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The weekly Thibodaux sentinel. [volume] (Thibodaux, La.) 1898-1905, April 12, 1902, Image 2

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, ,.-ut Jouurml of de P['risf. of LrAlolr l. kind
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PEl: TY AL. 1. A D'VA:': .............................. d-): Ievce
Ail ,-r, nfcl I j,,lA.! 1I al !r'eril ti, Tie T11 1- mAon
d:,u,.ti,, al " T.: r :e f rmrla,,,m . ~' f
it" I --r. t. r o:.,.,r .n t'mt "u .L.;t: notfa i.
g"..Y"!ly pr pared to do jb work if every description
- -- tm tiin nr
)i hitt,-r,.t" ;."-4. -". - .,rr " .ti :.. .." J t ihr t b l irnf t..f.. K in
?! tf .. ." . . . -. ,:),, ?L It .-.t.".r" i. -t L ,- i'¢ t')"d l.- . f-.".. Win. tr;Lt 1
rotin-l&.el, 'ri'.dritih Wilhelm Aaugudt. ad
a l,hilot,h i'hr. philanthropist and a 'reat ii.si
educational r i~ronner. in c
\Vas born in the year 1oi2 Airil 21. jfe re
in the village of Oberuci.sbach. in the Thur-! a in
ingian frest. Ite was the son of a Llutheranl ner
c-lergyman. who paid very little attention toelrcv4
his" life and early training. afor
Froeb-Il when quite young lost his mother duti
and the cr.n..s lnr tj('es were that he had a a ge
hard time in battling ao-ainst the many strng- mio
gles wthi,'h canr: into his life and be:uides hei
was ro9fb.-td of the influence of a mother the
which is everyothing in the building np of a:sl.h:
man's chara'tw-r. After his mother's death a pe
he was ifulac,'d ur:d,:r the care of a rriaifl-srv-ostri
ant. and aftr a ::;,e of a few years he wasl tWoe
left in thI, kr-,'.iipg l,f a st,.-mrother, who in- life.
stead of Ihhs.-t:i1L, his trials and making hliss
lot in life easy, as it wea: her duty as a good ties
woman, she on the contrary filled his life`e V
with sorrow and ericf. will
However ill due course of time he went Inuil
to the village -chogl where hlie received a nee,
very limited e li:atioic. While at stihool the her
first week lie heard a quotation from the laov
Bible: "Seek ye first the kingdom of God." posi
These words made a ,wxl and everlasting tha
Imnpression on his eiid. He was not very the
studious and brinit in his sc:hool work, but inl
he dearly loved to steal out in the woods and tiot
cast his warlering eyes on the beautiful I tial
scenery of nature, he loved to break away al i
from his fellows and commune with her--it ma
filled his heart with gladness to watch the lmaj
beautiful little birds in their frolicsome froi
games and hear their joyful songs, he loved I the
to hear the rippling music of the water as it thr
trickled down the hillside, he loved flowers she
not for their fragrance, but for their symmet- the
ry, lovlin.ess, and beauty. While these many me
scenes were a source of great pleasure to be- tr
hold-yet his soul was filled with a more di- me
vine inspiration when ever his eyes were uit
turned towards heaven. ede
About the age of ten his Uncle, who waskn
indeed very kind to him, took him into his of
home and sent him to school, but he still did h
not perform very satisfactory work. The ha
only progress noticeable was the growth of all
his love for nature. At the age of fifteen, lie
began to think about choosing a calling and ev
in the year 17w7 he became an apprentice, to in
a i'orester in Thuringia, for two years and in e
1T79 he went to the University of Jena where th
he attended lectures oi the most important
brlanches of study. His work in botany he A
Haidl essentially quickened his insight into
nature, and made his power of obt~ rvation
more active. While at the University he be
came involved in a debt which resulted in ser
his remaining in priorn for nine weeks, bae- c
fore he was released. bil
He was always trying various trades. Cu
In 1805, he worked under an architect in
raolkfort, but wai lot satisfied until oneb le
(lay It(aner, the principal of a mokdl rschoolt
persumaed ,hin to give up architecture and an
dedicate his life to the cause of education. i of
In 1808, he went to Yverdwn and receiveduth
instruction from Pcstolozzi for two years.,
Then lie went to tihe universities of Berlin kn
(Grottiingen. In 1813 le enlisted in the Prims- ia
sian army against Napoleon. After having A'
returned from war lie established at Keilhaulohi
a school which did not come up to the requir-.
