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TiE Thibdanu Sentinel1
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Our article of a few weeks ago suggest
ing, an amendment to the constitution re
modeling the judiciary system so as to do
away with the manner in which the present
circuit courts are composed, and establishing;
sasther and a better system, has met with
favor among the members of the legal profes
The Baton Rouge Advocate, usually so
correst and sound on all questions, takes is
sue with us and opposes a change. It be-I
lioves that it is better to leave well alone,
and has no faith in an elective Judiciary.
We advised an amendment similar to the
one proposed by the legislature of 1894 with
elective judges. In other words, the old sys
tem under the constitution of 1879, with the
judges to be elected by the people of the
respective districts instead of by the Legisla
ture. We are not particularly wedded to
that system, but we favor and do want a
change that will leave the district judges in
charge of their respective districts, to do
duty as trial Judges. The complaints we
heard in conversation with members of the
bar all over the Mtate made us advise the
Another, and probably a better system,
and which we have heard seriously discuss
ed, is the creation of two circuits courts of
appeal, presided over by three judges, elected
by the people. This court would siv in the
central places and hear appeals from the
neighboring parishes. This like the first
system suggested, would provide for us a sta
tionary court, which would give equal satis
faction to the Supreme court. District judg
es as a rule are elected for their fitnesý and
ability as trial judges, and while many are
equally capable of fulfilling the duties of a
court of last resort, they have not the time
nor can the interests of their judicial districts
permit them to devote the labor necessary to
perform the work of the appellate court as it
should be done. The people demand a
change. They should have it,
Money is no consideration when it comes
In the question of having a good, effective
and able judiciary system. England's good
system is due to the fact of large salaries be
ing paid the judges and thereby composed of
the best legal talent of that country., The
system we propose would cost but a little
more probably than the present one, but it
would be such a decided improvement that
the people would be glad to jay it.
As to making the judges elective we be
lieve the best and wisest method, and uiaoe
Io accord with the public wish and the public
The Legislature should by all means con
aider seriously tbis most important subject.
The theological world is now being agi
tated over the question of the immortality of
the souL A I~ebyterian miuister of New
York. Dr. Parkhurst, declared that the im
mortality of the soul depended upon the man
ner Ia which we took care of it on earth.
The souls of the good, he claims, would be
Inimor44l hut those of the wicked would
perish. That is the sum and substance of
his views. D~r. Parkhurst is not upheld by
the ministers of his church who hold contra
ry opinions. The discussion promises to be
very interesting. Like all theological ques
tliosther. never will bg an end to It. Iu
the mteantime let every one be on the safe
-side: act always right and hews good on
earth that reward ozn High will surely come.
-fhat Is the only way to get around the knot
ty problems. _____
A bill recently passed the Senate by a
vate of Sitol1to increase the salary of our
Federal Judges. Under this bill the follow
Ins sasaries are fixed:
Chief justice supreme court of the United
Statpe $18,000; eacih associate justice $12,50(,;
circuit court judges $7,500; district judges
$8,280; chief justice court of claims 16 )5;l
each assooiate justice 66,625; chief justice
court of appeals lDistriot of columbia, $8,000;
oeah associate justice. $7,500; chief justice
paieme court. IDistriet of Columbia 36,750;
web gewoclate justice P.6,60
e Today is the anniversary of that patriot
who was "grst in peace, first in war and first
in the hearts of his conntrymen."
n In every hamlet village and city in these
United States the name of Washington will
' be praised and honored and his deeds re
counted to the generation yet untaught. that
they in turn might hand his name down to
everlasting posterity.
No name in the annals of American his
. tory is respected and revered and held is
?greater veneration than that peerless and
matchlets statesman who won for himself the
, proud distinction of being called The Father
of His country. It is useless t9 mt-ntion the
hardships and misfortunes and the sufferings
and di sappointmeiuts enconitý-red by \Vash
ington while laboring and fighting in the in
)terest of his countrymen. as every child
- throughout this broad Ameriran Republic is
conversant with his whole life.
His fame is as durable as his principles.
as lasting as truth and virtue themselves.
1ItWhile hundreds whom party exeitement. and
temporary circumstances, have raised into
i trarsient notoriety. sink again, like thin bub
bles, bursting and dissolving into the great
ocean. Washington's fame is like the rock
which bounds that ocean, and at whose feet
its billows are destined to break harmlessly
Monuments have been erected in many
of our large American cities as a means of
perpetuating the name of this selfsacrificing
patriot, and as an object lesson in history for
the thousands of little children who daily
wend their way to schooL But these mon
ments like the Acropolis at Athens or the
f Parthenon at Rome will crumble and decay,
1 but the deeds of G&rwe Washington are so
deeply implanted in the hearts of every
American that his memory shall forever be
t kept fresh in the minds of his countrymen
until the end of time.
