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The weekly Thibodaux sentinel. [volume] (Thibodaux, La.) 1898-1905, December 15, 1900, Image 4

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Dr. Meyer's
Wa ter,
50C. A BOTTLE. 2
iRoger ;mouas!, th. !:lt!i- son of
C. L. Go'.aux. i sick with scar!atiha.
. iiss \'i ian K no,'(c, ,h returned unt
Tuesdainy f"oma PI'teran.
We are e :su;st-i t'. anno.'iunce that
the R]'v. 13B.A. i'e.' .: .n w Ireat h
at the Pi ,shlvt.riaa cl.ur:.h. St.uday
at 11 o cuck :. in. and ;.dt p. m.
The Wo in Tirnr--Y,'s" said Mr
IHenpeck, '"I. ta. have imy favorite
tfowrr." ' Ardl what mvy tlhey be.
pray ?" sn".,-etl his wife. ""Th'iv are
the ones that 'lhut up at night.'" he
brave:v managel,- to articu.ate."
isarper' Bazar.
Leave yoir orde!rs for pianos
organs nnl  marno tuning with 1'..J.
Knol,:, h Local Representative of
Louis Grtuwali Co. Ltd. 13
FACTOI:Y sc lig m:nills, factor:ea and
general trale offir liae on conm. to
Al men. "Fatturv, ' Box 137!. New
Tor k. 1t
Indliana has a bachelor who is
training for wrriage, and hopes to
be ab:e to take care of a wife when
he gets her. By persistent experi
ment and practice h,: has reduce.d the
'o.tt of his b;l of fare to six cents a
For fatmi!r use in numbetrless ways
a usefr, anid vaiuable remedy. Price.
25 and 50 eeats. For sale by Thlbo
daux drug store.
Judge Engerran and wife of Thi.
bodaur, visited Houma this week,
and were eiteitained at the residence
of their .o:a-in law. Mr. Jos. R. Daspit.
Mrs. A.hin Boulg anI so', Conrad.
visited Thiaiodau- this week, and
were the guests of Dr. and Mrs. J. J.
Daigre.-Terrebonne Times.
OINTMENT has been thoroughly #
tested for marny years, and is a posi f
tive c:-re for this nost distressing and t
embarrassing of trobiles. Price, 50 1
cents in bottles. Tubes, 75 cents. ,
For sale by Thibodaux drug store. t
,"That "hand-rue down" suit you're
wearing," remarked Rivers, "reminds
me of an unripe watermelon."
"Whvy" asl'e,1 Brooks'
"Because it's so different. O:.
isn't cut to fit, and the ,:.:o isn't ti ti
to cut"
It was then that Brooks plugged
away at him.-Boston Ilerald.
smammt (.L the treakf-"st table)d
-Y,,,i alwa.s ,.u:a 't to use your nap. b
kir, Georgie.
Georgie--I :;; using it, mamma.
I've got thl dog tieI to the leg of the ti
table with it. o1
Worms take refute an the small in. -
te*tine, wheretheycan easil;v multipy.
will destaoy these p.rasites. The ver.
diet of the people k.l:s ,latoly how
well i has nsa'ceeded. Price, 25 cents.
For sale by Thib,,daur drug store.
The Broussardl Escursion Club of
Breaux B. idge will give an excursion
on Monday, Jauuary 7th frmn Ar- L
naudvale anaI way Ipints to New Or- ib
leans. The ezcursaonists wall have b
three days to spend in the city as the
excursion tLain makes its return tripl of
on Thursday January 10th, thus gav- D
ing ample time to tlhoe whlo go to do so
the Crescent City thoroughly. er
If you woull hanve an atlpetite like I
a hear adl :a eish for your meals T!
take Chamlelrriaiai's Stomach and i:
Liver Tahect. Tlhey correct disor. p
'l9rs of thei stomach and regulate the tic
liver and bowels. Price, 25 cents. an
Zamtles free, at Roth drug store. te
Edwardl C,,per, a boothlls:k, anri me
is .iluh're-d iebslsecr, who will soon co
cnme ino, p''s,'siion of $25I,000, are de
t, br. muraarei in San Franlsc:o in LA
Flhruary,. T'rwe;ve months ogo Miss me
Websts r was: as lor as (,ooper. Su
They were Iv a,.d cr1l ,wetlhe'arta, pr
and promis;.d to be faithful to each ma
other until forti;ne shouldl provide ch
them the wherewithal to start house- as
keeping. Recently the discovery was uon
matde that the gil was ertitled to an of
iuheritanee of a quarter of a million
doilars, bit this did not alter her
feelings toward the young mann.
