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A~ DVERT (1 " bf~fod fIf"
1! titj - -
~re Sentinel. .Jt .u..Y4W J~4A II ft t ttC'D : fic
W.. Jouagast aj th: V hz~uk.4 Lad auoh. "dA mwz~a o! ts t tk Town.
s Stable, - Donalduonville.
oal (besgo, visited our
the Crescent City, was ]
1d New Orleans, was
ar' Shoes, they are the
at The Racket store.
vat to New Odrleans
yes basiness.
V. Itsn visited New Or
bnsy as bsinss.
m sm was oonined at
adken lseeout of illness.
tL Mowell went to New
iy a besess.
4 Deluagar, of Cut 01
to nr city yesterday.
esrss, rem down, weak
t Ths a few doses
It will infuse new
SMis leb tbh e hausted
b saerohdi brain or mus.
saind Pis a nemw fac on
1 fp mheesss Drug Store.
C. Desea, assessor of
a *M athisd oar Coty
s at, Lockport,
Paror Fey,
a poeular drummer of
Sa gest of the Com.
hit M day.
Admws, of New orleans,
visitor to our city
S ppet of tis werk.
W. W hiead of the
Salets was nla town
I - "le Democrat.
Abbe are smost al.
hrem. The "out door.
seous. WHITE'S
UG is the beet
as d sslsts to that
uko e estes strength
iYeladmes Price, 25
by Tlsbodess Drug
Sisl, of thein ire of
ehrlever, left today
by has broth.
L ltter will go to
Mers. J. . N.
ples, are seriously
reposition of open-.
r elable per
to represent large
Ver, payable weekly;
tlsuMly sare and all
bons de. deblit
; slary peed
ad oeapenseaeay
LV SP., CasIcA
,th popular sloe
isdill L Percy 0o.
S Ceseest City this
i It wee knows that
aew Orleans, bet
at odds of oue to
mdM be the Kinlg of
y nodisease or
uman system tbhat
Lehing and distres
cures thebm quick.
r detestios from
O cOents in bottles.
Ior sl° by Thibo.
M Orleanso, a re.
1. Go uand Co. of
a busies visitor to
. a popular drug.
by her two
and Pioner*.
0. J. Walker. a poplar Knight of
the Grip, was eirculatlng among his
patrons In our town last Monday.
Miss BE Percy, of Mississipp , is
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Je. I.
Lobtell on Canal street Miss Percy
isa sister of Mr. P. R. Percy. She
will remain in our city ustal after the
When pain or irritation exists on
any part of the body the application
will give prompt relief. Price, 5
and 0 cents. For sale by Thito
deans Drug 8tore.
Special NotSee.
I beg to inform my friends and the
general public that I have purchased
the contents of the store of Edward
Bade.ux, where I shall be plessed to
serve them promptly with the hest of
Local Plhone 17. Free Dedivery.
28-12t Tauvizaa OGutwo.
Carnival Costumers.
Messrs. Robert Bohn, Ratle Nip
pert and Theo. Dries, all of New
Orleans. arrived Into our city last
Thursday and are registered at the
Commercial hotel. These gentlemes
have charge of the costuming of
those who are to take part is the
Grand parade and Ball nest Tuesday.
They began work yesterday, sad will
be kept quite busy during thmr tay
here allotting costmesm and altering
them if it is found necessary to do so.
They are experts Into their professbon,
and the costumes worn anet Tuesday
will be something gorgeou.
For Me,1
Store bulding, 'known as Proae.
tors Hall, and reekdemse mtuated on
Short street between St. Philip asd
Jackson streets. For particutars
apply at S.trnasL Orrics.
How's This?
We oer One Hundred Dollars
Reward for any case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrb
F. J. CHBRNY 6 CO., Props.,
Toled O.
We, the mendrsigned. have know
F. J. Cbenej for the last I years,
and believe him perfectly bosorable
in al btusiness transactions and hlan.
Sdially able to carry out any oblig -
tiome made by their fr. .
Wast r TRuAx, Wholesale Druggists,
T/'oledo, O. WAtolo. Kmxxn s MAa
var. Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken rater
alty, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surface of the system.
Price 7o. per bottle. Sol by all
SDrea s. Tmtimonials fre
all's Family Pills an tim bet.
Latest Fashion Ideas.
Spring dress material., early spring
millinery, sprang amusements for
ehildrne, the Lesten table, a spring
breakfast, sad 84 styles of spring
dressmaking are part of the eerhing
to women is the March Ds3uaToL.
