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* Wauhigton News: which
, May 22,1., 1902. reprec
fbe debate be thu Philippine bill, News
h still c.eupies, the attention of tlat i
Senate, was marked by a very I haj
e speech by Selntor Bacon of that
i4 on Tamug in the goprie q mtets
ich the Se*r tnr Seeparsd the c3n- darns
ration camps in the Philippines sand
th those established by' W lr in and
The speech as a whole was bet s
neervative bt, Loa' 4l very rep was s
-more poweI4ul p:~'isaes cnLseI tA o m
oblicans, who have pattep$i't to unde
sitify the admilstrati n'p policy in be lit
island+, to writhe under tihe seath fiom
charges oo .he (Ieogls Senator with
Is now ahticipated that she bIll will wa
disposed of on Thurdaay,. one week keep
-m todayt' cone
;t is safe to ssumg that the Pl'tilip ness
ne bill will be followed by the Nica. their
an Cabal bill and tit, in turn, be p
the CubanT rer procity bill Were tual
harmony In the repubkcan TI
the Cubi-i bill would be next mer
'dered at that t the wishi of the bill=
idant and the republican leaders, Will
the insurgent beet sugar senators ing
still arm in their opposition and part
the hope that the soproaching fere1
ted pakiod and the pressure from bill.
Hoose for adjournment will break see
ir resistance the, oqisidention of Mod
'pe Cubai bill will be postponed, un- the
g seansbr Platt can come to some of ti
iaet in the meantime by which bete
nary lul assured of the prompt voe
i dsgs a Cuban reciprocity men whic
SIs seed commentary on the per whit
ity-" the reliability of the by I
oorrespondents that so Con
8ae has gone oat to the coon- that
bd orlk the idfamous mesa- add
recently passed the Senate se
o-tialon of the Pesareivelal i
pany. This bill, which
b tfe epmspPy pamed fiytis
pIRlages estimated as belog
Martly $7,000,000 provides for
of a "ounon" depot sal waj
of railroad tracks with mal
ldty limits. It is the second I
favor of which Senato tati
seen At to speak at this 1
Cong s; the e Arat having a s
Subsidy bill. The bill j
as almost strict party vote, dce
epubliuo s who voted agaii
o Rausbrdagbof North Ong
bei fathered e.Aalstltt =]
ided for municipal owner- k:
station. The menpufe, lh
j sqpractical ratiLec#in n' 4 e l
the Pennsylvania and Bat
o ilo iiway - ao
Maid our for tle dseor4
repot, 'etc., came oat the
treasury ns4 munimeipal a
tter but as it is, at least half
) nexpeae. of the District of cv
are paid out of the United
ry and the bill, which bo
Seal4,.wll. cos~.he taxmyers 4
qatuon a pretty penny.
Thi Hous, after days of consider'
hias at last passed the Naval th
nation bilL An amendment fo
makes it illegal to purchasd
y coples of Maselay's history forT
SIs the Naval Academy at Anna
polls ess sdoptedend also one cbsiag
ly the title of what are now "naval in
uedets" to "midshipmen." The mos t
igplloant teture of the debate
w-ich led to the prohibitionr of the a
Maclay history'was the st-atemento
prpasetsttive Dayton of West Vir- -
imia that after the record of the
dSahley Oost of Inquiry had been_
mad by the members of the Housel b
there amight be a Congresisoml inve,.
tigaton of A4dmiral Sehley's cuase.
Thas is eonidered a direct sflbont to
the Prset who has ordqed that
The adoption of the amendment of
~ epreentative Boberts of Masssche c
sstts, whk provides that three vss '
reIs shall be beilt by the Secretsry of
the Navy Iln govrment navy yards, I
was an overwhelming defeat for the
republima leaders. Chairman Fuss
of the Naval Afars Cam ttse bhad i
originally opposd tle provision that
one shipbe built in the mar yards
and the leaders were alil opposed to
the idea. They opposed it because
they appreciate that it will be thrown
out by the Saste, as enators Hannas
and MeMilha are stockholders ia the
trust.which bilds the batte shlps,
and the members do not care to have
to answer the inquiries of the labor
organizations who have labored io
. dustrionly for this cd, when they
learn that republican senators are
seeponsible for their defeat.
