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Local l'a1 rrap1hs.
Dr. J I.. Re,an, visited New Or
e·ans thbp p~e. k. Su
went t.
Hon. Pt. p.laspne of Loek,ort, was vii !
An town Monday. 10 o'cl
Prof. Thos. Simmons, of l,:hadie,
4i visiting relatives. B3art
L·. I. gane.:lter rturt l 'l r, ilm f
New Orl,.ans Tliursia. y.Or
Gi. Aqdemson 's a visitor to it lil:att v
ton Rouge 16:e ,1:0t week. Store.
Bos-.-To, Mrs. A'lb'rt Fslse. ,n 1r.
riwld~y f lst week, u girl. UIBche
Tle theatrical sea'so Will open Orlear
io Thnbodaut on Sept. 17. for re.
Boax.-To Mrs. Frank Hoffman The
),r. op Iast Thursday, a hoy came
Mrs. Rosamond lnr.o, of Algiers, return
lp visiting relatives in town. Sr. an
Our ptrws are the lowest on every wife;
jtbiug. The RIa64 Sitgre. Henri
Mr. Thro. BondrelaZ, of Algiers.
#as ip town during the week. 3..,i
Mrs. Joe. D. Broqsardl, of New tig
-- beri, waS t4own this week. f
Hon. W. P. Martin w.as a bsiaes hs
'slitor to New Orleine this week. 9th a
Miss Eflie Frost iand brothet Ferry
Hlarold left for Hammond last Mlon" fair f
tl ict
flay. luent
Herbert B. rtcn of Assumption was ihews
,rgistered at tle Strangers on Thurs- anye
ply. eel.
Mr. Joe. Roaaignol of LnkplOrt out
was a visitpr to Tbhi'suy' lte past prese
Dr. L. R. Meyer. Mrs. Meyer and
o nEdwin, left tfo New Orleans on
Mr. R. C. Martin, of Assumption,
visited his onn, Mat. W\. P. Martin,
during the weedl.
Hon. /und Mrs. Thans. D. Kent, of
hilbson, were visitors to Thotl:lipi
1luriqg tle week.
Mr. A. G. Rudd the Photogrtliaer.
e.ft for Fort Smi:b Ark., on Thursday
to visit lis tnoth,r.
Mr. Qeo n. ef Bostnuront, Tex
yesitsd at tie bome of Ml. Jos. Rohb.
f Caus this week.
Mr. Ben Roth, agent of the S. P'
pt Napoleonville', was vysting rela
jives in town Sunlday.
hMi C. Stewart, of I.utchor. I- C
Ibeing eptert:tined at lie hmiiof M r.
Jas. A. Frost this wet k.
Rememlnwr thL. Carnival Club Fair h
Aug. 15, 16 and 17 and save youw
money for that occasion.
My. P. Ielaupe returned fom r
f.alestoqn T'ex. Monlay, after a V
peek's visit with relatives.
lisfs Jeanpette, Paul anlss Mrs.
Wood wardl, left for I'. nnsylvaitia last
lVedgesia.y to visit relatives.
M1s. Alces Heerlt, of Labadie,
Sigited ler parerts in town this week,
,3r. A4 Mrs. J. G. Pointlo'uf.
Jr. J. J. Daigre ant! agqily return.
! on 'Tuarday mbrnlug's train from
* tee weeeks visit to Grand Isle.
Mis. Jos. Achee entertai(ned last
mda~, Miss ;elma Hydlel and Mr. Be
iamt rl cnair, of Baton Rouge. vel
biqs Lilly Peitel, after a plasnant 1
risit at the home of Mr. Leon Palmer,
vtqrfpel to IAo4aldsonyjlle W1ednes
!o. g. UJ. Alorvant, iacompanied
'jIs danghter Miss Laure, and son
Lsore, left fot Cslifornma Mooday, o
he pqeJ" will spend some time.
