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Local Paragraphs. s
Mr. $enjsmin brand is repolteiI to is
ie critietlly al. Fr
Mr. Vain Iyeary, of WlhitAt waq a
visitor to New)rfeani thii r.e k IL
IVon W. P. Martin left T!urydaay
or Uniton Rouge on a short trip.
Mrs. ('. II. Branl asid children are I th
pow in New Orleans visiting releitives
Miss Helen McCoramuk, of Uowlev, of
;s visiting ter furmier shlusiluiate. 1
bli I., le Tota1,s. Ia
The town aill i. receiving a new
coat of pain %t his h will :ttl cinaseI w
mrably to Itj apltear:inie.
Mr. Alhert J. la.:ei"gne, the liace or
land JuiSticte ºf the 1'e:,ee, p: id his tii
trien.1s ltre a visit List Moua:ty. a
11r. Snilth, the g. nal piopraetor of
the Smith's Drng'týore, returned af. di
tsr a pleasant isit to lhilusi Miss. P
Mr. Cambron Mattingly, now of
Meridian Misr., was one of the euenr- K
asionaststo our town on Sunday last. K
Our prlces are the lowest on every- oi
thing. 'the IRacket Store. y,
MIr. A. W. Comnely, SheritT of ai
Terrehmonne, padsel through towp si
Mist Monday on his way to Angola in to
quest of a prisoner. ti
Sheritl Beary has made a settle- Si
meant with the Auditor of his levee p
tax collection for July, amounting to
$1,7S SO. sl
Mrs. Robert Ketterrngham r&nrn tl
el Wednesed:iy from New loads, at to
which place her ltibstail is at Pr°""nt U
emiplo ed. Pº
Mr. C. II. Brand, of the arm of r,
kllis Braud's Sons, it in Jennings tl
4.uking over his firm's new busiutss o
in that town.
Last Monday Deputy Sueriff Rich fr
A. Front conveyed \Villie Carter, i:
oLoee de th sentence I as been cow- p
p'uted, to the Penitentiary to serve a t
Iate sentence. o
Mrs. tleorge Julliat, together with a
her ion and daughter, Master Sidney 0
ind Mies Cora, left for their home in
4ew Orleans; after s pleasant visit to
ýlasives iad frieds..
Mrs. K Q. Robiehani, the mother I
f. owr well known townsman Mr.
ijse a. Rohiehtux, has been visit
gat her sun's home for sý.e tine 1
Mesy} Cbprles J. Guedry, P.
Wallace Lefort and Mareelli Biea
no; substantiat citiztne of. the
bidtrwa 4.Ware in towan during the
'Tbu'rsday a small blaze 'broke out
ýýtt roof of the house occuupied lay
1r. Wifred Bave wblleb fortunately
ý)ts szlnguished bwfore any damage
was done.
Mr. Henry Lejeune and family, I
after spending several months in
Mexico, where Mr. Luejeune is employ.
e: as engineer, arriveI here this week
{ spend a short vacation with their
sear relatives.
fAir and Mrs. Frauik Mlecollum had
the misfortune of losinsr. cn the 8th
inst., tljeir little son George aged one
year and eleven lnpnthiR. The SEN
jINEIL Joins friends in extending I
sympathy to the hereaved parents.
'EThe flon. iLovmney Rodrigue, pohive!
Juror from the Wih WVard, hail the
amisfortune o( falling last Sainriac
from his horse, while riding on hais
Chateau plantation, near Kr:aemer P.
Q). lila left shou'uler w:as Iadli
bruised, cauasmeg much suffering. His
maniC frit'nds will be ghul to) bairn
that he is rapidty getting over it.
For bargains in ladies and clii<1rens
shoes call at The Racket it-ore.
At a meeting behli Monday, Pro
1,eetor hire Company No. 2, elected
tbe following offcers tn serve for the
euneein; year: LPresadcnt. Thou. A.
dses; V-President. V. EK Espos
- Seeetary, ClaLs A. Riviere;
ot eeet~ry 8J. Legendra';
~m rE. N. Roth; Foreean,
.. aud. Asaistaut Foreman, N.
