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and ADVERTISE I l t r~~M K
..In The Sentinel. ''al gin
Offioial Journal of the Pariah of Lafouxohe and Gusrdiaa of the Znt rest of the Towrn.
Vol. 36. THIBODAUX, LA., JUNE 28, 1902. No. 49
But "live and let live"
and "small profits with
consequent large sales,"
being our motto tis no
wonder we do business.
s absolutely on a
asis of Merit
that we solicit your trade
and invite your most t
careful attention and
closest scrutiny.
A Few 'Prado Winners: 14
is colored Negligee shirts in a Gents full seamless Socks Black,
al assortment of up to date Tan, and asst. fancy silk stiched,
With each slurt you get 2 fully worth 15c. our spec. price lOc.
and 1 pair cuffs, all sizes 14 3 pairs for 25c.
, ely 50G Gents "Keep Cool" Undershirts, I
latest shape Alpine HIats, sh net openwork, just the thing for
nobby, good sweat hand, men who suffer from the heat, fully
(you would pay 2 00 for worth 50c our spec. price only 40c.
where) only $1.50. Linen Collars all the up "o date
hoar in hands in an elegant styles, best quality linen 10c. each.
of colors patterns etc. big Rubber Collars best quality regu-"
lar 25c kind special price 20c.
h make Suspenders in Gents low cut shoes 2.50 and
'cors patterns, etr. ftrst $3p0o.Boston Garters all colors latest
e, buckels rust p~roof, grip, worth 25c Our special prike only
aually sells for 25 to 30e. 20c a piir.
t0e. a pair. Leather Watch chains Sc.
.always carry a good stock of Gents Furnishings, la
Notions, Shoes and Hats, which we will be glad
you. Prices always the lowest.
( Originator of Low Prices. )
0. Chas A. Badeaux, Prop
St. Badeaux buildin g
SIsnow prepared to furnish the best and cheap
set brick in the market......................
MI bonbricks on hand ready for delivery.
Nueressor to LEFORT a TETREAU
Livery, Feed
...S1 e StabeB. .
fi Establishment
Blacksmith and
. Maker
Patri ot St. Cor. Levee and Market, T1hibodaux.
SJust feceived a nice line ot
Water Coolers, Step
Ladders, Bird Cages,
Ice Cream Freezers,
SLawn Mowers, Cro
quet Sets, and Base
Ball Goods.
'Pon 18.H. Riviere & Co.
'Phon 108. Cor. Main ,}- St. Louis Sts.
Advertise in The sentinel.
Announcement. bll
* l tie
n lli
This is to inform my cus- or
tomers, friends and the pub- E
lic in general, that I am now
to 1
located at my new stand,op- t
posite my old store, next to :°
the Thibodaux Drug Store.
Emile I. Braud. ,
- lvi
f o r t h es e s sty list e m* i o ati=* *
.1 good tasis sand a. Al
way dres7, 8 wRy. icc
. ý,rac leful-.nating your es
m osr -ths wi
will car yo afwoval.
Weshow themhs all thies Si
isasons a guat vauluty.-jridm at
to muit the weaist-the eaqga t
Eilis Braud's Sons.
the help a young man deriv'es from a bank account is
simply immeasurable. i
Young inan, don't look upon this as a trifle. Don't look a
upoin anything as a trifle-and therefore, undeserving d
of careful attention.
friffls make or mar the success of every one. They are not
reatly trifle, but only apparently so.
It ay eema rife wethr ou avea bnkaccount or
not. It is niot a trifle.
