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Local Paragraphs.
Mr. TIl.., Tr, a pta seaet to
-a , ,, ". e.asr, was is tows thr ai
eBoo . Dowsem' presi liat of k
the B ow Lumber Co. . wa a 4i- I
nes Vaisaur is town Thur-day. t
Sam-,,* srft ave suoos 2c spgir at :
The Martet SItre -
]i.m Anna Jesimard, of Caresco, ly
-ed Mr. J I. Jeismard sad lile A
son. of Laf=ytre. are goests of Xra . i
JeAsardas wa ber C tai Br. Beauvas ad
Serrated Bread Knife sets only le
e, The BR-nkb-t Store.
We woo'!d like to return our hes:t i
thank to the Case sval flb for on v
invitatiuo to asttnd a Fancy tlre-"
*ad laaqessrade Bail given in boner D
of jis aie*rsty King d uste, a ete'
evening of the t IIhof Feruary 1902
Ladses nribbe Ulderkhrt the 25cI N
kind, onDly 20c st The Rae, iore, Ci
The Sertinao appreciates very _ s1b
the invitatios fr.m the Ycug Men
of ThiboLdsa to trteod a Fascy
reas sad Masquerade Ball at Tabors
oail ols tdsary l0th 1992. Many
tsphsab u a Weopefthat hlo wdl
have a gala old time.
J- A W 'S111i 8
Wedaeuday morning a Sae ba&yV
gidrl was bore to Mr. and Mt C. P.
Aslet. Check was the pro dest man e
in tows Wednesday sad until yet a P
hage smile Is stall visible uopo his ,
aeteasme. We estend our oogrs. D
tlstulas upos the qdveut of the littl w
strager b
Leave your orders for pianos ft
pm sati passo tuaing with V. J. U
Knollo lb lall Bepresentative of w
Louis Grunwald Co. LA d 13 w
We had the pleasure of meeting on m
our strasa last Suaday aftero.m Mr. t
R. 0. Psyie, the ew pricipal of the i
Loakpot Sighk tichool. Mr. PayIe e
is a recet graduate of the State Nor.
m1 School at Natcbitocbhe, and we
hope that be will be successful in his
Pillow shais patterns stamped sad u
hemmed, ready to work, spec, 2c
aosar at The Racket Store.
It M to be hoped that oar town
Uidls will sea to it that the electrac
AlLhts semau a lghted all night oo
the 11thl Thee will tl great easy
people is towa on that day, sod quite c
a msmber will resaia kur the dance
sad af the eleetne liglst be not lit at
will pt good many people to a great
deal of imsveseesce. ,
e7 Umaos Poms New York" will
be pressted autheopera House on
toSar d aghbt. As It will h the a
ast sttratin of the season the ad I
masio has ees reduced all1 over the I
hose s stair to 5, ad 35 up
Uasra. We hope that everybody will
tam out ad give the last Opera of
ibe s a rossing satendsoae. We
lusestand that the play is a good I
sad anog see, sad that th t treope
s eaeeposud of seeval actors who
have rmind for theqelve a wlde
W ma elilag plty of ladtes
ttso shoes at 11 and 150 becamuse
erso ae the be, The Racket Store.
Qu Vedi waus giveu at our Opera
omes l Tuesday might to a u
wtirnbkly welt pressuted, ad
every member in troupe ertaied
eir frmer Iellest work. The
play itselt isngoo4 ad strong ad re.
eiome thi sferlagi ad hardsips
wekb thers OlriMstias eaometered der
ig the times whob te blood thlMrsty
mauster, aeperor Nero, reigned.
ery au.r *li theetin eompamy ac.
entd themseIoes in a highly credit
"Our popular youag riesd Albert
Iagere washes r s to suouean to
his fnieed sad tbhoe desirilng elegdant
olter made suds that ha has just
oprgl e rM uemmer goods anis
pmoedi to .aU llordsr
p. I s s.. d .arnu.
t ll Yet lea klp ItUi
Moeb pais i Ie daor huttlng
and eserpks Bill etur Mr. Clisck
Aset or havis asered for the
Opera lBome as eplegant ew aop
crtasa as well ass lovely str.et
oese. The euinmte ta t has cost the
opera0 boas mot aone sigle cent.
