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W'. S.L FL ;CE.-I'. - Editor. thi
,loe.ai JOUwIl of the Pari* e of L/ourche. W
5'w'Vd s atte rem l f le atl 7 &'P~l . I as sroref evt.n ntr fr.
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.ation should reach this office by nedoned)ay's rail of t Ime ek
I'he Baton Rouge correspondent • of our g
esteemed contemporary, the Picayune, notes ,
the introduction of a bill in the Legislature
to repeal the clause of the constitution which a
declares that the governor is ineligible to fel
suoceed hhaself . It is then stated that the
proposed amendment to the constitution is wi
"'directed against one man." The correspon- de
dent adds; "Judge Blanchard is generally
regarded as having the field almost to him
self, Many of the sugar planters are oppos
ed to him and some say they will never con- sb
sent to his nomination." This item does an se
injustice both to Judge Blanchard and the ,
Democratic sugar planters. We have no
doubt that many sugar planters do not favor
Judge Blanchard just like many democrats is
in other sections of the State, but not so re
much on account of any opposition to him as tg
because they have their preferences in other
men. Judge Blanchard is held in the high- T
est esteem all over the State, and his nomina
tion as a matter of course would be accepta
ble to all Democrats, at least, one would not
be a Democrat, and remain one, who would
not consent to his nomination. Praise ist
heaped upon Gov. Heard and .he deserves all i
that is said of him for he is wisely adminis
tering public affairs.
The ShTrruNn EL is not "booming" any can
didate for Governor but it feels in duty
bound to one of Louisiana's most chivalrous,
popular and able sons to correct the impres
sion that he is not as acceptable as any other
Democrat of equal prominence, barring al
ways special favorites, to every section of the
State. Without disparagement to any of the
able executives which Louisiana has had,
Judge Blanchard, with his great energy, his
exalted virtues, and thorough fltness, would, c
itf elected, crown his administration with
hanor"dignity and ability which would make
our State the peer of the foremost and most
prosperor in the Union. No osne can deny
that. With all fairnes then we contend
that he is acceptable to all Democrate, and if
any opie, Iould rather see another as 6ov
ernor, it is not because he loves him lees but
loves eaother more." Louisiana would hon
or hetrs by homorlnag Newton (. Blanchard.
The Democratic'sugar planters will'do
their duty to their party and their State and
will do it well.
Judging from the amount of bills intro
duced in the Legislature, and the work is
jmust begun, the members of that body are
planaing tohave a laborious session. Every
member I anxious, no doubt, to show devo
timon to duaty by doing some work, and it is
oniaiirdthebebest way to accomplish that
end by offering many measures. We have
enough lwe on our statutes. The trouble is
now with them. There is no doubt but that
a good deal of improvement could be made,
in our opinion, more in the practice than in
anything else. There is too much red tape
in our courts, too many technicalities to
override the ends of substantial Justice.
This fact was reoognised when a commnis
mion was created to revise and codify our
criminal laws and compile alao a code of
Criminal Procedure. The work of the Com
mittee is before the Legislature and as this is
a very important matter we hope to see our
law makers take it up and adopt, with neces
ary amendments, the report of the co~mmnit
tee. Vtom bench and bar we learn that a
change must be provided at this session, and
it shli d be done. The Legislature can re
ceive th'e suggestions of evae'j Judge and
ever lawyer in this State on this subject,
and before adopting these codes 'their opin
ions:shoald be sougsht and acted upon. Every
bodY feels a deep interest in this matter and
when it is so easy, under the best advice
there is no reson not to do it In multipli
,ity of thought there is wisdom. It would
be adtisable jor opr law. Wakere, to keep that M
saying in mind especially in connection with
this all important subject. This is a matter
where they should make haste slowly. .
We have the satisfaction to know that
the Tegislature will do all that th& people
expect of them in this and every other impor
tant question that arises before them and on
which they are called upon to act
Earth shocks, volcanoes, eruptions, cy.
cloues, tornadoes, explosions of mines, rail
road collisions and other calamities are re
ported with fearful regularity by the metro
politan press. We have never beard in mod
ern times reports of so many appalling and
terrible occurrences. Human lives are die.
troyed like flies and there seems to be no safe
guards. Every day we hear the exclamation
"whither are we drifting," and we have not
recovered over a great shock before another
fearful scene opens itself to the eye.
We are brought face to face constantly
with the uncertainty of life and yet we
derive no profit from the examples that lie
around and about us. The SENTINEL is nO
moralist, but feels that it were well that we
Sshould devote more time in preparing our
1 selves for the end which comes sooner than "
we expect. We would be better. To call a
halt in our mad career can do but good. It'
B is the only thing to do. In being always
D ready and prepared there lie our safty, and
s there alonea
r -
-t --ra
It is reported that the Ventress amend-.'
ment repealing the provision in the Constitu
1 tion which prohibits the Governor from be- i
ing his own successor is showing considera
ble strength in the Legislature; and it is
rumored that there is a great deal of politics:
behind it, and that a disposition has already
y been developed to begin the gubernatorial
campaign of 1904 and to bring out candidates'
and discuss them. If this be the case it
furnishes additional reasons why the original
law of the State relative to the Governorship
should remain undisturbed. The guberua-i
torial campaign is long enough as it is with
out being precipitated two years in advance
over a - question of a constitutional amend- '
th ment.
We cannot believe that the Legislature
will be guilty of the folly of trying to con
vert itself into a constitutional convention
for the purpose of reviewing and revising the
work of the late convention. It cannot give
either the time or consideration to the matter:
t it deseerves, and it is without any special
instructions from the people Moreover, it is
Spowerless to do anything in the way of
doamending and changing our organic law
ad beyond exposing its own weakness and lack
of popular support. Even it it be possible to
rally twothirds of the members of both
houses in favor of the Ventrees amendment-
which we do not believe can be done-it
would only be to meet with an overwhelming
"' defeat before the people that would prove a
' disagreeable shock to the gentlemen who
r voted for the amendment, for the people
ry understand thoroughly the motives which
Ve- influenced the convention in inserting in our
i organic law the provision in regard to the!
Gat 6overnor, and know that they were sufficieut:
we and wise; indeed, the section it is now pro
Sis posed to strike out was placed in the Consti
hat tution largely by popular sentiment. After
de narrowly missing two or three. revolutions,
in threatened by the desire and attempt of the
p Governor to re-elect himself and his use of
his great power to that end, the people de
manded some legislation that would make
Sthis danger impossible in future, and they
our got it.
of Under these circumstances, the defeat of
m- the amendment at the election is certain; but
Sthis defeat will not relieve the Legislature
our from responsibility for trying to bring a dis
e turbing issue into our political affairs, and it
nit- will, as we have already noted, only expose
t a the weakness of the legislators and show
-d how small is their influence with their con
re- stituents.
-nd The legislators will do well not to be
ct, caunght in this trap some of the politicians
pin- are setting for them ana not to allow them
ery selves to be played with and made to appear
mnd small before the people in the futile attempt
iceto override the Constitution and the popular
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