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MoNRy By Telephone
,'',l, /r,;h rlhe needy quicker than
q/ an/y other known means.
Emergencies will arise when, perhaps, becaus3 of the dis
tress of a relative or friend, you will want to send mon
ey hurriedly, and have the satisfaction of knowing that
your remittance reaches the person needing it. In any
such cases, try the............... ...........
Cumberland Telephone. & Telegraph Co.,
As rhruuh its spleuJidly equlpped and etenetre system you are guaranteed prompt and
eSuie orro t h re eouabe ch3arges. 96Ja-1I
US E....
Dr. Meyer's
50C. A BOTTLE. 2
Leave your orders for lianos,
organs sad piano tuning with V. J.
Knoblo. h Local tepresentative of
Louis Grunwald Co. Ltd. 13
Nice line of Shirt Waists, Handker
chiefs, Hosiery, Corsets etc. at The
Racket Store.
The greatest danger from colds and
1a grp;pe is their resulting in pneu.
monia. It reasonable care is used,
however, and Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy taken, alil danger will be
avoided. It will cure a cold or an
attack of la grippe in less time than
any other treatment. It is pleasant
and safe to take. For sale by Both
drug store.
Ladies and children's knit under.
wear from 10c up at The Racket
Five hundred and thirty voters
failed to pay the poll tax in Calcasee t
lir. Albert Bergeron and Mliss Har a
riet Toups were married last Wednes.
day evening a the St. Josephs Cath. a
olic Church, Father Dubourg oloiat- b
rag. We wish the bride and groom c,
much joy and happiness. .
When you want a pbysic that is l3
mild and gentle, easy to take and
pleasant in effect use Chamberlain's
Stomsoh and Liver Tablets. Pri.-e,
25 cents. Samples free. Every box to
guaranteed. For sale by Roth drug to
Mgr. Meers Chaerts, bishop of the W
Indian Territory and Oklahoma, will th
preach at both Masses at St Joseph's vi
Catholho Church nest Sunday. He
will take up a colleetion for the bene.
at of the Indian Catholicu chools.
Mr Treville Onillot has purchased w
Mr. Edward Badeux' stock of gro
ceres, and will conduct a frst class op
groeery in the future. He has the wl
best wishes of the Sentinel. ml
Roth the druggist, will refund you
your mosey it you are not satisfied
after using Chbmberlain's Stomsoh
and Liver Tablets. They cure disor
ders of the stomauh, biliousness con- bol
stipation and headache. Price, 25 Lor
cents. Samples ree. for
The work on the Keefe buildings
qo Jackson street is Iugressing nice
ly. The double building now occupied
by Mr. Henry Keeler, will be raised
several feet, thus making the elilings ba
of the lower rooms much higher and 1 r
the rooms more commollous. Thb, of
now building together with the double the
building just mentioned adiorning it 1I
and will make a handomeappearance h
when flnmsbe d ad will add much to
the appearance of thaint part of our plei
caty. the
C You cano help anyone who Joou
od suffering from intflamed throat;
laryngeal trouble, bronchitis, coughs, cn
colds, etc, by advising the use ofo
UIP; the great remedy for coughs and of P
colds. Priec. 35 aud 50 cents. For
sale by Thsbodeaux Drug Store. j its
. . with
Bakery Changes andJ . ~ that
M,. J M. Phil:ippeau has purchas dsu.
ed the bakery of Mr. H. C. Chol, ansd due
will assume charge of same next! T
onday. Mr. L. P. Gaude will be to,
manager of the bakery. We wish ; ehe
•r. PL'hllppeau a fii mcasure of- i
. .. -. Ir;:r
A Convir cing Answer. kept
"I hobbl,,ed into Mr. Blackman'd ined;
drug store ,one evening," says Werly - ent li
Nelson, of Uamilton, Ga., ",and bhe drug
asked me to try ChamI,erlain', Paii; i',iVj
Balmn for rheumatlem with whi;;l I Cout
Ia:l sut~c-.d for a long time. I told 'luk
lru I had no faith in any nmedcnuc- as .31y ,
lthey all failId. He said: Well if vry
Chamb,-r;ain'a Pain Ba; does not Splate
hel-p .you you leeedC" 'ot psaV fot it.' IJ hre
took n bottle of it fome ndl used it go't a
according to toe directiSns atlud in one alsj 1
[ [was cnred, and have not sinee jue g
"hs tr,,ub'led with ;thematism." imi
tii" Rutb irm e £a -sr.rr.
Progressive League.
