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The weekly Thibodaux sentinel. [volume] (Thibodaux, La.) 1898-1905, October 11, 1902, Image 4

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We h541 wne rv)(,; in i "' ightftii
lr-atieeu is the bh aning oif theweek.
Miss Lucy Leonard vi= t'l li=-'
Her netas Lapmde dun,'!g la- werrL.
B'o k , ;rx~erý, mmthe eack lust.
$l :º. at Ti.. ,IL....t 't. rc.
are ghi. to noite
Mr a~iltte H lCg . I !,,,:~
retuirne'i !:-t ~ rd iv '. ~ItAt t_',"t:.._
toy~. whrre It: t- t,., I -.-s. -*::oat.:.
Mr, C. H~ W* (Vir~ito .-u~er'an.
jug he-r "i-."*ýhter. M.rs t;. Rate. ''.
of Ho:4owu. Tea~s.
The I'au r tlail C'.. of ýt. L Ath;.
Flo. Ian~s w)?k it M"l.Is ltY I r";.s~rS
Dory to reainude iiug the parish jail.
ýee us f" r (: i.crw.-ar a,: l Fiannei
Uv ushirls, The Kaui kc t Store.
The Baak of Lafoortbae is having
its hai'ding on Creep street rt~crer
!di with s'i,&Q.
Tho. C'. Ti' ;r. c p"rvi w rrtsi m _r
eh º'.L e1 .Ati.-s ws~ a p'ra'az.t '.::'r
at s.ur odle "'n 1C~lr"indar.
Mrs. P. RI. Janrtisr. of C: ,stet-. iý
P. Kett.
$.ensI'sr U'. II. I'r~L-' 9t.i f'";:r
Winl Be"ts' It-. -ýýr 1. c" :e .:" r
f rI I:tný t'..^ ' c fa~V r t o!~ t!:. w-."k.
tr c",'n.'a R "t d . wife vbii
b..' l' ea -p.L:.t .t me timeC iii
Mor to t"'tv. re:ýrn." b1 ei:ne Jest
. .ndi..
a id Maia Fdith PL~ .-- ",f \~ t W
kiss attendMit"jt ºt.. :
son wetklit.gz.
I have eetier ýe n 1" tt. ! -
is o~ften heari t "k:':uk ,.r ,t ."º5
V5dº now Lett , r. { t at F R:-.:. t'
Rhie on a L'~ ~e1t .1
H' 4aisi Isidrd a .au. in: asur: ng tit,
feet and weifi~ir= cw9itr Vs
!be fair given brut 7auwa'y by ihe
$a BzPJ R.x.J it:('lW1 :si granJ
suaea The A~a~a ith tin ilairk
ace~d $I235
Its. t you get ti new Hast, teat
old oine ups rather mibs',br, we "~n
Mme kind rsu""l ps!.o fo r Le ..
wher '. The Rmetet ttniw.
Judgre F' t Waite, abgriciste Jns
tIke of the Supreme Court of tt*
United Suttes. spent the dive I1".:
ýCdWaiet, eO bWs p:atsti.)n to 'he
ruper ar= at t~aeparih.
A prematire fire sarsrn wa,
!+d on Mlondlay occasioned l~y a blaze
from the cbiuseey of Ike. kitch4eu oft
Apnllou Pettier, which wss fnrtnruste
is quksklr put out. by ntighburs.
Hon. Frank P. P~arr, our e fleleut
Oyster Cosi miasoa er. and 31-. Jo.
H. Price, of 'b td wt rer here
.1 a r( 4;';k ~rt-.-t: '!: tit-I .t.. ""
l. It'fl2 I'". d1. "
Wc re :a'i t to nc.:P ttyit Mr' Dr7 s
I' J. Dnoeemas. of !.aida!err ieawiM') :..