('cooper iu stal hlatking hwts, but
will gi\ve up, the busine-s in February.
Niee fat hats in various shadesPI
aund sty i,, ribb)ns, etc. can e.' t
lsughlt at close palicas .et Mrs. ~h. c
Dermott'a ml!iiuery on Jackson street.
- ... 1ter
The Best Platster. F
A pie.e of flanmel darapnued with wi,
t' Ibhe affect.rled parts is sup.rior to anry a
Ilaster. When trourilei with lame O"i
hlack or pains in the si.le or che4t,
give it a trial ani you are ce'rtaiai to bi
he more t tlaal ul:e dl w;th the pronot
:'so a .h", : h atui ''n. Oat' applica., for
itaoa g .' V'S ra .iet. l"or saa.-lay lioth ir a
tla t
A Runaway.
L ist Thursdev morning a horse of
"'r. Thomas Beary's which was at.
tachled to a b' ,gy be±anme frightened
or Main street anl made a lively run
f:,mn okt ,'s drug store to the cornmr
o,,f Miu andt .It k-ien street. There
was no one in the buggy at 'he time
of the runawav. and as the remem
I braite of the tragic death of the man
who attempted to stop a runaway on I
2 Jackson street a few wc~ s ago; was
- ti!i f'sh in h u l s ofourcittzous,
itherie s,tmil to h~- no !buirning de-ire
on the part of :,,.V of, them to play
of hero, an l the h',rae h.td the who!e
:ia. s'reet to himrn.lf
gat Ch ristmas Sloppers.
hLt The streets of our city presented
S1::ite a L.usy aplpear:tnce hhls week.
there being many people here diung
their ('hristmas -h'pli:rg.
ýItr :flu; y of the pl.inters pitid off the'I
be. employees thus p itttt cansiierable
ire money in circulhttioi.
he -- f
- DugaS -Sanarens.
os On .Mond ay, the! 10th of December,
J at the Chur-.h of thi [w na oiu:tecon.
of ception of ('h:aenton, [,a , 1I:ss Bel
tha C:aire Sanareon wan married to
nd Mr. Evrard Dugar of Lore:iaville,
to Iberia Parish.
ew The yonog lady has a number of
friends in this town who will be glad
is to hear of the haipry event.
to ...
en Prai-e the bridge that cartie, von
ri over iether a fll oo r co;ochL BIA,
a brought so many over thioat and lnng
trouble-, such as co,:ghs, cold, bron
chitis, etc., that its praises are sung
ys everywhere. Price. 23 und 50 cents.
is For sale by Thibolaux drug store.
-- -----. -- - -
Freight Car Derailed.
S Last .Monday the egul:ar passenger
k, train on the Nato:eonville hbranch.,
e ue to arrive at Thiboilaux at 2. 45
itP. MS., was unable to reach this place
d. owing to the fact that a freight car
ul was derailed on the mnaiu liae between
J. Thibodaux and Labadieville. A
special train consi;iing of an engine
and caboose was aentt out from
E Schriever to the !cene of the wreck.
ly and passengers end mall were trans
.1 ferred from the regular passenger
d train to the eslooýe The "special '
0 left Thibodaux for Schrietet at 5. 20 t
s. P. 31.. and in it was packed, like sar
dines in a box, a large but good us
tured crowd.
'e - - - .. I
1s Necrological.
S O!iver E. Fleetwood, son of Dr. J. e
it. Fleetwood and N. A. Roth, died p
.: his father's resl.niece last Thurs e
iday morning at 5:20 age.d thirty
three years three mouths and ten
days. Mr. Fleetwoo I h,, been in c
bad health for several years, and has it
been away from home a good part of
e that time traveling about in search cI
of health. 11 funeral hich took ,
Splace yesterday eiening at four f
So'clock from the St. Joseph's Catholic a
Church was laige'y attended. We'a
Iexteoq sincere sympathy to the rela, t
Stives of the dleceaed..