The Progressive League of Thiho
S danu held a called meeting at the city
hall last WeKdneisy night. The meet
ing was not largely attended, which
fact is to be regretted, for the league
is an organisation that is deservinK
of the beauty support of all citiaeu
who have the interest of our city at
heart. It is for the general good of
all the people of Thibodaux that the
Progressive League is working. Its
aim is to bring mulnufa.ieriet here,
and it is a well known fact that it will
only be through just such enterprises
that the busiuesi of our town will be
V. J. roused from the lethargy into which
e of it has sunk.
13 President Badeanr called the meet.
iker tng to order, and made a few remarks
The pertaiuiug to the increaso in business
which would naturally result from the
and establishment of a anufatctory of
neo. some kind in this town. He then
sed, laid before the club some letters that
ug he had received from Mr. 8. . Gould
Srelative to a moss ginnery outfit. Mr.
thao ould subhmited figuses which showed
sent clearly that a large proits could be
1oth made on the money invested in such
an enterprise. These letters were
der- read to the club by the secretary, sad 1
after a thorough discussion of thea
Smatter the president was instructed r
Ieu to appoint a committee to solicit sub -
scriptions for stock for the erection of 14
[are a moss ginnery. d
es The Sentinel hopes that the com
sth. mittee will meet with success. Every .
ist- business man of our city should en
om courage the enterprise by taking stock O
in the concern, for they will be direct. M
Sis ly benefitted by the establishment of
nd such an industry.
The matter of entertaining the B
oxteachers who will be here next week Ti
ug1 to attend the institute was also die- ar
tonesod. The members of the league tU
wh rte t, the opinion that it will be to ar
ril the interest of our town to make the lia
* visiting teachers stay here as pleasant do
Sas possible, and with that end in view
they asked the president to appoint a
committee to soilicit subscriptions w
which will be uped for rnting the di
opera bouse for a night next week, io
wLen the teachers will be given a Is
musicale by some of our local tal- old
cut. by
Notice. C
r" The annual meeting of the stock.
holders of the Bank of Lafourche
6 for thlbe election of eleven directors
for the ensuing year, will be held at
the ofllce of the Bank on Monday
Feby. 18th. 1901, at 4 o'clock P. M. w
d 28-St, Cashier.
4 -~-~---- ----.
The Commoner, Mr. Bryan's pope,,
has just made its entrance among the
ranks of thos ought to be defendere
a of the people's rights and liberties,
e the organs of the Press. The Con
I moner proves to be nothing less then The
what conid be expected from the
C disttnguished writer at its head.
D Every topic is treated iun a wise,
r pleasant and spirimed manner. Even
the little flings at thinge that deserve Pri
censure are marked with usual goodI
I mature.
We can seoe that Mr. Bryan aims at
correcting the errors of the present ir
government policy for the good ii
would bring to .I', and with nothing
of personal animosity.
r Welcome to the Commoner ! May
its advent bring to the new century (
with which it begins, 'he conviction
that man can he happy only by E
I making others happy, which is the
summarv of Mr. Bryan's views re
ducedl to a very simple exprebsion.
i The claimo ofother ~ cugh medicines
Sto hea. g Ie*d as Chamneerlain's are
!elotu;,ly set ela rest t, he i folowing
,stimonal e . C. (D Glass, so
enplohe of Barth. tI. & D..nnis Co.,
G'rdi Me,,. . ie. slih .;. o [I had
kept adding to a cold and colughl it .
lthe winter of 18917, irring.ve.ryco .ughi
medicineC I be.,rd of w•ileot pei.ri.n
Ient help, untll oIne d'y I wam in tle .
drug store af ,Ir. iloulehen and he -
a'ivised me :,, try C:('mhrlai,'s Thl
(e"euch b enmely e,,r "·•flrell to 10 y from,
leauik coy in' eis.v if I was heat cmiturj. whiol
.Iy sunng aid hieta hiel tuei.'S were, ad i.
"'.ry Oreat tli' Im ., li iI w,.,, ,' i * e
ltclt coreI by this r,.m,-dy, urd of P-
hiave Peiice alwaiyi tiiri.ed t,, if whI.IeI ic,
g.rt a io'd ,, onn Or ti:ni ,i,'it. I apeC
ulaj reobsmezntl it o m ny friesads and hcer
sri glad to &ay it i Ithe ebat o ael marvr
Lmicindli,." sFor ae by luth ci,, C¶o.
i . . . r
=Quo Vadis.
