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.=d a ADVERTIBE' I ib ttPfh U d?:uII
-UWh Stim ____ ttt
Of oil. Journal o& the Paziah o i0 L~ioh@ an4l Quaaditai o the Znt8iemb of the Town. ______
VOL 88. THfIBODAIJX, LA.' JULY is, 1902. N.5
But "live and let live"
and "small profits with
consequent large sales,"
being our motto tis no I
Swonder we do business. 1
'Tis absolutely on a
asis of Merit
that we solicit yourtrade
and invite your most to
careful attention and
closest scrutiny. li
A Few Trade Winners: 10o
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Iutl asartment of ap to date Tan, and suast fancy silk sticheSk , l
With each sukrt you get g fully worth 15k our spec. price 0lou.
sad I pair onr, hil a1n 14 Wps O S c. ,.
is I7, only 50c a Gents "Keep Cool" Undershirts, j
Gests lsatt sohpe Alpie Hats, 1 h St openwork, just the thing for
aes sad nobby, good swet bead, men who suffer from the beat, tully
mw edge, (you would pay 1.00 for worth 50c our spec. price only 40c.
$Is Int elsewhere) only $1.50. IMnea Collars all the up *o date
Gests Four in ands is a elegal t styles, best quality lines 10. each.
asortment of colores uers etc. big Rubber Collars best quality reo
valaes at 25 lar 25c kiad specisl price 20e.
OGeats tremc make Smepeindes In oests low eat bshoes .50 sad
A p tt en , *Boston Garters all colors latest
sisity elastic, buaIls rst pr grip, worth 3e Our special price only
Skiesally sells for to S . t a pir.
eor pries 3Oe. a pair. Leather Watch chains Sc.
We always carry a good stock of Gents Furnishings, Ita
dies Goods, Notions, Shoes and Hats, which we will be glad
to show you. Pries always the lowest.
. ( chOrilstr of lw Prices. )
Phone 180. Chas A. Badeaux, Prop i
in St. Badeaux buildin,
Is now prepared to furnish the best and cheap
eat bric in themarket ............... .
aiho bricks o habd esedy for delivery.
E. J. BR AU D,
Seesser t. Lr.3aT A TaYUTAU
* Livery, Feed
...8a e Stab as. g.
. E£tablishinent
B]hakmith and
Pasrkiot St. Cor. Leve sadMarket Thiboodau,..
Just received a nice line of
Water Coolers, Step
Ladders, Bird Cages,
Ice Cream Freezers,
Lawn Mowers, Cro
quet Sets, and Base ,
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H. Riviere & Co.
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Advertise in The vntinel.
this d
IT. Ra
F. P.
last, I
Ann0ouncenenI. in th
the I
lie in general, that am now t
located at my new stand,op- t
posite my old store, next tohe
the Thibodaux Drug Store . I
Ernie J.and Braund.
roted alytrs bt only a ntly so.oll.
ot. t i not • tt
Summer l
Comfoert e
4 gm d trets . AZ. aN
woe daI- , a r .el
uph-udmmina A
'a Uphm 7sW a
is we AiM am al.
Ellis Braud's Sons.
the help a young man derives from a bank account is
S emply immeasurable.
. Young man, don't look upon thi8 as a trifle. Don't look I
upon anything as a trifle-and therefore, unduservalg
Irifies make or mar the sucoeus of every one. They are not c
really trifes, but only apparently mo.