* aM . J. Evans and son Hugh, th
1etulyp grom New Orleaus Tuesday Y
wbrs lie"y iaj I'en yisitmng for gi
0. . Turner, who has the contract
oi .idiiug the electric road, left for
Mapgg last week snd is expected
Mr. W. J. ,ohnson, of Chinago, ar.
yle4 lt toGs this week, and will have
.- r- o tle cising in the Gem Rea
!L My. Jpbnbon is an explr b
- ua i "d Till no doubt
pqvetttqi fe * tit mao for the,
Two negpoq gut into an altercalion a
ver a galime of cards brkL of tow t
ibe otber night with the repsult that I
Jim Zachary ewas kille by being shot a
byI a'o Grnm yho iq tu rnwas stab.
hsd by the porper.
Tiae latt.r is naw in jail pepingIg
tie cbharge against him.
]leway of OQintments for
Catarrh that Contain
s umeCqry plI Surely destroy the
pen oseel aq(l completely derange I
iem wole * q.rtem, when entering it
$Snypsg~t~te l~yjpoUI surtaces. Prti.
kI spould ver bet used epept on
prst1pygm fnw reputalrle pltysi.
in, the dsqsa.ge they will do is
.Il to t.e good oui cUan pos.bly
mv$ rom tites. .Hall's C:,tarrb
are, muanauctured P1. J. Clheney
* C., gl.1o, Q., contains no mer.
ry, sl iqt tae int,,rnlnli. acting
ruCtly np n the blood Ius mucous
urfaeq pl the systm.mi Iun buying
Sl's Cstarrh Cire be sure you g.t
genuiue. It t~ taken i,,teratlty,
1 uta" in Toledo Ohio. 'by F J
~euey& Co. Trstimuqist tl'V..
8o1 byi Dauggists, plice 74c. Ver
stil's Wmily" P411s are the best
gu,."ts : at the ln.,me ofv. C;:'vy rti
Ki.,,lo'ih this we.k.
id e\" 'Tonjn the cr"k pIItc':er, "'! .U
w'lt to ll-"uies on \\- dnlesdat to1
iilt hiws oother, retruning on ti:e Be it
10 o'tch'k train Tlhurxtly. on this
Vear of
Ca W O r A-. un utdrer
TIS Yind Yce Haae Always BOuOg I'ursu
Igat Toth teCler
JgnU o,,f l ,,i
Ouir pri+s otn c.ts hine' and ( f on
liat. wo,,tll :shtnisi.h vyo The lackt ly a
Moro. itiviere
to. ,loch a
51r. and Mrs. A. II. Stlanton, en. sinners,
lertained Ilast Sunmla, Miss Ethel * ios ofl
Bachlle a114 Jlln. D) O. Ikers, of New semb
Orleans. Miss Bache will visit here pronial
for several weeks. all dull
.Jury Cu
The following w~ll known wole Parish
came over from Morgan ('ity on '4hio
Thursday, to see the hall g~m;ne and chares
retuin.el the s night: Dan Lynch ex-oic
Sr. and wife, Dan Lynch, Jr. od there ii
wife; Miss Julia lhynch, Miss Curry; Knob
Henry lveb, Sam Blum, Chas. Fran- witnea
of the I
Loui ii
at ventl
On Saturlay and Sunday. Aug. and ha
9th and lQth at Mr. Pierre Bou- of hUe
dreau, nea.ur St ('lntrleh Chappel ofothe
Ferry there wall be given a grand remov
fair for the benefit of Drainage Dis- incet
taict No. '. All kinds of amuse- and th
ments and rn.fre:shments will be furn- remov
ishil and a good time to all is guar- iox; 1
antteet. GIo'd music wil: he furnish- origin
edl. ron't ftorget thie date and help gid a
out the worthy eause by your ued j
presenoe. taken
iU tihe
jury I
of sait
or tihi
tc logettt1
the n;
f ljuror:
zp y nmmoAt,. w
any rins o Paris
eAr muh urrild tharnd :.i An
riQues w OrS wea o it
eifor Womenor.g
7 1. E
An yoECsdul sere w. 2. L
Ia had. Nervouatrat lanr bdOg 1 .'
ofsdm t that aPlanoticngh at
tiht hat day by days e ad leY f
Conredl eed t mO th hi.
T Srentl nel ois wihb thsoerma 1. I
thesa opslct Toiuhs 14. P
rendaks in taken qut ly at hoam. Ae
omny ea iors o aa hsakhpe. d It is.
