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Jury Venire,
pth Judicial District Court,-Parish of
Be it known and remembered, that on
this twenty-nlinth day of the mouth of
January in the year of our Lord, One
wth.and, nile hundred and two,
parsant to written notices issued by
the Clerk of Court, in and for the Parish
of Lfourehe. sad addressed and given
oeoeh of the Jury Commnlssioners in
4 for said Parish, as by the said Clerk's
ertl eate hereto annexed more fully
app~ r; we, 11. W. Frost, Henry Riv
les, osM. Lefort, Thomas J. Knobloch
ad Jno. .. Seely. Jury Commissioners
daly appointed as such for the parish of
1iourche under the provisions of Act
go. 135 of the Genral Assemblly, approv
ed July, 13th, I1i", and promulgated by
peblieition in tile State Official Journal
in July, 2uth, IS, and all duly sworn
asd qualified as such Jury Commission.
ers in and for the said Parish of Lafour
he; met at the Clerk's Oflice at the
aourt house in the Town of Thibodaux,
sad in company with Charles J. Bar
her, Clerk of said Court, ex-officio Jury
Cognmissioner, duly sworn and qualified
a- such. Then and there in the presence
of Messrs. Thomas A. Riviere and Emile
J. Iegendre, two competent and disin
-toested witnesses of lawful age, compe
toet to read and write the English Ian
,sum, residing in the Parish of Lafour
beband summoned by the Clerk of said
L Court for the purpose; proceeded In ae
aordance with Section 6 of said Act No.
DInof the General Assembly of the State
do Iaisiana of 18l4, to examine the gen.
Vral venire list on file in the Clerk's Of
gee, and having struck therefrom the
sames of such Grand Jurors and regular
Jarors as have so served, as well as the
" smm of others who are known to have
died, removed from the Parish become
exemptor disqual i tied to serve as Jurors,
'iaee their names were entered thereon,
sad the names of those who have died,
removed. become exempt or disqualified
Swere also taken from the general venire
box; after which we supplemented the
arinLal list and the ballots in the box
wlih the names of the same number of
' od and competent men from the qual
Sfbad Jurors of the Parish, as have been
Staken from the box and erased from the
l5 so as to keep the number of names
Itbp general venire box and on the
list at the original standard of
hunderd contained therein; each
d sraid name so placed In the general
laire box having been written by the
Clerk of said Court on a separate slip of
paper together with the number of the
ward or place of residence of such per
And immediately after completing
said nire list, we selected therefrom
sbe iames of the following twenty citi
good and competent men, posses
9g the qualifications to serve as grand
Jros prescribed by Section 1 of said
Staken from different parts of the
h, as far as practicable, to serve as
a d Jurors at the session of court be.
lmnlng on Monday, March 10th, 1902,
1d until discharged according to law,
SL James Dill Ward.
SI. Paulin Ouillot 1
_ Thomas Beary I
4. Thomas Guillot 1
I. Henry Brand 2
L A. F. Gaiennie 2
7. A. J. Trone 2
L K. J. Braud 2
,. Joseph Clandet 2,
. Leufroid Pitre 3
IU. Alexandre Pertuit 3.
1!. Ulysses J. Barrios 4
IS. Abdou LeBlane 4
14. Robert C. Seely 5
Is. Alexandre Toups .5
I. Joe. Martines, Jr. 6
IT. Etienne Hebert 7
S.. Clay Falgout 8
,. Alfred Mare 9
31. Clifford Lathrop le
: And having so selected the above
asmed persons as grand jurors, the
same of each was written on a separate
slip of paper by the Clerk In the pres
once of the Commissioners and witness
.w, and all the slips so containing the
sames and number of the ward of each
lt said grand Jurors were placed In an
savelope by us Commissioners, which
-was by us sealed, signed and endorsed
sad Iaheled, "List of Grand Jurors",
placed in the jury box as hereinaf
After which we proceeded, after the
pm contained in the general venire
x had been well mixed, to draw from I
said general venire box the names
thirty persons to serve as petit Jurors
the first week of the session of said C
beginning on Monday, March, t
1902, the names being drawn from
ox one at the time by HIenry RI.