@neae Director, R Bare;
Asaimpa [hpeogr, II oanud
Jesties Gray, of the United States
gop e'Ceou t. having re-igned on
aecoest o. ill health, the President
Ihas appointed in his steaiu Oliver
WVendell Ilplnmes, Chit-f .J stice of
M1assachussetta. This is looked upon
as an excellent appointment.
Sewarte of Ointmnents for
Catarrh that Contain
sp mercury will surely destroy the
sens of smell and Lomnpletely derange
tpwhele system when entering it
(~zekthe wucosas surfaens. arti
uever lbe osed except on
g~smuponsfrom reputtabe pay-si.
fans, as tlpe diumage tb-v ywi!! do as
told to uti good von c-in ebl
deie ftbm them. hl:,1's Caitarurb
(oe, eaassetusrd F. J. Chetwv
& Vo, 'tledo, 0. erautainis no met-.
cury, iD s taik a nt.ernt~a- . Loiiia
airectly upon tlie taousl aitd imucous
urtaoes o t)4 systtem. Iu uuytuag
Il's (C'tprrh (sire oe sure iou get
genuine. It is tiketa iintcrenall,
anid maul. an Toledo Ohai'a by P. J
~heney &Coa Toslimoutuag :aIc.
Sold by baugistsa p:ive 1ac. &aer
sadl's Family Psilla are the best.
Mr. sod Mra. Theo Dupre were vi.
sitors to New Orleans this week.
Mrs. C Solomon, of New Orleans,
is on a visit to her sister, Mrs. J. the
I 810
Q(ur prices on Gents Shoes and in
Hats would astonish you The Racket wit
Store. a a
Miss Adeline flamendinger of New cIt
Orleans, is visiting Mrs. J. FricdmnI Co
this week. chi
3li s Inez Dezauclhe, after a visit an
of several weeks at the howe of M1r-. the
II W. Tabor returned to Carencer' we
last Friday. am
Major W. P. Martin of Lafourche tra
was in town on Fridnav.
Judge L. P. Caillouet was in towu ins
on Thursd:'v, shaking hand with his luc
imany friends.
Attorney General Walter Guioan
attended court here this week. wl
Judge Taylor ieattie spent several a1
cla5s in town this week.-Assumption du
Pioneer. sti
The Reverend Michael Jnglowicz, up
Viee.Presilent of St. Mary's College, me
Kentucky, accompanied by Mr harry lot
layburu, of New Orleans, arrived in thn
our midst last Sunday, on a short 1l0
visit to friends. While here they
were the gaie4s of Judge Caillonet wi
and family, and especially of his two in
sons, Edwin and Adrian. Mr. Ray hi:
I burn, their old seliool mate, returned (r
the same .lay by the T. & P. excur- sel
siew, while the Reverend Father de'- an
parted by Monday,s afternoon train. tv
Tas-payer E D. Saunders hains in
stitutel qu' warranto pr(occ dwgs ino
the Civil l)istrict Court of Orleans to
test the Merger Law, about which so
much fuss was made in the 'itv st
press: and tai-payers I)enegres fol.
lowed suit in the 11. S ""mit. The a
readers of the great dalies may hia ce
' themselves for another long elranght ve
' of Mlerg.er wrangle
Miss Lucile Toups entertained a
i fbw friends at a pleasant "sociable" ar
last Wednesday evening at the ho". et
pitable home of her parents, Mr. and
s Mrs. Adonis Toups, given in honor ar
of her guests Misses Edmii~e Fre
e meaux, of ttsyne, H1':eu Mc Cormick, t4
of Crowley, and .M1ay Theriot, of
IRaceland. to
u We inadvertently omitted to note 'a
is our last issue the fact that Mr. L. si
Edwin Ctillouet, of this town, had ad
been appoinoed a notary punlic and is
duly qualifled. le has established '
his oftihe in the B:iuk of Thihodaux g
Building. Room 8, where he holds ti
r himself in readiness. Mr. Uaillouet, a
who is Judge Cailtonet's eblest son, ti
is a native of this town and received
e his edyeation in private sctjools here a
and in St. Mary's College, Marion o
Ky., from which he graduated lust u
'. June with the degree of Bachelkr of a
F Arts. The SuxrTIxL wishes Its P
e yonng friend success in ils new Mld s
e of activity.
it Registration.
