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CITY o'I NtW oRl.EAN ,
E IT KNOWN. that un the Twenty
fourth day of the muonatha of Mlartei
the year one thousand nine hundred
two, 1iefnre me,
,etarv public, in and for the Parish of
ans and City of New Orleans, duly
missioned, qualitled and sworn, and
the presenoeof the undersigned good
competent witnesses,
alsy came and appeared:
persons whose names pre hereun
ýbscribed, who declared, that avail.
themselves of the provisions or the
laws of the State of Iulusiana
ve to the organisation of eorpo:a.
they have eovenanted and
and they do, by these prescnts,
sant, agree, hind, form and consti
themselves, as well as such persoens
ay hereafter join, or 'teo-ime ass,
with them, into a eorporation or
y politic in law, for the ohJeets and
and under the agreements
stipulations following, to-wit:
Yhe name of this corporation shall he
W (tltiEANS AN) Sot'T11
under said corporate name, it shall
power and authority to have and
succession, for the full term and
of ninety nine years from, and
the date hereof; to contract, sue
be sued; to make and use a cor
seal, and the same to bleak arid
at pleasure; to hold, receive, lease,
ass and convey as well as to
and hypotiteeate property,
personal, sorporoal adIer
teto name and appoint sauch man
agents, direetors and officers as
business or interests and conven
may require; to make and estab.
as well as to alter and amend, from
to time, such by-laws, rules and
tions for the proper conduct,
meqt and regulation of the af
of said corporation as may be
ry and proper.
The domicile of said corporation
be In the Parish of Iafourche, and
of Louisiana, and all citations and
legal process shall be served upon
President of said Corporation, or, in
went of his absance, upon the Vice
at thereof; and in The absence
of said officers, upon the Mecre
of said corporation.
objects and purposes of this cor
are to locate, constrnct, own
maintain and operate a line o
and its branches, side tracks,
ways and extensions, and also, a
or barge line in the State of Louis
and to operate same by electricity,
..y other power in the Mtate of Lou
and to those ends and for said
to acquire through purchase
ise all rights of way, fran
privileges, options, etc., noceos
sad requisite for those purposes,
the sai railroad rights of way,
franchises, etc. to mortgage.
of a lease, sell, alienate and
o will, purchase, hold,
sad dispose of stocks In other rail
and tramways, and boat lines; to
sad aequire any and all property,
gadi personal, necessary or conven
to the construetion. maintenance or
a of such railroads and boat
and the same to let and lease, sell
of at will; to construct, own
maintain hotels, restaurants, re
m resorts, race courses, pleasure
picnic or baseball grounds, or
places of public amusement at,
or near, the lines of such railroads,
as adjuncts of the same and to the
of the same; to buy, lease or
to operate and control any appara
instruments or systems, patents, or
t rights, or application for such,
any Inventions pertaining to the
ation of raUroads or boats, by elee
ty, or otherwise, or to the supply of
motive power therofor- to execute,
em sabd discharge all the obliga
Incurred by the persons who may
aeqgired the rights of way, fran
privileges an property which
corporation may acquire from
rsons; to construct maintain,
lease, convey, or othorwlse dis
oe the electric apparatus, ap
and plafitta or the purpose of
and supplying motive power to
stores, dwellings, factories,
enterprises, etc., and electric
or other power to the general
a to geqerate, manufacture sell,
p! and supply electric cur
St ' lhbeat, power and other
or ean other form of light
and, for said purpose, to
and sell patent rights, or 11
prtvilegs e m hlaery, property,
eeesaIlectrieor other works,
r * my benecessary in
tion of said business; to con
sarry on sad operate the business
umon eqirier for freight, passen
epesU. S. Mail and each and
lgpirtaninag to and included
satbuielses of common carriers.
sapital stock of said corpration
axed at the sum of ONE MIL
divided into and represent
as the Board of Directors shall
ital stock may be issued and
for the purchase of property,
vtleges,. franchises, etc., ac
by this corporation; also, in pay
sesement and adjustment of the
Uses, eharges, expenses and com
incurred for services rendered
Soemation and organisation of
atlon, and in acquiring and
about the purcabsee of the
Sand franchises atoresaid; also,
or property teceived by this
or lmansvments or additions
tyu redy it.