Thete are various stones going the
1rounds at the Capitol, the aetna:
truth of which I have not yet been
able to ascertain, in regard to the
test of disappeariung gun-carriages
which recently took place in the pre- To
sence of a number of senators and
representatives near Washington. exWt*
of the
Newspaper reports of the test say wlor
tiat it Was eminently satisfactoty but we,
I have learned from other sources
that when the officers conducting the Frra,
pests were requested to operate the ie
arnrages with a small amount of 1unit-.
sand oa their bearing they refused In nt
anAl It was admitted that they would orm r
not work if they were not clean. It ,s
-was represented to them, according tltu'
my Intotmant, tht were such guns the
under fire, in aetual use, they would wish I
be liable to be showered with sand plan
from the enplseements, as well a we%
with bits of shell, etc., Lut the reply will '
I was the men would be detailed to
keep the working parts clean. The
conclusion of some of those who wit
nessed the test was that the guns and
their elal,,rate carriages wohld soon s h
be put out of comi:nision is an ac- Uy
n tual tit tle. ute
i The Coimnnittee on Interstate Com- mor
t mercqecently glve a hearing on the Stal
a bill-[ntroJuced by R4presentative tioe
William Sulzer of Mew York proved
ing for the establishment of a De- l
1 partment of Commercr which was of- d
fered as a sulstit ,te for the Senate
o bill. Hon. II. B. Martin. national
k secretary of the Aati-Trust League
( sad Mr. H. J. Scluilters, cbairmamof
the Nationas begislation Coummittee o
e of the Knights of Labor, appeared oth
before the committee sal warmly ad- il
t vocated the provisions of the bill a'
which are calculated to secure that Bui
publicity of the asfairt of the trusts Br
which was so strongly recommended
e by the President in his message to
o Congress. There is some likelihood I
- that a part of its provisions will be per
- added to the Senate bill when that re
mesenre comes up for consideras.in
lin the Htoms der
Words of Wisdom.
s ort
r Nobody can expect to have his own Lo
4 way all the time-unless it is a wo
man. att
id The most necessary thing in a fLr- pM
r tation is to be a good liar. Ch
Is ft a statesman is a dead politic.an,
ig a skiot as a sinner in his grave.
ll It is better to take pride in your th
e, decendants than in your ancestors.
. Calomel settls a good mnsy hearts
ve Even cash trap)actions the pe= r
r ket is taen'out in trade. I•
Worrt is a baby feas, says a writer th
in an erhange.
Give a man a e-bace to garible' b
and he will do it even ii it is as risfky tIe
a is martiage. al
he The lae of popularity holds you "
in a vise.2 * "'
= He makes t1i friend who never pj
akes a foe. .· i
If The farmer can give fon aptllis
of even if he has no cnrds to hand out. a
Faint praise will not obstruct a
o flow oplrds.
.fypoerites pr.y cream and like
rs kIm silk.
Envy is the offspring of agnorance. b
r Go slowly to the eateltammentts of
Sthy friends and quickly to their mis
nt fortnes. d
A worl ot kindness; It s a *sed
M which, when dropped by chance, i
a- springs up a flower.
R I Worry, being a child of fear, has t
"Sa inherited all its parents evil traits of
'h chracter.
te Money way not talk, but it cheers
a man up woPdertuUlly.
• Apprbeaheslon is rarely absent from
S The dandrutff in some people's hair
aseems to work through into their
So brains.
'' Fear is born of self-depreastion
sad apprehessiot.
S An Irishman says he jalways shuts
ht his eyes when he looks ata lady's
faults. .
of The reason lovers are never weary]j
choe of e another ias this--they are al- I
yaw ways talking of themselves.
y of Those we call ane.ents were in'
irds, reality quite new.
the There are fewer matter-of-fact
Puss me in the world than matte-of
had alsehood men.
that A genius s a man who knows
arl when to keep his mouth shot.
d A aman is wise only when he makes
sue good use of his knowledge.
rown Politeness is the aero mark of
nea love's thermometer.
t For Sale.
hips, -
have The house and lot known as the
labor to property. Lot measarsg 145
eat on St. Mary street an'i 6 eet
o- on Harrison street, house has 7
they rooms. Terms cash.
are For particulars apuly to
BaoussAND, DoULANY & BrOUssAaD,
SNew Iberi, La.
g the F s ZuaorrT, Agent,
ota. 38 Thibodaux La.
the et fat on Tono-Tonique buy a
bottle at Thibodaun Drug Store. 12
To Whom It May Concern.
We understand that considerable uneasiness
exists among the planters living along the line
of the New' Orleans an.! ,Southwestern R. R..
who fear that the osmstruct ln of the road
will Interfere with their lal)r.
