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Jury Venire,
J dicial Ditrict Court,-Pariah of
MI hsowD and remembered, that on
s,,.ty-ninth day of the month of
in the year of our Lord, One
sine hundred and two,
( to written notices issued be
of Court, in and for the Parish
he, and addressed and given
of the Jury t'otnmissioners in
areald Parish. as by the said Clerk's
hereto annexed more fully
; we II. W. Frost, Henry R1v
Jo-iM, Lefort, Thomas J. KnobLoch
p . s. Seely, Jury Commaiasioners
nted as such for the parish of
under the provisions of Act
Sof the (,nral Assembly, approv
y, 13th, I8HM, and promulgated by
a in the State. Offeial Journal
fbth, lest, and all duly sworn
fed as such Jury Commission.
asd for the said Parish of Lafour
wes at the Clerk's Office at the
bouse in the Town of Thibodaux,
r company with Charles J. liar
Clerk of said Court, ex-officio Jury
loner, duly sworn and qualifled
. Then and there in the presence
.Thomas A. htivipre and Emile
re, two ct'mpetent and disen
witnesses of lawful age, compe
bread and write the Entlish lan
residing in the Parish of Lafour
sad summoned by the Clerk of said
for the purpose; proceeded in ac
with Section 6 of said Aet No.
the (Ieneral Assembly of the State
lana of Ilett, to examine the gen
wieire list on file in the Clerk's Of
sad having struck therefrom the
of atueh Grand Jurors and regular
as have so served, as well as the
of others who are known to have
aemnoied from the Parish become
ordisqualitled to serve as Jurors,
ir names were entered thereon,
the names of those who have died
beecpmte exempt ordisqualiled
also taken from the general venire
after which we supplemented the
list and the ballots in the box,
Wh names of the same number of
sad competent men from the qual
jurors of the Parish, as have been
from the box and erased from the
p as to keep the number of names
general venire box and on the
lit at the original standard of
banderd contained therein; each
ame so placed in the general
box having been written by the
d said Conrt on a separate slip of
together with the number of the
Kr place of residence of such per
immediately after completing
aeire list, we selected therefrom
nass of the following twenty citi
ýood and competent men, poss
ps qualifications to serve as grand
preseribed by Mectkin I of said
token from different parts of the
as far as practicable, to serve as
rs at the session of court be
on Monday, March, 10th, 1ItU,
discharged according to law,
Dill I
uln Ouillot 1
Jer 1
(Auilot 1
ry Braud 21
P. (Iaiennie 2
J. Trone 2
J. Braud 2
h Claudet *
Id Pitre a
xandro Pertuit S
ysses J. Barrios 4
bdon Lellane 4
bert '. Meely 5
sandre Toups 1
. Martinez, Jr. 8
tienne Hebert 7
Ifred Na'ra p
lifbWd Lathrop 10
)arfng so selected the above
persons as grand Jurors, the
of each was written on a separate
papor by the Clerk in the pres
othe trommissioners aad witness
all the slips so eomtaining the
and number of the ward of each
grand jurors were placed in an
by us Commissioners, which
byus sealed, signed and endorsed
led, "List of (raud Jurors",
in the jary box as herelnaf-t
which we preseeded, after the
sentained in the general venire
been well mized, to draw from
general tenise hex the names
persons to serve as petit jurors
tIweek of the se.,on o isaid
beginning on Monday, March,
the names bein drawn from
one at the time byHenry Ri
* of the said Jary Commnission
presease of he other Corn- I
rs and of the witnesses, and
es au drawn are as follows:
ward. I
Mire II
Im andry1
Plaisance 4 I
vs Knobloch 7 C
e Oantrelle S
lomew Itehuppert 6
5. McDonald S I
a Breaux 5
ne Lelilane 0
. Gaude S2
Chauvln 7 i
Richard 7
Neall y, Jr. 7 t
las Thihodaux a
France 4
Chiassoni S t
liourg 3
Bourgeois (son of Norbert) 7
P. Hechert 1 ia
3. Toulee t
Bourgeois, Jr. S Ii
t Guidry 5
Adam 4
edteneames of the fore.
rperon sodrawn as petit Ii
borie first week of the said see
soart in an envelope, we have
and sealed, and endorsed and ti
it, "List of Jurors No. 1", to' (
the said first week of the see.
