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Mexican fTustang Liniment
dot stay on or near thn surfare, but gnes in through the muscles and
tisues to the bone and drives out all sureness and ilaninatiw_.
For a Lame Back,
Sore Muscles,
or, in fact, all Lameness and Sore
ness of your body there is nothing
r" that will drive out the pain and in
flammation so quickly as
Mustang Liniment.'
If you cannot reach the spot your
self get some one to assist you, for
it is essential that the liniment be
rubbed in most thoroughly.
Mexican tlustang Liniment
eeomes the ailments of hones and all domestlo salas. In faest
b a ash healer and pain killr aomatter whoor what the Ptietla.
'Proposed Amendments
To Be Voted for at Election To Be Held Tuesday,
November 4th.
SenatLe ilt No. i..
 n~las am endment to Article 47 of the
--mstltutli of the State of ILouslliana re
ltit. eto rectifying and approving ag:oe
imets or cotracts for works of puibll., inm
t give nlsmadae or enterld Into by thle
r of New )rlo:rltes prior to the ilth daay
f laY 1IMit. and to authorise the (ity of
flew Oras to make all InlrtnIelti tlcere
Sader in stcordantxe with tile terms and
wodl ttle condlitlIln thoreof.
orwton 1. Be it resolvral bly tile General
hlyg of the State of ltulsiana. two-thiards
dIo the members elected to each imaouse con
euui Tihat the following amreladmentlll to
I of ll thoe CoLt tutlon of the State of
he submitted to the electors of the
iattle next (ongressional election to be
an the first Tuesday after the first
Sin November. iS, to-wit:
Article 47 of the C'olntitutionr of the
Loluisana be amendedl so as to read an
"Article 47: The Geonral Assembly shall
so po werfo irantorauthorle any parish
mate4elpl uthority to grant any extra
peiaton.t fee or alnwanor to a publie
a spt. srvant. or contractor, nor pay,
atllhoizs tsbe payment of any claim
the Ptate or any pariah or municlpall
- thereof. under any agreement of contract
.iderlthmout expressathorlity of law; and
s lob uanth borlod agrellements or contracts
shall be null aud void, but all agreeten'lu t or
estrIts for work of pulbile ilnlanrvemenlts
eor olntered lnto by the 'lIty of New Or- I
prior to the twelfth of .May 10112 are here- I
r ead an aplroved and the City of New 4
SIs ihercby alt borizand to make all pay- I
aemts prOrided for in salid contracts in c.
rdae with the terms and under the conudi
seas set ir hi in said contracts.
lee. . De it further resolved. etc.. That
thLeolollal ballotstobe used at said cle
Ie shall tr placed the words "For the pro
ld amendment to Article 47 of the Conlli
of the 8tate of Loulisiana;" andmi the I
erdls "Agalalt the amendment to Artielo, 47
tllheoastitttlion of the State of Louisianna;"
eat each ele tor shall indicate. ats plrovilwl in
t gneral ootion laws of tim.. State. which
of tme propuftlons. "for" or "against" he
* ltdr.º J. Y. SANDERS,
: r of thIe House of Rerntatives.
Lieutensat Governor.
Approved: Jlae 1th, A. D. 1a1.
. W. W. HARD.
Govenor of the State of Louisiana.
ecretary of State. I
Benate Rill No. 114.
- an amendment to the Constitutlono
to of Louisiana by repealing and
-rag Article One Hundred and Nine.
t(Il thereof.
1. le it resolved by the General b
bly at the State of Ioulalana, two-th.sir
the members elected to each hosme con
Sthat n amendment to the (onstitu- 8I
theitateof Louiseian he submitted to 5
i se electors of the State for their
or rejection at the next Congreesion. e
to he holden therein on the first ;
ext fltlowing the first Monday in t
111, as follows: That Article 1 of SI
_mi- tutiou of the State of Louisiana, t!
leeds as follows: NO person less than t
of sge shall be permitted to vote at t
in the State who shall not. in Id- i
io the qualilcations above prescrihed, '
on or before the list day of Dooemn- P
each year fr the two year preceding
la shai he osn to vote, a poll tax, T
S br aaaum,. to be used exclustre- Il
of se npubli schoots of the parish ain a
utax l hereby Imposed on every male e
ch thie stale between the ses of I:
a xd L ty  ar, Pull taxes shall I
S.. rld_ Cn ote, eshibit rn thetl>
of letion hi poll tu reuelpts for T,
Issued on the oelal form, or du. A
thereof. In the event of loss, or proof V
I t ofl such poll tlaxes may Ie made T
SsertlOate of the tax collector, whlh ft
be sot to the Obmniasiooers of the ev. of
preolact, showing a list of itmose Ii
-id said two years poll taxes as
sadthe dates of payment. It ce
decared to be forger)y, and punlhah- Ru
leah, for any tax collector or other per- I I
_I satedate, or alter, a poll tax receipt. as
p-as who shall pay the Ipoll tlilx of an- :
ar evan cohim money for that purpose. GI
to Inlluene his vote, shall ie guilty or
Ind punishl l accordingly. The of
of this sectlion as to the payment of Ia
5_ 5 Inll not ampaly to permansa who are si
si mllb, or bliod, nor to pltrons tinder to
thaee years (tf ael, who have paid all of
assesed aglant t them. This section he
_o lnto operation until after the gen- th
election to tte hold in the year 1101), Ji
lature e'lctarn In the ye.var 19Wt th
authority to repeal or modify the u
heami the samle heiLey repualed. a'
aid stricken from the Constitution o0
-e it further resolvel, etc.. That I
bhallots to be used at sail ('onlgrlt- of
Se ltk shtlll iavt printed thereon the P4
aor the propamedI aneI('Udlmeutt to the M
a of th' Statel of lnistlana rejaeal- S
sbt_.atnL Artilel 19l of the ('ouslltu- co
di the wanls "'againat thle lproposea aI
to lthe i 'onitllttaont of the Slate of el
AI-Jallin anal abroating Article It
(O.llllnial ;" and each elector at
as pront ial in the general 'lec- Pt
h State, whetlwer he votes for or or
9eOpoad ameHndment. a
of the House of Itullreentatiives. a'
Governor anl Presh'nt of the co
: July4It, A. I). I9r0. 1.1
r of W.W. te ARDu. to
. .oror of the State of Louistan. Pi!