It may useu a trile whether you have a bank account or C
not. It is not a trlbe. J
Every employer has more confdence, and will give more re
sponsible employment to the man or boy who maves- :
who has a bank account. Moreover, the dollars you
fritter away do you no good Your dollars In our,
bank are pushing jou nearer to independence every,
I E. . Rebtshaux, I./(g/ 4 & P. Ihayer,
Proceedings of the Po
lice Jury. Balance
Thibodaux, July 7th, 1lm.p es o s
The Polloe Jury of this perish met Insurance
this day In regular session. Beery for
Present: J. L. Aueon, preident in the J. Barker,
chair; Messrs. J. L. Basset, C.J.Gedry, arnt
IT. Barrios, R. U. Morvant, L. Rodrigue, pr
F. P. Falgout and F. P. Parrs. t fo
Absent: A. Theriot and J. L. LeBIsna. ja Bes
The minutes of the session of May 15th Rviere r
last, were read and approved as record- J. Barker
ed. Numerous claims were red sad books to r
referred to the Committee on Claims Sor
examination and report on to-mor
The petition of the citizen residing
in the extreme lower end of Drainage
Distriet No. 2, askng to be eat off from Report c
their said present Diftriet, sad added to or in aecoe
the Loekport Drainage District, was of the Par
read and discused, and the followlg beJinstn
rdinane vering the sbjeol matear Juy n ha
was offered by Mr. Parts, sad duly e- Balance
conded by Mr. Barrio was doptd by
the following vote. (Mr. uedry was
exeused from voting there on.)
Yeae: Aucoin, Basset, Barrios, Mor- Grand tot
vent, Rodrigne, falgout and Parrs.
Nays: None.
ORDINANCE NO. M. Tax ollel
An Ordinance amending sad reenaeting lon
section No.1 of Ordinaene Warrant
amending Ordinance No. 20 adop td . Co
on September 6th, 1818.
Be it ordained by the Pollee Jury, of Warr
the perish of Infourohe, in regular
meeting assembled, that seetion 1o.1,
of Ordinance No. 297, adopted March Total dist
lath, 190, be amended so as to read as
follows :
let. District No.1 shall extend from Balan.e a
the upper line of the parih, right b nk
of the Bayou Lafoure eto lower lie
of the "Ri flold plantation" including To eredit
all tb etlem ts.
Sad. Distriet to be know as the
rlhibodsau Drainage District" shall
extend from the lower lins of the id Credit o
eld plantation to the upper line of he
Acadia plantation.
3rd. Distrlet No. shall ei fem editof
the upper line of the Aadla Patation bt
to the uppr line of Plrmla Thhoda
traet of id, opposite aeland ineld
ing the Bayou L'ea Blue settlement. Making
4th. District known as the "Loekpot
Drainage District" shall extend
the lower line of Distriet No. 2 to the
Gulf of Mexico.
5th. Distrlet No. shall extend rm eo
the pper lie of the , t bk in s
of Bayou Lfourche, the lower line ohe nPo
of the laurol Valley ntation il d- beleia
uauar p-waws the low er o L' Chotes July 1t
np ntation and including also the ayo Amount
Caban wi to its mouth at Bayou Beeoi.
6th. Speelal Distrlet No. 4 shall ex
tend from the lower lime of District No. Pl T
3 to the upper lie of the Bush Oroeve·
plantation. Shol3
7th. Distrist No.4 shall extend from m
the lower line of "Bsesl District No. Interet
4" to the lower lin e Choctaw lnt Oept
lion, belonagi to D. Harang, ina lry ra
eave0 Ridgo, nVahl o .Dq Dega v
10ot lPolbsmd all ether back settle
fth. Distelelt No. 5 sll eatea borm
the lower limn of Distrt No. 4 to the
Gulf of Me o, tincluding all baeek e- Grand I
At this time the resiation of Mr. P.
Brox, as Oyster spto of this Taebel
rwas presented and read, and it Rents, I
he soe atof the ury that the re- Build
cent ster lw enated by the gIw pls
latre now it sesion, do way with Treasm
parish Oyster Inspectors, Mr. Breasux's TI co
resignationwas laid over with the r l
quest that he continue to perform his lacide
duties until the new law will b efet.