These curtain are ud as put in all
the opera bouase al over the coauntry
ti cities of over ffteen thousad in
billints, and thalt Mr. Auslet se.
osleed i. seauring these lovely scees
ur our stage speaks well for him,
snd dssness to b* high'y cutapli
wuted te fbihful meanner am
wh i the has wet-bed over the is
teres of th aaera lina..
A ted Preach Physicidan y of
uaT-moque. 'It is ee of the very
hest oatrk om lia marke.* a it sive
bedak to , plttnt wha. bhey halue lost
durig s .kwe,, Toeo- Teique is
jiqucid beef et. ak Fr sale at Thab
dmat- Dreg Ste 12 I
The Ivy Club Entertaine.
One of the meat dehlghtful enter*
StLammets ever given It our little city,
truk pime atr last Thol day eve ,i4.
at the Owers Boos usl er the as'
pies ad the Ivy Olt which s com
poed of quite a mumber of our young
lady seiety leader. Teh Ivy Caub
sie its exitaee has always , nrr
taied its young Rstlmea friends
at an anamul reezptoe of some ki;d
Quite " large crowd were pre-vet l ,d
the members of the Club were certaiu
ly atteatsveawl lovely to their gnest.
A giol past of the evening was spent
is playleg hearts a game whi-b prov.
ed very intelesting, as well a, highly
eseitsg After the required somber of
games hat beej pised dainty refryh
easts were srved while a string band
is the rear of the hall wafted iLt sweet
vibratiMns through the air.
Tbhoe preset were as foLows:
Mines Ans, Psulie and Ccil.
Daneereas, Lenetime Osusas. May
Bousseau, Marie Foise, Miss Bie: ve'
sni J:antte Woolrwarl. B Is. 4u.,
Mande sad Mamie Wil'ism", Lah -
Chanri, Therese and Alice Capella,
Carrye Cotti. Bertha Toups, Alice
Maddox and Lillian Both, Mr. and
Mr. Frarik Harmon and Mr sad
Mrs. Maurice Rie. Messrs idaey
Coolon, J. J. Pierson, John McN'ams
rs, Maurce Celestia Loais Perrin,
Paul Coulon. Philip Amcin. Clay
Rousseao, Volney Kgobloh, Emile'
Biesvena, Ernest Bgro Leonard
Cberranit, Willis Hoteoo. Norbert'
Roth, Henry Bergeron. W. S. La.
fargue and Drs Smith, Dreser and
The prizes awarded duorig the
evening were as follows: Lads- Ist.
Prises won by Mis Jeaette W'.d
ward. Booby woo by Miss Cicil
Dsaeereau. Gentleme's let Prise
woa by ..J. Pierson. Booby won
by Mr. Maurice Ruie.
After the awarding of the beati- S
ful prim to the saaccsfut conies.lh
tasts, the remainder of the evstagg a
was very enjoyably spent in danciog i
which pleasure was indulged in until t
the town hall clock bade the merry
makers depart. Everybody then left b
the hall unanimous in the one opin g
ion that they bad been royally enter. p
tained and that they had hardly ever k
spent a pleasanter evening. a
How's This?
We offer One Hundred bullar. Be a
ward for any case of Catarrh that cno.
not be cored by Hall's Catrrh Care. "
F. J. Caszsr a Co, Props, Toled, O.
We, the udersigoed , have k:own
F. J. Cheney for the la-t 15 years.
aod believe hin perfectly lnorable e
is all business transactions ad oan.
ially able to carry out any oblige
tions made by their trm.
Wsir a TacAz. Wholeale Druggists,
Toledo, V. WAIrw'n, KuIrsA &
MAsvm, Whoeuale Druggists, Tole
do, O.
Hall's (atarrh Care Is taken inter
Ssally, acting directly upon the blood
sad munoos surfeaes of the system. I
Prnce 76, per bottle. Sold by all
Druggists TestimonIals free.
Mall's Family Pills and the best
r Seed Time and Harvest.
A good time to think most seriousI
I lyof the harvest is seed time. The
deccisoo you make them will deter.
mie the value of your crops later.