A truel. c'y:
ectretary of Slate.
lhpase BIll No. M.
Act No. 12o.)
Joint 'esolutlon proposing amendments ta
Articles 985, 9, lW, lt, 1115 and 131 of the Cton
stitution of the State of Louisiana relative
to the Judiciary Department.
Section 1. le it resolved by the Genera
Assaembly of the State of ihouisiana, tw(
thirds of all ineubers elected to eacrh ilouse
conculrring, That Article 11 of theu Contitu
I tlon of the State of Louisiana to be so
amended as to read as follows:
Article 9s. The Supremo Court, except ai
t hereinafter provided, shall have appellate
jurisdiction only, which jurisdiction shal
extend to all cases where the matter in dis
pute, orthe fund to be distributed, what
ever may be tie amount therein claimed
I shall exceed Five Thousand Dollars, exclu.
ilve of interest; to suits of divorce and se.
I paration from bed and board, and to at
Q matters arising therein; to suits involvinj
alimony, for the aullity of marriage, or fto
[ Interdiction; to all maatters of adoption,
I. emanelpation, legitimacy, and custody oe
t children; to salts involving homestead ox
I emptilus, and to all cases in which the eon
a stitutionality or legality of any local assess
r ulent tax. toll, or impost whatever, of o
. any fine, forfeiture, or penalty Imposed bl
ait municipal corporatmion, shall be in coate,
tation, whatever may be the amount there
of. and to all (uses wherein the ('latitu
tionslily or legality of any ordinance of a
u muutrilaI .orporation or a law of this State
is called in question, andt inl such cases the
appeal on tie law and the facts slhall bi
t directly from the court inl which the c tat
originated to the Supreme Court; and Ir
Criminal cases on questions of law alone
whenever tile punishmenllt of death or 1w.
prisonluent at hard labor may be inflicited
or a fine exceeding Three lHundred Dollars
or Inmprisonmeunt excreslinK six months, it
actually lmnposed. Said Court shall hart
suchl original jurisdiction as may bie neces
Ssary to enable it to determine questions of
facts effecting its own juris(lictlon in anY
case peading before it, or it nay remand
the case; and shall have exclusive original
jurisdiction in all matters touching profes.
si ,al misconduct of members of the bar,
with power to disbar under such rules as
may be adopted by the Court.
Section 2. Be It further resolved, etc.,
That Article 98 of the Constitution of the
State of Lomlsiana be so amended as to read
as follows"
Article 96. The courts of appeal, except
as otherwise provided In this .oanstitutln,
shall have appellate jurisdiction only,
which jurisdiction shall extend to all cases,
civil or probate, when the matter In dispute
or the fund to be distributed shall exceed
One Hundred Dollars, exclusive of interest,
and shall not exceed Five Thousand Iollars,
exclusive of interest, and such appeal shall
be upon the law and the feets.
Section s. le It further resolved, etc.,
That Article 99 of the Constitution of the
State of LIousiana be so amended as to read
as follows:
Article 99: The Courts of Appeal shall
consist each of Three Judges. They shall
be citisens of the United States, learned In
the law, and shall nave praeticed law In this
State for six years, and shall have been ac
tual residents of the Cirealt from which
they are appointed or elected for at least
two ears,. next preceJiag their appoint
ment or election. They shall each receive a
salary of Four Thousand Dollars per annum,
payable monthly on their own warrants.
Section 4. Be it further resolved, ete.,
That Article ife of the Constitution of the
State ,of Loulsinas be so amaeded as to read
as follows:
Article 100. Exreusive of the Psrlshes
composing the Court of Appeal for the Par
Ibh rf Orleans, elsewhere provided for, the
State shall be divided Into two elreits. en
Il Ohtberwtis provided by law, te Parishes
omWelens, Easto Felician, West i lois,.
Po i n t Cooupe. Iberrl"le, It. a r y,
Terrebonne, Assumption, Lafourche,
Ascenslon, Calcasleu, Cameron,
Vermilion, Lafayette, Iberia, St. Martin, It.
