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.'( FTATESOF .ýMEitb'A,
I IT KNOWN, that on this "ird day I
of the month of Mai, in the year cia
our lord One Thousaon N iue 11 on- for
d and Two. lwfore me, Whitmiell P. ter
artin, a Notary I'utlic in and for the art
ish of l.afourthe, Mtate of souisniana All
y colnfhissioied and qualified, and ist
fie presenee of the witnesses hereaf- on
named and untder-igned: ree
personally canwI and appeared the lot
os whose nanics are hereunto sub
rihed, who sevekally declared that, I
iling themselves of the provisions of 1
Act of the Legislature of this State, 4'k
own as Act No. 3d, of the session of .
e year 18ffi, as well as ofsbe general
ws of this State governing the forma
n of corporations in general, they do I
these presents covenant, agree and the
d themselves, as well as such other into
rsons as may hereafter become asso- cot
ted with them, in order to form and Ini
stitute a corporation or body politic bet
law for the objects and purposes un- ba'
r the stipulations following, to wit: Th
e name and title of this corporrtion i
1 be The Iles Allemands Lum her
pany, Limited, and it shall have the
enjoy succession and existence fur tin
rind of ninety.nine years from pa
ereof. It shall have tle power to
tract, to sue and he sued in its cor- by
to name, to make and uae a curpor- no
cpal, and make, break and alter the
at pleasure, to hold, pur.'hase, all
sell, mortgage or hypotheeate aui
rty, real personal or mixed, to so
e and issue Fonds, to lend any por- hu
of its capital stock or inoomne, or tie
age security, or other securitry; to pa
, elect or appoint managers, diree- t
and agents, and to make and estab- IA
such by-laws, rules and regulat.ons Pa
may be necessary for its proper of
gement shi
domicile of this corporation, and lho
neipal office for the transaction of Vie
ems, shall be in the town of Bowie, p
h of lafourche, Louisiana. ha
president, or in his absence, the so0
president, shall be the officer upon
citation, or other judicial process fr
be served. dob
capital stock of this corporation fot
hereb fixed at the sum of One IIun- da
Thousand Dollars (O10,0Ou.) and thi
shatter shall he operative, and go
efeet, tud said corporation become pri
concern when the sum of One ha
red Thousand Dollars (100,0t5'.)
have been subscribed for. The du
tl stock of this corporation shall li1t
divided into One Thousand )1,0)0) the
the par value of One Hundred su
re por share, and shall be E
in cash, or the equivalent in the
Wite mill property, timbered 'rc
isWber, logs, notes, bonds or
or any other property which
agg of Pirectors ma ove.
ehjeeta and purposes of this cor
sad the nature of the business
aeried on by it, are hereby de
t bs,-to do a general lumber ;
turing and general mer- do
business; to own and operate t
shingle mills, planing mills, 1
lind factories, and other th
es; also railroad, pull-boats pu
boats' to make contracts fo of
of lumber, shingles, etc., an t
hase of logs and timber; to
to lumber yards in thisa
- ates,-and in fact to do any
al things necessary and proper to T.
1Nrylag out of its business. na
basisess of this corporation shall de
by and vested in a Board of su
enmiposed of Five (b) Stock- ru
ash owning one or more shares TI
said directors shall be elected W~
genaal meeting of the Stockhold- of
esavibat for that purpose on the
Tusgsy in January in each gi
ad esnhihare of stock present or trE
hti shall be entitled to one in
Thooeletion shall be held at the th
odes of the corporation, after
dapa notice to each stockholder.
M hold an election on the date t
shall not dissolve the corpora. re
bat the directors in office shall in
thir respective ofces until the In
shall be subsequently held, er
tun days notice of time and place
vaeaseles in said board from w
eaase shall be filled by the bi
-e agp above set forth shall be
eas ot less than ten days notice t
in the official journal of the «
3oard of Directors shall elect a
5, Vice-President, and Secrota- ki
Treasurer. The Secretary and
aeed not be a stockholder in a
ty of the board shall constl- am
a qeormm for the transaction of oI
Vie*-President may be the Gien- ,
Managor of the corporation, and I'
of all the officers of the cur- f
-shall be fixed by a majoraty ~,
of the Stockholders at the date of
stockholder shall be liable or res
o for the contracts, fault. or
of said corporation in any further
than the unpaId balance due the
Stun on the shares of stock own
him; nor shall any informnallty in ti
tion have the effect of render
this charter null or of exposhng a
lder to any lIability beyoid the Ii
t of his stock. a
Act of Incorporation may he ~
ed, altered or modified, or this
tlon dt'solved by a vote of three
a of the shares of the total
tof stock at a meeting held for
rpose after ten days nmotice in
g mailed to the ad'lress of .a chm
holder, and at least one advertise
tin the otticial newspaper of thme
of Lafourche.
