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end ADVERTISE ,`ktf~h~*# ~ it44~t I
M.a The Bentifel.UtjU U I Athsofc
O~omisi Jousai of ýasr. i'i ý Laiourohe .ai ýluasriaw @1 thh Zabmet ofibth Towsa.
oa. 36. ý--_-----_-THIBODADX9 LA",FEB. 92,1902.No0
I .- " t .    some Mnru. n# ha hnle'a 1 8$rntruiz hee neither interfered nr
or this Month.
Just received 200 pairs of
ants fine dress Trousers, SI
ght below value, marked
nas follows:
dress worsted Pants, pretty I Fie grade Worsted and casaimere
s, light weight, far spring, Pants mixed lots worth fully $2 50,
taly 4.50 our cut in ice $3 50. our cut price $2.00.
C~aeimere Pants, guaranteed Sec. one lot mixed a£nnuel Pants
good latterns, worth fully extra good values at $1.75
sbr cut price only $3 00 We bave also just received 150
bae grade Flannel pasta aft dot. Gents Colored Negligee Shirts a
for Spring wear p.etty gray mose in all styles, with collars sad
worth $3 50 our cut p cui attached, without collar but 1
cuffs attached, detached collars and
ty all black Pants, imitation cufs. No colar and curia, are just
eth, worth 3.50 our cut prce any way you want em'.
Blu Flannel Pants neat hair Au immense assortment to choose
worth 3 25 our cut price from, all colors and patterns, all at
one price 50c. each.
The balance of our stock
winter underwear we are
sing out at greatly reduc- ý
We sell 4 ply Linen Collars at b1c. each. All styles. BI
Always the Cheapest.
one 180. Chas A. Badeaux, Prop
ain St. Badeaux building.
Is now prepared to furnish the best and cheap
est brick in the market.......................
mini.. bricks on hand ready for delivery.
Livery, Feed .
..Sale Stables. 4.r
Undertaking *
2i' Establlaishent
Blacksmith and **
....-~ * Makor.
*triol St. Car. Levee and .Market, ThibodauLX'. h
he GeM Restaulallt,
t-ClasB& Up-to-date.
Special attention to Ladies
Sand Gentlemen. J
our Meals.
Y ou'll C all Ag ain
King 8Sucrose"o
Recommends to His sub- o
jects, the people of this
communityt..... t
Emile J. Braud's
As a place where Shoes and Hats can be obtained svie'
which are artistic in appearance, artistic in touch so ti
durable, comfortable, and sold at a small profit. supffc
e \4 ` ý ý d r~.P " 4***** *A ' **** \ it sil
of ita
g~EIE hie~
Our Hocker Bootee Shoes fow.'
/k are long cearers. They wear noT
MADE Dv almost twice as long as ordi- have
t ME MANS5 nary shoes. Because they are tnhs 1
made by thoroughly reliable at or
m. oc.Ue l$!9 5'agi
.=msT makers and only of the best may
t material.. Give them a trial from
the 7
and y cu will never regret disci
having done so. . . . by a
.. ý adta
"- rA rs ýý 49. \ý'ºg ý' s - - have
I desire to inform my customers, friends
and the public that by the 1st of March I will 3.,
occupy the building formally used by the tsns
Blums. opposite my present stand, next to the butt
Thibodeaux Drug Store. Pý
I, in
tbes b7 t\b AUSbsbierEs tbS M for
BTek et tof
qsir .der v ier. es a ..ru.:.--- at : def
Omile. e m tco er do.i.mmad psinsmi i.
- of at. hlbal). by AkAýMI itq.
N'th. e~ts .1 tre .~ar t.1 thernesm Ss bud
Thaed eperatls s .1 tie F r ýua
sutho~r tells them Is Melt a.r. ooesa.
-w. S. SCEILET. Th
es../ "RXfetrtis.o sev.s.t;" tb Lo;lb . "?aG55 sl e e
ri1UIIW uUUf.T,Meaw Tr UTv 13331 81 *15 rAedj-'r.
i Il +rbf.icle- dam e br. u'U 1 i a al- s. M
".g bteewl bmwbesin or tsid ib". ý .ir re rtsre da w da
beenl oticed tastw. Mal eho su inei dtnus si o Smat Is
eir -uccesf r.slllyob ser pesitetl.U.
