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The weekly Thibodaux sentinel. [volume] (Thibodaux, La.) 1898-1905, November 16, 1901, Image 2

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tgs51Wsassp cvt/Ser sr iAns_ I Ne
i. B. DULPRE, Prup'r and Pub. evi
-s tiol
Ofesol Jiem of tke I arish of
La/oarche. sr
ýSItred a' the fJoei Oaee at Thib3iawu, La.
as aggp1d class u.atter.
ý5R YEAK, IN AVANý E,........$2.00 w0
All communications should is ad thi
ýressed to The TanioDAUZ SENTINEL pOl
thibodaux, La. pal
.--- - sip
cl.rrespondence on subjects of general
tssereSt solicited. cot
To inu5re notice of theircorwnttZiCatloflU,
writers musit fnrdliih their real name, even we
though they should desire to withhold its
pohlacation, as an evidepee qi good faith. ,
Matter Intended for pttbicatloni ahouid by rte do'
~ itnonly on ong sideof the sheet, and to
Insure Insertion it the reea's issue. coin.
unloatiodlshaoniG reach this offie by
Wednesday's frail of that is ee
Subscribers whofail to receive their paper ,
es time ahould notify us without delay. ena
-- --- - ---- thi
Wý7uluy prepared to do job work ch
of every description. sup
The Baton Rouge Truth says that, sh"
as is the usual annual practice of the no
sugar trust, smoke had scarcely begun ch
phowing from the ehtmue)q of sugar Pu
$iouses liefqre the price of the princi
pel product of South Louisiana went do
slown like a bar of pig iron in a body
pt water. When Louisiana planters
liave disposed of their sugar the price so
pt that atticle of prime necessity will
go up again like Mous. Dumont's wi
penal flying machine. ye
The Thihodaux paper gives its Co
patrons a remarkable astronomical oil
wonder and paradox. Last week's wl
Comet had a little comet, not larger br
than a lady's pocket handkerchief on
the inside of it. It was visible to as
the naked eyw, being bright and at- 1,
tractive.--Baton Rouge Ac'v ate. TI
We received one of those astrono of
mical and paradoxical little comets th
also Bro. Jones, and we are proud to et
know that Thibodaux can boast of hl
such a wonder. One however should m
pot be surprised at anything in this ci
pge of miraculous achievements. ni
Li Hung Chang, China's greatestc
bsploniat and Statesman, who has
ligared so promanently in the politics °1
Pt the world for the last half century, a
departed silently and peacefully from 9
this world last week. This yen a
erable old viceroy Inaugurated many w
ii reforms in Chinese afairs tI
which have tended greatly towards 0
the betterment and advancement of
his people. Although China has t
been enveklped in Cimerian darkness t
for many years, still she has assumed a
a progressive attitude of late only
through the instrumentality of this
wise and sagacious old man who now U
sleeps beneath the soil of his country o
which he loved so devotedly. n
The acts of a nation are the as 1
preselons of the true character of its r
people. If the people are really con.
trolled by christian princ.ples the.
patlons of which they are constituents
part. will rufraip frows murder, rob.
bery, arson, and oppression. A abort c
while ago we beheld nearly all the <
christian nations of the world engaged <
In a whole sale robbery of a heathen I
nation, killing her people and des.
troying and devastating her resources.
(Christian nations do not hesitats to
wresg distrnction upon each other
whee it becomes necessary to kIll'
ta order to rob. This is actually
Iielng done in Africa by one of eiq
highly civilized nations of the earth.
What bodtes ill to all the earth, and
from which no good can come,'is the
fact that those who assume to teach
jilrittapnity endorse these crimes
against humanity. What the worddI
needs at the present time Is a clviii.
nation that elviliass and a christianity
that christianiese, for anything short
pf this Is vausting bypocrasy.
Advanced as this parish tami the
goetholts of farming, can we say that
we are wise enough In our day and
generation to need no outside agency
to help an. Would it not be well to
godeavor to perfect onirselveo in all
that isdoioi upon the farinor plan.
Satioe, strive to better our condition,
develop all pur resources and make
~nwe to the world the many advas
tags. which we possess. Few parish.
e can compare with Lafourche in
weaith, resources and advantages;
pose can excel pur population in
jatelllnc hospitality and go~ahead
ptaveagess. GOrseas can and is masde
to produce i1as hieaviest crops knowp
Ip Louisiana, sad our plantera pin.
ploy ties best mteedods known to
pgriclatter in tie managequent of
$beir plaqtatlqas. -The wisest how.
prer lacli some sawrure faire, and
grpugl) jnutitates and agricultural
(9sap elane cn tim scuge of perfection
rheI, ii suicha ttyng is possible.
