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BASE BALL__TO-MORROW, 3:30 P. M. THIBODAUX GRE)L, VS. WEBSTERS. Hotest Contest of the Season.
ý'g1 adADVERlTIBE ;
___ ~ihIt baitehI~ Tthibo~dattz *nlineI U
Ofiol. Joumal oa she Waszsh ofLaisurche and luardian oi the Z.tHrntIe of the Tow. w
VoL 36. THIIBODAUX, LA., MAY 24, 1902. No. 44
In the right direction, is to
Step into Our Store,
and see the elegant line of Geuts' Furnishing, Shoes,
and Hate, just received. Our Spring stock is open and
heady for your inspection.
We are able to quote these
extremely low prices be
cause we buy for CASH, and
Oents high grade negligee shrts 2.50 and 3.00 a pair.
a>W sad soft bosoms, pleat. d and Spec. 30 pt. regular 3 50 shoes
pisia fronts an elagaut assortment of going at 3.85 pr. These are fresh
uesler, patterns etc. uur i'rice on this and elcan, we are closing them on
bne only $1 00 each. account of their width.., all U. and D.
(ists negligee shirts, in a large If 'our foot is narrow you can get,
Ig gy of colors, patterns etc. with or shod for $2 85.
ehsst collars, also with attached Just received a lot of mens dress
uams, a larger and brner line than shoes, light soles for summer wear,
galbs ever had, our price Sue each, worth fully $1.50 our price $1.35.
be equaled anywhere. Gcnts fancy socks, a beautiful as
ugats light wool undershirts fully sortment at 25u a pair.
$1.00 our price only 75c. Gents full seamless socks, black
lhjb set undershirts. If you suf and tan, big values at 3 pr. for 25e.
hopa excessive heat this is what French suspenders 20c a pair.
sead, our cut price 40c (worth Boston Garters 20e a pair.
Our entire line of linen collars in.
*We have also a large assortment eluding all the very latest styles, in
ugisesbirts, in French balbriggan, high turn down, standing etc. at lOc
Egyptian cotton etc. from each.
WiTe. We can save you money See our new line of Gents fine dress
summer underwear. Trousers. We have never had as fine
seam Drawers 50, 65 and a line. We guarantee the values to
a pair. be the very best obtaiuable for the
Smbs Fine Dress shoes. in outton money. Pretty and up to date, in
1uhihsa, our best line $3.50. eluding all the new things in Flannel
tats low out shoes for summer etc. from $L75 to 3.50 a pair.
Respectfully soliciting a share of your valued patron
, we are yours for Bio VALUES and anxious to please,
Pbe. 180. Chas A. Badeaux, Prop
1fsfth St. Badeaux building.
Is now prepared to furnish the best and cheap
eat brick in the market......................
a million bricks on hand ready for delivery. '
smre..e.ssaoar ao LUOU *YE5aU
Livery, Food
..Sale StableB.
Undertaking ,1
ti8 Establishim'ent -4I
Blaokamith and
~~ . Maker.
Patriot St. ('or. Levee and .Market, Thibodaux..
I Just received a nice line of
Water Coolers, Step- I
Ladders, Bird Cages,
Ice Cream Freezers,
Lawn Mowers, Cro
quet Sets, and Base
Ball Goods*
H. Riviere & Co.
Iwhne 108. Cor. .Main 4- St. Louis Sts.
Advertise in The sentinel.
This is to inform my cus
tomers, friends and the pub
lic in general, that lam now
located at my new stand,op
posite my old store, next to
the Thibodaux Drug Store.
Emile J. Braud.
I__ _ __ _
Fi of Style and
' reary demasaded by 20th
C smy buys dU Mm.' Teusem.
-aim. bday, ka d dely is ts
"AM gaswrwae -th puedudt d1
I dge Mote a./ s.ahJuts b44.
FOR 1902..
to aM pmsuuuese. Our las isne
Ellis Draud's Sons.
You would be surprised
to see the tiumber of women de
men who are very wisely provid
ing for the future.
The woman who has nevei
opened a batik account will be
surprised to find how quickly a
small weekly deposit will be
come a "slig bank account.
All women need bank aco
I ~counts. 'ihe young womazi
needs to lay up a little money
I - for her coming marriage. Tht
mother needs to provide for bet
children and herself in case of death and other misfortune:
Ei. fr Rebislhaux, e,*AiO1gA bU?' E. P. Shaver
The State Legislature.
