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ýargains, Bargains, in Clothing at Ellis Braud's Sons. Selling at cost to make room for Fall stock.
Said AýVýRTIBE QITj l e u j ý1UlC, hsTI
.01.1 The Sentinel. MxtIiL
_Official Journal of Pthe arish of Lat ashe d ad~iai .n of the Ztrest of the Towns.
voL 37.- ______ THIBODAUXZ, LA.. OT 92 _ - ---- ~ N.1
Tro ready for your in
You'll soon have to jump
into winter clothes, and when
you're read just drop in and
ikover all the nice-thing
we've got which you'll need
this winter.
Big Assortments,
Lower prices than ever.
Gents Furnishings-Shoes, Hate, Underwear, Pants,
ýilrts, Suspenders, Socks, Neckwear, Mackintoshes, Hand
kerchiefs, etc.
Ladies Goode-Hosiery, Handkerchiefs, Corsets, Um
brellas, Knit Underwear, Gloves, Belts, Laces, Embroider
ies, Walking Hats, Featherstich Braids, etc.
Other Goods-Window Shades, Curtain Poles, Lace
Curtains, Hed Spreads, Napkins, Lambrequins, Rugs, Tow
els, Children's Hose, Misses Underwear, Boys Suits, Boys
Shirts, Boys Pants, Boys Hats, etc., etc.
We are determined to keep up our reputation, viz:
"ýewest Prises er P ek rting.'ý
Call early and see our stock. You'll find our salesmen polite and
attentive and remembier we'll appreciate your visit whether you buy or not.
Orginator of Low Prices. )
Phone 130. Chas A. Badeaux, Prop
Main St. Badeaux building
Is now prepared to furnish the best and cheap
est brick in the market......................
One million bricks on hand ready for delivery.
E. J. B RAU O,
Baccessor to I.EFOKT ft TKTREAU
Livery, Feed
* ~...Sale Stables.
Undertaking Wi
. Blacksmith and
-~ . Maker.
ProtSt. Cor. Levee and MKarket, Thibod~au~..
SJust feceived a nice line of
Garland Cook Stoves,
Heaters, Oil Stoves,
IStove Boards, Grate
Fenders, Coal Hods,
Stove Pipes, Window
D lasto sCn etc.
Dissons aneKnives $3.75 Per Dozen.
I ~ H. Riviere & Co.
'Phone 108. Cor. .Main 4J St. Louis Sta.
Advertise in The Santinel.
1 I'P
Having just received an enormous stock of s, I
am compelled to inaugurate a Thirty-Day Sale to uce
my stock. Will cut prices on all Goods as follows: -
$5:0O Hanan Shoes
$3.00 Cincinnati Shoes, 2.50
LADIEN' S10 }Os.r
$2.50 Cincinnati 2.00
$3.50 Pumble Slickers 2,75
and all Summer Goods
such as Slippers, Low Quar
ters for Men and Women at
This is for 30 Days Only.
After that former prices will prevail.
Special Bargains in Hats
Emile J Braud
Our line of Mens, Boys' & Chil
dren's Sweatersis greater in variety
of colorings 8 patterns than we
have ever shown in the past. Our
sweaters are made by the largest
knitting concern in America- the
'kR 6 W" Knitting Mills.
Ellis Braud's Sons.
Olle Secret
"Economy is the foundation on which all large for
Stunes are built."
the firlst istonbe of~rd hi the foudpto rti l ity wh ferbggs the bieom
eslttl adesafsit institution yo cankln.
| Boy cansuarplu thfoundayio, youmayno have git ton
I oo W tkedeostsf*/rnom verybody . P. matterho
muchEstartT wit a j1d 'oi(f o a nt t. Ofte imeR.
Sunday's Meeting.
The Di'moerstic Mass Meeting hefd
last Sunday at the Thibodaux Opera
House was even more of a success
than had been anticipated. The
weather was very favorable and many
of the neighboring people were in
attendance; a)d the spacious hall
was crowded even to standing room
by an appreciative audience which
conta1ied many of the fair sex.
