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The weekly Thibodaux sentinel. [volume] (Thibodaux, La.) 1898-1905, February 01, 1902, Image 4

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Local Pararapis.
The popular and up tolate Whole.
.ese Grwrery firm of J 6l M. &tsa
bacbe-r, Ltd, Caaer P,, dra and
Magazis.e Ste.. Nw Orteans . La. in
rite all tweir friend-l arid rle'.on to,
make i. it sbre list-r he.-is'-. r.ers
while it New 4)r!.: n- ,i';ris the Car
laval seauin. sauSring thlin of eer'
e% fort anct iiYnl.m rataflo.
We w,uo;d advle a;I of our sub
acrilers, who anre- gin to N'.w Or.
leans, to take sdvantage cf this op
- S7wonza.
fIS0h Ti al V a KM Lns BMaX.
Baby's sift ro shr..e 5e " apair at,
The Racket vlre.
Serrated Brail Knife sets only 20c,
at The Racket So)re.
Ladies nhi,el VIl' l-r h.rts the 25e
kind, only 20c at The R:tck, t Star
Leave your orders for piano'
organs and piano tuninr wii, V. J.'
Kooelo b h Ical 1iet - ort-.-.ta'ive of
Lsouis Grutwa:l Co. Ltd. 13 i
Pillow sham patterns stampc.l isa
hemmed, readl to work. apec, "-c -
sair at The Itcket :Store.
We are selling plenty of Ladies
Ilouttm shoes at 125 and 150 because
ours are the Lret, The Racket Eto:e.
Our popular youn, frien-d Albert
Eogerras wishes us to announce to r
his friends and th<;se dreiring elegant c
tailor made suits that he has ju-t
received a l&autiful ;ie f sr~rmpies
of sprint and summer zools bal is I
prepared to fill a; orders.
Isr IJfats ad Children.
an am Tm b" Al ss Bit
Barn the
The large spae whi-ch has been rc c
served in our pap r for some time bTy
one of our enterprising business men. 11
it will be observed has tweo 11ed
with as advertisement of Emile J t
Brand's Shoe aid list Store. a
Mr. Brand is carr yi.g one of the
largest awl comphlet-t line of shoes t
ald bats ever handled by his estab- t
lishmeat dunng the twenty some odd
years of its ezistence.
A noted Preach Plysician sayi of t
Toso-Tonque. "It is one of the very F
best tonits on the market. as it gives a
ek to a ptsiet what tlhy have lost I
during sickness. Tono-Tonique is r
Liquid beef st, ak For ale at Thib a
odaux Drug Store. 12
-AL ·" 20 2L 3i.. g
Miss Ella Theriot and .lMr. PMrbt
Puith werre qui.tty marnel at the
bride's hose at tRacelald, on the 2S,
rev. Framocis Badeaux ofali.ting. The
brde is a charmnmg )ounig worman
sad is the daughtkr of Mir. Alex
Tberiot who is one of our most prom
iana cltizeons Mr. Smith is the man
aer of one of the (iodchaux plants
Lious of Lower iLafourche. t
We wish this young couple all the
uaboueded joys of matrimcoioa! life
sad that their up and down in thisa
worki my be few, and of little conse
For Sale.
Store hlilding, known t* Protee. a
tos Hall, amd residence situated ona
Mhort street b-tween St. Philip and es
Jackson streets. For particulars SI
apply at SrINiStL OrricL.
Wanted in
Pople to buy from 1200 to 1500 o
baunrs of ora. s
For perticlars apply to ar
26 4t F. DhaAMaz, Cut Of, La.
Seed Rice for sale. ti
For sale. Hundu.as see, mite, rais
ed lat year from imported seed l. AI.
so 1 portable boiler. 35 horse power, ta
good as new. Apply to this ollce for m:
Imartieunra 27 !yo
Compond Syrup
lild Cherry ad Tr
It is the wi
Union of the To
Cherry und the Pin 's
Ia cue, II
I O set,2 COLDS, A4CHoXA. I a
~ ii
Badeaux-Kngo1hlo( h.
"Two u'l, wUtl A:n a -.r.' tb,.*r.":
Two ~n.rn- that t," a.
