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Money By Telephone
/,'ea'//e the needy quicker thIan
(,by an»y other known means.
Enmergvencies will arise when, perhaps, becausa of the die.
tress of a relative or friend, you will want to send mon
eyv hIluriedll, and have the satisfaction of knowing that
your re.tnittani:e reaches the person needing it. In any
such cases, try the.................................. .
Cumberland Telephone & Telegraph Co.,
A. rbrougb its spllcdidly equipIJ* and extensive *system you are gaarlanteed prompt nad
eq iuont aervicu at reaumaable cbarxgp. 6-Ja-19
Dr. Meyer's
Wa te r,
50C. A BOTTLE. a
Leave your orders for pisaqs,
organs and piano tuning with V. J.
Knohlo Ii lsca-l Representative of
Louis Grunlwalul Co. Ltd. 13
Go and hear the sweet staingers with
the Goricn mtinitrel company to mor
row night.
Nice line of Shirt Waists, Handker
.-h;efs, Hosiery, Corsets etc. at The
ItRcket Store.
Get your beat bid and tuoker ready
for IIik Royal Highness will be here
next Tuesday week. Be sure to show
your colors too
Dont fail to attend the Gorton's
Famous minstrel performance at the
Opera house Sunday night.
The greaetst danger from colds and
Is grlppe i! their resulting iq pIeu
monia. If reasonable care is uend,
jbiowe:er, and ChamberlaIn's Cough
Rlemedy taken, all danger will be
avoided. It will cure a cold or an
attack of 1I grippe ip less time than
any other treatment. It is pleasant
and safe to take. 'or sale by Both
dlrug btore.
The man who goes around town on I
carnival day with a long face on him I
(unless it i. a masked face) will be
thaown in jail. Get, your jolly face
ready for the Carnival.
Ladies and children's knit under
wear from 1Qc up at The Racket
Stoere. Ij
A week from next Tiesdcy our j
gpod King Sucrose will be with us.
lie will get a hearty w.hcome, and
will be royally entLrcianed. Brassl
bandsl mupskerr all a general good e
time will lhe toe irp. of the day. s
When you want a physic that is a
luild aqgd gent'e, epsy to take and a
pleasant in t'ffcet uce Chamberlain's
Stonmaclh aund iver Tablets. Price,
25 cent.. Samples free. Every box ,
guaraa.teed. For sale by Ioth drug e
The Carnival Olub is the heat ft iead
that Thibodaux ever had. It has
already bronught our town into prom- h
inence, and ezpepts to keep her there
in the future. tpng life to the Cgr
pival Club.
lRoth the druggist. Will refund you is
your money if yop are not satisfled P
after iusing Cbaplberlain's Stomach a'
and Liver Tablets. They cure disor
tiers of the stomact. biliousness con in
etipation and headache. ?rice, 25 1
ccnt-. Samples frpe. t
liont let anytilng porry you next no
Tuies:lay week The King is comi.g er
that day, qnd le wants all of his sub at
jects to have a jolly good time. Get to
pult on the streelp. and see to it that lo
the strngpies wlp will he here that
dey have a good time. th
You can help anyone whom you
hfd suffering from inflamed throat; B
laryngeal trouble, bronchitis, coughs. or
c(,,ls, ,etc. hy advising the use of ed
L'P; tihe et remedy for coughs anl tih
loils. Pice. 24 and 50 cents. For ps
sale by Thibpldesup )rug Store.
The play presented at tibe Thibo
daux Ulera Holsne last Monday night
entallert *'Tlie Steam L]aLndry" was
in'joyed by a fair sized audience. Thu
c;ul,:min gave a steet parade Mqnday to
m*iii n a nieu:. lisplayvd their 4dvertise .11
lentasu , lthe. pily on wlile shilrt. hung tI
pn Il:·e and carriedI by picaninitg. cII
A ColQvincing Answer. ke
*I hcblrhlel into Mr. plackmoa'as I
;1 ,ig .*ose ',le eveniilg," says Wesley ,.r!
Ne.S.k,,t of lamilton, Ga, (. "andl he drl
,kot mc in try CI;amlerlain'u Pain al
Balm fr riheumlwn:im with which I C(.,
h::a I s'tff,red for a long tilq.. 1 told ia,,
him I haIi Ro faith in :,!y maediein, a. I1)
I .v all fauiltl lie said: ',ell if v
'i' mlcr;isn'g Psin fllaim derl, no, !l,
b.'lp you. "ot ie..e, iot pay f'r it.' I la ii
took : ; ;ttle ot it hIol.,l) * : -n(l oi it ,,I t
actuerbl fgo t~u et uiretis 34.1 ind 'in ne il.
week I Was cusiee, and have lint inc. san
leeelr.un Irb'l wit rhpq;-alti s1.1 Ie
The Gortpn niustrels have some of
the brat musicians in the mgnstrel
world. Dont fail o bheur them to
morrow night at the Opera House.
