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Local Paragraphs.
Get fat on T,'no-Tonique buoy a T
bottle a Thboudaux Duag Store. 12 C
Csrnival Cqub fair May 17. 18 and,
19. J
Breezs Time at the Opera H.,ase I
to night. sts at V. J. J. Kaobloh. L
Mr. L'viocj" Fstevr who is now
pmllrov.l in Jennings is on a visit,
to rieatives in our city. S
It will be a Breezy Time to nightl
at the Olera House. I
The Thibodaun Fire Co. No. I will a
hond a grand ith. of July celebration
to he continued on the 5th, and 6th, 1
with a grand fair at the opera house I
We had the pleasure of meeting
Editor Schwing of the Alberill'
bort in our little city last Sunday.
We hope brother that you may have I
o:easion to mingle with our people
again soon.
asM. Ni ll r. 5r .
Dont fail to tee a Breezy Time to.
night at the Opera House.
Small Pox Vacine Points can be
had at the Thibodeaux Drug store at
15c each. 38.
The regular meeting of Thibodaux
Fire Co. No. 1. will take place next
Monday at their ball at 8 p. m.
go , IM ig e , a bq" t
The Mrs. Curtis of St Philip St.
band the pleasure 91 entertaining last
Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. 1urton and
family and Mr. Robert Taylor of St.
Bernard La., Mrs. H. E Mortin, of
Kenuesom, Neb., and Dr. Gaulden,
and sister and J. W. Kagan, of Jeen.
DIED.-On Thursday morning at
3 o'clock, at the residence of her
brother-in-law, Dr. E. Sabatter, Miss
Laure (Qarrignes, aged 70( years and
6a nontas. Her funeral took l)ace
from the St Josep,h's Catholic church
on Thursday at 5:30 p. inm.
If your appetite is g~,,e you need a
good tonic Tono-Tonique is the best
appetizer on the msaket. It will
make you eat and, will digest what
you Mqt. G:t a lottle at the Thabo
daux 4)rug Stuor 13
Mr. Beaureg.ard Caro, a prominent
oatizeo of this town, was married to
Mims Louise Breaux at Lockport on
Thursday morning. The happy oouple
left the sapm day for New Orleans to
l,pend a few days. We return thanks
(or a piece of wedding take.
Prot W. S. Laargue had the I lea
sure last Sunday of entertaining his
brother Sergeant E. L. Lafargue of
the Louteians State University. We
undertand that the young man is a
brilliant student of the University,
having carried off the Garig medal
for oratory. He has also been selec
ted to deliver the valedictory for the
penoir class.-Comet
A noted Freochk Physician ays of
Totuo-Toique. '.It is one of the very
best tInies On the msarket, as it gives
back to, a patient what they have lost
l1tring qitkneas. Tqpo-Tiooique is
.iquid beef steak For sale at Thtb
ladax Drug Store. 12
Ar you in need of a Freezer this
summer? If so call and seeme. I
am in rteaipt of a large consignment
of same. The Bllzrd anod Lighten.
g.& I have been handling these
Freezer for several years and they
have rlways given universal satisface
tion. I sell them at New Orleans
price anod save you the Freight. 1
pu! also in rticeil t of a large line of
ieautiful white Enameled lined Cool
vrs kt reasonable prices.
For Sale.
The houpe and lot known as the
itott property. Lot measuring 115
feet on St. Mary street and 60 feet
on Harrison street, house has 7
room. Terms cask.
For particulars apply to
.usasasz. D'.iar & BoussAtr,
New lhetna, La.
,NK BrWorrTT, Agent,
' ihodaun La.
Sfsits pa Onto, Crry or ToLIpo,I
LycAs Courry,
Faa . JC  sr i.t makes oath that
ie the seoir partonr of te Irm ol
.J. CrENET a (Co, dking busianess
a the (ity of 'Toledo, Cuntyl" and
tate aftoresid, anl that arid im
pill pay te sum o 03tiE TITlRE)
POlsAg8 ~or each sad every case
pf Catsrrb ta$ canonot be coured by
be ue s of (,4tLL' CAa·ar CrsL .
Swore to before me and sbe)scrijbd
In .r prsence, this Qtlt d:,y of Dec
peober, 4. p. 15s8i
" oto,'y Pubb.
