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..In The Sentinel Vl' IUU A ,Cli[ At this Office"
Oftoial Journal the Paris .h o- Lafuseh. *a4 Qhuardian of the Ent a the Town.
.v 1J , anV TRHIBODAUXia.a LA.... _,_................
intment's Stable, - Donaldsonville. j
aoHMtm a aUoPE aeiIml.B
;~.jwa Dehaillon of Lafayette and her
of Frankiin, held court in town r
J y. Thi
os Alice Daigle, n accomphlished Thi
ildy of louma, was in town 1
.idM the carnival days. f
Jelre of the Peace J. P. Larrieu, cir
losls was in town Tuesday to Tua
Im the caroival parade. j
5 L Rodrigue, of Assumption' ma
eseral days in t wn during the cul
Pr. Mark Theriot and wife. of
I ]psrt, attended the carnival in via
Mr dt(y. tor
Mrs. J. A. Dalferes, of Bell Rose we
htieting her mother SMrs. Azemar,
to mal street.
ChIs Daspit, an enterpiising young Re
man of Houma, was ahaking Car
with friends in town Tuesday. Cu
WANTED.-Cab.ble, reliable per
i oevery county to represent large
ny of solid financial reputation;
$ salary per year, payable weekly; F.
3 per day absolutely sure and all an,
apsssas, straight. bona fide. definite in
Ilry, o0 Cosrmitton; salary paid ci:s
ssh Saturday and expense money i tio
.dvanced each week. STANDARD W
am0 26.26t vi
Clerk of Court Amedbe Celestin, na
of Bouma visited his old homoe. a
Thbodsau, os Tuesday. Pr
Pl fbpoet, a prosperous mer- Di
r--at of Houms, was in town Tues
Thfry is probably no disease or
"bdition of the human system that
/iass more suffering and distress F
-a piles. TABl.ER'S BUCKEYE
IlE OINT3I ENT cures them quick. in
,witbout pain or detention from b'
i 7 Price, 50 cents in bottles. 01
75 cents. For sale by Thibo- L
dIsax Drug Store.
Mrs. A. Pressler, of Louisville Ky., I
-rthe guest of Mr. W. K. Kettring- a
's family. t
wlbs Camille Deleourt, of Houms,
-*l In town this week and attended p
i~ grand ball, Tuesdaly night.
lervcus children are a'most al.
tmys thin chiklren. The "out door
~i" s seldom nervo,,s. WllTE'S I
dSEAM VERMIFUGE is the best
revtentive of nervousness. it strength. -
4,ts the ststem and assist' to that I
Slt of flesh, which creates strength
m-4 ptwer of eodurence. Price, 25
For sale by Thibodeaux Crug ' C
Mr. and Mrs. A J. Bethsncou:t, of i
came over to witness the h
srelIval sight in our city Tuesday.
Mrs. J. B. Daspit, of Houma via
her parents Judge and Mrs. C.
Sigerran this weo k.
Davis Foret and family and Severin
manud wife were in town this
.rsk, to witness the carnival parade.
" Am you nervous, run down, weak
q dispirited ? Take a few doses
IERBIN IK. It will infuse new
- new life into the exhausted
res, the overworked brain or mus.
, &lr system, and put a new face on i
I'. and business. Price, 50 tents.
ma sle by Thibodeaux Drug Store.
'LTh" Misses Bourga, of Lockpotrt,
' sths guests of Mrs. J. Forer's
b family daring the carnival.
J. P. Bourg, a suhbstantial clszeu
" Locekport spent several days in
wa this week.
War "Regent"' Shoe, they are the
ts, only $3.50, at The Racket store.
1Mrs. Ccelia t. Martin of Ilouma,
Sh- over to attend the carnivtal
iivtties and attended the ball at
SThe Sentinel's worthy young trimnds
D*imms Knobioch and J. A. O.
*.uet, law students of the Tulane
siversty. came to Tbhboda~is to
-.S1d the carnival days with relatitres
SJudge LIaf:rgue, father of our
med froTt l Pr,,f. W. A. Lua rgie
- the Thiluihvd x coulere slet the
in our ciy.
*- .3
Mr. Albert Engerran of Th'bodauz, barn
visited Houma Sunday. a1g1
Mrs. Judge Engerran is visiting peo
her daughter Mr'. Joe. Diepit. as ti
Mrs.. . Beauvais and daughter of the
Thihodaux, are visating Mrs. J. N kiul
Thibodeaux of Houma--Times Feb. knot
16. hest
Theo P. Bergeron, a former citizen mak
of this city hbut now of Houma, wa-e u
circulating among friends in town A
Tuesday. A.