Tammany and Acadia, shall oompose the
frst Circuit, and to be known as the "Court
of Appea;s, First Circuit, State of Louis
laes ; and the Parishes of Caddo, Bossier,
Webster, Itlenavlle, Clalborne, Union, Lin
coin. Jackson. Caldwell, Winn, Natchitoches,
'Sabine, DeSoto. Bed River, Ouachita, Rich
I land. Franklin, Catahoula, Coneollria. Ten
sas, Madison. East Uarroll, West Carroll,
Morehouse, Avoyelles, St. Landry, Rapides,
GraQ and Vernon, shall compose the See
ond Circuit, and to be known as the Court
of Appeals, Second CIreuit, State of Louis
lains From each of said Circuits there
shall be appointed, and elected as hereinaft
ter provided three judges. The First Court
of Appeal to be organized in the circuits
herein described, tnder this amendment to
the Constitution, shall be as follows: The
Judges of the present Court of Appeal of
the Third and Fourt Circuits, as organized
under the Constitutlon of I59, and the Judge
appoinuted under the authority of Act No. 7
of 1900 to till the vacancy in the Fifth Cir
cult, shall constitute time Court of Appeals.
First Circuit of Loutliana. until the first day
of July. 1904, when three judges shall be ap
pointed for said circuit; by the Governor.
by and with the advice and consent of the
ornate whose term shall expire one on De
ceamber 1st, IS1B, one on December Ist, 1906
and one on Iecember 1st, 1904; and the Gov
ernor shall state in the commisslon of each
judge the term for which he Is appointed,
and the Judges of the present Court of Ap
peals of the First and Second Circuits, as
organized under the Constttlltluon of 1879, to
gether with an additional judge to be ap
poinltetl by the Governor of oulsana. by
sand with the advice and consent of the Se
nate to serve until July Ist, 1904, and shall
cornstitute the Court of Appeals. scond Cir
cult of Louisiana, until the 1st day of July
1:04, whean tearee judges shall he appointed
tor said Circuit; whose commission shall ex
pire one on December 1st. 190., one December
14t. I;i. nn.l one on i,.ieiulr,.r 1s?. ioll. i ,
1.he (. . v. rrar .11,111] dos 7n.ltt*" '11 the, ",lu i+o -
slonl of e)acht th trtt Aur whict h s.:.. .Il J tlve
Si' aippoilint( , ;ri'I.I 1'ii'ln tihe clzplrtttii oii
the ter I, ri of ("11 (Iof 'elt.h of the jucllt- tlut"+
ai-pointel. hi.a i'ee' or !hd:l b.- el'tel te r
a terrn of ,i!.tit .4e: i. Tbh " 1e.toin hre;rein
povieh'l for 4,1l,11 take pla-e atthe nsam
tillle tlhat ts ilre.i ntall - . ('ogri.. :ie
ieliet l, tle first if said el(ltioiii l ,slng ,n
.Nov. nmiir.r. It54. anI tlhe j.lt .s :Iapp ilnted
lldl'sl tII;l al t .hall ii . l h ftlic' until thllir
'a.. of. death, resignation, Ior remnai.vl froma
!lite oif iany jlnIdge, the vinll'aliy .hall Inb
tileld Iy iilppinituelnt for tiLI ilIInexl)ired
tern of Iall a jud(le. ULntil othel wise pr vil
it by thie Generatl l .4ii'inly the t',Pi'rt of
pp'.ealJ fi tile t'irst t'irneit shall hol. si.s
sloiiis of tolurt at lrtoiin tnge. AUl i Citye i,
N w liiet I, ('raw li . Th:iidaiix and Lake
 i' l lll ll nl-lt' l1 'lt ililn 4 li 'ci.i~ l .ltk.
iti:lit l Ivn boy- ..al:aid Courtn ofir nti o sa andt
tli ' I h' rt - ip;sltis fui,: tih , 'ei' s:' 1t'il. :it
I,u il , l is'i tlrIi.lt a vl 1 AllC n'lid. .'lid
.lel h l r phai t'lr  1.4L1) " ,I1 t , si;atei'l lby
ir-uit01 t;limi all A' b stil "Corit, if utl othe
i 4cot*I ns A.t . l aItrale f r he ternl.l.s t (,, tat
to be' hell at ni pla - rlln Iitrt hi t tirne a Lo
ratcl l i4~ tlber to t lhe e Iii ou  of A(*rtitch
year, iame a1idl courllt Ladtll nsovne at tfob
iif.trent return pih .t.lhes herein iaIlnetl ir the
lbli" bit;nea utci acre lire, all sir Ihall keep
their lurt in  si-t unil ithe cases before f
tle arl.o harid ol fiealill detrtt'llated. The
it l a time l, place to a hin f appeals rheall Il
lmade returnable froi the Parilshe in si hl
Circuit to be tfi ed by aid Court, until Ot t;ar
wise regulated by law.
S.<tlon 3. lie it fulrther nsdv"., et:., That
Arti le1 ofthe Const it uthon of the State of
Lbuiiana be at aunendol an to ravd as fdollows:
Article 10. The aClerk of the Itllrict ourts
lof the ' flurt of Appells, andslle shall aend
toslluri of said Prlwr either ia person or by de
puty and thIe ('Cirk of the Court of Appealsehld
for the Parish of Orleanos shall remain has now
tn lahy the I onstitutelnh until otherwise, phr
videl by the General Assemily. The cost of
aspilal in any cane appealed to the Court of
Appeals stead4 mot eEl ellt Si Dollars. The
Polie Juries of the various Paits of the
State In which the Warts of Appas are heli
shall proovide suitailt rooms fr lthe tbooldl oi
uch btourt, s o as not lo lterfetre with to
sessions of the District or other Courts.