Ile. Though itvt W dne-day was a
a louody a.d rainy day. It war a happy
ad one for two of our most I.rominieit
o- o c-ietl icalders. For on t.hat 'day.
to, r. 'has Baleausr on. on " of Th'b,
rsg dantxs +m'-t !.romia.-nt v,,uag men
ar-n anl a .l('in~r mrr harst sald ,wr::er of
Y'the ;"Rat-Lk-t store was norite in
jmarriare to Miss V iiL- K',oi,'.e<+,
ab the h:..RAy cu.;turt! ano l s a.Lx ra iahed
Ir. young dauohter of Mrr .J. Otis Kno
Y-' bloh. Pr~'pty at 3cloct. the
weddir.r party ar-vedt at t.ec thurch
door ant . Leau It -ir march up the
a:.e. Tie tra.ii w'. a fu:,..ws :
Ntr- e1:;._ he :;a.ma..-.n a:.d
Coignt an i .I M- Lo t_ - . :L-s,.
at Dr. 0 'ier tijI ai.. ll i, ',jLy
! us-s i~a , ir. V. J K.; ,, .l sa,,;
M:'s Luc." Rhgr. Then (a:u" thI
":"t. : ..i2.. ca the arm of h1.r fatb
er. r. J. t. . u Ku.Thh. The Iride.
5c ..l e-]i t"e pli,;Ce of innic-r'r..- ,,uwi
w..s a:ir-d io a dl.'s of iv.,rv satin
tr mmted v t lev,'v lace. Pre
ceelo- n the bride came the maid of
J. bhonor. 3l:M Laura Baihle;ux. sinstr of
flthe groom. The bridl' ar i msa: 1 ,f
honor were met at the :-..ir iy the
;loom t ld the bet man. Mr. F'aseei:
SKS b:och. br"ther of the thi.le. Fath
" er Badeaur, broLer of th . groomr
then perforrmn. the mar.i ge core
mor. which was f ,:!.w-,l -,' N.p;ia
.Mass, which o lr ined for t':e -ouple
Id a spcial bes-ir,_ of GIl. D) rinf
MJ the mass a beaw' f ! .,o wai r. rder
ed Iv .is, C:otLi ,k. ('L-, .
As tbsl coul,'e !-f: tie ch:ir-i,. thb
sun rose in all its g',,rv. aid i:t ;-.a-,
led as if it was pr.,l.cti.g a ife of
Ssunshine and hLapp:ness.
rt The bril, covupe with a f.w near
"o relatives then repaired to ,ih- ho,me!
It of the bn.de wh r!r- diner was :await.
-t ,ng them. After spending a f.w hours
Svery piessaatlv, th- bt-ile ant groin
is left. smidst a -hover of rice for New
t),rl. ans where thtv will rem3ia foi
U;eL tilLe.
The young eouple ne'ong to the
most prominent families ,of Thibo,
daux. The groom b'ing the .U) of I
Ihoo. T. i. Badeaux a psion;nent
lawyer. sod the br .,e. a d i:oh:er of
Mr. J. Otis Knobloch a prominent
merchant of this place. "
The Sentinel extends to this young
couple its hearty oongratulations and
Shops that their lives may be contin.
. lly free from vici'situnes and hard.
i, ships and that their journey through
F this world may be a happy, bright
and a prosperoua one.
e We wish to return many thanks to
a Mr. and Mrs. Bsadlc~ for a share of I
- their delicious wedding cakes.
Working Overtime.
Eight hour laws are ignored by
't those tireless, little workers-Dr.
, King's New Lift Pills. 1:llions are
s always at work, eight and day, caring
t Indigestion, Biliousmess. Constipation,
' Sick Headache sad all Stomach, Liver
ansod Bowel ttr,bies. Easy, pleasant,
safe, sure. Only 25c at All Drug.
On the Southern Pacific, Near
,g><t:la! , tho P;,yuno.;
S RTarlandl, Ia,: Jan 28.-There was
a collisinn hbetwe,, tw, fie.hbt. on
e the Sutherin P::,if,. i'r,:,l. ea-r
thbis place. t,,i. i,,,rii : :.t , cj co k
-As a rcsult of the' '**cihi:,t co',a-1.rs
bi le do ,g- was ufl::ct, I to the en
gines and atout a dozno aas a'd(
two men were seriouslv injured. Th.y'
were Wil!im WhVi ,, hir. sman, a,,d
KbertL BJai'.y, -l-o a fireman. The
men wer.e troughkt to N, w Orleans.