T o ewesr beo behores the bile ha luls sstsd.q e d
TW de
Ui m ll t isme sa obe .mbo no5 Do* Is e ha
Icmthe for wosmcare M fl. o ow b e lare to IM i
N. ils , $1.75 $.25, 2.71, mau' aho suyle oi winn des' j
wfW. N. /1NKE INY o.f
AnyoNe Ih wil put $1.00 in the
sum t his redto
STeang Godinue nidessefnortllnT
isn'a ficklet dame buetn rsohas upta fr o an
way benyotrficend taalwhe ou woo t the
hersucersf iso er pristn Tly. e tie
Some More of the Eagle's' SENsT
will i
Erratic Spurts. speed
Our comments in a resent issue on surpri
the Eagle's quasi apology to the peo short
pie of Thibodaux for its past treat-. never
ment of them have considerably stir. until
red up the "bird of freejom." In attewj
deed, they seem to have lashed it panel
into fury against the thing at is pleas hw
e to rall the "ring", and caused it to June,
hurl the force of its invective against silent
the phantonm with all the impetuosity 1t che
and recklessness of a Don Quixote long i
fighting imaginary wind mills, when
The Eagle does the 8SarnxsL the m
honsor to charsateiize its article under tation
review as a "sermon a yard long and here a
so thin and narrow that it cannot dana
suplfoat its own honeyed words", and prial
it straightway devotes three columns ,
of its space to am attempted aeswer. Thitx
We wonder how much space would of the
have tpen required if that long ser like di
mon had not been so "thin and naro
now." only
This much by way of introduction; ing
now to the issue. poits
The SENTINEL said : "People who Of cc
have followed the course of the Eagle swin
know that it has repeatedly abused nevei
this town ani its people; it has never are v
missed an opportunity to cast stirs a
at and belitUe both;" to which the parts
Eagle replies: "This we deny. We
may have used some pretty stroag the
language in defending the people its bh
l from the shafts hurled at them by io a
the Thibodaux "ring." But desperate dom
diseases requires desperate remedies." and
Thus an issue is presented and met
by a general denial, qualified by an TI
admissiý'n which waives it, for the teriz
"pretty strung laignage" which the artic
i Eagle admits it tinsel. the SINTINaL it wi
calls ":.,lue", said the people who pero
have folwwed the past contrrwersy wr'.
are in a position to judge which is of b
right "Pretty strong language i" Es
yes, the Eagle did use "pretty strong
j language,"-so strong In fact that
3 had ii, in some instances, been ap
plied to asi indiviaial eo aousiae in.
stead of being employed iu a general .
r" and impersonal sense, it wound have
furnished cause for an action for lest
slander. Now it must be borne in ble
mind that this "pretty strong lan.
guage" which we have characterized e
as "ashuse" was applied principally gcc
to this town and its people, as ap
pears by the Eagle's own confession jo
in its apology to the good people of earl
Thabodan;, on which we have corn
msested in the past Ansa right here,
we may ask, what reason was there all
for an apology or explanation, if the -
Eale had never wronged the people 7
of hihodson t
But the Eagle felt called upon to wit
defend "the people fiom the shafts six
hurled at them by the Thibodaux w
ring." Whew I we have heard "ings"
accused of a great many bad things Pd
but never of their being even suspect- ho
ed of "hurling shafts" at the people wh
That twentieth century discovery was
reserved for the Eagle, that "flighty"
bird which, when poised on high and to
burveyiug all below, may be privileg ha
ed to ken what common mortals grp
dream not of. so
But, easy brother; let us come
down to the facts of the case. Our
recollection is, that the contrrversy
lu which the Eagle felt moved to od
defend the people "from the shafts" wi
hurled at them was a newspaper tilt, wl
In which the Eagle, on one tand, d
indulged in the exhilarating pastime
of "hurting" shafts tat this town and
its people, saswe think) and the ha
Comset and thc 8sENTRas did the ml
huithagon the othersilde, but motat
Sthe people, so far as the 8susmashis
:1 con~erned.L
Is it possible that the Eagle meant cc
to defend the people from the shafts mc
Sof the Comset and the SErnTINE when th
it says it was defending them from
the shafts hurled at them by the p
Thibodaux ring?7 These papers, cm
one side, and the Eagle, on the other,
were alone in the "*shaft hurinag" H
business, and if the Eagle was also, s
9as it claims, in the "defending" bisti di
ness from *"sbaft hurling"; it would di
seem evident, that at means these two tk
papers when it speaks of "detending ha
Sthe people from the shafts hurled at PI
them by the Thibodsas ring." wi
&io here is another discovery for fe
you : the two local papers are the N
S"Thibodaux ring.' We have spotted
at last the beteausre of the Eagle,ii
Sand we are surprised to Ond that in ik
conjunction with the Comnet, th" be
SSarmusL is that dreadful ot'ject. It u'
had never suspected is, and the reve Si
lation is so sudden I
But the Sau'rINsL denies the soft ti
impeachment 1t is not "the ring ' Is
nor a part of "the ring ', norma its N
proprietor, nor its editor. Nor dces T
it believe that the Comnet Is "the a
rIng" or a part of "the ring", or that '
there is any ring eave so imaginary 5
one existing i. th's fevered imaglsa
lion of demagogues and paraded on 'I
rer, occasions as political clap trap in the i
sttempt, not always dislnterested, to I
delude the people.