7he legiaslature of the State of
Louisiana which convened this week in j
Baton Rouge, will he li session
for two months. The members of
this body who are addicted to the
talk habit or who make it a practice
to introduce bills by the cart loads
are doubtless training hard to sustain
their reputation. it is really unfor
tunate that there should be so many
wind jammers and bill hatehers in
the legislative bodies of the different
States, and it is to be hoped that
some ingenious mind will blase away
for weeding out or excluding from
the legi-lstive halls this class of law
makers, who arc of no value or set.
vice to their State and brand tbemeel.
yes as muturiety.auekers. The people
have enough laws to govern them
and, in f:act, it haa almost come to
poas that the noeat law abiding eitli
" zuai in it cowwuuity find it a diffeilt
matter not to run afoul of some st.
utute. The law making power should
confine its&lf to the enactment of such
laws as ale nec.'ssary and useful, and
T they shon!d be framed in pain Ian
guage, with a view of making their
meaning and int&ent ehar and unmis.
The tendency in construiteng laws
appears to be to couch them in such
terms as to convey a double mesnisig,
and the result is that the power of
making laws is shifted to the judges
of our courts. This may not be done
knowingly or purposely, but the fact
remains that it legislators were more
careful and painstaking in drafting
laws no two interpretations would be
possib'e, except ponaaiby in rare io
stances, and our jurists would not be
working overtime, while lawyers
would not appesr so painfully igno
rant and thie citizen would know his
rights and those of his neighbors.
Give us plain laws and as few of
them as possible, and we will have
peace and contentment.
Some of our State law makers
labor under the impression that
their zeal and eiciency will be mess"
ured by the number of bills they will
have introduced daring during their
- term of office. This, however, is a
mistaken idea. A legislator does not
win fame by the introdnetion of ni .
merous and senseless measures, but
is more likely to make his mark by
P employing his energy in an effort to
kill fool bills Adm prevent iniquitous
enactments. There is always a good
field for this character of legislative
work and members of the General
Assembly of the State of Louisiana
who want to perform their duty fully
and creditably are usualy afforded
the opportunity by their over zealous
and irrepressible colleagues, who are
made stoop shouldered by the count.
less bills which they carry and try to
unload on the unsuspecting and long
suffering citizens of this great com
We have a surfeit of laws. There
are so many of them that no one can
tell whether or not hls right to live
cannot be successfully contested by
some enemy and his pilgrimage on
this mundane sphere brought to an
abrupt close. The law makers can
not be too strongly mpraessed with
the importance and wisdom of cur
bing their desire to pass laws on the
wholesale plan. The rersonal liberty
and rights of citizens of a free cone
try are fast being encroached upon
by the law making power and a hall
mu't be called. The legislator who
attempts to limit his dear people to
two meals per diem will Ald Satan'.
domains a cool place Ia comperison
to his present hebitatmon.
Now, gentlemen of the legislature
Ilook wise and act sensibly. We
have a right to expect that of you
If you have not enacted a law which
denIes us tLat right-St. Bernard
The Louisiana purchaite Ex
The present legialature will, we
hope, provide an ap~propriation tt
have State uf Louisiana well amJ
suitably represented at the St. Louii
Exposition to be held in 1904.
This exposition will nndoubtedl3
be the grandest affair of the kind eyes
U held in ibis or any other country arni
attract visitors to St. Louis from al
Sover this country and from all part.
10- of the earth, and it behooves this
ro* State to have her many resourece
id- brought before the people of this
country in a manner that will not on
'rly redound to the credit of the State
but also prove a profitable invest
A great deal of good was done b)
our exhibits at the Bufiso and Char
leston expositions, but as the St
MC Louis altir will being together am
fLR many moore people, the good to thiu
ey State from an intelligent and flue ex
he hibit will he that much larger.
er We trust the Sconos now in aeasiuo
in Baton Rouge, in view of the favos
e.able financial report made by tb
State Treasurer, will respond nob:
and appropriate not less than *100
000, thereby enabling our commam
er sioners to make an exhibit creditabi
to this State.-Jtseriille South.
Base Ball.
Avery Interesting game of hase ball
was played at the park last Sunelay
between the Houma Blues and the
Thibolfaux Greys. A large number
e of people were is attendance and
e everybody expressed themselves with
Ss being highly delighted with the game
though he Houma boys were out.
classed in many respects by our team.
A more gentlemanly set of boys
could not be found than the players
who composed the bouma tenm.