t the expiration of this Charter, or
sooner dissolved, the affairs of thIs
ration, shall he liquidated by the
of Directors, who are hereby
with full power to sell any sand
assets of the corporation, and to con
full and complete title thereto, andl
shall have ftol power to do and
orm all acts necessary and proper
fully and corn letelv liquldate the
,and distrlbute the proceeds, if
,among the stockholders In propor
to the amount of stock held by
The following named persons shall
stitute the first Hoard of TDirectors:
H. lDown mant, Presidenit E. t0. West
roland, Vice-PresidCDnt and Manager,
F. H. LewIs, Secretary and Treas
r, J. F. Wlgglngtonl and A. C. Johns.
y shall hold their offtces until the
mid Tuesday In the month of Janua
.19011, or until their successors are
ted and qualified.
ThIs corporatIon shall be authorIzed
begin business whenever the sum of
NE HI N l~tED) TUOUSANI' Dollars
stock shall have been subscribed.
The stoek of thIs corporation is tranls
rable only upon the hooks of the
Thus done and passed in my office In
town of Thithodaux, State of LouIs
a, on the day, month and year first
vi' written, mind in the presence of P.
Braud and P. A. Engerrant comnpetentt
tnesses of lawful age, who have sign.
their namnes together wIth the par
and me, Notary, after due read tag
the whole.
Itnc-.is: (OrigInal SIgned)
. L. BRAm o,
. A. ENom-:toAN.
IL. II. DowN!.AN.
Finsm II. Lewis,
J. F. WVmsotNT4)N,
A. C. Joh.
* pir lf.ll. Dowsx.L-'
Notary Public.
I'Altllil (PF LAFooltKellE. oth
1, ('..1. Barker, C'lerk of the :70th .Judi- .
cial I istrliet Court of lshuisiana, in and I
for the Parish of Lafourche do hereby Ap
certify that the above and foregoing Bu
irtieles of incorporation of The I)es
Allemands Lumber Company, Limited
is a true and correct copy of the original
on file on the records of my office, and
recorded in Miscellaneous Book No. 7,
-( Given officially this 3rd day of
iL.. June, in the year 1.ir2.
Ilerk of the 20th .Tudieial ltistrict Court. oft
Be it ordained by the Police Jury of fou
the Parish of Lafourche in regular meet
ing assembled, that a franchise for the pet
construction of a toll Canal interesect- pay
tng the bayen Lafourche at some p)lnt the
between t3 3rd and 53rd, mile post on the
bayou Iafourche below the town of pet
Thibodanx, be and is hereby granted to list
Messrs. Bragard and Constantin Bros.,
their heirs and assigns upon the follow the
ing conditions, to-wit: In
(I) The said ('anal shall be not lest
than 30 fart in width and shall at all !r
time he open to the public offering to Ji
par for the privilege and use thereof a
toll not exceeding those uow charged
by other -canal owners or companies to
now existing in this State. af
(2) The use of the said canal shall at
all times be free for use by the Parish do
authorities of this Parish and it shall be tbh
so constructed as to not interfere with
hut rather enhance the drainage facili- Crl
ties of the section through which it
(:1) If said ('anal intersects the bayou
Lafourche at a point where State or
Parish levee now exist on either bank
of the haven Lafourche, then, said canal
shall be locked in a manner satisfactory
to the authorities in interest, but no As
locks shall he required, however, if prl
victs 4o the construction of the contemn
plated canal the bayou Lafourehe shall
have been locked or damuled at Donald- No
sonville or elsewhere.
(4) The canal shall be completed
from the bayou Blue on the west side of
bayou Lafourche, to the Lake Salva n
dare or other deep lakes or bayons on n
the east side of the said bayou Ta- tli;
fourche, within five years from this fill
date, under penalty of the forfeiture of
this franchise. pit
(5) The term for the duration of the co
present franchise is hereby fined and re
named to be 90 years.
(t;) The owners of said canal when tri
ug an operation, shall be held to pay an
intto the Parish treasury to the credit of
the Public Schools of this parish the c
sum of $100.00 annually.
-ection 2. Be it further ordained, etc. lot
that this ordinance shall go into effect
'rote and after its promulgation.