SEvery employer has more confidence, and will give more re
sponsible employment to the man or boy who saves--'
hohas a bank account. Moreover, the dollars you
fritter away do you no good Your dollars in our
bank are pushing you nearer to independence every
Mgr. C. P. Younlg
Interviewed by Times-Dem
ocrat. We
to ti
Says Trolley Road is a Cer- slrei
tainty. ty t'
Between July 10 and 15 ground corn
will be broken at Thibodiaux for the ]
building of the linest interurban elec
tric rai:way in the South, and one of will
the b-at equipp td of any similar road i
in the United States. The road will doet
rzv"erse the finest truck gardening tr
snit timber lands in Louisiana, and trie
will bring those sections in immediate t"
touch with New Orleans. e
The woad will be built from New equi
Orleans to Montegut, a distance of chat
ninety miles, and it is eipected that eers
the flrt trains will be running by c
Feb. 1, 1903. The route will be and
from Montegut to Houma, thence to the
Vacherie. through Thibodaux, thence th
to Hahnvalle on the Mississippi river, d
and from tLcre to New Orleans over don
the tracks of the Yazoo and Mississip
pi Valley Railroad. The road will
touch some point on the Gulf where brih
deep water can be had. The particu allo
lar place has not been selected. will
After this line shall have been
completed the company will at once whi
begin the construction of another
line from Thibodaux as the central the
point zil running to Donaldsonville, the
Napoleouville and Lockport, which
will make a mileage of 175 miles. ai
The construction of the road has
passed the experimental stage, and w
will soon be an accowplished fact. 1
All the n.cessary capital has been 10
secured, the coutracts let, supplies l1r
and equipment purchased, and as d
goon as men tind money can do the
work the road will be constructed.
The right of way has been secured, mc
the plans and specifications are com
pleted. and bonds of $2,000.000 have
been sold to construct and equip the bol
fir t section of the road from Monte- the
gut to New Orleans. The company, wit
which is backed by a Boaton syndi- p,
cate, has not only suflicient capital to en;
build the road, but has a surplus wil
which will he used to develop the lot
country through which the line will
ass by encouraging the building of g i
urnitdire tacroIV nTiUT tTWmr yi m
canning factories is the truck garden- ye
ing sections, and by supplying epee-- pa
tric motive power to thº se factories thi
and to the engar mills at a rate of th4
cost that will enable them to compete ce
with any similar industries in the is
country. - th
When the road shall have been au
completed it will represent the great
est electrical railway construction 61
ever undertaken in the South,, and bc
will place the sections of the country try
through which it passes in close touch na
with New Orleans at a freight and wi
passenger rate and within the short- fia
est time ever before enjoyed by those wi
parts of the State. as
The road will be called the New
Orleans and Southwestern Railroad, ra
and C. P. Young of Thibodaux is the fo
general manager. er
Mr. Young spent yesterday at the re
St. Charls Hotel, and gave a full or
account of the proposed work. He qi
is an electrical engineer of interns- re
tional fame, having had charge of hr
the constituct:on of the Philadelphia w]
railways and many other electric p
works of almost equal magnitude.
He has been working on the plans of w
the New Oilcan. and Southwestern au
Imany months, and no deinil of the p1
work that is necessary t'a tts fullest e,
I auceas has been ov.-riooked. ,w
Speaking of ihe road last nighL, b
Mr. Young said: a,
now no long r in doubt. The first
construction work will Ibe begun at 5
Thilbodaux betwten July 10 and 15, a
and will be 1mudhed as ispidly as men, a
money caja espeiience can do it. in ti
Bfact, h df of ihe work has already b
b 'een doiie, as the right of way bi is a
kbeen aecured, plans andl specifications r
5 drawn and contracts for all supplics, a
machinery, equipment and construc
tion let, and any one familiar with r
railway construction knows that when a
those things are accomplished the is
greater part of the work is already c
done. d
"The work would have been begun F
long ago but for the fact tbat it was s
impossible for us to sooner obtain the Ir
necessary material, It is well known I
that it is almost impossible to get
iron, copper wire and other material s
Sused in the building of a road like* t
ours, as the factories are overrun
pr with orders. I have traveled more e
than 7000 awiles to place orders for
6.equipment with such factories ast
would guarantee to fitl them on time. I
SAt last4 I succeeded, and there is now
nothing in the way of the immediate I
beginning of the work.
y "We will have the irst section of
the road, which will run from New
Orleans to Montegut, through Hlouma,
SThibodaux, Vachere, Llahnville. and '
'thence over the tracks of the Yazo3 I
and ullississippi Valley Rsilrosad to
Jew Orleans, in operation by Feb. 1, of w.
903. Next year we wall extend the tion
me to include Donaldsonville, Napo- such
eonville and Lockport, which will time
;Ive us a mileage of 175 miles.