On motion of Mr. Parn, seconded bTo d
Mr. Basset, the Jury now resolved i
self into a Board of Reviewlers, as re Ba
quired by law, for the purpose of e t 19
amining the Assesment Roll of the
parish for the year 10o, and after ex
sainintg cad compartag the ssm
ment on motion of Mr. Auoes, duly
seconded, the Board of Reviewers now
rose and recommended the adoption by The
the Jury of the Assessmont Roll a pre Mr. GO
sented by the Assessor, amounting to ordered
The Jury, being now reconvened pre- mitte
sident Aueola put the above motion, lg re
whieh was carried unanimously.
Yeas: Aueoin Basset, Guedry Bar
rios, Morvant, Rodrigde, Falgoal and To the
Parr. Gent
Nays: None. mittee
Mr. Morvant, eseonded by Mr. Fal followl
gout, moved that the Jury do now ad- peym
Journ until 10 o'clock to-morrow. Car" lerk
H. N. CoULWo, J. L. Auoo, T
Clerk. President
Thlbodaux, July 8, 19. IeBI
The Police Jury of the parish of la. H. R
fourche met this day pursuant to ad. Town
Journment on yesterday. to J
Present: J. L. Aucol, President, and o
Messrs. J. LRa ~et, (.. eJ. dry, U.
Barrio., E. U. Morvant, l. Riodgc, FP.
P. Falgonut sad F. P. Parra. Ame
The minutes of yesterday's seeli Ro e
was read and approved a recorded H. N. 4
Mr. Morvant, chairman of the nPlaneo l
committee reported asM follows. a
Thibodau Is l. Jly 8bth, 18. .
To the President nd memaaber of the par
Pollee Jury of the prish of Iourche. C. 3.
ientlemen :-Your committee onFi reP
aninedbhe book of the treasurr ad - !P.
Seompared eU vochers with sme and LU.
fted b the c to eoorrtec.1
r espeefully ehmtted. Jly
. U. MonvArr, N.
J. L. 3&sens, Jai
Report of A. 3. Brand, Parish tresur
er, n account with the General Funds Total
oe the Parish of Lerokr for the term
Amount on hand last report M5 S 98 tes
Receipt slne.n.
Taxes 1 Yes
Lc er w
Totl relipte lot term SM m
Ot Grand totau l for term $UaNM 48
Jel exernes M1U
leeta Te To w
Sera a en I
- triet atti
lalance ona band this with Sb
day $13 n in the i
Ineldetal expenses itemised. made to
To E. P. Rlviero, work on Court
rouse: 6.U. Max Daro, Criminal ex
a-ses 1.9. Coulu grand and Coaloa,
5aOrance on court ioas, $10A9. Jas. Wher
lmery for Criminal e xpeu 44A0. C. seconde
r. Barker, isuein jurJ and witness Prts
rarrants $4 T s aux entinel, ro
rarish printia M10.1. Estourche Com- elsh
t for Parish rintg, 3.. Town of
Phihodaux for light mad water tU0. t
a.. eary Court aceoust OAS. 3. F. i
tivererepairs on cort house 4.. C.
1. Barker or type writing machine sad N
woks to Dunn, 16 70. At thi
Respeetally submitted,t o
A. J. B , reporte
Parish treasu r. the
Report of A. J. Brand parish treur- by the
ir in aecount with the Drainage Pnds Distul
of the Pariah of Lafourehe for the term that in
)enf latsMay 14th and ending with
Balance on hand last report UMU resimi
Received from taxes 0a72 that it
irand total for term $3(S 12 clients
Disbursements. arise i
raz collector's commis- The
ion 348 wif of
Warrant No. 47 favor J. present
E. Coulon Dist. 1 1 95 mouth
Warrant No. f8 favor V
Martin Lane G. D. B. l. 1D 00 to Dec
- vote.
Total disbursements 19 4
Balmae as hand t~is day m 5 ayi
Distributed as follows. or
To credit of Dist. No.1 144 mittS
4 he 10 aeidt
6 3 30 Yeas
Credit of Special diet. ries. N
No.4 11 Parra.