We with to tie well understood in this eon
netlou aid so hog w tlate for the tnellt of
thd plantationu owters and for the lainstirs as
well, that our Chief Rugineer, ('apt. . H '.
Farrar has already tIen Instrulctel to issue a
.general letter toUal sub-contractors, to tlhe
effect tJat no al orere shlall IkI* +teploYd in
this -onsitruetoa who r.- plant+atio lat.r'ts.
unllless hey tns sow a written release fria
the ir employers. =
In the event that sect latxistey are found
working on this Jine, th (hlef Eatghrer will
ori$er his dismiss1i frost the w.l 1he jir he
ie employedi by' otr*ltl or b tsy of the
sui-eont r'tctors.
In fact. it It stipulated ln our contract with
th New. Ori(ti s :thdl 4,,,litwe-tern it. It. (Co..
that we will not luterfetr il any manner with
the lal r employed by the lrlatalrs living
along thi line of our construction. And we
wish this clearly understood.
II ('inclusioul, we would suglget to the
planters that we feel safe in t)ying that in
stea i of diverting inlatrrs from tiheir flT'ls
we will montribute :udlitiomal lalbor to the
country, as very u-arly all the laimr eniioy(.i
wili l ube tUo a (sitrla.
C('ontracto. rs.
per (;. it. Tc: t a :
is hereby iv',jn that the Thiltdaux
Oyster P.,cking uand Il:e Co. Lt'd.
Iutends tf) af,)ply to thle General A+
sembly of this State for thi' rethlra of
money erortiiouly paid by it to thi
Slate on property exemut from taxa
e tion.
Prensldent Board of Directors Thibo
daus Oyster Packing and Ice Co.
4 ft. 41 ft, and 5 ft Mills in goodx
ntlnditjiin, giving m:nunte description
of all dimensions, also Boilers and
I other second band sugar miachineri
, in good condht on. Century Sugar
1 Apparatus Co, Ltd. 511 (Godchaux
t Building, New New Orleans, La.
Breeders of fancy poultry,
d attention.
0 -
d Bull Cochin eggs for sale at $2 00
* per dozen. You are invited to visit
a breeding pen before placing your
Call either at W. C. Ragans resi
dence or Knobfoch's Music store. 31
Leave your orders for pianos
organs and ipano tuning with V. J.
Knoblo~h Local Representative of
bf Louis Grunwa!'l Co. Ltd. 13
A moderate salaried man '-an dress
attractively and look stylish and neat
provided he huys his clothing from
Chas. A. Badeaux's clothing agency.
Be it ordained by the Police Jury of
r. the Parish of Lafourche in regular meet
us ing assembled, that a franchise for the
construction of a toll Canal interesect
ing the bayou Lafourche at some puint
te 'two eu t.en :;.;'-.1 :.:- .. . , • ,.. .,,.. o
y.lo lafourche below the toan u,.
btc ItrlatIx, be and is hereby granted 'c
-= e.isrs. l;ragard and C(,ntantiu Ilro-..
Stheir Lirs and assigns upon the folio.
ilg conditions, to-wit:
( i) The said Canai shall be not Jess
er th:tt;O feet in width and shall at n'
tilml be open in the public offerinug to,
pay for the privile;, and use thereof a
1il toli not exceedifng those noW eharred
b% other canal :),ners or companies
t.) nt .; existing in thli; State.
(-I1 The e use of th said canal shall at
all limes be free for use by the P.sri.h
authorlt:es of this Parish atd it shall lit
so constructed as to not interfere with
but rather enhance the drainage facili
es of the section through which it
er (3) I..f said Canal intersects the bayou
La.taurche at a point where State or
Parish loeees now exist on either bank
of the bayou Lafourche, then, said canal
t shll be locked in a manner satisfactory
to the authorities in iterest, but no
a locks shall be reqnuiretd, however, if pre
vious to the construction of the contem
latsed canal the bayou Lafourche shall
ike ave been locked or dammed at Donald
sonville or elsewhere.
(1) The canal shall be completed
from tile bayou Blue on the west side of I
Ce. bayou Lafourche, to the Lake Halva
dere or other deep lakes or bayous on
the east side of the said bayou La
s.- fourche, within five years from this
date, under penalty of the forfeiture of
this franchise.
(5i) The term for the duration of the
present franchise is hereby tixed and
named to be 99 years.