"We have all the capital we need. ")
Ye are not asking the people for a will
ent. A Boston syndicate is behind er to
he enterprise, and 5 per cent bonds, road
o the amount of $2,000,000, have augs
ýIready been sold. 1 am not at liter State
y to say what price they brought, mutt
mnt I will say that it was the :ighest furni
:ver paid for the bonds of a similar confi
:ompany in this country, will
"When the road is completed at from
will not only be the first interurban '
ailroad in the South but in its every we p
letail it will tie one of the finest edec for
rae railroads in the country. No coun
expense has been spared to secure mine
he most modern machinery and mine
equipment, Nothing has been left to been
:hance, but the best electrical engin- ant
ters have been employed and the grew
combined power of brains, experience Sout
eud money has been used to obtain ,.]
the best and most modern equipment, of w
"Eagineers have carefully surveyed p. S
the route, and everything has been gene
done to insure the best and safest tieai
lne that skill could devise. Bayou taryt
Lafourche will be bridged. The men
bridge will be turned by electricity to twee
allow the passage of boats, and an oper
automatic signal will be used that have
will cut off the electric current for tug
1000 feet on either side of the bridge that
while it is turned, which will prevent that
the possibility of trains running into o[es
the bayou.
"The power will be supplied from that
a central power house at Thibodaux. of ii
This power house will be furnished no
with the finest electrical mac:hiuery ii, time
the world, capable of generating aski
10,800 horse power, and will be the frot
largest south of St Louis. The
smokestack will be twelve feet in are
diameter, anti 200 feet high. The "Po
cost of this power house al.mne wl1 xa t
more than $500.000. rail
"The road will be equipped with
both passenger and freight cars, and
these will be drawn by locomotives
with four motors each of 160 ioi se.:
power, or 640 horse power to each one
engine. Nothing superior to th'm
will be found in the world, and each last
locomotive will cost $17,500. Hal
'"TLe passenger coaches will b1
fifty feet long and fitted with cvý ry con
venience. Air brakes and the finest
patent couplings will be used, anl Phi
the furnishings of the coaches will be wit
the best that money can procure, ex- An
cept that on account of the climate dre
instead of having them upholstered, qui
they will be furnished with cane seats. len
They wiil be lighted by electricity sad
and provided with every convenience. (h
"The freight cars will he of from Re
60,000 to 90,000 pounds capacity,
but in reality there will be no freight wa
trains. They will be more of the sic
nature of express trains, as a.l trains ma
will be run at a speed of from thirty, mu
five to forty miles an hour. There noi
will be separate coaches for whites an
and negroes. wb
"Between the regular trains we wil: ci
run intermittent cars at a speed of tin
forty five miles an hour, which will dio
enable those who have missed the ski
regular train to reach New Orleans
or any point of destination almost as Ra
qeickly as if they had gone by the sis
regular train. These cars will also of
have Geperate compuarimnts for
whites and negroes.
"Another new feature of the road ed
will be that we will do away with the wI
use of the telegraph and use the tele- thm
phone instead. There will be sidings tic
every four miles, automatic signals or
Swill be used and in short nothing will be
be left u~pdone that will insure safety re
and quitk transportation of both
freight and passengers. ha
S"The employees of the road will be m
Sspecially elected, and none but the *t
,most expert and experienced men i
Swill be employed. Thme number of re
Strains will depcnd entirely upon the
Sbusiness done, as the nom pany is fin. its
Iancially able and willing to give eve. 1!
S ry service that the exigencies of the
c ase mar require.
- "Aside from constructing and ope
1 rating the road, the company h as
Ssufflcient capital to assist in the start.
8 iag of sawmills, furniture factories, gi
F canning factories and other like in.
duatries along the rotate. The road bi
will pass through a densely.populatkd is
ii part of the State that is rich lam many g
a natnial resourcers which it is our T
e purpose to help to deve'op, and to ci
n'in every way encourage.
rt "We have already interested a b
LI number of pernons in the flne timber L
e that ises along a part of our lane, and Ii
ma we hooe to see many indeastr es st:,rt.
e etI that havc been awaiting only the a
er advemat of cheap and qijeik transpur-o
a tation. The fine farmiing end trnu-k
e.lands have also been investigat..d l'y
w men Interested in that line:, and we
,elconfidenatly believe that in a shust
time there will be seen a wondeful
at development of that section of the
w State.
m, *'A repair shop will be erected at
dThibodlaux in which niot emily :all our
Sown repainting will be rone, but we '
owill also be prepareal to do all kinds
ºf work fir the planters in that sec
ion of the country at a cost and in
uch short time as to save them much
ice and money.
