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The weekly Thibodaux sentinel. [volume] (Thibodaux, La.) 1898-1905, April 27, 1901, Image 2

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hte ('bibed nwo $etitl
rt BLLjinlL Yrvhn -.lTrLli.tY
(fl. R. I)'pI: I :. ProI'r ndl Pub.
I tcal .Joiwansil 't' the Purisl o/
a'grred q! the Poal ( Pire or t 7htodan:, La
as tvcoted eluvs altter.
er8 VRAA. 1IN ADVANIS ....... h..00
All commfnlnications should be ad
dressed to The TnsaoDA Lx SEKNTINEL
'hlbodaux, La.
rnorrspondence on mnblects of general
laterest policited.
To lassre notice of their coin o ieatilons,
WttCre anusu furnish their real name, even
lliosth they should desire to withhold its
,~tblleatlon, as an evidence of good faith.
Matter Intended for publication should be
rittes oply on one sideof the sheet, and to
Isuroi leton IV the week's lssue. corn.
bunlct Ion shonuld reach this osee by
& eddesday's mall of that week.
ubsetlbers who tfall to receive their paper
pn tmeS should notify s without delay.
WPulIy prepared to do job work
of every description.
The postofflee department has
decided to allow letter carriers to
dscard their hot coats in summer
and wear blouses or shirt waists,
provided each city's carriers adopt a
uniform style.
Mr. Carnegie keeps harping on hid
alleged desire to die poor. He says
he always wanted to be a newspaper
man. Assume charge of a country
newspaper, Andrew, and your wish
of dying poor will begralifed.
c t. ,o n e sa . ae
A Tall Man's Club has been formed
at the Univ.:rs-tv ,tf Pennsylvania,
whi~h is compoed of twelve members, r
six of whom are over six feet two
inches tall, and six are over six feet
one inch. the latter are called ' shor
ties." The name of officers are bloon
Jitter, Sky Scraper and Ceiling Dus
ter. To a dance that the club will
give soon, no girl will be Invited who I
is over live feet one inch t:all.
It looks very much as if 1lark ?
qianna will lie Ihe next nominee of
the Republican party for the presiden s
fsy. If the trusts. the railroad people d
and the millionr.res decide on Mark
he will be elected. The power of a
money in this country is now in the
asnedancy.-Franklin Banner. .
The spring and summer opening
of the burglary season occurred last
night. This business seems to be
done under a ,regularly organized
band. The opening was a brilliant
pne and reflects credit upon the
operators in their line of business: it
seems to have been a general assault;
ahout one dozen stores and besipess
houses were threatened or entered. s
Bt unner's saloon, Kappel's saloon and c
:'rSeetlmg Norew nder
The Sea."
All Doctor have tried to cure
CATARRH by the use of powders, n
acid gases, Inhalers and drugs in y
paste form. Their powders dry up
the mucoous membra-es causing a
them to crack open and bleed. The
powerful acids used in the inhalers 1
have entirely eaten away the same a
membranes that their makers have
aimed to cure, while pastes and oint.
ments cannot reach the dsease. An
old and ex rienced practitioner who
has for many years made a cloA ~l,
study and specialty of the treatment j
of CATARRH, has at last perfected
a Treatment which when faithfully ,
used, not only relieves at once, but F
permanently cures CATARRH, by a
removing the cause, stopping the T
discharges, and cuing all inlamma m
ton. It is the only remedy known b
to scisnce that actually reaches the S
afflicted parts. This wonderful rem
edv is known as "SNUFFLES the
andl is sold at the eztremely low price
of One )ollar, each package coqntain
ing internal and external medicine
sufflicieut for a full month's treatmoent
and everytholn necessary to its per- ap
feet use.