Let every voter who hais not yet a
e regietered, look to it, if h[i desires to
'qualify himself. Notice of registra.
tion a;tpears in another eotimn; read
l' it and select your time to register.
n --- .-- t
Oyster Commissioners.
The governor has appointed the
following Oyster Comnmissioners:
idJames 1l. Breau'c, Te~rrelionme; 'Thom
bh as Shannon, St. Mariy; N. II. Nun'ez,
ie St. L'ernatrd; Ben Michel, P'la.1uenuine;
Frank P. l'arr:, Lafouretmw; members
gof the' state oyster comnmission.
SOyster Co)mmission Organized
(sThe Oyster Cormmi ion, recentl'
I>. appointed tiv Guy. hI.-aril oriv'nizedi
lv Monday by electing the followinig
is offlcers, liz:
rn Jam's Monroe Breaux, of Terre
iomine parish, president.
John R. Langritige, of .Jefferson
115 pat ish. arcret.'rv.
Harry Cage, of Terrtbonne parish.
, chief inspettor.
edJohn IDymno'm, .Jr , of Or'einn
lie parish. :uttorney.
A. 11 C. Smith, of SL. Bernard parish.
Schief engineer and suivetor.
The President andl the chief in spe
tor are well kuowan cit as of Terre-.
Sboene, well fitted for their respective
N.posts, and the commi-sion actsed wiea
ly in select ipg them
'jhc Coaaciissionm 14:s start~d work
to earnest, an I acema deteimiuceh to
La's jput the new law iin active operation
on aithouat delay.
rer The Crow'ey Signal a'y : *T
ofS:gnah inte: viewid a ni'rnbr of the
onl exteusice rice raisers of !1 is puirish
to-day, and is al-~o in rrct ipt of sev
eral lettei £ ftomn otiier seetions with
97regard to the pre stnt cionditio~n of thet
rice crop iin south west ILoniiana, and
Acadia parish in particular, end thet
geni ral conacitsi.on to be drawn is not~
Ihe very flattermiir.
ige "There are uindcublte(Ily some good.
it stands o~f rice in Acadia parith, lbu'.
rti. where one good crop is found there
on are from three tt) four utheis thAt are
Fsi. snytliing biat lootmisiug.
u s One prominent fat umer from the
I'y western part of the pai :sh wrtmtt:
trib *The frequment shuwers seem to haive
s(y haid a tia'i' ncv to croate the impres
ci.q si,", thit the crop iii the dry districts
Lr; ad hxecn saed Th:s is erroueons,
usas many hundreds of asres in tjh.s
ing viciinitt acre either entirely sitaed or
get iric,.:smdl'y ii~juresl a week befor~e the
Iy, drought was btck. ma.
J I *'The esn:iI men state that thl-ir
;ean sings this season wilt ft i litort of
per lastW sa.:iSOih ecall'e Of lii -howe~ge iii
S 1. 'lia. ii c harvest wilt inot In'
Sfully under way furoverthimiv dlays.'
Oier Convent School.
In another column will be foubd
the announcement of the .Mount Car
qiel Cypvent here for the coming ses
sion. We deem it an opportune time,
in the close of vacation, to talk over
with parents the matter of selecting
a school for their daughters, and to
counsel theci to enter them at the
j Convent.
The ,eleeetion of a school for a
child, and especially for a girl, is
an act of mumentous import, as ulpxn
the (buirn may depen I in a great
measure the c:iikd s future welfare
and ha!piness; for it is ire -cisool that
the chill receives the largest share of
traintig, moral as well as mental.