one of the said Jury Commission- C
In the presence of the other Com- f
-ner and of the witnesses, and
names so drawn are as follows:
Ward. L
Numa Mire 1
Lois Sapia 3
Joachim Landry 1
George Plalsance 4
Gustave Knobloeh 7
Smile Cantrelle 8
Bartholomew tchuppert 6
mao. J. McDonald a ii
Felicien Breaux 5
ortune IeBlano 9
*. P. Puh 5 b
: Vietor Matherne a
., P. Oaude 2
Oleap Bourgeois 8
Albert Chauvla 7
-mile Richard 7
J. B. Leche 5 la
avid Beally, Jr. 7
Douglas Thlbodaux 3
Joseph France 4 0
,layChiaseon 5 1I
ssph Bourg 3
Bergeron 5
.llp Bourgeoni (son of Norbort) 7
Aiex P. Hebert 1 d
AlIade J. Toups 2
ghtin Bourgeois 2
, Boureols, Jr. 5
GlMrt Ouidrry 6.
einry Adam 4
laced the names of the fore- t
persons so drawn as petit to
for e first week of the saidses
of court in an envelope, we have
and sealed, and endorsed and P
it "List of Jurors No. 1", to ,
Shr h.b said first week of the ses
which we proceeded to draw th
the said general venire box the
of thirty persons to serve uas petit
Lor the second week of the see- ar
_ mld Court beginning on Mon- t
tMreh, 17th, 1902, the names being
from the box one at the time by a
Henry Riviere, one of the Jury &
era, in the presence of the
Commissioners and of the witness- a
which names so drawn are as
Ward. he
e Bondreaux 6 B(
unthement 10 e
pierce 4
LeBRlan 2 ma
McDl)ermnott 2
Knight 4 ha
'r.aps 7 sal
-- u ter 9
- Ionard 4
Chanvin 3 ioE
Godehaux 7 of
Abribat 7
Foret 7 set
Bourgeois 7 tw
Paleon 1
Bour eoi bet
Dte- rigue 6
Dupre 2
hibodaux 2 an
Olover 2 ter
blvlere 2
Burbeck 8 r,
i 'nl r 4
- lllist r.
Having placed the names of the fore
ugoing thirty persons drawn as petit
Surorr for the second week of said ses
sion of Court in an envelope we sined Sc
and sealed the same, and endored and
labeled it "List of Juror No. 2",to
serve for the second week of the session.
il of And thereupon we have placed the
said two sealed envelopes, together with
the sealed envelope containing a list of fa
grand Jurors selected as herein-above i
t on set forth, in a box provided for the pur
th po se latbeled, ".lury Box", which was w
S thereupon locked and sealed, and lac- in
One in the custody and keeping of the
b Clerk or said Court, for use at the next i
r ensuini session of court, and subject to i
i the orders of the District Judge. And hi
n the said general venire box was also
n locked and sealed and delivered to :he
id Clerk of Court as the custodian t
ull thereof; all in the presence of the said
Ri- witnesses. Oi
In Faith Whereof, we have signed he
Hers thisprocess verbal of the drawing of
h the Jury, made at the time, on the day, re
mo- onth andyear first above written, I| Jt
o nthe presence of the aforenamed wit-ch
torn (Original Signed) H. \W. FROST,
our. J. M. LEPORT,
the JNO. S. SEELY,
tux, 'aos. KNOrnLO. Sc0
tar- Jury Commissioners.
fed Clerk of Court, ex-oflicio Jury Comis- fo
i nee sioner.
nile Witnesses. . J. .LEGPENDRE, u
sin- Titos. A. RIVIEan. 31
Rpe- Bead and filed January, 29th, 1902.