1ents of the time, that is it did not accom-noe
plish the needs of the time, and about fifteen ty
years later he established a Kindergarten opl
pchool in the little village of Blankenbury aE
1837. It wan the first of its kind ever estab-t
liahed--hbencet h. is called the "father of theit
Kiudergarten system. After having lived tui
seventy years he di'd at MBarienthal on the pa
21 of Jutr e52. in he1 ib
His teaiwmim;gs were well received. He we
applied hi1. j piniphls in such a manner as to, th
establish tlemi iirmly i:n the hearts of his
people. that !hley nm-iott be handel downi to fa,:
posterity, lle blitcvtd in educdtiug tile in-1,sti
fai:r fr,l - til !: it left its- r rthw-r armn
t thyt t!.- n:i9ýt 1,' well lrelIr 'i to takt, up
the! rI'"'ihlr sih"' I course. By '-leicating
them or traininig them he wished to drvelope
their taste for the beautiful. to cultivate
kindnics. love and friendly feelings for one
another, to stimulate their activities, to
develope all the faculties of their mind har
moniously, ttat they night create new ideas
from w-ithin. to teach thmt-i the exii-tnce of a
s:!preme bei.g. to shape their character, to
speak correctly, to assist one another, to bear
in mind the Golden Rule. to instill into their
hearts all % irtuous I rilncipelc.
To acli, v- his purlp,e he organized his
Kiuth rgart,'n -schoo wherein hle wish.icl to
tra:n'ir,:iI their plays and amusemenits into
work by having them do it in a systematic
manner. The physi.:al nature he would ,-ul
tivat, ,:- -.a!i-thenics exercises, and by the
mranr- -,f b<locks. cuh-s. cones. stic'ks, alil_,
and a!l i:nasiinahi!e playthings he would furn
ish them that they might display their jenius
in co);str' ,tihg, inveniting and Imaking dif
fe-rent d,-signs. The method of keeping their
minds active a'wl training th,-:n in this man
ner until tlh:-y wars prepared to take up their
regular .hooul wr,,rk was a very wi.- thing.
for when th.-y did enter upon their school
duties they were well equipped and they had
a go.fl antl a solid foundation wlh-reupon a
-nighty strv-lture could be erected.
IThe' people are just beginihiig to realize
the sad ne:es-ity of more Kindlergarten
s',hools. and the day is newt far distant when
a permanent Kindergarten system will be
establishld. and his works be accepted as it
would have been the longing desire of his
As a teacher he considered the possibil -
ties of woman gre:ater than tho,se of ,man.
especially in Kindergarten work. I1er soft
winni;ir ways. the persevering spirit whi.ch
animate. her soul. her knowledge of the
needs and desires of the child at this age,
her sweet and gentle influence-are these
lovely attainments exalt her to the highest of
positions in this field of work. Froebel said
that the destinies of nations depended upon
fthe manner in which she used her wonderful
influence. Therefore if the destiny of na
tions lie in the hands of woman how essen
tial is it then that she should be instrument
al in shaping and moulding the character of
man in his earlier 'lays. Froebel held that
man and nature inasmuch as they proceed
from the same source, must be governed by
I the same laws. That the mind is reached
through its senses and that the first senses
should be as far as possible be exercised'as
the organs of the mind, and not as organs of
mere pleasure and desire. He laid very great
stress on self activity, to produce develop.
ment; connectedness and unbroken, contin
uity to help the right acquisition of knowl
edge; creativeness to produce assimilation of
knowledge, growth of power, and acquisition
of skill, physical activity to develope the
physical body and its powers; and happy and
harmonious surroundings to foster and keez
all these.
He said that the vocation and destiny ol
Ievery rational human being is to develope hii
individuality-to become himself; to gain a
clear insight into his divine being, inordel
that lhe might be at peace with nature and in
union with God.
The Democrats of the IIouse of Repre
Ssentatives at Washington held a caucus re
cently to endeavor to agree upon some cours
of action in regard to the Cuban reciprocity
bill, which proposes to reduce the duty on
Cuban sugar and tobacco 2o per cent.
It is claimedl that the United States Gov
erminent, after having given Cuba freedoir
and inidependence at the enormous cost o
war, involving the loss of mn!,ry precious live:
Iand the expenditure of hundreds of milliona
Iof money, still owes the Cubans a debt whici
Sthe sugar-makers and tobacco-growers of th,
Union are called on to pay. Of course, every
- body who has given attenltion to the subjeci
knows that there isno intention of doing
anything for the Cubans, but that the entir,
:scheme is exclusively for the benefit of th,
American Sugar and Tobacco trusts, bui
I chiefly for the former.