The ruf which, o many forms, has
so deoldedly dchlo ed the apaara-s
a of gratts in past yers, is dsrib.
ed is the Man inmber of Thu
DULu)sTro uder the heLading "Ti
Evolution of the Rou." The article
is very folly illustrated and traces
Sth rud heek beyond Elisabetha
Electrio Light Party.
Mr. Ed. SmvklekL , who is nosd
for his bospitalty, entertraone a
of his trleesds at the power houe Ilast
SWednesday night After skring
his guests over the piat and uplin
iln to them the ilte ato he setrl
ats works or fh o p~4t, he rw d
dehghttfl rfreshmentm . Me wa
assisted I entestalat by Mr. On
Wallace, n emplboo at the pave
house. The following oun, ledl.
,and rsm ses were, h* g.,st:
Idea Wdismer May Vest diall JW
D0aveaporit of lcinetMoe'lrM
) eiiry Bergerse, Waries Cueeta,
'A. . 3puntner Aiugustd R#tae'es.
Resolutions Adopted by Pub. 9
lio School Taosehers ,
At the Teachers Institute hed in A
our city last wek, the followlj mor .
latio were adopted by the Public
ahool tacters attendog its sesioes . t
We, the teachers of lafourebe b
parish, In lnstitute assembled, fteling t
cosclous that our tame has been
poitably speut, do hereby express
m gratitude for the beaelts thus
derived in the following resolutions:
Resolved, that the thanks of our
t hrs anre due Prof. Henry .
Chambers, of New Orleaes and Prof.
M. L Stphe, of tlafayette, rt mer
able fatAkfl sad syisma t xlrtss t
giw to r the lll benelts of the f
exp m l eoducational work.
vd that the thank. of the
teaIhre of the parish are due Ho.
t. . Bedess , Parish 8upedlatedeat,
for the excellent manner in which he
has arranged for the nstraction and
etestainmeat of the institute and for
the atmirst he is taking in promoting
we welfare of the chools of the
Reasred, that theo members of this
nstitute siemesl anlad ordially ten.
der their heartfelt thanks to the
Sunagement of the T'hledasux Opera I
ones fuor the free se o their bild.
lag, thereby affording as and the
community the beoeit and pleasure
of an interesting and iastruootve
Resolved, that we duly appreciate
the kindness of Mr. James Beery the
worthy sheort of lafourche, and his
Sassistants, for their many acts of
I kidness shown to the teachers of the
I padsh during the senten of the
a lnstitute.
Resolved, that we gratefully thank
the good Sisters of Mount Carmel
.IConvent for the cordial welcome they
extended to us on the oeasion of our
visit to their mspglSoeut building.
Resolved, that we are grateful to
the Tuxedo sad Entertainers' Clubs,
and the ladies and gentlemen that
asibsted them, der their hospitality
r ad for their successful efforts In
promoting our social enjoyment by a
brillant entertainment
ReIlved, that we tender our
thaks ts Jedge A . K. oblo and
L. O. Brmild for their lastrie
talks as gamm and gegraphy.
Bevet, that ti thanks of the
eseHrn s ofh Pariahof Lkfourite
are due to and are there;re heartily
toedered to Misses Alice MaLhuot, las
Knoblech, Belle Barker and Mr.
Boland Williamson, for the excellent
music furnished by them at the even.
Resolved, that the spemr tedent
and teachers of the parish mud other
i4leential edtlta be gequested to
se their Idesce a m o he heglu
of oue of the Peabody Summer Nor.
mel schools in Thibodaux nexot sum
Resolved, that we thank tboeltistes
of Thibodaux fur their eordial secop
tion and hospitality.
SRelved,. that a copy of these
t resolutions be sent to the papers of
a thsl prish for publication.
L. O. BO mmaLsL,
H. J. McColmmuCK,
6A. B. Courox,
Resoletion Commttee.
Reliable man for Manager of
Branuch Oio we wish to open In this
vicinity. If your record is O. E
here is a opportunity. Kindly give
good reference when writlug.
STa A. T. Monus Wmoeasusn Hovea
I illetatsd catalge 4 os. stamps
.26 Ja le Smo
Notable Succes in Veter
iua 8urgery.
Dr. H·iet Moore, the well known
veterimary srgeo. performed a sur
i gesa operatn tit in desarving of
r morn than passing meenton. A bors.
theI property of MUanager W. C HBa
se of Plsytavn pntatioe, uwas sufr
log fsm stregrlem agravated by le I
yagitis and had halke to the gonu,
Lhavingll to all appearames estire'y
a stopped trsalg. The doctor per
Sformed the oppamration nowe as tIra
Scheotomy ad sand ao ancisioa mo
each side of the hom's neck. releasung
the oumaulatlioo of pu aud dmUtag g
· air nto the rnimar's luegs, whre e
* rsepiratory organs at once resued
* their fuections. The horse i dally
n improving and wll completely reoover.