Jert4) slhow ours *vee for wh4t we
are -a we will he uo less surprised
pham the o'sto d - world ..t the mcos.'
Ssoig we caninaska
History Repeating Itself.
The recent il. feat of Tammanny in i
New York, is another example of the ope
evils resnltiog from a party organiia* tun
tion becoming too strong, Tamuzany's and
strength was unlimited end its away
undisputed. It reVOgnit.'d that fact
to such an extent that it became reek so
less and overbearing. Not only it der
would dictate terms to New Yoe k but coo
would dare announce Its dictum to
the nation at large on questions of fix
political differences arikiog in the at i
party. Tammany's pants we re just the
simply too large for it; it could not b
cortain itself; it had to go rlown. It
wept down. A revolution of th ughts
-a revolution of batlots b;oight it wh
down. It is history repeating itself, ma
There is no significance in this eig
election however except it be that the dec
,eople of this country wi I not tul.1
erate bossism, nor coriup.tion, nor
the suspicion of corruption. The All
charges laid at Tammany's door were sa
such a nature that, if true, it were of
well for good government that it fci
should be relegated to the rear. The I
nominees supported by the old sachem
chief Croker and his followers were wh
pure and good men, but they were Be
considered creatures of thit b:id and mi
domineering ring. Its defeat was '.bl
accomplished by the Democrats them- le
selves refusing to vote for the teen
supported by Tammany.
The lesson taught in New York sec
will be taught in the Union three as
years hence. The people of this A
s country have in their Wind's eye that
I old reprobate and trickster, Hanna, of
s who Is himself the incarnation of
r bribery, corruption apd juggelery
, and they will down him. The Re. ne
" publican party and Banna are one. Cc
The one cannot exist without the an
other. Tammany's alleged doings, if pa
s they be true, pale into insignificance ab
o compared to what Mark Hanna and do
f his cohorts have done. They have
d made of politics ; business and cal
uclate the number of votes by the ne
number of dollars. With them claim co
t to ofos is gusged only upon service W
s given them. The official is made to in,
understand by them that he is sworn tw
not to serve the country but the E,
party. Mr. Roosevelt saw and re A
cognized the evil and announced
when he came into power, to improve
the service by appointing to office te
l only men of integrity. He started lu
ýf well, bpt in sa evil hour this prom tw
i smag young Statesman(?) felL Hanna o
looms up serenely again. The strings we
ate being pulled by him. pi
l The Republican party is doomed. to
is Hanna and his associates, may put
w forward the best men the country
ry contains, as did Tammany, but the w
nation will down them in the interest yt
of reform, honest and economical p
z government. History is constantly B
ta repeating itself. w
S A Reading Club.
b. To one of our recent issues we had
irt occasion to suggest the importanceb
he of haying a good library in Thibo-1
edi daux. That this was a good sug'
su gestion every body will admit, and'
e.we hope to soon see proper
ma. steps to secure us this much needed
to addition to our educational advan
er r
il' There is another matter which
lyshould interest our readers and that
is the formio oareadang club in
Lh. our midst. Much valuable benefit
srd could be derived from such an organ.
he ization. The aim of such a club is
ch to provide Instruction as well as
tea amusement. Weekly meetings could
rid be held when some choice selections
il:. could be read and discussed. This
ity wou~d enable us to keep abreast of
ort the times in tbe literature of the day,
abd fortify ourselve, in clsassic cow.
A poeition. There Is no more cultured
hat community in the State than that of
WIThibodsau. All that Is needed i. to
cybe "up and doing", in the endeavor
toto secure all the agencies which are
all seeded for the development and'
*o. strengthening of the mind, and the
on thorough unfolding atf the intellect,
ak In this age of progress an4 eiqlighteu.
s.meat when the award in lifee' battle
sh. is always bestowed upon the vigilant
toand the pesvrnwe must keep
es constantly in view the wise advice of
in the modeme philosopher: "Take life
ad as It comes but always t-y to make it.
ide jose the way you want It to be.~
Let your recreation sad pastime be
,of such a nature that you will derive
to prodt from them.
of Thibodaux is htaving an extra live.
