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';and ADVERTISE ,BE.it~r~
...In The Sentinel. dahu 14 wx iAt tsif o*
Official Jcumal of th. PZeiuh of Lafoiioh. ..d Gwaxdian of tb. Mau"" of 1h. Town.
VoL 86. THIBODAX, LA,, YbL 1909. 91,.905
In the right direction, is to
tp into Our Store,
and see the elegant line of Gents' Furnishing, Shoes,
Hats, just received. Our Spring stock is open and
for your inspection.
e are able to quote these
emely low prices be
use we buy for CASH,and
high grade neghgee shirts 2.50 sad 3.00 a pair.
ad soft bosoms, pleated and 8pec. 30 pr. regular 3 50 shoes
bouts an elegant assortment of going at 2.85 pr. These are fresh
patterns etc. our price on this and clean, we are closing theta on
taly $1.00 each. account of their widths, all U. and D.
negligee shirts, in a large If your foot is narrow you can get
of colors, patterns etc. with or shod for $2 85.
collars, also with attached Just received a lot of mens dress
a larger and fier line than shoes, light soles for summer wear,
Sever had, our price Seo each, worth ftlly $1.50 our price $1.85.
equaled anywhere. Gents fancy socks, a beautiful as
light wool undershirts fully sortment at 25c a pair.
00 our price only 75c. Gents full seamless socks, black
undershirts. It you stf and tan, big values at 3 pr. for 25c.
excessive heat this is what French suspenders 20c a pair.
our cut price 40c (worth Bostoo Garters 20e a pair.
Our entire line of linen collars in
also a large assortment .luding all the very latest styles, in
in French balbrnggan, high turn down, standling etc at 10c
Egypttan cotton etc. from each.
We can save you money See our new line of Gents fine dress
sammer underwear. Trousers. We have never had as fine
seam Drawers 50, 65 and a line. We guarantee the values to
pai--. be the very best obtainable for the
flee Dress shoes, in outton money. Pretty and up to date, in.
our best line $3.50. eluding all the new things in Flannel
low cut shoes for summer etc. from $L75 to 3.50 a pair.
Respectfully soliciting a share of your valued patron
ye are yours for Bio VALUES and anxious to please,
- 180. Chah A. Badeaux, Prop
.qin St. Badeaux building.
Is now prepared to furnish the best and cheap
est brick in the market................... ..
brioks on hand ready for delivery.
s.e.ss. 5. UI.. o ar rZ v usA
• a a -Livery, Feed I
*...Sale Stables.
Undertaking ,I
2 Eutablishilent
Blacksmith and
Patriot St. Cor. Leuce and Market, Thibodscw.v.
Just received a nice line of
Water Coolers, Step
Ladders, Bird Cages,
Ice Cream Freezers,
Lawn Mowers, Cro
quet Sets, and Base
Ball Goods"
H. Riviere & Co.
S'Phone 108. Cor. Main # St. Louis 8ts.
vertise in The Santinel.
lie in general, that
posite my old store, next to
This is to inform Stormy cus-e.
tomers, friends and the pub
posite my old store, next to It
- .
Emile J. Brd.
of Style and d
Service a
.~-~EthW MOD b p
"" TROUSERS A 9 e2 a
Ellstrs So hase. Tyres w
ifo.**r the a futr- me
You wonld be muprisedut
to see the number of women de I
pouitors we ve. They re woaI
men whoa are very wisely provid
ing for the funtre.
s The woman who bas never
[ mother needs to provide for her
children and herself in case of death and other misfortune.
the Poll Tax Requirement. a
There is no subject hout which Pe1
here has been so absolute sad corn- -
Mete a revulson of public sentiment 10
-e that of the poll tax requirement bo
ngrafted into the constitation. mi
This hage I sentimet has not of
was the result of real or imaginary
political dvantage, biy ce party o qu
factaion I the Stats, by reason of its
iperstioms, but t is the .rm sad wh
honet oeovitluo that It is a wrong
pemaple; that it has proves is pine.
'ice the reverse of what was claimed
or It in theory; that It is dangerous P
ad absolutely noxious Is "lib sad
branch. go
Whatever may have been tbeorsti
e-t views upon the subject, those
who have see Its practical operations e
have become sworn opposents of It, e
lenonneing sad rajecting It from se
every possible standpoint Under its
operations, the personnel of the oleo- lO"
urate sad the votng strength of a
parish become profound crets lock- mi
ed In the brests of the sheriff sad
his friends. The opportunity for "
fraud and the oecasion for personal st
dash.s at the polls are multiplied o
manifold, under its wretched provis- nO
ions. It is the most undesirable, uon- il
just, unequal, menacing, dangerous
sad destructive element that could I
possibl/ be fastened upon our politi- d
cal system. The argument that be- c
cause acme have paid the tax while so:
others have not and :herefore the gm
former have earned and paid for Bu
privileges that they have a right to t
enjoy, is absolutely without founda- le
tion. Every dollar paid was a debt vl
lue, under the law, and it went to for
the support of the public schools In th
the locality where it was collected
and neither injustice nor injury have me
been done the parties who paid. a
We oppose the tax, as a prerequi-- an
site to voting, and favor the submis- du
sion of a constitutional amendment
for its repeal, fur every reason that sI
hap ever been ofered, and we es- ae
pecially favor its repeal for the tol- tb
lowing thirteen good and sucient an
reasons: do
1. It ixes a money standard for ta
citizenship and has a repulsive ko
$-mark for an emblem. a
2. It xes a cash money basis for b
the value of votes of i.00 a head.