Jos W, iiams, a prominent gentle. and
man ,f ,.four-he Clossiug was cir iray
culating among friends in Thibodaux phei
Tuesday. tlhe
Lee J. Foret, and family of Ludi. Thii
vine plantatikn spent several days in kep
town with relatives ant friends this brhi
week. . ang
."-."' wh,
IIow's This ists
We offer One Hundred Dollar, dw,
Reward for any case of Catarrh that A
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh thi
Cure. Lot
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props., ass'
Toledo. O. city
We, the undersigned, have known Kit
F. J. Chenej for the last 15 years, nun
andi believe him perfectly honoralle enli
in a1l business transactions and finan stet
ci:lly able to carry out any obliga of I
tions made by their firm. PeI
WasT & TaRUA. Wholesale Druggists, the
Toledo, O. WALnswo, Ka.nAs & MAR nut
vts; Wholesale Druggist*, Toledo, O. rTe
Hall's Catarrb Care is taken inter- Pui
nally, acting directly upon the blood msea
aqd mucous serfaceA of the system brit
Price 75w. per bottle ,Sud by al; her
Druggists. Testimonials tree ail
Hall's Family Pills are the best. As
Beson-Folse. gut
Mr. Amos- Beson and Miss Rdn.' thr
Folse were ma-rind last Monday even Ion
iug at five o'clock at the St. Philome mu,,
Catholic Church in Lahndieville. Th. r
bride is the daughter of Mrs. (i. Fol -e a
of Tallien. and is a mister of Mr. P
Leone Troeclair. The groom is a
popular young gentlemen of this tow.r.
Mr. and Mrs. Be on came ime:iately ke
after the wedding to this town where by
they will reside They.bave the best wi
wishes of :bh Sentinel for a happy co
I prosperous future. fer
Moo and women of gonod address 1
to represent us, ane to travel ap- C
pointing agents, others for local work '
looking after our interests. $900 to
salary guaranteed yearly; extra com
-missions and expenses, rapid advance P'
ment, old establiahed house. Grand li
chance for earnest man or woman to 1e
secure pleasant, permanent position,
liberal income and future. New, lh
brilliant lines. Write at ones. a
,23 C'htircb St., New Haven, Coonn. I
30 26L 4'
Latest Fashion Ideas 5i
1Spring dress materials, e.arty spring at
millinery, spring amusements for at
children, the Lenten blhle, a spring at
Snbreakfast, and 84 styles of, spring B
s dressmaking are part of the offering *
to women in the March DuLINsaTOt. I
The ruff which, in many forms, has is
n so decidedly changed the appearanoe
i of garments in past years, is deicrib. '
ed in the Marbh number of Tas
DELINEaATOR under the heading -'The
, Evolution of the Ro." The article
is very fully illustrated and traces
the ruff back beyond Elissbethan
n times.
Mrs. Auguste Bergeron.
c Mrs. Auguste Bergeron died last
"e. Mond)ay morning at eleven o'cloctk,
Saged 59 yearsn and six months. The i
decesised was sick about nine days
with the grip, the malady which oaused
her death. The busband of the de
ceased is eighty three yers oft age,
Is and has been sick f.Ir about ten month".
. Besides h'r aged husban-l, Mrs. B-.r.
e geron leaves a family of nine children
to all Of whrm are growl,, to mour. her
ra loss. The funeral took Ip)lace from
the St Joseph's Catholic church last
Tuesday morning.