It Not one single kick was made during
th entire game on either side which
S fact made the game doubly interens
ting and enjoyable. The Ilouma
boys played in bad luck as they were
b compelled to face the Greys with'ut
their hest players aiad.the pitcher at
a that as he was on the sick list. The
Blues, however, put up a good game
° and if the people of Houma as well
i as the Times and Courier will give
their team the proper encourage.men'
we feel satisfed that the Houma team
h with a little practice will soon be able
dt to play good hall. Little sauiess in
1 never achieved where no encourage.
it went is given. People of [Iloma
support your team which is compo.
' ed of a jolly set of fellows and he.
fore the season is over you will have
cause to feel proud of them.
The following score will tell the
if tale of last Sunday's game.
e L.B. I. B.H. P.O. A. R.
Blanc, p .......... 4 1 11
:t Iygendre, b.......... 4 1 1 0 0 0
.. bs s.................. 4 2 3 5 I I
Trosclar, 2b............ 3 2 0 4 3 1
Delsuue, c. . 4 1 1 0 0 0
Toups, . f .............3 0 0 0 0 0
!e Flash, lb .... ..... 4 i i M U
Naquin, r. ........... 4 2 1 0 0 0
Heber, c ............ 4 1 2 10 0 1
34 11 5 2? 13 3
A.B. R. A.N. P.O. A. Z.
is Jurno. 2bt.............. 4 1 1 2 4 2
Therlot, p. 31.. ........ 4 0 1 1 3 0
Polkes, a .............. 4 0 0 0 0 0
/f OImbasa, o............. 0 1 3 0 2
Doudreaur.lb.......3. 3 0 1 0 0 1
ref oad. p., 3b............ 3 0 0 1 2 0
PFo, c. f............... 3 0 0 4 0 1
Aiken, sas ............ 0 0 4 3 3
Lell laac, r. t.......... 3 00 U 0 0
at m 14 25119
a. Summary: Stolen bases-Gibbs 2, Lenliwac
i ejendre. TrolIur. Naquin. Juruo. Rase on
i a-oa laBlane none, of Theriot 1, off Hond
a. ALeft on Aism-Houmna 2. Thibodaux I.
Struck out-by LelBlanc 8, Bond!. Wild Pitch
a -Bond 2. Passed balls-Callahan 3, Hebert I.
DLTime of gameo-1 hour and 40 minutes. Um
t pire-Cointifont-8oorer-Auslet.
i" The Websters will array themsel
ut yes against the formidable Greys to.
ln morrow, but woe unto the Websters as
to their fate will in all likelihood be the
°a same as all others which have come
x in contact with our victorious Greys.
re The Websters seem coonfident that
al they will play winning ball to mor
1 row as they have some star player.
l' in their team. There is no doubt but
that one of the prettiest and most es
us citing games ever played on our dias
' mood will be witnessed to.morrow at
it the pal k. A very large crowd will
to nodoubtably be in attendasce. A
s Fair will le conducted at the park
before and after the base ball game.
The fair begins at 1 o'clock and
re the game will be called at 3:30 P. Nt.
'n Amusements of all sorts will be pro
ye vided on the grounds. Everybody
37 la town should turn out and see one
n of the most hotly contested games of
a base ball ever played in the park.
th ý** -
ir We had the pleasure of meeting
he last week CaptI H P. Farrar the Ey..
ty gineer.in chief in charge of the con
° struetion of the New Orleans South
an wY''sersn Railway Co. Captl Far.
ut rar is an elegant old gentleman sue
te stands prominent among the civil
to Engineers of Ameriea being 2an
u's Vice--Piesident of the Inaternationas
an Association of Euginecra. of tile
United Slate.. Capt. Fariar has
re spent over twnnty four years of his
i'e past life in the service of the Illinois
- Ventral Railroad and the Itohile san
clh Ohio. The Capt. is highly delighted
rd with our section of the country. Hie
hopes to begen thefiret week in June
The Captain informed us that in him
opinion that he was quite positive
I. that a more thickly populated and
more fertile and resourceful countr3
could not be found an ywhere ini the
south timan the section through whtc
wre the El etric Trolley' road will pass
4, That we are blessed with abundant
tid resourees is without deoubt. Tbe
si South has a magnificent and gkarious
future before her. We are patientlt
11 waiting all developments.
or -. -** -
0( Hiii Grace Bishop Blank of Ports
R ico, admainistered the Sacrament o
ias Conrfirmantiou at the Catholic Churel
ies Tueeday morning to over four koi
1i5 dred and fifty children. It wac
ID. beautiful sight to see all thoeme britgh
tC, and innocent little souls enijating
it themselves under the christian Matm
dard and who now go marehin,
by onward under the banner of Chriel
ur- imnity ma the true and faithful sol
St. diers of Jesus Christ. Impressive ni
so deed are such ceremonies. Ilapp;
Ihismee 511w the devoted fathbet and loi
x- ng mother whose children have he
.come co.workers of Him who suffere
weIthat thier might not per sh.
orI The Bishop in well chosen word
Lhe 1explaIned 1o the children the serionie
byI ness of the responsibilities which the
1)0, had assumed. He told them the
is-. they must be good boys and goc
taegirls that they might grow up to 1
true christian men and womene.