Delegate Rodney, of New Mexico, is Irish
I and, of course, a flowery orator. He gave
the House committee on Territories, before
which he appeared in advocacy of Statehood
for his Territory, the following sample of
what he could do in that line:
u "Why, gentlemen, one may stand upon
t an elevation near the central part of the Ter
ritory and to the north view the ruins of that
s civilisation which existed when Adam was a
boy, farther on one sees the snowcrowned
$ summit of Pike's Peak and the rugged slopes
of the Rockies, then, turning to the eastward,
e one is able to behold the distant plains of
1 eastern Texas. To the southward you may
ý. see as far as El Paso and across the beautiful
Rio Grande and into Old Mexico, and so clear
is the air that to the westward the eye sees
e beyond the arid plains of Arizona the tower
C ing heights of the Sierra Nevadas, kissed by
it the golden sunset. Why, gentlemen of the
tcommittee, so pure, so clear, so unpolluted
Ltand so clarified is the atmosphere of New
Mexico, that I have stood in the streets of
e- Albuquerque on a starlit night, calm and
a still, and with my naked eye I've traced the
distant plnets on their flying courses
isthrough the ethereal heavens with better vi
sion and greater accuracy than when I stood
2. in Boston and watched them by the aid of
the greatest telescope that the genius of mod
ern man ever builded. Why, so clear aind
pure ia the air. There is no telling how
much higher Mr. Rodney would have soared,
but at this point Chairman Knox, who is a
1. hard-headed man of business who wouldn't
know a poetical idea if he met it in the road,
put in his oar and said : "Pardon my inter
R' ruption. but, Mr. Rodney, whatever may be
2. the advantages of New Mexico in other res
1- pects, don't you think it a mighty poor place
for an oculist ?"
e The New Orleans Cotton Exchange haa
& expelled two of its members, Henry C. New
If man and Hiarry Hyman. These parties were
accused of making fraudulenit and dishonesi
yreturns. To be more explicit they were con
Svicted of sending out cotton sales for less
'e than they actually obtained thus defrauding
e. their customers. A planter from East Carrol]
parish caught up with the dishonest transac
Stion, bills of sale sent him showed that hia
'e cotton was sold for a fraction above 8 centa
n when in reality it sold for more than 10 centa
p.,Charges were preferred against these
t- rties, they were investigated by the Cottov
~ xchange and having been proven the namee
of the two guilty parties wore stricken fron,
the rolls and expelled from the association.
a Such rascally conduct is deserving of more
tr dati punishment than the one imposed.
Avoyelles Blade.
'*We fully agree that more drastic mesa
ures should be meted out to these parties
,.who have been defrauding the people foi
a many yeare by their thieving and wholesale
Srobbery practices. If the charges are true
we see no reason why these baldfaced thieves
p; .should not be prosecuted in our criminal
jvourts Rnd meat to the State Penlteutiary.
Tim k IndT Rav
7Im *1R1R
t, A~iret~pab3E frb
" Bears the
Apercd Reedy forCoi - *8
n. Sorh.DirsIoeor Over
avss arm Loss or SIrEP
Ta: ar of
NEW YORK. Thirt Years
k sect corn o wwrapen.
s ody SiM l
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The eed thi
keeps ulesup
afetd hsm
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Ft Worth. El Paso,
Colorado and
Chair cars and sit epers on all through
General Pass. & Ticket Agt.
Dallas. Texas.
We're Aiming
ct Your Head
tnj oar. mmunition \
1 ctetson
--- d ýu.ýt about I
,i-:wy're hats 1
r i a reputation
.v:! t'ey ;Ive up to
-aicful Spring
ts rre here for
r i'spe:tion.
IA $. DONNAUD. Prop.
t First class accommotla
tton for Commercial tra
velers. Sample rooms
on the premises.
* Lafourche roesing, - La
OAUCus IT esOU onS-ThImo
A WORTHY 8U0C00880
'Se.methdag New Cader
T?. Sm."