Ror fDirectors hereinafter
is specially authorized to dis
the steak for- any and all of the
above stated, as in its judg
shall seem fplr and p roper.
insapany shall go into existence
tion Iropa and after the date
aet of lucorlsiration, and as soon
Thomasd shares is subscribed
certlleatas .1 stock shall be sign.
the Pvedlieut sad Seeretary, but,
0* the absence, or inability to
iiPresident, the Vice President
alga in his stead.
for the registry of stock and
of the same shall be opened
s2ct to the restrictions
* *teyLaws. Transfers of
mibe aad on the books of the
upon the surrender of any
properly indorsed.
the powers of this corporation
be vested in and exercised by a
01' DIRECTORS, consisting of
than Six nor more than Eleveon
a who shall continue in of
their Successors are duly elec
qualified. They shall at their
snglect from their number a
t, Ilrst and Second Vice-Pre
Said Roard of IDirectors shall,
inme time, elect a Reeretary, a
r, a General Manager and such
Sieers as it shall deem neces
the election hqreinafter prescrib
following persons sh alilbe the
of Directors: t,. P. Shaver,
v Reals Jr.. L. II. Lancaster,
A. Badeaux, lDr. H. S. Smith, I,.
rectors shall hold omace until
to be held on 1st, Tuesday
1358, and until their successors
and qualIfied.
meeting of the stockholders
payshall be held atnwhily
a electio for Director. shall
icS day's notice of said meeting
given by the Secretary in one
SPapers published at the do
the corporatIon.
shall he by ballot, nuder
atendence of inspectors up
b7 the Board of lirfecturs fromn
among such of the stockholders as are
not Director,.
No person shall be eligiile a' Director
who does not own in his own namoe at
h a't one -hare of the capital -tock of
the corporat ion.
A failure, from any cause to elect Di
I rectors on the day named for the pur
pose shall not dissolve this company,
but the Directors then in otlfce shall
hold over until another election is held
due notice shall forthwith te given as
above provided, and such nottees of elc"
tion shall continue until an election is
A plurality of votes counting one vote
for each share of stock voted upom shall
be sufficient to elect Directors, who
shall, at their first meeting held there
after, or such other day as they may
elect after the day of eletion, choose
one of their number for President, who
shall be elected by a majority of the
whole Board. The President shall pre
side at all mneetings of the Board and
perform such other duties as may he
imposed upon him by this charter or by
the Board of Directors.
The Vice L'residenta shall act in the
place of the President in tn." case of the
absence or inability of the President to
A majority of the Board of Directors
shall be necessary to form a quorum for
the transaction of corporate business.
and said Board, or a quorum thereof
shall have full power, and are herehb
authorized to buy such real and person
al property as may be required for th+
use of the corporation, and to sell the
same when they may deem it advisahle
to do so, and shall harve power to buy
and sell, lease, mortgage and hypothe
cate any aid all lines of the railway
property or franchises, rights of way,
privileges, etc., helougiug to this corpo
ration, or which may hereafter be ac
quired by it.
Said Board may also delegate such
powers in the transaction of business of
this corporation to committees of their
own body, to their officers or agents, as
they may der'm expedient, and may al
so alit'int acents within and without
the State, under such conditions, as to
them shall 1* deemed proper, and they
shall have power to make by-laws, rules
and regulations, and to amend or alter
the same, whenever the interests of the
company may require it, and also, shall
have power to fill any vacanoies that
may occur in their Board; such vacan
cies may be declared on account of death,
resignation, want of the requisite num
ber of shares, or alsence without leave
for three regular meetings.