Adopted May 15, 1902. wl
H. N. Courox, J. L. Arcoia, ye
Clerk. President ins
and to carry out the conditions of the
donation made to the parish of LA- m
FOURCHE by the late Louis Bush. re
Be it Ordained, by the Police Jury of to
the Parish of Lafourche. That for the
purpose of carrying out the conditions ln
of the donation made by Louis Bush to w
the parish of Latourche and to keep the
said library up to the standard required
by the conditions of the said donation- B
that Judge L. P. Calilonet and Messrs.
T. Beatty and W. P. Martin are hereby
named and appointed a Committee to I9
have full charge of the said library Un
der the conditions of the donation, and
subject to other ordinances and ac
rules as may he hereafter cuacted. Lii
That the members of the said commit- p:
tee shall continue in office till further P'
orders of this body.
That the said commitatee are hereby w
given and granted the right to sellt
transfer or dipose of all the books now
in the Court ouse Librar y, other than h:
those donated by the late Louis Bush. p
That they shall out of the proceeds of
the sales or transfers see that the books
required by the donation a hall be placed "1
in the library so far as the moneys corn- ms
ing to them from the said source will a
enable them to do. That for this pur
pose they are authorised to bey out of t'
the proceeds of the funds so raised, and d;
which shall be known as the Bush Li
brary Fund, to be deposited with the
parish Treasurer, all such works as may b
be necessary to keep the as id library up
to the standard required Ly the dons
ction. That i any surplus remain the d
committee Is authorised to purehase ,a
such other works as will fitly go to
keep up the said library. 4
That the sum of 36.00 Dollars is hereby (1
apprprated out of the general fund to lb
be padon t he first of July of this year 0
and annually thereafter for the purpose
of supplementIng the as id library. -
Thai the said Coinmittee shall serve S
without compensation slid shall annual
Ily, at thefirstlmeeting aftor the first of
-July of each year render u full and true S
account of their work to tI i' body.
Adopted May 15i, 1902.
IL N. CousnoI, J1. L. &ccoTN, (
Clerk. President s
Notice d
is hereby givcn that the Thlbodon:
flyster Packing and Ice Co. ILt'd.
intends fo apply to the General As
scmubly of this State for the return of
money erroneously paid by it to the
e Stute on property exewpt from taxa
I Da.t U E. all UTER,
r Presitleat Board of Directors Thibo
daux Oyster Packing sod Ice Co.
e .. ..
Breeders of fancy poultry,
r attention.
Is -4
'Boil Cochin eggs for sale at $2 00
d per dozen. You arc Inoited to visit
~jbreeding pen before placing your
.d order.
nr Call either at W. C. Ragans real
if denec or Knobloch's .11usic store. 31
Leave your orders for pianos
organs (int p151no tnin~ilg with V. ,J.
11 Knoblot h Local Representative of
dLouis Grunwa'd Co. Ltd. 13
For Sale.
a- The house and lot known as the
reStott property. Lot measuring 115
feel on St. Mary street and 00 feet
on Hart leon street, house has 7
of rooms. Terms cash.
rFor particulars apply to
he New Iberia, La.
is- 3 . Thibodaux La.
at For Sale.
nri . A No. 1 Split Shingles.
Apply to L. E. Piass,
42 3m Lafourche Crossing, La.
A motlerate sadaried man ceo dress
di, attractlC'V anod look stylisb and nest
provided he onys hie clothing from
(Chas. A. liadeaul's clothing eghmiey.
4 ft. 4} ft, and 5 ft Mills in good
condition, giving m:nute description
of all dimensions, also Boilers and
other second hand sugar machinery
in good condit on. Centniy Sugar
lpparatus Co, Ltd. 511 llodeltaux
Building, New New Orleans, La.
Assessor's Notice.
Parish of Lafonr he.
Thibodatir, June, 7, 1902.
In accordance with the prov!sions
of section 21 of Act No. 186, appri)ved
July 9th 1890, notice is hereby given
to tax payers of said parish of La
fourche. that the listing of the pro.
perty, real and personal, of said tax.
payers, is completed together with
the valuation plneed upon saat pro.
perty by the Assessor and that said
list will be exposed in my office, in
the Court House, at Thihodaux, for
inspection1 and correction, for th"
term of twenty (20) days, beginning
June, 7, 1902.
All tax payers are earnestly invited
to avail themselves of the opportunity
aforded' to make known their objec
tions to any assessment and to test
their correctness in the manner pres
cribed by law.
Assessor Parish of Lafutareli
June 7, 1902.
Au Iutgelous Treatment by wbhk Drunk
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Spite of Themnselves.