~nd The Eagle has other fears to
worry it * at fears despotism and
tyrany and is mouch concerned about
the safety of the freedom "f speech
and of the press, and, bless u*, in its
1. ht i charges by Innuendo the
L*Sunu with trying to supjmrees the
laqttC. Its fet'r' 5"C greCL** ; tIhe, 4
3rirrTwL has neither interfered nor
will interfere in its freedom of
speech; but when that freedom de
lenerates into license, vituperation That
mad abuse, the Eagl! need not be
surprised it the SENxrTaL calls a
short turn on at. The SENTIssL That
never before took the Eagle to task day, at
until it accused Thibodaux of on
attempt to .weiadle the rest of the That
parish; and then it called a halt By our IiU
the way, that was in our issue of That
June 8, 1901, sad the Eagle kept in seas
silent thereafter until very recently. ed ex.
It chewed the "eed of refection" a in atte
long time, to make such a mess of it
when it did speak. Thal
The Eagle then spoke of the agi made 1
tatton of the question of a tree bridg.' the tea
here as the "latest attempt of Thibo. dauz,
dauz to swindle the rest of th.- Th
pariah;" now it says: T:
"We didn't have any objections to let, t
Thibodaux disposing of her portion sas
of the revenues i.a any way she felt discov
like disposing of them; we only- The
ob-ob-- (dare we say it) we' has 27
only objected to the "ring" conoficat suit aj
tng to the town of Thibolaux the
portion that belonged to the perish. Tha
Of course, dear brother, nobody was that 4
swindled. Of course not. Pickpockets chapp
never take people's money when they
are watched." Th
We submit this extract to (he tm tempt
partial consideration of all fair mind- a crat
ed people; it is a fair specimen of Thu
the Eagle's style of polemic and of have
its blackgardtsm. It also illuatrates disesi
is a measure its conception of fress by it
dom of aleech,-the license to villify
and vituperate and ascribe evil me Ti
tiver, without cause or justidclatiou. swelli
The Eagle was pleased to charac numb
terize the peroration of the SaNTIuL.'s
article as pretty out too sentimental; Tb
it will pardon us for saying that its esteem
peroration would be dramatic if it
were riot ridiculous. As a choice bit Tb
of bathos it is a St climax to the like t
Eagle's diatribe. the
Uncharitable. more
The Donaldeonville Times in its and
issue of the 17th last, was uncharita TI
ble enough to say that the Thibodaux ever
carnival was as much as a failure. Ti
Snch a statement from one of the ldie
mjournals of our adjoiniF sister towns
t certainly comea with bad grace, as it ser I
displays a spirit of Jealousy not at
all creditable to tim town of Dooaid. T
e snarille or the Tuxes. .
The estimated number of people sole
I who visited our carnival numbered was
about Afteen thousand people, sad Tj
we venture to say that not one single wos
a person out of this vast number who are
t honored as with their presence but '1
what was highly pleased. Wh-mtever to
there was of our parade we are happy hoe
d to say surpassed the expectations of s
i hundred., ad this fact is more than I
Is gratifying to our people who labored are
o earnestly ftr the successof our *
e carnival celebration. If the town of te
r Doesdoville and the town of Thili 1
odaux cannot inaugurate movements
s" which will redound to their Interests csu
t, without belittleing sad dascrylag the
efforts of each other, than civilization
is either drifting backwards or we
me have entered an age of narrow mind ueu
te edisna and shallowism. w
at For the exclusive benefit of the
IsTimes we reproduce the following ed
at complimentary sal much appreciated
i.s notices of oer perale of thentlght of pig
"m the 11th inst tak'n froma several of ctL
aour esteemed contempories of the au
r, Quite~a numbaer of the resideuts of th1
r" Honma and vicinaity attended the'
e. carnival in New Orleans and Thibo.te
si dan:. Our neighboring town, Thibo. at
id daux, gpave ata unusually fine exhibi 4
so Slon and one that it is said, woulddi
aghave done credit to a murlh larger &
at place. The Thibodaux carnival warn
witnessed by many thousand people
or from Lafoorche, Terreboane and As ha'
he semaption perishes-Hoilan Coinrer, as
srI Thabodsau celebrated Mardi Gras ele
gg, in grand style by parades with gaily
iu decorated Busts, bells, etc and every
he. bersly enjoyed thesaeolves. Why should a I
It nat Franklin try sad do the same.- ft,
re St. Mary's Banner.