which we proceeded to draw
said general venire ho: the
of thirty persons to serve as petit
lwrthe second woek of the see- 14
said Court beginning on Moe- *
b, 17th, 1902, the names being
from the box one at the time by (0
Riviere, one of the Jury k
in the presence of the
iessonerssad oft tewitness- ~
Ybich names so drawn are ma ti
Doudrean: 6
uthement 10
Ia Blanc Is
3eDermnott 2 as
Knight 4'
ard 41a
via 3
sdelebaux 7
Abribat 7
ean 3
and moea the nameso the fore
for the ond we fai se..
and sealed the cain and eudorsed o a
labeled it. "List of Jurors t io2t"oso
serve for the second week of the essinsaid
et An theure, m on wtte have, plce the d
the sealed envelo frcontainio g writ of
grand urore selected as hereinaimwve
vsefotinabox provided for the par
s ~e,ilabeled, "Jury Box", which was
S(erIeupsa locked and sealed, and plac
ed In the custody and keeping of the
Clerk of said Court, for use at the next
rensuig ession of court and subject to
"' the orders of the District Judge. And
in the said general venire box was also
,ilocked and sealed and delivered to the
said Clerk of o tourt as the custodian
1Ythereof; all in the presence of the said
le witnesses, .J ERDE
:hi F'aith Whereof, we have signed
ofi this pro.ess verbal of thle drawing of
the fury, made at the time, on the day.
month and year first above written, in
' the presence of the afojrenamed wit
a (Origina Signed) H. V. F1oKs,
U-HENRY IitvlikRR,
rJury ('olnirssouers
S hC. J. BAR19R,
'. Clerk of Court, ex-ofcio Jury Commi
e stonier.
I 1 itnesses,' E. J. LeORYDJRy,
Tiot. .t. Riviteuý.
e- Read and flied January, 2Ot, 11102.
- (Signd t'.s r J. Hrm of au,
Spring, Cler, of said Court.
Id "A true copy"
e- Clerk's t)oue .e,
u. -Thibodaux, La., Jan. 30th, i902.
to ~LX- P.Jt. As 'oirt,
n- -I-oDry. Cdlerk ho said Court.
f- - -
1Q Had To Ccnquer Or Di..
iret was jns ambnout writes
.e Mrs. Rosan Rinahard-on, of Laurel
1e Springs, N. C., "I had Consumption
so bad that the best doetorc isaid I
In could not live more thian a wonth,
bitt I began to use Dr. King's New
le Daaeo~erv end was wholly cured by
'. seven bottes and sam uow stout and
1_ well." It's an unrivaled life siaver Iin
n Consumption, Pneumonia, La Grippe
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e Colds, Asthma, hay Never, Croup or
h Whooping Cough. Gnar:antee'd hot
.j ties 50c aid $1.00. Trial boutles free
at All Druggists.
For Sale.
The contents of one her mrom con
e- siting of counters, looking glasses,
d slKlw cases, bar fixtures, chairs, tables,
d etc (pply to l.CoN BLocK,
It Thibodaux La.
t, A Pireman's Close Call.
r, "I stuck to wy engine, although
every joint ached Lind every n. rye
I. was racked with pain," writes C. W.
I Bellamy, a louscotive fireman, of
i Burlington, Iowa., "I was weak and
r pal.', without any appetite and all
run down. As I was about to give
u up, I got a bottle of Electric Bitters
2 sad, after taking it, I felt as well as
s I ever did in my life." Weak, sick'y,
s run down people alwayd g'in new if ,
strength and vigor fiom their nse.
s Try them. Satisfaction guaruateed
by All Druggists, Price 50 ceuta.
7 .. -
The February Issue of The Ladies'
0 Home Journal opens with the first
° dart of Miss Portor's new romance of
e the South, "Those Days in hei Vir.
- ginia." illustrated by W. l.. Taylor.
This is followed by Joseph Blethen's
h story of "The Girls of Flat 0," a tale
of four girls who established "i*aibhe.
d lore' hall," and the third installment
of "The Russel4 in Chicago," a clever
satire on the way they do things in
e the Western metropolis. A most in
teresting and timely contributlon is
"My Impressions of American Wo
men," by His Excellency, Wu Ting
,fang, Chinese Miislter to the United
SStates, Cliford Howard describes
.Madame Modjeika's peraduse of a'*
- home mn Southern California, and
I Franklan B. Wiley writes of "The
Sumamer Homes of Well Known Pet.
ple," telling and showing where such
i famous folk as Paderewaks and Mar.