In all schools the chld receives
mental training of greater or less va
lue; in Christian schoois moral train
ing goes hand in hand with mental
and physical training; in other schools
what passes for moral training, but
a training of the vagnest and most
dubious sort, is imparted; while in
still other schools, care is bestowed
upon the mind and body of the child,
mental training aid physical deve
lorment engross his whole time to -
the utter neglect of all moral traits
By moral training we mean that
which teaches man whence he co.oes
and whither he goes; what he is hnll
his final destiny; his duties to his
Creator, to ida neighbor and to him
self; to distingtrish riglit from wrong,
and to dare to do right, to do his du
ty, "*though the heavens fall;" in r
word, that training which tends to
develop all the heautifeil attrihuts s C
of the soul, which mikes it !ovable
in the possession of a high and per.
ideal to life, in nohility of iurpos5, in
strict mtdher.'nee to truth and justice,
and in the practice of all the virtue-.
Such a training should our daugh
ters get; and such training out co'.
vent sbho.>s are hetter prepared to
give them than any other school.
Other schools may impart learning iT
' and teach art, but as the poet ýoung
exclaimed long ago,
I "How empty learning, how vain a
r art.
But as it mends the life or guides
, the heart."
SL.ear.ming, mental culture, is not to
to despised; it is useful; it is neces
e sary; but to form a true woman, th:,t
almost heavenly creature which man
I idolizes, a higher, a nobler learning
d is indispensable,--that learning which
ii as the poet sings, "mends the life anti
x guides the heart,' which makes her a
s true, modest, humble Christian win.
L, wan, the most perfect of God's erea
d This learning, along with minita
*e and physical culture, the good Seatepr
u of Mount Carmel strive earnestly to
u impart to all pupils intrusted to their
,f carn, and we counsel and advise all
b5 parents to conteA- to them their
Id sweetest treasures, the4r little daisgh
ters, )n the opening of the comwiig
session. Some may have to make
some sacritice ta do it, but are nut
the sweet objects of their love woe th
it? There is but one time to do it; s
and it is sow when the little girls are
of school age; and gr.'at is the respon
sibility of those whit neglect to dia
id charge the duties which nature and
the parental relation impose on
nFor Infants and Children.
The Kind Yaer Have Atwaps Beght
Miss Alice Mladdox of this townIe
and ;irard A. Turner of Mlcmi~h s
were m irriewl at the Presheveriai m
re ('hureh here Tuesdav at I1 a. in.,
WRv. J. N. Bnecklhurn oftkiating MIr.
on Turner was attended hy~ his ectusin,
Ike Smixton. as best man, and~ P. R
sh. l'eey aus groomnsman. .3lka H 'Ici'
Domwty was tmaul of hotor artd 3lhss
ns lsoula Pickeit wais bridesuaid. The'
cheur'h was beautifully decorated for
g the oL'caaion. A reception was held
:.fter the marriage uercm'.ny. Time
L~c hiide is the elanahter of Mrs. 31. E.
*~Maddox. .1r. anti .11rs. Turner left
ire it 2'30 p. m for Memphis, anoe wil:
ge visat severtl Northerm and Kazter
dities before returning to 'fhlste u.
irk Among those who attintidde the wgi -
to ding were Misses Louan Pie-kr- sod
(10 IHelen Dowir acid M1rs. tussie Lock
heai t of NeW Gm vito-; Ike Smxrtae of
I tm~i;s, Mliss.. an-I Frud Wang of
New Gm canis, uiu e "C the bride.
ihFor Sale.
thie Two Peurlalle hotlers ,in' engines,
enil o' wheels. Ctyiinders 8slO inchs.'.
the all io goodl order.
unot ifor further particulars appi~v to
Wost 4. Thiboelans, La.
lin'. *-~
.'re l.ow Rites on M1organ's Iannisions~5 &
are Texas Raitro:mut and Stcamshli
the Morgan's ILouwi'nna & Tewas Remit.
e:ro::! anoe Str'':amsip Ueonp.u:' w.1
.e .l'. .i,'k.ts fion Tl'ilhmbeii to San
res i'ranik'c') and ret ut i Oct. 7 to 11
iets. 19902. with return liwit Sov. 15 191:2,
es t a rite 'of $67T75 en acconunt of
thsNit: whiole sa!e 1lroaggiti Aes'n.