"'SNUiFFI.ES" is the only perfect ,
CATAI lRti C:RE ever made and is r
pow rec~uguized as the only safe and
Ipositive cure for that anopyiig and fIe
disgusting disease. It cures all in
1awmnation quickly and permanently of
and is Ialso wouderfully quick to
Ielieve (lAY FEVER or COLD inoTI
the HEAD.
CATAtRH when neglected often
leads to CONSU.PTIOv-,.SNUF.
FIlES" will save you if you ous it at
puce. It is no ordinary remedy, but
a complete treatment which is posi- Ba
tively guaranteed to cure CATARRH wi
in any form or stage Ift ued accord. it
ijg to the directions which accom r
pany each pac:kage. Don't delay but '8
sepd for it at once, and write full of
Prticeulars as to your condition, and der
y'q will recoive speciial adlvicet fr got
the di'scnvcer af the o;tdelrful rem- Jy
i.y re gahti. ylour Casce without cost drt
to ,\oi te'onfl tle rctular irice of her
""NEI F Ml. h E ' the ...It:..1T9A.I'EED meD
" \r.\llhtl 'lilE "u
SeaIt' prep.. to at . .!idirc's in the
'uli;edl Staitt, or t'.';,ld.t on receipt ihi,
,e [)ul;lr. .\''lI C IDept. gCS9Z wi,
D)WIN" B. Sl A & COIPANY, rcu'
2330 aacd 2 ;:ark-; S!:ee:, ItJ!Ji :
, . b_
*Gates' drug s't,re were -uceessfully
I entered itit little Itoty obtained.
SPtp kin's jewelry store, one fg nit stand
n :td Eisele's dry, goods store were at.
templed, but the locksmith had given
'ub. these stores a gsial job arul the
- thieves were hufllel. It dotes seem
of stiasge that all the-e sttores ould he
SeLteed in one iight andI the thieves
Loa nit detected Ihy tihe ujghbt ,,!.;cc.
Vindl.iat.,r News, I'r.:,klii.
It was the c'l-tmr .of Mliss Nttie
00 Snd-er, .n s:leol tenb'hr of irafton,
_W.. Va.. to kss :ter sixty live small
ad scholars good by whenever she closed
IEL I acIhol for a vaeaiton, or whenever
she would not l.e at ,lchotr fo,r several
days. A few days atga she felt slight
rrai ly ill. She t,!d the chi:dren that she
,, thought she han. grip. so she would
vin not be back next day, and maybe for
several days. Kissing them all good
0b by, and telling them to be good, she
)u. went home and went to beW. A phy
by sician was called. 'Smulllox," he
- said. Since then several of the chll.
per dren kissed bh the ta ncher h:ave be
come ill with th*e com|,laint, and there
- is something like iºunic among the,
)rk parents of the others.-Ex.
to For Infants an Children.
SThio Iund Yl Hae Always B t
ays One Kansas law serys th.at the
ter personal property of a dead man,
try whe not claimed by relatives, shall
be sold at auct;on Another law
All prohibits the sale of liquor. R. cent
ly a gallon of rye whiskey was found
among the effects of a dead man who
had left no known relatives. The
Probate Court has taken the whiskey
"under alivisemcnt."-Timues Demo
ed Down here in Louisiana they take
la, "under their shirt," via tLe throat
r, ronte.
Left $10,000 To A Pet Dog.
,s. New York, April 13.-Aliss Ellen
ill A. Griffin, who was at one time pro. I
in minent in social circles in this city
and who has for y.'ars Ihee:l living the
life of a recln,e, in her will, which
rk Was mpade pphlte after her delath last
of week, left $10, 000; t; I er ou-ekeelIwr,
Mary 3loUivney, to be used far the'
maiutenanuce of her pet black and tan
le dlog, Dauldy Jim, andl hr canary.
rk Miss Griffin was woith $150,000
of at the time of her death. Het will
Ie was carefully dtawu by a lawyer.