Sari enreld ftr :t the Hotel slen. Ii
One of the freights was on a siding
There was a heavy fog at the time.
The other freight dashing ahead at 1
full speed, ran through the switch
and into the train ahich had btn 'i
sidetracked. A stock car containing
aI shitment of cittte was Illyv wrekr .
I ed and a numlcr ',f the c'atte killed.
SSeveral other cars were lally wre-k
ad and the engines sustaiued cevere
The engineers jumpi arnl escaped
injury. Fireman Bailey will prob:a
bly lose his left ig as a resOut of
injurtes sustained by h;m. \Whalen
suffered a bed fracture of the rightJ
A wrecking train was dispatched
to the scene with all possiile siee,
and yesteraly trains were runniug on i
time. The responsil)il ty for tbe ac
idednt has not yet been ftied. in
If your apletite is gone ynu need a
goodi tonic Tono-Tonique is the heat
"plaetixer on the market. It wiill
make you eat anl will dig;est what
you eat. OGt a I:ottle at the Thlato
daux Drug Slora 12 f
How's Thidu
We otffer One IIlundrelI Dollar Re ;
I ward for any case of Catarrh that can.
not he cur,.d lIy ll t's Catarrh Cure.
F. J CusSEa aCo, Pr',I.Toled.O.
We, the undlersigned, harve k:own
F. J. Cheney for the la-t 15 yearsl
and bwlidve lim pe~rfectly hnorslh'e iI
in nll business traneactions a:,ri fitan. ,
cially able to carry out may obliga i
tions m-:le by theitr firm. i.d
WE.iT , TKIAx. Wholesa'e Druggists,
Totf d4, O WaLJ,!i, Kisax &;.
t avy., Wh,.lea=ale )Drggists, To!e i
=le, 0 . I 2
Hall's Ca::arh Cira is' taken inter -
na!!v. a't n .. ,irir.t;y uIl.':i the bclood
and mie::uti su:fra_*'s of ihe asrtem.'
Pa c" 7,,. I, Ibttle.. Sod by allt
Drwgista. Te'timonials free.
IIll.ts F.mily l'ss iand the best,
Tc~rino~vl trl~ I--h
S nry Venire.
a9th Judi'iarl1'itri t '.aurt.-Parish of
SLaf- .nrche.
e It it knnwn and remembered. that on ;
" thi twemut-nir:.t dary of tile mmt of
a January. zn th year .f ,,ur I,,rd. ',ae
th,,nuand, nine fhunIdred abid two.
uf P ursuant to wr.t. 3 noy-;s i--ed '.
I n the C'i-rk of C 'urt. in and fir the P'aria
• a' I.f urchi-. and adws- --d and :=,i a.
":.: . a f , the Jury I',mmnn.ii,n. r= in
-' and f..r -aid ParLih. as- ` the ýsd "'." rk's
c, -rt-:ic-at.- heret -; a tnxdl mors. futia
appT-ar: we, H. W. Frot, ltharv lii
ie ire. J.o. M. Lefort, Th ,.na, J. hKn -,i"ci,
.It"and Jn.,. S. See.lv, Jury C',otmmli..ti..nr-,
i duiv apoint.a a. -iuci. for the I.aric-h ,f
:e lf"ur". e under tl, pr*a.vai..i- t f art
\ *. 1; " f fth. ;.--t : A---."t l . appr.sv
(1 .'! J .: l:. a .. 1-,. -, d . : m aic -,:d :,
; .1.r'. ,t,,n , r :, t .;* :. ,r : ,"i Jo. urn : i
= Ji.l,, .th. !2'-. i. ! all duav l-wur
at iI . ali.rei a- --u !.. try .'i: nt :on
: anl fr tl e -O. .1': i ar,-h f Isfiur
S rIn-: tnet at thet : r. - ,: 'i- st t;;: .
S urt h ,:-e in :1. T w.n ,f T:.i''dax.
Sa ;ir. c ::: ".nv ~ .':ar- J. B-r
kI r. ('I rk ,f - ._ +;r:. .-x ti*- Jary
b 4'mumi--i- r., iýv -er rn and ·uJFit
. --.u-h. T.I a t;I n:. .t : !..,'-r. ..