; The cleanest and most moral play
ever written and a triumph of untar
noihed art is what is claimed for
"Quo Vadis" whieh is to be presented
here on Monday evening February
11th at the Opera House by the
dis- Carpenter Dramatic Company. The
Mon- play appeals strongly in setting forth
that a graphic picture of the period when
ally the Romau empire under Nero was at
a " its best. The incidents of the hook
are vividly brougnht out in the dram:.
Co.2 showing the desperate struggles of
r the Christians agr.inst the despot and
pt l his court The scenes, consistiDg of
is eleven stage sets are striking and
beautiful. The light of the Emperor
and the busing of Rome is an ia.
presaive stage picture. The burning
hiho- of the Christians is also a scene that
e city stirs the audience to the highest pitch
seet of enthusiasm. The singing of the
which Christians and the prayer and beue
eague dictions of the Apostle Peter are
rvioK solemn and effective, whl:e the orn.
menu ginal music adds much to its success.
ity st "Quo Vadis" as a play has the
od Of honor of breaking all records as to
it the receipts and attendance in Chicago,
Its New York and Philadelphia. The
here, company is a strong one and the
it will scenic effect elaborate and of the
pria's best
Fnil be
which O go gX
naess Theodosia Barr's re",arkable life
n the story is capitally told by an admiring
w of writer to the February Ladies' Home
then Journal. Such extremes of joy and
that sorrow as were the lot of "The Beau
tiful Daughter of Aaron Burr" come
ould to few women. The store of the
Mr. Ilmons hymn, "Nearer, My God, to
owed Thee," and a cloe view of its bril.
d be liant author, are united in "A Woman
to Whom Fame Came After Death."
How we get and keep the correct time
wre is explained in "The Clock by Which
and We Set All Our Watches"; and "The
the Buffaloes of Goodmight Ranch" is a
record of the only herd of North
American bison owned by a woman.
sub ILovera of "Cranford"-and they are
u of legion -will be delighted with the
dramatic version in the February
m- Journal. Through Edward Bok re
presemtative men and women journal.
'er ists emphatically settle the oft dis
- puted question, "Is the Newspaper
ock Office the Place for a Girl?" There
ect. seems to be but one opinion among
of those who should know most on the
subject. "The Problem of the Boy,"
"Why One Man Succeeds and His
the Brother Fauls," and "The Trying
eek Time Between Mother anud Daughter"
is- are all thoughtful articles. Architec
ture, the fashions, culinary matters,
aUe and all theme, interesting women are
to amply treated. By The Curtis Pub
the lishing Company, Philadelphia. One
tot dollar a year; ten cents a copy.
I Don't let the hand of time paint
wrinkles on your face. Keep young,
by keeping the blood pi're and the
he digestive organs in a healthful condi
k, lion. BERBINg will do this. Health
I a I youth, dsease and aickuesa brings
- old age. Price 50 ecnte. For sale f
by Thibodeaux Drug 8tore.
Opera House, b
' One Night Only.
SMonday, February 4,
SWiedeman's Big Show in the
Comedy Winner
The Steam
'Two Big Bands. A "Hit" rate y
a IThe March of the Red Huassars. ec
The Chinese Laundryman's Onting l 01
. 6-Big Npecialty Featunre-.
12--Solo Orchestra of 12 Men-12
Special Scenery and Eeets
Prices 25, 85, 50 and 75c Be
oSeats at V. J, Knobloch's. Dea
of C.
Positively the Greatest eO'
play ever presented In Thlbodauxwr I
....One Night....
Monday, February 11,
5,Is es ae Sa r sssn rice tl
One 21
be ticki
a Store f
RIPS' r12m z ' 13 *wa .
This remarkable play is dramatised
from lenry Stenklewic8'. great story eta will
which has creat~l uch a profound li.
resmion tirougbout thoe ivilized world The lo
I and is divided into sir acts and nine
i enes Illustrating In graphic, masnner to the c
Cast with th,, full strength of I, J.
Carpent-raJ Large and wre.-ul Dram. every "i
SceIner by T' , Nevi;e. Each set a ot a
marvel, or haty ani Ildelity. , 0o h '
-ostUnime, ill! : 1tn . :i!: ,i- ":: . , * ,V
.......I. 'E 7C" 7''.-."--7, ...I.. f-",I, ..
That There are
People in Every
9 at who do not believe in the truth of any advertis,
ook ed statement-"goes without saying,
w& Th s store reaches for the DOUBTING ONES
of anil desires TO PROVE to them that in its ad
sad vertising it states PACTS and FACTS ONLY.
of Let us call your special attention to
in $11.00 & 11.50.
A guanteed NO BMO.K, NO ODOR, if roper
Sdireoteos are followed.
Grates 12, 14, 16, 18 in.