I The Democrats in caucus did nothing,
nor did it seems possible for them to agree
on anything. They now hare an opportuni
ty by voting with the Republicans, who ar,
iopposed to the reduction of the duties, t<
assist in splitting the Republican party, thE
President being at the head of the movemeni
to reduce the duties. But it is plain thai
they will not take advantage of the oppor
tunity to defeat tehir enemy. The "Jackasi
party" seems incapable of any wise measure,
but always plays into the hands of the old
foe that could be so easily beaten if ther(
were any combinations of all elements foi
the purpose.
A few Democrats will vote azainst th,
Sugar Trust and the Republican presidential
faction, whilhethe Ilalanie will voto tc
Sstrt-ngthlun thie hands of the cinenmy.----Picayune
The Kind You Hare Always Bought, and which has been
in use for over 30 years, has borne the 'natro cf
- sad has been made under his per
sonal supervision since its Itnhcy.
Allow no one to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and "Just-as-good" are Mbt
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Iniants and Ciln Eperece against Experiment.
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil0 Pare
gorie, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
oent.ins neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotle
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulate the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea-The MoIther's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
?we &v"Aus . CO.." . uVV e?36. 09W 603 C.V.
s c r ly S odI in zi:s
Saks Ike th's jri ý
The feed that
Ie;ps Males Vp
and feed bills
19Wg. or. Loom. Ha
New Orleans!
Shreveport, Dallas,
Ft Worth. El Paso,
Colorado and
Chair cars and sl, r.pe;s on all through
General Pass. &: Ticket Agt.
Dallas. Texas.
i .. . . . . - i--
A. S. DON!NAL). Prop.
1! irst class accommodla
S tim :,.r Cm,:nreal tra
Ii I he t I r, m i.r'is.
Lafourclhe ro'sinL, . - La
. Be tie
Q. ot Got
C. Cagt. Cared. .
I to 3 days. S t Drgist or
Eip-ess prepaid.
>.ats se ,lf C InXZ A S ALtC 0.
Att'y c!wlc Courtne ,.r (t Lao
''rhiboda ux, tm :.
Gaude Building,
St. Philip St.
Dr. Meyer's
Wate r,
FL t c!as Accommodations
Meals Servce at all Hores.
Cor. St. Lou5: and Market Strx tý.
Adjuoining ank of Thibodaux.
Otece hncr, ton 4a. m.tn4 p. rn.
Any N ':.tr.' ui..ce-s prt .ptiy a·d ear
fully att _:. i.
eeds matke
Saops make more a
tomers-s each year t
erops and customers bhv
grown rea. TS.Tha thsr
msaret of the Ferry e(
More Ferry's *eeds soM
and sown than any othe
UUZ mn.edasuuOn SPw
SD.erry A o.
Low Rates on M. L. & T. R R.
Sunset Route.
sell colonist tickets from Thblodtau
to Californ.ia Common Points during
March ant April 1902 at a rate of
$:') 35. There weil e an ex u sion
sle lcr --'.r r (lay dtu in.r the wek
r exLspt l.t.d:uy at rate of -5.(t0.
For aihlitioual particu'ars apply to
lobdl agent 3 St
men and women to travel and
'advertise for old established house of
solid fiuaneial standing. Salary
$780 a 'ear and etpense ., all paya
ble in cashb. No esavassing reqnired.
Give re ferences and enclose se:f ad.
dresscd utamped envelope. Adlress
Man.eger, 355 Cuxton B.Ig., Chi
cago. 38,26t.
;iRead Th , e . i .· l.
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cause the kidneys to worh as
mture intended they should.
They buaid up the shrunken
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As a cure for urinary troubles i
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o10, 25, So Cents am
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for all an--s.'-. of in-pirin, harz.o
Lv a:.d ti., :inntre.-r. We are
h'adquarterr f ,r all kin-s of
Musical Instrum nts
and must*.a.: rc~.- Lnd can suit you
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Yuurs fvr melody,
V. J. Knobloch.
, : T.uo wrant earne br ad.ome
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H. N. Coulon,
'•rIhROn) D 'X. L4.
LUi & JtY&. i
bry 4u*d.
Clot! toI. beots.sea I ats.s. . .aef oJ otie
Fnllline of Fnr.s:cre Kessm a ' hilip
tit. Leons %,tre-t
B')URG . T.
i:Market MIand.
4A f 'oRn hJaa t-s beat t teef. Mutton
Pok. Veal, r.d Sauaget oz ail kiada
Market Street. Ibihtudaui. L.
, M, W. Tralge, PsroIeleor.,
S'boice wires ani iiquor. a r'gars always
Sa head Cor. Green a·Ld MaLrke baSess.