The sccess achieved by Dr. Moore
Ia this ,ase~, as well im any others
eqjselly ilportant iforietbly rttats hs
skill and bespeaks him ao expert toi
his profeesson.-Donalidonvllle Tim..
lThe Servants We Do Not
. Dr. Grace Pckam Murray, a well.
- known ud autberLtdve writer i
i rgard to Children's Diseases, begis
n In tbhe Marb Dum Atom a serb of
s four valuableo bhaptem dellnr with
a' -The Child." TLe fist arle paks
joft -The Cbid st Home." eery:
sheMld read tmo atuckls n
i hurever the u l Of servnst
m le b lhea Sd In what
~, bsap-~ spAI-.aterest shiM be
r. f~lt In he aritkle is tih NrSrv Dv.i
xATOa by Professor Ellen I. Reb.l I
ards of The Massachusett Colege of
Technology, entitled -The Servants i
We Do Not Keep." Of coeure the
n£al word on the servant question
wall never be uttered, but every woman
with servant troubles, at leas wants
to know toe troubles of others and
bow, in som measure, they overcame
Earl Marshal of the pire.
Carnival Palace Feb. 14th, 1901. c
BT Oaoua 0O Tan KAisc.
IOe. O.n Tady aest fis Majles.
ty King Seeroe will arrive at his casp.
italcity. The King and his mroyal
enerteieks will arrive on the "LOUIS
IANA", coming by the way of bon. t
aldeonville, thenc don the Laoo r I
che. The Royal party will arriv, at
the ,lading promptly at One o'elock
Tuesday afternoon.
On the arrival of Hins Majesty s
salute of Forty Five guns will be
fred. His Majesty will be escorted
by his Royal Attendants aad the 4
Imperial Band to the City Hal where
the key of the -ity wil be given him
by his Honor the Mayor. After the
presentation of the key, His Majesty
will parade the principal treets of
the City, after the parade he will be t
escorted to his temporary palace
when he will rest until the grand
parade and bell which takes place
that aight
low in order to anifeest the great
joy which the advent of His Majesty
creates in the hearts of all loyal sub.
jects, t is ordere that all loyal sub
Jects do turn out and give the King
a royal welcome.
That the loral sadijeet w01 extend
to the wsitso s, who will throng the
streets of the Capital C'iy daring the
Carnival, a cordial grestieg and hoe.
paisble entertainment.
Official. DrxAMITr .
Melinte. Earl Marshal of the Empire.
J. O.K.
Gaantead $900
Men wd omen of good addres
to represen us, some to travel ap
pointig agents, ethers for local work
looking after oar intemrest 90
salatry garanteed yearly; eatracom
missions and expeases, rapid advane.
met, old established bouse. Gand
chase for earnest man or woman to
seora pleasant, permanent position,
liberal income and future. New,
brilliant lines. Write at once.
23 Cburch 8t, New Haven, Cons.
30 S6t.
Masquerade Ball.
The Pastme Pleasure club gave a
grand masquerade ball at Tabors hall
last Tuesday night. A large amber
of yong ladi s sad gentlemen were
present, and every one bd a most
enjoyable time. Delightful refretsh.
ments wee served. A lack of space
prevents us from printing the wase
of the 3o0eg people present upon
thaethappy occasion.
Quick Time Made by a Bus.
CoL J. H. Estill tells a stry of
the light of a bseard from New
York to Charleseo a foenr beos.
-Tbere ( a ha e Le t of alk,"
sad be, "sbolt the time which would
he required for one of these Sreto
I h memue -m
hes peesl bsr 8
.. uUse sser
get home, sad it was ageed one day
to box up a i« looking speles ni
and ship it to New Yurk. Tere was
a great deal of iatereat is the est of
speed, and the man who resinved the
swift bird of the air was i tracted to
release it at a certals hour and tel.e
graph the moment the beuard smif ed
the free air. The message came here
that the bird, all properly marked f
~denti~slatoe, had bies relesed from
its box, and wathers we mstationed
at Market street to time the moment
of arrival. The various tm allow
awes had bes suggeq d by the
Intemetd crowd of watehsu, sad the
prevaluig idea was that the besaomd
oid eat get book bes hr a day, It
at all. Bt this is where the people
were wreng oer, as I remember it the
bueard poked its oes toward Chare.
toa as son as it wasset free, ad
the trip to Cbarletoe was madea in
bour ouars. The old bird appeared
tobee wry much the wores for ware j
whe i got is, but a reord had be
made, aud all the pools made o the
yinme trip were upet."--Rchmoed
Great Men's Opinions of I
Women. j
Remembe womsa is most paLent
wha most womanly.-Gladstone.