They Say
1e That a petition is being eirealatest
around town for the purpise of hay
. ing the sentence of a negro man in
ai$l commltted to life isnprironmeut
n Ly the governor, and
;g That every citisen in this common.
b ity should sign it for many good
as reasons, and
a That if this negro hangs that it
re will be a perftct outrage upon the
christian parish of Lafoerishe.
it That the Police Jury should be
a given a bronze medal for appropriat.
;ii ang money to repair the parish prison
re as well as the Court Howe.
'i That the town was terribly excited
a over a smnaull fire which broke out in
le a resi'lence near the Southern Pacific
ii JeI,<it last Wednesday at noon, hud
)a That it waq causta by a spark
Sfrom an engine on the 8. P. road,
,, annd
re That a cesitas individual said that
if the oil in one of the tanks liad
ie caught fire awl ezploded that every
house in town would .have been
shattered to pieces, and
s. That this explosion would linae
s been as diiastioua as an earthquake
or the outburst of a volcano, and
o That in other words Thihodaix
would have been completely wiped
1 el the face of civilization.
s That in May a young man's fans;
E lightly turns to that of love, and
That this accounts for all these
fellows around town who are having
I such bad spills of it, amd
: That the man who was overflow
0 ing with Sentiasest last week has at
a last realized his one great Jesire, and
That some one this week entered
u into the Store on the corner and did
r swipe and tike an umbrella which
°- had been in safe keeping for several
el- weeks, anol
to. That it i, not known whether the
as swipiang was doue with malice or
be forethought or whether it was don.
ae with a felonious ibuent, and
That at nay rate the man whose
soul has been babbling over with
a nstiseat received an expreesed
,4 package this week contaislmg the
z long wished for umbrella, sad
ia- That it was expressed to hi. from.
at Schriever to the amount of thirty
Ail cents, and
rk That the drayman brought it to
me. him from the depot to the amount of
ad ten cents, sod
' That it was a rice sight when thie
, young man pulled out his pocket
,e book, which ahowed signs of having
of been in long use as the two opposite
corners were a bit torn, and
That he b *gin to carefully remove
one by one about half a doses little
rig rubber lianels which held the little
i affair togel her, and
h- That he finally ruheamhoi down into
ir- his pure and after much fusmbling
rd rooted out forty cents nod squared
vil up with the world, and
ma! Thst lie is fearfully miiientifuzzlsd
lie omvcr thme m frfir ibit haappy is the fuct
ins that his wish has thec realized.
his Thst Thibodlaux certainly has
assome sporty yotuig Imiooda, and
ed That it would he a crime to ebsegp
Fle them with being short or Ia plate
tie. United States with being aside, sead
ieThat when a number of these
Ila young gentlessen wanted to walk
try several young ladles to a psrty, ovee
the 1w.) miles diown the lmeyou Wedmies.
iclm d..y night that it was not bwecaue
us they hail it in for the Livery ease,
mnt nor because thti' ceill not lad *
rhe stable open, nor hceaimme the beaks
uas had closed, nor breaims they had mio
u3Iy friends to see them ihrough, nor tie
cause it would have looked extrava
Igant on their parts, but it was 1tm.
cause they wanted to baek in thee
irto soft mellow moon light, berseise they
of1 desired to muc lwpacefully amid quiet.
reh ly on nature s land eapes (if perfaset
loveliness, because they wishedt &
un- admire, as they slowly weuded their
aj way down t~h. bsaks of the never mar
;ht jinurig water of hsyou Lafourehe, the
sug starry flrmamenmt of the heaves.,
beas suse they thought that to rush re
lng Isuch as occasion woulmi be bail polky
int andI the slower the urm-r, because
aool (thy believed last the young ladils
ins would ace the Ipeniut mud agree to take
~PPFthe wailk best that thelta's certalaly
o ilget left mm: theoung lndies roeld
red staeidpoiit.
ruts That Lafourehe's Slate Sese
us combs his hair with a toweL
hy That the rooters sill in oetisofuhl
hat force at the puak Sauday to cheer
sort our boys on to victory.
SThat the Webeters will cersainly
be up aganast it.

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