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Washington News.
Wsshtr.gtoii, January 2, 1902.
The beautiful garment of unanimi
which clothed the republican maj
at the opening of Congress is
rent astunder during the hollday
wms and there ts reason to believe
when Congress reconvenes the
sqpblican brethren will dwell togeth.
Ii a harmony very similar to that
uted to the famous cats of
Likenny. Already there are the
protection wing and the modifie.i
tiou wing and it is not impro
'e that there will develop an ad
.slstration wing in the near future.
members who composed the first
ed faction are, from conviction
the pursunason of their favored
es, committed to the mrst
me protection. They are un
ag to concede the lowering of the.
on the least important schedule,
though by so doing the pacifica
of the Phillipines may be ex
ad or the annexation of Cuba
The second faction believes in some
cations of the House Phi;ippine
bill because they conitider that
concessions will further the
of General Chatffe and the
UCommtssion. They are n fa:vor
grantiug some measure of recipro
to Cuba, notwitlh.tanding the
ests of Mr. Oxnard and the
ishments of the beet sugar
. They are, to a slight extent,
ia in the policy of President
!ley laid down-at Buffalo. But
they are not prepared to go to
eztent to insure Cuban prosperity
b advocated by the President.
Its third faction devel",ps it will
a support of the President's views
regard to Cuban reciprocity, but
more to sustain Mr. Roosevelt in
stand he has taken in regard to
SSchley controversy and his efforts
uphold Secretary Long. There
wany members of Congress who
that the President has been
of "bad politics" in not heed
tbs wishes of the people in this
and It is anticipated that when
congressmen who have spent
holidays in their districts return
'Washington the sentiment will
definite form. Any effort to
the affairs of the Navy Depart.
will be bitterly opposed by the
nt who well knows that were
COressional investigation under
Snothing could save from ig-.
s defeat the Secretary of the
and the entire clique which has
duously persecuted Admiral
Mr. Roosevelt will be sup
In both House and Senate by
mronal friends and by a number
:Osgreesmen who believe that
a course will put them in a posi.
to influence a large share of I
tial patronage.
is little doubt but that the
sjozity of the people would
to see Congress go to almost
hsngth to vindicate Admiral
and expose those who have
uusponsible for his humilitation.
*other hand Mr. Roosevelt willi
his influence to prevent even the
vindication of Schley which
result from Congress passlng a•
ag him full pay, instead of
Mklmd pay which he would other- .
draw. Whether the republican '
will heed the wishes of I
Soastituents or the wishes of 2
to House remains to be seen,
tere are many, even among the
-an members, who believe that
opinion will compel Congress h
Ia violation of the President's 4
has nJust developed that the 8
o friction between Germany
th United States and of German
on Venezuelan territory which r
Utouved such widespread pub-'
have emanated from the Navy
t which sought this extra- i
method of compelling favor- a
olgressional action on the re- F
dations of Secretary Long
"ecreased Navy. Mr. Roose
.ery much disgusted that such T
and pernicious methods e
ye been adopted and haslI
himself to Secretary Long t
on the subject And yet
more than he should have c
from the men who are in
in that Department at
people of the United States f
with relief that there is
for Senators Frye and g
-bip subsidy bill. HadI the pr
from Ohio retained the in- 'ol
ha had during the last admiu- w
there is little doubt that the Ie
Itspresent form would have CO
a law, but the clevCr itle- gi
of the Ohio dictator has A
Sof his power to such an
in spite of the fact that I
raorgrnizee the Seeat na
Commerce Committee with the ex
press purpose of assuring the favors.
ble reporting of this measure, there is
ji- still a majority of the committee
j- against it. Senators McMillan and
is Nelson are frank in their stateme'ts
:1y of disapproval of the bill and it is
ve known that Senator Elkins is not well
he disposed towards it. It is further
.h. believed that even if the bill were to
at get through the Senate it would be
of defeated in the louse. Speaker
he Henderson has himself notified Sen
eŽt ator Ianrna that, in case the hill
e- comes before his committee, he will
1- vote with the Dcmocrats for its
re. detest.