Minutes of all the proceedings of the
Board of Directors shall be kept by the
Secretary in a book for this special pur
The Treasurer shall have the custody
of all the funds of the corporation and
shall sign all notes, drafts and checks.
The same shall he countersigned by the
President or by a Vice President.
Each shareholder, at each meeting for
the election of Directors, or other pur
poses, shall he entitled to one vote for
each share of stock held by him, and
shall he entitled to vote either directly,
or by proxy.
The General Manager shall appoint
all the employes of this company relat
ing to his department, except as herein
otherwise provided, and may remove
said employes at pleasure, and shall fix
their salaries, and the amount of securi
ty that shall be required from any of
said emploves, or agents, subject to the
approval o2 the Board of Directors.
Dividends shall he declared semi-an
nually in January and July, provided
the receipts of the company warrant
the Board of Directors in declaring the
same. Any dividend not called for
within three years from the date of Its
being payable, shall revert to the corn
pany. After providing out of the earn
ings of each year for all the operating
and fixed charges, the Board of lirec
tors shall declare such dividends as
they may elect, and any earnings over
and above the divideinds tris declared
shall be.retailed An the treasury, to be
used for such purposes as the floard of
Directors may deter mie. This fufd,
as it acoum alates m e im'estkd by
the Board of Dtraq in surtieu
such as, Yedtval, State or ýnz!Mpai
bonds, or bonds of this compan±. -
These articles of associatloht may hp
modified, alteres or settnded, of the
eorpora 'n disMived, and the egpitfl
stock mas be increased, or deereased, in
the manfr provided Jsy law, at a.ene
ral meeti convened fro that, purpose
after previ~m notice published in one
newspaper one. a week, for four conse
eative wees aettpaR fart; he urposes
for which said meetn is c pe
The liquidation o affairs of this
corporation shall be made by three com
missioners to be appointed by theutoek.
holders at the meeting at which liquida
t.in is voted; said Iýquidators shall be
solvent persons, residents of the State
of Louisiana, and not indebted to this
company. All necessary powere shall
be conferred upon thtvn. The period for
liquidation, and the compensation for
the comnpuisrioners sh all be fixed in such
manner as the stockhiolderm. may,v by re
solutIon at said general meeting deter
No stockholder abahl ever be held lia
ble or responsible for the contracts of
said corporation, for any further sum
Ithan the un paid balance due on the
shares of stock subscribed for, or owned
by him, nor shall any mere informaltty
in organization have~ the effect of ren
4ering this charter null, or of expsn
a stokholder to any itability byn
the amount of his subscription t t
office, in the city of NewjOrleans, Louts
lana, the day, month and year first
above written, in the presence of Mes
R. BLAKELY, residebits of the said
City of New Orleans, good and compe
tent witnesses, who have signed these
peets, with the ap rers and me,
otrafter due ead~g.
Origial Signed:
J.1 WrtYarN hEam~ Ja.
0. P. Yourse.
JoHnv I. BLAKElS'.
Bts. ROVzrr
Notary Public.
I, the undarsigned de y lrko
Court and ez-ollcto det rclrerko
duyqualified and sworn, In and for the
pa6s of Lafourche, do hereby certify
te within and foregoing to be duly re
corded in Miscellaneous Book No. 7
folios 480 et seq. March 25th l90'.
In Testimony Whereof, witness my
hand officially at Thibodaux, La., thfs
25th clay of March 1902.
(SBar. Signed: L.V. AzxxAR,
D'y Clerk of court and D'y Recorder.
Filed, March 2f5, 1908.
(SEAL) Signed: L. V. AZExAR,
I D'y Clerk.
I Certify the above and foreoigto
be a True Copy of the Origia ctof
Incorporation of the *YEW ORLEANS
COMPANY" and of the certificate of
the Deputy Clerk of (loart and Deputy
Recorder for the Parish of Lafourehe,
extant and of record in my Current
Notarial Register.
In Faith Whereof, I grant these
presents under my~ signature and the
im press of my Rel of of~e.