Bowie Lumber Company. g
The Bowie .lills. situated at Bowie. ai
- La., this parish. formerly owned by
- the heirs of Wi'liam Cameron. has i
been bought lby : s.tock company
whose capital stuk is estimated at le
one milion dtoiari. The pre.sident
of the company is Mr. Rolert H m
SUownman, of ',e T'rexas, who is a
, son in law of the l:,te William Cam- ty
eron; its vice presilent andI general A
*manager is T. Gordon Reddy, Jr., ot
who is well known to the people of
iThibodaux. Mr. ReIldy has been the
I manager of the lewe ,llIs for the ge
past five or six years, and his promo t
lion to the offlces of vice president I
and general manager is but a just I
tewardi for the magnificent abi'tty
Iwhich he has shown tn the manage
ment of :he mills in the past. We O
congratulate .Mr. Redly upan his
deserved promotion, and the Bowie bo
Lumner Company fur th ne ne judge
ment displayel In the selectioc of c
such an ahble man, as M1r. Redldy has
proved himne;f to be, as their general
manager. Our fair p:irish of LPafour
che is also entitled to congratulations,
as she now has within her .loundaries
one of the largesbt umber companies E
of the world.
Convent Festival. of
The gLal Drama:tic;~.Feattvai to be
gven fir thie lea-ifit of the new Vi
c,,n eit builli.ig o,, tie 2 th Illnstant Fr
I at the lMouint Carnel couvent, pr,,m Ki
,.eS to be a great U t s." "
Among the attr.,ctio,:s at this en
tertainmerit will ,e a P'lov anld Scarf Dr
Fantasia in wh:ch sonmlh of Thilo- Ba
d uix's mo-t l3bantiful young la les ofl
wil appiir; oMgs and dh l!l by the C.
pupils of the conrvent, recitation iy Br:
a c.:elratsd eloclimuit of New E.
A matinee for the 'hildren will
begin a' twi, tc . k i,. in of
In the blruwmut ,f the ton \,ut B
there w,ll be aruus.m~ets ,of ali kinds (
fir the 3,'ng flk , atnd refreshm-ts by
iii abun':.n e. wal
Tic ;, tiI .ii. W:', at 'he fohow- hat
Opera House,
of ) One Night Only,
STuesday, Dec 18, '00,
,+ The
m Presenting an all star .oiUl any, comrn
an posed of Edlih Adi:tms Violon'el.
hi.t. Charlotte Tarraut Il-,rplite.
Gtrace Caborn ~sslani, Zulianle
S Bo'kcom RIea:i.r. Each ant every
us, one a solo aIt..t. Seat, on sale at
ire A. L. Guillot & Co.'s drug store.
IAdmission, - 50 and 75c
'e hildtten 35c.
ing named places :
Meyer Drug Store; Roth Drug
Store; Thil,:hde:ux Drug Store; A.
L. G,,illot & Co'. l)ruz Store. H.
Led [liviere & ('o. Store; Ellis Brand s
ek. Sons Stoie; F Zernott Store; E. J.
g Braud Store. Begianing on next
SMondday seats can I.e checked ,t the
Thib'adaux Drug store.
Beautiful Home Wedding at
the Residence of the
er' Brides Parents.
)Ml. - .
e. The residlerce of Dr. W. Hi. sno
to Mrs. Beatrie Matonl, 222 Ncrth
Havieu atieit, was the f srcts. of one
'of tLe prett:etL homr e wedhiies. at S
04JiLok ye ter lay ) velin 51, ever Wit.
of nesieI stI iPe ns~acl)a, whirr t:ei1
,l, charmuing iroil cultiralt (ldaughlter.
lss Aore':" . was m:'ri'ltd t) ,Me.
BN1o r S. 6,i19 aid. Rev. Plrivai !i
on b hanry, sector of Chri-et .-rch,
l oliciatin in the beautanul nod im.
a, lpresive nuptial rites of.tle Epitcopa'
C, chur h.
,o The attendants were : Miss tSoi
'g Marean, sister of the lbde, ;maid of
tF. honor, anl 31r. Russel J. Owen.
The bri.le was beautiflly lint
moD.letly gowned in pure white, and
io her hani she carried a magnirice nt
er boquet of white chrysanthemums,
h. and never looked lovelier or more
5 fascin:.ting than on this au.spicious
. wcasion. The growto was lreased in
e the c~ouven'ional dress suit of broad
S!oth, and looked as has py as he was I
Shandsome, thopugh somewhat nierous.
