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The weekly Thibodaux sentinel. [volume] (Thibodaux, La.) 1898-1905, May 03, 1902, Image 2

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W. S. LAF JGUR, - - iElitor
e.pitl Juiaesu of the Pariah of lIa/lWrche.
ýaped Na LM Ffef!IEeeft TZii.dm'.. 'o '. seamd dss Ner
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All commuuslcstuOs should hr ad iremisd to The Tut
wODAUX St3WITKL. Thibodaux. La.
tehsbearita whofall toarteive their paper se in,. asa.ld aotity
us without dele?.
jPmny prepa.rd to do job work .t eofy deseripttou.
oorraspeodesee suogeets of general laterest solicited.
To lmssrs sottee of their eeaomeueatioss, witcese must furnish
their real same, eyes bhough they hboulh desire to withhold ite
peblheatios, s as evideas of good faith.
Natter istseeded for pnblleatlom should be writte. only eo cue side
of the sheet, and to iasers Insertios I the week's issue, eons neai
astinas should reach this ones by 4edaesday's mail of that week
The friends of American Interests are
highly elated over the gallant fight made
against the Cuban reciprocity measure.
While the bill carries still a 20 per cent re
duction on sugar, it was so amended as to
render it objectionable to its friends and es
pecially the administration. The work of
amending it has, it seems, just begun. It
gees to the Senate where several important
amendments are awaiting it. Senator Foster
will test the political principles of the Demo
crats and the honesty of purpose of the Re
publicans by suggesting a s0 per cent reduc.
tion on all goods. The Democrats should
vote for it because it is in line with their
party principles, and the Republicans and
the administration should favor it because it
is in accord with the present Republican
policy of helping, the Cubans. Be it as it
may, there is great likelihood of our junior
senator's amendm6nt being adopted. The
plan is to so amend the bill as to emasculate
The idea of threatening rain to a great
American industry to help a lot of ungrate
ful, half civilized foreigners, who hate us, do
not care for us nor our institutions, is just
something too ridiculous and absurd to con
template. There is evidently a bug under
the chip. He will soon appear. It nay be
one thing or another, but the Sugar Trust of
this country has great Influence. It is as
Important factor in this fight In fact, if the
bill psases as originally framed the Trust
and not the people will have the benelt oý
a power; it is wielding it. The administra
tina is udder the lash of trusts; it is showini
Hen. Funston, by direction of the PresI
dent has been ordered not to make any mor
spseches about the Pblllinpaes. The Secret.
ry of War meys that the President regret
thaat the General critislsed a United State
Senator. The letter Is very courteous sam
dignilid. It was the proper thing to do I
the administration thought the good of Ut
service required less talk and more worn
from Its offcers. But how different was Ut
action of the President in the cases of Gez
Funston and Ben. Miles. In the latter cas
he ruddly censured the old battle soare
soldier and muzzled him a li Bueustmi
Ben. Funston has turned loose his baaoo oi
every subject and talked more in a wee]
than did Ben. Miles In a year. We do no
object to the gallant capturer of Agulnald
talking, we like his way of talking but w
call attention to his intemperate speech t
show how prejudiced Is the admlnlstratioi
against certain offiers and how cousiderat
sad partial It Is to others.
The people of this country will neve
approve the Insolent manner In which Uth
Counmandlug General of the Army was treal
ed. It stands with Miles. It blames th
President and symlpathizes with the General
'The campaign of muzzinag Is in full blas
and we look to newer and richer develoi
ments in It as time "drags Its weary length"
Who will be the next one f
The Doer war is about ended. Peso
negotiations are In progreu. History fui
alshes few examples ef such stubborn Ighln
as was done by the Doers. They were but i
handful of men yet held their own with thi
powerful English Army. There Is power am
strength in a rightious cause. The Doer
wee struggling for liberty, for their homes
for their very existence. England wanted ti
"egrandlse" and In the pursuit of that poll
oyuandertook to gobble, as it dld the Souti
African republic.. That the sentiment ii
tids country was in favor of the Doers is onl]
natural. We all feel kindly towards England
sad this country will always hold her Is
prateful uigmemberance. We canuot howevei
surrender principle' for her, we cannot aid her
in the attempt to destroy the young republic's
Imbued with the same principles as ours,
that have sprung up here and there-the
)utgrowth of civilization and a liberty loving
The Boers have fought well. They have
left a name in history. Superior numbers
oonquered them. It is useless to continue
the war any longer. It is shedding blood for
As not a few persons are ignorant of the
true functions of banks, a few words may
not be out of place. Banks are not intended
to create money and to make it abundant,
nor yet are they to furnish capital to busi
ness undertakings and enterprises.
As to creating money, there is no other
power than that of a s3vereign nation can do
that, and not even the richest nation on the
globe, which I. the great American Republic,
can make something out of nothing Its
coined money must have an actual value that
is recognized in every civilized country, while
its paper money must either be convertible
into coin, or be guaranteed by the nation
upon the basis of assured resources.