ur ._ _ . . -
e l,a1d.s a:rt chidrena's kbit under.I1
be wear fro W0c up at The R Jcket L
King Sucrose by'c
Grand Carnival. ashi
and a
Magnificent Parade Witness- wouli
ed by Tremendous Crowd they
-- secn
Dr. Oliver L Braud King- Th
Miss Lucy Roger Queen. brillis
-- doors
The 19:h of February, 1901, or This
Mardi-gias day will figure eonspi. withi
cuously in the annals of the reign of val a
King Sucrose, the glorious monarch Th
who has assumed control over this proac
favored section of Louisiana. streel
The notoring of that clay was was c
marked by many fluctuations in the of hu
barometer; frst a smile, then s Peas
angry frown of the sky kept the the g
people in an unhappy state of doubt the
as to what the day woul.d bring but beaul
the more faithful subjects of the sary
king fet no anxiety, fo,r they wil could
know that at a simple noo of his the p
head, the elements would combine to rode
make every thing propitious for the cof P<
programme which his Majesty had is a
traced out the i
Accordingly, near the hour of 10 In al
A. M., the clouds were a I dipet!ed. first
and a bright sun poured its genial to th
rays over the surrounding atmos Kang
pbere. Quite an upusual stir was the
then nottceable a:oug the didtereut chlo
roads, which lead to the gay town of King
Thibodaux. Vehicles of all kind. cant
kept coming from all drections his
bringing visitors from the neorighbor Sucr
ing c.untry, while the various trains hick
which reach here brought excursion anad
ists from the towns of Hoouma, Labs ject
die, and Napo!eonuvdle. pra
At 1 P. AM. the hour appointed for Kink
the arrival of the royal launch, the Lily
Louisiana, fully 5000 spectators were Int,
assembled on the pier in front of the Glor
city to witness the landing of the glori
King and his courtlers. Besides excli
numerous small craft, the port was froix
enlivened by the presence of the doat
steamer Pelican a fit representative lost
of his Majesty's powerful fleet. The clad
Pelican, by the way had c~nme from the'I
the town of Lockport with a large caln
number of passengers from that man
remote part of King Sucrose's domain pal
Punctual, as is his wont, the King page
d made his entry in the port at 1 P. M. h.bo
bringing with him a la ge retinue of took
heralds, men-at-arms and courtiers thes
all gaily and spleoddly .arranged. tain
As the shrill whistle of the Louisiana cca
announced the coming of the royal was
guest, the cannon boomed and as to
salute of 45 guns was fired. As the stag
steamer with pennous flying pass .dsite
through the open bridge, lod and stoc
long were the cheers of the delighted anm
multitude After the landing was curl
effected, his Majesty entered a cal rise
riagc in company with the Hon. iV. the
K. R1o'ell escorted by two bra-. the
b:inds atil a numerous retinue, he mai
' proceeded bte the City Hall, where th. them
Y keys of the city were handed to hium Thi
re by his excellency, Mayor Zernott. the
who accompanied the act with mos sea'
cordtal exprssion of welcome and car
fealty. ece
The King respondedl to the Mayor's *I'
addre-s in m st gracious tLerm- ta
through his first atten'ant i-n. W. ssn
I. Howell After which the ia'v pre
c -rtege resumed its march and pi Qu
t ceedeed to the apartments preparelt le
)0 for the King where he dintd and 5hq
restal before taking part in the gran, ree
, pageant which he had so kindly or an'
d lenred for the amusement of his sub Q
, During the blisnace of the evening T
the strets were aliase with people of
all sexes, ages and conditions, a;I
full of fun and frolic, and taksg sa
S eIam e pnesure re tn viewing th
queer and ridiclous make-pe of tb:
many Mardl gras, musterlng about
500), who paraded the streeta. BetI
it must be remark d here th t in,. iI
g that motly crew of whites and blacks,
tor and youg and old, all left to walnde
as at will without any apparent restrauint,
themre was nothuig unruly, nothing
uUpleasaet to ocur. We evea ehi
lng servet that there wa a total absen.
o of loud talk as is often the ceae when
iar laWe crods asemble.
ce The restaurants, the hotels. sin
b tectioners ad lunch counters anI
other stands were meanwhile reaplig"
Sa bountuful harvest fnrm the mal,,
b customers which the memorbcie o'
ie ca-on bad brought tng.ther. Th.
(C crowd was geuerally estimnated to I,
an between eight ad ten thousllin
Thb grand night parade was rlu*' t.
leave the barn at Tetreaus park st
last 7 o clock, but was a little late i.,
starting. The waiting crowd was a
rgood Ostured one, however, Isad wer.
kept amased and entertained by the
Smasqueraders. Main street was brii
t liantly lighted and decorated wib
iocandescent lights andI Chinese la,
e terns. The store buildings of Eli
the. Braud s Sons, ani H. Raviere & Co
were particularly attractive. The
SBuank of Thiboda, iotroduceul a
her novelty Ito the town in the way.