Ca-d ui t seamIdI , whchb enst l 1.
or s aun e lad s a 1:w1. ci a
Choesall att aenot nlacke Sablhto r. N
Sbo r t da tesi t . elox
reen. s eletsed bys . .e 2lome nand
S) - wtheas
rn fori
s sa The many friends of Miss Maryt of,
Ilr. Both and Mr. Philip Lagarde were pre
very much surpyrised to learn of theiran
marrriaes in New Orleans on last
ant Wednuesda3y mornitig. No
er The bride is the beautiful and iac.
es comlishtd ldaughter of Mr. E. N 2.
soth the well known dru ggit. 3i .
ied The groom the son of the late Maj. t
n C. Lagarde is a well known and popu a.
la, lar oung sugar planter being a mem.
of t Lagarde Planting Co. Ltd. ea.
The nappy young couple left o
igh, the Steamship Louisiana for New a
day York on their honey moon trip to hbe 1 :
for goe sahout a month. Is.
The Setinel joins with their many ain.
friends in wishing the hirppyt couple1.
ract many years of happiness t ud bliss. oig
for - 2
Ctcd 1or bargains in Ildies aintd childreps 2d
cshos call ato The Racket Store.
Sar sept. 13th and 14th..
isl ip
The above are the dates that have
.I been selected by the Home sook and t
oPbt Ladder to give a grand fqir. This
worty ie rpany hav at frst ar
ranged to give its annual fair in the at
alsop month of Aqgnst, hut upon learning h
pwa that tIe Thitbolanx Carnival Clubh .
thrat was in urgent neea of funds to as ml
shot sure a ',lardi Grns display, tLIe Hooks, if
stab. very generously decided to chang4 n
dates. Thus the flitok and Ladder 1
giig fIa will take place in September in- 8
stead of August. hKeep tIlls tu mind.
for T'ibodaux College. Next ca
Session BRegins Sept. 1st. 1
Prof L. M. U.rgsi desires to an.
the nound that the Tbiox:mlux College
ange will reopen on Mourtay, Septcmber
ig it ist for the ensuing scholastic year.
arti. With a view of giving full satisfac
it on tion to the patrons of the school,
pliyai. Prof. Ilargis bus engngcd anothet
do is competent teac.her to assist him and a
iqbly Professor Lafarigu, and the patrons I
ntarrh of the college may be sure of obtain. I
Leney ing satisfactory results. I
mer. Latin will be taught for the beantit i
cltiug of those who wish to enter upon a I
uous classical course.
uing khi:e pupils will be rrceived at
nn get any time during the yea:r, ih're is r.te
sally, evident alvanitige in entering tbem
F. J at the beginninug of the session, and
S FarentS and gu:irdiains are urged to
. er se 1n them .is car ly as pntssiii c.
'The I ric i as b. the s5me as in
eat. the as.2 '5t..
Jury Venire.
2)th. Judicial District Court,-Parish of
Lafourche. .-j.
Be it known and remembered. That
oln this Thirtieth day of July. in the
year of our Lord, One tbtousabd, nine
hundred and two,
Pursuant to written notices is ued by
the Clerk of Court, in and for the 1Parish
of Lafourche. and addressed and given
to each of the .Jury C(ommissiioners, it
and for said Parish, as by the said
('lurk's certificate hereto annexed more
fully appears; we, H. W. Frost; Henry
ltivtere; J. M. Lefort; Thl'onas J. Kno
bloeh and John S. Seelv, Jury (ommis
sioners, duly appointed as such for the
Parish of Lafourche under the provi
sions of Act No. 135 of the General As
sembly, approved July 13th, I1H59, and
promunlgated by publication In the State
official journal on July 29th, Pe1, aud
all duly sworn and qualilled as such
.1 ury Commialoners in and for the said
Parish of Lafourche: met at the ('lerk's
office at the court house in the town of
Thibodaux, and in company with
Charles .1. HBarker, Clerk of said Court,
ex-oflicio Jury Commissioner, duly
sworn and qualified as such. Then and
there in the presence of Messrs. J. Otis
Knobloch and Emile J. Legendre, two
good and competent and disinterested
witnesses of lawful age, competent to
read and write the English language,
residing in the Parish of Lafourche, and
summoned by the Clerk of said Court
for the purpose; proceeded in* accord- El)Wý
ance with section 6 of said Act No. 1;I5
of the general Assembly of the Itale of
Louisiana of 18ti, to examine the geoner
al venire list on file in the Clerk's office,
and having strack therefrom the names
of such grand jurors and regular jurors
as have so served, as well as the nalne:
of others who are known to have died,
removed from the Parish, become ex
empt or disqualified to serve as juror
since their names were entered threon,
and the names of those who have died,
removed, become exempt or disqualified
were also taken from the general venire
box; after which we supplemented the
original list and the ballots in the box,
wlth the names of the same number of
good and competent men from the qu:tl
r ied jurors of the Parish, as have been
taken from the box and erased from t' "
list, so as to keep the number of n:al,-,
in the general venire box and ,on the
jury list at the original standard of
three hundred contained therein; cnehl
of said name so placed in the general
venire box having been written by toe
said Clerk on a separate slip of pap:r,
together with the number of the ward
or the place of residenc' of such person.