Carnival Pius.
Mr. Zeruott has a pretty selection
of carnival pins for cale at his jew.
elry store on Mare street. They are
all tie rage and are selling like *"hot
cakes". Get one before they are all
- sold.
For Sale.
Store building, known as the Pro
tectora [fall, and Residence, onI pro
perty known as McBride property.
Both store aud residence situated on
SJa(keen street.
of For particu!lrs apply to
29 H. W. FRosT.
,ith Bishop Meerchaerts.
Mgr. Meerchnerte, Bishop of Okla.
homrn and the Indar Territory, deliv
r ered two inte;!esing sermons last
he day at the St. Joeeph's Cathollec
Church. He also lectured at the
dy Church last Tuesday ,ight upon the
,r life of the Iod'ana and of the good
o work that has been done among them
by the Catholic s chools and missions.
Bishop Meerchaerts has 4 magnificent
o's voice. and his lecture, which was high.
he ly entertaining as well as iastructive,
was attentively listened to by a large
uumber Qf people. The Bishop Wok,
up a collection which will be used by I
eu- the Church in it's work among the I
ti Indians.
be Notice.
n t
The annual meeting of the stock.l
th holders of the Bank of Lafourche,
for the election of eleven directors
for the ensuing year, will be held at
)n the office of the Blank on Monday
m Feby. 18th. 1901, at 4 o'clock P. Al. t
e K. J. BRAUD,
`e 28-3t. Cashier. I
Teachers Institute. d
It Professor H. E. Chambers conduct.
ed :an unusually successful teachers
i'..,..te this wee-k at the Court b
ir House. d
*. The large atterlauce iof the teach. t
d era from various parts of the parish I'
should be highly a:tisfactory to our 0
d excellent Schoou Board. There were b
seventy three teachers present, and
Prof. Chambers stated the uttedaroce
at this institute to lie the largest of
d any conducted by hilm this year.
a The teachers expressed themselves
r as being delightedl with the Institute
I work, and with the hospitality of our
8 citins. lion. Thur. A. Badeaux,
our Parish superintendent of Public
d School, is to be coegraturatcld upon
the ueccess of the institntitII, for it
shows that the Public schools under
his superictendice are tilled with
wide awalte progressive teacher.,
eager to grasp new ideas which they
are sure to get at the teachers insti.
tutes. Prof. Clamrubers won the res.
Spect and admiration of the teachers
and the citmzen of uour town. le 3
was obliged to leave Thlursday even
ing. His place. was to have Ic-n
filled by Prof. Caldwell, but, owing
to the illness of the matron of the Pr
Normal school, Prof. Caldwell could
t not leave, so Professor E. L. Steph.
. ens, president of the Indtistrial school
at Lsf:yette, camue in his stead, lie
conducted the liustitcte yesterday
t moruing, and delivered an interpatinK P
Stalkto the teachers at the close of
the sps-ion.
At $ meeting of the Young Mlns
B~uevoJent Association, held last Wed.
Snemay night at their hall, it was decid.
Sed by the memlwr to ,'give Ianexcur
Sion to Batou I~oug,, sometime about
tite latter palt of April or the early
rpart of May. The eccursiog will he
given over the Texas and Pacecfie
K and will lie a celebrationd of tie
Soniversry, of tlhe organizatiou of
the At'eoceatio,.
The claiwsf f oth . c,,rn medicines
to be as gooel a Chamberlain's ar
.trcct,.Ithy set at. re-St i thle fonl'owing
ttStlimonia , f .cet . t'. Ii GI:,*., an
enplioe of l~artl tt & fJn,,is Cc,.,
(;Gardimer, .1. II,. e"vc, "'I had
kept adding to a ctd antl cough itn
lise winte-r of 1897, trving every c-ugh
mphdcinie I heard cf ai ltout permian
c-nt hlelp, until ',,,e hl:,i I was in the
drug store of Mr l!,,ulehc,, ammd he'
aivhrld aoe :o try (Chamberlain's T
C.,nuch Rchr-ly amid ..tr.ld to par of
i eck mv me,.r if I wae., ct ,'.l. (
- My longs :and h,. ,s hil te h a w,-rean
vry -i oeut thi Tjmr*. hit T w.,ii.,i, I c
.,leta:* cureJ iy tIire r,'c-dv. amid of I
cre cim.e ai'waY t ueS tlt(.sj to it lei j ) ,
g,.t Te.thl,. an.€ -.ceI iii.l c hi-f. |j at'
aim gladI toI 'R it ji IU*. bet oi all mat
* dee g1o4r
A Negro Killed.