I The growing competition in seed sell.
lag Is an Iacreasing temptation to an,
smrupuloes dealers to make extravs
uat clatis for the"r seeds, both i i
Spric as prodecng qualities. The
L wisest armers are those who are in
uaeted most by what esperience hasb I
I prove to be good and true. Thou
Nads of seed sowers in all sections of
the ounatry sow Ferry's famous seeds
Syear after yeart, saod have the satisae
. tieo of good barvests to justify their
Scotinvd faith In the Ferry arm.
d They pay a few cents more at seed
d time, but melir many dollars In bet
Stsr crops at the harvest Tbe natural
a lnsequenceof this condence is an
Sever Is~aressg business. D. M. FPer.
&r ry C, sent out last year more
seedsthbam say other seed boorse in
Sthe word The 1902 catalogue of
Sthbshous s now readly and will be
. fond· a useful guide in selecting the
choLet seeds for the farmer, the
track gasrdeaer ad the Bower gardeu
rt er. It is st free on request. Ad
o dross D. M. Ferry d C., Detroit,
at Mich.
A OsrtLa dOar fr Ohilblas.
Shake lato your shoes Allen's Footr
Sase, a powder. It cares tlIilbtals,
ostebitesI Dmp, Sweatimg SwolQlen
bet, At all Drqgsets sad Shoe
Protector No, 2 Meeting.
I The members of the bshove eau
. pany are ootifed that a meeting will
bs held on Monoday Febh 10, 1902. at
the oae of Bo. Thoa. A. Badeaux.
It is desired that a large attendoance
ag be present as bsiness of iroportance
k wilt lie trassctd.
Compound Syrup
Wild Cheny
mad Tar
Prm Wlature's Lsbauator'y
tem t bsny e4 the pine.
f A eure arte for Copsamptios,
C cOae, Asthu, Inessa,
* Laueits, Crep. Wheeplu
at Cogh, ittioscf the Dent.
csi'~i mmdle
3 co
ftor Womnia
Am" moea
Cidy of m C haa ma
mJa. a 22Mq ,` . .
d Cm" e md ms ass K.
s r -l ' eawe p t1 My aImeb
Ipuem a p nt Th .
tohids c arnima e ay y ab h1t.
r - s=431 -
raro tas- -. " I b 1b6
On Board his Royal Yacht
January 22, 1902.
GREETING :-His majesty Kiag
Sucrose, desires to orially announce
his coming to has ceapital city of Thib
odaux, la. on February 11th 1902,
and in onor of his third annual visit
to his carnival ecty ordains that
be celebrated with unusual pomp and
grandeur aid set apart as a day for
pleasure d hienjoyment, tht hi.
That his Royal colors, Rd, Yellow
and Green, and a so the patriotic
colors, Red White anid Biane, e Is
vishly dasplayed on residences and
places of business, of his subjects,
thus doing honor to his majesty.
In eonsideratiun of prompt and
explicit obedience to his Royal kdet
he omumauds that his Royal Dukes,
M. Carpine, Duke of Lotktwxt, K F.
Arago. Duke of UBowie, A. A Alle0r, ;j
Duke of Raceland. B V. Boulankul I
Duke of Houma, W. Goslki, Duke of e
Napo!eon il!e, F. M. BocRardo, Dk'" d
of Chakbay, and also count Apul. b
eries of Donald'ovillh, to see th .t
all his subjects, from these respective ,
places be present on his arrival.
His majesty further commands that 1
M. Loreto Duke of Acadia, J. W.
Peewit, Duke of Thibodaux. G.
Slavansk, Duke of RadgefrId, and
Count Lamourette of Laurel Grove,
see that the route over which his
Royal pageant shall pass be placed
in goon condition so as to afford a c
safe and pleasant tour of his scarival
His majesty desires to say that he
has graciously accepted the lavitsotn.
to attend the grad bll to begiven
in his honor and as very anziou- for
athe day of his arrival when he will
greet once more his faithful subjects
and his heautiful Queen.
SHis majesty ordais that the weath
er be propitious during his sojoure in
Thibidaox, in order that those who
gather to do honor and greet his!
r Royal mas)ety be al e to devotel
I themselves to uninterrupted pleasures.
Kiiag of Carnival.
Korzxacg, 4th Secretary.