And immediately after completing 'mhibo
said venire list, we selected therefrom
the names of the following twenty citi
zens, good and competent men, possess
ing the qualifications to serve as grand
jurors prescribed by section 1 of said
g Act, taken from different parts of the
Parish, as far as practicable, to serve as
grand jurors at the session of Court be
ginning on Monday, Sept. Nth, i:?'2, and
until discharged accorling to law, to
1. Numa Elfert i.
2. Leon Meyer 1.
:1. Albert Orillion 1.
1. O. J. Toups 2.
5. ('has. A. ladeaux 2.
6. P. P. Braud 2.
7. E. P. Lefort 2.
8. A. J. Simmoneaud 2.
9. Ialmas Roblclhaux 3.
1i. Alphonse Scott
II. N. B. Davenport. Jr. 4.
12. 'amille Richard 4.
i':. Victor Morvant 5.
Ii. Monroe Seely i.
15. Wilson Lepine ..
1I. C. S. Mathews i.
17. Emile Ledet S.
is. .1. T. .ladeaux 9.
19. len. Foret 9.
2). Richard Williams 10.
Anti having so selected the albov
named persons as grand jurors, the,
name of each was written on a spar'tte
slip of paper by the Clerk in the pres
ence of the commissioners and witness
es. and all the slips so containing the
names and number of the ward of each
of said grand jurors were placed in an
envelope by us Commissioners, which
was Iv us sealed, signed and endorsed
and fabeled,--"List of Grand Jurors",
and placed in the jury box as hereinaf
ter stated.
After which we proceeded, after the
slips contained in the general venire
box had been well mixed to draw fromn
the said general venire box the names
of thirty persons to serve as petit jurors aS
for the first week of the session of said
Court. beginning on Monday, Septem
ber, 8th, 1902, the names being drawn
one at the time by Hlenry Rivere, one
ar of the said jury commissioners, in the
erc presence of the other commissioners
and of the witnesses, and which names
eirso drawn, are as follows:
'C i. W. R.' Williams 10.
N 2. Wm. Pierce 4.
3. Clay Ayo 5.
4. Edward Loup .
Iaj. . Leon Baye 3.
.pu- i. Alcide Matherne 3.
7. Emile Bonrg 9. (
8. Gustave Savoie 8.
9. Ambroise Toups 5.
o 10. Onezppe Legendre 1.
i1. Onesippe Gervals 7.
eW 12. Hamilton Areeneaux 8.
) be 13. Emile Hebert 4-I. ant
It. Arthur Adam 2 . lab
15. L. A. Daunxs 1. ser
ally a16. Edmond Saucier 3. A
le 17. Taylor LeJeune 5. sal
18. Emile Oseb wald 2. wi
5. 19. Louis Breand 2. lis
25. Edward MeCulla 2. ab
21. Albert Brand 3. the
reqs2. James Keefe 2. w
25. L. A. Blouin 7. an
24. Eu iene Breaux 7. of
2:. F. W. Nicholls 1. no
5. luuis Perrin 2. et
27. Albert Bergeron 1. At
28. Orestille Ancoin 2. al
a 29. Himon Ganthreanx 9. the
and 11.Chas. A. Labit . th
This Having placed thme names of the fore- I
going thirty persons ao drawn as petit
It ar Jxtsor the Brat week of the said se.