I or lbrniig 5.pt. aol Oct uonew:ay eet.
the tied IR:ie's to Caeferniii points *3(9 25
Ited 'ed ratvs to :'it sumnmr tourist
i, i r 0.0nts on0 ;pplicatin.)i
I of ir '.hli tinti pirtciiulirs, :pp' 1
Sin to local qavrnt, or to
be~ qi C. B Elms*.
s. ' Divisoin lPasseieger Age'.l.
Entire Stock of
Jolinstol & uphy
Men's $5.00 Shoes,
Now Selling at
Badeaux & Wagner,
- Mnuiufacturers Agents for -
ThilIglauz Telephone 109, Cumberiand Telephone 31
Main Street. 'Thibodaux,
IJ .aill64 yert ar, CO

n _.Q
r-I I
Speper's Buiýies @ollege
r e30 CANAL STh'.2L,
Is lie yeart' old; vour.g, ntive, progressi+e; it nit luede ard w.: woss or
hurdened with )1d :atr; Is locateid in the g.ntltst city of tlje Sou'h, ots one
it the hustest stiects in tLe tJh.iou. It is in th. prettiust offile I'uiiding in
New Orlek:s :u l is one of the moat practteil, ug to dutg busnaeaa colleges
tn ea:th. Scud for new illustrated cata ogue.
L. C. SPENCER, IPrusdenL
P. 5. A ny one sulditg the namec 'f sii prospeictie s u~dents will
it reejive in retulrf sin elegnitt piece of pen woek, executed in our otlice.
Please Take Notice.
Thit I have botgait ('ýntents of
the gner.Ial Coo. kry :t:d Hlardware
Mtore lately kept Iab ;he inte James
Seadday Levroa. at th acorner of St.
Philap aud Market Streets. where I
shall cvlntne in the sale but mess.
Many Goods umarkad down, and,
splendid b:argains fir all. Cows
early, and take your pick
Thibodaux College. Next
Session Begins Sept. It.
Prof L. M. Ha rg s re-ires to an.
nounfe that the Tlaibudaux Col;ege
will r.:opeu on Monala}y, Seauemb**r
let for the enaetipg secholsstli yent.
With a view of giving full satisfac.
tion to the pimroanK of the schlOol,
e"i- flaraes has engsged another
competent teach. r to atsist ham and
Propes-or iLafrfrtue, and the patront
of the coilege mad fe sure of oltain,
lug astisfaetory results.
t Latin wth be t n'g'tt for the benefit
f of those wf' wi-h to euter ujaou a
classical course.
Whi.e pupija will be receivc'a at
any time during the ýe:ar, thtre is an
tvtlent advantage in antering them
at the iteginniug of the session, nerd
parents anti guardians are urged to
. send theue as early as pos'iih e.
The prices wilt be the same ae in
the past. 2 5t.
Private School.
k The rnder&gt1d dresles to inform
his friends and the pnhlic that Le inas
decided to open up a 1arivatet school
in 'Thiholaux on S.-pteuI er 14.
He will give instruc ilon a tsuaU
1 children, Lao Ii hove antl g.rla, parpir
1 in theme, in additi "n to . a dtut;"-.
for their First (:oaiiiun on. His
f school will he kw:itel in the u;ýper
pottion of the built; ; known ar
r'Protector s i1811". Si.'n tti:g tb
5 children of the parents of 'l'il'tsiaux.
he retawtas,
34t. CJ C. Au CoIN,
lbw .iadyou isae Always Beua±
Shatters All Records..
Tw~e.' ii hospitali, Kf A. Gualledge.
Vt l,e~nat, Abi., paidl a vast suim to
doctorsi tº " ure Y severe case of pikes,
e~ausinz 2-I tumors Whea ail failed,
Buick~tu's Arnica Surve soon cured
him. Sulslues Inflammaution', cou
'querrs As Les, kids l'siius. llrst salve
in the 'ºV of d. 25c at Ad Pruggiats
For Saile.
One hot situatcd on Jackson street,
destral,!e loe tion to build residence.