. is-en eriiue-aL i for s.v't al t. .*t
to ®ou" t2b.-r.1 i
A ºr~v" ý''-4'~ -.::: t re LT
t,l at Lbe Tý,'rpiitix opera Iý."ure on º
Tt ýr- ~'i yi 1.k. . l ii 'n" ilical talL
ant ur,"il.r toe al"P asar~i~e-r nt of
1 to
( "'. f. J A. T.e-.' f rI" ~
c~~~~~ .lmx'ý__ ~
t ti', . re ý hi-' T4 1- '.<'
T!" uii f ýl.ari,..t ýtrw't_ an"I
Sh'v E1e ua d ºvG to aifriji ttk-I M,
wý~ ~ ~~i J xlý:L r t"Mi-- Rama b;
At; thb .' ;2r..`'-rs Livse l.een btn'y
putting tIbinf s in orr'kr for for grln'1
in t sad in the txur~e of the nest two! i1
or three wReks evyry factvry ih the'of
pa hWrihg. j!» ý.,.erati."ui. T*e it,
Fprºý}e' f" r s fanir t i. J.} t-*ua~ geautlwr,
ui. . ~ c"1 II -r'. R
1ii. 1r t-s
` - - -
"n"$ r~tnr". \vc . 1". -"., :l " ,
opn'rt of 1.-ý-n e'e}. ' " >'. - !t
of for C.ºsfdvra- 3V..''
ýfor rormtd trip pi .1 rn t': t
-titer than Nov. -=: ` ;'"°t
"" r. zrn an i:.", is r~l srrr.vd
''- rr2 f '"1'h"t w" h 111' 1 r9Y1)9n. t w
'1.rcs¶ a "wt'ti' .: at PIr'ty rttvi
dad .. ? " -.t I.v'1/1ec I:c to t::" r, 1
E s Life Ia P'rA.f
*I :-rit ?ý rai'- to Late gone all t"' a
pieeer. isrim= "-fri-d Re., of ýVa I' 1
iatre, Tr=.. ýbI~i areis i rd a i1mm'
triok Ms t ruý4e idfe a Iiur.1. I
44IinMt enit ".r i e'p ar.d f-t a'r,' 3t
1(W) W.'Yfl orut toº r",,; wiLra I t" Dan ; ;
to ui. j le-triC B. r3, bat t5 "t"'
wvrki"d wvtuki's. \uow I e!et) l ke a,
top, ecan eat snnstb~io? bhave am.d in
sirn'tLT 9y Pn'o h M' wok~'
Th.y 4 ie vi '-r. :s h- a'th and new
Try thiem. U ir .Iv "' at ;I: 14r .g
Tt is w" n i-^f h rrw F" Th-::ei ks
aat 1e vn B~e-&i
" It 4i`J. t~e low j"'iC" :Lit ':a.-"
Hare ty'n sent in 1e-4r order ý".t
Ifnot try hb-rn new. be Ww ... e
inmchy Ior ýn
Dr 1 oox.Is. ~i a': anin "~al..., Gr-x-e
A S':..:,ý{"
-- Srh.it i.i C~'-r roitr ,," ath most
tin a , "rt 1 was~ n~.but recen t'e
.T>'..-tata. th- L': ri s'n cr 9tiot l'
[At..h 'itee th te v+ner as;f the tC
tro it-l-fe boi~r ofa L.ic~r "fle thb- e
( beant ane D that ga.-neertlemsoi la~
pr. e .xtý.:n'~'f tohe on o the v.ery i
ht. -.emi-prydat!.es dioa but aliasros
toI ifr the boou,~i~t or ofbengclle t-t.I
T., -...n wL'er= of the oh r
e.'.,";!;:.e a wi.ý bit t.- "i,-r.4 vi
T ..oYii'- ni hi e't- Ilt c-fnrnut he g e:
b ;'fi'rs u.. ini mnt of lb.'
atfairs "'f the 5-S. i~on. and~ Li'.
a"; i'v: n" tt:,t "_":L: dr acri p!uperlr
training a~ ,eh a tai,: tram~f as we hiave
!tail Ite past sea-on. We are' asurrd
by him that Iwcou4i doubt thbetermi
of nett ,eiwnta wi'l he far fop. nor
the cti ' of l~i+. whý"ab:.r lie i, h. re or
'rot. fir Lt't- ~i-t* , m " E!.t"'f'
t".!'. .. t ý . n
" C.
