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The weekly Thibodaux sentinel. [volume] (Thibodaux, La.) 1898-1905, July 12, 1902, Image 2

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. K. II'PH, - - Publisher :,od Prop.
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,prioal Jotrial of Ite onrish of Lafoareke.
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pioDAX L'ZNT'lN'L. rhibodaux. La.
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p1 without delay.
rhFully prepared to do job work if every decoription.
r.rresponaence on utrWca p9f general isetirst solield. C
to insure notice of their acnuswuniuationa, writcr mst (origh
tblir real name, sevn *htgb theqy ~oule a 4eelr tp withhbold i 8
t.blicatlonf, as asn .i ideqe of goqd faitk. t
aloter lnapalded for publlciotip ebould be writea only on one side
lf the sheet, and to nlasure inertion it tle week's Issue, com maul
Patioas should reaceh this once by 'ededay's malil of that wq.k
. .. . .. . . . - - -. - ,
It seems that the Legislature cannot be
prevailed upon to pass any anti-trust Legisla
tion. This igreatly to be deplored. Agree- t
pmeuts or combinations between firms, corpor
ations or individuals, for whatever purpose
Mpay it be, is a trust, and one that most prove
injurious to the people. These combinations C
Are generally made to regulate the prices of
certain goods. No sooner done than another C
trust is formed to control all these goods,
and the result is an increase of price all !
along the line. The firms or corporations in
the trust grow wealthy and the people be
pomp more and more impoverished.
Trusts are undemocratic and un-Ameri
can, and should not be tolerated in our coun
try. The ppople have waited long and par
tiently for legislation to protect them againt t
the shyloosk, the trupts the monopolies.
They have appeale4 to public authorities, to
the oonopoa of the United States, and to the
Legislature of the different States and a
deaf ear was turned to their appeals. A
terribnl ppheayal in pulic sentiment is uaen
planifpsting itaepi ft p the Canada lite to
the MYeican Gulf. It ipesan grest deal.
fiet qs bear in mind that resolution of 1
thcouxt precedes a resolution of arms. We 1
have had 94 are having the resolution of ,
tbought, let us bewae f. what is to come.
emocratc LouisApa l a man not even 1
-anwe the e f her people. A Legls
laturp ,Quposed of democrats without even
a RBep iMucn, or Ppqllst, or Independent to 4
. ary.y li pa~ s of its political complex
ionu will ot pam an anti-trust bill when the I
people Wt nt it need it. It is a rying shame.
Th@er is no douibt bt that qar Legislature
has honeSt. andood intentions but its fail
pre to answer the peoples damands is a ser
ions sltS .ke. Voppose altogether of demo.
prats the Papocratls party will be shoulder
ed with its s Oa of omission and commission
by our enetiies. The party is the avowed
enemy of trusts ad ioonoipolie of any and
all kindsand shoold not and onnot be held
responsible for what the Legislature will not
do, espeally to rry out democratic policies
and drmoratto pho iuipa It ia lamentable
in the estspswe however, tat the democratic
party 4uiat tapam ce or dictate to its mem.
bersg inavested with public ofice, how to
act upon questleo of publio poltcy and which
form part of the platform itself, The people
will losef lth in party declarations.
The LeuiaWrp failed in its most imn
portat 'work and mertious will be the conse
quence.. The 8mrrmia has done its duty and
with as eye single to public Interest, puboc
good p4 d~,rat c piprem acy.
*The vapd asries iuoistana has made in
developing manufacturing industries in the
decade j~st rpased t notfing short of amaz
ing, and even ay own citisene can balrdly
realize how far sie has forged to the front.
In 1890 abe rntked eighth in the South,
with a capital of P85,000,000 invested. Ir
909e sbe pase4 Teaas- Virginia. Tennessee,
Kentucky, Georgiq and Alabama, and had
increahtd ler. invested capital 225 per cent,
naking it $I113,000,00.
The stateo itals~ e nked with the leaders
in the value of her products, having risen
from eiglhth lace to third, and in this res
pect is far -aid away 4hea4 of all the states
of the fai'Soutlt. In the amount invested,
Maryland alone leada as In trhe actual in
crease b of capital, she leadk with 8,000,000
to her credit.
T'his is a ~eUIa ble ihg'wtg conatl4er
ing the fa4~ tlhf the state is yet in her in
fancy Ij illlnufactfring.