Seelon i. he It further rensolved, etc., That
Article li of the Constlltuthn of the tllat. of
Louisiana be ameded i as to read "afollows:
Article 131. There shall be a mrurt of Ai
peal known and designated as the Court of
Appeal for the Paraish of Orleanst, which shall
be anolmorte of thre judgesi, who shall be
learned in the law and who shall have lprai
ticerd law In this State for six years, and shall
have betstun resldents of one of the Partishes
hereinafter namiaend for at kast two years next
prraeding that election, and they shall Ih
ellected for a tern of twelve years. The sail
Court. except as otherwi ti provided In this
Constitution, shall have appelllate juritdlletiou
nly, which jutrisdiction shall extend to all
cases, elvil or pretato, when the matter in li,
pute. or the funds to he distributed. habll ex
coed one Mundred Dullar., exclisive of lnter
cot, and shall not exceed Inlro Thousand Dol
lars. exclusive of interest. No judgment shall
be rendered by the Court of Appeal for the
Parish of Orleans without the concurrence of
two judges, except as herein otherwoe prerkl
ed. When two judges cannot concur for any
reason, the Court shall have authority to call
upon any Judge or Judges of the District
Court within its territory of jurisdiction,
whre duty it shall be when called upon to aid
in the determinatlin of the eas:; or it may
Irequest a judge or judges of the Courts of
Appeuals to aid n the determination of the
case. Said Courts shall also have juriediction
of all appeals from the City Courts of the City
of New Orieans. and all appeals from the sad
,Iity Conrts shall be tried de novro, and the
Jidg'es of the said Court of Appeal may pro
vide lby rule that one or more of the Judges
shall try such cases, which they he authorized
to decide Imnmedliately after trial and without
written olpinions. The Iltst Court to lie orgaun
izert unsder this amendmeunt shall lie conposl
of the present Judges of the Court of Appeals
for the Parish of Orleans, who shall cantinue
in office until the first day of December of the
yealr of the expiration of the terms for which
they were respectlively iectled. or until such
time thereafter as their sulccessors may tie
elected and qualitied; and upon the expiratlon
of the term of the present two Judges of sal;i
Court, which term expires in 1904, there shall
he elected at the general State eltetion next
prelding the expiration of their terms of
otlice, two jlldges for sail Court. one thereof
for 't term of eight yeart, and the other thire
of for a term of twelve years. And uloun the
expirt ion of the term of ollee of tile other
prnesent judge thererot, whlose term expires inl
1LIA, there shall be elected at thie general State
election next preceding the expiration of hile
term. one.I uulge for the term of twelve year.
All sulbsslent elections for .iudges for said
Court shall twb for a term of twelve years antl
shall be held at the general State electiou next
Sroc euilt thi expirattion of the term of the
Judges of acid Court. Said Court shall sit in
the,' Parish of Orleans and shall hold its sea
lions from the second Monday in Octtober untd
the end of the month of June of each year.
Vacanucios occasioned by death, resignation
or otherwise, shall be flled for the unexpired
terms by appointment of the (tovSrnor, with
the advee andl consent of the Seaate.
The Jullges of said Court shall each receive a
salary of four Thousand Dollars, per annum,
iparabl monthly on his own warrant.
All appeals within its jurls I!etion from the
Parishes of I Orlea:ns. St. James. St. Joln ith
Iltaptit. Jeffcrson, St. ('harl." Plaqub:llil.
St. iternardl anl shall be returnlable to sail
Court. and the costs of filing the asile. sLhail
le. as now, fixed by the Conltttution or the
law. lntll lLtherwicist reguilated by law.
Section 7. lie it furtlher reot' I., etc.. That
ihe forego~li ing lenlldinents to the Artlek~ . it
the Coantitution of this State. if adopted. sthall
utnoe opierative on the 1t :day of Janlanry.
lalt., and all casL's pentlding and undeternlined
on said date, inll tho Supllreme Court shill be
finally determitnedl bny aiid Court anlid all eases
pending aril unideternnllnedt in the Coerts of
Appeal as now constituted shall hetra lide'rnr d
to tihe Courts of Alppeal. as orgalni*ed ander
tlhee alliendients. having jurisdltilon tnder
the forecouing anmeudnents of the cause, and
withoullt c.ts to the piiirt i(-J.
Suet iona 8. le it fnrther resolve c l, Thlt
sad prolosed anlennudments ih, isn 'llhittll ho
the electors for their alpnro'al or rsjoyjgatibn s
required biy Article 21 of the (Conslhti&de of
Loullsmana, and the general election Ilws of
this Slate,. at the Congressionni electliod to be
held in this State in November. 19t01.
(SigtIed.) J.Y. 8AN DEIR,
Sealker of the Hoae of itepres tiveat.
(Slgnal.) ALIBERT E.-i liPIN ,
Lieutenant Governor and President of the
Apploroved, July 8th. A. D. 190t.
Governor of the 8tate of Louisianl.
Atrnte copy:
BSocretary of 8tate.
House Bill No. 122.
Act No. iHD.)