The meeting was called to order
T ptomptly at f o'clock P. M., by Capt
J. y. Walsh, Chairman of the Pariah
Committee, who then appointed Judge
L. P. t'aiIloutt, Chairman, and Messrs.
H. I. Dbpre and John B. Taylor,
7 tarirs of se 'ag..
' introduced as the frst apea er
afternoon. The gentleman ha a for
cible anl iengihy speceb, treated of
! the Trusts, and touched upon the
question of Cuban Reciprocity Judg
lug from the frequent applause there
is no doubt that his able and convine
' iug remarks were well received.
The lIon. St. Clair Adams was the
next sp aker introdnced by the Chair.
man. At the very outset of his
speech he won over his hearers by a
f few witty and timely "hits" at "social
equality." His theme was "Repulili
can crimes", dwelling for someti'n.
upon the uJuck clement in the Whit.
Houae" he then spoke of the course
of "National Aggression" pursued by
the Administration. Later, when
referring to the strike problem, he
attributed to the Trusts, the cause of
this great social and commercial evil.
After the gentleman had been liberal
) ly applauded, the orator of the day,
our gallant standard-bearer, the Hon.
Robert F. Broussard, was introduced
to the audience; cheer upon cheer
followed. The introduction was in
deed but a matter of formality for
the valiant creole leader is, as he so
aptly expressed it, "at home, in la
fourehe." Mr. Broussard began by
dis-claiming any attempt at oratory
and baying that he wished to lay
down "cold facts" and this he did, by
presenting to his Republican friends
an invulnerable dilemma, in a corn
parison of the testimony given before
the Ways and Means committee in
Washingtoa by Republican leaders,
when the Cuban Reciprocity bill was
being debated upon, and the platform
T framed and adopttd by Sheac same
leaders, he demonstrated their moon
sistency, in a masterly manner. Time
and again the distinguished speaker
was greeted with loud and continued
applause and later, his few minutes
talk in the French langutge was very
well received.
Senator Murphy J. Fomter, and
speaker J. Y. Saniders, were expected
but were unable to appear.
The Chairman, Judge b. P. Catl.
louet after a few poianted remarks,
adjourned the meeting, and one of
the most successful Democratic mass
meetings had passed into history.
Annie Lee Fitch Concert.
The Annie Lee Fitch Concert last
night was a gem. The range of her
voice was adapted to the building, it
filled it without a flaw in the subdued
passages, and the higher tones were
harmonious vibrations that left melo
dv in the air, her vocal technics is cul
tivated to a perfection that makes it
absolutely sure, whether in the solem
nity that speaks of the Altar and the
Church, or the bubbling vocal effer.
i'escence of an encore song.-Fair
haven Washington.
Will appear at Thibodaux Opera
House Oct. 23, 1902.
Perfect and Peerless
Is the qshate It csues b7
stenss sad buids l lagtte
saod, trsngt reov the psaset
the mhlsworld. It has case
!8 sad will costlans to carne mors
of the above diseases them all
Thich o msa ham thoang
et sa edrsd eu ya
eerdesappolata It euues l
fallibly if thkes as directed.
a Ty It sad be cosvinced that
'It is a weedar sad a blessing Io
tifes for huSLPrsalty. agit
Pric steOpu bor tf atle, r b
sl ater sad wonderful cures. If
O- zssiapt of price. Addrss
UNAs, amea cot..s...e c
Republican Congressman in tr
r, Would Be Powerless To perk
a Help Us. gentl
Louisiana irpublicans contend that the
it trouIt1 itter to send Repubican they
congressmen from the sugar districtse
of Louisiana, because they woukli
b have a voice in the caucus of the tý k^
Republieu'.party in shaping congr dram
r sional legislation and thus be in a noble
better position to safeguard the sugar pme
h interest. Webi
e That argument assumes that the
`Republkiaae will have a majority of
the nest house; but what assurance A
have we that such will be the case? shoes
Theui " alt 'spcms to a ad h
Republican ceoogre
iana would not only be of no assis and a
e tance to the sugar interest, but a len, s
source of embarrassmeat and of in- bliste
jury to it. corus
Let us, however. eonrede, for the gives
sake of argument, that the Republi. Sold
cans will control the next house, and for 21
that the unexpected happens, and Trial
one or two Republican congressmen, S. Oh
are sent from Louieans,--what will
1 they do, what will they b' able to do I
tor the sugar interest when they go
to Washiiagton & Th
Nothing, absolutely nothing more nounm
e than our Democratic congressmen lsses
have done to safeguard the sugar please
º interest, and they may do the cause a .l sin
a great deal of injury. is asl
f Theb will either go into their part templ
L caucus or refuse to go. If they gu at on
I into caucus, they will have no more 13
influence with their tarty thin the
' life-long Republicans of the best A '
i sugar states had and thay will have
r reciprocity with Cuba forced u155n .T
r them. That will prove the inevitab l fore c
r result of the caucus action, which comn
o will bind them, if they go into coml,
r caucus.