1C However b e had nothinig to ie afraid
as of, as his charsming brile has a we-t
k Uamible and gentle disposition at.d i
s loved by al who know her for her
,r many enviable trait of cbaracter.
culture nod talent, the eldest daugh.
h ter of the novelist. . Mr'. Beatrice
'r kmrean, whose works, 'Tragehdies of
" Oakhurst,"' "The Sign of the Cross,"
'Her Shadowed Life," "A Firemansa
Heart," '3llysteries of Bermount,'"
and "Won at Last," have been read
and admired by thoueandmi whil,
many thousand more have been1
. equally entertuined by her charming
d plays, amoIng which may be mention
Sed '"Cherry, or Capital vs. Labor,"
and "The Fireman's Heart." whicb  
J she dramatised from ntr own n.ovel
n of that name. "Always." a most
n charming novel by the bride, is now
*s in the hands of her publisher.
o The groom was for a long time
h connected with The Pres as alver.
k tising manager, lut at present is loel
correspondent and subscriptis n agent
r for the New Orleans Times Denmocrat.
e a young man of unapproachable
moral character, rare business Iact
od ter!i byg integrity. Hosnored and
trustel bv all who know him, of even
temrper nsd enviable disposition he
makes friends wherever he goes
genial and obliging under all circum P
stances--hence his friends are legion
and his business success assured.
The beautiful and brslliqntly illum. a
ioated parlor was artist i(5lly decorat
ed with sweet scented flower.', broad
leaved palms and traililg vines, th.
handiwork of loving f:iends, and
many elegant prpsents were in evi.
dence to testify to the great polsulari
ty of the charming young bride.
After the noptials cake, wine and mu
other temptIng refreshments were
The Electrie Terminal Compsny
generously :lnced a special t-ain at
the serviceof the contracting twain
last evening to bring their frienlrs. js.
who reside along tne dummy line, to G,
tbe wedding. But only a few rela
tives an.! intimate friends of the en
contracting partien were present. to
M1r. and Mrs. Bernarl will he at inm
bome, for the present, at 222 North IDi
Baylem stret.-Pens~cnli Fla. Press., m,
Nov. 6, 1900.
An Enjoyable Euchre. kn
The Entertniner's Club was delight- Fa
folly entertain..d by Dr. an'! Mrs. L.
E. Mever, on T' isday tiight. foI
Euchie was the principal feature
of the evening aid a pleasant time
was had nv all present. The follow
lag are the niames of the playcra :
Misses Sarah Scally, Mtamie Waalli,
Vivian Kuasbloch, Bertha Forer. May let
Frost, BerItha liriere, Mrs. D. Me cal
Kinney, ;lrs. (2. P. Shsrer, Mrs. Eug.
Robichaux ,.1r. Louis Meyer
Messrs. Paol P. Delaune, R. Perey,
Dr Smith, L. H. Lanc.sater, C. Ai
Badeaus, Prof Latargue. (i. Percv.
lof North Louisiana. E 1. Rohichaus,
('. P. Shaver, K. Braud, Dr. O. L.
E. Mleyer.
Ladies Ist prize, an Abuim, won
hy .Miqe S. S-·n!ly. 2nd mriz:', pair )
'of isabies, won by Mrs C. P. Sbav.r..
Booby, pianolo, 3liss 3laiie W elbh.
Gents let prize, Ilver knife, Won
by Dr. L. E. Mcyer. 2nd priz·,
walking care, Ed. 3lcCulls. Boohy,
hat brush, I. Hl. Lancaster.
That There are
People in Every
I ho do not behave in the truth of any advertis
ed statement--"goes without sayinr.
t Th s store reaches for the DOUBTING ONES
and desires TO PROVE to them that in its ad
vertising it states FACTS and FACTS ONLY.
Let us call your special attention to
$11.00 & 11.50.
guaranteed NO SMOKE, NO ODOR, if prolpr
directions are followed.
Grates 12, 14, 16, 18 in.
All at New Orleans Prices,
'Hand Lamps 15c. up.
Hanging " $2.75 up. 4
i Banquet " $4.50 up.
4. We are now filling up
our Toy Department,
Sand it is not too early for the ladies to begin making their
selections. They can do so now it they like and have
their goods laid aside and aioid the rush at Xmas.