>w. ly seasop at its opera house. Tonight
md "(under Two Flaga" is to be presented
mrl there, am) on tomorrow night Harry
son Ward, yitlh hi. reat minstrel aggre
sie. gation, will be the qtrsaotion. The
we companies so fame tooke4 are said toj
ped be etrietty kstselaaa, and mansy of
,sm. 'thems will oceae from there to Donald
Doings Elsewhere.
A new telephone has been put in
operation between Faricerville and
Sudction city, via Lillie, Spearsvillei
and Cherry Ridge.
A negro named Tom Benjamin was
sentenced to be hanged for the mur
der of another negro, in the diattit't
court sitting in the city of Monroe.
Ratail liquor license has again been M
fixed by the city council of Monroe
at $1000 minimum for the 1902. In
the parish of Bienville the license will
be refxed at $5000 for next year.
A white man is in jail in Mansfield,
who goes by the name of Thrift for
making a criminal assault upon his
eight year old step-daugh'er. He
declares his inocence.
The people of New Orleans and
Algiers have been rejoicing of late to
a considerable extent over the arrival
of the Dry Docks, which will be heane
tfcial to them in many ways.
A young man name-I Paul Mtynard
while working in the sugar house at
Bell Grove in the parish of Plaque
I mine stepped into what is called .a
"blow up" tank and had one of hi
legs very badly scalded.
At a public sale of the sixteenth
t section of school land last Saturda y
as much as $17 an acre was paid.
i A section containiig 640 ncr'0 wr'a
t sold to Jamps AO Shee for the sum
of $10,880.
f -
A huge Alligator was captured
t" near Monterey La. in the parish of
t. Concordia which measured 11* feet
e and weighing over five hundred
tf! pounds. He was found in a hole a
e I about 30 by 30 and it required a ha!f l,
d dozen men to prize him out. th
e - th
I. A large derrick which was erected N"
e near Paneville for the purpose of h
n constructing a traffic bridge fell last ai
e Wednesday morning and seriously m
o injured two white workmen. The oh
a two men, Charles Strope and Bert hi
e Easter were taken over the river into of
e Alexandria and given medical aid. a
e The boiler of a cotton gin located p9
e near Vidalia exploded last week and rc
4killed lee jý'ord a white engineer and
s two negro men. Pour negroes and t~
a one white man were very seriously of
a wounded. Some of the wounded e
people were taken to New Orleaut
1. for attention. of
Itl --Il
y A duel with pistols took place last 't
te week at California station located in al
at the parish of Madison. The partici
al pants were Ed. Yeager and Matt C
ly Bedford both members of very n
wealthy and prominent families of P
the parish. Yeager was instantly d
killed, beicg shot through the head
idand Bedford waa shot through the ri
body and will probably die. LI
S On the plantation of M5r. Uiysae
ad' Dugas, a deplorable accident happen- a
er led to Mr. Neil Folse, a much respect a
eded citizen of the parish of Assump.
n-tion. Mr. Foise in some way or I
rather fell into a tank of boiling juice
ch. and was so severely burnt that he a
aat died a few Iloars Rfterwarls. A wife i
. ad four little children mounr his 3
in- t
isHon. Oscar Arroyo, for mere than
fitay years prominently identified with(
asd the history of Louisiana, died in New
adOrleans Sunday night at the age of
this 78. He was private secretary to
cft Governor Allen, ¶the war governor of
Louisiana durnog the civil war,1sod
in held manny other positions of. trust
and honor under the federal, State
of ci mdepal goveruments.-J-.uston
L Jeader.
ror Mr. 1. 8. Lelilma met with a her.
area rible death last Thursday in a gin a
the'few miles from W hit Castle. It
act, seems that. Mr. LeBlane was scraping
*n one of the belts in the gin while in
Lat motion and the end of his coat got
cauesght in the belt which hurled him
Sof through the air hitting him against
life the floor and killing him instantly.
e LMr. LeBlanc leaves a wife twoedaugh.
Sters, and four sons to mourn has
Snotimely departure. 'His remains
ive were taken to Donaklsooville where
they were interred.
That Throbbing seshaehe.