Ian- (Signed) I'. J. BARKER,
Aur- Clerk of said Court. Fri
maid "A true copy"
ac- Clerk's Oftice,
No. - Thibodaux, La., Jan. 30th, 1902. Fri
tate L.S P. J. ArcoiN,
en*- D'y. Clerk of said Court.
Il Proceedings of School
the Board. Fr
on Thibodaux, La. Jan. 20th. 1902. Fn
led, The Parish Board of Directors of
eire the Parish of Lefourche met this day Fri
the according to adjournment, the Presi
'>o dent In the chair and the following Fr
aal- Directors present: Messrs. N. C. Ei.
en fer, Paul Scott, l,. C. Roger, Paul Tai
nee Meyer, P. F. Caillouet, Alcide Chau t
the vin, Jr., and the Secretary, exoflcio
s Superintendent.
ral The minutes of the last meeting Rei
tho were read and approved as recorded
the The action of the Board in provid S
er- ing for a school house to be ercctel
ing on the lot given to the Board by Mr. Cot
on Laurence Kraemer, and providing Bu
it- further for the transfer of the Lafor
and est School house to a locality more As
aid accessible to the children around the Ta
as Rodrigue neighborhood was rescind. All
be ed.
A letter from Mr. Lovincyg Io Tot
drigue was read. In it was an offer
on the part of Mr. Rodrigue to give
rd. a site for a school house to the Board Exg
1 at about two miles from his residence,
a1 t a poiut that would be easy of ac To
2 cess to the children attending the
2 Kraemer and Laforest Schools. The
2 offer was also made by Mr. Rodrigue Tot
2 on behalf of himself and his neigh
3 bors to furnish the sills and the
4 blocks for the building atd to do ihe
4 work of erecting the building lprovid.
ed the School Board wou'd furnish
6 the mnaterials, and the services ot a
7 carpenter for three or four days Sua
9 The Board accepted the offer of Mr that
11 Rodriguu and of his neighbors. ancd onlJ
he agreed to establish a school on a lot
ate to be given ti the Board by M1r. Ro am'
drigue, this diw school to tak the T
he place of the Laforest and Kraemen Sei
och Schools. Mr. Elfer, on this proposi legs
ch tion desired to be recorded as voting Pro
ted in favor of retaining the Kraemer ati
"= School. pre;
A delegation of citizens of Lock
he port appeared before the Board, by i ci
,m permission, and requested that Mr.
es L. O. Brumfield be retained as Prin act
id cipal of that School, and the delega Ti
h, tion also presented a petition to the
same effect. The matter was duly a
n- considered by the Board and the to I
following preamble anJ resolutions .
were adopted as expressive of the wi
sentiments of the Board on the quea V. .
rt. tlon at lasue: t
I Whereas, this School Board have Sn
been iuftomed that the Lockport T
4 Public School Fund Association have
Sexpressed their dissatisfaction with ig I
6 the action of this Board in appoint. A
Sing a snccessor to IMr. Bramfeld, as of R
SPrincipal of the Loekport School, and Lyal
5 have elaimed the right to appoiut the asmi
teachers of aid school. sg
a Therefore, be it resolved, by the the i
Parish Board of Directors of the Par
5 ish of Latourche that to this Board
7 alone has the law granted the right
Sof appointing all teachers of all pub elan
5 lic schools in the Parish of lJafourche, ig a
and that this duty and responsibility Tb
7 this Board respectfully declines to
Sdelegate to any othar body, however tu
2 respectable that body may be gatic
5 Resolved, that in selecting Mr. E vouC
O. Payne, a Normal School graduate and
. to succeed Mr. Brnmfeld, whose thO i
Sterm of employment by this Board
Shad expired, the Parish Board of thise
D nDrectors have samply discharged A
what they conceived to be their duty, tors
under their oath of ofle, and assume t
Sthe full responsibility for their action,
Sbelieving it to be for the best Interest to th
and advantage of the people of the ed on
State and Parish, whose funds are appoi
r used for the support of the Lockport L C.