- ,, -wr-. TI oura.- _\. I ' -" r .- u r E:u:'e
J. 1,- ",:nd . t, e, -: . :;" . -i -
t.rct--'ed witnee-t , .: wful a,- c.,,nt
Sti-nt ti. read a:d wriat- the Eneli-h l'n
Crs:u-z. re-:ding in the P'xribh ..i Laf.)ur- I
f chne. and utnmm.in ti by the clerk of said I
4 ur-t forr tie pi.ri. - ; proc. .*ied in a-- I
S.rare. wi:. "-, :...', , ,f sail Act \o..
If 1--i ".f th ,ent-ra:i .l A-.mbly of the tate
of lutL-ian:. ,f i ., exaduine the gnn
:ral venire lis-: , : in the ( i:**rk'- f
S:',. and harint -tru -k therefrom the.
S, ntar-- of s ru-h EGrac . Juurr as i reru.ar I
J r.- -%a nave so-.-r . a. wet! . th*
ua:n -. *f ,thl.er, who are. kn.,wn to hay'
Sh,-,-. r- :n- .,d from the Pari-h tecoi. •
I- ;-.:it .rd:-.ualifled toeer-ea . Ji.rr-.
in - th-.r na3le- w -re Cater.-d 0t- r:a.E i
t and :rie n!mtrnf.e ,f th-,.e who Ihacv di,.:. I
remroved. t1 ,,m- exempt ,r dt-,ualritIt
wer- al-, tsk..-i frI-:n th.: et;-ral v -- ir I
r .,x: aft .r -h:-h w- 'tp;-lemulnt-ri th"li
* g. a1.-t "Land tie al. ot-. in the -u .)
w h; t !.":amn - of th- -a:e na:rt .r .f
` g ,°d an" t< *rui-ai nt : --1 frr i t! .n i
-1 u: .r-.r"f tLe Parti-h .- X. V i4 "
S"k- fr, t L I ,, 1- - ,1 .-r.- I frm Ih.
±iit. - "a , tk,-"p- th- , nu::;rbr f.: na:te
in the etln ra. v.:liTr- -tx -in.i .n tihe
Sjury h.It at th" ori-gina. -tard-r. j ,
thre hun l-rd *onta:ai-i ither -in: -:. -1.I
of -aid name t,s pita'id in the en--rdl
venire 7ox havin: been written- by the
b Clerk of ea. 1 '·,urt on a =-parate slip of
paper t :crth,-r 'ith ti-+ numlber of thi
a ward or pl4t-e of r.:sid,-nce of -uch per
And immediately f:ter completing
i -aid venire list. w." -e!(-tred the rcfr,-'n
th', naruet.*1 tree !fll')wing twa nty ,iti
zen-. :o,. and -eorp-t" nt men. po,.--
-,i the qi"ualEfiatrt,ns to -erve, as rand
juror- preasr:!ti tl v . S--ti,.n 1 f 4-a:u
I.\-t. taken from dff(rent parts of the
l'ari-h. as fa: a- prsltica-le, to s--rve as
t ,rand juror. at the e--;,tn of r.unrt be
,f in;inig on Monday. March, 10,th, 1't'.
anti until uihehared according to law.
No. Ward.
S1. James Iill I
2L Paulin t;uil!nt 1
3. Thomas Bearv 1
'- 4. Thomas ;uil,,t 1
. 5. Ht-nrv IBraud 2
6. A. F. ;aiennie 2
b 7. A.J. Trone
it . K. J. Brand
9. J,selh (laud.t
lt. Ieu froid Pitre 3
SII. Alexandre Pertmit 3
S12. -lvs-e, J. !tarrn,t 4
13 .\tl ,n lIHBlan- 4
14. RZ.t, rt I'. xly .-5
I'. Alexandre Totsi'
lIt. Joe. Martinez. Jr. ;
17. Etienne lebert 7
1-. ('lar Fagout
is..\Afred Mars 9
Si). t'iiffrd aIthrop ,lo
B And having so tseeleted the abote
named perbuns as grand Jurors, the
Sname .f lach aa writtenl o(n a separate
, slip of per by the Clerk in the pr-:,
rence of t he ('omtni-si,,ner= and witnr-?-
es, and all the -lips -., containinz the
Snsm,-i and nur.nl r of the ward of( a. .
of said grand j;:-rr w-ere pace- in an
eveo,. hrby us (ornmnis-i,,rs, which
was by n. sealed, =in-d and endorsed
and lart-lr-d, "*l.-t of 4 rand Jurrs".
antd plaicd in th j~;-:y ýI.x as hereinaf
ter stated.
