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and ADVERTISE IDI0P- I ._; _ _
4nl Thle Sentinel. JO RT
 _ -- -_i 'v At this OffiGce
_OUo.-&. Jo real of cht Parish of Laoche and GCaidurin of the  A.-osb eb6 of the Towa
=!: . .... .. -i n... . nmin nnis .... . l l B. .. ....u R ii= n an.u  nn. ... ..... . i i i-un --li ll . ... .. . • n' l l im .n . .n i ..l ii & n Imq ui . g in u ahm mg m nm • iinnn gn
tment's Stable, - Donaldsonville.
is a rule of nearly, if not, all
o-ices to charge for obituary
nest in for publication. Sl ace
-mprper has commercial value
 uch as other articles in trade
to make up the revenues of
- -_.., o m----
-rcar Thildaux, of Napoleon
w ton our city on Thursday.
Toups of Ariel was a busi.
in town on Monday.
Les Chauvin, of Ariel was
friends in town on Saturday.
Jot. Naquin visited Houma
y part of the week.
J.J. Ayo, a prominent physi
at Raceland was in town on
r Blam who went to New
for treatment returncd home
latest styles of Manhattan
are to be found at Ellis Brand's
as Main street.
Olive Aycock, of Chacahoula,
e guest of the Misses Danse
this week.
I "stitch in time saves nine," and
UND SYRUP at the beginning of
old will save you many weary
as and even days of distressing
Iharasaig cough. Price, 25 and
iats. For sale by Thiobodaux
K Store.
i F C. Jennings left on Tuesday
Opeloosas and the cotton district
bminess trip.
v Lagarrde left on Tuesday for
garde's plantation to weigh
rnag the rolling season.
arriet Lagarde left on last
y to spend some time at Mr.
SJoet on Rosedale plantation.
Jeandron, a contractor and
,of Toupe P. O. was a busa
liter to town on Monday.
have seen the frail infant when
Ilt struggle for existence seem.
ended, resuscitated and
iroeg by the use of WHITE'S
Y VERMIFUGE. Price, 25
For sale by Thibodaux Drug
P. Albert Engerran and Dr. O.
were visitors to Lafourche
on Sunday.
Gilbert I.. Dupre of Opelou.
is one of the Republican speak.
bus on last Sunday.
Oscar Dufrend and Miss
Boudreaux, of Labadieville
Mru Henry Lagarde on last
Plona, recently a clerk in
drug store, left on Monday
Orltans to take a course in
Bail Koobloch and little son
Orleans arrived Saturday and
her parents on Greenwood
F. Pleming, special agent of
ibtIa.d Telephone and Tele
mlpsay, gave the Sentinel
- 5ppIriatedi call yesterday.
you seen the elegant line of
h Dress Trousers now on
, oar show window ? You
pS wre not afraid to put a
-et" o them. The Racket
' sprained wrists, barb
Et, burae, biuises severe
ad external injuries of
,mu protmptly mand happily
s *pplvig RLLARD'S
'JIMENT. Pr:c,, 25 and
for sale by Thibodaux.
ho tf Gest Negligie shirts,
. 56k, large variety of pat.
k, just receivled at The
ld Mrs. A. J. Beth:ancourt of
Uited Mrs. R'thancourt',
Ph-h!i : ,
Miss Mary Lou Taylor, of Urowley
who had been visiting her sister-Mrs.
Ii. R Dupre of this city-for the past
three n.outhe, returned home on Mon
Dr. Jack Price, a native of Terre
boonne Lt recently of New Orleans;
arrived in our city on Thursday and
will locate here for the practice of
dental surgery. He has rented the
offlees formerly occupied by Dr.
Chief of Police, Robert J. Naquin,
went to New Orleans, Thursday, to
take in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.
Bebe Trone carrying the Chief's
baton during his absence in a very
efficient manner.
Capt. A. M. Muller, District Attor.
ney of Iberia parish was in town on
Friday afternoon of last week, and
spoke to a large audience at Cleve
land Hall, up the bayou on that
The Capt, is doing admirable service
for the Democratic patty in the Third
District daring this campaign and is
a forceful and influential speaker.
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
they cannot reach the seat of the
disease. Catarrh is a blood or con
stitutional disease, and in order to
cure it you must take internal reme.
dies. Hall s Catarrh Cure is taken
internally, and acts directly on the
blood and mucous surfaces. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is not a quack medicine.
It was prescribed by one of the best
physicians in this eountro for y-.ars,
and is a regular prescription. It ie
composed of the best tonics known,
combined with the best blood purl
ters, acting directly on the mucous
surfaces. The perfect combination
of the two ingredients is what pro
duces such wonderful results in car.
ig Catarrh. Send for testimonials
F J. CHruay & Co. Props. Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, price The.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
antertataers Club.
