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Watihillgton News. any
} t t
Wsshtngt'lu, July "-1, 1902. ad
"*The history of the flr-t session of1 wl
the Fifty-seventh Congress has Ien ee
typical of the history of the republi- i
call end the democratic parties from
time immemuorial", said a geutlemn:ei ''c
at denocratic hea.lquarters today.
',Throughout the session", he contin- eti
ued, "the dlemwatls have worked for of
prilnciples, the re1,uhlicans for votes. ar
When the olehna:g',rine hill came iLp, I'p
the dtm(oer:ts, reuaizing that it Was W
class legislation of the worst form, "
vigorously oplpoed it. The repuhli -
(al, :l.)lpreci'ttit: thlit It would inake.
votes itn the rural diistricts supported
it. They won in Congress. It re
mains to lie seen whether they cua 4
win out of ('onegress. When the anti.
anarchy bill was repoite l in the 01
Senate. the democrats anw ti it a W
menace to individual liberty and a
violattion of the principles of thle coni'
stitution zull of the spirit ,of the
Declaration of Indeulendence. Gen
erally sipe':king. they voted against it.
The reputlllcans, on the other hind, "
knowing that public sentiment was
oitrageld at the :asasasination of Pres. a
idewnt MlcKinley and would approve
of any meatzsure which breathed the
spjiri.iL-Q revenge, supportqd and pass
ed it althhough not till It haul been
materi:il'y iuolifit d in the House. >
'hllen the Philippine hills came up
the democrats were aghast at at seeing
every ipriiicili'e of Aiicrieau iliwrty
and indtepeldelleu so uthlilessty vio- '
lated :im tll h"v founht to defeat the
m:Clnr. Seniator II,air, the one
repuhlin:ti who was wiling to pllce H
self with them anid deli cted a denun. i
clation of the ueasture which yeats '
hence will ring in the ears of tho se
who heard it. The leaders of the.
lepublicau party, however, aipire'iat. Ia
t.d that the passige of Ithe bill would c
sattlsf a certniun piou'ar clamor andi
would zrto.d them grcat privileges
with which to trade for the support
of the ilimtzens" vested iuntirests ,,f
the tioultiy-and they pasotdI lihe
,ill. Th;at i» the hi-toify of the ses
sion in ,s nut-hell.
- tYou ask if the re-puhlictns wi'I
get the votes. That I cannot tell. I
do Iiot kil,w but they may this fall,
b,ut evti:tally they will work their t
own defeat. Right will prevail eveni
tually. Aund, even if the, democratic t
party is defeated this fall, its leaIcers
will have the satisfaction of knowing
that they have voted with, instead (of
agaiust, .heir consciences and that
sooner or later the people will turn to
them for lelief from the burdens
which their own blltndless has laid i
ul on them."
Representative lIiviagstou of Geor
gia, who has been ou W\'ashingtou
this week, regards the trusts as the
vital I-sue of tue campaign and he
declines that the people are now
ready- to reek relief at the only source
from wliiii-itt canI be obtained. Mr.
Livingston favors destroying the
trusts by removing the. talid.ou their
products and he would abolish the y
duty on taw materiai coming into thie i
country it iaecesary. le tfurlih r
says that for regulation of the trusts, c
either uniform State laws must be t
adopted, which is a practical hapos- f
sibility, or the States must con;dete.to
Cougiess the sight to iegnuate them.
He does not believe that the republi
can party can do either of these
things and lie believes the people
realize that fact. peaklug of the -
Philppinue questiou, Mr. Livingstou
said that he believed in the retention
of the iblands, their organi.ltion as
territor,eas to be fol!owd eventually
by their admissiou as Statee. In a.
word he 'lecl:ures that he as an expan.
sionist though not au ilnperulist.