M. Famtrzimas,
Duke of Lafo-urch-e,
n Grand High Chamberlain.
e(ay School Chiden ae esicly
S Mother Gra's Sweet Powders for
e Children, used by Mother Gray, a
: urse irs Childre's Homei New York,
Break up Colds ln 24 hours, eure
I Feverish nes, Hneadcbe, Stomach
Si Troubles, Teething Diqorders, and
Destroy Worms. At all druggist.,
25c. Sample mailed FREE Addres ,
I Alle 8. Olustat, LeRoy. N. Y. 254t
Picoc-At the residesee of her
son ia law, Kraest LeBlane. Saturday,
January SA, 1102--Mis. Mary G(In
lat, widow of the late Urban Picon,
. of Litte Caillon-aged 62 years-
nrtive of the parish of Laforehbe.
it The above notice ireeord the death
of an old lady, the relict of Ibe late
2 Urmbn Picon, wuse death was so
2 mouneed last month in our columns,
and now the unwelcome task has to
be performed for the better half Mrs.
Picon had been an invalid for sevenral
months prior to the death of her
ihuband, Iad it was thought at the
time, strange that sher should outlive
him, who was so strong ad robust is
health, hut of su(r catastrophies is
life made .up onw the spirit of the
beloved wife goes to join that of the
affectionate husband.
,May their souls, reunited in the
land of Spirits again, rejoice that
their Redeemer liveth and reigns, a
world without ed. -Terreboone Timk .
S - 0-For a1 •
The entents of one hsr room con
sisting of counters, looking glames,
Sshow eas a, tbear ures, chairs, tables,
etc. Apply to l.aon BLcer,
,It. Thibodauxn La. i
Clearing Sale,
On account of the enormnnous demand for our Odds
and Enda in Shoes, we have decided to run this special sale
for another week.'
Come Early and be sure to Get a FitL
a 1, oO .
Call for
A Shoe that is up todate in every respect.
One Price 82.50.
Looking Around W
It's a good plan in buying any kind of goods to look a
round, but in CLOTHING buying its almost impera
tive. Very few people know the true value of clothing
and buy it on looks, and on the reputation of the store
selling it.
We invite Comparison of Price and Quality.
('all and inspect our complete stock of -
Genits Farqishings, D.y Goeds, Shoes aqd Hats.
Weddlg ailts from tbs Gbcapcst to tbi Flassi
Look around! Look thoroughly, then look
here, well interest you................ ..
On last Monday evening at the St.
Joseph Catholic church Mr. John
Lilibe and Miss Albertine Preselino
were united in marriage. The Wed,
ding was a qiet oe hbeing attended i
by a few near frifeds and relatives.
Mr. Leheks is prominetly coaneesed
with the ra of Tromelair and Rob
cbhns and enjoys the estreI of a
large crcle of friends who wish him
well to life.
Miss Prsmlin is one of Thibodm 1
most charming and amiable young
women and as day operator of our
local telephoe system woe a host of
friends while in the faithful discharge
cf her duties.
After the ceremony was ainshed
this happy couple left fur New Or- I
leans to take in the beautiful sights n
and the magnieent attraetios in out
great Southern Metrg olis.
We exteed to Mr. and Mrs. Lechebe
our very best withes sad hops that
the star of contentment may guide
them through life.
Working Ovedime.
Eight bour laws are ignored by i
those tirelee, little workers-Dr. (
King's New Life Pills. Millions are
always at work, night and day, curnnng I
Indigestion. Biliouonesa, Constipation,
Slk Ik Headache and all Stomach, Liver I
and Bwel tlroubles. Easy, pleasant,
safe, surd. Only 25v at All Drug.
The February isoe of The Ladies'
Home Journal opens with the first
part of Miss Portor's new romance of
the South, "Those Days in Old Vir.
gini." illustrated by W. L. Taylor.
This is followed by Joseph Bletben's
story of "The Girls of Flat G," a tale
of -four girls who established "babse.
lore' ball," and the third installment
of "The Russe in Chiesgo," a clever
satire on the way they do thirgs in
the Western metropoli. A most In
teresting and timely costributiu Is
"My Impressions of American Wo
mes," by His Eso.lleney, Wu Ting
fang, Chinese Minister to the United
States. Clikord Howard describes
Madame Modjekls's paraluse of a
bos ia Southern California, sal
Pranklin B. Wiley writes of "The
Sneumer Homes of Well Known Peo
pie," telling and showing where such
famous fo:k as Paderewsk sand Mar.
ion Crawford anda doses others
spend the warm months. For the'
ichidren are ' The Journal's Puzzle
School," a sew sme, and a deserip.
tion of how to make "smoke pietures."