New Orleans, Louisiana, March f7th,
(SEaL) Signed: BU'S. ROUEN
Notary Public.
For Sale.
One lot situated on Jack'ton street,
[destrable location to build residenoe.
4? Apply to TuovAs A. ]L~i3RUa
An ordinance, amending and re-enact
in- section let of ordinance No. 2
known es the Drainage ordinance of
this parilh. and which was adopted on
Septembier tith, 1I9*.
Be it enacted by the Pollee Jury of
the parish of Lafourche in regular meet.
ihg assembbled that section 1st or Ordin
anie No. 1.± adiojped September Gth,
isw and known as the Drainage Ord in
ance, he and the same is hereby amend-'
cd and re-enacted so as to read as fol
lows :
I District No. 1 shall extend from the
upper line of the parish, right bank of
Bayou Lafourche to the Ridgetfeld
plantation, including the back settle.
2 District to be known as "Thibo
daux Drainage IDistriet" shall extend
from the lower line of the Itidgetield
plantation to the upper line of the
Acadia plantation.
3 bietrict No. 2 shall extend from the
upper line of the Acadia plantation to
the uplper line of the Authement tract
formerly belonging to Sosthene Poise,
including the Bayou RIBe settlement
from the Acadia plantation to the lower
most settlement on said Bayou Blue.
4 District to be known as the "Lock
port Drainage District" shall extend
from the upper line of the District No.
2, as above, down to the Gulf of Mexico.
5 District No. 3 shall extend from the
upper line of the parish, left bank of
Bayou Lafourche, to the lower line of
the Laurel Valley plantation, including
upper and lower ('honpie, Chackbay as
far down as the lower line of the Choc
taw plantation and including also the
Bayou (abanoende to its mouth at Bayou
6 Special District No. 4 shall extend
from the lower line of District No. a to
the upper line of the Bush Grpve plan
tation including all back settlement.
7 District No. 4 shall extend from the
lower line of District No. 3 to the lower
line of the Harang Canal otherwise
known as Choctaw plantation, includ
ing Laurel Ridge, Vacherie Dugue Li
vaudais, Coteau Folse and all other
back settlements.
8 l)istrict No. 5 shall extend from the
lower line of District No. 4 to the Gulf
of Mexico including all back settle.
Thus read and adopted March 13th,
II. N. Coui.nx, J. L. Areots,
Clerk. President.
An ordinance carrying into effect
Article 12S of the Constitution of the
State of Louisiana, adopted in 1~8s.
Section 1. Be it ordained by the Po
lice Jury of the Parish of Lafourche in
regular session convened; that agreea
ble to article 1 of the Constitution of
Louisiana that the Justices of the Peace
and constables of the Parish of La
fourehe shall hereafter receive no fees
in criminal cases, but in lieu thereof
shall re-eive such monthly salaries as
this Jury may determine,, which sal
aries shall be graded.
Section II. Be it further ordained,
That it shall be the duty of Justices
of the Peace and Constables throughout
the Parish of Lafourche to prepare and
hand to the clerk of this Jury at least
one week before the convening of the
Jury in regular session. (1) A copy of
their criminal docket, which shall give
a number to each criminal case, and
shall have entered under each case,
the date the aflfdavit was made, the
(late the warrant was issued, the return
of the constable on all warrants, with
reasons, if not executed, the date of ex
amination of accused, the name of each
witness examined, and the date upon
which the papers in each case were fied
with the clerk of court.
Section III. Be it further ordained,
That Justices of the Peace and con
stables failing to hand the copy of
ket, and hereinabove described in
. II, shall not be paid by this jury
until such report has been filed with the
clerk in the manner and form herein
above setfort h.
tection IV. Be it further ordained,
That it shall be the duty of Justices
of the Peace and constables to tile with
the clerk of court all papers in criminal
cases immediately after the eases have
heen oxamined as required by law; any
justices of the peace or constable failing
to comply with this Section shall have
his salary withheld until he has corn
plied with same.