Hal a Catirrh Cure is t-oken inter.
lpaly and acts dir~Ltl onu the blood
and qqucous qurct.avesu qf the system.
leod for testinoni.el, free.
F. J. CHENEY & 4'o, Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 73.
njll's Fauily Pills are the best.
Toward- lfIhirg the he~rv d"',. t
edness on Mt. Caarmel Convent.
Thihodaux S.ntinel.... .... $ 2500 tI
C. K. of A .............. 5
Pelican Club .............. 26 0 T
Char;es A. Badwaux........ 500 -"
John .M. Was J............ 500 P
Dr. S. . Avo............. 10t) '4
.Dr. T. A. Stark............ 10.00'
EI llis Braud's Sons......... .35.'00
r'8. Riviere &.Co........... 25'o
tCash ............ ........ I.uu t0
S. IR. C'oao .............. 3 u0o
Tom Bearvy............... 23.05( I
Thomas A. Rivlere......... 200l t
Louis Perrin ..... ...... 200
Dr.A.J.& L. E. Meyer.... 25 00 U
Cash.......... . ........ 3., t
James Beary.............. 500
Winm. McCormick........... 5.00't
Il A.ºdrew Price............. 25 u I
SMrs. L. J. Meyer........... 1000 t
I, E.G. Robichaux............ 40 00
e L 31 Hargis.............. 5.0011
Dr. Sabatier........ ...... 10.00
John McCulls Sr.,......... 2500 I
Father Dubou'rg........... 25 00
Father Simon.............. 10.00i
Father Ravoire............ 10.00
le Guy J. Knob'och......... 1001
A friend ................. 100 '0
Dr. O L. Brad........... 10 0011
. J Knoblo~b............ 500!
Eugene Knobloch........... 1.00
Peter Fe. Jr .............. 1.00
O!iver Eng.rran........... 1.00
r. Dr. J. J. Daigre............ 10.001
Cash..................... 2.00 1
Emile Riviere ...... ..... 25.00
Ed. McCul:a ............. 1000
J. Bsaticanx ............... 2500
C. J. Barker .............. 5.00
x E. N.Roth................. 10.00
Pt . F. Legendre ............. 2 50
D. Delaune................ 20.00
J. L. Basset .............. 5.00
Cash............ ........ 1.00
L. D. Cherault............ 100
Dixie Dramatic Club........ 70.25
Y. M. B. A. of Lafourche... 100.00
4. Judge L. P. Caillonet....... 10.00
st Qoloored Catholic progressive
d Asociaston ............. 5 00
it. Victorin Toups............ 2.00
of L. Keefe................. 25.00
n, A. Trosclair.... ....... 25.00
U. The indebtedness on it. Carmel
Convent is over $15,000.
at Oertait Cure for Children.
er Shake into your shoes Alleu's Foot
d Ease, a powder. It cares Chilblains,
c Frostbites, Damp. Sweating, 8wollea
feet. At all Druggists and Shoe
Stores, 25c.
Ia Notice.
Til The active and Honorary members
at of Protector Fire Company No. 2 are
o- herebly notiied to assemble on Wed
nesday April 16th 1902 at 3 P. 31.
nt at the old Protector Hall on Jackson
Strett. Cnlas RlvIE5,
o Secretary.
e A grand fair for the benefit of the
t W lre school will be held on the
ks school grounds on :he 19th and 20th
of this month. The public is not on
ea l cordially invited but ivery one is
his earnestly urged to attend. The pur.
of pose for which this fair is bi ing given
Ve is a good one and ought to appeal to
a every one in the community or school
Notice of Disolution.
The Public is hereby notified that
the Agricultural Firm known as "T.
of Cailiouet Sons." composed of Messrs
WY J. N. Caillonet, P. Felix Caillonet &
ye Jos. T. Cailonet owners of the Or.
oat ange Giove Plantation sitoated near
a Thibodaux, La. has been dissolved.
ib The undersigned having sold his in.
terest in said Osange Grove plants.
Thims3q to Ie, Good.
Countless thousands have found a
ent blessing to the body in Dr. King's
New Life Pills, which positively cure
Constipation, Sick Headache, Dizzi
ness, Jaundice, Malaria, Fever and
SAgue oand all Liver and Stomach
!a troubles. Purely vegetable; never
1 gripe or weaken. Only 25e at All
Dof ruggists.
ol- Office of Parish Supencitendent of
Schools of the Parish of Ls
The regular examination of appli.
cants for teachers' certificates we will
be held according to the regulatious
of the State Board of Education, as
the Iplows :
115 Por pbte applicanfs, on Thureday
eet and iriday, the 17th. and 1_th. of
7 April next, and for colored applicants
on Friday, April 25.