The editonal page is given up to the
first of the "Mothers' Meetings," a
new depart'neot which will appear at
intervals hereafter, and several clever
poems and short stories are printed
in 'Ur.der the Evening Lamp" In
the departmental section Edward
HBoward Griggsa' talks on education
continue; Mrs. Sangster has a special
Spge for "Whes Days of Illness
I Come," and all the regular depart
moots maintain the high standari of
th., magae. The Valentine cover
is by Henry Batt; and the pk toral
tmures inc:de a page of most at.
tractive picunres of dogs, and a don.
le page showing "The College Girl
In Mausic and Drama.' By The Car.
tia Publihbing company, Philadelphia.
. i sols"lolsf year; ten ceuts a a py.
Proclamation. f
City Hall, Thbindsaz, La,
To all whom it may concers:
Gr.etiog-All fjitbful subjects of
King Sucruse haviug manifeted their
desire that is order to attest the by.
alty and to suitably bhoor the segst
presence of our well beloved sove.
reign, King Sucrose, on the ooasins
of his third twai phal entry into our
capital rsty, on Tuesday, February
11th, 1902.
Now, therefore, I, F. ZKRNOTT
MaYor of the City of Thibodsoz, do
berehy orlsia and decree that said
day be set apart as a pnbli: holiday.
that all public buildings, places of
business and schools be c!cesa, and
that said day be one of rtjoieui anud
Gives msr my head and seal Is
the City Hall,. on this 29th, day of
January, 1908.
Prom Carnival Den to Levee street,
up Levee to St Charles, down 8S
Charles to Market up Market to
Green, down Green to Main, up Main
to Jackson, down Jackson to Baker,
down Baker to St. Phihp, up St. Phi
lip to Market, down Market to Green
down Green to St. Brdget, down St.
Bridget to Lower Csnil, down Lower
Casal to Baker, up Upper Canal,
Henry Clay sad Green to Oper
If your appetite is gone you need
good tooic Touo-Toaquae i the best
appetiner on the marlke. It will
make you eat and will digest what
you eat. OGat a bottle at the Thibo
dana Drg Stora. .2
People to boy from 1200 to 1500
barrels of corn.
For particulars apply to
Ss 4t F. Dsanu, Cut Oa, La.
Seed Rice for sale.
For sale. Honduras seed rice, rais.
edl last year fro imported seed. Al.
so I portable boiler, 35 borne power,
good asew. Apply to this ofee for
particulars. 27
.Opera. -House
"My Uncle From
New York."
Brass Band and OrG~astra.
Eccentric Comedians
Elaborate Costumes
Entrancing Music
Artistic Dancing
Pretty Girls.
special sathen is salled to the I1w
thorns Sisteras blhh aO msleet Aet.
I Instead of long dll watta between sets
we introdue reitnaed alpeenltes. Mege
is s treat for ya. at t sale t the
Suual place.
Prices 35 a€d 5 .
I The Place to Buy
SStoers, Hardware, Bailder's Bareaw,.g
Guns, .,lmmuniUion, Cattler, Br"Asw
Brooms, Pailts, Oils, Bareas, dad
igrwiltuadl Implsates,
Hall lipper Plows at New Odnam Pbis.
-u A
H. Riviere & Co.
'Phone 108. Cor. .Kai 4 St. Loui Sh~e
ý-FFICE /T..
lhe liobdell & Pery
Wholesale Deal
Gommission Merchants.-I
Near . P. Balroad Depot, Thibodaux, La.
" jeg ead icsiern fT
rOrdrs For Car-load Lots Solicted.
Sugar Planters orders given special attentino
Grain and Ha
Local 'Phone 152.-Cumberland 87.
H. Riviere & Co. .
* For bargains in
IBobinet Bars
Great Reductions have beena mad~ ~
8.255 reduced to 2.50 6L85 reduced to
4.25 reduced to 850 4.50 redued to
4.75 reduced to 4.00 5.50 reduced to
7.50 reduced to 5.50.
We have yet complete aseortment in all
Winter G(oods. Headquarters for Wedding
) Complete assortment of Ladies and
Shoes, ranging from 50cts to $8.50.
x.... mUIWACTuIUa AND usLuD ....
Choice Rough ODress
Cypress Lumb
Lafourche COrosiny , La.

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