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Dr. Meyer's
50C. A BOTTLE. 2
Mrs. C. C. Johnson of B:semcr,
Ala. is visitii:g relatives in this city.
Holtert Picou spent last Saturlay
in .lorgsn City.
Chas. Picon, a son of Robert Picou,
has been on the sick list this week.
Miss .Mary Beitan left for New Or
leans and St. Jtmnes this week where
she will visit relatives.
Mesdames Jennie and Carrie Curtis
are enjoying a visit from Miss Osy
Tanner, of Houston. Texas.
Adlin Pionu spent several day dur"
ing the holliday's with his parents in
this city.
Sidney Lagarde went to Crowlev
d'es eruday to accept a position in one
of the large rice mills theie.
L. E. Bentley, editor of the Don- i
aldsonville Chief, visited our city
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Brand spout I
New Year's day with relatives, in e
Ladies and children's knit under- i'
wear from I0d up at The Racket.
Store. It
Louis Rolbchaux who is now em c
ployed as a book keeper in the Cres u
cent City spent New Years day with
his parents in this town.
We are glad to be able to state
that Henry Legendre, who has been
quite sick, is better, arnd we trust tl
that he will soon be quite well again. at
Messrs Roger and Robichanz have a
engaged as the man.ager of their Con i
Ion plantation Albert Ayck ofin
Haceland, La.
Leave your orders for pianos ch
organs and piano tuning with V. J. o0
Knohlo h Local Representative of gi
Louis Grunward Co. Ltd. 13 al
Mrs. Ozewte Nsquin accompanied
her daughter, Misses Agnes and Edna,
to New Orleans last Wednesday.
The Misses Naquiu are attending
school in 'hat city.
Ralph Lone arrived in Thibodanx
last Saturday from New Orleans, and
will remain here for a short while at
visiting relatives and friends. de
The Misses Wed and M~iss Btulh i
Walters. of Napoleonville, w.l'r tLhl.c
guests of Mrs. Richard Frost during of
the holidays. of
Mr. and Mrs. Ozeme Naquiu enjoy. eut
ed a visit from lmr andt Mrs. Arthur pri
J. Bethancourt of Houms on New ei(
Year. day. los
Hon. E. A. O'Sullhvan and family, pre
who were at one time residents of P
Thibodanx, but now residing in New
Orleans, spent New Years day with
Major C. Lagarde and family. M
We take much pleasure to calling An
our readers attention to the statement del
of thc Bank of Thibodaux published i
in this issue of our paper. In spite Sm
of the short cane crop of last year,
which generally has a bad effect on
the finances of the country, the Bank
of Thibodoiux made a flue showing as
will be seen by the statement above
mentioned. Lar
Mrs. Eliabeth G. Reddy, wife of g
Mr. Thos. G. Reddy, of Baton Rouge, o
and mother of Mr. T. Gordon Reddy' y,
of Bowie, died at the home of her hot
son in Bowie on Saturday at noon. and
She was a native of Concordia parish, well
and for a number of years resided in
Natchez, Mis., and later in Baton cU
Rouge. spa
of tl
President McKinley's Philmppine you
ommission has decidedi that all laws were
enacted in the aichipelago shall be Doci
expressed in the Enghlsh language. then
In other words, English is to be and
official. Such coerciou regarding whol
lamiglage has always been considered the
as 6ne of the grossest aets of tyranny N
by conquerors in their government of and
subject races. The most effective oue
measure for the subjugation of a Dern
neople is to impose upon them laws
in a foreign tongue. Jeffe
(TnIE PrraLc). on
A Prominent Chi:ago Woman e
Speaks, slec
Prof. Roxa T Icr. ,f Chicago, Vice
President IllInois Woma 'as Alliance,
io speaking of Chamberlain's Cough seinti
Remedy, ways; "I suffeged with a sente
severe cold this winter which threat wlhieL
ened to run into pneumonia. I triteupign
different temedies but I seemed to i te
grow worse and the medicine upset tleiti
sy stomach. A friend adlvised me
io try Chaimberl:io's Cough Remedy were
and I found it was pleasant to takel B:yas
and it relieved me at once. I samibe hi:
now entirely recovered, saved Ie a
doctor's bll, time anol suffrring, and I i
will never be without this splendid qiesti
medicine agaiu." For sale by huths h1Y eve
drug stqre, siasji i
m'S On January 2nd, 1r01, at a. in.