(6) The owners of saenid canal when
dug an operation, shall be held to pay
into the Parish treasury to the credit of
the Public Schools of this parish the
Sof sum of $10K.CD annually.
Section 2. Be it further ordained, etc.
that this ordinance shall go into effect *
'roln and after its promulgation.
Adopted May 15, 1902.
II. N. CouLor, J. L. Aucols,
rOm Clerk. President
herand to carry out the conditions of the
donatiou miade to the parish of LA
FUURCHE by the late Louis Bush.
Be it Ordained, by the Police Jury of
the Parish of Lafourehe. That for the
purpose of carrying out the conditions
f the donation made by Louls Bush to
hats the parish of Latfourche and to keep the
said library up to the standard required
iI'Y b the ndtions of the said donation
that Judge L. P. Caillouet and Messrs.
T. Beatty and W. P. Martin are hereby
ear5 named and appointed a 4ommittee to
have full charge of the said library an
al- der the conditions of the donation, and
subject to other ordinances and
rules as may be hereafter enacted.
In That the members of the said commit
tee shall continue In officee till further
orders of this body.
.fact That the said cominmittle are hereby
given and granted the right to sell,
-Of- ?ranfer or dispose of all the hbooks now
in the Court House Library, other than
those donated by the late Iouis Bush.
30ws That they shall out of the proceeds of
the sales or transfers see that the Iooks,
renquired by the donation shall be placed
akes in the library so far as the moneys conm
Ing to them from the said source will
enable them to do. That for this pur
iose they are authorized to huy out of
Sthe proceeds of the funds so raised, and
which shall be known as the Iluth Li
brary Fund, to be deposited a ith the
parish Treasurer, all such works as nmay
be necessary to keep the said library up
to the standard required by the dma
tion. That if any surplus remain the
committee is authorized to purchase
14 such other works as will fitly go to
Skeep up the said li'rary.
S That the sum of .55.00 Dollars is hereby
appropriated out of the general funi to
be paid on the first of July of this year
atn annually thereafter for the purpose
of su lementing the said library.
SThe| the sid Commlttee ahal serve
, La. without eompensation and shall annual
ly, at the firpst meeting after the first of
at uly of each year render a full and true
La. account of their work to this body.
Adopted May 15, 1902.
ya H. N. Cocro., J. L. Arcois,
12 Clerk. President,
ARE YOU WISE * AýM Teaýleto~,n  ' fh. t
Sat~ A awe iO aWd s ei eqt alezica Mustang IdJniame3
an easy way
and a sure way to treat a case of Sore
Throat in order to kill disease germs
and insure healthy throat action is to
take half a glassfull of water put into 4o
it a teaspoonful of
Mexican Musetang as
S Iintiment :
and with this gargle the throat at frequent intervals. o"'et
TThen bathe the outside of the tiroat thoroughly with the lin- Nov
meat and after doing this or sotome on a soft cloth and wrap/ A
aronadthe nck. Itis. POSITIVE C.UR con:
s 2e., 50e. and 01.00 a bottle. D.
IT MAY BE YOU "ore or'°ucelrb. .bTrtloce"w
omarn ustam I.nSame d you can depend uon a speedy cur use
1 -
it Tf von have sour stomach, indigestion, bliousness, constipation, bad
Sresth, dizziness, inactive liver, heartburn, kidney troubles, backache, loss
of appctlte, insomnia, lack of energy, bad blood, blotched or muddy skia,
er any ayr.ptoms and disorders wb.cb tell the story of bad bowele and an
impaired i-gestive system, Ixakola Will Cus You.
rIt W! clean out the bowels, stimulate the liver and kidneys, strengthen
5" th e mn.ous membranes of the stomach, purify your blood and put you
e on your feet" again. Your appetite will return, your bowels move reg..
ee arly, year liver and kidneys cease to trouble you, your skin will clear and
ft eshcn and you will feel the old time energy and buoyancy.