Miss Rebecca Taylor, who was dis
charged from the War Department
for criticisilag the po'icy of the ad-.
minist'ratioi iu the Philippiner
through the columns of the newspa
p'ra, has Ibrought suit sgainl Secie- I
tary Root to compel him to restore
her to her position. 1lr. Root has
tCn summLloned to appear biefore the
Court on or Iefore July 28th and
show cause why she should not be
reinstated. Miss Tay'or bascs her
claim on the fact that she was rcmov
ted ftromu ottlee without haviug been
iiformed as to the ie:son atnd that
her removal for pohtica; reasons was
in violatiou of the civil service law.
liss Taylor said recently, "Is it
,ossible that employees of the Gov
ieunt, like the (Cavll Service Coum- I
oners, fot instance, may be al
to make speeches supporting
plcy of the adminiistration tin
-'The Philippnes and an: humoler em
ployee. like wySef deniedi the right of
jiub icly opposing thait pola"L ?'
'T'here ale weh autlheitcated ru
mors iu Washington to the ctict
that, if the republicanu s succeed in
carryiug the House this fal, lih;,re
sentative Littlefiel will m:ke a its
perlate etffort to secure thle Speaker
ship over the head of Generzis Dlavid
B. Heunderson. It is sal that he
will have the suppirt of the Prsih'uiti
iii his campaign for the SpeakeLship
and that maiy of the yoiiger men in
the parlty, who dto a.ot cuosd, r thati
they reciived Iproper attention fiuni
thle Speaker durig he las. t session,
wil rally to tihe support of -'the man
from Mauine". Of Icnise the election
of ,ittleli:.dl to the' Speakership
ouldt mtean the defeat andl geat
diacoulaliure of .llvssrs. l)aizell, Playne
land, li fact. all tile old leaders.
It has transpired that the Presei.
dent has* reqluested all the membeis
Of his Cabhuet to take the stump ithis
falt and speak in stiuport of the
party. Postmaster Geeral 'Payne
habs declined to do so on the ground
tSiat he canlot overcome a certain
dimi lence which i.makes it almnost im
tssable for him to speak iu public
and Secretary Hitchcock has put up
the same plea, but all the others will
be heard in public in support of the
administration. Secretary Wilson, cor
who is an experienced campaigner. is s
expected to address numerous au- oth
diences during the fall. in
The general plan of the republican in
camnpatgn, as outliued by chairman I A
Babcock, will consist of of rtorrictal
etfolt rather than of the distributiron
of campalign literature. The funds 13
are pouring into the reluhhblican canm
paign treasury and the -'spell hiuini.r* "
will be sent to every doubtful district
u1i the country. lie
All Were aved. o
"For years I suflere.l such untohl de
misery from Bronchitis," writes J
II Johnston, of Broughton, Ga., -'that
often I was unable to work. Then, or
when everyrinmg else failed. 1 was hi
wholly culed by Dr. King's New Dis.
covery for (',insumition. My wife
suffered intensely from Asthlna, till
it cured her, and all our experience
goes to show it i tihe bwst Croulp
medicine in the wornd." A trinl will
tConvine voiu it's utritvlatel for 'l'hro:at St
and lIdnIg dlisease-. utaranteed but fe
ties 50c and $1.00. T'tial bottles cu
free at All Druggists. :
ScO tIII OR A. . i
ustsle a Tin M Yos Ism aMealh
Th'I'e Delineator for August.
The August Dlin;edt,," is a special
fi tiod number and a most attractive
Indlsummer ,ssue. The spell of the -L
sea-on is over its p:Iges, aind those
who have 1delayed the eomni,.ltion of
e the Summer wardrobe will finlt com- A'
Spensation in some late dotigns that
art dainti!y c.harming. Th"' fiction
i consists of six short sto,ri. - two of
I novelette length. Virginia Wooc th
wward Clout, one of th, brightest of
writers of tol ay. has foiun an unus I;
bnlly good theme for the displa}y of
her talen't in The I ;lerstudies, a tli
- series of minihp as-isting the dev- o
loing of a pretty rom.nnce. Julian at
I Van Biskirk, new writer ,of ability,
1 couti'ibtes While te,, Fates Slept, a
I,love sitory with spirited acti,,n andl Ii
ifine character drawing. lThe four A
storettes, each having :a idtinct in.