The Thibudsux Mardi Gras festivi
tft ties were a grand success and were wa
g'* largely attended by reople of ilooemn, us
its Napolecoville and Duualdsonville. fit
isa There were eight chariots ta the pro
the ceas'4e, represenetin; fairy ar~enes.i
mat The tablesaux were excellently g.'tteu
mry up and reflected a gr eat deal of credit
as. on the Thibodaus Carnival Club. Mr.
on Thmaus Roger, was king and Miss i
the Annas Mwore, daughter of Mr. John
to T. Moore of Schrlever, was queen.-- w
Terrebonne Timee. ol
to t -..--
mnd A Bazar. o
ouit -- 0o
mcli A meeting of ladles and gentlemen~
itsj is called for next Sunday the 23, to~
the organmse a bazar. II
thet The meeeting will tske place at the'
tlhe, (konvert at 3:30 P. M.
They Say
That Thiabdaux us completely in
osseesion of the machers, and
That the invasion began last Moum
Lay, and
That they are indeed welcome in
or little city, and
That the Institute which has been
a session for the past week bas prov.
i exceedingly beneicial to every one
i attendance, and
That the Institute Conductor has
nade a happy impression upon anl
be teachers and the people of Thibo.
faux, and
That he was the sweetest, the love.
lest, and the most charming little
nma ever met up with until he was
imacovered to be married.
That a woman in this state who
Isa. 27 children is bringing a divorce
sut against ser husband.
That society ought to issue a rule
that every married man should ha
chapperoned by his wife, and
That he would then be as free from
temptation as a three year old boy in
a cradle.
That kissing is dangerous, but we
have never heard of a more dangerous
disease than matrimony bring spread
by its influence.
That several cf young 'society
swells" have been the recisenWa of a
number of honors this week, and
That they certainly are held in high
esteem by many, and
That they ought to feel not only
like the whole of Thibodau3, hut like
the whole of tes Parish of iafourche
aster having received some thirty or
more Valentines, and
That one Wise Aker received one
with a special Delivery stamp on it,
That he has been hot in the collar
ever since.
That one of our popular young
ladies in towu only received three,
That they proved three too many
for her, aoad
That she has been soblang ever
slaos, as
that she has been trying to com
sole herself ever sinos that her felow
I was not the cruel thing.
h That some women look lik. r. Ia
r woeks of art, and no woader for they
> are nearly aUl hand'paiuted.
TThat there is no chance for a nsa
r to aucceed until he gets the idea
f knecked out of his craniam that he an
f already a great success.
a That the sashes in our Court House
d are manseed a bauuutfl speluenole, fur
s the many strangers who visit our
town daizy, to behold, and
, That our Pol:ce Jury should have
more Eride in our parish iwstttautews
La than to allow Lueem to be neglected in
such a manner, and
SThati i, to be hoped that our
reCourt ae umoi csa s w.&l s e that the
panes of pmass will tee auppuiesu an lbs
needed paces b.ture the Criminal
ieras of wust, cumaveues neat mosnth.
hO That so smaoking shoezld he a.Iuw
I edl in Ushoest Utider, wait
Tat it lse fumes of the cigar, the
pipe and the detestable intha cigar.
cie are very napleasant to the Indium
hO in charge or our post olies depart.
mecni as well as those in wasting foe
Sthe wall, and
SThat our tows~ndarl should ez.
Stend his authority antohe abs Pet Obks
at mnil hours aned particelaray us
Shundays whIle Ul.e uoon mail is ueiiag
WIdistributed as at is Use ecene of a good
wr de of ruwetyasm.
IC That a movement is on foot to
5 have the EnstI ad of our towa as ae
r. an Use Catholic church lighted tby
** electricity, and
7 That there asino rsa e' why sash
Id a project should not prove saurese
.i Thsat ms~t, contempt Is the bast
re way to treat certain in Ilviduals, whose
4, narrowemlmde Isess pwrevete them
Ie. from seeing above their nose.
ro That the 3I.mbers of tin' tar are
, looking feirward to the convenlng at
itthe Criminal * rem atf Court nest.
ir. mouth withesa ch siagerieses and da.
J ight as It is their Rarveetiug mseason
he That thei Dixie Dramatic Club
-- whk h ise composed 'f quite a susmber .
of onr prominent young men frem
town are going to guse a parfmwmanss
on the 30thof March for the benie~t
of the Convent, and
toThat its tabs hope tht
people will give three ymeg meen
ga every encouragement meenseia to that
Ssccueee of their entertalnmeuL

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