Joint Reaolution-Proposing an amendment to
ArtlelSI of the Contitutlon of the State of
Section 1. Be it enacted by the General as-i
sembly of the State of iuds .lna. Twthldls
of all members elected to eabch House ooncurr
log. That Article I of the onstltutloo of the
State of LouilLanl be oI amenoded us to ad
uas follows:
Artlele 10. The following shall beexemot
from taxation, and no other, via: All pubnie
peopetty. plaoel rlelgos r wrhp, or bur
lthberetorliesd pasolnagesof churcltos d
_and rounda apna rtenat. used ex
lusiuvely al resdeDec for the mllatters in
cburge of such churcbes, all eharitable lstitu
tionsl, all buildilgs aad property uaed exclu
i-ely for public mnameats or hiseorial ol
stn. ollgs and other school purposes.
the ra estate ofay public li
bray. and that otay other Ibe
h boobs snd l oIopieOtl appartu, anal all
lio boa hoshold poerr to the valueof ito d
hundred dollarse mhll plo be exept
tom paoobal and munblpal taxatn fora
per d of tenyears from the rst day of Jan
uary, 1ii, the capial. machlnery ad other
employe In minlng upereatlko and
i themanufactureof tetilwlfries, yarn,
rope, oordlage, leather, shoes, harness, addie
r, ha clothln±. mur. muhinety, aloeles of
tan, copper and shu Iron, agrleturl imple
moent. and furlturo and other atickls of
wood. marble or stone: somp, stationery, ink
and aper. boat builhling, anld fertllaers and
cbemalols: provided that cnt less thIan re
hands are employid in any one fctory; pro- I
vided that nothing herein c utained ahln af
feet thie exemptionm provided for hy existlng
Constitutlootl prtnvision. Then- shall also be
exempt from taxation for a period of ten
years frotm the date of its compltiorn any
railroad or parts oif such ralroal that may
hetafter he oollmtrunlted and completod prior
to January I1st, ISA; provided, that when aid
has hoeretofoore been voteiy b any lrish, wand.
or municipality toany rallread not yet on
structedc. such rallnrd shall not he entitled to
the exenlption frum taxationu herrein establlsh
ed. unless it warlvers and rellclUlshes such aid
or consents to a resubmission of the question
of granting uch ad to a vote of tt roperty
taxiayrs of the l:trish, wardnt or niunlipaity. d
which has voted the salne. if orn-third such
profrtly t:axpayter petition for the sanme with
n aix months after the aldontion of th!s Con
stitution. And povlided, farther, tlnat this
xemptloni shall lnot apply to double truths,
sidings, switcher., deds or other implrove
ment. or bietterments, which may be construct
ed by railroauds now in operation withta the
State. other than ext-nsionsi or new lines con
ntructted by such ranthoals; nor shall tih ex
empt:on hereinnefore gruntenl apply to any .i
rcairoaul or part of such railnond. the construe
tion of whic1 was begun andil the roadbed of I
which was sluistantially coumpiited at the date
of the adopltion of tais Constitnution. The prop
erty or real estate hrloanging toany mlitary I
orgnization of thIe State iof Lmislana which as
usid by thi' State Nationtil (;uan or militia
fur mnilitary purposes. such as rnen'mals or ar- i
mnorles,. while so uedl shall he exempt froem
t .i a:t'" ".ia
the :I r!' -.r! ~I ' r'a .1 t al m-d.ent.. •Th'i
h'"b "-a.I In a a'(ch House of the GeIas1 4h
* a. a iin - t ar a . par:ate daJ a, n 3515u
-, l . :IV l:h - .no l-as 'a i , tar-n ti nt /er " n tlla
ji,uri , 'i; of e:'" 11 l llf.;, the ta ! p StLtaa ltiltl
-h;Il et:nlto Il ti i.-amse to b. pull lisa iI twa
n(i. fas:- ' ,:-hta-h!u itl hi e pdri-h r f f oarlu
anda ll erIe I..ata r ill .ia h oliher parishr of tha
":atea i a wbi a ut 1ewpL.r r is publis  i. for
two anonth- Iar-e-ltnlr thaC next eltviandt for
tRt pr. - a-'. :: a a i- I ( ao l ari-iis.
w,". i lIa'iti ilrther-na.lt i!, .etC., That a
:aill Ilvae iall lit l irlr e lllntaitive. iln ' 1~WD r .a ,
t I-i ulllI nmend Iaellalila t-l shall le subruia;lld to tht
,electo.,ra for their a!,l)ui;-ii or rPejeatdl
Sec. 4. It. - it faurtllr el -;t(l.l, At., Ih. ut
said election s1halll I1m h.It-l uuaticr the exlttUlL
('l*::ion llawl of the a ta: , atl irfa a ln ority
v t lla rl on a:ud l aindali'nllll('l.tS .hall apahr( anti
runt tha. -a!. atl11a aia ae11-netaa ts so a a
irroril andi ralaatieud Ahalil t.:u e, pu lt of toe
( 'os-I tail in..
:tl". Li.. it furt.ahr alanaeted, at'.. That twhe
a-.t' of* +ait i "a'l aI a tu il s ai'i a- w:ade n wln s
% a It ro,!a, i;llu.tiotrl of the Governor.
n. "n t J. Y. S %l ltElS,
ptaials.r of ta W a hiau-, of a ltteaaa eictltive.,
Iie; 1_ml. t .111 .IEtT ET1 r PtINAL.
I.lallara.llt:it Governor and President of the
:1 n.lfe.
.Apr aro etd .fily lth A. II. Jfit!.