42 Apply to Tuoias A. 1IIVIaaz.
Nrhct mand Peet.
dd t oub ~ b uri ac
13l the ggeu It cures by
c ~a saned vlt'1~a6 the
of di4sses. It gives r. o n
Stone and belds tip the health
sad htrength d_ tie. patient
the wedkl wclu&rl habs eard
and4 wWI coadisae to curt usoem
`of the aboe. diseas. than all
ote nw Bfs which dod more harm thea good.
This grea~tand tk ;oughly teted
and endorsed Caliiora .'a Remedy
?ve is~it it cures 10'
falil - ma dlreczcd.
Try is and tie eonI'n that
it is 1 'ý-c:er sn4 Z bk~ssing to
s~r.A h inaaaity.
P'rice 41.00 per ticttle, .- S: bot
cen : r1sViO fvr Ib' 't of partic
nIar3 liYd1WOz~efr1 curaa. If
w *is
The Williams'" "
Faradic Batteries.
In this age it requires no argument to convince thinkin', peop.c that
trictty is the greatest curative ateut known tai science.
The most learned physieiana of Europe and America concede this
there is to-day. not a hospital in the world, or at great. physician in
pract ice, who does not daily use it with uic-t wonderful effects in all ch
Our lIatterics are onerated by powerful Dry Cells of the very ;s~t qu
The coils in our mathines aý.d all mechanical parts of our Batteries are
by skilled mechanics and no NT oar OE T OF ORDER.
The l)ry (ells with which our maehir.s are ltned will last from
months to a year, accordin4 to the use the Battery receives. Al! the flat
are so constrIuvted that the Dry Cells can hr removed by any person wh
t hausted and new Cells put in their place in a verb few seconds.
Diseases in which a speedy Cure can be Effe
by the use of the Faradic Currents of Electricity
generated by our Batteries:
Paralysis, Epilepsy, Locomoter Ataxia. Rheumatism. Muscular IRhen
Nenmalgia, ýciatlca, Dyspepsia Constipation. Kidney or Bright'
j ease, Liver Complaints. (!atarrii, Asthma and lIronchitis, lusom
Sleeplessness. Female Complaints, Nervous Debility, Other Corn
Electric 1lathý.
We publish a little Book entitled, "S stions a
rections for treating diseases with Ya adl L
ectricity," by J. J. Mackey, M. D. A copy of e
Book will be sent free of charge to each person parch
one of our Batteries..........................
For further particulars, apply to
A. 1-i. STAUNT
ElIecl rickia. Agent, Thlibodai
J. L. LOIDELL. Pres. P. H. P
JOSEPH CL 1LDET V-President. Se y-T
RThe Lcobdell & Percy
Wholesale Deals
Commission MIorchant
Near 3. P. Railroad hepot, Thibodaux, La.
.1ignts 3 ~ A g iei F
®* QI ad FLse V
r "Orders For Car-load Lots Solicited.
Sugar Planters orderE given special attention f
Grain and H
Local 'Phone 152.-Cumberland 87.
Spring Openi
lDon't forget to visit our store, as we have just r
a complete and well selected line of
Spring Summer Go
from New York, Baltimore, St. Louis and
or phis, c(onsisting of
Laces of all kinds,
broideries, G in g h a
Toile dui Nor ds, Chi
brays, Madrases, N
Ssooks, Persian Lawns,
Sdia Linens,Dimities,Pi
4,e # imported white and fancy Organdies,
$Swisses, and Scrimns, Bobinets a specialty,
11al kinds, and many novelties, too nume
$ mention.
e.We invite you also to elamnino our
aL I Shoes, as we have added a more complete
pecially in the following well known bran
I A Tfi - Ditma
Call in, no trouible to show y'ou our got
H. R ivier e
Long distanco lines and telephones
this Company enable you to t.alk ain
anywhere in Sc..thorn Intdirna, Souet!
Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Misshsa
and Louisiana. We can put you 10~ q
4and 8atisfac~tory communictaton wiih
people ot this great section of the coun
We solicit your patronage. Rates rea
able. Equipments and facilitles un
Prasident * Gem'1 Masager. 5.*:) & Acss'(Ga'S Mgr.

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