Barth has nothang more tender
than a pIOus woman's heart-Lath.
A I se or sam be I owe to my
angel her-Abreaham lineola.
Digpae our bodage as we will,
'ti woman, woman, rules us stilL-
Heaves will be so heaves to m it
I d, not meet my wife there.-As.
drew Jacsnos.
vein the darkest hour of earthly
ill woman's food asmeios shows.-
Womes ueed not look at those I
dear to themo ao tow their mood -
Oil and water-woma and a se
cret-a hostile preprieties-Bulwer
Raptured man quits sech dosing
ags. 0 woma, for thy lovelier
Ki.d ms is women, eat their
biastion leeks shall wl my love.
H that iwould e the gets, let
him have a bee ala-lea ebss.
Every pretty wess sheuld ba
irt, every clever women a polltelas.
A wom 's strength is most potest
when robied la getlomes.--Lmar
Levely woman, that caused our
cares, ca every care begadle-Bere.
King Sucrose.
What wakes our town from sweet
repose t
Why do these trumpets bow I
Why do we doe our Suelay ldthes
And dike ourselves out so
Because our jovl King Secrose
Is coming to Thbiodauxs.
Now will our stores I honor close
Our electric lghts will glow.
Now will we e'or a grief disclose,
Bat all our camre forego;
Fur pleasure-loving King Sucrose
Is coming to Thibodaus.
Our sweetest girls, out with their
To the masquerade ball will go,
And theme, to costumes grandoee
,Trip the light fatastlc roe,
la welcome to our uing Sucroe
Whem ho come to Thibodeus.
8o, all tern oet ad cut didoes,
And help to swadi the shbow,
Thatall may sa how rhe od towI
Ad all the werld my know,
That our -ood and ge King
s eomua to Thtbodas.
In the 4bstano **omes the graed
aiscourse I
Ioeg live ths KilgThie greetisg
Watt o'er the wids tht blow,
To the ense of King Sueraes
As he come to Tbibodaus I
Children Not Admitted.
We sa rejueeted by the ewtrve
maite of the CarnivtIa Ulub to
iaoum ae taet cadries under the ageO
of ltees will ot be admitted to the
carnival BaIL
e ws edmer sa ems
reuses, e* san gee, u.
S ever rle nad In4.
Tr se gPra es an imMn.
Dig Cu Tin Prices
Our annual clearance
sale of Winter Goods, is
now on,
Bargains! Bargains!
in Gents Heavy Flan
nel Shirts, Underwear,
Socks, Skirts, Waists,
Gloves, also Blankets
and Mackintoshes.
Gents Mackintoshes, worth $&.25 only...... ...... .50
6" " «" 1.75 " ..................... 1.25
Gents Flannel Overshirts rdenced to 50c, 75, 95 1.00
Gents heavy winter Caps reduced to 10c, 15, 20, 25c
Ladies Underskirts all the new col. reduced to 1.50
" Overskirts in blue & black serge " 1.25
'" Plush capes reduced to 83.00 worth .. ........... 75
" Wool Hose, 20c per pair, cheap at ................2......5c
Gents ribbed underwear 76c suit, cheap at ............. 1.00
11.4 Grey Blankets rednoed to ............ ............. $1.50
104 White Blankets reduced to ................ ........ . .60
Grey double blankets as low as .................60c per pair
Now is your chance, do
not wait until every
thing is gone ....
The quantities are limited, and if you don't
call now, you may miss just what you want.
Phone 130. Chas A. Badeaux, Prop
Is now prepared to furnish the best and cheap.
est brick in the market......................
On million bDrIk om hand redy for delivery.
LauR3NT K. PoxeA.
MANmarm, PNElt Sm
t L... J. BRAU ,
. UPLfowt. o - l Tetreaur
Lefort & Tetreau
 iver, Feed
...Sale Stables.
2 Etablishment
BlarJ~kts and
E 4j Patriot St. Cor. Leves wed .Vaaeit, Thibedwexr.
[email protected] luf STAWEt TELUNUE US egsMINV TELENE tIMi.

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