at her residence, situated, orn Bayou
Boeuf, parish of Ass:lmnption, Celeste
TLibodaux, wife, of C. 1. Thiiwodaux,
born in the p:rish of l'ifourch I
Januaury 146 Age, 54 v'a's. She
leavea a devoted lihuband ,alI twve ýe
children, nine sons and three daurgh
ters, anrt numerous relatives in this
parish to mourn her logs. The de
2 C'eased was a si-ter of our effiieiant
- chief depuity ýheriitr l1r. Thicophile
Thibhldancx, to Wh'in the SentinuoI
tinrlers iIs sincetrest .yiriec thy in
semrr, this sal afllietion. HIr funerlal took
is city. place Friday morniing, at nine o'clock !
urlay St Mary's church, 'lIceland.
Many a bright nand happy house
Picou, hold has lbeen thrown into sadness
eek. and sorrow hIelarse of I:te death of a
loved one from a neglieced cold.
where I'P ij the great culre for coughs, coltlds
and all pulmonary ailmnnts. Price.
Curtis 25 and 50 cents. For sale by Thiho
s Osy daux drug store.
At The Conv\ent.
y dur"
uts in The Christmas fstival given at th.i
31t Carmel Convent on last Molday
owlev night provedl a great .succas both
a one socially and fiuanci J:y. The ruII r
that began falling short.y after dark
Don- failed to intimidate our citizens anli
olty several hundred people gathered at
the convent huildiing at the alppointedl
spout hour for the entertainmennt and enjoy ti
's, in ed the interesting program which was t
rendered on that o't asion. The mus.
inder ic, drills and recitations were of the I
acket very best, an. were lhghly applauded Ii
by an appreelative audience. We
em congratulate the sisters of lMt Carme
Cres upon the success of their entertain- W
w eth meet.
. to
state The Mother's Favorite. in
been Chamberlain's C'ugh 1emedy is t
trust the mother's favorite. It is pleasant s
lain, and safe for children to t::ke and w
havelways cures. It is intended espeeanl
Con ly for coughs, colds, cr.lp and whoop
I of ing cough, and is the hest medicine
made for these diseases. Thre is
not the least danger in giving it to da
anon children for it contains no opium or t'1
o. J. other injurious drug and may he fu
a of given as confidently to a babe as to yo
!3 an adult. For sale by Rth's drug to.
store. T
nied_ -
dna, Mr. and Mrs. JeInnings Enter
ina tain. D
31r. and Mrs. F. '. .Jenni,,gs enter El
[aln tamned the "Four Lea.f Clover Ciub"
hile at a del'ghtful euchre at their resi- Ms
dlence on Cider street on last Tuesday
.ilh night. The etu;che w::s given in Fr
the lt.uor of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wilde Be
ring of Jaek'on Tenn uho sare the guests le
of Mr. and Mrs. .Jennmigs. After the W.
lo euchre games were finished, and the An
hur prizes had been dlstritrted a deli. Ba'
few cious supper was served. The ft.
lowing l(lies and gentlemen were Ge
ily, present: Mesdames Lelbdell, Coolon,
ofi Plford, Robicha:ux, Mlolaison, Wilde;
i Loeb, L.yne. Misses Annette Conulon, S
May Frost, Allie Lyne, Maria Frost,
Anne and Belle Lobdell: Messrs Lob.
dell, Shaver, Robichanx, Coulon,
ed Wilde, Lancaster, Percy, Rogers, Dr.
ite Smith si:d Master Norbert Shiver. bel
ar, - .,..
on A Dinner Party.
, On last Wednesday Meossrs. L. II.