.st A number of Senators have their
)n eye on a very attractive junket. They
e'i desire to be sent as a committee of
rst Congress to represent the legislative
n brunch of the government at the
be coronation of Edward I'II. Senator
c, Cullom w11 introduce in the Senate a
a. resolution providing for such a deie
- gatil(n soon aft.:r Congress reassem
a : bles and it seemns prob:ble that It
Iwill pass the Scn:ite. Whether or
not it will pass the [louse is another
1e question. The delegation wouldl, of
at course, !cc!udc a numbelur of repre-enu
le tatives and whth all expenses paindi
re out of the Treasury there is every
Dr reasons to believe tial the trip would
prove a most delightful one, but, as
Sonly a few members of the bHousi,
1e could be selected and all would pro- I
r bab'y be called to account by their
constituents for voting for such an
t expensive junket, its fate in that
it body is dubious.
t The extent to which the sentiment I
,y in favor of furthr consideration of
the merits of the Panama canal route
1 is grailg is quite remarkalh!e and it
r is by no means likely that either the
Mt Morgan or the Hepburn bill will pass t
n the Senate without an extensive and
;o comprehensive discussion of the
merits of the Panama route. There
e is no partisan division on the subject
o and opinions are being formed re
n gardless of party affiliation. While I
there is no tendency to underestimate
s the efforts of the Walker Commission
n to arrive at a correct discussion, it is q
it believed that the price of $109,000,- e
000, which the French company a
o placed on their property, was sufl--.
t. cient in itself to warrant the Com
e mission in its adverse recommends- t
e tion and now that it seems probable c
that the plant can be bought for a
e $40,000,000, many members believe
that it should receive further consid
I eration.
The Winter Millinery. ,i
Feathers and flowers offer great a
possfiblities in the winter millinery. 8
it Hats made of fur are extremely fash. c
i. ionable, especially with the tailor II
f gown or furtrimmed coat. Chinchilla a
is perhaps the best liked fur for head. h
e gear of this kind, and is especiallr "
becoming when combined with Irish ti
Scrochet lace or delicately colored a
t panne or satin. The illustrations In re
, the January DELINKATro give as P
e complete an idea as one might desire o
in this department of tfmeuine inter. ii
eat. t
1_ - ti
S any Ibchool Children are Biely tI
1 Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for i
a Children, sneed by Mother Gray, ab
nurse in Children's Home, New York, tl
Break up Colds in 24 hours, cure
SFeverishness, Headache, StomachP
STroubles, Teething Disorders, and
fDestroy Worms. At all druggists, a
25c. Sample manlded FREE. Address,
Allen S. Olmsted, LeRoy, N. Y. 254t
--* ,-----, t
TheJanuary numberof The Ladies' H
Home Journal is a teg'ilar store
house of interesting facts and good
(clcon, and in point of illustratlons is
one of the most beautiful issues ever
given the public. It opens with aE
page showing some of Miss Brownell's p
artistic photographs, then tells "How
I Uncle Sam Guards Has Millions," and Si
presents Mr. Kipling's actual exper
ience in "raising" a baby lion-a
really remarkable piece of writing
Cardinal Gibbons contributes a fear- 6
less article on "The Restless Woman," 2
and James Whitoomb Riley's "Home
Folks" are described and pictured.
Plans for "A $6000 House and a
Garden" are given, and Will Bradley
shows the dionng-room of "his house."
The editorial page is given up to
extracts from sixty eight letters re
lating to the "cramming" system in
the schools. It is pathetically power,
ful. In the way of iction are the
second part of "The Russells in Chi
cago," tue conclusion of Miss Portor's
"A Gentleman of the Blue Grass,"
and of Frederick M. Smith's delight
ful romance, "Christine." and "The
Wisdom of the Dove," a clever short
story by Lilian Brooks. The pictorial -
features are headed by the second
part of The Journal's picture story
of "What a Girl Do'es at College,"
wh ch shows the athletic side of col
lege life, and there are two page's
devoted to pretty rural scenes "Along
Country Roads." Eight pages are
given up to the new fashion delpart
ment under the editorship of Virginia
Louis Ralstou, and all of the regular
editorial departments are excellent.
By The Curtis Publishing Company,
Philadelphia. One dollar a year; toen
1ents a cop'y.
- Proceedings of School Board.
is Thibodaux, La. Dec. 16th. 1901.
se The Pariibh Board of School )irec.
id tors of the Parish of Lafourche con
its vened this day in special meeting, on
the call of the President, w th the
is following Directors present: Dr.
11 Th'omas Stark, P'reident, Directors
er Paul Scott, A!cide Chauvin, F. Dera
to mee and Thomas A. Badeaux, Secre.
e tary and Superintendent. Absent:
Directors Felix Caillouet, Paul Meyer,
er L. C Roger and N. C. Elfer.