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Nervi5s. A Pleasant anii Poiitive Cure
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It is now ge er ly *kuown and
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cants. Sufferers may now cure them
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ing to directions of this wouhrfuil
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matter how hard a drinker. Oui
records show the marvelous traits
formation of thousands of Irunkirds
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is in no sense a nostrum but is a
specific for this disease only. and is
so skillfully devised and prepared
that it is thoroughly sý,..lc and
pleasiut to the tart., .o tiat it eat
be gi'.'n in a cup of tea or curt. t
without the knowledge of the per-a
sk.hiug it. Thousaada of 1a)*mi.-..e-t -
have cured themselves with tit
Spriceless r"m 'dy. and as many mori
have been Dui d inuti wade teinmerate
amn by hiaga the "CURE" admin
istered 1w ln ing biends and ret:ves
without their kuunlsedge in cotfee or
r tea, and believe toaIv ihat tlih
I decontinued drinking of their own
s free will. DO NOT WAIT. 1)o not
r be deluded by apparent and mnisleal
ing "improvement." Drive out the
s disease at oice and for all time. The
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S Sent prepaid to anii part of the world
on receipt of One Doilrar. Address
Dept. C892 EDWIN B. GILES &
COMPANY, 2330 and 2332 Market
Stheet, Philadelphia.
All correspondence strictly confi
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- - ',, t-" As at ferCRESCENT BCYCLEIS
Bank of Lafourche,
Capital Stock $25,000. Surplus $17500.
Designated Depository for
funds of Parish of Lafourche
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A. J ERAUD, Ptesldent, * K. .1. IIt AtID), Cashier;
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acid gases, inhalers anid drugs in *'
paste form. Their powders dry up in
the wncuous membranr.es causing in
them to crack open and bleed. The P'
powerful acids used in the inhaaicr
have entirely eaten away the same Pt
membranes that their makers have y'
aimed to cure, while pastes and oint. tli
ments cannot reach the 4seaese. An e"
old and experiecced praetit.iorer who t(
has for many years made a close
study and specialty of the treatment C
of CATARIIII, has at last perfected
a Treatment which when faithfully
used, not only ra lieves at once, but. (
permanently cures CA'I'AIlIl, by "
removing the cause, stopping the 2
discharges, and euaiug all intfammna
tion. It is the only remedy known
to science that actually r,'aches the
aelfhicted parts. This wondet ful rent
edy is known as 'SNt FFlE:: th'I
antl is sold at the extremely low price
of One holler, each paek::ge contain- t
ing internzt and external mneii. +ne
sutlicient fo; a full month's treatmt int
and everything necessary to itý per
feet use.
"SNUFFLES" as the only ierfect
CATARRII CJRl ever m.de d od is
now recogflred a' the only safe a:nu ,
positive cure for thait anunoving a:td
disgusting disease. It .nres real ii
ilammation quickly sadtl p. rma:inert.Y
and is alau wonderfully quuck tit
ýatve JAY r t or UitljU Itl
iý: HIED.
('ATAltRIT when niglected often
ýads to CONSUMPTION-'"SNlIl.
'LES" will save von if you use it at
nee. It is no ordinary rwnedy, but
complete treatmun't which is pest
;vely guaranteed to cure CATARtRII
n any form or stage if used aceord.
ng to the directions which aceom
ºany each package. Dton't delay but
end for it at once, and write fiet
)articulars as to your couditio. ae9W
'nu will receive special adviec from
he taiscoverer of this uonderfue re-m
dy regardiný your case without cost
o you beyond the reguiar I'rice' of
Stmt jre'paiel to any adclress in the
fTaited States or (lnuad:i on recgllt
One l'tlher. Adle:;s Iapt.. ('!92
2:º3u !unl 2:;3 ý11nrkcet Streut, Phila.
TO THlE l)KAF.-A ru'h Indv
cuarii cif Ieir 1).':. s"aesu :1. No s' i in
thla lli'.e 1.v I)r. N eho'seaa s Artificial
E a In ruzn , ge uvc 2:I. ons ie Is, to he
Ii;,:itute. -a tat elitf eople' unabde
to p rectre t* KEar Ir' are mey have
thla fe +e. Aelhire',.a* 'eIl Nicholson
Ia,- tettae. '". K ghl: Avenue, New
Vurk 431y
IlF'r Sale.
Stoee' tiualelie.'r known a ?rotee.
tars II atl, :1111 re-itce a' atdatert on
shunt st det lastween St. Pht'ip and
.Jack on s!tre'etu. F'.r partacuftaun
app y at S NTINII. ()'vicL

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