As to a bank, if it issue paper notes for
circulation, they are promises to pay, secured
by tangible assets of specific values. But
whether or not it be a bank of issue, its most
important function is to assemble from its
own stockholders a specific capital, and to
lend this out on proper securities at current
Such a bank, acquiring the confidence of
the community in which it is eatabli'hud,
soon becomes the depositcry of tha idle or
uninvested funds of the local population,
and this money, which would be otherwise
hidden or held in a state of inactivity, is
made available for the daily uses of business.
A bank is therefore a reservoir into
which are poured, in large and small
amounts, the uninvested money of the people
of a community, and from that reservoir it is
sent out into circulation, making it available
to consummate numerous business transac
lions which would otherwise be impossible.
The bank, by taking care of the money
of its depositors, renders them an important
service, and may, in addition, pay them a
small percentage of remuneration, while it
helps business of every sort by lending out
its capital and deposits at current rates on
proper security.
Thus, while the bank cannot create
money and thereby make it plentiful, it can,
and does, by gathering up the ready cash in
a community, make it available for business,
when, without the bank, it would be to a
large extent hoarded away, while the balance,
obtainable only on particular sorts of securi"
ty, would not go into the channels of general
business. A dollar deposited in bank may
ýr~dta bvu* aw fzzssos*Is 3a
a single day, whereas, if hid away in an old
stocking, it might grow rusty from disuse
and not be nearly as safe and well protected
asit would be in bank.
In this extraordinary age of commerce,
when the wire and the rail and the swifi
steamer and the submarine cable have anni
hilated time sad distance, on both land and
sea, without banks the world's business
would come to a standstill, while so enor
mous are the transactions that almost dail3
take place, that they have tobe ex preseed ii
'millions and hundreds of millions, instead ol
thousands and hundre'is of thousands, ai
was the case only a few decades ago.
There are two forces in the human mind
reason, having its source in the natoral order
and religion, which has been transmitted tA
us from age to age, by tradition and authori
ty. Now, the system is false which teachei
that the author of human nature has im
planted in It two forces which conclude con
'tradictorily instead of concurring harmon
lously, that is to say, that unity being thi
law of all beings, and an absolute necessit]
for all that live, God has placed in the breau
'of mankind two inimical and Irreconcllabl4
iforces-this is impossible. Being and unit]
are one and the same thing, as St. Thoma~
excellently says. Mankind has not comi
forth from God in the state of Manicheism
'there are in us two principles which harmon
lIe. Beason and faith have given forth thi
same sound from all eternity, although in i
different way. They are like the two harps
'Rollan and Jonian. The Rollan harp, sna
pended in the forest, moaned1 to the free ac
tion of the winds; the loulan harp was touch
ed by the skillful hand of the artist; hbe
both harmonized and accorded. Reason is a
the harp of Eolia, wild, free, Inspired, anc
animated by the stor as; faith Is as the harj
of lonia, better regulated, more cnalm mors
divine; but the lyre of nature and that o:
art, the lyre of men and that of the cihildrex
of God, both play essentially the same can
tide. They speak of God to the universe
they announce Him, they prophesy of Him
they give Him thanks, they uplift man t<
immortality by their harmonious and unani
mous vibration. It is reason, voluntarill
Iproud, which hears not the sounds of faith
it is ignorant faith which hears not th4
sounds of reason, and fails to render It ins
tice. Yes, as Hipoorates said of the humai
body, everything concurs and concords ii
humanity. Reason and faith, the reason ol
statesmen, the reason of men of genius, th4
popular reason, all are harmonious, all art
brethren and fellow citizens; and If there ii
strlfe among them, the causs is not in th4
elements of our constitution, because thlu
would be to suppose that the princil e of oal
life is contradiction. But contradition Ii
death, and we have not been created dead
but llving.-JTean Baptieite Henri Lacordairs
The Xiii You Have
AlWays Bought
* hl iIher 08uib AAU
S ThBeart the
,ý;.rccFowrar Over
' _ ee use m
SiIts thIa
Iteep MNles u
New Service
New Orleans
Shreveport, Dallas,
Ft Worth. Dl Paso,
Colorado and
Chair cars and le-epers on all through
trlui s.
General Pass. & Ticket Agt.
Dallas, Texas.
j . 5. DOox %Vo. Prre.
First class accommods
tion for Commercial tra
velers. Sample rooms
on the premises.
Lafourche rosing, - - La
t. sCasteM~. Ca .
1 t.gdae. flM a
Att'y wad Coeussseor at LI.
Thlbodaux, La.
Gaude Building,
St. Philip St.
Dr. Meyer's
Wate r,
12Th lIT. PBO1
First slas Accommodations
Board by the day SIAlB and M.5.
Also board by the week and month.
Meals Served at all Hours.
Cor. Ht. ILotu and Market Ntreets.
Adjoining Bank of Thibodaux.
Ogeoe rs rtrom as. *.0* ap.m.
Lay Notarial beaine** proaptly sNi ear
ully attended It
The Mv r
-~mb wmasesU
mmlm mast ms
v sJ~
Trespass Notice.