- The reading of the minutes of the
ill last meeting was dispensed with.
ill The question of disposing of the
f.!rries of the Pariah that had not been
adjudicated at the public saWe of the
ferries this mouth, was taken up and,
ir after discussion, the following action
i was taken:
The Angelloz Ferry was ordered to
be sold at private sale for forty (dol
re lars for the two years during which
the lease of the ferries shal: run.
ir: The St. John Ferry was ordered to
a be solo for thirty dollars, the Math
ews Ferry, for one hundred and twen
ty five dollars and the J. T. Badeaux
Ferry for twenty five dollars.
it The Board concluded to run the
)r St. Charles Ferry for the account of
!r the public s: hool fund, for the next
two year4. The Superintendhnt way
instructed to have a ferry boat con
a structed, at a cost not to exceet l cne
d hundred and fifty dal;rs, for the use
y of this ferry and to emp!oy a suitable
. and competent ferryman at a month
ly salary of fifteen dollars to operate
the ferry.
The re-opening of schools w-is fixed
for the second of February, 1902.
ir Mr. Numa Jeandron, b:eiug the low,
n ct bidder fr the construct-on of th:
Guedly School house, he was award
ed the contract for the said building.
for the sum of three hundred and
it fif'y do'lars.
f The Committee on assigri..ent of
teachers reported that they would be
ready with a report by the rext meet
t ing of the Board.
e The School Board then adjourned
a to meet on the second of January,
d 19)2.
e TitOMAS STARK, President,
TiO3AS A. BADEAcX, Sec & Supt.
A Deep Xystery.
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e Backache, Headache, NervousnesQ,
e Sleeplessness, Melancholy, Fainting
and Dizzy Spells when thousands
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s quickly cure such troubles. "I suff
Sered for years with kidney trouble,"
writes Mrs. Phebe Cherlcy, of Peter
r son, In., "and a lame back pained me
so I could not dress myself, but E;ec
tric Bitters wholly cered me, and,
- although 73 years old, 1 now am able
- to do all my housework " It over
comes Constipation, improves Appe
tite, gives perfect health. Only 50c
r at all druggists.
_ Rev. Irl R. Hicks is Not Dead.
Nothwithstanding a widely current
rumor that the Rev. Irl R. Hicks was
dead, he never was in better health.
t and never did a harder and more
successful year's work than that just
closing. He has just completed his
large and splendid Almanac for 1902
and, with his staff of able helpers,
has brought his journal, WORD AND
Woars, justly forward into interna
tional reputation. For a quarter of
a centnry Mr. Hicks has grown in
Sreputation and usefulness as the
people's astronomer, and forecaster
of storms and the character of com
ing seasons. Never were his weather
forecasts so sought after as now, his
timely warning of a serious drouth
this year having saved the people
from loss and suffering. Millions of
bushels of wheat were harvested
through his advice to plant crops that
would mature early. The American t
people will certainly stand by Prof. I
I Hicks, when it costs them so hlittle
and the benefits are so great His'
fine Almanac of 200 pages is only
25e, and his splendid family journal i
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A Oertain Cure for Chilblains.
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IL He 11
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For Sprains and Strains
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the 'iface, 0  con.,'y they require somethin
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cated. That is why /
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Don't be stingy in using the liniment nor fail to rub it
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Mexican Mustang Liniment
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An Ingealous Treatment hby whlrh I)runk
ards are Heing Cured lally in
Splte of Themmelves.
No Xodosq be..s. No Weakeutng of the
Nerves. A Plea.anxt s.d Positive Core
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It is now generally known and
understood that Dtrukenness ic a
disease and not weak'ese. A body
filled with poison, and nerves com
pIetely shattered by peliolical or
constant use of mtoxicating lileuors,
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tralizing and eradicating this poison,
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cants. Sufferers may now cure them B
selves at home without publicity or
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angto directions of this wonderful A
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Dyspepsia is unrecognized in
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Bank of Lafourche,
alm'a=IZVl . w a* * t*nW&r.a .
Capital Stock $25,000. Surplus $17500.
Designated Depository for
funds of Parish of Lafourche
and Town of Thibodaux.
...... OFICRs: ......
A. .J BR AUD, President, K. J. BIIAUD, Cushier,
C. J. BARKER, Vice Pr6sident, P. F. LEG ENDI'E, Asat Cashier
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Asthmalene Brings Instant Relief and Perma
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