Mm illumtatiofl. Large letters formicg
last the words Bark of Tiibodeis were
hung on the traont of the Batik build
der loug, and to these letters were fastened
ket ilarsnrecut globs. The courrent w. s
tutned o to the li.Itsa OU the klttert
by means of swithlles arranged on a sweet
cvlinder which was turned by an spec
electric motor. The lights would most
Bash out the letters in the words in iT
Bank of Thilodanu in suee. e*ion, the
and after the who!., hl been lighted, aids
wou.l burn for a few seconds when beau
they would all go out only to begin tiful
spelling the words again in a few Al
seconds. wbi
The Bank of l.afoorcbe was also danc
brilliantly decorated with incandes- the t
cent lights. Over its great front plied
doors blazed the lettess B. of L. Quee
This building, heautifu! at all times and i
with it's marble front, was on carni- the
val night particularly attractive. the I
Then the parade was seen ap- roon
proaching the crowd thronging the ly di
streets were separated sad an avenue The
was dceare through the great mas raise
of humanity to allow the parade to TI
pass. It is impossible to desmrheb them
the grandeur sad the magnifcence of Afte
the pageant. To know just how his a
beautiful a sght t was it was nones- thein
sary to see It, for no description The
could do it justice. At the bead of tery
the parade, on a magnificent steed, man
rode Mr. Ous Wallace, special Chief Oliv
of Police, the.n came other horsemen aids
in masks. After them came one of bloc
the brass hinds. And them the flots tiers
in all of their brilliant splendor. The and
first Bost-the title car-introduced one
to the people the subj'ct chosen by ieml
King Sucrose to be representel by prio
the foats fol!owing. The subject scep
chosen this year was "The Flowery wore
Kingdom.' Following the title car Can
cane IIi. Majesty's throne car. Upon Rog
his gorgeous surrunditrgs Kiug ger
Sucrose sst, and wr)el h s pcptre ish
back and forth, and bowed his thanks bhet
and greeting to his thousands of sub- on I
jects who lined the route of the mat
parade. The floats following the van
Kings cam, in this order. Rose, Lou
Lily, Sunflower, Water Lily, Pansy, but
Iottt, 'Chrysanthemum, Morning in t
Glory. All of these floats were dan
gloriously beautiful, amid esle.l forth gati
exclam istons of delight and p)raise ceas
from the crowds of on lookers.. The the
flots were drawn by mules, six to a enti
Boat, which were lead by footmen our
clad in scarlet uniforms. Many of and
the"loats carried m ek -rs, who threw Pre
candies to the crowd with a lavish his
mannes. After parading the princi. enl
pal streets of the city, the grand Ci o
pageant made its way to the opera pos
house where the coronation of Queen I
took place. All of the sate in the ' Br
theatre ware occupied. As the cur- Phi
taiu arose on the first tableaux the ( Fel
seae which gn4seuI the spetstors dci
was b(sutlful bond cmparer. - On Rfani
a royal throne, at the rear of the ' or
stage, sat King -n.ase. On either Bu
siitu ,t hi.n, range t its seni. circles, 'cn
stood the maskers, and on his right
anl left his a,,ie- and courtiers. The
curtain drops-In a few moments it
rises again and slows the scene on
the stage uneh anged. The courtiers
Sthen escot-d the ex.Qieen and her of
maids upon the stage and seated witl
them on the left of the' King's throne. eve
This years Queen and maids were He
then escorted by the courtiers to bet
seats on the left of throne. As the Ks
Scrtain arose on the third tablesan he fre
sceae on the stage was the same as to
Sa*,peared when curain fdl on second
tableaux. The ex Qu'en then arose,
anl, going- up to the real throne,:
presented King Sucrose with tie Bi
Queene Jewels. She then resumed vi.
ter place at right of ttrone. This' he
d S rs Qneeu then advsncel with gn
~,reg ttps to the foot ed the throne TI
r and cronned by Hm Majesty as
Qeen '1 the CaruivaL Upon the )Ill
sene was lbrownu soft .olored lights. 24
The orchestr plated its softest
It f mWas aw -sh a b
I o' , anti IM
bl shaho 4 Clb
ra hO mltmI
, - |e held sas. llI
at b la al . .isAdr. adr
er KI er wemhase 5 o 1
a gmM~lnvi 4 *
sweetest strains. The eyes of the
.pectptors were riveted upon thei
most beautiful scene ever witnessed
in Thibodaux. The King, his Qnei, I
the ex Queen the beintlful maids, the
aids and courtiers, the maskers-al
beautiful dream of lovlioess too beau
tiful to last.
After the coronation, the ladies
whb had engagements for the mask,'r.
dances were requested to repsir to
the ball room. When they had corn
plied with this request, the King andl
Queen, maids of this year's queen
and of the es-queen, together with
the whole royal court descended from
the stage and marched to the ball
room. The bill room was handsome
ly decorated with the earnival colors
The orchestra was seated upon a
raised platform.
The Royal Lancers, weref rstdanced
them followed thres mashers dunces
After the maskers dances the King,
his aides and his courtiers went to
their dressing rooms and unmasked.