Miss Bertha Riviere entertained in
progressive euchra at her pleasant
home on Canal street Thursday
Fifteen games were played. Re
freshments served. Songs rendered
by several members of the club, also
instrutmental pieces on the piano.
Those present were: Misses May
and Alwyra Frost, Vivian Knobloch,
Sarah Allain, Francis Malhiot, C-cile
Dansereau, Lucy Foret, Lucile En
gerran, Pauline Dansereau, May
Rousseau, Play Dansereau, Bertha
Riviere, Anna Dansoreau, BerthL
Foret, Olive Aycock, of Chacahonls,
Mesdames E. G. Robichauz, Dr. L
E. Meyer, P. L. Brand, C. P. Shaver,
Hy. Riviere. Messers Octave Coig..
net, Dr. Smith, Dr. Brand, L. V.
Asemar, C. A. Badeaux, F. L. Kno
bloch, L H. Laneaster, M. Celestin,
Dr. L. E. Meyer, P. P. Delaune, Prof.
W. Lafargue, R. Percy, P. L. Braud,
K. Braud, C. P. Shaver, E. G. Ro-
bichaux, F. Harmon, L. Perrin, John
McNamara, Hy. Ilivcre.
Ladies 1st prise, drawn for by
Misses May Frost and Bertha Foret
and Mrs. I. . Robichaux, won by
latter-A plr of Glass Baskets.
2nd, drawn for by Misses Olive
Aycock, Vivian Koobloch, and Mn.
L. E. Meyer, won by Miss Vivtian
Knobloch,-two vases. Booby won
by liss Lne. Foret--a small wash
Gents Ist prise, won by Mr. E. G.
Robichauz--a double lnkstand. 2nd
won by Mr. Maurice Celestin--a
matc·h case. Booby. won by Mr
Klebert Braud-a fve-tent saving
Ahest fr etm s.
Thinre are masuy of our readers
perhlaps, who do not renmember Ithat
iousteen of our preslidents have Imen
farmers, eighteen have been lawyer-,
only one a bachelor, Bucuananu, and
.. I' i.deuns living.
Sure of Victory.
Democratic Committee Issues
a Statement.
Great Bryan Gains Tend to
Insure a Great National
Washington, D. C., Oct. 23.-The
Democratic National Committee is.
sues the following statement of the
situation :
A tidal wave of Democracy is
sweeping over the country, and in'li.
cations now point to the greatest
popular majority for Bryan next
mouth ever given to any Democratic
Presidential candidate. The great
popular uprising in favor of Bryan is
not confined to any particular section
of the country. It is universal The
sign is in the sky and it spells
It is universally conceded, even by
the Republican leaders, that Mr.
Bryan has lost nothing of the
strength he had in 1896, when lea.
than 25,000 votes, properly distri
buted, would have electel him. It
therefore follows that this year he
will receive at least as many votes as
in 1896, plus the natural increase in
the number of young Democratic
voters who have come of age since
the last national campaign. But
this year Mr. Bryan has many ele
ments of strength which he lacked in
1896, and which are sufficient to
insure him a tremendous majority,
both in the popular vote and the
Electoral College.
In 1896 the German vote went
almost entirely for McKinley. This
year Mr. Bryan will receive, by th,.
most conservative estimate, 60 per
cent of this vote. A gain of 10 per
cent in the German vote alone is
sufficient to carry several of the
so called doubtful states and elect
the Democratic national ticket.
Four years ago the labor vote was
largely given to McKinley on the
alleged "prosperity" issue. This
year the vote of organized labor,
numbering hundreds of thousands,
will be cast for Bryan. This vote
alone is sufficient to carry sever;l
"doubtful" states for Bryan and
In 1896 the "Gold Democrats" left
the regular organization on the Lnan
cial issue, and they claim to have
cast 1,000,000 votes, most of which
were given direct to McKinley. Thi
year the "Gold Democrats" recog
nizing that their contention has for
the time being been settled by statute,
have returned to the old party and
fully 80 per cent of them will vote
for Bryan. This vote insures a saf.
Democratic majority in several close
In 1896 a large majority of the
Irish vote was cast for McKinley
This year this vote will be given to
Bryan and this alone means success
In several important states which
four years ago gave their Electoral
vote to McKinley.
The Holland vote, which has
always heretofore been Republicans,
will this year go over to Bryan with
a practical unanimity because of the
unfriendly attitude of the Adminis
tration toward the struggling Boer
republics. In three or four impor
tant states this vote holds the balance
of power.
The anti-imperialistic vote will be
ca st for B:yan next month. This is
ies tama mmt nu. es a m* -
eme reaso0I linadeens o e usr
eltsule msmml eas"s o inthu
sseeasa thewr muuohiare
Ca tmU M a sathe asa ws. Mra phi
e Eat s tMi lot
sl wLon s sse l s ms wnh
a new and unknown quantity in
national politics, but the leaders of
the movement claim that in one
pivotal state slone they have 100,000
voters enrolled and that these are
drawn almost exclusively from the
ranks of the Republicans. In a l
score of other states this vote is also I
said to be very large.