SIon Crnwford and a dozen ot h'r'
* spend the warm months. For the
7 ebidre. are ' The Juernal's Puzzle
1School,"a new asses~ad a descrip.
II Lion of how to make asmoke pictures."
SThe editorial pegs is given up to the
s first of the "Hohebss' Meetings," a
new depart'neut which will appear at
a Intervals hereafter, and several clever
I' poemas and short stories arc printed
Sini "Under the Evening Lamp " In
rthe departmental. section Edward
owrGriggs's talks on education
Scontinue; Mrs. Sangator has a special
page for "When Days of Illness
rCome," and all the regular depart.
Imeats maintain the high standari of
Ithe magazine. The Valentine cover
is by Henry liatt; and the pistormal
features Include a page of most at.
tractive plctures of &rgp, anI a don.
bI. peg. showing "The 4College Girl
In )uieao and Drama." fly Who Cur.
tIe Publishing Company, Philadelphia.
'One ilollar a year1 tea suits a copy.
Buckles's basmes Salve.
Has world wide fame for marvel
lous enres. It surpasses any other
vlotlotin, olatment or balm for
BoasBrns, Boils, S8res Fe.
Ions, Ulcers, Totter, Salt lRheum, Fe
ver sores, Chapped fiands, Skin Erupt
tioma; lafallible for Piles. Cure guar
anteed, OnIy 25c at All Druggists.4
Seed Rice for sale.
For msle. Huaduras seed rice, rale'
ed last year from Imported seed. Al.
so 1 portable boiler, 85 horse pewur,
good as mew. Apply to this oee for
Os might of Mardi Gras Parade.
Ose Diameued screw pia. A rewaid
I wil he' gives. Add ress Tbhttodsam
fIerest Brea Ksifr sets only l0s
as The 5ackes &tor
k Railroad Schedule.
Schedule of T. & P. htallway Co.. Iafourbhe
Ibr, Hain Line and Port Alley & New
II Thibodaux, La. . I Donaldgosvlik, Ia.
of ls-Leaven at CSa. m.| Arrives at 5:40a. in.
Ve I -Arrives at 8:46 p. m. I Leavas at a:°5 p. im.
ar- Mats I.IxV,
ras New Orleans. La. I Donalduonvllle. La.
IC- West Bound.
.e 61-35 yes at 10.10 p. m. I Arrives at 1:00a. in.
a3-La. na at 8:15 a. an. I Arrives at 1I YL a.mn.
to at Bound.
r--Ar: . es at :.10 a. m. I Leaven at 4:43 a. m
he i-ArrL.a at 15:1 p. m. Leaves at 3:5 p. uw
Perln AI.jx & Naw ROADS iRA5e.s.
mid l&-1AtteS at .1:f0 p. in. I Arriven at O:1s p. m.
4-Arrive at I1:541.. I11. I Leaves at 1h1 am. at.
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it- wirtlrobe now, when the shbols are
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t, ty of f ebrics exhibited m:tkea it poset.
ible to gratify all tastes. Lacy effects
n. characterize many of the so-ceilled
ti. wash fabrie', and some de ightful
la color combinations are shown. Ai
accurate idea (if wh:t are to be the
favorites of the sea-on may be hal
from the .larch Delineaoor," which
shows patterns of the new material
reduced size anti des
cribes the weaves in detail. The
sauce number Uil s rates th' fancy
t. buttons and braids wh1 h are to filure
so conspicuously as dress triswisags
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lson in every county to represent large
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't Working Overtime.
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f Store building, known as Protee.
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t* Short street between St. Philip and
if Jack'on streets. For particulars
I apply at SENTIxEL Orrica.
rAt'y aned Couanelor at Law
Thibodaux, L1.
Gaude Building,
ý. St. Philip St.
e Ile ýe
..Th. Gfl~dse,
Tb G. Get eu
'r Hý u hu.wI s
see wlsrota11st
I 0.0aaaa
Ia a _ r
C. CaqM.oCs.
Mexican Mustang Liniment
uickly relieves and cares Piles, also prevents chafig.
m. -
Pain teaches many les-'
sons, one of which Is,
Mustang Linlment.