The effects of ,pistol tote" was
e shown last Saturday night when
Lewis Di itch"l #at short the eartIdy
career of one Adrien Williams by
pumping a load of lead into ain with
a cheap ""pou." Both of the parties
ar dolpred. Williams had the repu.
Lation of being a "bully", and de
118. lighted in "'starting a rough house."
on- He attended a dance on the Dionne
Iat plaqtation last Saturday night, and
ny after he had had enough of dancing,
be proceeded to break the bllt up.
This was objected to by Mitchell, and
h 4a and Williams became involved in
*ia tight which terminated as above
stated. Mitchell was arrested by
*qu Sheriff Beary, anti he now languishes
a in the Parish prison where he will
have ample tima to reflect upon the
e of evil of "platol totin".
t. ,i as n KI iont n ldu,
The Queen's Jewels.
ar The Queen's jewels are on exhibi.
tion in the window of Mr. Frank Zer
all uott's jewelry itore on Main street.
This window is beautifully decorataed
in the carnival colors, and attrac:ts
Ihe attention of the passers by. W4,
will wear these jewels this ryear? You
have, thrte ~ore guesses coming to
rty. _ ... :
on Theodpaia Burr's re;eark:.ble li:r
story is capitally told by at, admiring
writer Irn the February Ladiets' Ionm,.
Journal. Such extremes of joy and
sorrow as were the lot of "The Bena.
tiful Daughter of Aroun Burr" c ,,n.
to few women. The store of thet
cis. lamous hymn, "Nearer, Mey God, to
liv Thee," and a close view of its hril.
ast liant author, are united in "A Woman
)lic to Whom Fame Came After Death."
the How we get and keep the correct tame
the is explained in "The Clock by Which
ed We Set All Our Watches"; and "The
em Buffaloes of Goodnight Ranch" is a
rn. record of the only herd of North
ant American bison owned by a woman.
1h. Lovers of "Cranford"-.-aad they are
re, legion-will be delighted with the
ge dramatic version in the Feblrary
ok Journal. Through Ldward link re.
by presentative men and women Journal.
Le ists emphatically settle the oft dis.
puted question, "Is the Newspaper
Otffice the Place for a Girl?" There
seems to be but ooa opinion among
those who shou!d lknow most on the
,. subject "The Problem of the Boe,"
"Why One Man Succeeds and His
Brother Fails," and "The Trying
at Time Between M1other and Daughter"
R are all thoughtful articles. Architer
`ý ture, the fashions, culinary matters,
and all theme. interesting women are
tr amply treated. By The Curtis Pub
lashing Company, Philadelphia. One
dollar a year; tan cents a copy.
t. Don't let the hand of time paint ,
rs wrinkles on your face. Keep young,
rt by keeping the blood pure and the
digestive organs in a healthful conli
b- tion. HERBINE will do this. Ieaith
lh is youth, disease and siclines' brings
ar old age. Price 50 cents. For sale
re by Thibodeaux Drug Store.
" Opera House,
: One Night Only.
Sunday, February 10,
Gorton's Fa,..mo
(W'ara Popltr )
*'A IOW of Unusual Excellence.
European Aerobatle Marvels.
Princes of High Clasue Musical Comedy, rl
Great Crescent City Qjuartette lin
Prices 25, 50 and 75cts
S'eat at V. J. Knobloah's. De
Positively the Greatest
play ever presented in Thibodau anx
....One Night... bcl
Monday, February 11,
*ilssm asise e elasbllaa Po
This remnrklhle play is dramatied l
from Henry S-ienllenkiew, great story I
Which ha crreated such a profound ii- tr
preslon thrtughout the cvltIlied world
and ie dullded into ,ix acts and nine hv
I'euneo tlettriesttig In a grayhlIe Inhaner h
ofthe Dawn oChristianity and Douwnfall
of Pagani. the
(ast with the al etrengllh of E. 3.
;apeter', large astd Powerful Irai.n- giv
atic h' It I
inarvel uf heau v uasx;idluity. IW
.L )
;!" That There are
People in Every
Community .
g. who do not believe in the truth of any advertis
1'ed stateroent-"goes without saylnr.
od TL a store reaches for the DOUBTING ONES
us and desires TO PROVE to thern that in its ad
`o vertising it states FACTS and FACTS ONLY.
a Let us call your special attention to
S$11.00 & 11.50.
guaranteed NO SMOKE, NO ODOR, if proper
r directions are followed.