Lancaster, Boland Wl;iatumson, Enest B
Thilhdeaux, p. R. Pelcy and Drs. H.
of 8. Smith and Philip Danaereau en At 4
gc' joyed what they termed a "post New o
Il Year's dinner" at the Commercial ('at
r hotel. The dinner was a fine one De,
. and was thoroughly enjoyed. It is a ea c
hwell known fact that Dr. Smith can
n cure, with his wvinnirg smiles and Loa
Ssparkling wi., th,. -net stuborn case d
of the "blues", antd s none of the iot
ne young genotlemen of the dinner party e
w ere suffering with that malady, the Real
e Doctor proceeded to inoculate all of Fort
e. them with the jolliest of jolly humor,
b and it is needless to say that the
gwhole party enjoyed themselves and u
Sthe dinner immensely. Uni
'y Nice felt hats in various shades
f and styles, ribbons, etc. can he Depo
re bought at close pricers at Mrs. Mc. Due
a Dermott's millinery oa Jauckson street. bat
r Over 300 hundred attended the
Jeffersonian ;ub banquet, at ,incoln ills
on the 2 ih, whetn \Willlrn J. Bry:n,
tile guest of hI,.rii, ilmade has first
speech since thee electio,, His tos.t DsCKI
was: "Ptii:cils live," and his
Sspeech was anll elaloratron of theil
'sentiment, exLress.dl in one of its '
s sentences, that "the' principles for 'LEe
Swhich we contended in the last arn.
I p.ign still live, anl we who belie, ve
in them must ooutinutce to fight for
them." The opini) of tllhese who
were present were unuicinim s for E.G.
B:yan as the demnocr:tic ea'lelt, hut .
Ihe hi:n.celf sai, : ' WuarLher [ shll c.r.si
lIe a canclilate fir utlice agela Ia ,t
Iquestion whichl must he determined .. L
ihy events. t + T h o . I g.U.
Ssjts'S he eortpent if it is my lot to 'iid L. It. L_
Sin the trumnph ot the principles,
I while oth.rs enjoy the honors and
a. m. bear t h., responsibility of office.
'elest.i - -- -
au, I Beat Out of an Increase of
urche f His Pension
She I A Mexican war veteran and promi
ieant editor writes: 'Seeing the al
ve t ertiemwent of Chanmlrrin't Coiil,
laugh Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, I
i this am reminded that as a gol'lier in
he de Mexico in '47 anid '48. I contruc.thd
i l exican diarrhoea and this remedy
hpilae as kept me froam getting an increat,,
n i my pension for on every renewal a
itilol dose of it restores me." It is un
Iyv in equi':lhls as a quick cure for diarrhoea
I took and is pleasant and safe to take.
clock For sale by Roth's drug store.
The statement. of the Bank of La
SfoIrchI publishPd in this issue of our
pouse paper shows that that institution is
dness doig a good business. We trust
Sof a that the year 1901 will rne a pros
cohi. perous one, and we feel sure that if
I- siuh is the case the Bank of Lafour
colds she will handle its share of the busi
'rice. ness done in banking circles in this
'hiho part of the country.
New Year Resolves.
We are now standing well within
it tla the threshoid of the new year. IHuw
bl many of our readers have made
resolutions to better their lives, and
dark intend to tarry out these resolves?
dak It is said that aHe!l is paved wiih
d at good intention.", if it Lhe so, will iltot
itl those, reaiers wlho iuteud to "turn
sever a n"ýw leaf"' b. brave and make
their good intentionps serve not as
Irig m-natral for the lewer regio:s,
Sthe but rather as stepping stones to a
Cder higher antd nobler life ?
We As a post script to the above little
sermon might we not add that it
srn- would be good of those readers wbo >
have failed to pay their subscription
to this paper, to write with indelible
ink on the new page thus turned over
i the following-"I will pay my sub.
anut scription to the "Sentinel", and after
ani writing it stick up to it, t
otp. A New Years Hop,
it nle
e is A delightful dance was given Thurs
t to day night by the Pastime Pleasure
Sor t'luh at Tabors hall. A string band
hi. furnisaed excellent music, and the
a to young folk tripped the light fantastic
rug toe ttl the wee Flours of the morning.
Those lpresent were Mi.sses sMitt Ple
geant, Guisdry, Rounidtre, Kraemer,
er- Coleman, Rlmeo, Richard, Adams, C
Daunis, Ledet, Anna Bondreaux, Ma!.
