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and ADVERTISE. II UIIiz ! t . it.
.In The Sentinel. A ..UC
-- O " -- [email protected] L1the azh c Lam mh a MadL the atmele a the Towan
oI-.- x.x. THIBODAUX, LA., 8ATURDAY, MAR, 2. 1901. NO
.- I. . - ! I
Cointment's Stable, - Donaldsonville.
.~--lll ~lllL1~~· ~LIII·LII I~,~N4
W.c. Powell, of lckpiort, was a
Sm visitol to our city Tuesday.
-syor Zernott made a flying trip
t Sebriever on Tuesday.
Jedpe L. P. Caillouet returned
be Boomsa Wednesday.
Mrs Bridget Foret, a plensant young
$yof Lockiport is visiting at the
of Mr. Elts Braud.
Miss Melodla Beurg, of .ockport,
visiting Miss Lucy Hlargis, left
hbr home Sunday.
Camille Richard, proprietor of the
elcome House at Iockport was in
OCh Morvant, now attending
, pent Suniav with his family
Miss Bella Gilbert, a popular
lady of Napoleonmille, was in
Sunday, returning the same day.
Dim. Henry Lejeune, of Pilque
arrived in Thibodaux Tuesday
spend sometime with relatives.
SDistrict Attorney W. P. Martin
" att.oding to business in Houma
Mrs. S. Gayne, of Houma, arrived
a Thibodaux Wednesday to spend a
kw days with :elatives.
Ons. F. Guet, a popular knight of
he grip of New Odeaass was doing
e seows tbI wink
Couldn't help getting a eold never
arm it; but carrying home a bottle
ITLUP, and using it as directed, will
is Ibe worst kind of cough or cold.
Mbe, 25 and 50 cents. For sale by
-ib-odax drug store.
Miss Cecilia Talbot of Napoleon.
after being the guest of Mr.
Mrs. C. J. Coulon returned home
MOars. Thomas Knobloch and
Theriot, two prominent planters
Lower Lafourche, were in town
i A. Hnuter made a business
to Lockport on Tuesday in the
of the Singer Sewing Machbne
one knows the unbearable tor.
Oee undergoes frssm ples unless
are so afflicted. TABLER'8
safe and painless cure. Priesc
in bottles, Tubes, 75 cents,
sale by Thibodaux drug storet
ensual .number of drummers
seen on our streets this week,
hotels are surely enjoyinog a
ve business.
K Bradford, a civil engineer
yme, has been spending several
on Ridgefeld plantation this
C. Toups, of Arik, was a
visitor in our cily Wedues
dl favored the Sentinel with a
ebildren have earache, sator.
s piece of cotton with BAI- i
It I the ear. It will stop the
qs:ckly. Price, 25 and 50
por sale by Thibodaux drug
spernding sometime in our
5, th guest of .Miss Vivian
Miss Corni.lia Brousard
to her homrne in Patterson.
E Dog, sthe general manager
depmrtment store of WIn. Adler I
rwas a business visitor to I
Lea Koobloch, a popular'
lady of our city, spent the
purt of the week with friends I
often results from a dis.
aendition of the stomachb and
of the bowel,. A dose
- Chamberlain's Stomach and
neta will correct tbese dis
ad cure the headache. Sold
Girug store.
Anbnie Fty spent Sundsy a~s
SBou as the guest of hber I
ta m )>ther Mlr. anI Irs. Peter ,
Heanr Austin Adams, the noted
orator and lecturer amrrved on Wed
anesdy, and lectured the same night
a at the Mt. Carmel convent
L Katz, the Main street merchant,
was a business visitor to the Crescent
city the beginning of the week, re
ed turning on Tuesday. "
Mrs. R. H. McMahon and baby, of
ig New Ibena, arrived Tuesday to spend
ie sometime with her parents, Dr. and
Mrs. H. Danserea, on St. Philip
it Mrs. Frank Barker and little daugh
ter of New Orleans, arrived here
Wednesday to spend some tame at
e I the hospitable home of clerk of court
in Cbas. J. Barker.