Grates 12, 14, 16, 18 in.
All at New Orleans Prices,
Hand Lamps 15c. up.
Hanging " $2.75 up.
Banquet " $4.50 up.
We are now filling up
our Toy Department,
and it is pqt too early for the ladies to begin making their
selections. They can do so now if they like and have
. their goods laid aside and avoid the rush at Xmas.
h Come and inspect our stock-patronize a home
1e institution which is not only an absolute neoes
sity but 4 credit to your community.
PJ. S. Lt n I a cO.. PReos.
Choice Rough Dressed
Cypress Lumber.
All Dimensions Sawed to Order and Delivered.
Lafourohe Crossing, La.
Bakery with complete out-i
fit, almost new, Narrow St.,
between Rose and Baker.
Very small capital needed,
Apply to C.O. Dantin,
28 Thibodaux, La.
King Sucrose.
Show the Royal colora to "King
Suerose." (Get . P. Auslet to deco
rate your place of Business or real
dience for the Carnlval, he bhas a oe
line of decorating goods.
For Rent.
Residence and store known as the
Dezauche property opposite the store
of C. O. Dantin, on canal street.
For partiuelars apply to Albert Bond.
resox, at Post oflice, between 7 n. m.
and 1 p. m. or Acadia plaunttion
between 2 to 6 p. m.
A Rare Bargain.
Por SALr:-One Aultuan & Taylor
rice threbher, in perfect condition.
Capacity, 350 to 400 sacks daily.
One 25 horse power engine and Porta.
ble boiler. For particular. apply to
PoLwus Baos..
27 S&chrever, La,
Delinquent Subscribers.
Country subseribers of te Sentinel
who are in arrears for the, past v'ar'
and who have failed to make any
move toward asaturilmting to our
trensirv, will ,onfer a favor upon uo
hy remitting the amount due, oth, r
wi.se their names will'ir stricken fomn
'bhe shecriptiot list, and bills will I.e
given to an attorrey for collection.
It i, a mistaken idea to think that .
iwwspaperms can li,.e on wind, co~Ma
)ip ge'tlemen, we are iq oneed of the
*'tcu'" very htaIr.
Oe bours trom s. . f.tol p. a.
_Ay Notarlll beulu* preamptly and as
-allt aisadod Sc,
Notice to Delinquent Tax
The tax payers of Lafourche parish
are hereby uotiled" that all uapaid
taxes are now Ihe-ig 2 ojo per
month Interest. Tax payer. are
invited to call at once sad sltUe, and
thus save further costs.
Ja8as BAxTy,
Sheriff and Tax Collector.
Any persons wanting Dr. Hamlet
Moore's lines of medicines for the
treatment of stock can find thbe at
W. C. Ragan. stable.
For @lae.
Second.hand doors, blinad, door
and window frames, mantle.pieces,
cistern, 'toves.tec; can be purchased
at the Convent at very reasonable
prices 1G.
-Notioe to Horse Owners.
The un4esaigned lesires to into,ym
his ensitgers sand the general paldiei
that he is pow occupying hbis new
"hop, located at the corner of St.
Philip and St. Bridge: St., op .,n to
Dr. I. Danceru's residec e. I .'
shoeing 4 l.ahity. wa. t..cvtip
27-3m. H.acksm f's. I
VIn THE CI-ýy~
The Furtture * Erstablishf t
.... MAIN STREET ....
The Place to Buy
Stores, Hardwoare, Builder's Barea ,
Guns, ..nmuniCion, Cuttlery, Brusr ,
Brooms, Paints, Oils, Barness, asi
.gnricultural Implements,
Hall Clipper Plows at New Orleans Prioe.
H. Riviere & Co.
'PhoIn 108. Cor. .Kaic 4- St. Louie 8t
...Vacation Rates
-'o EI0ESORT PO/ITS. . -:
Our Agents taont
can ofer you MounOa
LOW . Lakes,
Oall or Write for Partitoulars.
7. F . , .. o7. .
Pass. Trafftc Manager. HOUsTON, TEX. Gen. Pass. a
Ho! For Riviere's
I New Store
The visitor; to the 0
val of Tbibodaux are
Spectully invited to A
Sournewstore. Notro
ble will be spared
make their visit agr
In our establshment
willfinda complete
ofvaried Goods especia
ly a new and well sel
Sed Line of shoes. so
as the following we
known makes:
Hamilton Brown Shoe Co
Freedmans Bros. Shoe Co
Dittman Boots & Shoe C
Dont failto ask for
!  We iwill please you,
S1mrv ere i .
advertise in The Sea

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