Section V. Be it further ordained,
That this Jury may at any regular or
special session raise or reduce the sal
aries of any justices of the peace or con
stable in dte parish of Lafourche.
Section VI. Be it further ordained,
That until otherwise provided hr this
jury, the Justices of the peace ana con
stables throughout the parish of La
fourche, shall receive the following
Justice of the peace, I ward $ 50
Justice of the peace. 2 ward 40 00
J ustice of the peace, 2 ward 40 00
Justice of the peace. 3 ward 8 00
Justice of the peace, 4 ward 8 (JO
Justice of the peace, 5 ward 50
Justice-of the peace, 6i ward 50
Justice of the peace, 7 ward 25 00
Justice of the peace, 8 ward 50
Justice of the peace, 9 ward sio
Justice of the peace '0 ward 2 100
(ionstable of thelIward 50
Constable of the 2 ward 45 (00
Constable of the 2 ward 6 IJ0
Constable of the 8 ward 10 (00
Constable of the 4 ward 1) (00
Constable of the 5 ward 50
Constable of the 6 ward 110
Constable of the 7ward 27 00
Constable of the 8 ward 50
Constable if the 9 ward 50
Constable of the 10 ward 5 00
Section VII. Be it further ordained,
That all ordinances or parts of ordin
ances in conflict or inconsistent here
with be and the same are hereby re
Thus read and adopted March 13th,
H. N. Cor~ow, J. L. Auoorx,
Clerk. President.
Washington News.
April 17th, 1902.
"The Civil Government bill, whtch
will come up for consideration in the
Senate tomorrow is an iniquitous
measure," aitid Senator Carmack of
Tennessee, yesterday, when a ked
his opinion. "As a member of the
Philippines Committee," continueti
the Senator, "I have had an opportn
nity of listening to the testimony at
first haul anti there is no ground
whatever for postponing the e~sb
llshmeut of a permanent governm* nt
in the islands. Neither is it n' cessa
ry that a census be token in oa'ler
that Congress may net inte'ligentiv.
The Filipinos are an intedlig--nt pn
ple quite capable of, at lezest, local
self-government. The eduenLzt'*d pco
pie of the ialandr. and by that term I
refer to those who can rend and write
Spanish, are of a psrticularly- high
clsass, many of them having -nojopil
the advantages of higher educt-~ioo
and their fathers before them for two
hundred years. Generals MacArthur
and Whittier, Dr. Schurmsn, lion.
John Barrett, ex-Minister to Siam,
Admiral Dewey and the educators
now Ia the Islands have all given
testimony as to the ediseatiou and
intelligence of the people and have
all practically declared them capable
of representation in a lepslative as
Isembly of their own; and this would
be particularly true were their gov.
erunent to be organized with an up
per chamber, the m mnb: r' of which
were appointed by the President. The
claim that it is nece-sary to take a
census is simply a ruse to prirmlt the
disposal, to favored capitalists, of the
'franchi'es and grants in the islands
before the ¶ eople have a voice in
such disposition. As an example of
the melio ls whibh are being followed
there, the first railroad, which will be
built with the Falipino's money, is to
be constructed from Manila up to a
place in the mountains which will be
used solely as a place of recreation
by the American residents during the
heated term. It will serve no indue.
trial purpose whatever. It is all
distressing. The exploitiation of the
islands by favored corporations, if
the administration's poiicy is success.
ful, will ae a disgrce to the fair
name of this country. Yes, I shall
mike a speech on the subject as will
a number of demncratic Senators.
"As to the conduct of the Amen-
can troops on the islands, that too is
a disgrace. Take the report of the
governor of Batangas in which he
shows that one-third of the popula
tion of ac'imated natives has died
during the last year of "maloria." I
am afraid that* if the andinistr:ation
were not systematically s'Jppressiug
the facts that form of malaina would
be spelled "S TARVATI 0N."