,t All at New Orleans Prices.,
e Hand Lamps 15c. up.
Hanging " $2.75 up.
Banquet " $4.50 up.
We are now filling up
our Toy Department,
and it is not too early for the ladies to begin making their
selections. They can do so now if they like and have
M their goods laid aside and avoid the rush at Xmas.
ie Come and inspect our stock-patronize a home
to institution which is not only an abeolute ueces
H. sity but a credit to your community.
P, 1. S. a.synow " CO,, PRoPS.
U --- --- - I
r iI
SChoice ough Dressed
C ypress Lumber,
All DZmensions Sawed to Order and Delivered.
Lafourche Crossing, La.
Bakery with complete out
fit, almost new, Narrow St.,
between Rose and Baker.
Very small capital needed.
Apply to C. O. Dantin,
28 Thibodaux, La.
King Sucrose.
Show the Royal colors to "King
Sucrose." Get (,, P. Auslet to deco.
rate your place of Business or rei-.
deuce for the Canlval, he has a fine
lioe of decoratioF oods.
For pIent.
Residence and tore known as the
Dtezauche property opposite the store
of 0. 0. Destin, ,n canal street.
For particulars apply to Albert Boud,
Sreaux, at Post efesr- between 7 a. m.
and 1 p. m. or Acadia platation
between 2 to 6 p. m,
A Rare Bargain.
PoR SALs:-OneMAultman & TIylor
rice thresher, in perfect condition.
Capacity, 350 to 400 sacks daily.
One 25 horse power engine and Portas
ble boiler. For partichiaru, apply to
PoLux Bhos.,
27 Schnrever, La.
Coronation of The Queen.
Beginning next Sunday there will
be tickets on sale at Smith's Drug I
Store for admission to the Queens
Coronation. The price of these tick
eta will be twenty 8ve cents for all.
The low price charged for adnission
to the coronation-whic.h will be soi e, h
thing beautiful to tbboLd--will nable s
every one to attend and we have tno 1
douht that there will be n great mi'ny .
of !h.-e thc.ket~ '(d. s ,d '-,!re vw::
Os .haosroa,m a. e.tos p. m.
a7 Nfosalasl bl Promptly sad ear
Notice to Delinquent Tax
The tax payers of Iftoarebe palsh
are hereby notiled that alt unpaid
tase are now hearing S oo per
month interest. Tax payers are
ibvited to call at once and asette, and
thos save further costs.
JAuas BDIAr,
Smrif and Tax Collector.
Any persons wanting Dr. Hamlet
Moore's lines of medicines for the
treatment of stock can lid them at
W. C. saganq stable.
For Sale.
Second hand doors, blinds, door
Lnd window frames, mantle.pleoes,
uitern, stovee,etc; can be purchased
at the Convent at very reasouable
priae.. 15.
Notice to Horse Owners.
The un'et.igned desires to inform
is customers and the general public
hat be 1s now occupying his new
hop, loanted at the corner of St.
Philip and St. Bridget St, opposite
ºr H, Danrrtr;::,S i'; º eelnl,c . Ilvre
hosing wa teIa~;\" ý:.tl.f:t.t)lo ;'
l" ,t e Th.,
SIThe Furriture. Establ[tshtmet
rnEdgar F. Riviere,,
e-- -  e e
" The Place to Buy
I - t oc e -
Stores, Hardware, Builder's Bar
Guns, .Ammunition, Cutliery, Brus i'
Brooms, Paints, Oils, Barnear, a'.
.Agricultural Implements,
Hall Clipper Plows at New Orleans PriAI
-l AT-
H. Riviere & Co,
'Phone 108. Cor. M.ain 4 St. Louis * .
• ...Vacation Rate
Our Agents
can otfer you MOutn
LOW__ , Lakes,
RATES eashore
Gall or Write for Partioulars.
f3_P. 8T.33. VE,
Pass. Trafec Mazger. RO'8sroW, TnX. Gen. Par. &
iNew Store
Newo Goods. :
Don't Worr
And Save You Mone
- Our Stock Consists in Part *
* Waists, Hosiery, Fan
Ribbons, Colored D
Goods, Satteens, m
broideries, Neck we
Ladies & Misses' Ca
House Furnishings.
All styles of Fall an
• Winter Dress Good
Scomplete line of Fan
Silks, Cotton Shbe
Boots, Shoes, Hardw
Tableware, Willoww
Etc. Etc.
In fact everything needed for family use
too numerous to mention. Call and
see us at our new emporium,
I We will please you. ,
iE Riviere &
A "~vrtis in The Sent

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