.-S !i - i~ i"D f: L
14 ", ft I ii . \ t -:ia t'PO: ý
11: " :. 1" .&:*. ~
1 f' \twe (Ii, * . ii , 1 f,-e
\""W l 4i.h-.a. 1.1: i-z. $
. f w. r.
,.-: 4c *oarv l tt ip W4 tti.sl it,.
f Tu'e ".t R +"e - .16ý "
an Tar itý.
Ii Co p undSyu
t. an TI R.r. Nar?!~ (i,
Lit Ittue S r n".. º t,^ ",Ui. Ps
T ~~~~'2 1wrtewesiUj M~
Caps! Caps!.
For Men & Boys! For Children! For Everybody!
A very large a .ortimint to be found 1t
Badeaux & Wagner,
- Manufa turers Ageuts f:r -
T:xhatus Tr:" U :ýE 1 io :. Cc '_r- Te : puone 31
Miiin Street. Thibodaux,
Attention! Attention!
The entire stock of goods
ot the late Mr. A. Bouron,
consisting of Jewelry, Wat
ches, Guns, Sewing Ma
chinez, Bicycles, Toys, Etc.,
contained in the store corn
er Main and St. Philip Sts.,
is for sale at cost price.
WAN rFl) -I.... perSoin
to apt s : gPV i'1 es fry ('ýflty in the.
£.'.le ft~r aitide ini," "~l .tcn...id t,
!f :rmera and trt e1 i~'wt r. G.~-4 se I
' 1 atiuring tine tea!. Pc:.:a°eep~ov.
:et rTDhe rrcly c"u-arc. Per
mam L!. The tftMtt C~o~njnny.
MIoniiZ h, 1iin~
'As eac'c nw' car ta'S thne penj.1e
who seal re~iiZ +a s:e. ti: .r an~ Wi.)
teats Li~s hý.rM&: :u". man wn
Bo ike awi "ibea~t ti n :ý: av~
wa~ka tue etrn-.ts Ru h L- '.- :ii
b&iasn the Dci tfhoL k -4 .- two ior'Lar-e
1 dlogs ar..1 savs be can't 'fora to take j
the howae t;alper.
Get ft on T,no-T "[: 1} _' e lo a.
f.o~tt~ 'at Tb-rw>iaui L :nai= S:.re. 1:1I
For a G"_od t Ca ue.
1 h omeiedes Da, -s deBo
Se~ur. s oci~v ozn-. --j many
s (º thela'iea f 'h :-.:'In of
isL J0 1b= t'dthu'c i.: ,..r i-. Is ar
ranging to have Tý f.1 ý '. ra:-e'
tIfuJ5 tU , 4 a-=t Ur~ ` nt- ho
.uoiofthe ."rV.: :,':ºý. -.^
"coal ac ] utaer ._-_ -
ai'pr~loa'¶g w rdter. Tee~a c' I
perwsIr niur dret"a n~rke top b-ip in
alt(u~ll k l e ý".t ,n or ti. f.,r"' the
15':h a' t.
~C~l ~k.jJ - . to !r.Tb .,
.;aliile 1I:ztinia. or naom. o~tirr meu t'er
of the utawmittee of iOl'c"i.ura.
' Notice.
MIiss El-ie Wenre- r. ne.ts her
frner:tli sri pitriis to) c- I at her
!IntI i." n-. " n 'h.".-, nr-r of $t. houis
ny Z ni uo za ti~erka, to v~ew andi
exu.iie-er n.w int.. large btr.-k of
wjrat r iiat;. Zhe ha. themn of rcerv
,1.--scrtpu.tnar.f 1"r+ b t. i wil: .- y,~g.
`to .IM,w : i. i.e.+ hi- sure to cL
Fir S athi.
TWO 1ort..i'." .:aa ai n
For f .r::! r tai ar . 9t!e:I!ý t.)
4.. I.:..
Commissioners of Election
for Nov. 4th, 1902.
Ward 1.-I r-- 'i
\:a. uiu, Ed. er - "--. s.r 1ie .n.Ir
Precinc~t :.