' Mathers creking the proper medicine to gve ther little ease for eoenstpatlon,
th di·rrhoa. cullo atnd similar troubles, will ti Laxakola as Ideal medicine for children.
li- it kep$s their bowels regular without pain or gripig, acts as a general tonlo, srelsts
it nature. A(:1 di..tion, relieves estlenssees, clean the coated tonguo, reduec fever,
reuses refreshing, resttul sleep and makes them wel, happy and hearty. [7 OMdre
ot Ie it and ask for it.
in For Sale by
- Lazakota i not only th- most effcient of fajily remedt, but the mcst ecoo .: bocausoe it com.
al inestwoo mrctc. vi: lasaO aed Mcoa. aMat oca ap rice. Dc, or. A d of .nf r tre
Id- sapto Ti' LAXAKOLA CO., 1 Nassau trt. Y., and meaoti the naa of )-sur dat.a
SWe wll ropresat to a ny ddrem on receipt of IOc. i taii 01o o o g an shS~c S pp01 O8rI
the .ive ts ·Uo ( t ote b tts name-,~
th reets Rhm. atis, C e#nteA ud Me ?get
- N f . a who knows, and
W hose knowledge
RYI ha resutlted in the eatest linent ever
the lven to the public--Ia name-- .
y ofd r. a S. oestem Ma..
ired ootso aI vates ac nd pins ql
I .y' 't-ia iw unrecognised in
half t he sIae. It deceives the
unkuowi;.g sufferer. Its many
&ria:jl:+ work along the wekest
lines of th" s,"'tem. To battle
against on!y o fe them is vain.
Our bookiet explains its symp
toms. Our DlspepsiaTabletsgive
complete and lasting relief.
Dyspepsia Tablets
10c, 2C.
Don't For ce
Your Bowels
wiath hashe minerals wlM o
always ave bad after-ffcWs "
oa the entire system and whse i
their use is paersisted i, tend to
completely wreck the stomach
and bowel It
.. USE..
Edgar's Cathartic
SThe oay harmns, rwptea,'
baowl mgultor, and liver vitaflmrl'
As pkasant to the taste as
candy, and as poltiv as theansh- I
at mineral. No ripe or pain.
m 2l 5,50 cea
AAthmalene Brings Instant Relief and Perma
nent Cure in all Cases.
Therr. i nothting -like *.tthmetlene.
It lrings instgnt hrlif. -evra I,, the
FOR TEN The Rev. C. F.
YERidA'. Ill.. says: Yonr ria (.,,ltiP of
ARstli,,::' :ie received inI g#t , odi,,t -
f ea'tnto tell you how tlhnktul I feel
.ý for th:e good drel ived flrom it. I w'ts a
( A s!la\e. clhait:i-Wi:h putrid sore throat 4
gand Asthma for ten rears. I des;axir
e.l of ever beni cut:ed. I saw your
Sadv.rtiseilelint for the cure of i th
dreaHful :andt tocrmetihg disease. \::
t!nhm. and th'IghIt you had oversptoket-i
yourselves, but resolved to give it It
trial. To imy astouishIment, the Irial
acted like a charm. Send me a ft:ll
size bottle."
Rev. Dr. Morris Weci~str,
Rabbi of the Cong. Inai Israel.
NEW YOEx, Jan. 8, 1Vl.
Gentlemen: Your Asthmalene is an
excelh ut remedy for Asthma and iloy
MEVN . ýRtl Fe'er. and its composition allevt:,l-s
/- all troubles which combine with As
RELIEM. ti ns. Its sccess s astonishincg anli
After having it earefully analyzed, we can state that Asthmalene conlta!ns
no opijlnw, mle rphine, ch:oroform or ether. Very truly yours,
AcVatl Srates, . Y., 1rb. i, 155
Da. T Fr It-t. MEDmCI a5 CO. -t x X ". " ". .
oGentTieal i --1 write this tetlinonial from a sense of ,dtr , having tested the wo.df'5
efet ,t .your agtlm aiaameue. lar tile curi of Asthmt. My wite ha ben s d.lisld wft5 ta
al:oalic atsthma fur tlhe past n years. ilavlllg eSl.tai my own skill as well as T:,m.y
others. 1 lhauled to s 'geeour sigta uponl our witA.Waa ot 15ih street Nl Yolw i I.t
onee bti'alned at bntth .d.mistnllsalee. My wife ..otlm'ame" ed taking It about the tlr:
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Yours Ic.pectfniiy. 0. D. B oLiro, U. n..
DR. Tr I coa. YtntlohU Co. Feb. i. tt .