The examination of applicants will
Stake pIlace at the aOnion Acodemy and
La. te colored applicoants will be exam.
ined at the Corporation School House
La in the Town of Thibodaux.
Applians are required to be on
hand for the examination at mine A.
II. sharp on the days appoited for
hat the exammations, and should provide
of tieaaelv with writing materials.
tes Taros A. BDa.irx,
nod Parish Sperintendent
ED H. Kept His Leg.
.e Twelve years ago J. W. Sullivan,
by of Hartford, Coon., scratched his leg
w ith a rust) wire. Infammation and
EY. blood poioning mt m. For two
bre d*s h snoered intensely. Then
De. the best doctors urged amputatlion,
thut," he writes, '"I used one b~ttle
of Electtic Bitters and 1 1 2 boxes cd
c. oc3kleons Arnis Salve and :y leg
ter was sound and well as ever." For
iod Eruptions, f.ewma. Tetter, Sal
m. Rheum, Sores and all blood disoaders
I Electric Battrs has 'o rival on earth.
O. Try them All Diouggistsa will guaran,
tee £.atiIfaction or refund money.
Oilv 50 cenLt-.
A MlisutiderstaWtlting.
.'me papers b.ve' ba e;v muddled
the question cf securing more founds
for the public schoo's of this State.
They seem to mix up the big State:
schools with the ptillec schools pro.'
pir. and look upon an etfort to secure
more revenues for the latter as a
threat to decrease the amounts allowed
for the maiotsinance of the former.
It does not appear to us that any
thing of the kiud is proposed. No
man at all familiar with the etluca
tional system of this State woun;d venu
Store to urge a reduction in the appro.
priations made for the maintenance
of the Univers:ty, the Normal andlo
the iudust ia s.:hioo:. To urge such
a nIea.re wouid I,º simply to des
troy the very trunk of tdlcsation in
Loui,iana in the vain attempt to f. ed
the withering limbs. Meu interested
in educational matters view with
pleasure the rapid growth of these
fine schools. They witness their ex
pansion with pride, rchbing in all
directions and sowing broadcast the
seeds of higher education. Men who
study the situation do not wish to see
thebce noted schoo:s hurt or neglected,
hand they will be the first to suggest
I increased appropriations by the Gen
eral Assembly to cover their. needy
and made more effctive their work.
But at the same time is it wrong
to a'k more money for the puhlic
schools proper? Is at wrong to ask
t the fostering care of the State for the
) little log scool houses where the
thousands of poor little chi:dren re
J cerve the rudiments of au education?
We think not, and we cannot see
where the interests of the large State
schools come in confl;ct with those of
! the common district schools. There
D is not, and there cannot creep in a
p conflict
D If, as s'zggested, the interest fund
, has grown to proportions larger than
p expected, would It be wrong to take I
o one half, or three fourths of a mill t
from this fond and transfer it to the a
o educational or school fund where it is I
p greatly needed, and where it will do a
0 an immense good. Certainly not
o And if by lopping off a porion of I
! one fund and trsnsferiig it to anoth
er, the one not being injured by the
operation and the other gn stly bene- i
fited, why hesitate to do so.
,t If the public s hool fund is in
creased, does this neceseasily mean I
the decrease of the annual appropria. I
e tious made to the four or five large
hype that the coming meeting of
Superinteua?!nts of schools to be held
in Baton Rouge w:ll make this clear
and thus a;lay the apprehensions
rexstiug in certain quarters. It is
not a moveme-nt or a fight against
the higher institutions of learning,
but one in favor of the common
Sashoo's, and the success of the latter
will be also the success of the former,
A common Interest binds them to
1e gether, to hurt the one is also to
1e injure the other.
th There should not bh, nor can there
She a conflict between higher and
is elementary education. They are twin
r. sisters, each deserving of the care of
,o the State, and aid for the one without
aid for the other sh,,uld not be men
ol tloned. The greater schools typify
higher education, the lesser ones
represent the rudiments of learning,
both occupying a peculiar sphere,
each with a mission to perform, and
at all dear to the hearts of the people.