The rest of her property she left to
nieces in Santa Barbara, Cal.
st _.. li_ _0I_ _"_.O_
it A Kansas man was traveling in I
Arkansas with a native evangelist as
his companion. They had ridden in
d. silence and finally the KaIssas man,
id who wanted to be sotable, asked his
companion where he was going. "II
am on the road to heaven," solemnly I
answered the evangelist. "How long ,
have you been on the road?" asked It
the Kansas man. "Eighteen years,
my f iend," answered the preacher I
with a solemo sgh. 'Well, see here, I
re my friend," remarked the Kansas
s, man, as he reined up his horse, "if I
in you have been on the road to heaven t
p for eighteen yeamr and haven't got
g any further along yet than Arkansas, C
e 'I don't care to travel with you. (
s Why, man, you ain't over a mile and I
e a half from hell tight now."
n The Beet Blood Purifier.
0 The blood is constantly being puril.
fled by the lungs, liver and kidneys.
it K(ep thle6se organs in a healthy 0on,
d lition and the bowels regular and you
wI wll have no need of a blood purifier.
it For this purpose there is notlh:g equal
' to Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
e Tablets, one dose of them wil do you
more good than dollar bdttle of the d
o best blood purnfler. Price, 25 cents.
e Samples free at Both's drug store. 1
S- - ti
Invaluable Assistance. i
e '
"What service c~o Sou render as ?" I t
askedl the manager of the great trust, qi
tlooking irith scorn upon the humble s,
applicant for work.,
"Sir, I can guarantee to find water u
t any time with my patent divining .t,
' rod." 14'
With a glad cry thetrust manager
fell upon the appicant's nck amind
wept enough teamrs to water the stock
of any ordinary enterprlrisqe.
The Best Remedy for Rheu- S
matism. ex
All who use Chasdberlain's )lin
Balm for rheumatism are delighted 1
w!ith the quick relief llru pain which o
at affords. When speaking of this
ir. D. N. Sinks, of Troy, Ohio, says:
'"Some time ago I had a severe attack
of iheuwatism in my aim and slhol
der. I treen numerous remedies but in
got no relief until I was recommended In
Iy Messr. Go. F. Parsons & Co.,
dlruggists of this place, to try Cham- a
hbcrlain's Pain Balm. They recom- i:
mended it so highly that I bought a oe
bottle. I weas sooun rdieved of all kna
pai,. I have siace reo)mmended sor
this linmi:nt to many of my friends. Tb
who aLgre with me th:t it is the best
remcedly for usacular rheumatlma ih e
or.. -a, .. .t,,r .sa!e by Roth Drugt
is 1
Sbe A Yoh Have Always bIit, £ad which has ben
ir use for over 80 years, has borne the signature fe
1 andt has been made upder his per
sono supervision since its afney,
Allow no one to deeelve you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imtations and " Just.e-.good.' are but
xzperenepts that trifle with and endanger the health o.
tnents an4 Chldrena-,Bperlience against Experiment.
Casteoria i a harmless abstltqte he Castor Onl, Pare
gore, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. IS
pontains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narestle
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diaurbaa and Wind
Colie. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures ConLstlpaton
and Flatulenoy. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and ntural sleep.
The Children's Panaeea-The Mother's FePred.
Rea, as aSgnatur of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 80 Years.
I mln i min .I.II Iiiil. iii I I-- m .
D The Rural Drama.
e -
t The aspiring , plstywright rush id
into the presence of tle uanager and
exclainmed exultingly :
'fAt last I"
"At last' what ?" growled the
S"'At last I huvre complete-d the
1 'greatest rusal drama ever off.ered to
the public. It's title is'B:ack Yonder
le Estl' I have trained seven cows,
'h nine sheep, three dogs, thirt3-eight
at hickens, twenty-seven duc'k, bought
~!r old time mower, a real threshing
, machine, a corn alhller, got four
In horses, a lot of trained birds to sit
and sing in the branches of a real
0 tree, a rehl well from which to drawi
ill real water with a real pump, and
r. apple and 'cherry trees in full bhw-I
to som. I am now ready to go out and
make milions as soon as I can GSd a
"Well, what* people have you got
to play this drama ?"