3. Instead of thwarting and pre s
venting professionalism in politics, it m
fosters, aids and assists it, by making A
the play of politics a surer and more of
certain game.l
4. It gives to the sheriff of the a
several parishes power and control
suriciet to dictate parih politics.
5. It has utterly failed as are
venue producer for the publin schools. i
The record shaows hat while popula. Nt
ties and asesssment have largely ea l
mesd, the ure.. to the poll tax
has sot bees i due proportion t
From 1899 to 1900 the iacrema ma l
polls paid was l13,122, while from or
1900 to 1901 it was only ~7 m6.
6. It opens the gate to unlimited
frud, the poll tax nrelpt being the t
eafeguard to ous rights of ditienship g
ad at'the sime time being bhedged T
about by no more sanctity than a
mere receipt, easily subject to ouene
7. As mUatter of public poicy,
it was of doubtful wi.dom and ex
pedlenuy, as evidenued by the fact
that the (onstituttioal C~uonvention i
was split o twain over it and made
it an eception to the other article of
the onautitati by permitting the
lslilature in 190"to repeal orl P
smead it without the usual formsal- ta
ties four amendin the Cootitutoao. o
8. It is an unequal ta, a dollar
to one ma represoeting a day's hard
labor, whle to nother it isa u isl
itisimal trfle. I
9. Ithashad no defet whatever
ia eliminauting the aegro ad ourtail
Ig his participatioo is political at- i
10. As as additional afeguard a
sad protection to the electorate it is
snot required, as prsat registration
nrd sIlrage laws have eliminated the a
r idessrsble element and resrtricted the I
Sonumber of thoum eligible to vote with. I
r in all reasonable limits.
11. Payment of it is no evidence
of patriotism or civie pride and fail.
ure to pay, nso indicatiuon of.the ik
of these virtues.
1l. It establdlishes two classe of
privileged voters with as uncertain
_ad not infallible rule for determun.
ag whether they have a right to such
prvileges. Thus, those astring mtkd
m votes and those exempt from pay.
ag the tax by being over age, both
being dificult to ascertaln uad deter.
amie sad both being fruitful subjeets
t clash and eoetom at the poll T
I3. It is a vital and Important f
ieest on that hes mwer ben submit. lon
d to the ople. As only than T
eho have paid It tax will be ab to adb
rote upon the proposal to abolish It
here can be either wrong or lnjury T
in submittlag t them at the Cue
pessomal election In Novemlsr, 1903. T
The Irt twelve reasomn presented,
o tothemerits of the ase. They T
ure osed mealy as arguments to r
Ihow why the Comastittion shbold be T
obanged in this respect But the livli
Legislature can only saubmit uan
samedmeat to the people T
In view of the momesntoue que- witl
Involved sad for the reasons give, ha
we arge the passage of an st sub. T
mitting the question to the peop!e, the
who, atter tLorough public and ges.
eral iavestigation and disussson, can I
settle the question oene for all and the
not permit it to li e over to vex, . t, a
soy and confuse the public mind us-o
til 1908.-Baton Rouge Advocate. as
Under the laws of Louisiana, the I
tarner who purchases either rommenr thei
dial fertilizers for masnurig his lands
or Paris grees for destroying the o
moxious insects which cosuom his
growing crops is amply pron ted.
Bulletin No. 65 of the state agricul. his
tural experiment station should
be read by alL The bul 1
letin not only furnishes a great many
valuable hints as to what kinds of
fertilier are Ipeculiarly adapted to
the soils of the state, thus giving the
farmer a basis upon which he can
Inteligently make his purchases to tell
meet his particular wants, but it gives
a full lit of the diferent samples
analyzed by the station chemists 18
during the past year. While the wh
station is not required under the law on
to work for private persons, yet all Oig
sample seot in by individual citizens of
are analysed free of charge, provided
the mesn of the station will permit as
sand that in the discretion of the
director soch analyses will be one.