The unmasking cleared up the mys
tery that had hung over our city for
many days. it revealed that Dr
Oliver Brand was King, and that his
aids were Dr. H. 8. Smith, V. J Kno
bloch and Fulton Rogers. His coor
tiers were P. L. Brand, W. P. )artit.
and P.A. A ngerran. Dr. Braul is
one of the most popular young gen
Ulemen of Thibodaux. He is a
prince of good follows. and the Roy.l
sceptre could not have been placed in
worthier hands. The Queen of the
Carnival was the beautiful Miss Lucy
Roger, a daughter of Mr. Ernest Ro
ger a prominent planter of this par.
iah and nothing could have been more
beautiful and Queenly than was she
on the night of her coronation. Her
maids of honor were Miss Laura Mor
vant, Miss lea Chasvin and Mies
Louie Philsou. The Carnival is over,
but the memory of it will live forever
in the heart of the citizens of Thibo
daux and the great crowd of visitors
gathered here. It was a grand sue
ceos, and all honor and praise is due
the Carnival Club for the delightful
entertainment afforded the crowds in
our city last Tuesday. Special thanks
and praise are due to P. L. Branl.
President of the Carnival Club, for
his untiring efforts whkich were crown
el with success; to the Executive
Committee of the Carnival Club com
posed of the following gentlemen
Louis Riviere, Sam Blns, K. J.
Braud, Chas. Badeaux, Paul Delaune,
Ph'llp Legemndr, Whintmcll Marin,
Felix Celestin, Frank Zroolt, Fran.
dcis Kuoobl.c, J. Burad, R J. Na
nnin, P. A. AEugerran, Louis Tabor,
?or their splendid work; to Messrs.
i Bbm & Neipert, the contractors and
Free Lecture.
Mr. W. Altain. National Organize'
of the Catholic Knights of America,
will deliver a lecture next Sunday
evening at four o'clock at the Opera
House. He will discourse upon the
I benefit and advautages of Catholic TI
Knightshood. The leeture will be
I free, and every one is cordially invited
I to attend.
Reliable man for Manager of
s Branch Olice we wish to open in this
Svikcinity. If your record is O. K.
I here is an opportunity. Kindly give
a good reference when writing.
e Tea A. T. Mowsts WEaoLUa. L Ho oos
* IlHlstrated cstalogue 4 cts. stamps.
. 26Jan 19 3m
SWhen pale or irritatioo exists oe
Sany pert of the body the applictioe
- will gve prompt relief. Prkis, 25
Iand 0 sest. For sle by Thibo
deans Drug Store.
Special Notice.
I beg to fatorm my friends sd the
general pebtic that I have purchased
t conutents of the store of Edwardt
-Bailus, whes I sbll be plesek d to
-serve ttm promptly with the heat of .
Local Pmon, 127. Free Delivery.
28.1Zt • TsvUU.s GuILeor.
For Sale.
Store baiMidng, known as Preen
tore Hall, and residenee stuated on
Shbort ssreet b.-twcu St. Phltip and
Jack-on street". For particulars
app'y at StNTINr L Orrics.
Yo- wa-t ,i.. baudeemo
mad stylish Woilag invl.I
tathne. We ens suit ,es.
ever ,is sowsas lots of I.
1 , ur'usrr. ere raciArrV.
N""- "9
Our annual clearance
sale of Winter Goods, is,
now on,
Bargains! Bargains!
in Gents Heavy Flan
nel Shirts, Underwear, r
Socks, Skirts, Waists,
Gloves, also Blankets r
and Mackintoshes.
Gents Mackintoehes, worth $3.25 only .................. $*.50
S1.75 " ................. 1. 5
Gents Flannel Overshirts rdenced to 50c, 75, 95 1.00
Genta heavy winter Caps reduced to 10c, 15, 20, 95c
Ladies Underekirts all the new col. reduced to 1.50
" Overekirts in blue & black serge " 1.25
" Plush capes reduced to 3.00 worth .................3.75
" Wool Hose, 20c per pair, cheap at................. 25c
Gents ribbed underwear 75c suit, cheap at........ 1.00
114 grey Blankets reduced to ............. ............ $1.50
10-4 W hite Blankets reduced to ..................................
Grey double blankets as low as ....... _.......60c per pair r
Now is your chance, do
not wait until every
thing is gone.. .
The quantities are limited, and if you don't
call now, you may miss just what you want.
Phone 180. Ohas A. Badeaux, Prop
Is now prepared to furnish the best. and chea p-.
eat brick in the market ................
One adltp bricks on hand ready for delivery.
E. P. Lefort. A. J. Tetreau
Lefort & Tetreau
Livery, Feed i.
I A.... slt) ..
...8ale Stablei. *
Undertaking W
K E-Jtblishment t:
P triot St. Cor. Levee end .Market, TI;ibodu*.t.
- [email protected] UIUTANICE TELCfIHME. 3 "!BDOOA4UI TEL FPHON'F ??8

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