"People ? People ? Whit do we
want with actors in a rural drama ?
Ain't the live stock and accesor-ies
enough ? I thought you were a
in theatrical manager."
t' A Magazine For The Home,
is The May issue of Tus DELINEAto,
qI in addition to showing eighty styles
lv for the month devoted to ladies, ghls,
g babies, men and boys, contains much
n i else that wil be of interest to wosmen
aof education and taste, Among the
ir Interesting articles we can name Sea.
e, sonable Dress Fabrics, the making of
i Wash Gowns for Summer Wear, the
if Hats of the Season, photographs of
n the Inaugural Ball Dresses, Com
it meneement.Day dresses, the Etiquette
of WeJddigs. Chafing Dish Recipes I
. (illustrated). Among the general
d literary articles is the story of "Dick
ens' Unromantic Love," a biography
of Ellen H. Gifford, and a review of
the newest books.
The above mentioned articles do
1" pot by any means exhaust Ihe offering
which Tgs DZLINaATOI makes to the
, modern woman.
r. Mr. Bryan Doing Well.
r A press dispatch from Lincoln, I
I Neb, says that William J. Bryan is
e doing very well with The Comm,,ner.
* It appeared on the llth enlarged to
12 page" and contained some aslver c
tising matter. This is the first adver
tising'that has been run in the paper
sinuoe it started in January.- In a
I business circular Mr. Bryan guaran
tees that his paper has a circulation
Qf 100.000. He expects to have a
subscription list of more than twice
this number before the year closes.
His friends believe that he is going
to build up a very profitable proper.
I (y.-Ex.
.1 - 4
SWAN.TED.-CbablMe, reliable per
lnq la every county to represent large
commany of solid Onaqoaal r-putatoiin;
$3G i alary per yea, payable weekly;
$3 per day absolutely sure and all
expenses, straight, bona fide definite
salary, no commission; salary paid
each Saturday and expense money
advanced each week. STANDARD
HOUSE, 334 Aas3oIt ST., CHICA
oo. 26-26t
The Land Boom.
As an evidenap of a fact contained
in a local paragraph, which appeared
in the Advocate a few days ago,
showing that more people from di.
taut State are applying for and pur
chasing lands in this State Ouder our
new Constitution than ever before
known, we have to siterate that this
sort of work still goew bravely on.
The mails, and the telegraph lines, are
kept busy briseging new lfiqiries and
a.ppirlea'o ueach day from iudivlduals
in their own behalf and from agents e
a b~bhalf o o otb . The nre Is l.OW i.
our city s Mr. E. W. Sanderson, of
Los Angeles, Califo,rnia, who has just
c,.'el it dtnl for maxiinum price
'e swamp lands to the numi,er of 443 85
'd acres, partly in the parishes of Sabine
and partly in the pari-h of Vernon,
the gre:,ter, part of whit h, however, is
•e located in the parish of Vernon. Mr.
Sanderson is reprei.nting Mr 1M A.
re Lowe of Kansas. The Register of
to the State Land Office is over run
er with iniuaniree tend woio siatl,, l md is
'3 kept very busy attending to these.
Baton Rouge Advocate.
ar I see.se .lwuid u. he bg
it A
I The Chicago Tribune presents some
'- interL.sting figures on the growth of
djdivorce in the Unitet. States as fol
a. lows: In 1870 3 per cent of all
marriages in thb United States end. d
t in divorce courts. Iu 1881 the per
centage had risen to 4.8. In 1890 it
e was 6.2, and. in .1900 it was 8 per
" cent. In other words, the percentage
' of divorces to marriageas in this coun.