All Doctor- have tried to cure
CATAIRUI lei the u*e of ponders,
adri gases, inhalers and drags is
paste forin. Their powders dry up
the m;a ucuu m;-mbrar..s causing
them :o rac k open and blerd. The
iowe-rful :cills nu-d iu the inbaiers
have eintire!l eats-n away the asme
membranes that their makehr have
aiusiI to cure, able pastes and oint.
menUts c-nnot resch the disease. An
old aiod eajerwuco l practitioner who
Las for mav r yesrw made a 'ose
-..udy3 aid 'pe ialty of the treatment
of CAT.T 1: H, L.a at las.: p.rfeeted
Tctam:.t .hich when faithfully
u-cd. not 'u'y relieves at once, but
p. rwai:ent y cures CA FARRII, by
r. msop irg the caus', stopping the
disiba'ges, arnt curing all ssisanma
tion. lt is the oasy remedy kmown
to ciitcec that a.tually reaches the
:.fE': tad i..: -. This wai..J. ful rem
Icdy is knwn as "SNUFFLES tme
anw is sold at the extremely law price
of One Isllar, earb package ountain
ing into nrel aid external methane
'utfkicint for a full month's Itasmetm
and a verything tacessary to its per
feyt use.
" NL FF LES' is thbe nly ptrfecit
CATARRH CURE ever ua.ade and is
now rreeagnaed ai the only safe and
positive cure f'.r thlt anrut eng and
dis.ostiug disease. It cnres as to
hammatiou quickly and peuasweny
and is alan wonderfully quick to
i relieve HAY FEVER or CUI.D in
the HEAD.
CATAKRH when negiecteI (ften
FLES" will save you if you nee it at
once. It is no ordinary remedy, but
a oumplete treatment which is post
::ety guaranteed to care CATARIR
in any form or stage if used aseord
lag to the ditections which somes
posy each package. Don't defy bet
send for t at aoce, and wiits 1mM
partiruttirs as to your omelitloe, and
you will receive special advice from
the discoverer if this nooderful rem
edy regarding your case without cost
to von beyond the regular Iarice of
Sent pre-paid to any address in the
United States or Canada on resept
One Dollar. Address Dept 0892
2330 and 2332 Market Street, Phila
men and women to travel and
advertise for old established house of
solid Onancial standing. Salary
$78O a year and expenseº, all paya
ble in cash. No canvassing required
Give references and enclose seif ad.
dressed stamped envelope. Address
Manager, 355 Calton Bidg., Chi
cago. 3828t.
See our new styles in Gents $3P50
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ept atu Pham do
ftEat ir i~~awih bookm eusm
la Nac tI V ont as uspeish rwe.
tifu mooyItsflei. Coi. O.e aCo.. ~Ma St...We
~.n brooke per1aintseu
Read The Sentinel.
' Look CarcfuI~
ToYour Xidneyt
o[Dr. Jenner's
LKidney Pills]
cam the kidueys te.ý vk
se-r we they shodL
'They build up the shzuutoe
.i.11 of the kk~aeys, as w
kow.xndy e.s bine fs
to do bte~x.
As a ewe fa unrimy tro.Ml
they have m equl.
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for ail meea~t- of i. irilfl harm'K
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is anything you pratlt
Your- fur iselody,
I V.
,re 1 Yoe Waal PJf5 baandasome
* f sad stylisf. We~dding laY!
tatlo ic Keefe salt yo.. +
SaNIj j ThebDel asoeted f swlee
og ewer ID tuwn.aad lola of k.
ire ! . PIicunriM SlunfL7.
tat. "1
SH. N. Coulon,
yumaT sODAtI. Ls.
toe ý, 5ýslaf TD3s
is- M7 4.w4.
i741y Ms Vinuts iAs bs. Isil
aut us1s in-s
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is~ A as s vhe a. ca bas &o. 3.01. Nt
tad Pb*, Val, san i~sasagm.6i all kinds.
ad ý m 7 tin.Thain.ý La.
I t sý.
tSend inun .eb
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ties +U. fvt rv (%,Ufa c t
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eat b Satuhrday and ezpree
a4. aad ea b uak~ ST.*
IH)F E. 334l Dzessaao~ LY
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WA I. 1- PSI
bwrh6.a4.5 4..dsmf
ft.mn~. e6he04 .t rte
Adier 4s0. aq/IS
Keep hy.
Do not fear cod4 sad
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£1D 3Ai IZ7 £ALL.
vier. ?OULYZY.
16.. (19 DgCATUR
_s NEW OLAN~S. LA. -
stUSXU.AL anE)VASVZ 3tab

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