I btough, )antio, Cecile, Eugenie and
ter Ella Bernard, Gussie Adam, Cecile
,, and Maggle Naquiu, Belto~ Rit and 1
Noby Roger Caillouet Thihodeaux,
esi- Malbrough.
lay Messrs. fly. Flash, Leon Naquin,
in Frank Tregle, M. Boudreaux, N.
IdBenoit, P. Richard, Hy Bernard, A
Bernard, J. Malbrouigh, L. Aucoin. __
ats E. Cherault, F. A. Be cti, J. Wink.
the W. Roger, .J. Wagnespach, C. P
the Auslet, E. Bouteiie, F. Zerott, O.
li. Baye, A. BlmO, W. Kurz, 8. Lagarde,
5M. Caillouet, K. Naquiu, L. Cherault,
G. Moore, G. Lirette, W. Golden, A.
;re Henry, E. Webre.
.'; Shoemaker & Repairer
r. Sells, repairs, and makes shoes
below cost. 501m m
of the condition of no
of Trluodeuz, La. (
n A cLOsE or sUsIINess DEC. s, *oo.
Date called for by State Bank Oqzaliner. hi
a ('ash & Sight Ex. 819,689.44 t
Demand loaIns, se- witl
e, cured by collat
a eral ... . 96,50743 not
Bolus and stoclks 26,217.2 eve
d Loans & (Jiacotnts p/
due within 90 days........94.718.48
e Loans & l;scounts getl
e i'ot due within 90 days .. 81.200.08 rail
Overdrafi.s, 1.183,07
Y Due by Parish of Lafourehe 4.6.33,64 like
e Real estate (Lank "remises) 10,718.96 soot
Furniture and Fixtures.... 3,000.00
Total, m07,8O7,3s
Capital stock.... -80.0u00.00
i Surplus 8.500.00
Undivided proOits D
net .. . ........ 6, ,6 high
898.es nigh
e Deposits.......31...15,149.8g r
Due t~o banks anldr
bankers........ ,12.4 your
--- the t
Bills payable .. ....... 18,000,00
---- - flbee
Total, 407,897.85 climl
DrcEs13Eas 31a, 1ei, *isv.gava a 1
3O, 1555, #40,554.45 althU
S A30, Itr?, 517,4o:.4t
, . 1s, o, 4oe.0 s . o a
I U, .. Saver, ca~shler of the above named
t,,;:l, do ,oleh.,sly swear Inat the foregoin that
SLs.e .ejt is true aud co, rutl, to the best of
.ay iL.owletdge and bellet. there
C. P. 88HAVER.
Ulhier. heart
S 8orn toad nbribed before me ith
Ltbia llZ dia:ldy of Jan, lO0t.
INotary Pblie ent
i orricaase safeb
Presiseng. Vlee-Prssideat. ife
K. U. MOKVANT, VicePresldenut.
C. I'. 8HA 'KIt, , I.. IRAID.
C~Ui'ce.. As't Uashler They
K. G. Bobichaux, 3. o er, t
P. L. Braui O. Naquln
K. U. MorRant W.H.' Prlce,
Tho.. Beary C. P. Shaver.
L . M. Layman LA. 'lruwelir Biith I
O, 1. lP'tfer,
That There are
iof People in Every
i Community
Swho do not believe in the truth of any advertis
ed statement--"goes without sayinv.
I n Th s store reaches for the DOUBTING ONES
"n and desires TO PROVE to them that in its ad
uea vertising it states FACTS and FACTS ONLY.
e Let us call your special attention to
$11.00 & 11.50.
guaranteed NO SMOKE, NO ODOR, if proper
directions ale followed.
in Grates 12, 14, 16, 18 in.
All at New Orleans Prices.
::.Hand Lamps 15c. up.
SHanging " $2.75 up.
Banquet "$4.50 up.
S. We are now filling up
a our Toy Department,
le and it is not too early for the ladies to begin making their
t selections. They can do so now if they like and have
t their goods laid a3:de and avoid the rush at Xmas.
n Come and inspect our stock-patronize a home
r institution which is not only an absolute neces
sity but a credit to your community.
, P, -ons ea.
For Sale.
A Chickering Piano, sec
; ond hand, in good order, can
be bought at a remarkably
low price. The chance of a
life time. Apply at
Sentinel Office.