After wh;ech we proceeded. after the
-lips contained in tie- g-neral renirs
box had . en well mlixat, to draw frotm
the said :-neral ve-nire Iox the. namel
of thlirty e rt-cin- to serve a- p -tit jur,,r
fr :h, trit week ",f the w --;,,n of .aid
n,urt, e-gininni: on Mrrdav. March.
10th, liar! the namrn heiin( dIrawn fr,,m
the bhox ,ne at the time ,v- Heir- Ri
viere, one of the said Jury ,romniht.ion
er.. in the pr,-.en.tie of 'hr ,,tht,..r ('Cm
mlr.at-n-r- and ouf th-. :'.n----:s, and
alCIih naiIs_' So drawn ar. a- fI, o', s :
, War-.
1. Numa .1'ir- I
L. Iu- .altia
3. J,,arhim Landr 1
4. ,-,rg*:. P'laifal. c. 4
•. ,u-tave Knri--,h
fi. Em ll b l ,: ant rrlin .
7. tarth,,lomn w Schupip.irt
s. Jnit. J. 'I,'l.I,,l d1
9. Feliie"n Br. ,-a ;)
10. Fortu:te Lrlirtn:
II. (;. P. Pugh 5
1. 1 1etr Matherne
14. t 0et.y le ,.ure--, i
I. Altlert 'hauvnn
l.i Emile Ric-hard
1~. J. I. Lche
1=. iavid -ealiv.. Ir.
1. lIeu--la- Tlhtl--rta-x
I . Jo- jh Franet
'21. ('la- t'hia..,n 5
" .'JIo>;,h ]Hurgl
t. Elnmi| ):,-rc-rn I
. . Philip 1 ,urg-air (son of Norlbrt) 2
2. Al-x P. liehert
i.. .i "id J. T cup
.. Augustin Hourt.-- .i.
,. Albe-rt 4uidlry 31
•t. Henry Adam 4I
l!avin- placrt-l the names of the fore
going thiirty per-ini (, ,-tran a petitt
jurori f-,r tn- fir-t wCek of the -aiT sc-i
sion of court in a:t e:vreltp., we hat-i
signed atld sCalh-d, and -e:nior-,-d and
labeled it, "Li-t if JurorsT Ni,. 1", to
..re f,., the :a:.I fr-t ,, .e- of the -i-s.
After which we Ir,,eeded to dlraw
frm tnhe said genetral venire Iax the
naltte- €)f thirty lk-rons to -.-rvce as petit
jcrors for the e-,',,ud wek of t,sw 5..
..ionof raid e 'ourt ~'"iinin;: in -1it, -
day. March, 17th. l:sr', the nianes i;reia
dra-wn fr,,tl th* |i)x one it the tile byhr
satd licnr llivnire, i-tie of t!l,. Ji;ry
other 4 ln.-n.i.si-n er, a:t -,f the w.itne.-
ea, :;id i whi'h a!l:ali.. a-' diraan aie ai
I Elphezi- Itudre-'ux I
" ( 4ar .Ailthemlent to
Ia l-c Pier,'e
4 IRoiert l) i 9'
.- Jo,,,eph I~ilin.
6i Thomnas Mlkermotutt "
7 Iteniawiin Knight
' .\Aisrt Tiup- got
S<4..9. Hunlter 9 j
I, Ja:w,-u-.e Lill-lrd I ie
II Args t(hau-tt t an:
12 Jtul-- :idchlaux a lal
13 C'h aitr-·l A trltat a t
II Ai thir i-ret 7 a.
1 tKo -rt lattri!r(s,is
Ils Franci-, Flcou; I th
17 Thomas Hourreois gr
18 Atrahatm iotoriiue set
9 Fernanld lpIJUre ., ,
SEdgatr T"rut. th
21 hlamtmorne "ihiaoalux 2u
"_ Libert tGlever . lh
;I fronie Rivie.re.7 en
.24 William surie*k " the
;3 John tiuvit the
2i .ALcerate I)antin 3.sa
57 Adam Illel!an.--r 4 h
2 Em--iius B1L'ndreaux
I 1. B. J uilio.t "2 wi
ii0 Jos. jJeaoeriv; I
I $1.ooG
Clearing Sale,
On account of the enormous demand for our Odds
' and End= in Shoes, we have decided to run this special sale
for another week.