terest, will make a sultry afternoon ,
pI:ss ilrhasantlv. All the stotiesm are 0
g illustrated in the a:rtistic manner
I(cl:haracteristic of the magazine. One p
rt of the many unanniounced features is tl
U the story of the buililing and furnish. c
I ing of a charming and artistic, yet tt
inexpensive. house, told in narrative of
form by Grace McGowan Cooke; ji
r many photographs and drawing are a
u given with it Dr. Murr.ay's new V
e paper in the series on the training of
e children treats of pre oeity. The tt
Wdepartments in the magazine arte 1
e standard, Out the mtutter in thewm is
r" always new and timely. Miss Kellog i,
e writes on the Afternoon Tea 'l'alrle. 4'
r 31a-garet Hall in her cookery lessons
' deals with entrees. Theire is a tchap5i
'* ter on Cold Dishes for lHot I):1ys. and tI
r two pages illustrating a deliec'io.is
, Suommer dinner. Club Womn Is in- u
teresting on aceonnt of the Los An- tl
geles convention, and the pictures of
u the new officers.
e tl
20th Judicial District Court-Parish of -
uSI'ei"'esiSN Or .As. SCI'DIi.Y LEIr:noN,
No. 14tt9 'noIUnAITEs.
I to anll order alid decree of thie alve
I 'ilrt arnd to a ('orlrlllssion to meu direet
edl ill thel alove entitled anld Ilulllibered .I
-Nuiccession. I will offer for sale at uib- 1
tlit auctionI pursuant to law to the last V
and highest bidder oil the premises J
situiated on St.l Philip street in tile town a
of Tl'hilutwdaux on C
- ATI'RI)AY A'GU'ST 2, 1902,
- between the hours of II o'clock A. M. I
and 4 o'clock P. M. the following des
Scrilted property belonging to the said F
a ,uceest:io to wit
(1) A Certailn stck of Merchandise,
situated in the Store hulltling of one
d William Jleffries on the corner of Mar
Sk.t and St. l'hilip streets, in the town
of Thitsslaux, consisting of llrrdlware,
'I Itks, Stationery, (lass andl Tinwares,
. plates, i anips, Coolers, ice-Cream
Freezern, Cups and Saucers, Plated Sil- -
verware, Jewelry, fancy articles and
It ilxtures for household use etc. etc.
S(2) Household furniture, at the late
residence, on St. Philip street, consist- 2
. tig of I Lounge, 12 ('hairs, I E:asel,
it Iounging Chair, Two Table*s, Bed-room
Set. Two Hods, Wardrobe, I Washstand.
Dinning room Table, Sate, Hooks, I
Hanging lamp, 4 Rocking ('hairs, 5
MIttresses, 2 Toilet Sets. 2 Stores.
On the following terms and (Condi
g tions to wit: For CAH to pay debts.
S Sheriff of the Parlsh of Lafourche.
lIow.L & MAnlaT, attorneys of 8u
July 19, 1902.
Reduced to FIFTY I
SNew Idea Z
. Magazine
in TH'S ls the cheap and best 1
I fore the Am.ieem pIbc. it sho
NeSw ldmas tb Pm Moi, t IM, n Iy,
t1 ha Embroldery, in Coddkag, in
r Woman's w' k ad in Resrig:
bea fuay nflmitrated in coers and
in black anid white. Above aM, t
Sshows Ihe vely ashioMable New lno
5 Srn.as, made from NEW IDA PAT
i rias, which coet only Oc. each.
Sed Fiva C e Tebdy
llmm-- i am mra r
lorr mer U -ul goi1v - :::
- , TE w lasA twaln.sIsse 0o.
I8 555 Uroaiway, ew Teat, N. T.