Mr. Hamilton Ayo, a prominent
ig citizen of Baceland, and father of
ly IDr. Sam A. Ayo, of our city, spent
Iseveral days with has son In this city
this week.
in Miss Cecelis Taylor, a pretty young
lady of Crowley after visiting Mr.
and Mrs. H. R. Depre returned home
Thursday to the regret of her many
' friends here.
Guaranteed $900
Men and women of good address
di to represent us, some to travel ap
a pointing agents, others for local work
looking after our interests. $900
salary guaranteed yearly; eztra con.
missions and expenses, rapid advance
g ment, ok established house. Grand
chance for earnest man or woman to
secure pleasant, permanent position,
liberal Income and future. New,
D brilliant lines. Write at once.
11 23 ('hurch St, New Haven, Conn.
30 26t
r. By reference to our advertising
e ' l.mnas it will be seen that the well
known livery firm of Lefort & Tet
Ld reau, has by mutual consent, dissolved
re partnership. Mr. Arthur Tetrau, I
a the junior member of the firm, selling I
his interest to Mr. Lefort. Mr. Emile I
Lefort, the present proprietor, is an
M Industrious and intelligont young m
I man, who has had several years e- I
ie perience in the livery business and 1
will nithout doubt make a success of I
r. It We wish him a prosperous man
a gement
$ 100 Reward, $100.
L The readers of this paper will be
I, pleased to lears that there is at least
one dreaded disease that science has
bhen able tocure in all its stages, and
that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure
aI the only positive cure known to
the medical fraternity. Catarrh being
a constitutional disease, requires a
r constitutional treatment. Hal's
1" Catarrh Cure is taken internally, act.
lag directly upon the blood and mu
cons surfaces of the system, thereby
destroying the foundation of the di..
uease. and giving the patient strength
by building up the constitution and
Sasisting nature in doing its work.
The proprietors have so much faith
in its curative powers, that they offer
One Hundred Dollars. for any ease
that it fails to cure. Send for list of
Address, F.J. CHENEY & CO.,
Toledo, O.
Sold by druggist, 75e.
Hall's Family Pills are the best
Carnival Souvenir.
We are in receipt of a nest and1a
attractive souvenir of the carnival
held at Pensaols, Fla., on the 19th, i
lnst. It is gotten up in book form v
and presents quite an artistic ap- o
pearance. Our thanks asre due to
our young friend, Blair Bernard,
whse likeness appears on the last,
page, and who is also the compler . s
The "Fast Mail."
Owing to the Lenten seuason sad I
the severe cold weather on last 8at. 2
urday a very small crowd was present 14
to witnes th performance of the s
*Fast Mal" at the Opesr House. i
The play was very good and much
above the average that visits thne u
place. The few who were ptOest
wnr well natlfied witl tihe rwali- p
Itinn. h
: Of Investment in the Tele
phone field
To both the Investor and
Public at Large.
This is proven every consecutive
mouth by the locreasing incorporat
ing of new companies in all portions
of the union, as proven h records
for the moeth of Dec. 1900, in which
there were incorated 67 new comn
Ipanies with capital ranging from
$2000 to $5,000.000.
The year 1901 is predestined to be
preeminently a telephone year.
rom' the records of 1900, noting
the a4vaacement of Independent
I Telephony, there need be no hesitan
cy in stating that 1901 will be the
banner year of the Independent
movement, and with the closing of
1901 will be seeo the operation or
beginning of an Independent ex
change in every town of any impor
When an Independnt company
pmoeeds to do business then is the
monopoly broken.
One of the truthful statements of
I the great monopoly is the one it Uat
ters to a city, or town council who
are debating upon granting indepe.n
dent tranebhranc, stating that two com
panies are no good to a community.
But, the truth of this statement
lies in the fact that the Independent
differ from the monopoly in that they
give good service, honest rates and
fair dealings to the public.
This has been the fundamental
principle that made the Independent
movement popular in 1900 and doul
ly so will it be in 1901.