G;overnor of the State of IoiuitaL
A trai e.ao :
JOHtiN T. 11('HEL
-trretary of Statte.
House Blll No. !9.
Act No. 1i1.)
'rIiJltn an an uendianent to Article ~i of the
Coa.tiltuto ill of the State tof Luuisilia.
Setlhlon I. Ik' it resolved by the General
Assolulliy of the Staie of Loutiianl, two-thirds
of all tinr m twiersN electel to each House tin
curring, that the. followingr shall b timllltted
as an anueudm.nut 1n Iehu of Articlellc tOifu
t(onstitulion to the electurs of the ate at the
next gennral Congn'aional election to he
holdeu on the Tuesday next totlowing th. .
Monday in November. IltB, and it shall be the
duty of the otloer charged with the conduct
f Maid election to prowuuli. mmI l rvildO a,
Isil olt.etlan iU aeoi'udana with Artlhu 4aa
the Constltution.
Articleo ti. There shall be and is hereby
created a State moard of Appraisers, wruse
duty it shall he to a.setss the property belong.
lng to corlporations. ea~-iaioase, and Indivi
aialas employedIll an ai;lway, tiltgfleit, tele
phionet, s.llepiug car taid l rexprest liusilnes
throulhout 11.1 $.at.- of lauisaiana, hichle
Baard of Aiprlnlt.-lr aill Ie tamnpomUd of te
Auldltor andl othllr Iraealatairs corrruielpondng l
numberl to the ar onllrr''iiual Distraets of the
State. to beeleita-l b, tiae t.overms.,- Ileuton
ant Governor, Tl'reaturer, Attorney Guenral
and ecret:ary of Stala,. onut meombr fUth e.uch
Lonrats.ltloual Distri.t. itar the term of four
tears. alail tila ietnearall AS.a'llely hall fix the
l nlll'l sationo os aud Ikltl."
(JSoed.I J. Y. iANDsitS
Stikealur of the Hoiut of itlprJsentatives.
(lyuned.) ALIIkrIT lAd I'I'NA .,
Lieut(.uant Governor and Presldeut of the
Approved July 9th. A. D. 19
W. W. HrARD.
Governor of the State of Loultslaa.
Secretary of State.
Senate Bill No. st
Lct No. lt2.l
lineillnnt Article :1CS of the Constitution of
the stats ofr lauilanlaa.
Ik- it enac-utled by the -en-rail Assolubly of
be State of Iuidlanal, a tuajority of both
loues emnurring. That at the next general
l~ction for Congretsl.lenl to tn, held in this
tat te oa the int 'iL'il-41:t. in the month of
ivetalwr. 1t?. , that there lshall it submlttot
a the tlual ided l ettors of this State, an
mendlmtllall to .trtic- l I1; of thea Constitution
Sthis Statie. so that the sacte shall road as
allow., to-wit:
Article 156. All vatlla arrants issued for
autlrie- and auithoried elxplenses of the ofultes
f th clerks of the Civil District Court, Regis
-r of Conveyanes aniad Itoeornier of Mortgages
,r tlhe parish of iOrh-ans,. of the Cletrks of the
iry (Courts of the City of New Orloans, and
ar salaries of the Clerks or tihe Court of Ap
cal. which are p:ayatble out of the special ju
icial expeli- fund provided for by Article
o ot the Contilutiou of 179,las amended.
nd whtlih shall toa outstralinl antid in Ild at
Lie date of the aldoption of this eoxstJtttionl
r which shall bet. isutd for thse currrut month
t which thlil. C'a,:ltaatltlli, a L iv laalitteJ, atr hetr -
y doelarril to be vali d d en sisting eiainsi
gailst the revi-tilllue of tee reils ctie oiltla
Ipol which olid fullnd wa atllade dieludetit.
The hollletrs of saiil wa.irarntt may presoent
!cnsF *ithin six ntaonthls :fter the aikiition of
Ias C(onstittituton to the Itaird of lquhllation
f thle City I)hbt. aaid rerolv-e theretor the
nuda herelaiuttr atUthortized to bie i-ued: and
he City of Now Orleanl is requlred within
hroe ,lontlh Iromn the adoptin of ti Co
titut~ion, to parovile for said warrants or
latlns, by the Isuance of bonds in the alti of
'wo buntdred and twenty-five thousand dot
rs,. or so auch thereof as niay be n-cttlsalry:
aid bonialt ihall Ixe for the fae- viluS of skai
rarranItsl l I it lsith deouwin-tions as the mid
totnlr of !.quatllt n ih.ull recolmmitd, .ad
haill ta d:tatel J ily IW.  It.t :a:;d wiade I-ayable
we-n;: -.11% yas-a, a :ar asf.tatt, or vAr.iair. at the
I'iutll olt ±;1il Iuar .i - rad-l ifl l l.ear tour per
tr: pr ! ataaa:n iaiel a-A. I. , liale .ital'-a-atnualu
r. snlt Itpr'an'laaed by :1Artest -tiaaaaiIas at
atuhel Itlh-er:to, Ltl Iii hat of !.:il ctu;ll(llp paya
le Jantary st. 1r99J; .aid londsll to be known
SJdlc,:al Ex j5Wae Fiiiad i;undhl, iand to be
Inlged by tlhe Mayor and ('omptroller of the
ity of New tlastlas. aund del.iverd to the
ltural of lhlutdstlion of the City Debt and
hall be couuterLzt-ed bly thl Presideut and
acaretary of raid iloarl ad issued by said
.larlI to thOe Hobldar of ail warrants upon
irrelndtr 88tz.ae. Neotler the State of Lo
atianno tt ite City of New Orleluas shliall ever
Sliablie for the payment of said Ilnds nor
ie; Inteltet tlheeon. except praaaas the 'ljaclat
Inrd heren pr-olaed for. "atail aiilarillrla.