4 ft. 4% ft, and 5 ft Mills in good
condition, giving mlunute description
of all dimensians, also Boilers and
other se ond hand sugar machinery
in good conldt on. Century Sugar
.lplaiatus Co, Ltd. 511 Godchaux
Building, New New Orleans, La.
Breeders of fancy poultry,
Buff Cochllin eggs for sale at $2.00
ier dozen. You are invited to visit
breeding pen before placing your
Call either at W. C. Ragans resi
dence or Kuobloch's Music store. • 31
Leave your orders for pianos
organs and piano tuning with V. J.
Knuoloch Local Representative of
Louis Grunwald Co. Ltd. 13
For Sale.
The house and lot known as the
Stott prope.rty. Lot measuring 115
feet on St. Mary street and i60 feet
,n Ilarrisni street, house has 7
-r:omi. Terms caslh.
For particulars apply to
II(torssAID,. DI..LANY & lIRtUl;SARt,
New Iheria, l.a.
"1S Thil,|aiaox La.
For Sale.
A No. 1 Split Shing'es.
Apply to L. E. I'LTRE,
-I' 31n Lafourcile Crossing, La.
ORDINAN('E No. 210.
An Ordinance amending and reenacting
section No.1 of I )r(linanlce
amending Ordinance No. L Padopte&
on Septemller tith, Ist1Fi.
Ihe it ordained by the Police .ltrv, of
the parish of latllurcle, itn re"'ular
mleeting assemnbled, that seetion lNo. 1,
of Ordinance No. 237, adopted M arch
I:lth, ltsr2, he ateiuided do as to read as
1st. I)istriet No. I shall extend from
the upper line of the parish, riglht banlk
of the Bayou latfourche to the lower lilne
of the "ltitigeielhhd plantation" idelitliin
all hack settlements.
2ind. 1 i-tri"rt to he knowni as tht,
"Thiinhaiaux IIrainai;:ae Distrlet" shaill
extendlll frot, the lower line of lhe Ridge
lidtl.1 plantation to the uppller line of the
Acadia planltiition.
::rd. District No. 2 .hall ext- ud from
the upper line of ith Aca.edia Plantationt
to the upper lint e of Firminir 'lhilathtaux
tract of Innd, opl,xsite Itaceland inlclud
inig the Ilayou il Ian tblue settlemenllt.
4th. l)istrict known as the "lockport
Drainage I)istrict" shall extend from
the lower line of lDistrict No.2 to the
Gult of Mexico.
5th. D)istrict No.-3 shall extend frol
the upper line of the parish, left lalnk
of Bayou Lafourc'he, to the lower line
of the Laurel Valley plantation. inclutd
iug upper and lower I'hmouple,Cloiackly
as far down as thi, lower line of ('hlteau
planttationt aard incL! Iltli al.I the i:N',lu
t'alhIn!l . t to it, otiah at ilavou la e' .
tith. S":,cinl Dit trict No. I aball ex
tedtl fr. ..l the lowi cr line of Ilistrict No.
:1.* tl,- ippe'r line of the Rush firove
7th. Dist:ist No. 4 sa:lll extend from
the lo,,r r I:ue of "Special District No.
4" Ito the lower line of ihioctaw planta
tion. !elagiug t o 1). liaraug, inluding
l,ante Iidge, Vacherie Dugue IAvaudais
(',::;t Foltu and all other ibak se'ttle
1n . it .
sAlt. District No. 5 shall extend from
the lower line of District No. -1 to the
Gulf of Mexico, including all back set
A:lopted .July 7, 1902.