try has more than doubled since
1870. The total number of divores
in the. United States for a given year
, wqs 23,427. During* the same year
29,111 divorces were granted in all
the world outside of the United
w States. There was an excess of 3,361
' divortes in this country as compared
h with the remainder of the world. Of
e foreign copntries the smallest number
e of divorces in the given year was in
Canada, where only twelve were
granted. Next tn the United States
e the largest number was in France,
with 6,245 in the year. Germany
was a close second with only 100 less
: From a religious standpoint there ate
about 73 divorctes to everr 100,000
Catholecs, whle divorces for the
same total among Protestants are
283. More than 4.0 per tent of all
ilivorces granted in the United States
is.on the ground of desertion, and
divorces are five times as frequent in
the city as in the country districts.
The Aesembly of Wiscons in, after
Sspirited debate, on the 12th killed
the Cady bill, which prohibited mar.
rnages between whbtes and negroes.
The vote was 58 to 33. Well, every
one to their taste as the old woma
said whe.n she kissed the ew.
S O"1
"Less of your Courtets,
More ofyour Purse. "
Even in these days sandbagging
methods are sometimes em
ployed In business
They don't pay however
An honest busirness. honestly
conducted and persistently ad
vertised will w sue in the
Without advertising it is
' doubtful Advertising is the one
thne morso nersrr
Ares ee idves it pwwserty
co a we h 9L E
t ***F ruyryw
L twr iS e 4ik
eOoo. *ett· .WA L PAPERS
Stle. u.aranteed. Sample for stamp.
P. H. e.auI CO., PROVIrgt!CE, It I,
for all hy
The Plan of the
Lands-Patuca Valley, Honduras.
Honest Maiagemenit, Liberal Terms,
Stlictly Co operative.
GRAND Combination of all known
Colonization and I leetLmeut Plans.
Pftter than say Bvings bank.
4 hane and wealth easily acquired. Sm
mer too whole year. A beartb climate
Fevers unknown. By the Patuca PlantaUon
Company plans you become a participator in
the ptpots mado from large plantationm and
uthuer Iqdustral enterpwises, besides owning
an improved individual plantation In size aa
cording to your mesas.
re.* Deed. Free Life Insurance.
Absolutely no risk.
The standlng of the Directors of the Patuea
Plantation Company is vouchbed for by any
Mercantile Agency and the beut banks of
Cleveland. Ohio.
Write for full Information to
408- Beta Building, .
- ~--~-- -- - .
You want same handsome
15 and stylise Wedding Invi.
tations. We oan suit you.
The best assorted stook
ever In town.and Iota of it.
Bf Ds PeUIna O99 S, ratrr.
"r O.
0 (D
f H. N. Coulon,
r*IIeOII Js. LA,
A. 8. DONNAUD, BProp
iw First ig-'asaommode,
velers. Sample rooms
,r w•
below Lolt. 501 m
Musical Instrum nta
V. N. CKuoblonch. I
NOSubscTARYbe to the
CohwIn s Ac.
ysAeld o-ur J rinti
8er .aaqcf ' ar note'a o traheU cr a
ttlomu. ou e at nateu
Send your Job Printing
to this Office. Satisfahtton
r Guaranteed.
Att'y djoi d Contts e tor at l.ate
Atgar nerrepol'entre;r wrk can
'I a ibodrh ax. I .t.
. r t Off eremAI
1 Gaude Buildinig,
-it d St. Philip St.
$9. 00W YEARLY to C,.riti:,n roa
o o: wormnl to inok ufia,
our growing business in, this z:aaI
oa adjoining (nnttes ; )auct as M1tm
gar aid Correponldent ; work can Ibe,
lone at your home. iieloso self
r, address d, lamped envelope for par
ticulars to H. A. ShCrman, lGe:eal
Mradnger, Corcoras Bsildiing, pl· osite
United States Treasury. Wapshington,
I). C.
COI I,.3.l3
Meww Otrr, a.
to md se8test b eas wId
la Di ome, t , aeeardo
ra* and Ameleds sad 3 l.