ý'o.twuflK~cr,.ZC ari VTtom M-'ryan;
1'eonard Wc- re, E!ph _-' t"°Ry~. _I
"'hn.. B~erdne' ah cki. .. i
Pre~euiet 4.
S- ._r--E::war.i T..up-. Ray
.1"ur . J.hn R"-r~tr.n. J .M.
I~~furc ý.rk. v:r2 auz xa&.-her.
Precinct 2_.
t'-r,yjni*- '.'isr--Edzar IL~tn, FE~t,:
-.y F- P: '.;: id- .r. L- a:. 1. -
:Stýi'rk. .%. 'd "`t "c- s
\Va-i '.rdfan cleric. Fc:1i 1._-' iLi~r
"',..:^ -Lawarde t;uidrv. Lý
_ ý c*a-i*I,1 I
P. i~ . .jtr ,t. ¶'ar~ev s
rc.- .. A.Y ~ "h
C . i"-... -r--I1. arc Morvsa nTas
1.-..e i1.. .-.w -". Ay -r . k wa .hM
' -- P .^ P~. %ide'
. .,L-. :xir'. ltaýr ~s ý
.1- :r.. t: il' ';a1n wawrcz _:
1'. - 4.
-- .amt-e L-.! rt. Jame
La _r-t c:k. -va:.-har.
F_ ii' Uet. T'.i...p""4i ';n... Jua.
Vnices I ..:.njie. Ur-r. IL.ir:=t~. P.
t "ýllnse"nces-ýrv " -tre Marts-t~,
The"'!:i~e Torrei. Mitna \iro~at. An
w~n f rre'. ~e~k. Louis E. Kraemer
wa.Le r.
Ward 7.-Precinct 1.
Conimi=-i"ýner.--Lne Boud~eanz. Elie
Breaaz, Arthur ForeL Albert 'loops
cekrk. Jotn. Bourg wraseher.
Pre eiuit 2.
('otimia.i.r.n~.r.--Thos. J. K~nobloek,
Saturnin Sevin. J. F. Folie. Etienne
IIe`.ert ""!erk. Stanley W'azneep.ek
"""r: " s - t ". ' r.'~ Fa: "ýat.
I : .:hn. .F I 1.,..-r-.,u. Hay
is ri.... W .'.
r 1 t !."- t It. :r . a~::. . M ". a:.
.C.res J~ . i-i it1 "-".3.
.~ .. " ... .
j i.. Y..>XLLi. i: . £ . Y
J''-f' 1 ' i. i 't "i VSev: .T~
Tbe L'obdeli & Percy @6
Wholesale Dealers
Commission Merchants.
~Nfear :I. B4.If7ailo Ipe. TrL te~d4trx. La.
.1*el Joy eid £eiieen Wfouir,
S< Orders For Car-load Lots Solicited.7
Su^ºar Planter= or1er= given -pecial attention for
Grain and Hay
1i. a Phone :. -Cwnh-rlaiad 87.
Oh! Have You
seen the beautiful and
it large assortment of
IWinter Goods
1H. Riviere & Co
They make a specialty
,+in Black Goods and Wais
j Will have in due time a
ý complete assortment ofi
Mortuary Wreathes,
their own importation, and
will give you cheap prices
I Call and Examine our1
Immense Stock
H. URiviere & 00]
Long distance lines and telephones at
this Comupany enable you to talk almost
anywhere in Southern Indiana. Southern
4Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Miasasisppi
and Louisiana. We can put you in quick
and satisfactory communication with the
peopia of this great section of the country.
We solicit your patronage. Rates reason
able. Equipments and factilities unsur
Is six vear old; young active, pregesinve; it mumlae with ~
burdened with aId age; is located in the grez atet y of the South, as
the busiest streets ui 'he Tzion. It as in the prettiest o~ae-boeduiq is
Orleens and is one of the most >~actica1 up to-date busine cofelqi
earth. Send for new i~astrazed cataloue.
P. 8. Any one seadiag the sames of als prospective
wifl receive as return as elegast piece of pen-werk, ezecut
our once.

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