11. N. Coult.o:, J. L. Atvox,
Clerk. President
Tableau of the probible expenses of
the P'arish of ILafourche for tile F'iscal
year l1U'2.
alairy of OtfIeFer 1400
Police Jurors, Mileage and Per
lciem, 500
Road aud Levea, Inspectors, 1200
Grand and Petit Jurors, 9()
W'ittiest in crilinal eases, 5.inI
Sheriff's fees, 1000
A pirehension if priseoners, 10)
'otntv iction fee., 4400
contiable fees, 19 0
Ihtoarling of prisuocrs, I1!(
(!icrolner's ftees. 400
.lni,rrs of Inquest, 251
Tax ('ollector's Cuntlliisld.mn, 0U0
Cllharity and niainteisauce of in
i igeRnt, '5N))
Putli," chhool FunIds, dii0
n&i:lnetal l-x enl-s, : - w
Eltri:..i , ·ip lscI , lan Ea1 t
Qul rntnltinle antd Sanit::tionl, ;it) w
Adopted July 8, la12.
II. N. Cou.oux, J. Ta. AriON,
'lerk. P'resident
'TIIll STAT:. 01-' lo4 it IS.ANA.
20th Judicial District ('ourt,-Parish of
Alo:is E. Mar-ER vs. No. :i631 Axos
J. B:ssos.
under and by virtue of an order of
seizure antd sale, emnanating from the
Salohve entitled Court, In trie alive en
titled and numbered sutilt, I have seized
aund will offer for sale, at public auction,
pIursluant to law, to the last and highest
bidder at the Court House In the town
of Thiholaux on
A.\TUtD.AY AUGC~IUT 2T. 10012,
between the bours of II o'clock A. MI. (
and 4 o'clock P. M. the followilng des
critctd ]property to wit:
A ('ertzi hti of a -roitnd or town lot,
siiuaatd' illn tllis parish, in thi towia of
Thilslaitx. dat-igniated on a plan of s.aidl
town, imale atni ex'uetit-ld I, .laiaela It.
Grinlage. on the lir4t livy of ..a:"y 1' iA
and deposited in the l,'Icrdtler's lii. ioc.
of ltits ' riil :as lot No. On il itliad ld
and four (10t), stturded orith hy lt
No. One lunitdred antll Fift--two (132)
\West by P're.ident strteet, Sutth ih%
Clinton streit. allll iiE:it hi lit No. ailie
lunadred and Five i( l-): 'I',~t ,tier with
all the huiidiiis ail iipiroveltanuts
In the following Teranms and ('on(di
tions, ti-wl t:
For '.A1l. to pay :atl! satisfy (1) tilt'
stUit of iiight lli lradat and Sixty-liour
($4l Il.u.t)I allar-. Tcigu.thi-r with" eight
per et: per annllui frolt. Janluary lit
iate, till plaid; (2) a rUill of telt per cent
on tlhe ageregate thereof of sallid princi
Ipal ainl ixatere.t as att,'rneys fees, here
ill., and (:I) all cost.s If thlee lprceedings,
anid whicih said aollont, a.s aforesaid, is
aecuredtl lIy act of sale antid mortgage
passed before Thomnas A. Hadeaux
Nootarv Pulalic, in and for the Parislh of I
Itaourche on the llth day of January
Sheriff of the Parish af Ilafourche. I
IIowa.:li. & MAIrIS,. attorneys of Plain
July 19, lI.r.
Mexican will readily o me Loos of a A
Diseased Hnofs and Seratche in n - ha
Mustang Linim ent .. mal.andaw. FarmuL try ,
' -toad under
a harrow - .,
nfders no more than the faithfhl horse '
that is tortured with Spavins, Swinney, Harness
Sores, Sprains, etc. Most horse owners know this
and apply the kind of sympathy.that heala, known
far and wide as
Liniment: n.
Never fails-not even in the most aggravated Ce.q ~.,
Cures caked udder in cows quicker than any known Asti
remedy. Hardly a disease peculiar to muscle, skin
or joints that cannot be cured by it.
Mexican is the best remedy on the marlkt for
Wind Galls, Sprainnand Skin L.im:,. u
Mustang Liniment I koepuhorsesadl mnulei. couitiot. u
If you have sour stomach, indigestion, biliousness, constipation, bad
t :oths, dii.-incr., inactive lIv:r, heartburn, kidney troubles, backache, loss
cf eppetite, insomnia, lack of energy, bad blood, blotched or muddy skin,
or any symptoms and disorders which tell the story of bad bowels and an
impaired digestive system, Lazakola Will Car Yom.