. If, on the oth r hand, they refuse
to go into caucus, they will at once held
lose caste with their I arty friends bilitis
and party leaders, and incur the great futllrc
s displea-ure of the Ps-asideut and of and 1
his admuiiistrattoa. and thus impeiil of hi
e the sugar interes't his
S It thus aposars that from any taugl
poimt of view R 1puhilcan congress. which
m men frmsf Loutsiana in the next co. thus
n grrsa will be a wsurce of danger and S9uEc
1e inijry ti the. sugar interest. Itft
1 Voters is the sugar districts shoul I last
1e car'fully consid r the situation, and
r ponder it well before casting a vote lullit
d for a Republican nominee. Demo.
,s crats, of course, will vote for the is th
Democratic nominees, and Rupubli wron
cans who are very much concerned nots
d about the sugar interest will do well po~si
d if they do likewise. If their concern tion
for sugar led them to vote the Repub- Unal
,. lican ticket in the past, that same fail 1
concern should make them cast
of their ballots for the Democratic nom
s inees at the coming election, for Dew
ocratic congressmen will be in a
better position to help the sugar in servi
terest is the next house than Repub hear
lican congressmen, i gi
Cures Uhsumatism. not
at URIUSOL cures Rheumatism and SouL
it all Bladder and Kidney troubles
caused by uric acid. It has perform.
ee a hundreds of remarkable cures in
o Los Angeles, Cal., where it is being T
il- manufactured, on account of an ur. whi
it gent demand caused by the remark.
n_ able cures it has made, and it is now and
re being introduced in this section. It cral
i. s highly endorsed and is destined to sony
rhave a large sale. It cures theseit
diseases easily and permanently.it
ra Druggists sell it at ei 00 per .ottle, pre
or six bottles for $5.00 COn
S "A Noble Outcast." ant
- on
The playgoers ofThibodaux had Dem
the pleasure of witnesainug, at the
Opera House on Thursday night, "A ing
Nolile Outcast" a nest little drama fou
in four acts presented by Local evil
TalenL. The plot of this play is.
ieplkte with scenes tlhit (lemanded aiti
acting and, at that, atrouig acting; ner
that the young peopl~e who composed Jj
the cast were fully calialle of meet.
iiig the requisits of the mons' difiultleni
passage in this drama was attested
by the liberal Llpplaud of the large
audience that assemibeld to, witnecss it
and who pronounced it ouue of the be
Ivery best plays ever reudertd by!e
home talent.ea
Mr. Chain. J. C Ancoin as "tGerald m
Weston," the title role, iiot osil3 asiaBe
tamned brat added to lila already envia A~ll
tile reputation as a talentud actor.
11iss Yettie Matherni as ' France",
the heroine, proved her.'lf fully equal
to her part which was by far the
most difficult of the cast. She sus
tained her role In the striag situations
most admirably.
Misses Beatrice Coules sad Joan-f
Its lForst, sad Messrs. Guy J. Kno li
bloch, Beg.?T. Dadeaux and Paul X.t
Coulo., acqaitted themselves, each in
their several vole., is a masterly way
and although their parts did not call
for as stroeg astimg as the leading
parts, they by their cleaver ar-tin"
rod htthey were fuly capable M
of sustaining leevier voles were it se
quired of thee.