Credit of Thibodaux dist IS i Nay8
redit of Blaned dst all 45
Credit of Omeral Dredge Tabl
boat fd the Pa
- Vearl
Makian a total as above Alab "1
Resptlly submitted, Dies
A. J. BaueD, oad
Parish treaurer. Wta
Resort of A. J. Brand, Parish emesur- her
er, in somat with the sehool ahnds of Appe
tbohe Prsh kud ee for the tem C
bu prA u 1st A ad ending with
Amount on hand April Ist $51 Co
Recepts lace. Tax
Pol Taxes 172 Chari
trh ee t 25a l7e1
Pins sad cos" s 08 Dast
lateests aodaly bal. « 4 Bleti
lorroy eesp ras
Teihe setpis cor trn 9 Mr.
Grand total 11421 to
Distbrsements. y
Teachers pay N11 Parr
Beats, repalirsand Nas
r Trosarer's commIaesa b
ass a ry.A,
Incidental 14b46 oftht
-Parish teiirer.
r. Guedr e~o~.bnded by r.Brr
Total drd sbreets .as t
mittBalance on lhand July foow
T1da a. July 8h 1902. lo
Respectfully submitted, Pt
A. J. Bnwui, appo
To the Polee Jry.
V The above report was ON motion of a cos
Mr. Guedry seconded by Mr. Barrios, ism
ordered accepted. asu s
Mr. itedr, on the pavorbly on the om- ro
mitt on elams preseted the follo- roo
" ilerko 8. P. ore ( ll)
Thibodaux . July 8th 19 and
4To the Police ury. b. A
oentlee:-The undersigned co- veni0
mitte beg to report favorably on the prop
L- folloring claims an& Trd recommend theifor p
I paym 00nt.
H.r Cl ere Co. P. Co ket rifor 1) 0
Town of Thicod a, . L. Bill l
lort Jy Tet1a, cof1n for pau
A. P. Broer, reyir of CI. H(. r7 o
snd B ). H. tt 8 Par
SH. RiN. Cvieos exbunes to B.l 008
Se. To n.oThlbcdr a a. BiU
C. J. ber  committee op a ei
d pstr o . ofC. H. t
*. CndSH. Uutr J. o o
Ab r t. 4 dof1
Jaloss and ning def
H. N. Cotc, expenses to B. An
Be P.l Jry annua app. for s
SYo. r . ommted hom emmedMitt .N
re pasrooD.haat 915 N
Ye. C. . eidry, covmi rett to o1 the
JMIa the Bil1 set to _Ir Ma mews
meek l tim whale Phsiet to e
. et t J.e . fIor. I,
sot. J. Oall' l
ouroOmmmtehae en Caer tlw
Tht1hma te lra Jrln 8h pM.
aua commttee ba v oesh ed wit: U.co°
alie tb Jr.i l. A. ib . r . atbes
ir wdrcd Putarih dg bnat; i sia
uh asthe whester coa sthbe a
let attorney will writeto te p Wty,
Itb the view of avoiding sh errors
the future. Your committee reeom
end that sa approprLatioa d oP.M be
ade to pay the above salaries.
J. I. AveowN,
C. J. GOnmor,
o(mmitate on Claims.
Whereupon, oa motion of Mr. Parrs
conded by Mr. Basset, both above re
rts were ordered proved, and an
Ipropriation of w'vas made to pay
e claims contalned therein.
Yees-Aeola, Basset, GOedry, Mor
nt, Barrios, Iodrigue. Palgout and
At this time Judgeus Battle and Call
at of the ommitte on the Bush
Ibtrary appeared before the Jury and
potel m, towar s provings
rthe booksL missing to =r4mguthe
ºid ubrary to date, us eonmatMd
r the Donor.
District attorney W. P. Martuin stated
uat in the eset of any t t
d4o the eehLsW i wlblr
sit`ated on the nlthsm
tat It would be impossible o ano
present the Pollee Jury in the suit,
tr the reason that the platlRufs were
lents of his firm sad he had already
Iven an opinion ow points which might
rise In suialt.