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arty, your liver and kidneys cease to trouble you, your skin will clear and n5
freshen and you will feel the old time energy and booyancy.
Mothere seeking the poper medicine to give their little aes r constlpation,
diarrhea, collo and similar trouabe will Sad rLzakola asideal medicine for children.
It keep their bowels regular without pals or griptag, acts as general tonic. assists
nature, aids digestion. relieves restlessness, clears the coated tonguseduoes fever,
au:sea refroahing, restful sleep and makes them well, happy and hearty. ©' OAltWre
like it and [email protected] for itL
For Sale by
La~oa is not oly the meet eet of family remedies, bunt the mot econmical. bea it com I
ample to THE LAXAKOLA CO., 13 Naua Street, N. ndY., atien the same of your drult.
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Swhoe knowledge
Cres a he matism, o La o tracted Mols le T
severe rubbing necesary. It warms and
than cold, €m applications.a A u 8
With our kbay hera he r was rrm vaor o unr aas eoraveo ocile and t arm sd seeten tamcul.
bBETTER .v AYEraI 1902,ie eer.)
Swhose knowrledge
given to the pubici nPts name
C UreNET RheOUTmtim, Conrted M
BOOK, containing "20 recipes.d
SPat . lhernf. A st. Gen. Pass. A cifit, Gcn. c. Tkt. Ag
Asthmalene Brings Instant Relief and Perma
nent Oure in all Cases.
There is n!ot hing like Aathllmalee.
It brings instlant relief. even in tihe
CHAI Eorst ases. It cunres when all slay'
FOR TEN The Rev. C. F. WEI.L of villa
Ridge, Ill.. sas : "'Your trial bottle of
YEAR S Asthmalene received in good condition
I cannot tell vyo how thankful I feel
for the goa( l derived from It. I was a
Sslate. chained with putrid sore throat
and Astlhma for tent years. I despair
ed of ever being cured. I saw yo'ur
advertieument for the cure of thits
dreadful and tormenting disease. Asn
thma, arid thought you had overspoken
yourselves. but resolved to give it a
trial. To my astonishment, the trial
acted like a charm. Send me a full
/ size bottle."
Rev. Dr. Morris Wechsler,
Rlabbi of the Cong. Bnal Israel.
Nt/:w YORK, Jan. 3, itJ0i.
I)uts. TArT Btts'. MEDICINE CO..
Gentleinen : Your Asthtualene is an
excellent remedy for Asthma and Hlay
VURY~T 3RIG Fever. and its composition alleviates
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ELIEP*l. thlia. Its success is astonishing aInd
After having it carefully analyzed, W% can state that Asthmalene contains
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Avox SeIxOes, N. Y., Feb. 1, 1901.
Da. TAFT sIoes. Manacrtw Co.
Gentlemtn :-1 write this testimonial fomn a sense of di'ty, having tested the wonnderfab
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others, I chanrce.d to s,.e our signl upon Your windFows o(I I1tlh strle t, New toLk. I at
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consistently reea'lualaeud the ,u,a ti-ina to, i1l who are utilictled with th is t iresiw:e tiese.
Yuor, iespleetflliy. O. 1). PHI'ILPS, M. IU.
Iit. TAFT Bnos. MEDI(.IuE Co. Feb. 5 1901.
4; altlcmetai :-- I Wia troullled with Asthamia forTr years. I have tried nullmerltous remedlies,
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.1. louron,
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Iarge :ald cuaiplete assort
Ilea (t aof
TIlE CELEBRATED gr,.e,l rlely of he , o v
MAClH INE. ':.,,. Ac ETC., E T' ,
Watches, ('locks. Jewelry, Sew
ing Machillnes. Fire-arms. etc.