"Yes, I shall otter one amendumenit
which 1 sincerely hope will b. adopt
ed. It will provide that any Amnri
can corporation, company or indivi
dual who shall mike any contizact fur
slaves or slave labor, shall forfeit all
its rights, grants and franchises. I
am credibly informed that there are
American syndicates which have con
tracted with the J1rn chiefs fur the
performance of labor on certain rub
ber pilantations by the slaves belong
ing to such chiefs."
The action of the Senate in (is
carding the Chiuese Exclusion bill
reported by the Committee on Immi
gration and re-enacting the Geary
law was in accordance with the t're
diction made in my letter a week ago.
The influence of the large corpora
tions on the Pecific slope, which fear,
ed that the stricter provisions if tho
Chinese bill would necessitate their
paying higher wages, prove) all
sumfeient to induce the republican
senators to vote down the bill. Sena
tor Hanna, who announced himself
as the friend of the American work
ing man, repudiated the ides that
they would disapprove the action of
the Senators who favored the Platt
amendment substituting the Geary
The Cuban reciprocity bill has not
yet passed the House of Represents.
tives. Tomorrow evening has been
set for the cklse af the general de
bate,-and Lih leaJe's say that it
wilt pass Saturday. That the bill
wil pass wiihout amendment is probe
ably a safe pr ilictiou but the gap
which it will leave behind it in the
republican ranks will not augar well
for the future success of that party.
"Tyranny," "blackmail," "hold-ups,"
are some of the terms with which the
beet sugar contingent describe the
methods by which the administration
has assured success. The New York
Press, the leading champion of the
extreme protectionist faction of the
tepublican party, characterizes the
present administration as "*govern
meat by blackmail." Whatever dif
ferences there may have been in the
past between democrats they never
compared In intensity or bitterness
with tha ruptures which are rapidly
forming in the republican columns.
Representative Swanson of Virginia
during a speech in favor of the reci.
procity measure was asked if he
expected to start a free trade move
ment in the republisan majority and
he replied, "We have already con.
verted them to 20 per cent of our
views," and that is what the opposi
tion fears.
The split between the President
and Congress, over constitutional
prerogatives, which I predicted weeks
ago, has materialized and a subucoim
mittee of the House Committee ('n
Mitary Affairs is searching the rec
ords for precedents which will justify
its passage, over his veto, of some of
the bills whlch Mr. Roosevelt has
rejected. The President claims that
it, is not within the province of Con
gress to set aside the findings of a
oourt,-marlial and restore to the rolls
of those henorably discharged from
the army or navy, the names of per
eons who have been dishonorably
dismissed. The House Committee is
greatly exercised over the claIm and
witl make every effort to refute it
and it is doubtful if the Prcsident
can muster a sufficient number of
friends In the lower House to support
his vetoes if the Committee decides
that its action will he sustaIned by
the courts. If the President Is cor
meet one of the ('hief sources of pen
sion frauds will be abolished but it
ivill also mean the curtailment, to a
very serious extent, of the power of
rep'ibli'an Congressmen to reward
their jpol~tic 11 creditors.
There is a o longer any doubt as to
the int'ntizoa of the administration to
ratire Gen'ral Miles. The Senate
Committee on Military Afisirs has
threateueI to hold up for all time the
coantirmation of Captain Crozier as
Chi'f of 'he Ordance Bureau and has
proteated with vigor against an ac
titan which alplears to be a punish
meet of the General for telling to
that committee what he believed to
be the truth in regard to the Root
army bill, but all to no purpose. Mr.
Roosevelt has determined to get rid
of Miles and no consideration of
nourtesy to the Senate or of policy
will prevent his carrying out his
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free will. DO NOT WAIT. Do not
be deluded by apparent and mislead
ing '"improvemnent" Drive out the
disetse at once and for all time. The
"HObtlE GOLD CURT' is sold at
the extremely tow price of One Dollar,
thus placiig within reach of every
body a treatmetut more effectual than
others costing $25 to $50. Full
directions accompany each package.