. Strike the one and the other will feel
it, hence where is the hand that
would be lifted agnainst such a noble
'r. and deserving coubination.- Avoyelles
r Blade.
Leave your orders for pianos
Sorgans and piano tuning with V. J.
Knoblo-h lrcal Representative of
Louis Grunwald Co. Ltd. 13
A aring, Boaring Flood.
\Vashed down a telegraph line
swhich Chas..C. Ellis, of Lisbon, Is.,
had to repair. "Standing waist deep
i- in icy water," he wr:tes. "gave me a
terrible cold and cough. It grew
Sworse daily. Finally the best doctors
er in Oakland, Neb, Sioux City andl
31 Omaha said 1 had Consumption and
could not blre. Then I began using
Dr. King's New Discovery and was
of wholly cured by six bottles." Post
l. tively guaranteed for Coughs, Colds
and all Throat and Lung tro lbhles by
ii. All Draggists Price 50c and $1.00.
us Proceedings of the School
rof Thbodaux, La., Feb. 20th. 1902
its The Parish Board of School Direc
tors of the Parish of Lafourche met
ill this day, pursuant to the call of the
ad Presideot, with the President in the
m. chair and the following memb. rs prc
ae sent: Messrs. Paul Fcott, Panl
Meyer, P. I. Usillouet, Alcide Chanso
on vin, Jr., L. C. Roger saodl Secretary
A. ex o1co SuperinteMndent. Abent:
tor Directors Elfer oand Deramee
de The minotes of the last meetiang
were read and approved as recorded.
The following bil were presented
at for payment and the requisite appro
priations made to pay the same:
Paul Meyer, supplies for Lockgiort
in, School House, 96 50
eg Thilmodlaux Foundry, coal for
od Guion Academy, 10.80
H o. W. Frost, lumber for black
en j board, 1.45
Jo, J. L. Aucoin, for sundries, 2.30
ie . .. Coulon, not. fees for act
of of donation from Rodrignue, 5.00
egi Expense of Institute, 50.00
or The President was authorized to
alt selI the Ch3abey sch-ol house.and lot
rt:tor sixty dollars andl to rent a tem.
Lt. porary school house on higher ground
n i for one dollar anl a half per mouth.
y. The Sa lerintendle.t rep,,rtei thao
an act of donation had b~tn passcd
Our Straw Hat,
is bound to open your eyes. We have them
in all the latest styles, rough, plain, straight brim,
Panama and Alpines,
In fact anything from a small boys' to a big
Empire State Oil National Oil and
Coal and Iron Co. Pipe Line Co.
The attention of Sugar Planters and other con
sumers of Fuel Oil is called to the fact, that we
are prepared to enter into contracts for Fuel
Oil and are willing to meet any emergency,
as to prices, terms, prompt delivery, etc.
Address all communications temporarily in
Purdy & Joachim.
between Mr. Lovincy owriwgue arni
the School Board, by which the Board
acquired a site for a school fifty feet
front by one hundred feet in depth,
and that the necessary steps wou:d
be taken at once by Mr. Bodrigue to
build the school house provided for
by the Board at the last meeting.
The Des Ailemaa3s school house
furnishid by the Des Allemands
Lumber Co. and tendered to the
Board for use as a public school
building free of rent was reported to
be re:,dy for occupancy.
ThL contractor fur the Valere
Goodry schtol house has notified the
Board that he had Iehgun to build the
school house for which he had been
awarded the coutract
The Presi,deut was authorized to
make a retrcession to Mr Laurence
Kraemer of the lot which he hal don
ated to the Board.
The Board on Finance reported
that they had msade a diligent exami
nation of the books of the Treasuier
together with his vouchers, up to
Jauuary 1st 190? and had found
everything ourrect and the books
neaty and accurately kept and had
I ordered the vouchersiup to said date
to be destroyed. They further re.
commended that a quietus be granted
to said Treasurer for all his transac.
tions with the School Funds up to
ansd including Jan. aLt 1902, which
recommendation was agreed to.
The special committee to examine
what repairs were needed to the
Guton Academy reported that they
had attended to that duty and had
i invited bids for the work based on
specifications duly furnished. Three
I ditlerent bids were submitted, and
that of Mr. J. L. Prtedger, being for
the sum of oce hutilied and nine
dollars, anl the lowest submitted, the
s contract was awarded to him.