! School during the public session of Callic
said school.
Resolved, that this Board express The
the hope that the pleasant relations era wi
heretofore existming between this agna
Board and the Association that so Tht
sealonsly labors for the grand cause rl
of education at Lockport, may not be pa
marred by anything that this Board at ii
have done, but that, on the contrary, ing th
said Association may, on reflecton, uons I
concede to this Board when discharg, cation
lug their offcial duties the lhke purity The
of motives that actuates them, and that b
accord to this Board a desire to pro
mnote the cause of peace and harmony Angel
between all portions of the Parish. $20.0(
All the mei.bers of the Board vot- $75.04
ed in favor oftthe above preamble for $1
and resolutions except Directors El. The
ter and Meyer, who were excused T
fropa voting, at their request. ed for
It was decided that there would be The
no local Directors appointed for any adjou
school. TaoMv
Mr. Francis Bardon was assigned ITuoi
he fore- to the Leeville School.
aidses- The colored so-called Bayou Blue
esined School, located at Beattyville, in the
. 2", to Parish of Terrebonne, was ordered to
session. be dl-continued.
red the
ier with The Board allowed the contractor
a list of for the Valere Gucdry School house
-a bove fifteen days witllhin which to comply
ich was with his contract, with the understand
ad ac ing that if the contract is not fu:filled
henext in that time, the building of the
bject to school house would be taken out of
s. And his hands.
I to he The Superintendent was authorized
the sa lto h:tve the necessary repairs made
on the Gheens and Vacherie School
signed houses in accordance with the letters
he day received on the subject from Mr.
tten, ii John R. Gheens and Mr. D. M. IHit.
id wit- cher, respectively.
ST, The Treasurer submitted his an
'iRE', nual report as follows:
my, Annual report of A. J. Brand,
flLOi. School tieasurer, in account with the
R,. School Funds of the Parisi of La
ommis- fourche for the term beginning Jan.
RE, uary 1st. and ending with December
SEns. 31st. 1901.
Receipts for the year.
Court. From State appor
tionment $7375 86
. From poll taxes 2289.00
I From current
school taxes 6406 92
1001 From school
house taxes 1281.38
From fines and
Costs 1171.00
902. From Interest on
rs of 16th sections 318.05
ie day From Interest on
Presi daily Balances 166 01
owing From ferry reepts 1588.62
C. 1:.
Paul Total receipts for
Chou the year $20596 84
officio Disbursements for the year.
Teachers pay $19008.00
ceting Rents, repairs
rded and supplies 1563 63
rovid Superintendent's
rectest salary 866 66
Iy Mr. Com. of treasurer 503.13
viding Building school
Lafor houses 350.00
more Assessor's salary 569.30
id the Tax col's com. 615.38
scand- All other sources 515.31
I Ito Total disbursements
Soffer for the year $23991.41
a give
Board Excess of disbursements
lence, over receipts $3394.56!
of ac To which add the amuount
g the overdrawn Jan. 1st 1901 178.40
Irigue Total overdrawn Jan. 1st, An I.
neigh- 1902 $3572.97
t the Respectfully submitted,
to the No N
rovid. A. J. BaAUD, Ne
unishSchool treasurer.
N. B. As regards the item of It
days Supt. salary of $866.66 I will state unde
that the warrant for Dec. 1900 was dises
and only cashed in 1901, and with salary filled
t of the year 1901, acounts for plete
amount stated in report. conDl
the The matter concerntng the Pierce
Sch'ol House was refitrred to the t
osilegl adviser for his opinion and the and a
ot President was au:horized to take such
emer actiron as might be necessary in the selve
premises. loss
Lock-. The St. Charles Ferry was placed lood
d, by in charge of Directors Paul Scott and whicl
Mr. Alcile Chauvin with full power to
Prin act for the beat interests of the ynebr
B. arl.
o the The followinag bills were presented (lisco
dulyand the reqtisite appropriations made cure
th to pay the .-arn:
tions A. Baldwin & Co. Ltd. for
the wire rope for ferry, $19.75 formi
V. M. Aucoin, drayage sn into a
coal for O. A. 1.20 en.