C;arefullv repairep antd guarantI
teed. A full stock of attach
neants, oil and needles for al
kin is of Sewing Maclhines, can
behad by applying to
Vor. Main and aSt. Philip St. Tlibodawa
Bank of Lafourche,
Capital Stook $2i5,000. Surplus $17.500.
Designated Depository for
funds of Parish of Lafourche
and Town of Thibodaux.
A. J BRAITD, President, K. J. Il1tADI), C'shier,
:. J. BARKER, Vice Prrsident, P. F. IEGENDPE, Aasl Cashier
........ .III;ITORS ......
S Does a General Banking Businesse
Buys and Sclls Dolimestic :aid Il"reigi Exchange.
".Something New Under I|p
The sun., F
All Doctors have tried to cnure n
A.\TAIRHI by the use of 1powders, a
wiil gnes, inhalers ant drugs inl
afste formt. Their powders dry upI i"
he mucuous membrac.es causing m
hem to crack open and bleed. The pa
owerftul acilds used in the inhaiers 1*
iave entirely eaten away the same pa
nembranes th.,t their makers byave y"
timed to cure, while pastes and oiut. ItI
nents cannot reach the disease. An ed;
Ild and experienced practitioner who to
tus for many yearn made a ce.o `e'S
study and specialty of the treatment Ci'
ºf ('ATAR1RII, has at last perfected
Tueatmenlt which when faithfullv 1
Uaied. not only relieves at once, but I)'
pe.rnu:nently cures CATARIII, by El
removing the cause, stolºpifng the 23
ti':bauges, and cusing all inflamma de
toou. li, is the only remendy known
to science that actually roaclhes the
Atli&-tcd parts. This wonld'rflI rein- CI
,dr is known as "SNUFFLES thl ,.
,anl is sold at the extremely low price I
of One IDollar, each psckage c,,ntain.
ing nt'r:nlt and externa:l me, licine I
sufflcient for a full month's treatme nt y
and everything necessary to its per
feet use.
,"SNI!FFIES" is the only perfect
CATARRH CURE ever m:,.di and is
now reconmtzed as the only anfe and
positive cure for that anroying and ,
di'gusting disease. It cures aill n SII
Janmmation quickly and permanently ':
and is also wouderfully quick to al
li' HIE. AD.
('AJ'r7llAII when n.g!ected often
*,l. to (ONSI1TMPTIlON-.SN I I'.
'lES" will s:,ve von if 'yu luse it at
tce. It is no ordinnry remedy, but
completel treatwu'ut which is tsIwI
rvely guaranteed to cure CATAIRltII
Samuy form or stage if u~el accord,
g to the dlirtctions which arem
any each ltaekage. Don't delay but
*nd for it at onie, and write full
articulurs as to your condition, andt
ou wi!l reccivt, sri)eial advicr from
lie tiiCoverer tf this nonlerthl rn.m
dy regmlrdi,;, your case without (cost
Svonl .evod the regsular Irice of
S',.t prt.paid to a,,vy adlres in thje
7n:tdi States or C'lanlada: on Ieceiljt
)ne Dotiar. Address k)pL ('8P2
330 i,,d 2332 :arket Street, I'hi't:
TO TLE l tAF.--A rich l:dly
unitr of her D, afnsa ard Noi.ses in
lt Hleadl by D)r. NichlosioTn'a Arliliciil
':rt D)rumin, g:ive 25, swdI)le,, to his
lnatitute. so that deruf neople mlnalIie
o lprocure thI Ear D)r'ms mav uhye
hewn free. Alhire.s, The Nichlmion
[u.titute. T7,0, E ghI h Aveune, New
York 43 ly
for Sale.
Store Iu:'ding, known s Protet.
tore Hall, amtd reidh uue stiatedl on
short street b. Iween St. PYiip ani
Jack-o, atrests. For particularl,
rt p,y at SIKsT~re l. OlVVl.

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