Special advice by skilled physicians
when requested without extra charge.
Sent prepaid to any part of the world
on receipt of One Dollar. Address
Dept. 0892 EDWIN B. GILE= &
COMPANY, 2330 and 2332 Market
Street, Philadelphia.
All correspondence strictly conf
A moderate salaried man can dress
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Chas. A. Badeaux's clothing agency.
Breeders of fancy poultry,
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Dyspepula is unrseognlsed to
half the ases. It deceives the
unknowing sufferer. Its many
linee of the system. To battle
against only one of them is vain.
Our booklet explains its symp.
toms. Our DyspepsiaTabletagive
complete and lasting relief.
Dyspepsia Tablets
Doan' t For we
Your Bowels
always leave lied after-effects
on the entire sy stem, and whsee
their use is peuulsted Iii, tend to
completely wreck the stomach
and bowels.
Edgar's Cathartic
The only harmless, vegetalile,
bowel regulator, and liver vitalizer
As pleasant to the taste as
candy, and as positive as the harsh.
ast mineral. No pripe or pain.
- J4 25,5o cents.
Mexican Mustang Liniment
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I `
STry flexlcan fIustang Lim
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Lame Back,
Stiff Joints, etc.,
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To gaS the lull bauSat you abosMd
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1. B our on,
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L. J BRAUD, President, K. J. IBRAUD, Cashier,
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..............DmIzIeas .O..
CP"" Does a General Banking Business 1
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"*oe5.thlag New Under
The Sea..
All Doctors have tried to core
CATARRH by the use of powders,
acid gases, inhalers and drugs in
paste form. Their powders dry up
the mucuous membranes causing
them to crack open and bleed. The
powerful acids used in the inhalers
have entirely eaten away the same
membranes that their makers have
aimed to cure, while pastes and oint.
mentu cannot reach the disease. An
old and experienced practitioner who
hii for many years made a close
study and specialty of the treatment
of CATARRBH, has at laid perfected
a Treatment which when faithfully
used, not only relieves at once, but
permanently cares CATARRB, by
removing the cause, stopping the
discharges, and eating all ololamma
t'on. it is the only remedy known
to scianee that actually reaches the
afflicted parts. This wonderful rem
edv is known as "SNUFFLES the
and is sold at the extremely low price
of One Dollar, each package contain
ing intern'U and external medicine
sufficient for a full month's treatment
and everything necessary to its per
fect use.
"SNUFFLES" is the only perfect
CATARRH CURE ever made and is
now recognised as the only asfe and
positive cure for that ancoying and
disgusting disease. It cures all in
Iammation quickly and permanently
and is also wonderfully quick to
relieve HAY FEVER or COLD am
the HEAD.
CATAIRRH when neglected often
FLES" will save you if you ase it at
once. It is no ordinary remedy, hift
a complete treatment which is post
:vely guaranteed to cure O*¶'ARRHi
In any form or stage if uned accord.
Ing to the directions which accot
pany each package. Don't delay but
send for it at once, and write full
particulars as to your condition, uiaa
you will recelve special advice frues
the discoverer of this wonderful rem
edy regarding your case without coat
to you beyond the regular price of
Sent prepaid to any address in the
United States or Canada on receips
One Dollar. Address Dept. '892
2330 and 2332 Mlarket Street, PhilaI
TO THE DEAF.-A nch lady
cured of her Denfnesa and Noises in
the Head by Dr. Nicbo!son's Artificial
Mar Drums, gave 23, onoJels, to his
Institute, so that deaf people unable
to procure the Ear Drrms may have
them free. Addreas. The Nihholeos
Institute, 780, Eigt'h Areane, Ne*
York. 43ly
For Sale.
Store building, knowu as Pron.m
tors Hall, and retidence sateated op
Short street b. twee St; Phulip and
Jackion atroets. For psrticsls
apply at SsNýT1ýL ORICL.

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