RoT, H. W.,
CJyplre and Ple Lahee.r,
q CVpress an6d aw ingles. ale sadd'er$
a sd bhrn~as. M,.Akai-..ag and horsn
Sshdila a speeialty.
SfETER, DRS . J. & L. L
Phylclean and MutAsbrgl.
Proprietors of Meer Dag Store. Mliu "tree:
Talbodaeu La. J J. Pierson. Kanag.r.
OT ROTH :,rG CO, L-',.
t Dropt, Cbe3icals.k Pe:mu .ry. Scael4 b,,k,
S Statonervo ere. C',r. lean & Green street.
SI YWtecmanker & Jeweller
Fine Jewelry. wateha -ta, clokt. etc. .eia
s I treet. between St. 'lmi,, and 'it. Louits
LANCHtARD, ID. D.-.), J. i&.
Corner Greeon atnd t Bridget Strewt
R. BAD , TI, !AS A.,
A lteome£' am..Law.
Bank of Laeonatbe buildintg.
ill tlOEILL & MArt I,.
S Atersacy* s at law,
Rooms 5, ,. 7, i;u*.k of 'tilsi1ut B-illdisj
tflires: BaLk luild.ag. E'n r-sjc on S
to j luai Sir. t
nl MIide leacher s
of Gives "ttrOumental, vocal asd lHrrteUy lee
iras. Meetieuce: Letae Street.
ed. The courses of study are, Engeliah, French
d LItin s Cd a aomner-ial course.
FOr further particulars apply to
BL, N. iHAiGId., Prinecipal.
A Academyr ler VYemu lleo
K,.pt by the KIlters of Mount Carsmel. Thee
ough uetee. Eglish isa Frsaech. Feet o
Market Street.
-: + r, I :. I. 5.
eloary Publie,
SIt, L'~ taie anln ibare ahd claten lnsur-se,.
.~4 .... q'ull, l'orr.,nea' Bank itfl~aI.ore i4
so y,*wr
Tow Irrrr
esi a o at -T . tt '
e a oraeaa a rty
Csn d yt~ar Job Printill
f 4p thi Offi. SXPti ect
Guam. nteed.
ILL: ~EL.-Ca'strt> , reliable per.
zaa , es -rv c ur tc to reprerattlug
·-·ml~any f f load lbwpetal rpotatso7 i
a'~~ L:lrc per rearS. payable wet~kr
s3 i,.-r ias & -SU'utely sate and a)
XV~'~~brlira ist hone i de degaik
:. -.1 "y, no u,aminrion; salar pail
. a ii Sturday and e5l~a~e "ess
:.1Fnnced eatb week. ETASDAUX
HOUI'SE, 334 D£11.1 Se., C :z
S- dDx~i-Lý
O, i (c Stiiuos
(3 narariteed.si
S rah. hoers -du
r.hSitrdard trt a. ex;*seal Ems)
Thma svsr rnwU sa sir s 
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Ha)s, lag Dweeao a3bses 00aelr.
ses Daplm ae wr u
de 4Pberubdbod 6 isd Overadr
Zzpoa aettalilod taa.lp
-rodoor esaw a
Dnoqot feareDid. andrazi
Thirona xi Shoe arde HatsStore bs
lieofte hi~ghest srade waetees~e
Ha' ·lag~·r mee kelee Lee e.
F ora fob pin ti ngy oad z a lu i ndha sa, cAP r w t h z r
havec mpea adr la a aan vl.)
WAb elase ·1* 3CeIael Wi in
heap is bebe lash. Issem law veg
Sluml *ota at aM.
~MLID OL . z
4.m~c ftfbo ae Lam.
Kep Dry.
Do sotC eAR cold adia srai
IThibdaz Soe rad isHt Stor has
highest- grade nusn
 Lna J. BairV, TrOp.
For job pnntlingoaltl isrh~ ml;
c~m or Wiite . thetb SwrzuL,
LJommisqion Mewa nrat
?OaTO3iEGG iis.'owgy. 33k-,~,
We plgy eda U. 3 l1
Ii XptelW *
MAii ITRWb1,
N. T. 33OURG.
Mar~t Stand,
-hD l~~rLw* 05 RAYS tUS
31S 07 3134 MC TOW PRK VU&,
Cbokce fresh beef, pork, vealbl. mvt
eseesgo 'o~oU~aly oa rbea.
Sifualed on She Ralroad. core. U.
hreeI, sd of~ eav cces tree aL~L p1W
bekru Iowa 1
Electrical Wiork, i'a Pu
vate Telephrone LiaA
andG Plantation Sgi'·
te~nts. Electric Bell, FiiW
andu Burg~lar AJlarm~ -~r
and al El~4ectrical J'fov

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