ilon or othlar 1-rovi-ioln tlriaefor mlsad lay h
tate or city shbll be rlull lnod void. Thea
h:ll be sta, i' m tile face of sld bonds
fit worali.; "'Itsfed ln aica-orl:int- with Article
6 of the Consrtilutnm of Iousllana of l~4ag"
'be Clerk of the CivilU Districtk Court, Register
fCoonvero m s IHtecotder of Mortraie
or th Pn.ri, n. n the Cloh-l
he City Court of Flew (irkleans. shall keep
ecurtoe and slaa i 'aeants in books to he
ird chan s l eii in thiblr ohces r-,pa
Ivrel. and ay I furniash. daily, tothe
'Ity uomptra-lter. umalalsripts of said accounts
aty.t.rttfld by th0m or theIr autiuthoaty
• ad-iitulheers shall is dlly jasy Into the
hemasujry of the Caty of New Ormeans the whole
mount of fees and charge. so collected. Fra
he amounts thus paid Into the City TReaury
be Tremasurer uhall let apart and aeserve twean
per cont out of which shall Dust be maid the
penses necessary for tlae paraetlon nd
aeutlon of the aforesaIld bonds, ad tbhreat
r the same shall be used solely and elueu
rely to rstire the bonds lssued In psymelt of
id JudIcIal xpense Fund warrmants and iL
ast thereon,. and the Corliicates of the
niatroller- hereinafter autlorixed: and upon
are secoLnd Tudlay D ecember and June of
rery year the Trcauer s·U pay aid
mounts so reserved. and also the amounts re
y ot from the Ulvil SberIff, to the Board of
kluldtlon of the (ity Debt until ll the
--da herein authoriatel have bean ~lred or
aid; and on the second Tudary In Febrary
d Augrst of evor year, aid oard of Luil
tion. tn accordance, with rules to be adped
ad ae public y It. shall. after payl the
rman-aul latinteret on said bonds. purae
redeem witbh eloh money thu aet apat as
ay have accumulated, and with the surus
_ the remaninl eighty per cent a hcmlaf
'a provl ed, as many ollaid heds a aid
_y will buy or rdseem, prefa belng
sSte and ersa belard· o a the fm pi-o
salbeby is ravd i tBeardteo
lad ths. sha llhepiod mome by e
cket .ads mute t lelksl tha teefAp
ral, am ow constitatod ad na il elsti
theterk of the said ulort a8bc er Jad
L together wlit much antomad eane of
doice am neo t requeud e he paid by
oCitlf New Ortean and thil t muer
ei ht per eat, if ayshnll b e iaed by
STremarer to the aid Bmard at~ladtlo,
d eshall be used to redeem or pay id bonds
Id easrtifiate a hierelnbefoes sad aeImaf.
dprolided. Rultf said eihty s- mitr
titled to payment and shall ne certl
tes therefor In suma not laes thea ten dol
ra, which shall bear lateret at therate of
ur per cent per annum from date, and maid
wrest shall be paid annually. but the prlual
I of said certicatem ahall be pid from the
nads herein set apart and refseu td
Ithe honda issued in payment of QLtand¶
•warrant shall h tave rst bt redemed or
All disbursements fromt said fiad for sta
nery shall be made upon the requisition
the ofocers requiring same; said eqUllsi
)n to be approved by the maeyor of the
ty of New urleans; and in all aes uch
abursements and all salaries ehall be paid
,the Treasurer of the City et Ne Orl-t am
.on warrants drawn larinst aid fund by
e Comptroller of said city, approved, so
ruas the CUivl District Court Is coneerned
Sthe preaidlagl judge thereof, for the oflice
" Recorder of Mortgages and the olfee of
iglter of Conveyances, by the Mayor of
,e Clty Of New Orleran,-amd fothe eoIem
the respective city courts by the judge or
daes thereof and for the oficers of the
)urtof Appeal by one of the judges thereof. I
rtil the full and final payment of all said I
muds and certificates heretnbefore provid
I for thle salaries of the employees of the
riouns ofices hereinafter named shall re
sin as now fixed by law, and there shall be
Sincerease in the numberof employees now
ithorized by law for the offees of recorder a
mortgages or register of conveyanles, uu.