Sthe saon of tourt in an envolope, we have j
signed and sealed, ahd endorsed and me
niDg labeled it --"Listof Jurors No. 1." to th
Club serve for the said first week of the ses
0 sion.
After whichwe proceeded to draw
nk, from the said general venire box the
lane xnames of thirty persons to serve as petit
lejurors for tlhe second ,wek of the ses
sion of said court begiinning on Monday
r In- Sept. 15th lu52, the names %ein lrawn
id from the ox one at the time by said
SHenry RIivire, one of the Jury Com
missioners, ixa the presence of the other
ext ('ommlssloners and of the witneses,
and which names so drawn are as fol
. lows: ECOND WEEK. R
1ge . J. E. FPalg t 7.
2. Wm. EIliot
mber 3. Louis Tabor
ear 4. Jules Junot .
5. Edmonid Guedry 7.
ifat a. Adrien LeBlanq 5.
chool, 7. OzmmeeNaquin 2
ti8. Edward Blndsall I.
9. ()Octave Panvell' 5.
an0d 10. E. p.' Delanne 4.
1rons Ii. Julien jtodrigue 4.
bIrn . Allponse Cuiltot 1.
tain 13. luis Devilard 5. I
14. Camille Lamoureaux 2.
3.it 15. ('. O. Dentin " "
I16. Oleus Toups 3.
pon a 17. Alcc Aucoinm .
18. Emile Richard 7. t
19. Nelson Guidry 3.
ti at ). Jno. lonahue
is i.0 nL. Drauzin Toups 3.
them Louis ocale .
tbcm ~t. Albert Have
i, nfd 21. Armand llliot 9.
3t . J. R. Inain
e t - . .ncm . Perkin.. i.
"7. le' n tiehard 7
as in i.I" Alfred Elratlert .
Si. c'has. FleetwooT
St. 30. Ms.Organ Springe .
Entire Stock of
Johnston & urphy...
Men's $5.00 Shoes,
Now Selling atu
Badeaux & Wagner, on
- Manufacturers Agents for --
Thibxlxtaux Telephone 109, Cumbesrland Teht phone 31
Main Street, Thibodaux,
_ C.
410 Carondelet st.,
.New Orleans, La.
Havin places nrlu tit boti
aoing tbirty persons drawn as petit
urors for the second week of said se1
slion of court in an envolope, we signed
and sealed the same, and endorsed and
labeed it "Let of Jurors No. 2", to
serve for the econd week of the session.
iAnd thereupon we have placed the i
said two seeed enveopeS, together R
with the sealed envelope contjnlig a
list of grand jurors selected as heren
above set forth, in oox provided for
the purpose, ble,--Jury Bo,"
which was thereupon loekead sealed,
and placed in the custody and keeping
of the Clerk of Curt,' for u at the
net ensuing session of eort, and sub
ject to the orders of the District Judge.
And the sid general enlre box was des
also locked an sealed and delivered twoa
the sid Clerk of Court eas the euntodian
thereof; all in presence of the said
In faith weof we have sgned this
Im1E. pr m of the drawIln of the
Jury, mat St the time,' on the day,
month and yeir rt above written, in
the preeeikn of the witnesses.
(Original Signed)
J. M. Luwowr.
l-v. Dlt.IVI l r,
JNo. 8. KFLY, -
It. W. FRoST,
Jury Comm issiners.
Clerk of Court, ex-ofldio Jury Com.
J. 0. K.oRlsw o,
E. J, LuOgoUsnl ,
Reand filed July h, 19ii2.
(Signed) C. J. BAnKER.
Clerk of said Court.
A true eePr:
oClnerks p.J. Arcolr,
D'e. Clerk. I
July %, 19. S
L lemsaat. Please.
Phologfrpher f . C. Harlan, of Eat
on, O., Ian do so now, though for o
years he couldn't because he suflfered F
.untuld Tgony from the worst fromr of I
indi. o. All physicians and
Smedbei1nes tall to help him till he C
tried X!eete Bitters, whwh worked
Ssuch wonders for him that he dclares a
i. they are godsend to suffierers fim c
': dyspepsia amind stomach troutles.