Come Early and be sure to Get a Fit.
I Call for
A Shoe that is up to-date in every re:spect
Li One Price S2.50.
'Thibodaux Opera House,
Tuesday, February 4th,
Jas A. Young as Vinioius.
New Costumes,
Scenery and Effects.
The Grandest CAST ever Seen in this Magnifi
cent Production.
Prices 35, 50, 75 Cents
Seat Sale Opens at Knoblochi's, Saturday, Feb. 1.
Looking Around (
It's a good plan in buying any kind of goods to look a
round. but in CLOTHING buying its ahnost impera
tive. Vetry few people know the true value of clothing
and buy it on looks, and on the reputation of the store
We invite Comparison of Price and Quality.
- Call and inixpet our complete stock of -
IGeqts Farrnistiings, Bry oeeds, Shees ard Hats.
Weddlng Suits from the Gheapest to the Finest.
Look around! Look thoroughly, then look
here, we'll interest you .................
Having placed the names of the fore
going thirty pirsoin drawn as petit
juror for the second week of said .ce.
nlon of Court in an envelope, w' szcin"d
an:i heald the same. rnd endtlr,ed aind
lalcled it. "Lst of Juror: No. 2"', to
serve fir the e.-ond w-tk of the ri. ie,.l. *
And thereuimn we har.tlz~e thý l
sail two ,eate l envelopoi , t!,ethr with
the- M'a:ed eunelope eontaining a lint uof
grand Jurors selected as herein-ahov.
set forth, in a box provid,,d for the pur
ti,:e, lateled. "Jury Box". which was.:
th~reurnon locked and y-aled. and ple- I
ed in 1thb estw xt and ket pin.n of t:
C('lrk o.f ra:I " aurt, fir u.-, at thet i-ex:
en- uing .sesion of court, and subject to
the rders of the Distriet Judge. And
the s:-tl genzral vewtre box was al-4)
loeke.l and sealed and delivered to the
said ('erk of Court as the custodianl
thereof: ail in the presence of the said
In Faith Whereof, we have signd
this proeeRe verbal of the drawing of
the Jury, made at the time, on the day,
month and year first above written, in
the presence of the aforenamed wit
(cQriginal .igned) H. W. P'toTr.
J. M. lIaprnT,
J o. S. SELy,
THet. KnosI.ncV,i
Jury ('ommtlaoners. I
('. J. HRKEn,
('lerk of Court, ex-oMtlei, Jury Commie
W\itn -.ý.e* E. J. E<IR.DRE,
Read and fl!ed Jannary, .nth. Ii-E.
(Signed) '. J. IlaKaRn.
Clerk of said Court.
"A true C,.pv"
Clrk's ie ,fl,.
S(Thibudianx, La., Jmn..10th. L911.
l..N I J. Arce,,, I
-.- t D'y. ('krk u' caid (' urs..
The Place to Buy
-loci -
e ores, Hardware, Builder'1 Ba
Guns, .lmmunition, Cu/ilery, B
Brs,)n.4, Paints, Oils, Harze, '
tlpricullural Implements,
Hall Clipper Plows at New Orleans
-n AT
H. Riviere &
'Phone 108. Cor. .fain 4 St. Loui.
P. R. PERCY. V-Pres:l nt. I.TOEI'I CL i
T he Lobdell & Perc g
Wholesale Deal
Commission Merchan
Near S. P. Railroad Dept. Thibodaux, La.
1 ents and *iian F -
-Orders For Car-load Lots Solicited.
Sugar Planters orders given special attention
Grain and H*
Local 'Phone 15.--Cumberland 87.
H. Riviere & Co..
For bargains in
Bobinet Bar
e Great Reductions have been
S$3. 5 reduced to $2.50 $&75 reduced
4.25 reduced to 3.50 4.50 reduced to
4.75 reduced to 4.00 5.50) reduced to
7.50 reduced to 5.50.
We have yet complete assortment in all
I Winter GHds. Headquarters for Wedding eq
Complete assortment of Ladies and C
Shoes, ranging from socts to $3.50.
Choice Rough· Dres
CS Cypress Lumb
Al Dimensions Sawed to Order and
Lafourcl le Crossing' La.

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