Mexican Mustang Liniment
cares Frost-bites, Chilblains, Chapped Hands and Face.
)r. - -
Feec NA::
$" " ON
mTRY m
' As lngeious Treatmemt b7 whieh Drank
antesore HelnE Cured Baily ia
tl/ plpte or Tkhemelves.
No Nonioue 3.es. No Weakening of Ike
Nerve.. i PNeaest adc Possitive Cure
for the Uquar Habit.
It is now generally known and
understood that Drunkenness is a
disease anal not wt akness. A body
tilled with poison, and nerves com
pletely shattered by periodical or
con-taut use of intoxicating liquors,
requires an antidote capable of nee
traliziug and eradicating this poison,
and deetrovsng the craving for intoxi.
cants. Sufferers may now cure them.
selves at home without publicity or
loss of tame from buasine's by this
wondeifil "HOi1E GOLD CURE"
which has been perfected after many
years of close study and treatment of
inebriates. The faithful use accord.
lug to directions of this wonderful
discovery is positively guaranteed to
cure the most obstinate case, no
m watter how hard a drinker. Our
records show the marvelous trans
formation of thousands of Drunkards
into sober, industrious and upright
r YOUR FATHERS II This remedy
is in no sense a nostrum but as a
specific for this disease only. and is
so skillfully devised and prepared
that it is thoroughly soluble and
I pleasant to the taste, so that it can
be given in a cap of tea or cofee
without the knowledge of the person
taking it. Thousands of Drunkards
have cured themselves with this
priceless remedy, and as many more
have been cured and made temperate
men by having the "CURE" admin
istered by loving friends and relatives
without their knowledge in coffee or
tea, and believe today that they
discontinued dranking of their own
free will. DO NOT WAIT. Do not
he deluded by apparent and mIslead
ing "improvement." Drive out the
disesse at oi.ee and for all time. The
"HO.E GOLD CURE" is sold at
the extremely low price of One Dollar,
thus placing within reach of every
body a treatment more effectual than
others costing $25 to $50. Full
directions accompany esea package.
Special advice by skilled physicians
when requested without extra charge.
Sent prepaid to any part of the world
on receipt of One Dollar. Address
Dept. 0892 EDWIN B. OILES &
COMPANY, 2330 and 2332 Market
Street, Philadelphia.
All correspondence strictly conf
Leave your orders for pianos
organs sad piano taoing with V. J.
Koohlokh Local Representative of
Louis Grunwald Co. Ltd. 13
Dr. Meyer's
~Wa t;or,
TO THE DEAF.-A rnch lad'
cured of her Deafness and Noist's ii
the Head by Dr. Nicholann's Artificia
Ear Drums, gave 25, onodols, to hi
y Inastituti'. so that deaf people unable
to procure th.* Ear Drems m:ly hav
t them free. Addresa, The Nieholsot
Institute. 780, Eighth Avenue, Nei
York. 431y
D G t fat on T':an-Tianiqie buy t
bott:e at Thibodaux Drug ;tore. 12
A Rare Bargain.
Fon SALE:-One Aultman & Tnyloi
rice thresher, in i ea f'ct condition
,k. Capacity, 350 to 400 sucks daily
One three-mule eart.
For lxnrticular. apply t(
* lol'oxa Baas.,
27 &Shrever, Lt
u- PETZ& PRT. 1201.
1*8, -
First class Accommodationi
R Board by the day $1.00 and $2.00.
Also board by the week and month,
' Meals Served at all Hours.
ny ('or. St. Louis and Market Streets.
d. Adjoining Bank of Thibodaux.
htOlee boors trom s a. m.to s p. m.
Any Notarial business proasptly and ear
tally attended tr
i Foe
e Dyspepuia it unrerognised in
half the cas's. It deceives the
rs unknowing sufferer. Its many
vanations work slong the weskest
ir lines of the systemn. To batde
' against only one of them is vain.
rn Our bookletexplainsits symp.
ýt toms. Our Dysppabletsgive
o ompiete and lasting rollet.
SDon'tt Forse
k Your Bowels
t with haiei umerals which
always keava bad aftelerctb
o- ths antie system, and where
thebr usu peus lah d is, eind to
~" eomnpfetely wreck the stomachlt
and bOWel
Edgar's Ca_ attic
As pleasst **the tastsas
gaudy, sad as p uIveas the hmsei.
am 842 ass
a ff0771 DRUG STORE
Watchmaker and
Gunsmnith . $ -P
Keepacoastautl on Mand a
large mad comnp to sesort 0 mu
nient of
THE I I.EBRATED n' .:nnncrw. b th e above .