. 'Unrivaled for l1icauest of the Stow. I
• an:b, Liver and Kldt, e , thl,--y ib.ai:d
, up) and give new lif, 1), iethe whhe.ee ys
. tro. Tr3 thI-l. O(),i 50'. G ,atr I
si saneed by All Di uggists.
. .. l .b v " a e . -.
bottle at Thibodaux Drug Store. 12
For Sale.
1 good horse-and 1 Carriage, in
good condition. Cheap.
I. J. BaAsVo,
Thibodaux La
For Sale.
One lot situated on Jackson street,
desirable location to build residence.
42 Apply to THOMAs b. RIlvius.
For Sale.
A horse, carriage and haress. A
splendid outlt.
Apply to,
Filter Cloth Enterpri
Awnings, Sails, Eto.
Orders Promptly Filled.
Thibodaux, La.
Ladies Call Wear Shoes
r one size smaller after using Allen's i
I Foot lE:as, a pw,'ler to iw ihakeu in.
f to the -hbae . It snakes tight or new
I shoe- fte.l e:sy; giv.'. in-tant reie'f t7
corns a.it ial.so,*. It'i, th.e greatest
I coinf.i t disti'ovrV of tbhe age. Cures
a aid , revents i.w,'II. un f. t, blitrers,
a elltio :nd-oll re s*',1 sl". .\!iens Vlt
I.  ' 4se i l" Il:ili CU.ie fI" .-weating,
b. hot, :.hifang f At :. 1 druggists
t wad Il sI e "'.tr-.. _.'. ]),,,'t accept
a. SO saOUi+.t.'. 'i. TrT.l I :te kag' FREE
1u y iail. AtlrtsL, .Alsn S. O:au tedi
Le Ruy, N. Y.
The Williams' '
Faradic Batteries.
In this age it requires no argument to convince thinking pe~c;,c that
tricity is the greatest curative agent known to science.
The most learned physicians of Europe and America concede this
there is to-day, not a hospital in the world, or a great physician in
practice, who does not daily use it with most wonderful effects in all ch
Our batteries are operated by powerful Dry Cells of the very hI,.t qu
The coils in our machines aid all mechanical parts of our Batteries are
by skilled mechanics and Do NOT owr OUT Or ORDER.
The Dry Cells with which our machines are fitted will la t from
months to a year, according to the use the Battery receives. All thelEat
are so constructed that the Dry Cells can be removed by any person wh
hausted and new Cells put in their place in a very few seconds.
Diseases in which a speedy Cure can be Eff
by the use of the Faradic Curreits of Electricity
generated by our Batteries:
Paralysis, Epilepsy, Locomoter Ataxia, Rheumatism, Muscular Rheu
Neural ia, 1ciatica, Dyspepsia, Constipation, Kidney or Bright's
ease, Liver Complaints, Catarrb, Asthma and Bronchihts, Insom
Sleeplessness. Female Complaints, Nervous Debility, Other Comp
Electric Baths.
We publish a little Book entitled, "Suggestions an
rections for treating diseases with Faradio Currents
ectrlicty," by JJ. O ke M. D. A df
Book will be sent free of charge toeao -
one of our Batteries................ . . .........
For further particulars, apply to
fllecrielian. Agent, Thilboda
JL. LOBD-ELL, Pres. .
JOSEPH CL LUDET V-President. Socy-Tre
4'e hrobdelli& erII
Wholesale Deale
Commission Merchants
Near 8. P. Railroad Depot, Thibodaux, La.
IfgJens 3sand Caisen 91W
-Orders For Car-load Lots Solicited.
Sugar Planters orders given special attention fo
Grain and Ha
Local 'Phone 152. -Cumberland 87.
Spring Openin
Spring & Summer Goo
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brays, Madrases, t. Louis and
hisooks, Persian Lawns,of
Sdia Linens,Dimities,Pi
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all kinds, and many novelties1 too numer
iD mention.
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La Shoes, as we have added a more complete i
peclially in the following well known brand
So. Brown,
,,- i,,, !Ditmat
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H. Riviere &
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st anywhere in Southern Indiana, Southe
"ures J, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississip
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