The new year shll see a better
organization of the Independent and
isolated companies, bringing them
together by efficient toll line service,
which, in conjuoction with the good
will of the public will advance it
through a marvellous year.
The manufacturers of independent
apparatus through their competent
corps of eminent electriciase and
mechanical geniuses, have given to
the markets of the world a perfection
of telephone apparatus that is eo
larging civilization and completely
metamorphaslg the habits and cus
tom of the commercial and socisi
To prove the above there will be
mentioned some of the present exist
aing conditions relative to the growth
and movement of this enterprie
There were in opertion at the
beginning of 1901, 5670 Independent
Ezehanges representing iovesetm-at
of capital to the amount of
There are 700 manufacturers em
ploying capital of $38,000,000 to
supply-the demand.
Indiana, ateording to the mortgage
report of the Central Union Co (Bell),
has 41 Exchanges Ino operation under
this system, while the asme state he,
In operation more than 150 londepen
dent Exchanges who do not cut rates
and are doing a remarkably .ood
business, paying dividends anrod have
82 miles of toll lines to each mile of
the Central Union Co while in the
adjolningetate, Ohio, the independents
are operatng 212 IEichanges to the
Bell Co's les than 100 and in the
same towns and oaunties the Iode
pendents are operating 21000 tele
phones to 4000 by the Bell Co. and
doing almost proportionately as large
a toll besiness.
By such an array of facts as here
presented, which are only a few of
what may be give, must go far to
convince the general public that thns
movem(nt of independent telephony,
regarding its permaency and coa
plte ssces, ib no fallacyand a s
aveue for iovestmemt for capital
that will be an Interesting one for
th investor besides a great public
To think of the advancement of
this ma vement I the hace of the
skillful and weaslthy corporatioo of
twenty years standing oand experience,
is to wooder at this marvellou pro
grees which wil bhe more clearly
proven as follows.
As the Central U.aion Co. (Bell) is
one of the largest licensee's of tt is
parent orgrniration it would be well
to sum up the present exi-ting con
tlition relative to this companly and
the iodeuendents, as the ight is of
longer period to this territory than of
-ay other.
Six years ago, there was not oan
ldependent exchange li in states of
Ohio, lndiana or Illinois, the territoryI
of tih Central Uion Co.
From the Central Unioe's own
statemenat of t year it had in this
terrtory, 193 Esxchages; 2000 toll
stations; 43,935 miles of wire In tl li
blaes; 11.168 miles of poles; 59,810'
la thirs same territory~ the ildepen- I
det are operating 733 Exchaeges;1
21,500 mile of toll lines sad have
102000 sb ritbers, from which can
be seen the great advance of this
movement In that section d its
oonltion relative to that of it old
Swealtbhy competitor.
This feelingofl the people as e- 1
prlessed hvr the above cndittio. in I
hPe statle nenltioied, are the same UI r
ever y state in the UiNoin,for the
indeueudent telephone moveaent i
of the people.
The greatest security that invest
meut in the independent field offer
is the hold it has upon the people
d This is not sentiment but the true
outgrowth of stern necessity.
With these same feelings predomi
nant in this section and seeing the
rapid advance being mae all about
us, why eannot the same be doe
1 Let one and all consider and jp
,in its advancement here is our own
D section and promulgate its interest
Sfor the general welfare of each and
every one.
S Why need this, one of the richest
and most promising seti of the
9 Union be behind is the os- great
t improvement, that will advance its
Sown general welfare both financially
1e and socially.
0 Our most prosperous sections of
Df the Union or those which are the
r best connected by this method and
through the above independent move
Think over this and when ap
y preached n regards to ame give it
i your rarnest support. * *
f WANTED.--CU able, rehahle per.
t 500 in every county to represent lasrge
o company of solid financial reputation;
-. $936 salary per year, payable weekly;
- $3 per day absolutely sure and all
y. expenses, straight, boas fde. definite
t salary, no commission; salary paid
it each Saturday and expense money
" advanced each week. STANI)ARi
d HOUSE, 334 DanSoaRn ST., CuscA
oo. 26.26t
it For Rent,
A large and commodlocs building
on Main street suitable for any kind
of h'lsiness. Apply for larticulars
at the Meyer Drug Store.
d For Rent.