The reform vote will be given
almost unanimously to Bryan this
year. Heretofore it has been scat
teaed about through numerous small
party organizations, where It has not
made itself felt. but in the aggregate
it is a great power. This includes i
the Single Taxers, the Direct Legits
lationists, the "Golden Rule" Jones
people (106.000 in Ohio,) and many
others, aggregating considerably more
than one million votes.
The independent vote of the coun
try, which in late years has been such I
an important factor in determining (
elections, will this fall be cast solidly
for Bryan. This alone is suffcient
to decide the election in certain
States and give the national victoryI
to the Democracy.
In 1896 the vote and influence of
the country were given to McKinley I
and It has often b en alleged that I
this was the deciding influence of the I
last national campaign. This year
the traveling men are almost unani
mously for Bryan, and they are
working as hard for him as they did I
for McKinley in 1896.
In 1896 a large portion of the
prohibition vote of the country was
cast for McKinley, under a mistsken
impression. This year every prohi
hltion vote not given to Bryan will
undoubtedly be cast for Mr. Wooley.
Certainly McKinley will receive none
of them. In addition to this, one c
great religious society has deemed it
necessary to start an endless chain I
of prayer against the re election of I
the incumbent of the White House,
and this will certainly affect thou
sands of church voters who gave him
their support four years ago.
And then there are thousands of
*u*nselentious and patriotic Republi
cans who have been obliged to re
nounce their party, or.its candidate,
because of the bold and glaring
corruption which has marked it,
administration of public affairs, and
who will this year vote and work for
lUr. Bryan. This condition is some
thing unprecedented in American 4
politics and is in itself more than
sufficient to overcome the small ad
verse popular majority against Bryan
four years ago.
As against this tremendous and
overwhelming change in popular
sentiment in favor of the Democratic
cation ticket the Republicans have
nothing to fix their hope on except 1
Hanna's corruption fund. And this 1
will not sofice. Four years ago
every man who could be bought or
coerced was handled by the Republi
can managers. They can do no
worse this year. But the elements
mentioned above, who have joined
the Democratic ranks since 1896 are
not purchasable. They have come
over to the Democratic party and its
candidates from principles and are in
the fight to stay. These are the true
e.ements of American greatness, be
cause they represent the best citizen
ship, the highest thought and the
truest conscience of the American
people. The issue is sharply defined
between the republic and the empire,
and the Ipeople will win, as they have
always won every great political
battle in our history. The Bryan
tidal wave is sweeping over thbt
whole country, gaiming .tr-ugth cevery
"Fear leaf Clover" Euchre Party.
This popular club was d,.lightfully
entertained at the genial home of
Mrs. F. C. Jeunnogs on last Wednes
day night-the followmg persons
being present: Misses Sarah Allain,
Annette Coulon, A. Maddox, Anona
and Belle Lobdell, M. Guardia, E
Molaison, Mesdames G. Lewis, L. C.
Waterbury, C. P. Shaver, F. C. Jen
nings, J. L. Lobdell; Messere C. P
Shaver, L H. Lancaster, P. R. Percy,
L. C. Waterbury, F. L. Knobloch and
J. L. Lobdell.
Ladies 1st prize, won by Mrs.
Jenntngs. Booby, won by Miss
Gents 1st prize, won by P. R
Percy. Boovty, won by C. P. Shaver.
Brlttuh Cruelty.
Some of the recent expernenes of
the Brittimh in the Transvaal are
clearly explainoed by a letter from
Oen. De Wet, which has just been
published. He writes: "My farm
has been destroedal, my louse burned
and my property looted. My sons
have been killed in Ibattle and my
wife has dital of a broken heart, bIt
I shall not surrender. I shall resist
to the end. The war shall not cease."'
Pity that he has not 50,000 good
men to back him.
Ameris Up To Date.
My Empire, 'tis of thee,
Land of monopoly,
Of thee I sing;
Land where our freedom died
Land of the "Combines" pride;
From ev'ry ocean's side
My col'nies spring.
My Empire, 'tie in thee
My upbuilt trusts are free;
Heaven bless their fate;
We love their checks and bills,
Safeguards 'gainst party ills,
My heart with rapture thrills
Trusts "pay the freight."
Let cannon boom and kill
Let salres drink their fill
Of brothers' blood,
While I, my ensign float
O'er all the Isles remote;
Ring outl loud empire's note,
On field and flood.
My party godsl to thee
I turn for leniency
To thee 1 cling;
Filled shall thy purses be
With toil's unwilling fee,
From dark brown hands o'er the sea,
Red gold I bring I
-J. H. Rogers, Ottumwa, Iowa.