Come and inspect our stock-patronize a home
institution which is not only an absolute neces
sity but a credit to your community.
For Sale.
A Chickering Piano, sec
ond hand, in good order, can
be bought at a remarkably
low price. The chance of a
life time. Apply at
Sentinel Office.
Choice ough Dressed
A Cypress Lumber,
All Dimensions Sawed to Order and Delivered.
Lafourche Crossing, La.
Fine Cows and Heifers.
IW. C. Ragan has only a few Jersey
cows and heitfes left, also several
Jersey bull calves.
Call on him at on'-e. Prices to
suit the tices. 20-2t
Capes And Jackets.
The tendency this winter istowars;i
Sackets of Bulgarian, Co&ntinental and
Garibaldi effects in the sleeves. Sev
eral illustrations of these styles,
together with full advice about mak.
ing, are contained in the January
DELINEATOR, the well known Fashion
magazine. A new feature of this
magazine is that 1Mra. Aria, the well.
known dress authority of London
contributes a monthly letter on the
Fashions of London. Mrs. John
Van ,'orst of Paris does the same
for that famous center of st le.
See W. C. Ragan.
I have only a few cows and heifers
left, also several fine Jersey beli
calves. Prices in reach of ail, call at
my sale stal,ies.
20-2t. V. C. RAGAN.
D -
.bt - ' , E SS.
l:. l L.. V t. %'   ; L€ V
. ' '· r .. .
Il' ~bin* - / -
K. of P. Meeting.
The local chapter of the Knights
I of Pvthiuzs held their regular semri.
monthly mreting on last Wednesday
night when they elected officers for
the coming year. The election re.
suilted as follows :
F. W. Nicholls, Chancel:or Coin.
mander; V. C. Daunis, Vice Chancel.
lot; Morgan Willham%, Prelate; J. W.
Wilson, Mlaster of Works; L. H.
Lancaster, Keeper of Records and
Seals : Leon Polmer, Master of Fin.
ances; F. Zernott, Master of Exche.
quer; Ed. Croe, Ilaster of Aims;
Dr. T. A. Stark, Inner Guari; Robert
Glover, Outer Guard; Sam Polmier
Representative; Dr. T. A. Stark,
Alternate; E. N. Roth, Tiustee.
Badly Bitten.
A child of Celestin Boudreanx, a
colored man living on St. Charles
street w.s terribly bitten by a dog
last Sunday. The child was out in
the street eating a piece of bread
when the dog came up and tried to
suatib the bread from himn a:,d in
doing so caught the behibi upper ilp
tearing it almost off. Dr. Stark at
tended the child's wound and sewed
the severed lip back t. its plece. He
is of the opinion that the wound will
soon heal.
Hardware and Buildlers IHarlware,
Paints, Oils aind Varnishts, Cuttlery.
guns, revolvers, aont anmmunition, rope
etc. Fine assortment of Harness
from 6 50 ip-Gee-HIlw Coltars 75c.
pjieao or $S 25 P.--r LDozen. Also nice
assortment of lH aters andl Cooking
Stoves. We are sole Agents fur
Wilson air tight Heaters for wood
and coal.
17. H. Riviaas & Co.
the e Foroiture * Establsh
SrEdgar F. Rivier
'•------. RICH
The Place to Buyl
Sj Hardware,
Paints, Oils,
Harness, and
_ Agv u[turai ifriptleme
-I9 AT
E: H. Riviere &
' Phone 103'. ('or. .fain and Gree
...Vacation Rat
Our Agents To
can ir yolu Mou
LOW" ;. Lakese,
Call or Write for Particulars.-:
3. 8 8. 3 E, L.J Jp
Pass. Trafbe -lanager. rour'STO. rKx. . Gen. Pap.
New Store
New Goods
:Don't Wor
And Save You Moi
S$  Our Stock Consists in Part
Hats,Caps, Ladies' S
SWaists, Hosiery, F
SRibbons, Colored
Goods, Satteens,
broideries, N e c k we
SLadies & Misses' Ca
House Furnishings.
SAll styles of Fall
: Winter Dress Go
Scomplete line of Fa
Silks, Cotton She
$ Boots, Shoes, Hardw
Tableware Willoww
Eto. Etc.
In fact everything needed for family use
too numerous to mention. Call and
Ssee us at our new emporium,
. J  We will please you.,
SH. Riviere &
Advertise in The Senfi

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