Residence and store known as the
t Dessuche property opposite the store
' of . O. O. Datio, on canal street
For particulars apply to Albert Bond
0 reax, at Post offie, between 7 a. a
and I p. m. or Acadia plantation
between 2 to 6 p. m.
SHenry Austin Adams at Mt.
Carmel Convent.
Those who went to hear Henry
b Austin Adam, the celebrated platform
orator, were given a rare intellectual
treat. Mr. Adams is one of Ame·Hr
ca's foremost lecturers, and is knuown
the country over, for his wonmerfut
eloquence. Has subject "The Home"
was handled with all the skill of a
genius. He first commenced his
lecture by comparing the preset
with thbe pst, and showed bow we
were continually longing lnd worry.
ing over the things of to-morrow
instead of being contended with thos
of to-day. He also briefly stated
Sbow the Home was driftag fromu
simplicity to complexity, how the
~goa old fashioned ways of our fore
fathers were giving way to the cold,
sordid modern ideas of today. In
fact, he coverel the subject so
thoroughly and comprehensively that
even a child experienced no difmclty
is understanding him. It is seldom
that the people of Thibodaux are
afforded such an opportunity ad
special thanks are due to the good
Sisters of Mt. Carmel Convent, for it
was through their efforts that Mr.
Adams visited our city.
The muonsiesI programme by some
of thbe pupilse of ML Carmel was weill
redered and greatly appreelated by
the andience Miss Pauline Chold,
sanog the "Holy Cityr in her usual
sweet way, thereby eliciting much
Reliable man for Manager of
Branch Odlc we wish to open In this
vicinity. If your record i O. K.
here ia s opportuaty. Kindly give
good reterence whben writing.
Tas A. T. Momass Waot.Ltsa Houst
IInustrated catalogue 4 cts stamp.
26 Jan 19 3m
50,000 More.
New York, Feb 18. A special to
the World from Washingtoo ays:
President McKinley wants a stand.
ing army of 150,000 men. lie has
just been authoriaed to increase the
army to 100,000. Unless conditioos
in the Philippiaes chalmge materially,
he intends to ask the Fifty-seventh
Coegrees, which will ssemble ta
se olai sesiol same time in April
and in regular sessio next DrOember
Ifor 50,000 more. Has sesso all be
that ofoers and 'men can.aot stand
more than two years of servi.e in the
Philippines without serious injury to
health and the extra men are needed
to keep the forcese n those islands at
tfll strength.
A Boy.
The homeas of Mr. sad Mrs. KdIand
Marquette was gladdemid on last
Tuesday by the arrival of a fiee hlaby
I.y. We extend to the VuulItauple.
S)r ~U;*: I1OI~
B Notice.
The firm of Lefort & Tetreau bis
Sthis day been disolved by mutual coo
A. I. TrTaAc.
E. P. Laroar.
The buoslness will be coatibued at
thee sme old stand by E. P. Lroar_
Feb. 83, 1901.
SThe following births occurrel dur
a ing the week.
To Mr. and Mrs. Raoul Baye a
To Mr. and trs. A. L Staunto, a
To Mr. and Mrs. Leon Puler, a
We extend our congratalations.
Resolutions Of Condolence.
Whereas, In the death of Oscar
Toups, of the State of Louisians, on
February 9, 1901, 'he Teachers and
i Pupils of the Southern Normal School
and Bowling Green Business College
of Kentucky, lost one of their best
I friends and the School one of its Ibat
pupils and the very delicate bonds
of sympathy which united them has
been broken and death has claimed
I its own, therefore;
Be It Resolved, That we extend to
I the sad family of our Tiendl and pu
pil, aad especially his young brother,
SLeon, our deepest feelings of sysnpsa
- thy.