Her., marv'elous deeloiPaen t sa an agr~i
cultiural (lnter i.,knowa to the world ahd
the world hals lo doubt been of the opinion
that 4u th's respect would ai lher greatness
lie. But the figura atboe tU 4 ditarent i
The wealth of the Pelican state in raw
material, her cheap fuel and her nlonumera
ble other advantages will give her a place
among the wealthiept at the commonwealthe
of the Union ;it nso far day.--The Rice
The correspondent of the Daily States at
Baton Rouge writes the following to his
"Congressman Broussard, at the request
of the parochial affairs committee, has drawn
a substitute for the Marrero bill looking to
the granting of authority to police juries to
give street railways the privilege of running
over the public roads. It will be remember
ed that General F. F. Myles and friends,
having projected an electric road in the
Teche section and having secured grants over
the public roads of the parishes they desire
to operate in, were preparing to carry their
enterprise into effect when the Supreme
Court intervened 1nd declared that police
juries were incompetent to grant such fran
"Mr. Broussard has taken those sections
of the city charter of New Orleans which
refer to the sale of franchises for street rail
roads as the basis of his substitute. If it is
passed it will not only clear the way for the
building of the Montegut electric line and
the New Iberia-Morgan City line, but it will
provide a means for the disposal of similar
franchises such as will enable the various1
parishes to share in the prosperity of electric
railway enterprises. The bill gives the right
to the police juries to dispose of the franchis
es at public auction for a percentage of the
gross receipts of the lines which acquirte
them. When an enterprise is projected the
abutting property-holderp will address a peti,
tion to the police jury setting forth their
desire for the sale of the franchise, .the
length of time it shall urn, the advertising,
the point of sale, etc Provision is made for
the sale at one time of the roads that are to
be ran through several parishes. All the ex
pensea of getting up petitions, the cost of
advertising, etc.a are, as in the city, to be
borne by the parties to whom the franchise
may be dedicated. Provision is also made
for the inspection of the books of companies I
'or corporations which secure franchises.
"'While the legislation is especially des
fired at this session to facilitate the carrying1
out of two large enterprises projected fot
southwestern Louisiana, the act has an inter
eat for the whole State, since with the pres.
ent demand for the development of transpor
tation lines into rural communities there will
-doubtless be many similar projects launched
i in different parts of Louisiana in the next
I ten or fifteen years.
I "The bill will be submitted to the paro.
I chlal affairs committee at its next meeting.
SIt will probably be introduced in both houses
s early this week.
The Secretary of the Navy yesterday an
nounced that one of the new battleships an.
o thorized by the naval appropriation bill, just
Bsigned by the President, would be named
Lpoieiana. This is in fulfillment of a pro
mise made a year ago by the Seoretary Long
to Representative Adolph Meyer, of thiis
State. This promise the present secretary
C was, of course, not bound to keep, hence the
compliment comes as a very graceful act on
his ptrt.
4s provided4 in the naval appropriation
Sbill, the Louisiana will he one of the largest
Sbattleships afloat, haviqg no equal in size lI
any foreign feet hut in the British. She
will have a 4isplacement of 18,000 tons; that
is to say, she will be a qqwrter larger than
,the Illinois, which viTtetted New Orleans last
4 winter. The ship will have a battery com
Imensurate with her large size. The State
a will have every reason to be proud to such a
:, namesake.-Picayune.
]Jatson, the man aooused of murdering
* the Earl family, near Welch in Calcasien
parish has got a new lease of hife by the Sn
L-preme Court of Louisiana graiting 1m a
Snew trial. He was tried at Lake Charles
and found guilty of murder and sentenced to
-be hung. The principal bill of exceptiqus
'- taken by his attorneys at the trial before the
lower Court was that the indictment chbre4
i- Hatso 'with murdering all the family ata
. specified tase and place, whereas it was
Sbrought out in the evidence that the Earls
f were murdered at dierent times and places.
I The Supreme Court rnled that the ladiot
ments shouMld hav beee  paratld.
TeraTiatb ansd Chitea.
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Bears the
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Apue tRemedy forCoasp- Use
Hon, Sour SIoumch.Diarrmsc
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arI SiW signmre of
W" " Thirty Years
New Service
I eport, Dalas,
Ft or h,I sPaso,
CIoload and
ad ia.
Chair rs and atlru on aD through
Gekeral Par. & Ticket Agt.
Dallas, Texas.
.H 'tel.
'D A. 4. w.Oaran. Prop.
"First class accommoda
tion for Commercial tra
velers. Sample rooms
B on the premies.
• Board Iby the day $1.00 and $2.00.
SAlso board by the week and month.
1 Latcctitie'sn,-",- - LM
I o s e.tl
a t'j a"*s w.iy a La
Gaud -0 T.
Sts Philip St.
SWa te r,
,hibodaOu, e, -
SW, d BoTTLE s
tpl*sI Accommodations
Us y ae dafl1.O and $2.0.
AlAo board by the week and month.
Meals Served at all Hours.
Cor. St. Louis and Market Streets.
Adjoining aink of Thibodaux.
O te :. troma. .tos p. m.
A A ,; ,.! V~ bealMDrOampel 4 *a
tull, -,w.. .' ,rd'd I"r. !
at 1.au .,
-men and women to travel and
advertise for old established house of
solid nus-ial standing., Salary
$780 a yar sand expenses, all pays
ble in cash. No canvassing require.
and e, loe self ad.
M aInager, 35 Calton, .j, Cli
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for all messages of lsag harrao
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headquarters for all ind of
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Yours for melody,
V. N. Cnoblo h.
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S everIstowua adlose f I t.
H. N. Coulon.
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