Choice Rough Dressed
Cypress Lumber.
l Dimensiona Sawed. to Order and Delivered.
Lafourche Crossing, La.
Muddy Streets.
Owing to the long rainy spell
which we have hal to endure lately,
the streets of our city are covered
with mud, and driving for pleasure is
not to be thought of just now. How
ever, the rain clouds have been dis
palled, and the warm sunshine to.
gether with the wind that now pre.
vails will soon make the mud look
like "thirty cents", and we can very
soon walk along the streets without
loosing our "shines".
Pyrotechnical Display.
Despite the fact that the wind was
high and biting cold last Wednesday
night, Mr. L HI. Lancaster and 3ir
Ernest Thibodenux, two popular
young men of our city, climbed to
the top of the stand Optpe where they
treated many of our citizens to a
fnoe pyrotechnical dipl~ay. The
climb to the top of the stand pipe is
a long and dangerous one, and,
although these young men brough 1
pleasure to many ini shooting off
roman cantles and sky rockets from
that dizzy height, we doubt not that
there were at least two femiine I
hearts in our town that were filled
with thaukfulness when the above
Smentioned young gentlemen landed
aifely on terra firma. a
- _- ý o.- i =.. u
Wife, make me some dumplings of i
They are better than ipeal for my
Let them boil 'till tlscy are done a
through, b
But not 'till they are heavy and tough,
Let the boys take the mare from the
II And lead her to drink at the trough,
Then mind of the fies with a bough,
r, 'Till she has had water enough.-Ex.
a Pillow-Dex Party.
Last Thuraday night Mr. and Mrs.
John Lobdell entertained a numbo r
of their friends at their pretty home
i on Cunal street. Several games of
Pillow Dex were played, which proved'
to be suite exciting and interesting.
At the conclusion of the games, songs
were sung by some of the ladies and
gentlemen present, and .lrs. Wilde, a
, charming young matron of Jackson
Tennessee, the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. F. C. Jennings, recited and in
doing so completely captivated her
hearers. After the songs and recite.
tions a delhcious supper was served.
The ladies and gentlemen present up
on this occasion were as follows:
.Mesdames Albert Wilde, C. P. Shaver.
F. C. Jennings and Labe; Misses
Louie awlnd Virginia Philson, Annie
Rogers, Carrie Curtis, Allie Lyne,'
Ella, Bertha and Amelia Foret:
Mesara L. H. Lancaster, Roland Wal.
liamson, Ernest Thabodanx, Randolph
Percy, C. P. Shaver F. C. Jennings,
C. J. Legendre, Albert Wille and Dr.
H. S, Smith. Bejatiful prizes were
awarded to the successful and unauc
aeseful pillow dex players as follow
ladies first prize won by Miss Ella
Foret, ladies booby prize won by Miss
Bertha Foret, gentlei.en first prize
won by Mr. Albert Wilde, gent!emen
booby prize won by Roland William
Wl he . Faiture Estabjijh
I --OP--
rcEd ar F. Iiviere,
.... MAIN STREET....
The Place to Buy
.' -tn .
Paints, Oils,
Harness, and
*" Alrij a[ ilrreietjd
SH. Riviere & 0
e 'Ph one 108. Cor..Main and Greei
...Vacation Rated
( Our Agents Mo,
can offer y0ou Aj
LOW_ "-_
LOW Lakes, .
'RATES ..____
Gall or Write for Partloularl.:
SS... $.o=. O .S, L. J.
Patss. Traffic tlanager. HOusTON, TE. Geo. Paas. 
SNew Store
New Goods.:
Don't Wor
And Save You Mon
i. Our Stock Consists in Part
2j Hats,Caps, Ladies' Skir
SWaists, Hosiery, Fan
$ Ribbons, Colored
I$ Goods, Satteens,
broideries, Neckw
Ladies & Misses' Ca
. House Furnishings.
All styles of Fall
$ Winter Dress Go
complete line of F
Silks, Cotton She
SBoots, Shoes, Hard
Tableware, Willo
Etc. Etc.
* In fact everything needed for family use
* too numerous to mention. Call and
see us at our new emporium,
" " ~ We will please youa ,
H HRiviere &
Advertise in The Sen-

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