinuley'a :reatme-nt of
n the envoys,. whuen theyv have to, buL
he mighty t-w of them commend at.
. ti b g payers of war- taxes arc to
be bled by lBoss Ilanua. That w -s
Smalie citlain when the republican
'a llaimageis of the House dlecitcd thL .t
h- the \Ways and Means committee
. should be given authority to sit dur. I
" Ing the recess for the purtuose of tix
a ilaK up a bill for the reductiou of war
Staxes. nlu otlier to catch as many I
13 of the tax-payers as possible, the I
I committeer wid not begin its bittiigs
I until a few weeks bfore election.
"t Boss ilanuits programme is to aliow 1
ist all of te iLeay war tax payers to
>t believe that if they contibutedl Ilber
is aiy enough to the repubiican cain
,.* paign tule their interests will be
as favored iu the hill, but he will take.
edl good caie that not a single item in
the bill shall be decided upon untlt.
afier the election. It is a go]
scheme of its kind, but it is a very
al bad andl disgustinlg killl, buIt no
worse than others manipulated by) tiet
e same man in 1896.
;10 It being apparent that the S-ii:tle
he committee on Privileges and Ei.ctious
ft had no idea of reporting the resolu
ic, tion for a. Constitutional amenlment.
he providing for direct election of U. 8.
ho Senators, Senator Pettlgrcw has
st, otfftred a resolution to dscharoge the
o's committee from further conideratio,
to of the resolhtion and have it reportld
>n anld plac-d on the C!t-ndar. 'T'he
ry Slat~e with not pass this resolutioni
en until compelled by" public sentimet
he to do so,, although the large majrity.
Inc for it ian the House bhcnld have tcoi.
he vI;ce:l Seliatots of tu. St ~t e of piia
).1 'ihi S-naLte i1i., adolte,' a re.-ol;i
of lion can-iing ulnon the ~Scretai, of
id War tr iitr,naiationi as to dhi-- ctumi.
p)V ton ii the ''lhiiipp.hne--- ies, Ihtw
we of the we'1. -hooild th.t thIle w,:
me nelthcr peace nor American conlrol
ad outside the paceaeg:in isoned-offered
The Kinid You Have Always Bought, and which has been
in use for over 30 years, has borne the signature of
 , ýand has been made under his per
sonal supervision since its infancy.
Allow no one to deceive you In this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and Substitutes are but Ex
periments that trifle with and 'endanger the health of
Infants and Children-Experience against Experiment.
asutorla is a substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops
and Soothing Syrups. It is Harmless and Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea-The Mother's Friend.
]Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
by Senator Allen : but if the infor
mation is not more definite than that
furnished by the same department s
about Cuba, iii response to Senate v
resolutions, it will not carry touch I
enlightenment for anybody. s
Senator Bacon has offered an c
amendment to his reso!ution for a e
Congressional investigation of the ii
Cuban stealing by republican oflicials, 4
which promises to reach enormous e
proportions, authorizing the commit- f
tee to sit duiing the recess at such d
places, either in this country or in 1
Cuba, as the committee may deem E
necessary or important and to bend
for persons and papers. The repub
licans are "between the devil and the
deep sea" on this investigation. They
are afraid to vote for it and afraid to
defy public sentiment by refusing to
do so.
Senator Spooner who is one of the
Senators who started out by vigor.
onsly oplposing perminent retention
of the Philippines, even going so far
as to say that he would not have
voted for the ratification of the Paris
treaty of peace had he suppose I that
it would lead to permanent owner
ship of the Philippines by the U. S.,
and afterwards had his mind changed
for him byh the administration, made
a set speech, occupying a portion of
twodays this *eek, to favor of his
bill giving Mr. McKinley autocratic
power in the Phillippines, which is
now before the Senate, and which
was used as a club to defeat Senator
Mlorgan's reso'ntion to take up the
Nic:aragua Canal bill. The solid
republican vote against taking up the
latter bill will not be aliowed to be
forgotte-n during the campaign. It
showed up hypocria y of the repubh
can' who pretend to favor that )1ill.
It could have been passed in an hour
h:ad the republic.au Senators support.
'd Senator Morgan's motion, but
Hanna ordered thin to vote down
the motion and they obeyed orders.
The peop!e's ordeis will be issued
next November.
And now a newspaper man-Mr.
W. R. Hearst, proprletor of the New
York Journal and the S in Francisco
l'xamainelr, and the newly cho,en
ipr, slent of the National Association
of dlmocratic c!ubs-is enjoying a t
lIom for the democratic Vice Presi
dential nomination. Bryan and
FIear-:t wouldn't sound had. t
Mr. P. J. l)a'y, of N. Y., an of
flcial of the Knights of Labor, who is
now in \\ahiiugton, said : ' I have
always voted the republican ticket,
hut I think the democrats will win
this year." That sort of talk is
getting qnite common.
Deafness Cannot be Cured
I by local applications as they cannot
reach the lisease-l portion of the ear.
There is only one wiv to cure deaf
,e-s. and that t by constitutional
remedies. Deafness is caused by anI
i inflamed comition of the munous
!lining of the Eust;achian Tube. When
this tube is iunlmamed you have a
rumbhIg sound or imperfect bearing.
ia'd when it is entirely closed, deaf
nes is the result. and unless the
inflamomation can be taken out and
th:s tube restored to, its normal con.
5 dition, hearring will be de.stroyed
Sforever; nine cases out of ten are
'caused by Cataih. which is nothing
Ihut an anfltam., oer4ntion of tlh
e! mous suiftees.
! \We wilt give One Hundred D.-,I.ln s
for any case of Ih:Defness (caused hv
et:rrrh) that I'anoit he cured hiy
I Ill:'s (Catrrh Cure. Sued for cir,
,inos. free.
F. J IIENEY & t'O . T,,eI, i
11 , I 1" I',
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)b ;w , but rog
require inuformatiom
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w iart on ly filled bya
() trop) r:cw iI"
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S - - -- - 433jl13t
T a
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" ji it a i l. Tb
Chotee fr" -h beetec. p .i~
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situated in the
'tr. et a*ndl If tL sY ggc
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