We Peed Sleep.
One of the medical journals pleads
hard for more sleep for every one, and
*especially for medical men, who are
cut short of "nature's soft nurse." How
doctors are to get their extra hours Is
not suggested, but the average pems
to recommended to emulate the dor
mouse and learn to "drop or" at sun
dry times and In divers places. U*
doubtedly it Is true that, while we are
particular nowadays about our food,
our sanltation. our exercise and gIner
ai hygiene, we seem to fancy that we
can do with less and less sleep.
People rise early and take rest slat.
Insomnia is a prevalent plague, sad
nervous disorders victimise all msts
and conditions of men and women.
There is not time, apparently, to get
the proper allowance of sleep In bed,
and The Iancet even goes so far as to
say this Is not essentiaL IHowever. the
cultivating of a habit et sleeping at
odd moments would not be without Its
drawtbaks, although ft would also have
Its advantages. It would be awetWha,
for example, to have one's guests tak
ing rest during a party; but, on the
other hand, It would be delightful to
quench bores by simply taking 40
winks whenefe g particularly prosy
story was being told.
A new Belgian artifical ste is tsasid
to have four times the resistible power
of French freestone. It is lnassmsble
to the action of cold, absorbing only I
to 7 per cent of water, even after a
long, dry spell, and canot be erushed
under a pressure of 40 kilos to the
square centimeter. The method of
maufaeturing this stone is a follows:
Eighty parts of extremely claos and
dry, coarse sand are mixed with 20
parts of hydrauallc lime redued to a
ine dust. This mixture is put into an
Iron box, which Is plunged Into a boiler
of water, and this is hermetically clos
ed. The cooking goes on under a preo
sure of six atmospheres for 72 bours, a
temperature of 168 degrees beinlg main
tained. At the end of this time the
Iron box contains a perfectly homo
geneous mass of stone, which rapidly
hardens upon exposure to the air.
Amelthe4d Ea*e**atem.
The lancet says that owrnlg theo t
presence of typhoid fever In Natal ev
ery man ordered for military service in
that colony has been given the option
of being inoculated with antityphold
serum. It is said that 70 per est et
the troops have accepted the ofer.
Opttelan's Letia.
Hiram had returned home from el
lege. where he had won high bonors as
a student of the anient Ilanguagles, but
he "tell down" one day when his sister,
a demure young girl In her teens, ask*
ed hiaj to translate a sign she had seem
In front of an optician's oee which
read thus:
Hiram struggled manfully with It for
several minutes and gave It up.
"It isn't good latin." he said. "There
are some words In It that are lAtina,
but the others are either wron to ter
minalstlon or are barbarisma from other
languages, and. taken as a whole, it
doesn't make sense."
"That is what I said." rejolaned his
lister, "but Keturah, out tn the kitch
en, translates It without any treouble.
8be says It mesas, oaudt em about
your eyes."'
Wbhereopon Hitram eollapsd-Teh'sY
....BERT WIGHT....
Practical Painter
- ia all high clas work on -
Carriages and Bulggies
Job werk of sal kinds am pelstin 4ome
witb menseas and dispatch and satdstae
tion guaranteed............
Prices Moderate.
Shop st Edward Badeaux's old asId
Thibodeas Ut., corner Focus. 10
since ya began ordering ywur
cloth s from
The American Tailor, Chicago,
that I'm proud of you."
The "women fol&s" know
what looks weil on a man,
and they wil make the
samt remark if your
clothes are obtained
from the same place.
You can order them
Chas. A. Badeaux.
I have just received my line of Fall and Winter Sam
ples and am proud to state they are the prettiest I have ev.
er had, consisting of the very latest patterns in Cheviots,
Worsteds, Caasimeres, Tricot, Kerseys, etc.
If yon are in need of anything in the Clothing line, I
shall be pleased to bring my samples to you, so you can
make selections.
Remember I guarantee a perfect fit or no sale.
I desire to call your attention to the fact that I have
the sole agency for the celebrated
Regent Shoes,
and am prepared to furnish them in a large variety of
styles, colors and lasts. The Regent is truly a gentleman's
Shoe, made of the finest of leathers and will wear as well
and look every bit as stylish as any 6$5.00 shoe. All styles,
one price $3.50. Every pair guaranteed.
Is now prepared to furnish the best and cheap.
est brick in the market......................
One million bricks on hand ready for delivery.
MANAGER, PNO.M asi, em
. E. J. BRAUD,
D E. P. Lefort. A. J. Tetrar,
Lefort & Tetreau
Seeeaesls t 3. TYUREA O NfC,.
SeLivery, Feed
.. .ale Stables.
Undertaking St m:
t Establialu'ent
Pactriot St. Cor. Levee and .Market, Thibodau..

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