In view of the fact that Mr. Mar.
f cilien Delaune ha i refused to allow
the School building on land that he
had purchased from Wallace Pierce
to be used for -chool purposes except
e upon conditions which the Board
could not actet, the action of the
p teacher, Mr. Joseph 4. Price in re
i moving the school furniture to an.
other building which he rented for
s three dollars per month, in the name
l of the Board was approved.
I The Superintendent reported that
as the Lockport School Fund Asso
a ciation had refused to allow the for
ther use of their building for public
school purposes, he had secured the
use of the hall belonging to Rev. E.
A. Vigrous, free of rent for the rest
of the session and had ordered the
school to be opened on the day ap,
pointed for the beginning of the ses
ason 1902 in said building. The bill
for the purchase of the necessary up
plies for said tempporary school
school h.,nse has already betn sub.
,mittel and approved. The Board by
unanimous vote ratified the action of
the Superintendent in th!s mater and
SI the thanks of the B'mard were ordered
ito be tendered to Rev. Father Vt.
groux for his liberal and generous
spirit in assisting the Board to carry
out its duty of continuing the Locks
port bob .poI.
An address to the patrons of the
4 Lockport School explanatory of the
d position of the Board with reference
to the change made in the Principal
ship of the Ltockport School was read
rt and after being app oved, was order
ed to be furnished to the official organ
for publication and for circulation
a0 mong the persous inter,.stld.
The Superintendent was iistnetlt l
to make a demand on the Lo-kport
SPublic School Fund Association for
the return of the desks and heaters
0belonging to the School Board and
now in their school houe onu the re
turn of the old desks to th:,t aps.cia
S The Siper:utendent wars authorized
to buy four molern defks fir the
h. Guion .Acadtemy to repl~ce o:ine that
w.re br *k.i said that em-lhd1 out in
drt.li e..I.
There being no further busines,
the School Board then adjourned.
THOMAS STARKaa, President,
TaoxAs A. BDuuxcx, Sec. & Supt
Card of Thanks.
Sincere thanks are offered by the
Sisters of Mount Carmel to the ladies
and gentlemen of Thibodaux who
worked so iundefatigably, giving their 4
time. attention and labor, to make(
the Festival a success. Thanks are I
also extended to the Thibodaux Sen
tinel the Lafoirche Comet and to
every one who participated in this
noble and beautiful cause. May the
young men and ladies, of the Dixie 4
Club, continue to c:imb the high lad
der of fame and always use their
genius and brilliant talents as on
selalshly as they did for us. We
thank also the Thibldaux Brass
L.,rad who rejoiced and enlivened the
fair by hur!nonious muse. Praise
and thaunks are extended to the g, n
tlemeu who w.ccd to bring in the
excursions; honor is due to them,
and if we do, n.,t iname any on,', it isl
for fear of furg, tting others; but
none will be forgottt, n before the
throne of God, and before the altar,
we will pray for a;l who tontributed
their mite to Mount Carmel Feastival.
We are de!lgh'ed to see the shad
ows scattered and that the shinningi
rays ('f ch.arity awl love lihe and
burn with a 'acre I guardani-hip in
the ofthe b'?,m of the ladies of Thibo
daux. Th,-ir grandmothers loved
their "Alms .M ter," and yonng
mothers anl tlheir daughters koowing
that success was within their reach
seized the enterpri-e, and shou!]er to
shoulder worked to help as out of
our embarrassment
The Sisters. congratulate the ladies
and feel proudl and happy to say that
the old walls of Mount Carmel sent
forth women who bring consolation i
and joy to their homes by their mod
esty, dignity, wisdom and virtue; I
they know how to make lowers grow I
thicker than thorns. We thank them
and pasy that centuries will see their
children's children delight in doinog
good for the ,Alma ,Mater" of their i
Farmer's Institutea
In 1901 there was appropriated by
states and used in carrying on far.
mer's institutes in the United States
about $100,000, and more than 3000
I separate institutes were held and were
attended by over 650,000 farmers.
Can the reader imagine wthe total
amount of good done by these instruc.
I tive gatherings of progresstve far.
mers, not only to those who attended
I but to those who by rubbing against
them acquire some of the "iniuen *e"
that has been thus promotedt In all
the western agricultural states and
I most of the northern states tegular
I and systematic institutes are held on,
der state auspices and competent
management, and if it costs the states
a few thous and dolars per annum to
carry on the meetings, they are so
popular, (lecause praotab!e) that no
voice Is raised is condemnation of
what, in some state legislatures has
been termed *"unjustifabl extrava.