The pubbic is hereby warmed mot tc
hum, or trespams om the property ol
P. Le Damole, I. Termbomme sad la
fourche, or to pk k moss, cut or re
move any Uimber tha bo em mid
L. Cuuvou Buau.umse,
40 4t Apent of E. Lu Damess
men and women to travel amd
advertise bor old usabllshed horne 01
solki masaclsl emandlug. balary
*780 a year mmd espeassa all psym
ble Is cs~h. No cmmvamuwg required
Give refemeases and emekose mst ad
dressed stamped euvelope. Adatrum
Mamuger, 86h Cauiom 3lalg., Chi
iRead The Sentinel.
Look Carefully
To Your Kidncys
[Dr. Jenner's
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muse the kidneys to work as
rspue intended they should.
They build up the sbrunkmn
walls of the kidneys, as is
hkows semedy has bmn foIrn
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As a cure for urinary troubles
they have no equal.
10. 25, 0 Csets -
tehpf one
of tf Le KCJ~ aUe-,
Our Muasic Store is the central once
for all mesges ofinspiringhbarwo
my ndpoeleminstrels We are
nheaddqualtn for all kind o
Musical Instrum nts
sad musical goods sad ma salt you
Ia maything you want.
Yours for melody,
V. J. Knobloch.
" Tou wait rye hadss e
sa. stylieb WKelding Ivi-1
tatless. We e. asht yea.
Te. bees assteid steak
som as s $wa,and lots at it.
H. N. Coulon,
Ta*..*mS $Ez. LA.
a.., .i..d.
ey Ueads
Clim kg. b.ats,ahmm. bM. ..poeaand seaia
ead 3Mae ifS.ret~ase Aais s. Thiip
aAIbees rsr.4.
fae &. T.
Market S4a4.
A3Yas r aid due base !t W3s.. Me.I.
PFuk, Vial, mad S.ap.a ea all kas
Nrkaet taet, Thibed4as. 1I.
U, V.Trsttl, Prepreteu,
c~aus whase mad heam.u. see daus iwaja
is baud. Car. Steam sad Uarit 0mWge..
cypvess ..d Pagh. Lmell r.
L sentaswedhtastm, aim. suddler
bema.Blatbasmua Mung mad kaeea
abdmg aqmpaimlty.
METUR. DUS. A. . &A LU..
Puspmiutegm of Never Dra3 Steen. Meai s'trest
Talbsima IA. J. J. Piersem. Mamager.
DMDe cU.. L't'4.
Chedeas, ereemry.Behstbeak
, se. Cr. aeaa 8***streets
elserm & Jewea'e
Pmt5qeLwWehsh mud bbm, a~te. Mali
Steese, . l'idp mad SL Leeai
BLANCAMAB, (D. D. "4.. U.
Carear Bream sad aS. Darmag Utwc*
A Tsse -as 4.kV
3mb k Lev nemehe bunlintg.
h~aewmers at Law.
3ams 1 ,6 7, Danb of Ththedaes DuIldtu
K0540 CLAY
0Gsm: Usab 3dhdhg. Kat rasee em
Led. asmet.
0o01 amassesL.
Gla eere lmsum..b veml aud Eatem har e
sea Imimmams: Levre Stret.
Ybtmemo at Winoy are. Kaglish, Fmebee
lbr feather pmrdealeras apply so
L., U. EAAm, Frinelpel
LA Lemdinm lee' Yearning I****
~bysbe Wise.s of Deems Canrmel. Ther
Krnus slish eam Streak. eest a
coeww. 3.3.
I Uea Estml.ma v mdLI Imasemma
Agees. Frwrebsegbet md satd. Ueamg
hamad sd lerrw' Beak ad Lalurrvb
-W a
U U.
fond your Job P
to this Office. Sati
WR A1TEU.-Cabable,
eon in every county to repremet
enompany of solid basnal V
$936 saary per year. payable
$3 per day absolutely saes
expeuses, straight, loois lile
salary. no cummissios; salary
each Saturday and epmesss
advasned each week. 8TA&D
HIOIU , 334 Dz.aness Sr..
Es eelsm~
asue Pmulea se ami
' **p a31.
Do act frar eold mml
Thlhandama Shoe sad flat
flme ot the highest gradb
Emum J. Umiis
Fojeb prlnagoeftalW
in orwrtetoth s.wsa
mu wm'
a. ..".y.s..« ..
" _B
on a
ras Dryw~ .
TidaxSoe nd eaant
Forf b pinis at sN
Msar wie wte satan.
satorsar.arows. Fu
1W SOA A$, LA.
. heru reek bt , pe, oreal, te
S--OATS OW USD .omah
£30ne SAUS eAGaEa. Oees ALL N
RAILROsAnD eay N***amaS
6c.6b, ..d aS ayheem 1i0 5
Im.s. a Ib..NCATE.
*Electr'ioal Work, ia
vale rTeephone
andt Pkantuaion
Sems. Rlectrjc Be4
and Burgear .4a
Land all ElectrioW5

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