The Petition of Antoine Boudro and
rife of the RBaton Bilon settlement was
resented and a pensi of $. 5 per
ranth commencieg July 1t MN was
ranted them, and an approid ratiom
iA was ordered to ipay Peni
D December 31, MM, by the solowl
Tees--Aso i, e uedr,
Mr. Morvant seondsd by Mr. Parr,
gsrdd on the art of the flnase Cm
stese thelw tl a  m of prbn
af t hweyew . NI! which
os, MPorint, aRdrluse, s ige and
Nays-none. ,
Thbleau of the probable esbene o
Ie Parish o Lrche lfer the Viecal
Fear IM.
inolr O Oeer 1
Polle Juros, Mileage and Per
Road dLevee Inspeetorer
brand and Petit Jurors,
Witness a rilnal ases, W
Oa tal e lees,
Jaies o Pease fe, a4
Charity and maintesee 1a.
ol Funds, MIa
Quarantine and manttatian, 5
Mr. Parrs a y .
sbmtlted the
-dopase ad the s-e was
Resolved, That a Puble Pe be and
is hereby established at a it stor
near fear miaes baiewa e O Fer
by direted to sell th lease iS
Is ?r epe.
all the other Publc Ferries, Dee. it
President Aaeoi, of the emmee
appointed at the last sesiem for the
eeos eof conMtrating tr the rem to
Parish Jail, reported vrbl that
ng for alterations of th prent a so
as to make it a modern, 1 anl
fire proof building, containing str
rooms for ordi mes ad 4e
cells for felone or ameeýas Io
and also a eduvemt y areaged gal
lows, sanitary closets and ielrator.
At this time om meMon .led MRe
vant secnded byMr. RodriSeam
propriatl oof M was earrter
exeass of ari eary in earrylag
oat tie order. of this ,ur
Mr. Osedry seuorded Mr.
moved that in the event of the __
Dr oa e stin called on t~an ý •
D trhe , the Irdbet o d 1 tr
be anthorld to exped by ra r.
Spairs thereon a sau not eeee M .
I Yes-A.oohu, Basset, huedry, tI
ros, Morvant, lladrilga, PFaioltand
) Parra.
I Nays-none.
Mr. Basuet seconded by Mr. (I ,
I moved that In the revent of emYla
tlon larlslnt between seesios o a
ture se as to ealge the Distrkt At.
torney to recess hseltf a committee
of two sembs wMt re PlesMent
shall have power to employ e s to
defend the lnteuet of the pri a
represemnted by this jury. Carried.
Yeas-.Aueois Baset, Bedy. Baa
llris Rodrigue, ~pagoatd Parm.
the Presdaet appte ts anss es *m
I mittee with himelf Mesrs.Oury a4
I These beang s faurthe bsem the
.. , . s*t WAdussedWI
H N. Cowman, J.I sOsesu,
Cerk. PresiM
- Trusts a all the rgs espeedays
aIad New OrkasL esedy Ia the
e swim with the latrest t, .Tim Wat
" To hae gime up weane hae
Smeasnt deuts fo r Mm Iae Cr et
: Dorrhter. Mn, Plr yn she had
endered uato'd seLry Beu a .wn
haug trusble sad elemate uamp.
. "Often," she writess 'I acald sangs*
. Ibrleate ad smatimes mad at
speak. All datsm muld smAdhe
fald till I au Dr. Kits' hu
lhaeover, fe COomane.maptt ad rn
eamptely eaed." SdS es fses
O ougl, ( idb Thrset and Lung
STremhe ed this ged rem*d, ea
- and 1.*. Trt.astlte re
se Our prkes e Gumtn Ihesm sets
lA. wuld aestem pmsu Tb 3.sbt.
t B von.tdm /   I~

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