MAC [INE. e"M;:k of Ac ET1(.; ETC,
Watlches. Clocks. Jewelry, Sew
ing Maclines. Fire-arms, etc.
Carefully repairep and guarani
teed. A full stock of attach
nents, oil and needles for p1.
kin Is of Sewing M tclhines, can
blhaat by apply` eg to
Cor. Main and St. Philip St. Thiboda s
Bank of Lafourche,.
U a * a*1353&Wt.
Capital Stook $25,000. Surplus $17500.
Designated Depository for
funds of Parish of Lafourche
and Town of Thibodaux.
.. . . .....oFFIcERS:...
. A. J BRAITD, President, K. J. BRAUD, Cashier, "
d} l'. J. BARKER, Vice President, P. F. LEGENDPE, Asst Cashier
in DIRECTORS ......
his E. N. ROTH. JOHN T. M1lOOR, Ja., Da. L. E. MEYERR
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- 7 Does a General Banking Businessa -ý
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for Asthmalene Brings Instant Relief and Perma&
>*- nent ure in allCases.
La There is nothing like Asthmalene.
It brings instant relief, even In the
CHAINED worst cases. It cures when all else
L FOR TIN "TheR ev. ay. F. WELLS. of villa
YEARS AstbAlene received in good condition
I cannot tell you how thankful I feet
for the good derived from it. I Was a
slave chained with putrid sore threat
and Asthma for ten years. I despair
ed of ever being cured. I saw your
advertisement for the cure of this
dreadful and tormenting disease. As
tbiaa, and thought you had overupeken
th* yourselves, but resolved to give it a
trial. To my astonishment, the trial
"f pcted like a charm. Send me a tall
B siz size bottle."
Rev. Dr. Morris Wechsler,
Rabbi of the Cong. Bnai Israel.
Now Yoax, Jan. 8, 1901.
$ Das. TAmr Baos'. Mancnu Co.
Gientlemen : Your Asthmaiene is an
89 Wse excellent remedy for Asthma and flay
CFever, and its composition allewlates.
all troubles which combine with As.
mgu.F.* thma. Its success Is astonishing aad&
After having it carefully analyzed, we can state that Asthmalene contains.
no opium, morphine, chloroform or ether. Very truly yours,
Da. ~rr aos Maaet~eCo.Avix 8Reauxce, N.Y.., Neb. 1.2115..
Gentlemaen:-I write thia teastimonlal from a acnse of airtr, having tested lb. wegaiesfal
etect of your Aethmaieale, for the euro of Asthma. My wile leas been sale~teel with spas
modicl asthma for the paint 12 years. Having exhauteai miy own chili a. well as alasy
others chanced to aue ou oubanAnr windoawfea 131Mbh etreet, New York. I at
Ionce obtaied abotttmalene.t I m wife commnuwcs4 takinrit tbsout theIret of
November. I very soon uinticed a radical improveia.cat. Aft.* using oue beetle beer
Asthma has disaippeared aleC abe is entirely free frio. nil symptomes. I feel that I earn
consistently rueonmucned the me~diciae to alt who are iifflictted with ibleis titretuingdiseaue.
Yours respectfully, 0. D. PDIEL.PS, K. D.
)DR. Tarr Baoes. Mzortcah Co* Feb. 5,1191.
Gentlemen:-I wass troubled with Asthmna for W years. I harte tried numeroga remedies,
but they have all failed. I ran scroee yo'ar advcrticemnent and started with a trial bottle.
I found relief at onue. I Lave ainee purt basrel yonur fulilinise hotel, sad I m eves graso.
feL I have family of four children. and for six year. was unable to work. I am mow ao
the Dest of health and am doing buinlaas evecy disy. Ibis testimony yua earn make sech
nec of as you see St.
Home addrees, 255 Ritvington street. 5. RAPHAEL,
57 Kast 1.9th at., City
Trial Bottle Sent Absolutely Free' bn Receipt
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see uses mc .aset in..er e-venee
the Nnaq d M Phsmevemr
9l5 Cswb.- e 155
sieasess-he e sma
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