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"Something New Veder WO
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-- bet
All Doctors have tried to cure wit
CATARRH by the use of ponders, goc
acid gases, inhalers and drugs in the
paste form. Thew powders dry up bni
the mucuous membranes causing far
them to crack open and bleed. The coy
powerful acids used in the inhalers for
have entirely eaten away the same lt'i
membranes that their makers have for
aimed to cure, while pastes and oint. tee
ments cannot reach the disease. An Dr
old and experienced practitioner who -
has for many years made a close
study anal specialty of the treatment
of CATARRH, has at last perfected
a Treatmeiat which when faithfully
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rcmuý iig the cause, .toptping the
discharges, and cuiug all inflamma
t on. t is the o3'y remedy known
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afflicted ports. Th s wonderful rem
edv is known as 'SNUFFLES the
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fect use.
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f positive cure for that ancoy ing and
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P relieve HAY FEVERI or COLD in
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e FLES" will save you if you use it at
once. It is no ord:nary remedy, but
ta coimpletc treatment which is post- -
. ;ively guaranteed to cpre CATARRH
in any form or stage if used accord.
ing to the directions which accom
a pany each package. Dun't delay but
ýo sedu for at. at once, and write full "y
'e particulars as to.your condition, and %
is you w'l iec ive' Special advice from
the aiscoveier of this wonderful rem
edy regardiaa your case without cost
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Sent prepaid to any address in the
United States or Canada on receipt
One Dollar. Address Dept. 0892
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,d delphia.
.t The November Delineator.
A seasonal i.4 tiaosphere rises from
in the various useful and valuable fea
tares of the ýloyember D;L.IgATO&.
The styles shown are those for early
ir. Winter; the dressmaking article tells
about the making of coats; the fancy
a needlework article hears upon Thanks- ]
It giving and Christmas gifts; the cro.
n cheling articles are tho e of a Winter
character; the gardening article deals "
in with the pruning and prote.tlon of
a rose trees throughout Winter. Every ,
womtan who wishes to get spleindid
a value for her expenditure should buy
ist Tnz DsLIVsAToa for itself. It in
turn will help her to economize in
household matters at every point.
h. Mrs. J. N. Wright, Agent.
Aut'14 and Coansaefor at Law
Thftbodaux, JLa.
SGaude Building,
nlSt. Philip St.
Astounding Discovery.
From Coopersville, Mich., ý.omes
word ýf a wonderful discovery of a
pleasant tasting liquid that when used
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" 6eo sD.S lt OIL sisi
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Peas Wne as WsSL
sROTO Deramil. u PaN I. ge< s
xAlM? MAYZIAL O...mesalss,Ms. Al
Soid sad gumastad by I
L. C. Waterbury, -
Thibodaux, La.
tat Your Head \\\T
ýf nd our ammunition
Lis the right sort. \
ºt tetson ,
Hats \.
-no doubt about \y
them-they're hats
with a reputation
and they live up to
s it.lou munto
a" Grgceful Spring
l 'es are here for
I :r iarspeution.
-Y t.
. Hotel.
, Donnaud'
A. 8. DONNAUD, Prep.
infirst class accommodar
in tion for Commercial tra
velers. Sample rooms
on the premises.
Lafourche Crossing, - La
LU 11aH
tV O.Get Gut
c. Cmught. GLed ,
1 M Bugle o
w ~~ssml
wCD natý
o~ It'e Jcclave41&'
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Dyr UG CO., L'we d .Sigealssdlr
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. eer. Ceo u low,
NdrOTA P LtweeI P
L Ceons Reesi Lee St. reget.Sr
Te licoe s of F suntudr e La nglishrilin h
StFori futhar partclr a yt
L. . O.LT.54T. i
Am Aermemy Ss Lenaw ade
pem by the 7,ster. of Meat Cdanne ulThor
Kouhcours. Enlsha. Fe'c.Fote
Market Street.
CO.- - : B-- ... . _ý . 3 . . er e*
Real Real.an d ieadieisti
OIs. loosremeSl e and Bsrae ark i al ouc
hso . eaidi se: ve Sre
A bdome bly istae
calion of any eooemuse
90Tad youi .Tob ?9
to thi Office. Mar
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keep Mhbooksta.s latentea
ataelete sate, at haBtSt.
deish, Absrtbead and
separate facalltes. Uled Mr
Tbemgb BUrn msla. s~ad
Do not fear cold saa
Thibodaux Shoe and Hat
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er ltieS.
CaidLL63*B m '

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