, gance.', Molt of those states are
gradually enlarging their appropria
tioDs for farmer's institutes, as in
creasing public interest in the move
ment demands, and rarely is any legis, i
lative objection made to the appro- I
I priatons. for they are looked upon
in the light of proitable inoveatments.
Even Texas farmers have held a few
farme,'s institutes, but entirey with.
out state aid or state sutpervis:oii.
SStrong effr,rts have been mlade to in
dtmce the Texas '. gislat.-e to e..,t:alish
ia Vsyteun of f.rmer's institutes, but
without .,wvail. .4lemmbers we suppme
Swere infllencil ta, op-o'e uctll :lctioi
e by the iaesum:,lp i..l th:t a majo,,ty
tolf the l oi, rs ii th'is d.-tti,-t w ie
t"! iac s, i ,f '4 ,a . r-'altl - . ,l'*nh a :r a
J. L. LOB)E1 L re. Pr P rE,
JOSEI'II CL tID- T V-l'resident. . . a-T eaa -
e obdell Percy
Wholesale Dealers
ornm ission Merchants.,
Near 8. P. Railroad Depot, Thibodaux, La.
f0or joI and alieecan iWer,
'-Orders For Car-load Lot. Solicited.
Sugar Planters orders given special attention for
Grain and Hay.
Local 'Phone 152.--Cumberland 87.
Spring Openin
Don't forget to visit our store, as we have just received
a complete and well selected line of
Spring & Summer Goodse
from New York, Baltimore, St. Louis and Me-a
phis, consisting of
Laces of all kinds, Em.
broideries, G i n g h a m s,
Toile du Nords, Cham
brays, Madrases, Nain
sooks, Persian Lawns, In
dia Linens,Dimifties, Pique
ire mported white and fancy Organdies, Curtala
Swisses, and Scrims, Bobinets a specialty, silks od
all kinds, and many novelties, too numerous to
e mention.
"e We invite you also to examine our stock of
Shoes, as we have added a more complete line, ep
n- pecially in the following well known brands:
is Brown,
AT T)-' Ditmans,
~~ PFriedman
S Call in, no trouble to show you our goods,
-H RRiviere & C(
oclined to vote gai:ats a candidate
who would be so rvktees as to vote
public money for the purpose of
prootling intellig ut farming and
stock raising, which they look opon
Ssan absurdity. In the meantime
_he farmers who favor progress and
success, thrown, upon their own re
sourmes, are holding justituteswithout
state aid. We believe this i" the
surest way to bring toe legislature to
a realising sense of its duty to agri.
culture -the great iodustry that sos
tains the state. Let progressive
farmers in every county. or wherever
a few of that sort can be found, get
themselves together and organize for
educational purposes. In every case
where the discussions are confned to
legitimate agricuatoral topics, and all
distracting subjects avoided, the io
erest increases, the inlueoce spreads
and the example will become ono
tagioos. The horticultunrsts, nur
serymen, truck farmers and stock
breeders, could not be induced to
forego their stated meetings, which
aside from the small amonut of busi
ness transacted, are institutes for
educational purposes. It men of
these different branches should meet
together then we wald have a
genuine farmer's institute, where each
specialist could learn from each other
specialist. The staple crop farmer
needs to learn from the fruit-grower,
the vegetable-grower. the nursery
man and the live stock breeder; and
so with all the others. The more
different specialists there are present
the greavtr the sources of informa
tion. and the greater the good accom.
phlthed. Farmers who eg'ect such
means of bettering their condition by
extending their knowledge are not
living up to their opportunities. As
suc·h mvenents extend our Iegi.l:a-
tors wiul begin to she I the scales fuIm
their yC',.s, and we will have fnrmere
in-t;tut, a lg'yn.iz,i an I oiert i:iz in
. . irr a . ... :c tIrai n*.,t it , e. i "r '. -
Opera Hou
Saturday, April I
"A Breezy 'FiTh
New Specialties,
Catchy Music,
Prett r
Two hours of solid fun.
PIascs: as3, o ANDo T6
S.a. at V. J. Knobloek.
~~ ti.o
d- h.i~ a
,0 ~

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