Sjiecial praise is di:' to Prnf. J-is.
4. Tiouc for tIe y'e5' pan he took
> > -- r
in training the acttrs and enabling
them to put out mach a - sueressful
Prof. Argence and the lady ana
ýentlemen who eompiose his abte
ºrchestra are to he congratulated for
he splendid and ch:rrmling music
:hey rendered during the intervals
aet ween the acts.
We have hiard that the net snm
aken in was very satisfactory. The
Irama was given its the interest of a
Coble csane-that of e451:at lion; t he
)roceeds are for the benefit of the
ºVebre school.
Us. Allen's Foot-Ease,
A powder to be shaken into tfrnV
hoes. Your feet feel swollen, nervous
ad hot, sad tired eie'ly. If you
I to qbt sloe+, tii
nd makes sal jug eesy. 4rmswol.
en, sweating feet, ingroweng nails,
alisters and callous spots. Ralietes
orus and tmatins of all pain amn
rives rest and comfort. Try it to'day.
boi by all druggists and shoe stores
or 25e. Don't accept any substitute.
Prial package FREE. Address, Allen
s. Olasted, Le Roy, N. Y.
Lessons in Shorthand.
The undersigned wishes .to an.
jounce that she is prepared to give
essoas in shorthand and would he
sleased to hear from any one wio
is sires instructi.nus ii this 'iito. Sho
s al"o anxious that those who con
emplalte taking up the study apply
it once. Miss 1talkm KE~~tLL,
13 nJ'liihdaux, La.
A Wrong Ideal of Suuccvss,
"The iecessful man" is kept he
ore the people. By "successful" is
ommnonly meant one who from pov.
wty, or at least very limited means,
tas risen to great wor:l'y . state'.
[Ie is grca'tcd on every lrani. lie is
>eld up as an example of the possi- .
)ilities of life, and is au ideal to ie
ýollrweal. He is a:kr-a ly edialars _
cod press managers Wa tell the story
)f his life, and reveal the secret of ->
aia success. Young men are thus
asught that wealth is a goal toward
which they %hould run, and life is
thus turned in a wrong direction.
Success lies in what a man is in him,
s.-If, saud not shat !w hia. lie tLah -
has gaown into a broad conception it
life, with its relations and reaponsi.
lilitues, who has attained high misal.
ed, pure.hearted Christian manliness,
is the successful man. And again a
wrong ideal discourages such as do
not attain to it. They see the hua.
possibilities of suooeess in that direc
Lion and.make so eflbrt is any one.
Unable to gain the impossible they
fail to strive for the easily possible,
We would impress it upon every one,
especa'ly on every yosag man, that
success, the true and the beat succes",
is possible, for it is in character and
service: in what is laid up in the
heart and not in the pocket, in what
is given for the good of others ansi
not in what is gathered for self..
Southern Messenger.
A Bit Premature.
The Republican Organs
which have been attacking
and denounoing the Demo
cratic party for not adopting
some anti-trust legislation at
its last session, are just a bit
premature. If they would
consult the acts of past legis
latures they would find some
anti-trust legislation placed
on the statute book by the
Democrats. Until the exist.
ing laws are fairly tested and
found insnilcieut to cure the
evil against which they are
aimed, there is no need of
new legislation.
Better discuss the exiitting
Out Of Death's laws.
"When death seemed very near
fream a severe atomaclfand liver trou.
ble, that I had suafibred with fear
years." writes 1'. Musse, Da'iham, N.
U., "Dr. King's N'ew Life Pills saved
my life and gave perfect hieulth."
Best pills on earth and only 25c at.
All Driiggaats.
Grand Gonser1t
*'-hibedaux Gpera Hsase.
One Night Only,
Thursday, October 23,
Annie Lee Fitch3
Assisted By
Miss Elleaner Ptleher, Pianist~
Tim a Repertoire of Operatic Sosi s.
t-tats lii ut' 'e St V. i.I KIhioga,.

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