have Stamps for Secretary's office, 3.00 WI
Spo . R Coulon, for Sundries, 2.30 BAN
have Thibodsox Sentinel, for print Y
with ing and stationery, 13.10 isin
oint A petition was read from citizens pecl
of Raceland asking that Miss Clotilda s
;:d Lyall be retained at that School. In. that
t the asmuch as the Board had alread as ples
signed another teacher to that school, be
Sthe the petition was laid on the tabla witho
Par The Superintendent was authorized taki
oard to 'se the funds derived from the a
ri fees of examoinees, at the last State hv
pb examination, for the purpose of buy. i
rehe ing additional books for the teacher's have
ilty ibrary. men i
il The Finance Committee was in. isterei
eve structed to make a thorough mnvesui. ithol
gation of the Treasurer's books and tea,
r. E vouchers ani to cancel the vouchers discoC
nate and destroy them after the examinn a. e a
Ston and the Committee were allowed be del
their per diem for their services in ing
I of this examination. "
rged A special committee of three Direc the e
uty, tors was appointed to visit and in-. ths C
uoe spect the GOnion Academy and report body I
t to the Board what repairs were need. orer
the ed on that building. The President Shecia
are appointed on this committee Messrs. when 1
ort L. C. Roger, Paul Scott and P. F. Sent p
Callouet. on re
ress The selection of the Colored teach Dept
ions ers was left to the Committee on asa Street,
this sigument All
o The session of the schools in this dentia
u parish for the present year was fixed T
ard at six months, with the understand, organs
try, ing that the session shall be contin. Knol
on, uous oand without interruption for vs. Louis
rg* cation.
ri The Superintendent reported orally
ro that he had sold, at private sale, the D
ni Aigelloz and St. John Ferries for
$20.00 each, the Buckhorn Ferry for
ot' $75.00 and the J. T. Badeaux Ferry
ble for $12 00
The opening of the session was fix.
ed for Feb 3.d, 1902.
be The Parish Board of Directors then
y adjourned.
TaoOAs STARK, M. D. Psesident.
ed I TuoAs A. BADEAUx, See. & Supt. 5
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_Gentlemen:-I write this testimonlal from i sense of duty, having tested the wonderuli
efect of your Asthmalene. for the cure of Asthma. My wife has been amlicted with spas
modie asthma for the past 12 years. Having exhausted my own skill as well as many
others. I chanced to see your sign upon your windows on 180th street. New YorL, I at
once obtained a bott le Atmlene. Mv wile commenced taking It about the frst
November. I very moon uoticed a radical Improvement. Afte. using one bottle her
Asthma has disappeared and she Is entirely free fruon ail symptoms. I feel that I can
consistently re ommend the medlicine to all who are aleted with this distreasing disease.
Younrs respectfully, O. D. PHELPS, M. D.
DL. TArr RUos. Misuicua Co. oeb. ,1911.
Gentlemen :--1 was troubled with Asthma for22 years. I have tried numerous remedlles,
but they have all failed. I ran across your advertisement and started with a trial bottle.
1 found relief at once. I have since purchased your full-size bottle, and I am over grase.
ful. I have family of four children, and for six yoars wad unable to work. I inn now In
the neat of heslth and am doing bualneaus every day. rhbi testimony you can make such -
use of as you see fit.
Home address, 235 Rlvington street. 8. RIAPHAL,
67 East I29th st., City
Trial Bottle Sent Absolutely Free or Receipt of Postal.
Do not delay. Write at once, addressing DR. TAFT BROS' MEDICINE
CO., 79 East 130th St., N. Y. City.
cc imieee n..dince in e
as W Utaesae Pl Ple0 Peditm-Vdame
AnI C emwsdis oe se.-lm veer
A Ve A Wpeali es.sThm.
BEllis Braud's Sons.
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