Second. That we commend the con
duct of Mr. Toups to other young
Third, That a eopy of these R-solo
tioos he seat to the family of the de
ceased, a copy to the Thihodaux Sen
tinel anad a colpy he spread upon the
records of this school.
J. L. hARAN,
E. D. OGovsa,
Special Notice.
I beg to aorm my friends sad the
general public that I have purchased
the contents of the store of Edward
Badeanu, whent I shall be pleased to.
serve them promptly with the hat of
Local Phone 137. Free Delivery.
28-12t TauvILIe (GUILawr.
--,,-l • --
The theory of all America leirsa
tion is that t is framed to proamote
,,the greatest good of the greatest
numper," and never to benefit the
few at the expense of the many.
This wholesome theory has been ut.
terly ignored by the framers of the
ship subsidy bill, to pass which a last
desperate effort is now to be made.
A careful analysis of the bill for the
purpose of showing exactly bow many
pockets are to be benefited by it hais
just been sent out by its opponeat
in Congress This is what the ship
ublsidy bill would do, summed ina a
sentence: It would take from the
pockets of 76,000,000 people $9,
q00,000 a year to pat it into the poe.
kets of kles than two luoen private
business concerns, all tokL--N. Y.
For Sale.
Store building, known as Proteo.
ton Hall, and residence situated on
Short street between StL Plip anod
Jack-os streets. For particularsr
apply at SGrlrzr. Orrica.
At The Catholic Church.
Qeite a large crowd was in atten
dance at hig ah e on ist Soadsay.
Father Simon, ia le asal eloquent
manner, delivered a wsermon ia dte
French language what was greatly
apprdeciated by thelre ecoslagregatlon.
After moas a prouesson was made
around Cavalry. This proession. we
alderstsand Is the first of a series of
four adi equal to fifteen visits in
making the Jabilee. There will be
one prooession on the next three Sun
days, after high macs. These pro
oensions are given for the parpoee of
afording o opporteanifty to many to
make the Jubilee who otherwise could
not. Fully Ifttee huoodred people
participated in the irst procession
andwe trust that the attendance will
be equally as large, it aot larger, at!
the other
ten warnS a..me handsome
sad agjlebh Weddlng iaw1.
taseona. Weeae it yen.
The hekt amortod steek
ever in towaand lte ot it.
9 9
Big Cutin Prices
Our annual clearance
Ssale of Wiiter Goods, is
. lnow on, I
r: Bargains! Bargains!
in Gents Heavy Flan
nel Shirts, Underwear,
Socks, Skirts, Waists,
Si Gloves, also Blankets
, and Mackintoshes.
mo Gents Mackintoehes, worth 98.25 only ......................$2.50
" 1.75 " ................ 1.5
tI t Gents Flannel Overshirts rdenced to 50e, 75, 95 1.)00
ar, Gents heavy winter Caps reduced to 10c, 15, 20, 25c
p"- Ladies Underskirts all the new col. reduced to 1.50
" Overskirts in blue & black serge " 1.25
1g " Plush capes reduced to 8.00 worth ..... 3.75
" Wool Hose, 20c per pair, cheap at ....................25c
A Gents ribbed underwear 75c suit, cheap at............. 1.00
d 1-4 Grey Blankets reduced to....... 1.50
the 10-4 White Blankets reduced to ............... ............. $2.60
Grey double blankets as low as .................60c per pair
Now is your chance, do
not wait until every
thingis gone....
t The quantities are limited, and if you don't
call now, you may miss just what you want.
Phone 180. Chas A. Badeaux, Prop
L!b ....._
Is now prepared to furnish the best and cheap
est brick in the market......................
One million briks onu bhad ready for delivery.
'- B. P. Lefort. A. J. Totrau
Lefort & Tetreau
be ...... EA ....
..,Sale Stab!es.
b j Undertaking W I
Patriot S. C'or. Levee a~d .ark~t, Thibod~aux.
i L fMTaNCE ?TE.4L .EO.( 5 llODAwX TELEPHO.r. 1t:.

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