Gealtlietimin:--I wla troubletd with Asthma for 2 years. I have triad numerousrua ol tt,
but t.ihy Iiua till failed. I ri racrits )aaitr tlvt.ruisummncnt tand stirted w.ith a trlai bLa*t: a
I fouad relief at once. I have sitneu Iuiclhasli ytr tflll-aais bottle, sad I an rever i ac
ful. I have faallily ca tatr euhihlren. and for aix year V wts umable to work. I am msc i 'I
the mwst of helth y and am doinrg busitns every yay. This tItimuto woY a canmake :u".1
use of as you see t.
loame address,7 Rivilngton street. . AA
67 Mast ItLb at.. City
WA Bouron, ,
Il IIiI -IIO wat lira idk41m
Watchmaker and
Gunsmith IS6
Keepse@Ustanttl uo hand a 0 .m
arge and complete aasort
latent of
THE CELEBRATED gret aremeoy a
MACHINE. ua,'""c i"' "iau ETC(., ET(`
Watches, (locks. Jewelry, Sew
ing Machines. Fire-arms, etc.
Carefully repairep and gularaui
tued. A full stock of attach
tu mens, oil and needle t~e al
kinias of Sewing Machines, an
'betdl by applymig to
Oar. Main and st. Philip 9t. Thibedaux
Bank of Lafour.che,, ,
Capital Stook $25,000. ..Surplus $17.500.
Designated Depository forz
funds of Parish'of Lafouroche :
and Town of Thibodaux.
1...... OF'.IC ER S: .... .
A. J BRAUD, PreBent, K. J. IItAUD.i Pahier,
(. J. BARKER, Vice Pr6sident, P. F. LEGENDPI-E, Asauhies. .:
.... . DllwneOR8 ......
j L. A. BLOUIN, "1. Dl0LAUNE , Dr. T. 8TAIRK,
- . N. ROTH. 'itIN T. MlOORE, .n., iDa L. E. MRTYER
- -Does a General Banking Business 
- Buys and Sells Domestic aod Foreign KExchange.
I ..... ...... . - .nT
sromaethlig lNew Uneor lie
TIN sam." F
SAll Doctors have tried to care
ATARRH by the use of powders, a
acid gases, inhalers and drugs in
paste form. Their powders dry up i"
the mucoous membranes 9using i"
them to crack open and bleed The P
powerful acids used in the inhalers s
have entirely eaten away the same P
membranes that their makers have Y
aimed to cure, while pastes and oint. 1
Bents cannot reach the disease. An *
old and experienced practitioner who u
has for many years made a close
study and specialty of the tratment C
of CATARRH, has at last perfected
!a Teatmueat which when faithfully [
Ised, not only relieves at once, but (
permanently crtes CATARRH, by I
+iemoving the cause, stopping the
discharges, and ueaing sll inflaunma
t'on. It is the only rew.dy known
to science that actally teaches the
ufllicted parts. This wondi,tfpl rem
edy is known as "8NUFFLE3 the
and is sold at the extremely low price
of One Dollar, each package contait.
ing internil and ezterual meiciine
sufRlcieut for a full mouth's treatment
and everything necessary to its per
fect use.
,.SNIJFFLES" is the only perfect
CATARRII CURE ever made antd is
now recognsed as the only safe atnd
positive cure for that anu.loylg and
di g.usting dis-ae. It cures all in
dammation quickly as d permanently
. anil is also wouderfully quick to
relieve HAY FEVEI or COLD in
the HEAD.
CATAURIH when agko~eted oftem
FLtS" will save you if yuw as it at
once. It Is no ordinary remedy, bqt
a complete treatm'nt which is pe
Nvely gtarateed to cure CATAIMR
in any form or saege if u'ed mimend
ing to the dirctiona which am-ome
pny each package. Don't delay but
send for it at once, and write futh
particulars as to your condmtloa. ;ant
you will reocive special advlis fr
the discoverer of this noedarMl tern
edy regarding your case wUthet coit
to oull heyond the regular price of
8Jnt. prepaid to any address in the
United States or. Canada on receipt
One Dollar. Address Dept.- C892
2330 and 2332 Alarket Street, Phlta.
TO TIlE DEAF.-A rabh lady
cured of her D..arneas and N4m'eshi
the Head by Dr. Niehotsns's Artilal
Ear Drums, gave 25, wilota, to hir
anstitute, so that deqnf jmople eable
to prucere the Ea1 DrJ)'s m.v have
them free. AMdrmas. The, Nikhl.nm
Institute. 780, Eighth Avenw, New,
York. 4 ly
---* -.
For ale. '
St re building, kan as, tlletm.
tors Hall, aul reF*idrmce stuated o
Short steet be twee StL Itp agt
Jack'on street. For peht i alai
, app'y at SLtTIEL OFrICL

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