ducive to the public welfare. The gel
farmer is thus put toin a position to
know exsctly whether his purhases
are what they are repreented to be
by the seller or manufaetlrsr ia
other words, thatbhe is not bing on
swindled by having some Inerior
article palmed of on him. How
much tbh farmers of the state appre. M
elate this privilege is. shown by the
fact that no less than 2,510 samples
of fertilizers passed through the
laboratories during the past year,
and in addition some 140 samples of
Parts green were passed on by the te
chemists. This is a great amount of pa
work to be done within the spees of a
single year, but it is only one of
many which the station is engaged is. )I
New lines of research as being taken a
p year byyear by Dr. Stabb dsad
hi able corps of assistants; resesh th
which meas much for the farmers of
thestate l the way ad placing the
in a position, not only to work their
erops itligsntlHy, but to get th.*
msimum return for a minimsum ex- *a
peditore. Tie days of ftrmnag Iby p
rule of thsmb are put, sad the a
fairmer who smay still stick is the odt
groove bnhoad togo tote wall
The great factor which uhas brought
bout the chaage is undoubtedly the
state eperiment station. It has
equated theory with praeles aad y
so dondg smuch of the umiirtaInty
which followed ths wake of old th
conditions has been seminatmi.- em
The Teachers' Jaunt to Thib· a
The teachers' esrelon given by
Parish Superintendent McY aioh re- N
tormed yesterday sfteraoon abshout
o'lok sad brought bac kthe jolh s hi
crowd that he. bene sees in Donald.
soonvle h a long time. From r
I ports reived, a traly delightfl day
wasmsent byaU the euseistioets a
The ridse to Thiboda and beek was
thror(ghy ujoya d and the program
and the teaers of L l o fo the a
eltertaimenlt of te vinslor was a
most pleasatud nadgieeae 8er-..
I mral of the esoelonmiss mined the
train and wese compelled to resain
in Thihodsux to await the departl.
of the Souterba Pacalie train fr u
Npoleoanvlle wbsre hy hired a I
Shak saod arrived hre lst night at
.:30 o'cleck.-Desaldoavnalle Tmes
e We wish bto retr thaks to Mr.
.and Mrs. P. Lyoes or an imvlta
tio toatteud the marriage of their
dnsghter Nis Brilitte C. Lyoas to
Mr. Ncholls Ldasseigme, on Wedes-'
if day June the lih. 190Iso at Peter
Curch it John Parh. I
They Say
i Tbee teak Ius R the emS
a has .1m lamp hmmy, m..d
That Ba. lop was e to
diateage, sad
-ast eery em ws highly I mmle
rtbh trip.
That work o the g -lr Th sefy
yJsr will begh assa weehg sal
That ash omtramore by the dea.
we arnvi ism tow dally, aid
That Thibodemz will soe he te.
vlies sad mot progr ity is
he sugar parishe, sad
That Domaklamvadle wet be i it
rith Us after our Tmulley lime will
ave been completed, sad
That ThIbodaz will soe enjoy
he biggest boaomof any tow is
That the oil in the bayou l killing
he rice which is being irrigated with
t, and
That it bths is tree that the oumes.
ans Petroleum Oil Company eas b
icld answerable for damages
That Jack Ia Fiance sad Fido last
heir rabbit foot, and
That leBlanc fmm all appesrsaeas
Wound it, sad
That be put the key hole o top
him eye, and
That it made bin mad yes, sad
That Mary Ann could take a p:ns
at the St. Louis miposion be would
mly aousent to enter the eoases, tsad
That be certalaly is a peach eo
telling them.
That the little brows jeg cootin.
lag the spirits of D t-yo-.nmw
which was awarded him at the WIhu
m omlom pisatatlos Wed d
bight was not give for the
of casting any lee tless,
That be sheaid met wn tadbs it
as he dad but should have warted.
That he west to New Or esss to
get a straw hat, sad
That he looks like aier sad blore
taking with at oc, sad
That e is all hat whehe has i
an, sad
That he might have gottes i
several sies maller, sad
That he should have gottem am Is
style as log a hehad to go o New
Orlesm for it, sad
That t ertatily is a poor adwls
tusemet for the grsat 8eothera Mat.
That some people hav'st r -on
edgmemt thaan a {seekas is a est
That the Weheteos sesi mat h k
that they am the uwhsel drassf*
heearse they dulsa.d the Onsae lie
That the Webst ebs shold met have
Impranerd the ftL that they eod
play bell oa the Gray so oreibly,
Th atthey meat measy wit' h them
amt tame.
Tlhat tbe OGra tonok ther dal
gracetully, sad
Thut they sre still at thiepimiom
that the Webters declsat "  et.b
emily seomphhed.
Thatthe m brmsof th e T. M.
will meet at the "Jem" redmemrat
to aight asTp m.
That all te mmreae m a wl
havo agreed to close tLheir estai-. '
meats at eves o'loek emmmeaelg
Moeaday the ad of Jae, aad
ThaLt oar bulsmo men wll Ie
bhighlly ameeded lr the kind oem
sdera'.io ehwo thelr elerks.
That Thibodaz should have letb
a Bice mill, sad a Paper mll, aud
That a good quality of paper ewm
be made from ti eUe t-m pb e.
Thai meo girls certalmlye as ka
a whole lot ofi ach aboe s nh Lg,
That they sUely are esralaldoe
ItUte casture
t th T hebibodame rJllp beye
wee treated to a IBe 1.eppnametm.'
Friday moraing, sad
That they oght met ha kle the
peor phogrepher.
That is my rai edaoby nl that
people hbad better rkeep a et e te
That eluetrs ns llbe peeed tI
uer mew jelL
r mThat ra ew iEl w seek' b i
ia Thihdsea.
*4? II*%

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