as otherwise ordered by the CI1v! -lstrict
Court ittinI. ern i.line; ain. thl, niluala .r
et pll * elal. ,l t" a : tnail , t ( liu:t ai l i
hIblIs-u'f lThe Cl.rki ofl the tirat antil .v, 'vi,
city caurts. until the aru" .niat.,ti 1n aft t
ei'"y courts s reineforellal pravad ,t- far. ii:a
ea.ch app'lnat with the aipprovall iil the ju1ta._
therteof, au additiotnal d.putl (lerk at lift
dollatrs Ip r iortlh, i.llut Inl tlltlier e:nla'ietr
nor lare,.r .ilta ,,s than tho sI now tiXiz" I
liw.gl a:ll hbe a lowI d to tihe i ityr aotrts. 'lii'
maid iohaterd of l.iqluidatl i n" h,.reiainthi *r
named shall hian theil right to rejliet an
and ail hllti made for thea ra*dtilmptiun t,
bondsl issued as her in aboe provieh.d, anl
should thrle il." no hlidi, r none ua e( spedi l
then slalid ilo.ar of liqul itn tin, on tLi,i t.i-e
and Tutesday In February and Autaagast
eaclh yeiar, with ' h Iatever aa'uult lla haarbe
prid Ito . id board by the tria.lurerar helr ti
provide 1, shall, lafter paying the interest
pay said lands in numerical order. Ait,
the paymenit of all of slid bionds1, the twir-tt
pacrecit, ri-erve herein iirraded, anid an
snirlrti ofi t ll a ntaia:ining eaigatry per cell
shoatlbi tled l tbte h :it Treasurelr in pay
Ieta the tertiltIeates herein provided for. I
any, iat tha order of their issue. N1 hen suia
judicial expense fund bonds and coitirollc
certilcater s, if any of the latter ashall be asl
sueld, till have been retireld and ceane.ht
the salar iat and expenses of thie various of
Scers lffetedt by this artclel and ttahe ri
vease of said officers shall be* regilated an
disposed of as may be determined by th
General Asseulably This article shall tak
efect from the last day of the current mnont
in whial this constitution is adopted. an,
all atounts arising from the Ju|tieial ea
pease fund, which shall remain in the hand
of the state Treasurer on that date, shahu b
paid by hias to the Roard of Liquidation o
the City rebt, and be used by said board a
part of the funds herein above referred to.
(,ilred) J. Y. SANDEK1,
Speaker of the lHose of Jetpresentativce
S(Sgaed) ALilRT ES lotPINAL,
IAeutonant Governor and President of th
Approved: July 10th,. A. D. 1902.
Governor of the State of Louislata
Secrstary of tate.
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Store building, known as Proteet
lors Hall, talll resiiiD.ncet sitdated 0
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Jack'o r streets4. IFor particular!
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Buff Clchi egts for sale at $2 0(
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Shertffs Offiee Parish of Lanfourchie.
Thibudaux, La Sept. Oth, 1902.
Tax payers of the Parish of La.
fourche will please take iaotice that
the Tax Rolls for the year 1902 have
been filed in the office of the Clerk of
Uouit and exofliein recoruer of
Mortgages of the Parish of Lafourche
nd said taxes are now due anti waill
become delinquent aftar the 31st day
of December 1902 and will bear in.
terest at the rate of two per cent per
•outh until paid.
BheriI and Exoficio Tax Collector
Pariah of LafurcLhe.
Notilee is hereby given that all
repairs that are in my posseseion if
aot called for in 30 days will be sold
!or charges.
5-5L MJ3s. A. BouRow.
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Notice is hereby given that all
repairs that are ira my poseesson if
lot elled for in 30 days will be sold
!or chlarges.
5 5t. Ms A. BouloN.
Bank of Lafourche,
SCapital Stock $295,000. Surplus $25.000
Designated Depository for
funds of Parish of Lafourche
and Town of Thibodaux.
A..1 I !t .\ IT I), nPlridei t, K. .1. 1t A I I). (':,.hier,
Cr . J. BANi KER, Tice I',siites·t, '. F. I,(;E,19'1:. Abat Ca( hi
-...... F:c'ToI ......
!,. A. BLO()IN, 1b. )IE,1.AI\E. Dr. T. STiTIK.
h E. N. ItOTHI. JOHN T. M10O()lE, .IR., nlt L. E. MK1i:;"
Is C. J. BARKER, A. J. ILAt1), C. It. BEATTIE,.
o Does a General Banking Business 3
Buys nad Sells Domestic and Foreign Exchalige.
e Southwestern Louisiana
Industrial Institute.
E. L. STEPIIENS, - - President.
A State Institution for the instruction of both sexes In the Art?, Seiences,
Manual Training, Domestic Sci.nIce and Commercial h 'anceles. Offers live
courses of study, requiring one, two, three annd four years for completi ,In, as
1. Counmercial Course. 3. Manual Training (kcurse.
M 2. Stenography Course. 4. IDomestic Science Course.
id 5. Aca:lemic ('ourse.
rs hRequisite for Admission: 14 years or older; satisfactory examination in
Grammar Grades branches. including arithmetic to percentage andl Elemen
tary Geography and HIistory.
landlsome new bLuil.lings, colnlodious and modlern n appointments.
, Enipment full in all departments. lealthfulness excelleut. TUITION
FREE. Necessary expenses very modlenate.
.Splenlid new brick ilurmitory for younig ladies. with all moderm equip.
ment and conveniences. iron singhl heelwl f,,r each student. spliOus and well
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it from city wa.tctrwrks for Ioathing. pure rain water for drinking and cooking.
Apply in advance for board. Young men board in private Tatllies at 10 to
r 8112..50 per month.
Second AunuaIl Session Opens Wednesday, September 17th. 19(2.
ii. Catalogue scut on application. For further information write to
V. L. ROY, Lafayette. La
1.P g "TImTerns cEM
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e .-OFFICE A T-.
O al.mam, d rtsoatdII Lb. f
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' Ge f Q 4 ne
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