"Another feature of the enterprise
vill be the furnishing of electric pow
r to sugar plantations, and as the
oad will pass through the largest
sugar producing par hes in the
state we believe we can be of great
nutual' benefit to each other. The
'urniahing of this power will not he
-onfined to the sugar planters, but
vill also be to all who desire it for
ither power or lighting purposes.
Phis power will be furnished to all
`rom the river to the gulf.
"When the first ground is broken
Se purpose making of it a gala day
or Thibodaux and the surrounding
ountry. Guy. Heard and other pro.
nmnent officers, as well as many pro
ninent citizens of the State, have
teen or will be invited to be present,
intl we will make of it one of the
;reatest times ever witnessed is
southern Louisiana.
'The otlicers of the company, all
if whom live in Thibodaux are: C.
P. Shaver, president; C. P. Young,
ýeueral manager; L. H. Lancaster,
Lieasurer; Thomas A. Badeaux, secree
Lary. I will have the active manage
ment of the road, and as I have had
twenty-nine years' experience in the
aperation of electric railways, and
have given months of time to study-
ing every detail of this line, I feel
that I am riot immodest in saying
that I am competent to successfully
operate it.
"I have no hesi:ancy in saying
that the road will be one of the fine$t
of its kind in the country. I have
no object in makiung statements that
time will not verify, as we are not
asking the contrthution of a cent
from the public. None of our bonds
are for sale, and we are determinesl
upon only one thing; to give the
people of Southern honisisma one of
the most modern and best equippe'd
railroads in the country from New
Orleans to the Gulf.
Thibodaux College.
The Thibodaux College completed
one of the brightest, happiest and
most prosperous session in its history
last Friday morning at the St. Jusepb
A very unique programme which
contained a nmbi wer of very in~pat
Mr. Charles J. Aucoin and Mr.
Philip Canscienne were graduated
with honor from the College. Mr.
Aucoin delivered the Valed.ctory ad
dress and his speech rang with elo
quence from start to finish. Excel
lent papers were read on the "Cru
sades" and King John and the Magna
Charta by Mr. Guy J. Knobloch and
Reginald T. Badeaux.
The Musical part of the progtame
was in charge of Prof. Argence. The
success of this part was certainly
marked proof that Prot Argence is a,
musician and an instructor second to
none. Little Francis Meyer played
an instrumental solo on the piano
which was much enjoyed and appre
ciated by all. If this little mad con
tinues to iinliroVe his musical educa
tion day by day be will become a
skilled musician. The diplomas aid
premiums were awirdrd by Father
Ravo!re. The premiums given con.
sisted of high grade ho ks good many
of which were bou4d in handsome
morocco leather.
After die distribution of the pre
mniums by Father iRavoire he address
td those present in a few words in
which be expressed the' wish that all
the boys would spend a happy vac's
Ition and that when the College woult
Iopen on Sept. 1st thai. they would all
Ibe fount at their desks in the College
ready to begin a new session.
IThe present session of the College
has been a most, successful one ia
many respects. The attendance of
students at the College this last ses
sion has been the largest of any out
The Thiboxdaux College will open
its next session on the Ist of Sept.
Independence Day.
SThe people of Thibodaux will be
"given the pleasure to listen to some
brilliant addresses on the 4th of next
month by several distinguiah'd Lou
isisanss whom the Ni. l's have "en
l~gaged for the occasion. People of
!Thibodatix and the parish bring yotsr
() children to the celebrations that they
might be taught hy example a yaes*
Sble and inicalcble lessona in p~atriotismu.
rLet every bodty mieke it their duty to
Sbe present at the olwrs house on the
night of Julty .4th and listen to the
e deeds anti the history of the Ives
- of thoe. men who Isiul the corner
k stout' of the American Repsiliic.
STlu. 4th of July cevebratlona will
ebe continued las the Thiholsox Fire
ito' io. 1 w tlaa fair on the 5th and
ul 6th,
ie .
Mr A. B Dantin forumerly of Thits.
at oduc but now of Alexandria was
ir h.ere on a visit to friends and rela
Vt' tives. Mr. Danitiuwi an emaployee ot
Is1 the T. & P. Railroad at 4l.'xamdria,.

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