Kapostl+ee Ceaimglnl
IY O.masa"eed -he- y.
Buseaor to nap oiMero ue.
Umeqeefled fa~lfttIee Umeoellod Iassit.
Tharobeh eaatsesee Faseiee and oEM reusie.
Osimpl i eAtleg bamk ad .wholesale oI.
Gradsoue told leadin lpoltUou ovt te
esatry. lstsrato.e an pemosl.
aviag amOeboI basa m eloameoitos ada
bell lners o ad riatelea abt kaow, wei
he. Lospr advastaeei isa a tadn deate to
_ a Mgts sit taund.
PUd, s tand asa , esi egi al e All
t lsteets, o eat, ,sad ·at iem
pailEhiaeior Vtruhie kles te r hilier.
)staua. Ie tren ta. ets
I-4wL-d- e I L I ai, aLa.
BLUM & WON., s
Cloblag, beets, iees hlate, aple ad smotto
ve liner of an.tare Malin HL. Philip
B')YU O .T.
Market Sta.d.
Always o luhand te le at ftRee. Mnlo
Puork, Veal, and alssae or all kinds.
Market Street, Tbiboda. L
S. f.Trnemile Pruprietor
Ldoel wires and IaUaeK. Ite sare alwsy I
t batrd. Cot. Oreo aned arket trests.
OrrTHRtr. W.,
aCypes nmad Pine Lieke.,
PreaI aeld jewLatel lLLr e, ale 1dler
tl harneamu. DLtekhaihangd S he ban
shbimla epoeley.
LAgNiA DDi. A, J. & L. .
CPhysalma utd Uurve..i
dirwrha oaf lior 8Dug tr. iaiu ,tree
Lae. m e.R3 Bat,wraer.
I)rug5, ChekirOl, Phfairnu¶, Mehbol Ibnk,
it0saugoB, oaw. Ce. MEar Gare. streeot
a tichunmker & Jwewel
ree ele 8 s .e Loutes.
Cermea Gresd, s a SBridge Sireet
ADloAU, TtPOiA A.,
A** leemey..* s, )..
Dank of Lreieb ih bellidlg.
Oee 5, 6 7, iank of LThleodass Buidllos
Ole: lldl Street. true
Gves. !nernumsts, vmol and Hsrn',wu lea
YRedn Uem : Levee Srt.
ALG~l& PROlF./M. L
te its oeoelt Ca Doyra.
MKagib sad arenrh in oil tleir Foorhsar on
UIbesatiecl+lghOt lNarow etree, fool,
St. MJle~isl Srt. e.
Am Acsdein e s T"owoi Lades
KeDs bno tb fer nol oout Carmel. Theor
l e om . h iehihbt radPwrrh. Foot
market Stret.
CO-r-B D. H. . be
.. tary Publlc, C.
Reel uIab ead ire asnd Lia lsuorsa
ord bprnwig Bok of ll·lnemi
ep Dry. A
Do not fiar cold and rain The
Thibodaux Shoe end Hat Store hsa a
line of the highest grade waterproof
EICL-E J. BRuAD, Prnp.
For job printing of lil kinds, call
qU@!W ~~t+ eta 8NT~LE
` fiIIwys.wbtI 1
r Rant only
) tIropolitsn
is :at 1.Ind aa
:) :t lasin ci
_ nct antil
,,,: u , 1 " e1,
/' th, t Uest I . i
SThe Times.
,o . fd. hones
be yS" vr "
I . k be a.
. , 1oorar Dr
OCoamm Orro
*t A e I _w aib
LI sbeg. AtM.
All the
3. POTheim..
dCavyt, mlka
o n t 1 ola
f- a ur wirkdt*
b. "_r q.
- es and ThIbodx.
Sanord me
af ....and u ed
irest-l woro 0
STroin and Gaeasee
manw e naW M -

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